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La Piloto #24, 4-7-17: Battle Of The Brutes In Which Oscar Gets More Than He Bar-gained For

Yolanda settles Rosalba in at her home in Altamirano while Estela hides under a table, eavesdropping.  Yoli notes when trying to leave a phone number with her aunt that she has somebody else’s (similar) cell phone and not her own with her. She shrugs it off until realizing that whoever has her phone, will know that she called DEA Dave on it since she forgot to erase the call.  Yoli sees that El Cañengo will be Rosie’s bodyguard, but at a distance.  He puts locks on all the doors and brings food for her.  Yoli says her good-byes as Rosie tells her to remember her decent upbringing and hopefully she’ll get free of the narcos and start leading a proper life and earning a proper living.

John learns from Oscar that the town folk freeze up when anybody mentions Los “Bolches”(?), the local syndicate run by Eladio, aka, The Bald-headed Bully-Boy. They are reluctant to discuss anything to do with him, he tells his brother.  Oscar wants to do a little bullying of his own to get people around there to talk, but John reminds him to keep their heads down and let things ride a bit.

Gone Gal de Olivia, meanwhile, is walking towards town to her meeting place.  She waives down a bus and gets on. Snarly Arley pulls in front of it and stops it from taking off.  He waives his gun at Olivia and forces her back off the bus at gunpoint, then drives her back to the hideout.  She screams and whines in protest.  (Sorry, you dimwitted dame, but what did you expect?)

At the hide-out, Carlita is watching over the now sedated Amanda when Zulima walks in under the pretense of looking in on one of her charges.  She sneaks Yoli’s cellphone onto the floor and pretends to have just found it while Carlita’s back is turned.  Carly keeps it to give to Yoli.

Outside, Liv walks up with an apology for Oscar who isn’t about to listen to her empty-headed excuses. (Can you tell how this character just makes all my remaining teeth ache?) Oscar says when he gives an order to stay put, he expects to be obeyed.  Bette walks out, trying to defend Liv.  Both get punished.  Snarly takes them into the barn and hangs them up on pole hooks, then hoses them down with a fire hose full of icy water.

Just before Cañengo drives Yoli back to the airfield, John calls him for a report.  Cañengo says there’s nothing odd or strange been going on and Yoli’s flying back now.

In Tres Fuegos, at the agency’s offices, Daverto is trying to get some skinny on Simpson, but Monica tells him it’s personal stuff meant for him and her.  (???)

At the bar, Liv gripes to Bette about their treatment and Bette says that’s their life right now.  Get used to it. Liv still wants to call Roberto and tell him she won’t be able to make it to their meeting, despite Bette’s repeated warnings. Sneaky Cynthia overhears and suggests using the free office phone.

Meanwhile, Daverto has just called Liv’s mother(?) to see if she’s heard from her daughter.  She mentions something about Roberto going to meet her somewhere and he takes down the information.  (I think.)

In the bar office, Lamebrained OLivia calls Roberto on his cell and runs her mouth off hurriedly giving him directions to the bar, much to Bette’s horror.  Roberto heads along into Villa Antigua and Papacito is still following unnoticed right behind him on his motorcycle.

Back at Rosie’s, Estela comes out of hiding.  Rosalba is not in the mood for her charming B.S. and says as much.  Estela asks if she can stay with her since she has nowhere else to go now.  They argue over Yoli’s supposedly taking up with narcotrafficantes and her now being a murderess.  Yes!  She killed Erenesto!  They have a video of her at the hospital a couple of minutes after he was killed, while Rosie was being treated there.  “--Well, if she did, he deserved it.  He did rape her!”  Oh, says Estela, self-righteously. “--That’s what Yolanda says, but unfortunately we’ll never know, now, will we????”

Yoli weeps during her flight back to Villa Antigua as she remembers her aunt’s words to her. (FF>>)

Vaquero gets orders from John to be ready to bring Yoli back right when she lands.  Oscar asks what Cañengo had to report.  John tells him what the guy said.

John re-emphasizes to O that he isn’t doing anything more than keeping an eye on Yolanda’s movements.  Oscar tries to convince him he’s being foolish.  When’s he gonna realize she’s sold them out?  John says if she has and Oscar’s right, then she’ll get disappeared just like anyone else who’s betrayed them in the past. (Is that the gleam in Oscar’s eyes that the camera has caught?)

At the bar, El Meanie de Mena walks into the ladies’ restroom after Amanda to make peace.  He sees she’s been crying.  He tells her they can still be friends. He cares about her after all.  No need to hate one another. “—Friends with privileges, if you want, even?  Ok?”  Amanda slaps him upside the head. He grabs her and points a gun at her head.  He’s only going to forgive her for that because of the hot and steamy nights they shared together.  Got it????  He struts out and she sobs.  (I’ve about had enough of her, too.  These guys are just goons with guns and gonads—a dangerous combination. It ain’t ever pretty and it wasn’t as if she didn’t know any better.  My sympathy stopped with that first sleezy sleep-over.)

Yoli gets back to the hotel and searches for her cell phone.  She calls her number and finds out Carlita has it.  They will meet at the bar while Carlita waits for her bus.

Eladio and his posse head off to get their guns back from the new owners of the Cielito Lindo Bar.  The old cop they’ve got on the payroll tells them it’s a perfect time to rush the place before they have too many customers as would-be witnesses.

In the office El Capi hands over a bag of cash from the US deals (?).  Oscar and John discuss Yoli.  O says give me the word and I’ll blow her head off.  John says if she’d really sold them out the DEA would have been in on this and found them out already.  Oscar says this is still wrong.  It can’t work out between Yoli and John, ever.  John says not to touch a hair on her head.  If anybody has to deal with her, he’ll decide the when and the where.  She’s his and that’s that.

At the same time, John’s got extra men sitting in the bar with their guns just in case something’s afoot. Snarly Arley makes a big deal of lording it over the gone-gals-now-returned bar-maids.  They better treat the guerreros extra nice tonight, he yells over to them  “—So get to work?”  He then purposely makes Amanda jealous by treating Sinthia extra lovey-dovey.

Back in Tres Fuegos, DEA Dave tells Moni he’s worried that the Lucio’s have found out about Yolanda’s call and her wanting protection for her and her aunt.  Simp-sone walks in on the conversation as Dave’s leaving. He smoothly tries for, but cannot get any, information out of either of them.  Afterward Simp-sone and Moni head back to his place for a bit of strategic sack time.

Sinthia reports back to Zuli about the hose-down from earlier.  She asks why all the extra gunmen are there tonight.

Yoli arrives secretly to the bar, supposedly to surprise John as she tells Vaquero. She gets her phone back but doesn’t ask how Carlita got it, just figures they got their phones mixed up.  But, Carli tells her the mistaken phone isn’t hers.  Hmmm.

Liv and Bette run into Yoli at the bar and she asks Liv if she met up with Rob or not.  Liv tells her the whole story, and how Oscar had them punished.  “—That’s torture!  Mena did that?  Oscar ordered it???”  She races into the office and pulls rank on Snarly Arley.  She catches him lying about it being John who ordered it.  “--Naw, it wasn’t.  It was Oscar.  So?  You like torturing women?  You get a big kick out of it or what?”  In the future, she warns him, if he messes with her girls he’s messing with her!  “--You come looking for trouble with me, then you’re going to find it!  Got it?” (This and what comes next was the only interesting parts of the episodio this time.)

Liv is emptying the garbage when Rob finds her.  No sooner does he find her than Papito races up and starts haranguing her for going from being a narco’s mule to a two-bit lap-dancer in a four-bit bar.  They go inside to finish the conversation.  (We thus see that dense runs in the family.  Livia has come by hers honestly.)

Eladio and his posse now enter the bar.  It looks as if the good-er guys have lost.  Vacquero must lay down his pistol.  Just then Meanie de Mena and his men ambush The Bully-Boy’s boys and another major firefight begins.

John races back to the bar after being radio’d about the attack.

John and his men walk in with machine guns of their own (finally) and he protects YO! and the gone girls.  Papacito, meanwhile, on the other side of the room, tells Liv and Rob it’s time to make a run for it.  Dimwit Daddy stands up and El Meanie de Mena shoots him down in cold blood.  (Yeah, as Viewerville sees it, Liv’s daddy was a threat to the Lucio’s security and he had to; Lamebrained Liv brought it on herself and the bubblehead’s got nobody to blame but her lonesome.)

Baldy and his Bully Boys race back out of the bar but are stopped just outside doorway when Oscar pulls his Tommy gun on them.  Eladio’s rent-a-copper is waiting in the shadows, however, and shoots O in the back.  Blam!  Blam!  Blam!  Oscar drops.  Eladio and the posse head off to their trucks.  Eladio gives Pop Rent-a-Cop a salute before turning on his heel and sauntering away.  Pop hops back into his sedan after assuring himself Oscar’s down for the count and drives off.


Looking forward to i!

Must say, Zulima is way worse than Oscar. Oscar doesn't lie about who he is. Zulima pretends to be the girls' friend and then smiles as their being tortured.

Zulima is Nasty. Did you see her in Rosario Tejeras (2010)? Similar theme to this one.

Finally go to see this epi...not sure why my recoding didn't start as scheduled. Anyway, another epi where I found myself wishing Estella had been outed by the Lucios a long time ago and was dead already.....I hope she gets her andvill. Sorry excuse for a mother .... still defending Ernie....and now raising all kinds of doubt with Tio...and threatening her as well.

Yes...Zuli is the worse kind of snake...because you don't realize she's poisoned until it's too late. Unfortunate that Yoli doesn't have a 6th sense about her.

I don't get why the father was killed. It didn't make sense that he followed the boyfriend to the bar because he supposedly had written off his daughter. But...I guess his death is going to awaken something in his daughter down the road.

What a surprise ending. Oscar...dead. Oh my...was not expecting that so soon. But now, John is going to be so conflicted and paranoid. Will he ever find that all Oscar said about Yoli is a lie. But thanks to Tia...Yoli is having her own second thoughts. She was decent human being and tries to do right. But she doens't hesitate to shoot that gun. Have we actually seen her kill anyone yet (Ernie doesn't count)...I didn't think so? I believe there is redemption for her. Zuli...not at all...can't wait for her to be outed and to get what's coming to her.

My guesses about what's really around the corner have been squashed. First, I thought Zeki would be a long term well as Oscar...I've been so mistaken. This TN does keep you guessing.



Nett I would bet Oscar is not dead, just seriously wounded. He was the Phoenix in P&P too. Unkillable.

Another real snake is Simpson. AND Monica is sleeping with him. !

Yeah I don't think Oscar is dead. I do worry about what effect this will have on John. Will it push him and Yoli farther apart? I did notice how worried he was abt her when he entered the bar fight.

Well, with the tight leather jacket he had on I sort of doubt he was wearing body armor.....I don't think he'll die this early on myself. Just going to get badly wounded and taken to a doc in town. Maybe....

Thanks, Jardinera. Great job.

I hope Oscar's not down for the count. He's a bad guy I enjoy watching.

Yoli and John can't make it together, but those two have a tight relationship considering. He knows deep inside she's not DEA and didn't betray him, and she knew he wouldn't order the girls water tortured like Arley claimed.

Arley shooting the dad made no sense to me. The man was not armed, and Arley wasted time shooting him when he should've been shooting back at the armed bad guys. The actor is fairly well known. I last saw him in Lo Imperdonable. Would he have taken such a short role?

Liv's dad is like most any father: they don't just give up on a kid no matter how angry they are unless there's a screw loose. He went to help her "see reason" and take her home if possible. He was just too naive and thought he was in a regular cantina. I doubt he thought the narcos were still in the mix or he'd have rushed her into the car immediately and burnt rubber back to the DF. As for Arley, he is the enforcer and he saw her father as a threat to keeping their whereabouts secret. He did what his position in the crime family obliged him to do. He is a stone killer. He cannot be redeemed in my opinion and should not be except in some sort of fantasy which this tn is not supposed to be.

I do have to give Arley points for doing his job. You're right, the dad definitely would've given the police their location. I can see the poor man going to that corrupt cop who shot Oscar in the back who probably would've done the same to him. Still don't get all this setup with Olivia's dad, boyfriend, and brother, just to take him out like that. I like that this TN keeps me guessing what will happen next.

If Amanda keeps crying over Arley, I'm done with her. I can relate to her friends telling her that now that she knows who he is move on (well, at least emotionally) and quit crying to them about it.

Has Amanda even told Arley she's preggers?

I don't see Arley redeemed.

I know John and Yoli aren't end game, and if this was on UniMas I would say that Yoli doesn't make it in the end, but maybe the writers pull a PyP and the bad guy gets the girl in the end. I do like them together and seeing a softer, more complex John.

Jardinera, I forgot to thank you for a most excellent recap!

You're welcome, Carviville, et al. :? ))

I get the impression that the police captain's son doesn't know his father is working for the narcos--based off of that scene of working the shooting together. The son is the one that likes blondie right? So we may have another guy trying to rescue the girls. I'm afraid Olivia's bf is going to be killed tonight by Arley or one of the goons--unless he too offers to work for them.

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