Friday, April 28, 2017

Vino el Amor, #136, Friday Apr 28, 2017: Cell Phone of Doom II

Sorry, Lisa's phone. We liked you. But we like Perla's phone better. Because sometimes the sequel is better than the original.

Grace's phone says "UNKNOWN," and she doesn't take the call. She says it's probably a vendor for the wedding and she can't deal with any more of those calls today. (Do a lot of reputable businesses like to show up as "UNKNOWN" on caller ID? I doubt it. UNKNOWN means Rachel from Card Services, or one of her friends. If it's important, they leave a message!)

David takes the liberty of picking up and is surprised to hear Juan. "Why the hell are you calling Graciela?" David asks. "Why don't you ask her?" replies Juan. But clever, vestless David says he won't take that bait a second time! Juan says he has something to work out with Grace. David tells Juan to leave her alone. "You don't know what you're doing," Juan says. David warns Juan that the police are closing in. Juan says he'll resurface when David least expects it.

Grace is grateful to David and "admits" that Juan has called her multiple times, always from a different number (how can she tell, if it's unknown... never mind...) and that's why she didn't want to pick up. He tells her that Juan's a coward and won't come here. With dewy eyes, Grace says, "for the first time in my life, I feel protected." (Maybe she should try a different deodorant.) "I will always protect you and my whole family," he promises. Grace is afraid Juan will do something to David. David says no he won't, and if he calls again, tell me. She SWEARS that she will.
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Vino el Amor #135 (Univision 124); Thursday April 27, 2017: Vino el Chantaje (Blackmail)

Repeated scene: The Bodega’s reorganization and new assignments.

There was a musical montage of what appears to be time passing. People are working, Carito taking care of Bobby, Tano receiving texts from Fernanda, Susan and Ramón meeting with David, successes at the SB Vineyard, David disinterested in the wedding, León making plans, Lil staring at a photo of Gutierrez, Ramon and Marta walking hand in hand, Susan and Cesar, and Juan with Perla looking very unhappy.

After the montage is over, the heading is “Months later.” So we have a time jump here.
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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Vino el Amor #134 (Univision 123); Wednesday, April 26, 2017: Cooperating Together

We begin where we left off yesterday with Juan’s phone call to Lilian and Lilian telling Juan that she will do everything in her power to destroy him. He warns her by reminding her that she was once in cahoots with him embezzling from David. She says, “Oh well that was a long time ago.” Juan says it still matters because he kept records of all the transactions they did together. He says something like, “Why, did you think I was some idiot?” Before he hangs up he tells Lilian that she had better stay quiet if she does not want to ruin herself and her daughter, she’d better not mess with him!

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Vino el Amor #133 (Univision #122), April 25, 2017: Vino el Escape but Not Yet for Viewers

In this episode, Juan is on the lam with Perla, but there's no escaping:
  • David's stupidity
  • Juan's stupidity
  • Gracie's manipulations
  • Marta 
  • Bobby  
  • I still have one more recap to go and we've got 8 more episodes.
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Monday, April 24, 2017

Vino el Amor, Lunes 4/24/17 Chapter 132: Women in Black

David told Ramón and the others that Marta would have to decide whether to apologize to Lillian or to leave. This had nothing to do with the vineyard work. León and Tano looked at him as though he had lost his remaining IQ points.
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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Vino el Amor, #131, Friday Apr 21, 2017: Between a Rock and Another Rock

Lilian tells Marta, "you're a hussy just like your damned daughter!" This brings out Marta's little fists of fury. Bobby walks in and asks what's happening. Marta tells him everything's fine! David comes in and wants to know what's going on. Lil pulls herself up and says that Marta attacked her, she doesn't know why. David wants an explanation.

Bobby is very upset about what he just witnessed. Lilian says that Marta is a savage and was screaming at her like a crazy person. Marta yells at her not to lie. She demands that Lil tell the truth. (Marta, if YOU would tell the truth once in a while, it would be better for everyone. Like that time she overheard Lilian in the coffee shop.) David sends Marta to the employee house.

Alone with David (and Bobby), a trembling Lilian repeats that Marta came in angry and crazy. Then she announces that the sheriff was killed, and starts to cry. Although her grief is real, it also appears as though she is putting on a little show for David and Bobby as she mentions again that Marta came in and attacked her. Bobby tries to comfort her. David pulls Bobby away and tells him to watch TV (which is probably being pre-empted with coverage of the sheriff's murder). David says to Lil in English, "I'll be right back."
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Friday, April 21, 2017

Vino el Amor #130; Thursday April 20, 2017: RIP Sheriff Brian Gutierrez

We begin where we left off yesterday with a little more information. Brian tells Marta that he didn’t know Marta’s family was in town that day Marcos was arrested. He admitted that Lilian told him to deport them. She forgives him and tells him she loves him too.
Paramedics finally arrive after what has seemed like forever to come get Brian’s body and tape up the crime scene. Marta continues to cry and tell Carito that she lost her family for so many years because it was Lilian’s fault.
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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Vino el Amor #129; Wednesday April 19, 2017: The Bad, the Ugly, and it just gets Worse!

We begin where we left off yesterday, with DisGrace and David telling the family that they are now engaged to be married as they are so in love (according to DisGrace).

Still at dinner in the restaurant where David proposed to DisGrace, Miguel and Adolfo talk winery business, Adolfo asks for Lu’s opinion, but Luciana is not listening to their conversation. Of course Lu is depressed and thinking about what just happened with David and his engagement to DisGrace. Adolfo in a fatherly way is very understanding and tells her she really needs some relief from all this and it’s just better that they just all leave the restaurant. Adolfo says, “You don’t know how badly it hurts me to see you suffering. Now why don’t you finish what you were eating and you’ll feel better soon.”
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Vino el Amor #128 (Uni # 117) - Tuesday April 18, 2017 - Vino el Plans for the Future

Miguel has got big plans for vinedo del competency. Vinedo del incompetency is falling apart and we're supposed to think that's because Luciana quit. Sure...

The real reason for vinedo del incompetency's incompetency, Duh-vid, is making another incompetent decision by planning a surprise proposal for everyone's favorite aunt Succubus.

As for the rest of the villains, Lilian is planning to destroy Gut, Gut is planning to destroy the illegal traffickers, and Perla is stewing about Juan and plans to get Carito to stew with her. Only Carito has other plans... to help Gut catch Juan and Perla.

Hang in there, we're almost at the finish line (which is episode #141/142 in Mexico and who knows with Uni since they are stretching this out to May 5). Looks like I should plan to have one more recap next week...I think we only got episode #128 in this one, based on the summary at Canal de las Estrellas. If it turns out I'm wrong, I'll edit accordingly.

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Vino el Amor, Lunes 4/17/17 Chapter 126: When All Sex Fails, Play the Victim & Chapter 127: Surrogate and Departing Daughters

When we last saw the madness in the vineyard, Luciana had knocked on the door and seen the deliberate deshabille of Gracie, who did this deliberately to vex her. Luciana apologized to David, said she would not seek him out again, wished them happiness, and left. David started to follow her only to be shrieked at by Gracie, who gave herself credit for such sexual witchcraft that she could not believe that he would still think that way of Luciana.
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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Weekend Discussion 4/15/17: Vino el Amor Karmageddon comes to Sonoma

Who would have thought that the snake from the Garden of Eden really lurks in a vineyard? Well, it's time he bites the evil ones in this pastoral tale. As usual we will ask the following two questions:

What do you think the writers will do to them?
What do you think they really deserve?

Let's start with the self-styled queen and her spawn:
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Vino el Amor, #124/125 (Uni #115), Friday Apr 14, 2017: Operation Blushing Bride

Episode 124. Marta's Big Vacation

Luci is determined to tell David to his face how she feels about him. Leon, who is possibly even drunker than Luci, is supportive at first. Sonia has difficulty speaking, and following her own train of thought, but she says it's not a good idea. (Sonia calls Luciana "cuñada." Adorable!) Leon agrees with Sonia, but has to ask why. Sonia reminds them that David is with someone else now. This provokes another burst of grief from Luci.

David tries to tell Marta that he's not firing her. He just wants her to take a vacation because she's tired and he's worried about her. Grace backs him up on this, of course. Marta accuses her of plotting with her mother. Grace says all they've ever done is support Marta. Marta scoffs, but grudgingly agrees to take a couple of weeks off. She hobbles away, and Dave tells Grace he's never seen Marta like this. Grace says Marta will be better after she's rested and then she can be with the kids again.

Juan tells Perla they're in financial trouble. He doesn't think they can find new clients. "We" need to get back into the immigration business, he says. Perla is disgusted.
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Friday, April 14, 2017

Vino el Amor #122-123 (Univision 114) Thursday, April 13, 2017: As the Stomach Turns

David and Luciana continue arguing and she leaves her report with him and walks out.

Marta’s back hurts as she is overworked. Sonia tries to help her out with the sheet folding.

At the SB Vineyard, Miggy and Adolfo talk about Luciana’s troubles with David. Adolfo offers to talk to David but Miguel advises against it.
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Vino el Amor # 120-121 (Univision #113); Wednesday April 12, 2017: Vino el ayudo


[The Univision episode was so chopped up I couldn’t make heads or tails out of it and I tried. So I went back to the Mexican version and even though this is long, I’m really sorry, it will make a lot more sense.]

Luciana shows up at SB Vineyard to help and she and Miguel get to work. She gives him a pep talk about what to do and how he needs to carry on. He says he’s grateful for everything she is doing for him.

Juan and Perla talk about how David wants to get back at him. He says it’s not his fault that Erica died and it’s her fault that she started to help with the fumigation. Perla wants him to give it up, but Juan insists that he’s going to make David pay for all he did in the past. Perla says, “If all you care about is getting revenge, then why do you want me with you?”  He promises it will end, but Perla brings up what the sheriff said that this could be homicide with Erica’s death. He says he is not worried, he’s a lawyer and he did nothing wrong. But Perla is still scared.
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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Vino el Amor, Tuesday, April 11, 2017, #118 + #119 (Uni #112): Vino el Parasites

In this episode, Juan's parasite takes root and attacks both vineyards. Erika decides to fight for her land, and um, well that doesn't work out (details inside). Duh-vid is an idiot who gets lucky this time with Juan's parasite, but who has taken on some personal parasites in the form of two succubi and his old lawyer.

Since Uni editors are eating this show to shreds like parasites, I did my best to find some advance clips of #118 to watch. So if some of the screencaps look a little funny, that's why. I am pressed for time, so will shorten this recap and probably not have time to watch the full #119, but will do what I can to fill in gaps later. This episode (Uni labeling it #112) starts with episode #118 in Mexico.
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Monday, April 10, 2017

Vino el Amor, Lunes 4/10/17 Chapters 116 & 117

Chapter 116: Sometimes Love is Not Enough, Part II

Back to where we left off, David is pleased with Luciana's reading of the Romance ad copy. He embraces her and she in return. Her expression is bittersweet while his is more like regret and possible sadness at a decision contrary to his own best interests.
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Saturday, April 08, 2017

Vino el Amor, #114/115, Friday Apr 7, 2017: Gracie Tastes the Rainbow

Episode 114. Fernanda's Party

Cut scene: Luci, Susan, and David (in vest) talk about the winery's success, especially with becoming the Sunset restaurant's house wine. David is excited, and grateful to both of them.

Montage: Juan gives Perla some earrings; Luci, Susan, and Dave work together, and vestless Dave is smiling, but Luci looks sad after he leaves the room; Erika, Miguel, and Adolfo are working together, and they're laughing and cheering; Marta and Ramon work on something together in the kitchen, and shirtless Tano approves.

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Friday, April 07, 2017

Vino el Amor #112-113; Thursday, April 6, 2017: Fighting for Position

Repeat from yesterday: Begin with Lu and Dave telling each other their feelings. One day all their problems will resolve. In time they will find out if they have made the right decisions. Lu tells him she is happy when they can talk about the things that come from their heats. Dave says he doesn’t want her to be waiting for something that may not ever be. But Lu does not want to lose faith and Dave doesn’t want to lose faith either. He just worries that this is not fair to Luciana.
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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Vino el Amor #110 & 111; Wednesday April 5, 2017: Vino La Muerte para Mark!

We begin where we left off yesterday with Luciana crying because of David. Marta says that DisGrace convinced Fernanda to apologize to Marta and she is happy for the return of that relationship and is grateful to Grace. Marta tells Lu to think about whether or not she would have accepted either of her parents with another and to put herself in Fernanda’s shoes.
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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Vino el Amor #108 and 109 (107 on Uni), Tuesday, April 4, 2017: Vino el Missing Jobs, Brains and Scenes

At viñedo del incompetents, everyone is jockeying for position, and let's face it, Gracie and Lilian are winning easily. Luciana tries an all-business approach that lasts about two scenes before she totally folds, while Gracie decides to just plain drop her business, at least her income source, and Grumpy David fires the therapist. At viñedo del competency (which had its scenes cut by Uni because we all know Uni loves incompetency), Miguel is visiting the other vineyard to counsel David on his lovelife, Erika hates her inhaler and Adolfo suggests to the other vineyard that maybe they should for reals implement a water source for (as far as we know) the still-turning-into-raisins vineyards.

Speaking of that genius David, there's a real meeting of the minds as those geniuses David and Gut spar over Gut not yet uncovering the dirty dealings of those geniuses Mark and Juan. Meanwhile, Perla looks for a job and Carito interviews at the competent vineyard, which might be the smartest move in this whole episode. All of these plot developments in the preceding paragraph were cut by Uni.

To figure out the cuts, I watched the Mexican episodes #108 and #109 and I looked at the summary of  #110 on the Canal de las Estrellas site. So I feel confident that last night was just a combination of 108 and 109. The cuts to 109 weren't as egregious as the ones to 108. I've noted everything in italics that was cut. I am sure I will have missed some things in this recap, especially not having the benefit of captions or transcripts for the cut scenes, so please feel free to elaborate in the comments.

Also my apologies for being somewhat absent as of late. I've barely got time to watch Vino el Amor the American version. Kind of annoyed that Uni is going to force me to watch virus-laden bootleg videos to figure out what was cut. Work and life are just super busy. I really appreciate all who subbed for me with recaps the past few weeks - Thanks!
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