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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): La Doña, El Capo, & más: Week of April 10, 2017

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La Dona…

Ok !the wedding was pretty smooth... except Saul the stalker, he believes the sun rises and sets on that big snozzel of his!! ..He said he was an Aries the ram, he looks like one too!

Honeymoon villa is on, back to the psychedelic park…please stay alive, no freaky -deaky positions,

Lydia was right to put Ms. Isa brat ‘in check’, you are on my turf heifer...!
Margarita and Marcos them!!, Aldofo and Monica, love them!! together

HOT –IN- THE- BUTT, Mama Dona... hooked a new fish… she ‘worked- it ‘in that dress, but not that god awful wig...yuck...but OK for sweating it out, for quickie assignations with real live men in no –tell- hotel…. Ride-them-cowboy-, then she must have –blew- his- mind cause dude followed that scent/funky tail, right down the hall way… funky diva makes it work !

Lydia needs to face Braulio in court, she needs to see him with a black eye, busted lip, and black/blue. Broken collar bone, cause he has been getting regular beat down, just on the GP... rich and a switch…jailbirds are jacking him up on a daily basis…he has no-$$-body to pay them off.. Valeria sure ain't bringing him ciggies or commissary money. He is on his own,

The baby daddy results... At first I thought Leticia switched the results and now I am sure of it.
She did it to save Monica’s life

…Diego stand by your woman and grow up, you need to see your dad: defeated, diminished and exposed. He is paper tiger, no need to fear him now!! Hopefully?????????

Lazaro and Yesenia house seems to have gotten a few new item, did Dona come thru with the cash$$..???

Daniel is back on the job, why his cover wasn’t blown is beyond me

Ratfael... at Monica’s was a trip… poor Monica why she hasn’t ran screaming for the hills is testament to her swerve/gumption..Ratfael, couldn’t you have met her with your wife [hell no!] and slow walked this child, why blitzkrieg her... to what end??
Ok? you confessed but the results do not have to be accepted, but to know Emi was your brother, heavy blow!!
And he got a blow to his head, she bust-him-right -upside his head. The man is crazy and possessive already...!! That’s his M.O. his bloodline is everything to him... didn’t he think abt how he terrorized her...


La Doña


with Monica then holding a knife on the unconscious Rafael, while calling AG, closing out the show, should be interesting tonight.


Idea for New Comedy Telenovela

As the plot advances everyone in order starts coming down with a mental disorder or sign/symptom: e.g., Kleptomania (just removed from the DSM list, BTW), amnesia, paranoia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression, hallucinations, Trichotillomania, dementia, etc. Thus far what have we seen in La Fan? Narcissism of course with Lucas. In fact the plot IMHO could have been improved by introducing more of this than they have done so far. Some fan would have eratomania.

LA DONA: Thanks Halimacandy. Just saw your recap from Friday's show. Interesting thought about Leticia switching the paperwork on the ADN tests. Just got finished watching tonight's show (Monday) and of course, they did that typically irrational Mexican courtroom scene where the defendant was accused of 5 separate crimes in a single trial. Aargh!!

A few things I remember, not in any particular order, off the top of my head:

1) The self-righteous criminal, Rafael, barges into Monica's home and brutally reveals his role in her procreation. She's understandably aghast and fortunately has her auntie Regina to help mitigate the heavy weather. AG arrives on the scene and more hysterics ensue at the point of the increasingly unhinged Rafael's gun. The story is told and Moni finally learns the whole truth and nothing but, including the death of her abuelos.

2) The psychedelic honeymoon goes south when Lazaro pitches forward into the water. Yessie manages to haul him poolside and due to some continuity problems we next see him in hospital with a dire prognosis. Doc Adolfo sends him home to die in his own bed, where he suffers some cognitive deficits, calling out for his wife ("Altagracia") while the newly-wed Yesenia sits frowning at his bedside.

3) The courtroom scene follows telenovela illogic and we are left wondering what was proven about all the different charges. Saul introduces a surprise witness (the hotel waiter) to testify that Braulio sent a message to Diego to come up to the hotel room, but I'm not sure what that proved. Everything else was somewhat circumstantial and incomplete: they never found Ximena's body; Lydia was drunk; nothing conclusive about Jaime's tumble; etc. Braulio upbraids his lawyer for not getting him off and later attempts to blackmail AG with his personal knowledge of all her revenge murders if she doesn't intercede & throw her weight around on his behalf. (It's a last ditch for him). She appears not to go for the bait, but consternation/disgust crosses her face as she puts down the phone.

4) Felipe rather foolishly taunts AG with his newly-acquired power as official-in-charge of construction permits, threatening all her new projects. She threatens him back.

5) And...Saul, like a bee to honey, can't keep away from AG. mutual agreement, they break it off before it goes to far.

That's all I can think of right now.


La Doña

Thanks so much, LXV, for this excellent recap. I think you hit all the important matters. You make a great point about the newly-wed Yesenia's unhappiness with Lázaro's calling out for Altagracia. A bit later, I think Yesenia is again pushed to the background when Lázaro finally remembers (or learns) that Mónica is his hija, and a delighted Mónica embraces him effusively, while Yesenia sits ignored by the side of his bed.

And yes, novela courtroom scenes often seem to me both unintentionally amusing and highly frustrating. Though having seen the film "Presumed Guilty" about the Mexican justice system, I now think the novela versions are not as silly and far-fetched as I used to think. Alas.

I had a somewhat different feeling about the hotel waiter's testimony. He was able to relate exactly what Braulio told him to say, and I thought that was pretty damning, or am I remembering incorrectly?

I was disappointed in Felipe. I thought he had more sense than to let his justifiable resentment of Altagracia get the better of him. He has now painted a big target on his back.

La Fan

An equivalent of ~Cap 119-120 (number system of Jenny B055) has been discovered, presented in the "small window in the large window" disease system which is infecting YouTube now. [After getting better & better resolution, now they are putting a lot of videos out in this small window style, with a moving background behind it. Maybe that way it won't be blocked for copyright violation???]

At any rate this equivalent is presented as "capitulo 80" by YouTube channel "Fairy Table" & follows Jenny's cap 118. Last I looked she has not yet uploaded 119. is the addy for Fairy Table channel cap 80.

Actually this double episode has the only scene which has made me laugh yet.

La Fan

This latest episode (~cap 119-120 aka cap 80) really gives Ximena Duque an opportunity to do some acting -- the story of Adriana and Diego is taking a very unexpected turn.


HALIMACANDY: Are you sure FAKE NEWS Leticia faked the DNA Testing ? I'm hoping you're right about Daniel Llamas being the original Baby Daddy.

Juanita: I'm also not surprised about Felipe's resentment towards AG. You're right about him painting bigger targets on his back.

Plus, Gustavo the journalist overheard FAKE NEWS Leticia & FIRED GIRL Valeria talking about Daddy Cabral being the 5th Monkey.

My thoughts:

1.) At first, I thought Daddy Cabral was the Baby Daddy. Now I'm not really sure what to believe.

2.) Regardless of the circumstances, Monica still views Lazaro as her Daddy though.

3.) Super Hero Cop Karen & Jorge show up to the courthouse.

4.) Regina & Felipe having problems already ? Uh-oh!

5.) Valeria & Lopez getting frisky with each other while Lopez's kid barges in the room crying (hoping the kid doesn't have Elena's whining genes).

6.) Braulio should've got Johnnie Cochran & Co., as his legal defense team.

7.) Saul the AG Addict showing his lawyering skills. The murders of Daddy Aguirre & Ximema remain cold cases unfortunately.

8.) Lazaro sent home to die ? Damn!

9.) Isabella is in the courthouse too.

10.) Daddy Cabral cooking up something with one of his associates.

11.) Marcos & Margarita: No commentary needed :)


La Dona: How possible is it to switch DNA results? Aren't their names written on them? How could Leticia switch them and how could she easily access Monica's DNA?

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LXV, Halimacandy, Juanita and Steve- Thanks for getting us up to speed on the last two episodes. I missed Friday’s episodes, but saw last night’s.

The only things I would add is Rafael calling his notary to amend his will to leave half his assets to Monica (Leticia was NOT pleased that he has some crazy idea about leaving Monica everything and wanting her to live with them). He’s trying to win Monica’s affections by sending her a video of him and Emiliano when he was a little boy, as they both tell Leticia (holding the camera) that Emi wants a sister. Adolfo sees this for the emotional blackmail it is, but Monica is deeply affected to think about how her little brother, whom she only ever berated, is now dead. Felipe is just starting to learn about the Monkeys from his reporter friend, but has no idea how AG is mixed up with them. It will be interesting to see how he reacts when he learns she’s their VICTIM. He is indeed being very stupid in the way he’s openly antagonizing AG (even though he’s legally in the right, since she’s trying to build on protected land). Braulio seems to be working on some sneaky way to get out of prison (and I think he’ll succeed)—passing notes to the prison guard and mentioning Felipe.

ITA with you all about the courtroom scenes. I really wasn’t paying much attention, since we already know all the particulars of the “evidence” against Brau.

Why is the baby playing Lopez’ kid always crying? I’m starting to worry about the little guy (as well as being annoyed).

Rafael is cray-cray! And obsessed. AG’s guards need to do a better job of protecting Monica, because Rafael’s this close to kidnapping Monica to MAKE her love him.



Vivi: I'm also expecting Braulio to get out of prison & go after Valeria & Lopez. I wouldn't be surprised if Braulio whacks Lydia!


La Fan
Thanks LXV for your clarification above on La Fan. Actually I expect La Fan to end on Gala TV very soon. I was surprised that it did not end yesterday, since that should be to the 120th capitulo, which I thot was the length of the show. So La Fan shud end before April 24 at any rate. The story has gotten much more interesting now, & to me a considerable part of it is original relative to other telenovelas, tho of course they are pushing the unknown/mistaken parentage to an extreme.

BRIEF SUMMARY of what happened right after Telemundo's cut-off ending:

Tho just married, Vale believed Salma's bad-mouthing of Lucas, & Vale decided to become the main-squeeze of Gabriel & dis Lucas. To try to recoup Vale, Lucas got up on a high building & threatened to jump off, begging Vale below to forgive him. After an extended cycle of pleading & being unforgiven, Lucas received pardon from Vale standing below, & it looked like the marriage might go forth. But Vale discovered that while Lucas had been threatening to jump, he had a safety system, like a rope to catch him if he fell and a hidden accomplice to save him from a fall. Thus offended by the Lucas manipulation/false-face, Vale rejected Lucas again; she stayed with her new main-squeeze Gabriel. It looks like the plot just forgets that they got married; I saw no reference to an annulment. I think that was the 3rd "marriage" Vale & Lucas had. What we have seen of cap 119 indicates a 4th wedding! Cud this be a record for weddings in a telenovela (same couple 4x)?


Adriana has discovered that her real mother is the sister of Felicitas; this sister having been put in a manicomio. Adriana's bio-mom is insane. And it looks like her insanity may be a hereditary thing passed on the Adriana. The first indication was Adriana's horror over a roach. Then it developed into insectophobia (leading to really funny scenes). Now it seems developed into Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, extreme concern over cleanliness.


HALIMACANDY: Who's ready for Margarita & Marcos to getting their freak on ?



Thanks, LXV, for the clarification and, Enoch, for asking about it.

I am also liking:

Quique being Vale's long lost bro and her finally meeting her mother the head mafiosa. Too bad her mother had to "die" and Vale has inherited her position as head of the mob. Angélica María and Angélica Vale also played mother and daughter in LFMB.

Lucía seems to have proven herself more than eager to use her little bottle of poison drops whenever the mood strikes.

More later.

LA DOÑA: Thanks Vivi for adding that part about Rafaels' blandishments toward the goal of getting "his" hija to recognize him. Disgusting, but what do we expect.
Juanita, it's pretty disappointing to learn that the judicial establishment across the border is so unfair. Do they adhere to the old Napoleonic Code, or am I confusing Mexico with some other country? It just makes those courtroom scenes unbearable to see the level of error, greed and fraud, not to mention prejudice against women.
And Steve, thanks for your great list. Esp. the part about Gustavo. He's going to play a critical role before long. The only one with real smarts in the whole cast.

Did Daniel show his face during last night's 2-hour saga? I kind of forget.


LA FAN: Yes, I second what Jarifa said. Enoch, thanks for raising the issue. And for your clarification about the progress of the show.


LXV- Yes, in Mexico you are guilty until proven innocent. Dan was shown briefly last night, when Rafael reported back to him about revealing his DNA result to Monica and told him that they are "safe" because AG wouldn't dare kill them (like she did the other Monkeys) now that Monica (and others) knows about them. AG also conceded to Matamoros that she can't kill Rafael and Dan right now, to avoid suspicion. Matamoros was convinced they could make their deaths look like an accident, that couldn't be linked back to AG.

La Dona

Was last night the first time we see Valeria and Lopecito in bed together, like a normal married couple? I know they did have sex in bed before, but it was always furtively. I really like Valeria.

La Fan > Jarifa

Burning question is, who is Vale's papa. I wish the first week of all telenovelas they offered a prize for the best guesses as to unknown/mistaken parentages, sure to be part of the plot usually (not in BLF tho, which is one reason why it was so great -- I wonder if they had to bring that into LFMB?) The network would take the 1st week guesses & at the end of the show give an award to the one who got it most right.

My guess is the Vale's papa will turn out to be Don Tito who may be Cesar Mora on stilts, the mafioso who tried to collect the $2 million debt from Vale. Having her inherit the leadership of the mafia was a great script idea. The sudden death of mamita was part of the comedy.

I don't think they have milked the papel of Lucia as much as they could have: she shud be poisoning people here & there, of course w/ her shrink tagging behind protesting, "Tut tut."

Of course you realize that we don't know that mamita is dead -- in this telenovela, we never know that someone is really dead. I remember her opening one eye twice when she was supposed to be dead. And now I don't recall if they meant to imply that Don Tito had completely died or not.

Rejecting Diego may be part of Adriana's insanity now. Donno. I wait to see Diego make her jealous with another woman? Catherine SinyChokey? We haven't seen her yet. I think that Jessica is ready to have Diego back. Suddenly I can't think of the name of Diego's mother, x?-novia of Carlos. But looks like a romance w/ QuiQue is advancing slowly. WE wonder if Paloma will end up with Carlos. I am not satisfied that we know the whole truth on the triangle of Carolos-Felicitas-Paloma yet. Maybe Paloma was the novia of Carlos originally & Felicitas stole him from Paloma.

I won't be surprised to see Adriana put back in the manicomio, this time by the evil psychiatrist in San Francisco, tho she actually is acting nutty enough now, maybe partly due to the power of suggestion -- yet the insectophobia goes back before the evil shrink. I am wondering how Benicio is going to react to an insane Adriana. His character has been majority unsympathetic, but not as completely evil as that of his father.

Actually the writers have now made the story interesting with some real humor.


Vivi: With few weeks left in this TN, it won't be long before Daddy Cabral & Daniel get theirs (Karma is coming)! AG has to finish the job sooner or later.

LXV: Valeria & Lopez are not in the clear just yet because it's looking likely that Braulio will get out of prison.

STEVE DON'T kill any body for a couple of minutes, at least ,until after the holidays ,that's cool with me !!??

ratfael is gone/ yes !totally- cray- cray!! Leticia ,put dude in check over that money-honey..hold -up partner, you can be a killer, rapist, stalker, crook, but I draw the line over my cash/403b.!!
Leticia is an accomplish to an felon, an admitted criminal, she needs to get burn
the national exposure should make her pay>.

valeria and scruffy, comic relief, but she came on strong / clear articulation abt the prevalence of martial rape and abuse... and she gave her gender inequality speech ,!!she may not be a feminist, but a femi-in- training
maybe she is ready to run the foundation? just saying..

Juez:?? the court, want the ?/WTF!! he threw in everything but the kitchen sink??

Dona should watch out for Braulio, he has nothing to lose, I think they die together.. he has a real deep[ murderous] passion for her,she is gonna die in his arms!! I am guessing...she owes him...!! in his mind!!




This second half has really taken off. I am pleased with the pacing again, the humor and the variety in the plot lines. They have come up with plots I did not expect.

BTW, there was no mistaken parentage in LFMB. La fea lived with both parents.

I also was wondering about don Tito being Vale's father. I am presuming mamita's "death" is just another way for her to escape justice and the money she owes don Tito and whoever else she is in debt to.

Vale always makes me laugh when Lucía tells her exactly who she is and what she is up to with her poison and Vale is so reticent to believe it and tries to make excuses for her.

It will be interesting to see how all of the couples end up. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

La Fan: IMHO:

Yeah, it is a running joke how Lucia frankly tells her associates that she is murdering & they don't believe her. Lucia is running black comedy. I assume she poisoned Don Tito, tho I don't recall seeing her do it.

At this point we need to set an embarazada watch (nausea, fainting for telenovelas) on Adriana. Of course if she does get pregnant, we know she will not tell Diego & take great pains to hide it from him. Women in telenovelas have no interest in child support, rather in hiding from the guy his child out of spite.

La Fan, >Jarifa, etc.:

Please help me out. Diego resigned his acting job because he could not bring himself to declare homosexual love to Gabriel in the telenovela being recorded. After that he received a legal demand to return to work since he was under contract. I have seen him at that canal, but not completing that scene. Justin Case also spoke about having to get the guion re-written; then I think I saw a huge pile of papers that I took to be the rewrite. So what is Diego's status now as an actor; has he returned to the telenovela they were making?

He could end up the wealthy one & Adriana the pobretona. Then his class would be above hers.


Enoch, no, we did not see Lucía poison him but I don't trust anything being prepared in her presence: sort of like Lucas. LOL

Did you ever find out how Quique got control of Carlos' company? I missed whatever episode that was in.

I do not think that Diego had a choice unless he wanted to be sued; so I am thinking he is stuck being an actor there but it was not made clear if or how his role was rewritten. That was not made clear.

Now that would be an interesting switch if Diego suddenly made a fortune.

So, how many episodes left? Two? Three?

La Fan,
Well Jarifa, I havent' seen any indication of an ending; & we haven't yet seen Catherine S, who is supposed to be in this. I wonder if they will exploit her marriage w/ Miguel Varony for comedy some way.

"La Fan Avances Capitulo 119" has about 20,400 views, that was a clip of about 11 minutes. Cap 81 by the system of YouTube channel "Fairy Table" has just gone up.

Fairy Table cap 80 should = Jenny B055 caps 121-122 as a double episode. Unfortunately, Jenny (last I looked) has not yet put up 119 or anything beyond 119. If Diego has a protagonist role, you would think he wud be making good money -- maybe he will have his fan(s). I expect to see Vale (as the heir of her mother) take over the Carlos empresa, which already was run by mamita's organization at least in part. I don't understand who owns how many shares, Carlos vs the KiKe/Mamita mafia family.

Maybe Diego will get involved with the leading lad actriz of his telenovela with fans clamoring for their pareja.


La Fan:

Typo above, "leading lady" not leading LAD -- LOL.
Now what if Diego got a big payment for his acting & bought Carlos' shares; then Diego would be in the Pretzel seat. He might hire Adriana as a cleaning lady! Benicio would have no interest in Adriana then. And then she could suffer seeing him kissing his telenovela counterpart leading lady (another Salma).

I cud see this whole thing re-written with all the major roles having a different psychological malady.

LA FAN & Fairy Table cap 81

I thot it had 120 caps, but now I think it has run beyond that by Jenny's numbers. But Jenny's numbers started "wrong." By Jenny our cap 54 Telemundo wud be 69 or 70 by her numbers. So perhaps her #120 wud be = to a Telemundo cap 104, running 16 caps ahead. & I don't know what to do w/ Fairy Table's caps which seem to be double episodes also. A Google search for Gala TV and Fin of La Fan gave no results, neither did Gala TV's site telegraph the ending coming. So maybe there are yet 14-16 caps.

Is my count correct on bodas? I think that Vale & Lucas have now had 4 failed marriage attempts, LOL.

Cud this show "degenerate" into everyone having a mental illness? Renata & her accomplice are obviously loco, delusional, maybe some kind of eratomania. Lucas & Salma have narcissistic personality disorder. Lucia is criminally insane; shud we say paranoid? Paloma was nuts with disorganized behavior, sign/symptom of schizophrenia (spontaneously cured now?) Adriana came down w/ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Jessica was delusional about being pregnant. Felicitas I guess is just evil, not quite into pedophilia. Salma's son might be diagnosed as Oppositionally Defiant. He is at least into extreme misbehavior, sticking out his tongue at his mamichula. I won't be surprised if Catherine SinYChokey enters the plot with some insanity. Will she turn out to be a lost 3rd sister with Paloma & Felicitas?

I never heard of any state using notary publics in weddings; I take that as typical Hispanic telenovela imposition of Latin American law on the USA (legal la la land). The notary was dressed in some kind of British looking legal garb with white wig; to me he looked like an executioner -- I take that as a joke that a wedding is equivalent to an execution.

With Telinmundo trying to pull out all stops on telenovela conventions, probably most of us noticed that Willy's novia was the "exact twin of Adriana." I figure that was just a quick joke, but it cud be that Paloma had twins. Imagine twins both with insectophobia & obsessive compulsive disorder.

Cud Carlos be Vale's papa?


1.) RIP Lazaro Hernandez :(

2.) It made sense for Lazaro to pass away peacefully with Tia Yesenia by his side.

3.) Monica finds out about the passing of her beloved Jefe, which devastates her of course.

4.) Daddy Cabral calls the flower shop to send some flowers to the funeral. FAKE NEWS Leticia called him out on it, accusing him of manipulating Monica for his own obsession.

5.) Felipe visits Braulio in prison & gives him the scoop on AG whacking Miguel, Alejandro & Francisco (the first 3 Monkeys).

6.) AG & Regina having sibling talk.

7.) Looks like Diego & Isabella are going to be together at this point.

8.) Lydia should end up with Dr. Adolfo since Monica still has the hits for AG Addict Saul.

9.) Gustavo the journalist interrogated Daniel by bringing up the Veracruz incident 20+ years ago.

10.) Saul & Lopez show up at the Foundation & watch as Gustavo exposes Daniel as part of the Monkey by showing Daniel's tattoo.

Notice that Saul & Lopez are not surprised about Daniel being involved with the Monkeys. They shrugged it off.

11.) Lydia & Margarita comfort Monica.

12.) AG & Tia Yesenia both doing some magic stuff again & once again, Death is planning to strike again.

13.) Lazaro is laid to rest at the cemetery outside of the DF. I'm assuming this is the same cemetery where Emiliano is buried.

14.) Monica goes beast-mode on the flower shop when she finds out that Daddy Cabral sent the special bouquet of flowers.



Enoch, with the avances of 119, I am/was getting that ending feeling. Guess we will have to just wait and see.

I am tired of "legal la la land." Surely the public around the world in not incapable of understanding how marriages, as well as other legal procedures, are handled wherever they take place. Someone might actually learn something.

The psychological malady framework would be a hoot!

Carlos as Vale's father? My bet is still on don Tito.

They are suddenly doing the "slice and dice " on "Mujeres de negro" which I am also watching. I am not a happy camper.

Oh well, I am ready for more "La fan"!

La Fan > Jarifa

Yeah, Don Tito is the better guess for Vale's papa. I sure wish that Jenny wud catch up on the uploads; of course she owes us nothing. But her uploads are the best. I was wondering during Fairy Table's cap 81 if they were going to end it there, having the boda complete, having Adriana reconciled to Diego, having Jessica solidify with Miguel (they have gone on & on with the cat & mouse games). But no. & now Gabriel indicates that has gone over to the dark side.

It was somewhat surprising that Lucia was incompetent at her poisoning murder technique.

Watching telenovelas gave me an education on legal processes in other countries, quite different from Perry Mason. In a Mexican telenovela you can see a judge (who looks like a govt clerk) seated at a desk with the defendant on other side of the desk; so drastically different. Imagine (as w/ La Viuda de Blanco) a judge sitting at a desd while a parade of "witnesses" come in, sit down, & deliver garbage gossip recitations. All the time we see someone making a demanda; then the accused is put in jail without bail. As in La Fan, if the accuser withdraws the demanda, the person is let loose. But in the USA if a person swore out an affidavit which was the basis of an arrest, it is up to the DA, not the accuser, to withdraw charges. And if you admitted that you lied in an affidavit over a crime, you could expect to be charged with a crime yourself. And our jury system is not all that common in the world. IMHO, Telenovelas would be more interesting if they incorporated court room drama. The closest to substantial court room drama I have seen in a telenovela was in La Esclava Isaura.


I'm finally back and super annoyed with the way Telemundo treated La Fan. I really wish I could watch all of the unedited episodes! I don't think I'll be watching any new telenovelas by them in the future. I'll just binge watch what is already available on their website.

Gala is starting a new telenovela on April 18 at the time that La Fan normally airs so I assume the gran final will be April 17. Last I read, there will be 128 episodes total (according to Telemundo International's numbering system).

Looks like Telemundo Puerto Rico also just started airing La Fan, but I don't think they have telenovelas available on their website. :/

la dona
WTF kangaroo court was that?

Lazaro , gonna miss you poppi chulo!!jefe-the man!

why was saul [ stalker] there to catch monica's emotional fall !!

earlier stalker - saul was two seconds from hitting dona's action, now he loves monica?!?yuck!

I quess they are grooming him as a telenovela stud??? the man had three lovers and messed up on all three.

Karen you the jefe!! Gustavo please?? you should have gave her all the lowdown you had...

Braulio blew dona out the water with the sit down with felipe! he may have saved his dumb behind..

felipe ,you did not get the killed hooker info??! that is a get to/get resolved?..don't ya think?

Gustavo and Amelia. poor women is suffering but still manages to find a Chanel/Dior suit for lunch dates..

Daniel ,why go and tell the woman ,you are going to the cops, make the stroll and have done! stop begging! you ain't getting done of that funky diva stuff..that ship has sailed..


La Fan >J

Thanks a lot for the Gala TV info, 128 episodes & April 17.

I think that the Telemundo internet site has all the unedited episodes, tho to watch them u may have to endure a commercial 5X per episode (as you would on broadcast TV).

There is a ton of uploads on YouTube. For scratching the surface & starters you can go to the channel of Jenny B055 and activate her playlist. She also has a playlist devoted just to the romance of Adriana & Diego.


La Fan > J
By "all the . . . episodes" on the Telinmundo site, I mean from Cap 1 - Cap 54 (artificial ending)


HALIMACANDY: Saul is still an AG Addict, but he's stalking Monica when her beloved Jefe was laid to rest.


La Fan >J

Jenny B055 takes up very shortly after the Telemundo USA ending (cap 54), but Jenny's numbers are a different episode numbering system where cap 70 wud be shortly after the end of Telemundo USA cap 54.

la dona

Regina ,sh*t or get off the pot, your man or your sister, believe if it was between you or saul....

Lazaro, dude, you were the best, why are the good guys dead in this show, geewiz.

felipe you are finally getting some leverage, use it , the basement from hell stroll was deep, did he call Karen?? I am sorry but felipe has to have some plan b, he is dealing with a killer,
please don't talking to regina?!

I see Dona has moved toward more traditional and helpful Orishas : 'OBATALA' in her/his WHITE/RED colors? and threw ODU- IFA [ Cowery shells ]divination reading.

YESENIA caught the vibe .. or portents...
now who will die next, Lazaro what are trying to tell them?? it family??
?? if not family then spirits why bother ?....

Daniel and Gustavo... Saul and scruffy are colluding like a champ, they are both compromised in a protect Monica.

Ratfael is cray-cray and narcissist personality in a Boarder-line Personality Disorder kind of way..
Leticia is outta of here sign them damn papers!!

Grave,grave- side issue, Dona see stalker -Saul do his thing, as usual!!!
she needs to blow him outta the water..SEt up a scene- screw him and let Monica know he is a dog!!

Trust.. he will bang, whoever, he is with for the moment ..can not trust him, Dona wants a relationship w / Monica, but why should she have to fight off Saul ,everytime there are family get togethers..
this inconsistent macho B***S*** is not acceptable, its doggish..

but I guess they are trying to make him seem passionate,sexy/virile/ but it falls short especially given its interfamily and its 2017,and that macho ,d**k- sh** don't fly!!!

Please!! Dona call him on it!!

felipe and scruffy tells saul, forget social convention but the man will f*** both given the right circumstances.... shades of=jerry spring**.

SAD FUNERAL...until the flower set girlfriend off! REALLY???



J, thanks for the info! Welcome back!We have until 4/24 to discuss LA FAN here.

Enoch, here in the US it is the state that brings the charges not the victim in criminal cases so that makes the difference.



Thanks Steve and Halimacandy for your comments covering last night's sad episode. RIP, Lazaro. At least he made peace with AG, AND died being aware that he loved the woman by his side-- Yesenia.

Now Monica has to deal with fighting off her crazy bio-dad. Loved her telling Rafael and Dan off, telling them to get some b*lls and turn themselves in to the police! Of course, since Rafael has no remorse for what he did, he's not going to do it. And Dan is a wimp who won't rock the boat. Neither Rafael nor AG want him to turn himself in, because the police would come knocking on their doors next about their crimes. And Saul knows too that if Dan and Rafael fall, so does AG for her revenge on the other Monkeys.

Yeah, I'm not happy to see Saul sniffing and nearly kissing AG last episode, and this episode doing the same with Monica. It's just gross. And I can't stand that the writers (and Lydia and Magdalena) are making such a big deal about how Monica can't feel the same way about Adolfo as she does about her "true love" Saul. I'm sorry, but some loves are just not meant to be.

LA DONA: '...but still manages to find a Chanel/Dior suit for lunch dates.." Halimacandy: I'm afraid that's all she's got in her wardrobe. Or what she was able to pack when they kicked her out on the street.

As for Saul telling the cops: you nailed it. This guy is so totally off-base on all counts. I can't fault the actor (poor thing); he's doing what he can with a schixophrenic role. I resent how these writers/producers are playing with us and with these fine actors. I've said it before, if I were David Chocarro, I would have quit a long time ago. This can't be good for a career.

And Thanks, Steve, for your Fourteen Points. If you remember, that was how Pres. Wilson ended WWI.

La Doña 102

at the cemetery Saul paws at Monica till they kiss, AG, off in the distance watches, Adolfo comes back for Monica and breaks it up.

Daniel calls AG, thinking Saul is by her side warning her about Gustavo and what he now knows, but Saul skipped that trip.

Azucena has Saul take her home, just to keep him from getting into any more trouble.

Felipe and Regina have Monica and Yesenia over, there is a lawyer there who reads Laz's will, 10 million pesos each, Monica won't accept AG's dirty money, but Yesenia leans on her, it was money owed to Laz, she will put it into an account and donate the interest to the foundation.

Valeria has a paternity test done, a long slender needle guided in by the ultra sound, results the next day, Valeria now knows, but we are still waiting.

Saul is at AG's, she jumps on him about Monica, they had a deal you'd stay away from her, no it was an order Saul says, he calls her on jealousy, she pleads it's in Monica's best interest, etc, etc, so it's love for Monica and passion for AG, but he's working on his logic now.

Lydia with Margo in tow pays her sleazy coyote contact a down payment for her crossing, $3000, Margo is not liking this.

Isabel rushes home to see her cuz Monica, (did she find Emi's stash, lately she's always happy now in this world of doom).

night time,

Braulio makes his laundry basket escape, something he read about el chapo.

Yesenia gets another visit from her sister-in-law, yep, gonna be another death, and she whispers the name, nope, and later Yesenia can't drag it out of her tarot cards either.

AG calls Felipe to her office, tells him she knows he knows all about the Monkeys, that's good, now forget it, Felipe pretty much dares her to kill him, his bottom line, she hurt a lot of innocent people, look what she did to Laz and him.

Gustavo pops in on Karen with a monkeys update, fills in all of the holes.

Saul is home when Karen and Gustavo show up, she is totally ripped that he withheld so much about AG and the monkeys.

AG calls in Rafael, tells him about all that Felipe and Gustavo know, if nothing is done they are going down, she'll be out in no time but Rafael will rot in jail, she gives him the job of killing Felipe, and he better do it soon.


La Doña 103

Braulio stops by to see Elena (is that Lopez's house), he needs a place to hideout, she's ok with that if he will let her breath again.

Saul stops by AG's house to warn her about Braulio, he's worried for her, what?, she floats right in to test the waters, but no kiss.

Karen has sent out police to protect all the witnesses, but nobody feels safe.

Leticia reads the news, gulps on Braulio escaping, I guess they don't always preview it first.

Daniel calls Rafael, everyone knows about the monkeys, Rafael says he's working on it.

when Lydia hears about Braulio she decides to get out of the country fast, Diego shows to be by her side, they talk, he zooms in for a kiss, she lets him, it's a good bye kiss, now go she says.

Felipe has an outdoor speaking engagement, but first he and Regina argue about AG, he finally breaks off about attacking AG except for his job, they kiss, too happy Isabela shows and wants a hug too.

Monica is looking for work when Daniel shows, he's leaving town and wants her to be the new director, what?

Karen and company arrive at the hacienda with a search warrant and forensic crew, they get to work in the basement.

Daniel is packing but he has called having-a-bad-day Saul over, tells of his leaving and wanting him and Monica at the helm (what is this with everyone pushing Saul and Monica together)

AG tells Matamoros about the cops at the hacienda, he says it's clean, yea, but these are cops.

Daniel makes his good-bye announcement, and Monica shows.

Regina tells AG that Felipe agreed to not revealing the monkey history and to stop attacking her, AG is ok with that because she wants family harmony.

Rafael is on the rooftops with his rifle overlooking Felipe's engagement, crosshairs on Felipe's head...



Deb: Maury Povich needs to reveal soon who's the Baby Daddy of Valeria's baby.

I see FAKE NEWS Leticia reported on Braulio's escape. I do not expect Elena Lopez to be among the living!

My personal thoughts:

1.) DANGER, DANGER, DANGER awaiting Valeria & Lopez as they find out Braulio OJ Simpson escaped & is on the warpath towards them.

2.) Felipe flaunting his resentment towards AG. Does this guy want a death wish ?

3.) Super Hero Cop Karen & Jorge searching AG's secret torture chamber..... But wait: it's cleaned out!

4.) Margarita is NOT happy with Lydia doing illegal crossing of the US-Mexico Border to escape Braulio.

5.) I was not surprised that Braulio escaped. Plus, the way he man-handled Elena like that reminded me of Ximena.

6.) Saul, Saul, Saul: you're an idiot & still an AG Addict!

7.) Didn't know Lazaro left a last will & testament that left both Monica & Tia Yesenia $$$.

8.) Diego kissing Isabella once again. Since it's likely we're never going to see Lydia again, we might as well get used to the fact Diego & Isabella are going to be together.

9.) Daniel resigning as Director of the Foundation didn't surprise me for obvious reasons.

10.) I'm surprised that he wants Monica to run the Foundation.... with Saul WTH ?????

11.) Dr. Adolfo & Saul already clashing over Monica. That reminded me of how POTUS Fitz Grant & US Navy buddy Jake Ballard fought over their Boo, Olivia Pope in ABC's "Scandal".

12.) Daddy Cabral being given a job to whack Felipe by AG. She really wants to get rid of Felipe.

13.) Regina, Felipe & Isabella enjoying their happy moments together... Awww.

14.) Marcos & Diego having girl talk.... They should talk to Dr. Phil about it.

15.) Daddy Cabral getting his sniper out pointing at Felipe during political campaign rally UH-OH. Gustavo the uppity Journalist is there too.

16.) Lopez & Diego waiting like the rest of us to know who's the Baby Daddy of Valeria too in the Maury Povich Special.


My personal thoughts continued:

17.) Regina & AG having Sister Talk. Zzzzz.

18.) AG's witchcraft chamber probably has a picture of Felipe since she wants him whacked.

19.) Anyone want to bet Braulio goes after Mama Aguirre ?

20.) Still waiting for steamy sex scène between Margarita & Marcos.



Thanks so much, Deb!

The easy way in which AG pretends all is well to Regina's face, while knowing she has a hit out on her man Felipe, makes me even more sure that she was behind the disappearance of Isabella's father in the past. Regina is naive enough not to suspect AG if/when Felipe gets shot, simply because AG pretended that she was willing to make peace with Felipe.

Braulio on the loose. The only thing about that situation that I enjoy is that he's holding that shrew Elena captive. Didn't Lopez and Valeria warn her he was dangerous, but NO, she had to go make herself known to him when she revealed the affair. Now she's his first stop when he escapes jail. She better be praying that he doesn't think she's important enough to kill.

I am so tired of everyone pushing Monica and Saul together. I can't stand seeing him kiss her. I know we are supposed to be rooting for them as the main couple, but this is the one point AG and I are in agreement on. He needs to follow Dan's lead and just walk away-- disappear into the sunset.



1.) Daddy Sandoval

2.) Mama Sandoval

3.) Cesar

4.) Guillermo Contreras

5.) Homeless Guy violently beaten to death by Braulio

6.) Miguel Preciado (Monkey #1)

7.) Mama Vasquez

8.) The Prostitute

9.) Felipe's bodyguard

10.) Colonel Cespedes' wife

11.) Daddy Aguirre

12.) Clarita Aguirre

13.) Colonel Alejandro Cespedes (Monkey #2)

14.) Perita the Prison Girl

15.) Ximena Urdaneta: She signed her own death warrant by aligning with Braulio & should've stayed put in Spain!

16.) Francisco's Bodyguard

17.) Francisco's Henchman

18.) Francisco Vega (Monkey #3)

19.) Emiliano Cabral

20.) Chief Deputy Gabino Dominguez: "Chess-Nuts roasting on an open fire!"

21.) Lazaro "Jefe" Hernandez



Vivi: Elena (Lopez's ex-wife) will likely end up like Ximena, who overplayed her hand with Braulio.

If I were you Vivi, I might want to start getting worried about Lydia & Mama Aguirre.


La Dona#102

Felipe, I hope you have some body watching your back! Literally...

Monica as head of a foundation, ok, with university training, why not... she has to find all the women therapist she can in meanwhile, what’s the mission statement: castrate rapist!!

Yes Karen is P.O’Ed at Saul and scruffy and yes, I was happy when Karen chew another hole in that a**...

Ratfael, is seeing the ghost/ demons of death past, The public and kin of the victim will tear him apart!!

When they find out abt him and Danny boy, they will bring out the lynching ropes!! It was cute she mention him being at the bottom of a gang bang in jail! Works for me!! Hand me the popcorn!!

Steve :streamy marco /margarita sex , on their honeymoon!! that' abt it!but anything but saul !please..but he can kill elena, no problem !! she was warned!!!

***don't kill nobody until the holiday!please except b*t*h wife elena!!

Money-honey, Yesenia & Monica got paid, but bigmouth ,stop tripping.. that's your dad's money!!
Braulio is heading to scruffy and vacuous valeria..poor Diego
, and I wonder if isabrat will just happen to be there! how convenient?!?


Halimacandy- I was frustrated with Monica rejecting the money too. Like you say, it was Laz's money to begin with! Not AG's. I HATE than Monica is denying her father's last wish for her to use the money to go to college, and live a comfortable life. I see she hasn't moved back to the hood though (still in the fancy house Felipe paid for), so she must enjoy some of the benefits of wealth/financial security.

LA DONA: Muchas gracias a deb for your generous, detailed recap! Your characterizations are so apt! And yes, this is the second time we've seen Letiticia gulp on a live feed. The first was her darling son's license plate number. I guess they do read it cold.

And I'm joining the chorus of disbelief and annoyance about the pairing of Monica and Saul. I fault the writers. It's made me dislike David Chocarro so bad.

So, Daniel is just going to disappear? just like that? Kinda chickens*t, if you ask me. And what possible qualifications could a guitar-playing sandwich vendor have to run a social service organization. But, I suppose Danny's right; once his people find out what he's done, there will be no forgiveness. Jail would seem like a safe place.

And thanks, Steve, for keeping the lists up to date.


LXV- "And what possible qualifications could a guitar-playing sandwich vendor have to run a social service organization?" My question too. The lady who has been Dan's right-hand woman at the foundation, and actually knows what she's doing, might have the same question. Monica's been there, what, a total of 5 times to sing to kids? Put her on the board of directors, and let her continue to volunteer, WHILE she gets her social services degree. Then she can take a staff leadership role afterwards.

LA DONA, YES Vivi.!! I was going to cut her some slack due to bereavement and all the shocking recent revelations, but if she has half a brain, she must appreciate how unqualified and inexperienced she is. The first thing I would do with that money would be to get into therapy (girl's got issues); then, apply to schools.

I was kind of rooting for Lydia for a while, but her petulance is getting annoying. She's going to end up dead or worse if she persists with her plan. And Braulio's out there, so she's totally entre la espada y la pared. Maybe that's part of her reluctance to go with Diego: that she might be vulnerable to his dad.

Still can't imagine how they are going to resolve this plot. AG can't walk away from so many murders, even if they were justified in her sick mind. And her lame-ass sister is such a wimp!


LXV- I was so annoyed with Lydia too. That woman she paid was already looking her up and down and making comments about her attractiveness. She's probably already gotten an extra bonus from the coyote for selling Lydia into sex slavery. Lydia's even got Margarita telling her the real raw deal about what to expect, but she still insists on going!

Felipe pointed out to Regina that AG had innocent Guillermo and that poor prostitute killed, just to get her way, but it's like she refuses to hear it. I think Felipe was stupid to antagonize AG like he did, but he has every reason to want to take her down. He should have just done it quietly.


Vivi, agreed about Felipe. His premature victory could be his downfall.Based on his earlier strategy with that cleverly recorded attempt at graft that went viral on TV, I thought he was smarter than to go rub AG's nose in the dirt before he had ironclad protection against retaliation. Because Phil's got that target planted firmly where Ralph's high-powered sniper weapon is pointed. I know you and others have said as much, but this thing about Saul has got me SO turned off. I can't figure out what's driving the plot anymore. There's just no chemistry and the kissing scenes are pure agony, whether with Moni or her mom. AG would be better off with that Norwegian who looked like an ad for men's cologne. What does she even see in Saul when she could have hunks like that? He's no prize.


LXV: That's my main problem with Felipe: he just cannot seem to stop his big ego & flaunting it in AG's face.

We're all going to find out IF Felipe makes it alive, but I'm not holding my breath & I might as well add him to the Body Count.

Vivi: Lydia is getting on my nerves!



LXV: Daniel will be better off in some prison somewhere when the secrets of his past get exposed for the entire world to see. I wasn't that shocked he resigned from his post as Director of the Foundation.

I can see Margarita & Mama Aguirre helping Monica, Saul (AG Addict) & Lopez (if he's not whacked by Braulio before then) running the Foundation.

HALIMACANDY: Monica is just an IDIOTA for not accepting $$$ that Lazaro left her WTH ?

La Dona#103
Did I see ultimate weeks !!??? WTF!!
She gets one hour for Good Friday!

Felipe, I hope you have a place for positioning, wimp Etta, Regina in front of you and she gets clipped!! She has coasted thru this show, time to pay... causalities can included: Isa brat, I hope she is confronted by Braulio and kidnapped!!
I hope!!

Dona worked the heck outta Rafael’s guilt ridden psycho, fevered brained, she played him like a violin… got to give it to her, and funky diva rides again.
She knows, Braulio has dropped a dime, but she hasn’t a clue abt who told what to who?? Yet!
So she may get wolf man wacked, shanked but it’s too late.

Doan worked Rafael to the nth, guilt, fear, self-obsession the works
Except Karen is on that ass, she put stalker-Saul in check, ‘go ahead....try me... cause, I will put you in jail...
Oh oh Karen has wind of the escape… cover your bases!!
She will sent cops? Por favor/please!! That’s like doing not a god darn -thing!!
Elena your ass is grass! Works for me!!....

Yesenia see a warning, from Monica’s granny spirit… death in the works and it’s a family message so it’s got to be abt family...??
Family: that Regina, Isa brat, Dona, Yesenia,not Monica it’s her show??
Danny boy, are the final player. Intervention??...will you show up when the s*** hits the fan and blow somebodies cover, the last gasp kind - of play... the stick in the Mexican stand off?? His has to be a deal breaker... So somebody gets their comeuppance/ retribution..???


I second that comment, I stopped watching LA DONA bcos I can't stand Saul and Monica kissing or being together as couple, it really sucks, the love story does not make sense to me.

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