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Vino el Amor #108 and 109 (107 on Uni), Tuesday, April 4, 2017: Vino el Missing Jobs, Brains and Scenes

At viñedo del incompetents, everyone is jockeying for position, and let's face it, Gracie and Lilian are winning easily. Luciana tries an all-business approach that lasts about two scenes before she totally folds, while Gracie decides to just plain drop her business, at least her income source, and Grumpy David fires the therapist. At viñedo del competency (which had its scenes cut by Uni because we all know Uni loves incompetency), Miguel is visiting the other vineyard to counsel David on his lovelife, Erika hates her inhaler and Adolfo suggests to the other vineyard that maybe they should for reals implement a water source for (as far as we know) the still-turning-into-raisins vineyards.

Speaking of that genius David, there's a real meeting of the minds as those geniuses David and Gut spar over Gut not yet uncovering the dirty dealings of those geniuses Mark and Juan. Meanwhile, Perla looks for a job and Carito interviews at the competent vineyard, which might be the smartest move in this whole episode. All of these plot developments in the preceding paragraph were cut by Uni.

To figure out the cuts, I watched the Mexican episodes #108 and #109 and I looked at the summary of  #110 on the Canal de las Estrellas site. So I feel confident that last night was just a combination of 108 and 109. The cuts to 109 weren't as egregious as the ones to 108. I've noted everything in italics that was cut. I am sure I will have missed some things in this recap, especially not having the benefit of captions or transcripts for the cut scenes, so please feel free to elaborate in the comments.

Also my apologies for being somewhat absent as of late. I've barely got time to watch Vino el Amor the American version. Kind of annoyed that Uni is going to force me to watch virus-laden bootleg videos to figure out what was cut. Work and life are just super busy. I really appreciate all who subbed for me with recaps the past few weeks - Thanks!
  • Repeat scene from yesterday of Luciana and Miguel catching up. He's sorry they lost. Susan and Miguel are working on the irrigation issues but he'd prefer to send things directly to Luciana. Luciana reminds him he didn't want her coming around, for which Miguel apologizes. Luciana sadly says she doesn't have a friend to talk to. Hey, she's got Miguel!
  • Mexico 108 begins/Uni repeats: Repeat scene of David and Gracie having happy hour and Gracie playing him like a fiddle as she tells him that Fer wants her to be Mrs. Grumpy David. David tells her it's fine to play mom to Fer, but anything romantic is not happening and urges her to not tell Fer of her wishes to be Mrs. Grumpy David and keep the focus on Fer's well-being.
  • Luciana and Miguel finish catching up.  She's happy he's happy. Erika rejoins them and asks how things are going for Luciana. Erika is wheezing like she ran a marathon. Dummy Miguel doesn't seem to notice. Erika asks how the incompetent vineyard is going. Fine but they've got work to do since they want to win the next competition. Luciana wishes the couple well and takes off to meet Leon.
  • Gracie asks Sonia for Lilian's whereabouts and wants her to fetch Bobby. Then she nags Fer to stop listening to music and get to studying since that will make Grumpy David happy. I don't know that I would hang my whole plot to snag a man on Fer's academic prowess, just saying. Fer is sad that she fought with Tano. Gracie asks if she has any friends who can help her with studying. Fer wants to study with her friend Caroline. That will take David's permission.
  • Cut from Uni version: David visits Gut to figure out the water tampering mess and pin it on Juan and Mark. Gut says it's just Mark. David is frustrated and says Juan is in it too and he'll get proof.
  • Cut from Uni version: Gracie and Fer discuss things further. Gracie wants Fer to forgive Marta and she'll help her study for the exam, which Fer is going to retake.
  • Cut from Uni version: Miguel worrywarts about Erika and that annoys her. Yikes, she's clutching her chest the way Alonso did on El Color de la Pasion. Now I'm worrywarting.
  • Fer, with Gracie's support, tells David that she wants to retake the exam and study with good-at-math-and-pills Caroline. David suspects they want to just hang out together. Turns out Caroline is that kid who does all the clubs which is important for college. I love that Fer is figuring all this out only in her senior year. More absentee parenting by David right there. He's good with having Caroline over to study as long as Gracie supervises the studying. Fer asks about stopping her meds because they make her sleepy. Gracie says they need to discuss that with Dr. Anderson. David dismisses Gracie and says to Fer that he will speak to the doctor. But he doesn't want Fer to think he's going to have a romance with Gracie.
  • Marta and Luciana discuss her running into Miguel and Erika. Marta kind of wishes Luciana was still with Miguel, but Luciana is OK with things Miguel and Erika. She'll always care about Miguel, and she hopes one day she can be OK with David the way she's OK with Miguel. She's got some deep Grumpy David feels. Marta worries for her.
  • Cut from Uni version: Fer begs David to have a social life. He's worried she'll do pills again. She promises she won't.
  • Juan pleads with grungy Mark and his pink shirt with a flower collar not to return from Colorado. PLEASE MARK, STAY IN COLORADO. But Mark does not want to heed mine or Juan's pleas; He says he's coming back and doing things his way.
  • Juan tells him he can't do that because Carito told on him to the police. "I should've killed her!" says Mark. He's mad. Juan says not to say these things on the phone. He rambles on angrily, ending with a threat to Juan to get him his money owed or he'll be Juan's worst nightmare.
  • Cut from Uni version: Miguel gets Erika back to the office bedroom. She teasingly calls him her personal doctor. Adolfo worrywarts.  Erika is up to here with the worrywarting.
  • Thankfully cut from Uni version: Bobby shows David his homework. No Fer-type school issues here. Bobby says he wants his Dad to be happy and he votes that's with Luciana.
  • Thankfully cut from Uni version: Luciana and Susan discuss Luciana's love issues as they do, at the office while "working." Then they discuss how happy they are that Carito told on Mark. Susan leaves, and Ramon brings Luciana a work folder. Dang. She's gotta work!
  • Wow, cut from Uni version: Miguel stops by the cellar to talk with David and put a good word in for Luciana. David tells him that he doesn't know all the facts. 
  • Sadly cut from Uni version: The succubi check in with each other. Lilian congratulates Gracie on how things are going smoothly. Gracie says finally it's all happening as she wanted. So sad I can't screeencap her face on this one. (The Mexican version I wanted had ads and stuff on it.)
  • Cut from Uni version: Miguel is telling David that he loves Erika and that his love for Luciana is not quite what David thinks. He just wants her to be happy and not suffer because she's not with David anymore.
  • Cut from Uni version: Lilian chuckles at Gracie becoming the woman of the house and gives her a little warning to watch Fer. Gut interrupts to call and ask Lilian to come. She agrees. She tells Gracie that she's not the only one getting what she's been waiting for.
  • Cut from Uni version: David does his "it's all for the kids" routine that has gotten quite old. Miguel doesn't care about it either, he's worried about how Luciana is hurting. Luciana interrupts and asks what Mig is doing there. He excuses himself. David makes a lame excuse for what they were discussing when she walked in.
  • Cut: Perla was looking up jobs on the internet. Wow. Juan tells her she doesn't need to do that.
  • NOT CUT; this was a big scene: Fer talks to Marta to ask her forgiveness and tell her she loves her and misses her. Marta is so happy to hear this that she breaks out in tears and embraces her. Lilian walks in on them and "so happy" is not the word for her expression. More like "so annoyed."
  • More Luciana/Susan boy talk in the kitchen (about the Miguel/David argument above that Uni cut). Carito returns and they welcome her back. Luciana thanks her for saving Miguel and hopes they get justice for her cousin. Susan asks Carito to join her and Cesar in their charitable endeavor. Carito asks forgiveness for all her previous "mean girl-ness" towards them and gets it.
  • Lilian interrupts Fer and Marta. She surprisingly tells Marta not to worry about her reaction. She just wants Fer to be OK and sells a story of how she understands that they each have their place in Fer's life and she doesn't want to live with rancor anymore. Lilian is really having to swallow her pride to support Gracie's schemes here. Fer is thrilled with Lilian's reaction.
  • Cut from Uni version: Miguel is playing with an amulet from his and Luciana's past. Erika comes in and he lets her know that's the past, and he loves Erika now. Smooches and then Miguel leaves the office. Erika is annoyed all over again when she looks at Plot Inhaler.
  • It's the next day. Fer comes to talk with David. The pills made her sleepy and she slept great. And Dr. Anderson told her she needed to forgive Marta and so she did. David is proud of her. Each day, Fer says, she feels more at peace.
  • Cut from Uni version: Tano gets a visit at the wine offices from Gracie to help him with Fer/thank him for his hard work. Ramon interferes with the performance review. 
  • Lilian and Marta discuss their real feelings about Fer forgiving Marta. Lilian says she knows that Marta really wants to edge Lilian out of Fer's life but too bad, as Luciana is not staying with David. Lilian tells Marta that she can't wait to get them out of here now that David told Grace he is done with Luciana and soon Marta will be out of the street. Cut by Uni: After saying all that, Lilian saunters out with a weird bird flying motion, Marta glowers. This would've totally been screencapped.
  • Cut from Uni version: Tano is just horrified that Ramon is being an overprotective dad and getting into with Gracie about all this. Gracie excuses herself.
  • Cut from Uni version: Juan and Mark discuss how he's running out of money. The truck is on the way to Colorado, says Juan. Mark will be in touch.
  • Cut from Uni version:Lilian encounters Juan in the street. They do their little dance they do. She calls him an idiot. He tells her she'll end up alone and taunts her so much she gives this look and you know that was a dumb move. This is a really key scene that Uni cut, as it makes Lilian turn on Juan in a few scenes...
  • Cut from Uni version: Ramon doesn't trust what Gracie wants with Tano. Tano says she trusts him to help with Fer. Ramon thinks Fer is just going to dump Tano for her new college friends anyhow. Between Tano's mumbling and Gracie's rambling and Ramon's low voice, I am not sure I got any of this part right.
  • Gut misses Lilian. But he hates how David tries to speak for everyone and doesn't let him get a word in. Lilian propositions Gut, but he puts her off since he's working on the case. Lilian tells him that he needs to investigate that backstabbing Juan. She starts to fill him in. A call interrupts; he's off to catch a flight to Colorado to intercept the truck. Tomorrow she's to tell him about Juan.
  • Cut from Uni version: Adolfo visits David for a friendly vineyard meeting of the "minds". He wants to install an actually working, permitted, irrigation system after all. Then he says something about Fer's illness and David is caught by surprise.
  • Cut from Uni version: Tano tells Leon about his Fer worries and Gracie's visit. Leon tells him to be careful. They eyeball David sneaking into an office where Luciana is working. So sad this was cut, I meant to screencap it because it was funny.
  • Luciana tries to talk work matters with David. He says it doesn't matter since she won't be there much longer. David tells Luciana that he's annoyed she told Adolfo about Fer's illness and that's why he wasn't at the contest. 
  • Juan and Perla talk fine dining, alibis for hanging with Mark and Carito. FF>> Could've cut this one Uni!
  • Luciana is annoyed with David and defends herself. She only told Adolfo that there was an issue at home. David tells her that Fer's mental health issues aren't for public consumption. And he's also annoyed Miguel came to defend Luciana in that scene Uni cut. David thought that was strange as Miguel loves Erika. Luciana says she's not to blame for Adolfo jumping to conclusions and Miguel chewing out David. David calls her out and says it's always about her, isn't it. Heh, although Luciana is in the right on this one. But heh for reasons in the last 107 episodes. Luciana calls him out right back and says he is looking for a pretext to be angry at each other. David says that's right as it's the only way to keep him away. Yeah, we should all just totally be shipping these two together, not.
Mexico Episode 109 begins at this point halfway into the episode:
  • Mexico repeated the last scene of 108. Sorry Mexico!
  • Perla and Juan discuss how Mark is crazy. Juan swears he'll protect her. If he appears... well Juan's got a Plot Gun! He's even going to practice at a shooting range. Perla wigs out about the gun.  Juan doesn't think he'll need to use it and he really loves Perla and will do anything to protect her.
  • Luciana has called out David and he apologizes. She's done with the drama and David's constant reproaches. If David continues with the grumpy attitude, she'll wonder how she ever loved him so much and she won't stick around for the next wine competition. 
  • Uni cut this scene: Fer texts Tano. Gracie finds her. Fer tells her she misses Tano and Gracie will arrange a meetup.
  • Uni cut this scene: Luciana and Carito talk immigrants. FF>> They are interrupted by Cesar who thanks Carito for turning on Mark. 
  • Uni cut this scene: Gracie brings Fer to see Tano at the vineyard offices. Fer and Tano make up from whatever quarrel they had in a previous cut scene.
  • Dr. Evil Martin Mull Anderson and Gracie discuss Fer's meds. Apparently she didn't even need them; she could've just done some breathing exercises. But the meds have to be tapered off, not cold turkey.  She's appreciative of his help and he appreciates her compensation. So she asks him to help her convince David that she is the best fit for him.
  • Uni cut this scene: Fer and Tano talk it out and kiss.
  • Felt like a cut, because suddenly the next scene is Dr. Evil Martin Mull Anderson and David discussing reducing Fer's dosage. Anderson gives all the credit for the improvement in Fer to Gracie. This pisses off David who is tired of Anderson always pushing Gracie on him. Anderson tells him what a great help she's been and recommends he get with her for a full life and a nice calm one for Fer. David isn't feeling all this sudden personal life advice from the quack and says it's his life and he gets to be with the person he wants to be. Anderson says he's just advising him on what's best for Fernanda. David advises Anderson that he's fired as Fer's therapist.
  • Uni cut this scene: Miguel introduces Carito to Erika in Erika's office. She tells her she wants to study and work in winemaking and Erika is receptive. Carito thanks Miguel for all he's doing for her, and he thanks her for turning on Mark. She warns him to be very careful of Mark as he's very dangerous.
  • Uni cut this scene: Study time with Fer and Caroline as Gracie and David supervise. David has to admit, it was smart to let Fer study with a buddy. As soon as they leave, Fer and Caroline switch to catching up on Fer's life and romance.
  • Sonia tells Leon about her assignment of writing the backstory of David's raisin wine, er Vino el Romance. He's proud. Carito comes in and interrupts their kissing and tells Sonia she won the lottery with Leon. They ask how she is and she says that helping the immigrants helps her a lot and she finally is feeling good about herself. She goes upstairs. Sonia tells Leon that he needs to help Carito and she won't be jealous. She's got a hot surprise in mind for him that she needs to give him when they're alone. He's excited. THANK GOODNESS for Sonia and Leon.
Seriously, thank goodness they are on this show.
  • Fer encounters Luciana in the vineyard facility. Fer says she knows Luciana was sincere in wanting the best for the kids as she gave up David. Luciana says that she knows how important Fer and Bobby are to David and she's glad they are getting it together. Fer tells Luciana she hopes she finds someone really great to love her and she hopes they can be friends. Fer appreciates this (genuinely, it seems) and gives Luciana a nice hug.

  • Uni cut this scene: Erika pushes Miguel down on her bed and their Carla Morrison theme song plays as they lovey dovey talk each other and then just plain lovey dovey.
  • Following that cut, suddenly Gracie bursts into David's home office to tell him what happened to Fer changed her life perspective. She has something new in common with David. He is almost scared to ask what that might be. They handled the loss of Lisa differently. She left the family to focus on painting and she thinks now she shouldn't have done that. But now Gracie sees that like David, she needs to focus on family. She is going to announce her retirement as an artist and wants David's help to organize a press conference.
  • David doesn't want Gracie to make this sacrifice. Gracie is aware of the ramifications, and although painting is important to her, hey, even the greatest painters took breaks.  David agrees but he has to get back to work.
  • In employees' quarters, Luciana tells Susan and Marta about her conversation with Fer. She thought Fer was sincere. Susan thinks things are getting better. Luciana worries that David will keep on being Grumpy or even worse, do something desperate to forget her. Count on that!
  • Uni cut this scene: Erika and Miguel have done the deed and are enjoying the after-cuddle. He worrywarts about her health. Tomorrow she'll worry about it. Tonight she wants to be with him.
  • Uni cut this scene: Luciana continues her vent session with Susan and Marta. She decides to focus solely on work. 
  • Gracie interrupts Lilian's wine and book hour to ask Lilian for her PR services. Lilian says she does PR for sheriffs, not painters, and questions Gracie's reasoning. Gracie says she wants  to arrange her press conference to announce her retirement. Lilian laughs and asks if she is crazy.
  • Lilian points out that the paintings are their (and let's face it, the incompetent David's) sole income source. Gracie spins it as things are going so well with David that she just wants to retire and focus on their beautiful family. Lilian advises her not to forget her mother, LOL. Lilian also gives her serious advice not to become a useless and selfless woman as that's not the type David likes.
  • Luciana conked out on the kitchen counter. Marta rouses her and sends her to bed. Ramon comes in and asks how her day went. She tells him about Fer's forgiveness. Ramon tells her about the scene Uni cut with Tano and Gracie. He doesn't trust Gracie's motives for helping Tano with his relationship with Fer.
  • Uni cut this scene: Perla worrywarts to Juan about Mark. He will buy him out.
  • Uni cut this scene: Breakfast with the employees! Luciana tells Leon she's going to present Sonia's ideas to David. They revolve around how they all love being part of the incompetent vineyard. Ramon likes what he's hearing. Marta opines about how the incompetent vineyard is part of all of them. Can't argue with that!
  • Juan calls Mark to sign some papers to end their deal and get his money back. Perla doesn't like this, but Juan says it's better than jail. He's doing it for their future.
  • Breakfast time with Tia Gracie! 
  • It's a little late today as she stayed up studying with Fer. Lilian notes that Fer is really trying hard and hopefully all of Gracie's efforts will pay off in a good exam result. Fer is resting for her exam and Marta will bring her breakfast in bed. Bobby wants that too. Sorry bratty Bobby, you're going to school with Lilian. Gracie announces that she is going to announce she's quitting painting. Sonia asks her why and she responds, for the children. Lilian says she's sure that Lisa up in heaven would appreciate this. Marta and Sonia look disgusted.
  • Uni cut this scene: Erika and Miguel look over the vineyard irrigation plans. She likes them.
  • Obvious cut and we're back to breakfast. Marta says the example she would give Fer is that women should try to achieve their life goals. David says it's Gracie's decision. Lilian says its admirable, how many ladies today solely focus on themselves. Bobby is psyched to have Tia Grace focus only on him and take him to all the fun things, especially now that David and Luciana don't have time for him anymore. Brat. David tries to explain the realities of the work world, but Lilian points out Luciana had told Bobby she'd always be there for him. Gracie interrupts to point out that Bobby is late to school and Lilian says she's just so proud to have a daughter like Grace!
  • Uni cut this scene: Tano and Leon talk about Fer and the patron and how they miss Miguel and I can see why Uni cut this scene, FF>>.
  • Obvious cut. Now Luciana pops in on unbusy David and she's got an idea for a new presentation of the wine involving Sonia's back story she's writing. Gracie interrupts to thank David for letting her have the press conference at the mansion, and invites Luciana to her press conference. Luciana passes and leaves. Gracie totally notices Luciana's new all business attitude and takes the chance to say to David that Luciana is a strange one, shouldn't she be more excited that Gracie has more time for the kids? Then she leaves and waves bye-bye to the perpetually befuddled David. 
  • Marta asks Carito if she's feeling calmer. Her family is glad she's working there; they need her help. Marta gets to it, she knows there's something more. Carito vaguely tells her how she thought she was helping the smuggled immigrants but it turned into something awful. She gets upset and leaves a confused Marta downstairs as she runs to her room.
  • Uni cut this scene: Luciana vents to Susan about Gracie quitting painting to devote her life to the children.
  • David tries to talk Gracie out of holding her press conference (which is all set up and awaiting the press' arrival). She says no and walks off to answer a doorbell. David then leaves Luciana a voice mail that he wants to talk and this is the third time he's called. Luciana flashes back to the big date night as Carla Morrison croons one of their love songs. She starts crying and Marta comforts her. She's sad she's not at David's side and Gracie is and she can't stop thinking of the memories. She feels so bad and no one will help her. Marta tries to explain it takes time and  and she's not the type who gives up on what she wants. The only comfort to Luciana is that this helps his kids. She should've heeded her first instinct that it wouldn't work out. She's thinking that maybe she should've stayed with Miguel. Marta tells her that with Miguel she was safe, but she made the choice to live life and give herself to true love and go for the gusto, etc. Now life goes on. Marta comforts a sobbing Luciana. 


Thank you for a great recap DY . As usual for you, more fun than the show.

Dat little bitch is cray cray. She is parading around with her tail up like she just brought home the King Mouse. Meanwhile the King Mouse treats her as an annoying mosquito rather than the ravenous Great White she really is. Bom Buum............ Bom Buum …............Bom Buum

Even in spite of her most un-endearing 'qualities' Luci is pitiful. She has her Brother, and about 20 percent of her UnMom, and that is it. Susan is a cool chick friend, but nothing like a lifelong pal like Miguel, who is now off limits. She didn't seem any more interested in David than her hairbrush until they gave up, now her life can't go on. I don't get chicks sometimes.

I KNEW it back when they changed Lillian's eye makeup to make her softer and a bit more attractive from her aging Madam look she had before. The new and improved Lillian has a new heart, heretofore undetected, and actually cares about something not held in place with a cork! Now she will supposedly begrudgingly allow a friendship between Fer and Martyra. You are 18 years too late Hussie.

Dr. Evil's horse tranquilizers seem to be helping FerZombie. She made up with Marta and Luci. In her case I don't think that means she is preparing to kill them, so much better Fer. She'd probably still go crazy if she saw David and Luci's Wamsutta Rodeo.

I DO like watching these people like NoJuan who are so full of themselves and dumb (a combination like pills and alcohol) that they don't even know how stupid they are.
“Fork that train, it will just have to stop. Watch this, I aint movin.” Blap blap....blap blap...blap blap....

What was Lillian's angle giving Gut the heads up about NoJuan?


Thanks Kirby - In a cut scene, Lilian had been really taunted by Juan about being an old hag left alone. It pissed her off. Too bad for Juan she was on her way to see Gut!

And I couldn't agree with you more about Luciana, probably one of the worst "heroines" I've ever seen on a telenovela. She's just sad that it's not all about her. When David said that, I only wished he actually meant it because it's so true.


Yeah, and I think too that if Lil has not reeled in the owner of Competent Vineyard, Adolf, then she wants to protect her meal ticket from NoJuan.

To think that the Incompetent Vineyard may be brought down by a pair of lips. I'm hearing the 'Stones' Sticky Fingers.

I thought I heard 'You don't Always get what You Want' too.

Ha ha I think the best thing I've heard in Vino el Amor is Carla Morrison - have enjoyed discovering her music!

Aw shit there is a real life Lillian I suppose ?

Great work, dy77.

There was a moment in a cut scene where one of the women totally got the motive for DisGrace's announcement of her "retirement" from her bland, silly art. I'm not sure that she really means to do this, especially after the scene where she first told Lillian who told her she was nuts. She is so right. I think after that DisGrace told her it was a ploy.

Luciana has almost always known that DisGrace was after David. She spotted that even before DisGrace's declaration of war.

Once again, why has David never demanded an explanation from FerBrat about her objection to Luciana? If she would say something like "She's not our kind" he would have realized immediately that the two succubi were brainwashing her.

Juan is trying to edge out the SkidMark but I don't think he will succeed. Neither of these guys are geniuses but the SkidMark has much colder blood.

More later.


Gracias, dy, for going above and beyond with this--the cuts were abrupt enough in some places that it briefly got confusing. And damn, some of those cuts were indeed frigging bonkers (hell, I'm shocked they cut Erika and Miguel's second boink entirely, let alone David's chat with Magic Brian).

Lilian's it-lasted-about-three-minutes ceasefire with Marta for Fernanda's sake was probably the only thing that made sense post-edits, though combined with her telling Brian not to trust Juan probably does lend credence to her theoretical softening as Kirby put it (since she's still the lesser of all evils on this show it's not like she needs to be softened that much, but such is life with this show).

Bill, Juan is messing with her current meal ticket. If David's grapes all become raisins Lillian loses the host she's leeching off of.

Thus far there has been no revelation of her having killed her husband so I don't know if that was ever in the writers' minds (It occurred to me due to the superlatively evil characters on AR's resume). Lillian's biggest sin so far is having deported Marcos and Luciana so that although it makes no sense that Brian hasn't outed her over this the reveal on this will likely wait until the last week. The stool pigeon will either be Brian, DisGrace, or Juan.

If we can believe that Lillian truly cares enough about FerBrat to seriously object to what DisGrace has done (when she finds out) then we know there's a line she won't cross.

Dy: Awesome recap. Apologies accepted.

Bill: Lillian is a MOOCHER!

UA: I don't see Gutierrez outing Lillian until the end of this week!


OMG! DY&& Girl thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!! I haven't read this yet or even seen the episodeS yet but I appreciate this so much! I know we all do!

I've been drafted for a work project which occupied me this weekend and every night this week. With them doing two episodes at a time, I don't know when I'll catch up. Prolly good for y'all so you don't have to be exposed to my raving, ranting posts! Y'all enjoy and I'll see you when I can!

Thank you so much dy. I think a TN about COMMITMENT should use our recappers as shining examples

"good-at-math-and-pills Caroline"

Bothered me for Luciana to get her hopes up a little when Fernanda apologized only to have her heart ripped out hearing that Graciela would announce her retirement to dedicate herself to her family and the asshole David not say a word.

I hate David and wished Luciana could watch the family at breakfast and how David treats Graciela as his defacto wife and mother of his children. Perhaps that would prompt her to regain some self respect and leave now. David and his wife Graciela treat Luciana as the other woman that will not go away.


Oh dy, this was great. "We all know Uni loves incompetency" the sad thing is, it could get worse. And you got all the stuff that was cut. Now everything makes sense (sort of). I know these double-shots are tough. Thank you!

Y'know, you can give a press conference, but that doesn't mean that the press will come or that they'll publish your "news." If Grace gets a good turnout for her announcement, I'll have to laugh because her "retirement" is not news. Plus, people "retire" all the time, only to make a splashy comeback later on. So this is a totally empty gesture on her part.

I'm such a sucker, I momentarily thought Lil was sincere in wanting to bury the hatchet with Marta. Obviously she'd rather bury it in Marta's skull. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I was hoping to see something awesome. I don't think my dream of seeing them team up against Gut is going to come true.

"He's good with having Caroline over to study as long as Gracie supervises the studying." Ha! No way will that go wrong!

Glad to know that Bobby is still on Team Luciana. They shouldn't have cut that scene.

I didn't realize that David fired Dr Anderson as Fer's therapist. I thought he only fired him as HIS therapist. If he's out of their lives entirely, that's great. Ought to give Gracie a stomach ache.

Univision cut a bed scene? Come on, we're starving out here!

"Bobby is psyched to have Tia Grace focus only on him and take him to all the fun things, especially now that David and Luciana don't have time for him anymore. Brat." I don't know. I think he knows she doesn't really like doing this stuff, and is determined to run her ragged.

Which is really the only bratty thing about that boy. What he needs is for David to explain that the issues with the vineyard affect his ability to provide for him and his sister. Bobby is old enough and smart enough to get that even if he is still too young to be patient about it. In most ways he is more emotionally mature than his sister.

Urban I wonder if Master Bo-Bee is clever enough to have his secret Anti-Succubus agenda or if they have destroyed the only likable thing in this show. Up to now he has seemed to be wise beyond his years, with the innocent selfish needs of a little boy. It is a stretch to think he is as easily swayed by DisGrace as it now appears.

I definitely prefer to think that Master BoBee has a secret anti-Succubus agenda, especially after that wink he gave Luciana last week.

He wasn't fooled by Sonia back in the beginning when she was trying so hard to get on his good side to get closer to his father. It doesn't make any sense that he would suddenly be fooled by his auntie playing the same trick.

It seems understandable how Lillian needs David's Dumbass Distillery to stay solvent to support her. She is a sprig of Crabgrass in the lawn of life, with no purpose, no skills, and no contribution to anything. In addition she appears to have a 'Car Payment Sized' wine appetite which she would have a time supporting selling bed ruffles on ETSY.

"for David to explain that the issues with the vineyard affect his ability to provide for him" yeah, David the great communicator. Excluding politicians, never have I seen so much mouth work yield so little information.

Gracielllaa is prissing around like she and Dumvid have already chosen the name for their next child. I don't know whether she is bipolar, or just flat out of touch with reality. I'd say it doesn't look a lot like bipolar because her low times are not pronounced enough and are too short lived. Chrimminey she has a whole platoon of skeletons in her closet to be so giddy about her latest perceived conquest. I want to start hearing some bones rattling.



I was noticing Mark's accent again last night. Funny how the one character who's supposed to be a gringo has the worst accent in the whole show.

I'm still on team Bobby. I would be surprised if he came up with a scheme to rival any of DisGrace's, but he is a sharp little kid. If Luci were coaching him the way DG is Fer it would be hilarious. He could have DisGrace riding all those water rides at Disney (or somewhere) which Luci would be right at home on and would send DisGrace straight into rehab.

MARK? Yeah he reminds me of the Black guy I ran into yesterday from the UK speaking Spanish. And he told me my Spanish accent was very authentic. ? ? ? ?

You take compliments where they fall.

And I'm a hillbilly turned Cracker.

Graciela is definitely not textbook bipolar, but there are atypical presentations of bipolar disorder, and maybe she'd fit one of those. However, I think she is just a garden-variety maniac. And definitely out of touch with reality. I'm sure she qualifies for some type of diagnosis, maybe a personality disorder, but IMO that's separate from the fact that she's just plain evil as well.

I do wish that TN writers/producers would stop doing the mental illness = evil thing.

And now I'm really sorry that we're rushing this ending and won't get to see BoBee forcing Grace to play video games until her thumbs are bleeding, water park rides, etc. That would be so much fun.

Well Julie, a lot of us in the TN audience will not leave well enough alone and just let somebody be malevolent and evil, we have to have a few armchair shrinks to figure out WHY.

Graciela isn't completely delusional about her position in the house and with David. In front of every one he allows her to hang on him, sit beside him, defers to her and shows a unified front as an equal parent, everything parents and partners do. Only in private and only after pushed will David push back but immediately he will agree to something that solidifies her importance to him and tell everyone. It sure would give everyone the impression they are already or heading toward being a couple.

Dy77...thank you so much. You are strong and dedicated, unlike the folks in this telenovela.

Disgrace seems to be a sociopath.She shows no remorse for killing her own sister. This girl is not thinskinned. The number of times that DimDave has rebuffed her blatant advances would leave most women beaten down and defeated, but not rhinohided delusional Disgrace. She just keeps on keeping on as if Dave just indicated that she has a chance with him. are right . Dave is a pipsqueak. Get some baws,Dave. Get proactive . I realize that parents will do anything to help or to protect their children, and Dave seems to think (thanks to Dr. Evil) that Disgrace is his one hope to help Fern. P.s. Do psychiatrists play matchmaker and actually tell you the person that you should marry? I do not think so.

I still hope he marries her. That is the most direct way to prevent his Dumbass's further contribution to the human gene pool. That is assuming she would never submit to anything as inconvenient as a pregnancy and childbirth if Moby Dave is already "Harpooned and Hauled On Deck" thanks SusanLynne.

This could go on for a while, actually if we assume that when Mission Accomplished is achieved, DisGrace would quickly lose interest in her new trophy and consider him disposable. (Worth more Dead?) Actually she might find out what we all already know, that he is pretty much worthless alive, and so why keep him around. the saying goes, "Be careful what you wish for." Like Captain Ahab and that great white whale, Dave is an obsession to Disgrace. He represents all that her sister had that she doesn't. Her sister had Dave, so she wants him. I amp surprised that she never rummaged through Lisa's things that were enshrined in The Memorial Bedroom.

If we're going to have a David/Grace wedding (and honeymoon!), then I want evil space robots. Fair's fair.

I agree Kirby. Dave deserves Graciela, hopes he puts a ring on her and look forward to how he'll make it Luciana's fault he was fooled. Graciela acts like his wife and mother of his children. She should insist he get rid of the delusional Luciana who just can't get through her head yet David was never gonna wife her. Come on Luciana he's never gonna leave his wife and upset his happy home.

Dy, thank you for providing all the seen and unseen details of everything that transpired last night in your always witty and wonderful style.

If not for you, we would have missed so much!

"Yikes, she's clutching her chest the way Alonso did on El Color de la Pasion. Now I'm worrywarting" and "the perpetually befuddled David" were my favorites of many.

So many things have me scratching my head in dismay. "David tells Luciana that he's annoyed she told Adolfo about Fer's illness and that's why he wasn't at the contest". Good heavens. Talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel for an excuse.

"She is going to announce her retirement as an artist and wants David's help to organize a press conference". What a loss for the art world.

I'm sorry but I really feel for Luciana. She does have Leon but Marta is useless and Miguel is absent and really can't be her shoulder to cry on. I don't think that either Marta or Susan is wrong for telling her to move on, but I find David's attitude rather callous. Yesterday's galan is today's galan wanna be.

I'm sad that Uni's scissors continue to shear just when things are finally coming to a head.

dy, thank you for all the dialog and all of your efforts!


Susanlynn, "I am surprised that she never rummaged through Lisa's things that were enshrined in The Memorial Bedroom". Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe she did and that is how she pilfered Lisa's earrings and tried to pin the theft on Luci. :)

You made a great point that Graciela is "not thinskinned". Yup. Single minded and laser focused, her one and only goal and focus is David. Imagine if she channeled all that determination and energy toward doing good.

And tofie, yes, Graciela does indeed appear to be the woman of the house. I'm starting to think David is starting to weaken. Perhaps they do indeed deserve each other.

Julie and Kirby, I certainly wouldn't mind Graciela's fingers shredded to the bone playing video games or the thought of her nauseous and hurling on amusement park rides. I think I've been spending too much time watching her evil plotting!


I was also going to suggest paintball, but she probably is used to getting splattered with paint.

She is a sprig of Crabgrass in the lawn of life with no purpose, no skills, and no contribution to anything.

That should be on the sidebar.

Lillian definitely also would be spending too much money on wine if she were paying for any of it.

"She is going to announce her retirement as an artist and wants David's help to organize a press conference". What a loss for the art world. Not.

Graciela is delusional. She may have Borderline Personality Disorder or just be a garden-variety narcissist. Everything had to be about Her or she means nothing to anyone.

She is a legend in her own mind. She thinks she is All That and a Bag of Chips.

We don't know what her childhood was like. There is no objective evidence that Lillian favored Lisa over her before Lisa married David. We don't know what Lisa did from a study or career perspective before Fernanda was born, but Lillian said this week that David doesn't like "useless" women. She fell just short of telling DisGrace that this is what she is.

Diana....yeah, she took those earrings to frame Luci, but I would think that she would covet anything that Lisa owned . Gee, and yikes..did Dave save Lisa's intimate apparel?

Evil space robots? She's gonna need Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.

I still think BooBee could call her bluff on that thing we have here (right down the road) Tower of Terror or one of those 100 Miles per hour upside down roller coasters. One of the ones here comes off a mountain and into a tunnel under part of the park, but it is set so you really can't see that there is a convenient tunnel until the last minute. It is terrifying in that you can not see till the last minute that you are not crashing into a paved street. It would melt even DisGrace's makeup.

I wanted you all to be the first to know, that I am announcing my retirement so that I can devote all my time to the patio and all my peeps. Like, Disgrace, I am a giver. Hold your applause. Will I be getting a watch and a party? Will there be wine and dancing?

I am convinced now that there is equilibrium in the universe. The worse this show grts, the better our recappers and patio get.

Kirby...when our family went to Disney in November, some of my family members were anxious to experience Tower of Terror. After the first experience, nobody wanted a second experience. It would be great to see Bobby\Bobee\Booby dragging Disgrace all over an amusement park from one ride to the next. #beentheredonethathavetheteeshirt

Like many of you, I am not in Grace's corner. She is evil-minded and very determined to bed David.

However, I did get a chance to look at the river scene near the start of the TN where Lisa was killed, and it appears that both were swinging hard at each other. Grace did pick up a rock, perhaps to defend herself and hit Lisa hard with it. So that blow to Lisa's head might be construed as self-defense. However, as Lisa was struggling in the water, Grace just watched and that is a crime. Although you could argue that she was so shocked that she didn't know what to do.

Disgrace...the nutjob formerly known as an artist.

You're gettin bottled water and Doritos sister.

A watch? Like where they have someone outside your cell?

Oh it's you Sue. I thought for a minute it was Dis.

Yeah nut job
Like I have known some squirrels before, but Grace, you are at the top of the tree.

Every new scheme Disfunctional comes up with it is just a matter of hours before the plan yields fruit.

Then Drats ! Something went wrong, and like Wiley Coyote, after an anvil turns him into a pancake momentarily, she is on top of the world with her next fail safe fool proof scheme, guar --an --teed to work.

It's not fair to say that Lilian makes no contribution to anything. There's always sales tax.

We don't know what Lisa did from a study or career perspective, but Grace did say that Lisa did well in school, and David said she was good at math. That doesn't necessarily mean she was useless, but it is a clue that she probably applied herself to something more than drinking wine.

Oh, Susanlynn, that's just what we need - a honeymoon scene with David and Grace, and David says "that's funny, Lisa had a negligee just like that one. What a coincidence!"

I will pick up a cake for your party on my way home from work.

I think Grace could have claimed self-defense and a terrible accident in Lisa's death, but that would have defeated the whole purpose of letting her die, because even if it were only an accident David would have held it against her. (Which would be the ONLY way she'd get him to hold something against her... giggity.)

Maybe no one else noticed, but last night or the night before she had on a rare dress. Her battle garb is usually sprayed on pants but she came prancing out in a little navy dress the other night. I am sure each and every article she wears is calculated into her game winning strategy. I wondered what was significant about the dress.

My tail was wagging thinking that dress was the ONLY thing she was wearing, and she had a daring new (old) approach, but nada.

"David's raisin wine".... Now that would be a winning strategy. Raisins of romance guaranteed to make you randy.

The only wearables I've noticed on DG lately was those super-shiny earrings that looked like clusters of golden, flat grapes.

Raisin Romance - an EXTREMELY dry wine.

SuesanLynn you need to wait at least a day for your actual press conference after your announcement, because of the different time zones around the world. Some people who would die if they missed it are sleeping....just sayin.

Julie...I knew I could count on you to celebrate the sacrifice of my retirement because you, too, are a giver. Let's have the cake by the ocean. Ticktock. Any chance for a watch. Just asking. Too pushy?

Man, DisGrace with those staring eyes, it is like when Superman used to turn on his green X-Ray vision. I keep expecting Dave's beard to smolder.

It doesn't hurt to ask, Susanlynn. I don't have a watch for you, but I've probably got an extra kitchen timer. You won't know what time it is, but you'll know when it's been 20 minutes!

DG's retirement thing is so laughable, I'm amazed it's even in the story. I sure hope this idiotic non-twist is going somewhere.

You DO remember Joselooo sent DisGrace a review of her current work where they crucified her in the Art press or somewhere saying she couldn't even be taken seriously anymore as she did not even show for her last showing.

She was reading it on her phone in her room and was pretty pissed. I can't remember whether she threw the phone or just shut it off roughly.

Kirby..good point. Timing is everything. I will miss my work, but one makes sacrifices, doesn't one? Whose in charge of the event ? Gut is useless, but maybe he could dance. I will get a supply of crisp dollars at the bank. Can we count on Juan for the centerpieces and pigs in a blanket? KIrby, can you bring the Doritos? Does everyone have a dress vest ? Would Lilian be up to filling the gift bags? Who is going to DJ? I always love dancing . and...don't tell Downer Dave. I do not want him to rain all over my big event.

Julie...I would accept a timer. You get what you get and you don't get upset. Ohhh, your comment reminded me.. Let's get a game of Twister going . That's always an icebreaker.

Uh... I was a DJ in college. And sometimes I still dream that I go into my kitchen, find that it is full of broadcasting equipment, there's a record playing that's about to end, and I can't find any other records to play.

So I can DJ the party for you. I hope you like thrash metal.

Ooh! I do remember DG looking at a bad review. That makes her "retirement" even more laughable. If her announcement makes the headlines at all, I hope the headline is "Former Painter Belatedly Announces Retirement"

Wait, Susanlynn - is this retirement thing just a ruse to get someone to marry you? Does your husband know??

Julie..Done and done. Here's a surprise..I don't think that I like thrash metal, Does it involve thrashing around? If so, I have done some of that from time to time. I do enjoy a little heavy metal . How about some Pitbull? Love him. Off now to prove that I am not a robot by identifying hamsters.

Sue true you do want to give all your Minions time to actually GET here. Those in Japan and Spain especially.

Yeah that 2-egg model down at Bed Bath and Beyond in stainless is kicks and will last a lifetime.

Twister is Lillian trying to get the third bottle of Mogen David 2020 open.

Yup I even had a buy 3 get 2 free coupon.for Sam's on Doritos. I can bring 4 1/2 bags. :-)

I couldn't tell if Dave just fired Dr Evil for himself or for both him and FerBrat. I believe it was just himself, as Fer has to now be weaned off the pills and Dr E will still be around for that.

When Dave finds out what Dr. Evil has done he has my permission to beat him so that his own Mother will not even recognize him.

Sue who will speak for you? You can't just clomp up to the microphone and "Zup Peeps, I Quit !" You need someone to announce you and reiterate your contributions to humanity and then call you (blushing) up there to thank everyone, you know the drill.

Julie...yes, you got me. The retirement is a ruse. However, there is nobody in this mess of a show that I want to share a meal with let alone marry. Could I supply Dr. Evil with the name of someone I might want to marry? Is bigamy legal if you are retired? I think so , but maybe I should consult with Juan.

I think Dr Evil tells you whom to marry, not the other way around. Maybe he knows someone at the Sunny Fields winery for you.

Julie: Hopefully we can get rid of OJ Mark once & for all tonight!


Disgrace thinks that Lisa in heaven would appreciate Grace retiring from painting to devote her whole self to the kids and the fammmiiilllyy. Hey, I'll tell you what Lisa in heaven would have appreciated more..not getting hit with that rock.

Ohhh shit I'm laughing. D A M that rock.

Don't you just luuuurve the way DisGrace longingly looks Heavenward when speaking of Lisa?

Steve don't count OJ out. He is a Baaad dude and will not go down easily

I said a few months ago that I'd like Grace to somehow get involved with Mark. (Maybe to team up against Juan... or whatever. Make up an excuse.) I'd like to see a Grace vs Mark battle. If he were to stab her, what would come out? Ice water? An entrapped demon? guess is both. water..a little ice..followed by a soggy, gnarly demon. ..wearing a vest. Thanks for that visual. I hope I will be able to forget it by the time the leftovers are heated. Can't wait to see how many episodes are squished together tonight. Okay, back to working on that retirement speech and searching for my black clogs.


You're the one who said it would be soggy, gnarly, and wearing a vest... so thank YOU for that visual!

Too much detail?

It was the vest.

Yeah you gotta clomp up there on something on your feet resembling those Black Rubber wheel chocks we use so airplanes can't roll away.

I think a stab wound would allow thousands of those Star Trek Replicators to pour out. Each one a tiny carbon copy of DisGrace capable of autonomous reproduction or combination into a full size DisGrace again

Gosh DY, you just did an AWESOME job with this recap! You got all the stuff covered that they aired on TV plus all the unaired stuff. That was a lot of work and it's very much appreciated!

I don't know how much longer I can stand DisGrace's song and dance and her sense of entitlement to David. She has inserted herself into Lisa's place and David seems like he's not doing much about it. I hope we do not have to witness a David/DisGrace wedding. That would be so over the top. I noticed in the previews DisGrace was not included in "at gunpoint" standoff with Mark. It would be nice to see her "accidentally" shot. But no.....the bad people last until the bitter end.

I'm so glad Mark is going to be caught! Well it seems that way. By the way, I think he is still wearing the same pink 70s disco shirt.

I want DisGrace to plant a big ole wet one on Dumbass and try to turn those raisins back into grapes.
I want her sitting on his lap at breakfast.
I want her pulling Fer off him when she tries a Daddy Hug and fling her aside and tell her keep her hands off her M A N.
I want a meltdown where she throws Lillian out on her Arse and tries to claw NoJuan's eyes out.
I want DisGrace out of corn--trol and in San Fran with SkidMark
Then I want Dave siting there with his thumb up his ...thinking whaaaa? Luc? Did you chek tha wine t'day?

Or I could just go to that retirement Suare'.


Yeah Cynthia he must have left for Colorado weeks ago with just the shirt on his back,

BTW they are showing previews of Vino El Estupido on Despierta America in the mornings now.

NoJuan AKA NoBrain is so smug like he "Aint 'Fraid of that Mark" to Perla. He should be afraid. Now is a little too late to be buying a gun and learning how to use it. It aint like tying your shoes, it takes skill and a lot of practice.

Cynthia..yes, that is a good description of Marked's shirt..disco fever ,and I am hoping that he lands in disco inferno very soon.

Wow,Kirby..that is quite a list of wants. You are in luck because I think that is exactly what is going to unfold at the big retirement partay Twister and the dancing. ...and vests. I hope that Lilian has started filling those gift bags . #pressconference

I wouldn't mind if Juan accidentally shot himself.

Dy77, this was indeed a very funpacked
Befuddled grumpy david,who never knows
Which end is up. Nothing new there.
The wine and book hour with grannylil.
And to make us whip out our patio barf
Bags she pukes out "I'm glad I have a daughter like you grace".Lol, I think they Had fun with that one.There is so many funny filled moments that uni left out, and you presented them with such a fun Filled flare. Girl you out done yourself.
Poor lucy.Waaaaaaa I'm not by daveeds
Siiiide,waaaaaaaaa.And here marta with
Her sage advice "God never put on us more than we can handle". Now while its true,Lucy is not guite there yet. At all. We shall celebrate on the patio With the best wine ever made when when daveGets a clue. About everything, cuz he Is so blinded by the light of discrazy When are we going to see a change?Iam Just floored at how incredibly stupid They have David being. I will be really happy when they change this scenario. Yeah we gonna celebrate yall. Ok I'm done,
My dinner is ready.
Thank you Dy77. You done good. : )

With Lil filling the gift bags I want to get there early and get one of her earlier ones. No telling what will be in the 'Bottle #3" hiccup.... bags. Like buying a Friday car.

Yup NiNa Dave perpetually looks to be on Dr. Evil's Horse Tranquilizers along with FerZombie..

A M curious about the previews, but I already have a record and just have to be good.

Boobee and ferrybrat are such selfish little Bobble heads. I'll give boobee
A small slide cuz he's still kinda abit innocent. Abit, but David better
Start teachin him "you can't always get what you want", Daddy got to work and keep a roof over your little boobee bobble head, and keep you in clothes and food,and all those video games, which are not cheap. Fernanda
Feels untitled.She's thinks she should
Be more important to tano than his work. She can mess around all day, she ain't Payin no bills. Spoiledbrat. Did I say how spoiled she is? Brat. Wakeup
David. Writers, wake him up.

Thanks, dy77. You are a doll to cover all the cut scenes.

DY, thank you for this awesome recap and wow to even include the cut scenes. Your commitment is to be commended. This show is writhing in agony as it slowly dies but the devoted recappers like yourself are carrying it to it's final grave with so much style and pizzazz!

I don't really have much to add except to say that I really feel so sorry for my Luciana. She just deserves better...bottom line. Dud-veed has been so much trouble and for what? To be treated so poorly after she's given her all to him. It's the one thing Marta said that made sense. Luciana really fell hard for him and all he has given her in return is brooding and jumping down her throat about crap. He really needs to just nut up and finally spew some of that frustration at the people that are really stirring it all up and that is DG and Lilian.

I thought it was nice that Smuguel stood up for her to Dud. You would think that he would heed the advice. Unfortunately I don't think Luciana is through being put through the ringer by this man.

The rest I could care less about..I find myself just pouring more wine to get through this.

Thanks Uni! You really crapped all over this one.

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