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La Piloto #42 5.3.17: In Which Yolanda Makes Contact With the Wrong (and Right) People...

• Santamaria asks Rubio for a mirror so he can see himself. Rubio hesitates so Santamaria rips off his IV cable and goes to the bathroom. He looks at himself in the mirror and sees his right eye, half closed and mangled, before cursing Yolanda’s name. Rubio suggests he sit down and rest but Santamaria reminds him that Garcia is going to send the military police to arrest him for his crimes and they need to leave ASAP. Rubio reminds him that Castro will protect them but Santamaria calls Castro an idiot, just like Rubio, and assumes the DEA must know he kidnapped Yolanda too. Rubio sits down Santamaria, who stands up again, and tells Rubio to go to the street and steal a car and park it in the garage immediately so they can go. He also wants Rubio to find out if Yolanda talked to Amparo since she will need her help if she has not been able to fly out of Colombia. Rubio obliges and leaves to find a car as Santamaria curses Yolanda again.
• At the base, Dave tells Reyes that he’s going to visit Santamaria but Reyes thinks it’s useless since he won’t tell him anything. Dave reminds him that Santamaria’s career is over and he would have no reason to hide what they now all know. Dave reiterates that he needs to find Yolanda before leaving Colombia but Reyes tells him she must be long gone. Dave doesn’t care and Reyes offers to go to Medellin with him. They go off.

• That night, Amparo laments all that happened to Yolanda since the last time they saw each other. Yolanda is quiet but Amparo suggests she tell the police everything because Santamaria abused his power. Yolanda explains that she can call the police and tell them that Santamaria kidnapped, tortured and raped her for five months but the police will investigate her too and find out she’s a drug trafficker. If that happens, they will most likely believe Santamaria, a distinguished military officer in the Colombian army. Amparo is quiet and Yolanda tells her that what she needs is for John to answer her calls but all his numbers are out of service. She tells Amparo that she has one final number to try and dials.
• In Mexico City, Oscar comes out of the shower as John enters the room and tells him that he spoke to Pinto in Colombia and he’s sure Salvador sold them out to the DEA because a Colombian military helicopter landed in their secret airstrip. John then tells him that Pinto ran away before he could take any incriminating evidence away and Oscar curses the fact that there is no loyalty in their ranks. What’s worse, the pilot they sent to Colombia to collect their merchandise has not been able to take off because of the military activity. Oscar tells him that he will take care of Estela and Christian and then help him find a solution. John reminds him that the Senator and Montgomery owe them one and they will need their help in Colombia. Oscar assures him that everything will be okay and they hug.
• Outside, Roberto and Arguelles stuff Christian and Estela into a car and put hoods over their heads. Estela keeps screaming that they are going to die and Arguelles screams for her to shut up. Oscar comes and asks if everything is ready. Arguelles confirms it is and they get into the truck and go.
• Dave visits Santamaria and explains that he almost went blind because of morphine intoxication. Santamaria nods and tells him the doctor told him the same thing. Dave then tells him that his punishment for all he did came sooner than expected and Santamaria asks him what he’s talking about because someone tried to kill him. Dave reminds him that the DEA and the military all know what he did, not just with Yolanda, but also stealing drugs and reselling them, skimming money off the top of their busts, etc. Santamaria tells him they have no proof of anything but Dave assures him he has sufficient proof because his own military officers betrayed him. Santamaria doesn’t believe it, someone else must be behind his arrest, but Reyes tells him to cooperate. Dave then asks him if he knows where Yolanda might have gone after she escaped.
• Wilmer goes inside the RV with Olivia and is surprised to learn she lives there. Olivia asks if it’s a problem but Wilmer assures her it’s just not what he expected. He then asks about her mother but Olivia explains that she’s out before taking off her jacket to reveal a low cut shirt. She then asks if it’s true that he can intercept a call and find out where the call is coming from and where it’s going. Wilmer sits down and nods as Olivia sits down next to him. He explains that they can triangulate a call and takes out his computer as Olivia asks if the police can that as well. Wilmer explains that the police don’t usually have the knowledge base to do that and confirms he has studied enough years to be just as good as the US. Olivia smiles and asks him to show her how to do it. Wilmer asks her why she wants to know and Olivia confesses that she is looking for someone. Wilmer nods and shows her how to triangulate the call.
• The truck carrying Christian and Estela stops in a remote spot. The truck carrying Roberto and Oscar stops behind them and Roberto goes over to Arguelles and asks him to make sure they have the security ring in place. Arguelles goes to take care of it as Roberto goes over to Christian and tells him that when Oscar gives the signal, he needs to run as fast as he can and never look back. Christian nods and asks if they aren’t going to kill him. Roberto explains that the Lucios pardoned his life but he can’t mess with them again or they will kill him. Christian asks him why he’s helping him escape and Roberto explains that he doesn’t deserve to die when all he wanted to do was avenge his father’s death. He then confesses that Olivia is alive and waiting for him. Christian smiles and then Roberto tells him to follow his lead and pulls him out of the car with Estela in tow.
• A few feet away, Oscar receives a call from Yolanda, who is ecstatic to hear him. She asks if John is with her and asks to talk to him but Oscar tells him he isn’t. He then explains that they hadn’t heard from her in months and thought she was dead. Yolanda tells him that she’s in Antioquia, in a small town, and Oscar confirms it’s in Colombia. Yolanda then begs him to come for her ASAP and Oscar promises that everything will be okay but she needs to follow his instructions: she needs to go an a secret airstrip in Reposo where a plane will be waiting for her to take her back to Mexico. Yolanda writes everything down and Oscar tells her to not call again for security reasons and to make sure no one finds out she’s alive. They hang up.
• Dave tells Santamaria that he is quickly losing patience but Santamaria reminds him that he’s not happy to have him or any officers in his room while he’s trying to recover. Dave proposes they make a mutually beneficial deal and asks again if he knows where Yolanda is. Santamaria repeats that he doesn’t know and tells him to leave. Dave grabs his face and tells him that he will pay for all he did and he will make sure they extradite him to the US. Santamaria tells him that he’s not afraid of his threats.
• Wilmer is ready to intercept the call and assumes she’s trying to find her boyfriend. Olivia confirms that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and Wilmer smiles. He then asks if she has a number from where they can trace the cell phone but Olivia confirms she doesn’t but she’s sure the cell phone gets service from his telephone company. She asks if they can still trace the call and Wilmer confirms that he has access to all the accounts, not on his person, but he can bring it to her. He then asks if she wants him to show her how to trace a call and Olivia nods.
• Once alone, Rubio sneaks into Santamaria’s room and tells him he found out what happened. Santamaria reminds him that he knew this would happen and he’s sure the DEA will ask his troops to testify against him. He then asks Rubio if he got what he asked for and Rubio holds up the car keys. Santamaria then asks about Yolanda and Rubio confirms that they found the helicopter she stole in a secret airstrip but the place was abandoned. Santamaria then asks about Amparo and Rubio confirms a friend is on his way to her house to see if Yolanda is there. Santamaria then asks how many people are guarding his door and Rubio confirms it is only two officers. Santamaria tells him to get ready because they are leaving ASAP.
• Yolanda shows Amparo the coordinates Oscar gave her and Amparo confirms that it’s not too far; if she leaves tonight she can reach the airstrip by tomorrow morning.
• Oscar calls Pinto and tells him that Yolanda is on her way to the airstrip. He instructs him to call her as soon as she arrives.
• Dave and Reyes discuss their failure to get any information out of Santamaria. Reyes thinks it’s best not to provoke him since he has a reputation for being despicable. Dave tells him that Santamaria doesn’t know him either as Reyes receives a call from Montgomery. Reyes is shocked and Montgomery asks him to put Dave on the phone immediately because he knows he’s with him. He passes the phone to Dave and Montgomery chides him for going to Colombia without his permission.
• Arguelles drags Estela into the second car with Christian in tow. Christian screams at Roberto that he’s a liar but Roberto ignores him and gets in the car. Christian continues to squirm so Roberto points his gun at him and tells him to shut up but Christian dares him to shoot him dead as they drive away.
• Yolanda readies herself for her trip and repeats the coordinates in her mind because she doesn’t like to be dependant on paper. Amparo comes and gives her a lunchbox for the trip. Yolanda thanks her and Amparo thanks her for her help as well. She then tells Yolanda that Diego, her personal driver of many years, will take her and they can trust him. She then introduces Diego to Yolanda and he goes to ready the car. Amparo then tells Yolanda that she’s very young and needs to decide if the life of a narco is for her. Yolanda is quiet so Amparo tells her it’s time to go. Neither of them pick up the paper with Oscar’s instructions from the garbage can.
• Santamaria begins to scream that he’s in distress and one of the soldiers walks in to help and Rubio knocks him out with his gun. They take his radio and gun as another soldier walks in and they do the same to him. Santamaria then gets out of bed and tells Rubio that they are leaving now.
• Amparo hears a knock on her door and goes to see whom it is. She doesn’t recognize the person at her door so she grabs pepper spray from a drawer by the door before opening the door. The man bids her a good night and Amparo asks if they know each other. The man shakes his head and pulls out a gun before forcing Amparo to sit down. He tells her that it’s like they’ve known each other all their lives, especially because her secretary was very forthcoming with her information after some…coaxing on his part. He tells Amparo that he knows her family is on vacation and it’s her servant’s day off so she’s alone. She wants to know what he wants and the man tells her that he’s looking for Yolanda Cadena.
• Reyes brings Dave a coffee and they discuss the fact that Montgomery wants him in Miami ASAP. Reyes thinks that Montgomery is also mad at him because he helped him come to Colombia but Dave assures him the problem is not with him. Reyes then asks what he’s going to do and Dave explains that he’s going to go to Miami and ask Fajardo for permission to return to Mexico. Reyes asks if he’s still going to look for Yolanda and Dave confirms he is because he’s the only one who can take him to John. Reyes reminds him that he has no idea where Yolanda is but Dave explains that she has an aunt in Mexico who she will go visit and that is how he will find her. Reyes doesn’t think Rosalba will help him find Yolanda but Dave tells him Rosalba is his friend and will help him find her. He then asks Reyes to please take him to the airport. They go off.
• Santamaria and Rubio arrive at lower level of the parking garage by elevator as Dave and Reyes walk down the stairs. They see each other and a shootout ensues as Dave takes cover and Rubio goes to grab the stolen car. Santamaria hides behind a wall as Rubio hides behind cars. Dave jumps the wall to the stairs and lands in front of Santamaria. He tells Santamaria to lower his weapon as Reyes finds Rubio getting into the stolen car. Reyes demands he surrender but Rubio runs him over as Santamaria uses the distraction to wrestle the gun away form Dave. Santamaria punches Dave and runs to the car. He orders Rubio to drive away as Dave goes to see if Reyes is okay. Dave tells Reyes to be still because his leg may be broken.
• On the way to Reposo, Yolanda looks around and asks Diego if they are going the right way. Diego confirms they are because he knows his way around like the palm of his hand. After a moment, he then asks her if something is wrong and Yolanda tells him to hurry, as she needs to get to Reposo ASAP.
• Amparo reiterates that she doesn’t know any Yolanda so the man warns her to tell him the truth or she will die and her family along with her. Amparo agrees to talk and confesses that Yolanda was there but she left and doesn’t know where she is. The man doesn’t believe her and begins to look around for clues. He finds the coordinates Oscar gave Yolanda and asks Amparo about them. Amparo tells him she doesn’t know so he calls Santamaria to give him the coordinates. Santamaria thanks him and the man then asks him what he does with Amparo. Santamaria tells him to kill her and the man reminds him that this will cost extra. Santamaria confirms he will pay him later and they hang up. The man doesn’t realize that Amparo has pepper spray so he gets close and she sprays him right in his eyes. He cries out and falls to the floor and Amparo runs away. The man tries to aim and shoot but Amparo manages to get away. The man goes out to the street but there is no trace of her.
• Oscar tells Zulima the bad news about Yolanda and Zulima curses Yolanda’s “many” lives. Oscar agrees and then reminds her that Salvador lied to them. Zulima doesn’t know why he did since he also wanted Yolanda dead but Oscar tells her that if they want something done right they need to do it themselves. He hopes Pinto is able to kill Yolanda and Zulima agrees as John comes and asks who they are talking about. Zulima tells him that they were talking about Salvador but John has already made peace with the fact that everyone will betray them eventually. He then asks Oscar about Estela and Christian and Oscar explains that Christian ran away and must be close to Tres Fuegos but Estela is dead. John smiles and tells him that Yolanda has no living relatives left.
• In reality, Estela and Christian are taken to a secret shack and locked up. Christian chides Roberto for lying to him but Roberto doesn’t answer. Roberto orders the men to not listen to anything Christian says and leaves. Estela tells Christian that they almost killed her but the man received a call and stopped himself. She wonders who stopped him and Christian wonders why they didn’t return to Lucio headquarters. Estela doesn’t know why.
• Roberto calls Oscar, who tells him that no one can find out Estela and Christian are still alive, and they have them. Roberto agrees and they hang up. Zulima thinks it’s bad idea to lie to John but Oscar reminds her that he can’t tell John he took pity on them. Zulima asks if he’s going to use them as a life insurance policy but Oscar chides her for her stupid comment and leaves.
• Santamaria and Rubio look the coordinates up at the map and realize she’s going to Reposo. He asks Rubio to drive as fast as he can so they can get to Reposo before Yolanda. Rubio thinks they should just leave Colombia and cut their losses but Santamaria reminds him that Yolanda blinded him in one eye and she can’t get away with that. They drive away.
• As a nurse attends to Reye’s leg, Dave gives an officer the license plate of the stolen car. The man walks away to get their location as Dave goes to Reyes and asks him how he is. Reyes tells him he’s better but he was able to talk to Garcia, who told him Amparo went to the police station of her town to report an attempt on her life. Dave asks if Amparo knows her and Reyes confirms she does and she knows where Yolanda is as well. Dave asks him for the number to the police station so he can speak to her.
• At the station, a policeman gives Amparo a phone and tells her there is someone on the line for her. Amparo answers and Dave introduces himself before apologizing for the ordeal she found herself in recently. Amparo thanks him and then Dave asks her about Yolanda. Amparo is quiet so Dave begs her to tell him anything she knows because Santamaria is after her. Amparo explains that Yolanda called an Oscar in Mexico and he gave her coordinates to an airstrip in Reposo. She had her personal driver take her there but they haven’t answered her phone calls and she has no idea what to think. Either they have no signal or Santamaria already found them. Dave asks her how they could’ve found out and Amparo tells him the sicario found the coordinates in her garbage can and gave them to Santamaria. Dave asks if she remembers the coordinates but she confirms she doesn’t. Dave then asks her for Diego’s number and she obliges. Dave thanks her and hangs up and then asks Reyes to call Garcia so he can help them locate Yolanda. Dave then calls Diego’s phone but gets only his voicemail.
• The next morning, Diego stops on the side of the road and tells Yolanda that they finally have signal. Just then, he receives a call from Dave, who introduces himself asks if Yolanda is with him. Diego confirms she is so Dave asks him to pass her the phone and Diego obliges. Yolanda hesitates before answering but then puts the phone to her ear and asks Dave how he found her. Dave tells her it doesn’t matter but she has to be careful because Santamaria is coming for her. Yolanda asks him how he knows and Dave explains that Amparo told him because they almost killed her last night. He asks her to tell him where she is but Yolanda thinks it’s a trap. Dave reiterates that he only wants to help her and she needs to watch out for Santamaria, who escaped the hospital last night. He proposes they meet up in Medellin but Yolanda tells him that she’s not meeting up with him anywhere and he won’t be able to find her. Dave knows she doesn’t trust him and Yolanda confirms she doesn’t because all he wants is information on John. She asks that he never call her again and hangs up. She then hands the phone to Diego and requests he turn off the phone for now. He obliges.
• In Reposo, Pinto tells his man about the trap they have set for Yolanda: they will kill her when she arrives and take her body back to the Lucios. Just then, Pinto receives a call from Oscar and confirms that everything is ready for Yolanda’s demise. Oscar smiles but then asks Pinto to be careful as nothing can go wrong. Pinto agrees and Oscar reminds him that if he does as he’s told, he will receive a grand reward. Pinto nods and hangs up.
• Santamaria and Rubio drive through the back roads to Reposo and stop in a secluded area. Santamaria gets out and congratulates Rubio on his ability to evade their enemies. He then asks him to stash the car someone and Rubio obliges.
• Diego asks Yolanda if she’s okay because the call she received left her worried. Yolanda nods and Diego asks her what the call was about. Yolanda confirms that the DEA is looking for her and Diego is shocked. She then asks how much longer to Reposo and Diego confirms it will be another 10 minutes. She asks that he step on it because she can’t go back to Amparo but she needs to get to Mexico ASAP. Diego nods and Yolanda asks him to be on the lookout for any trouble on their way to Reposo. In fact, they need to be there in 5 minutes instead of 10. Diego nods again and they drive away…


Yikes Alfredo. My stomach was in knots just reading this; I can't imagine what's it's like to watch it. Mucho estrés! Certainly appreciate the detail. I could visualize it all too well. Poor Dave, can't win for losing. Not to mention Yolanda. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks Alfredo.

Thanks Alfredo. Yikes this is a stressful show to watch. My opinion of Yolanda has been called into question, with maybe, good or half good anyway, reasons. My opinion of her did not go UP when Dave, after risking his life and career to find her was told in no uncertain terms to Leave Her A-Fricking-Lone. She looks to be in for a slight surprise when she makes her homecoming, well deserved, I might add. The Mayoress lady had no luck helping her either. It is hard to be sympathetic toward a drug smuggler who will not accept your help.

And thanks again AA, much appreciated

Thanks Alfredo. I watched it online after reading your recap. I find it too stressful unless I know that nothing really bad is going to happen to Yolanda. She was got herself into real trouble now. She doesn't trust Dave and Oscar and SantaMaria want to kill her. So what happens to her now? As its a novela, I suppose she will escape!

I'm two episodes behind but no need to watch because these recaps are riveting!!!!

I hope Pinto and Santamarie have a shootout leaving all of them dead.

Is Oscar really feeling sorry for Christian and Estella? Hard to choke it down. What game is Roberto playing?

Olivia seems to be playing smart. You go girl!

OMG Yolanda!


With such details Alfredo' must be one of the script writer...great detail...thx

So much happened in this epi...just sad that Yoli doesn't know what's really going on with los Lucios and she can trust that camp. Oh well...from the previews she's in for a rude awakening. Since she still has a few lives left...I'm sure she'll survive Oscar for now. But it looks pretty bad for her.. But maybe this is the encounter she needs in order to give Dave a chance to explain. Even if she survives Oscar...we still don't know an encounter with John will end...although viewerville is hopeful. Regardless of his reaction to Yoli..we at least want him to know about Oscar and Yoli's betrayal.

No clue what Oscar is planning by keeping mommy dearest alive. Guess he'll use her again Yoli since he knows she's alive. I hate that mommy dearest keep holding Yoli back.


Thanks, Alfredo. Always a treat to get your recaps.

I'm so glad Yoli is free, relatively, even if she makes mistakes. It's very trying though to see all the good people who try to help her get killed, so it was a pleasant surprise that the mayor survived.

Dave needs to stop trusting Montgomery and soon. Thinking back to when Dave slept with Yoli under his Alberto alias, he earned her distrust.

Nope, not worried about Oscar. Like Col. S&M, he thinks way too highly of himself. I hope Viewerville gets a chance to see Oscar and Zuli try to take each other down if/when John learns the truth.

Olivia's plan seems complicated to me but what do I know. She's so thin, looks like all the running around caused her to drop weight.

I was thinking the same thing about Olivia whe she staged the meeting with Wilbur and she stilted out there on her bird legs.

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