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La Piloto #44, 5-5-2017: On The March To Make Those Proverbial Tables Turn

Parte 1~~

The gunfight at Aero Tours continues;  Yolanda makes her escape through the forest however, and once again Oscar The Grouch must return to his trash can having been bested by his lady-bell, backtracking, backpacking betters.

Col. SantaMaria, meanwhile, is failing on the home front.  He learns his wife is now in the know and is leaving him.  Yuppers.  She knows he lied about Yoli the love-slave and his varied and sundried petty criminal activities and money stashes [caleta=slang for hideaway, stash o’ cash].  She and Pretty Baby are leaving him!   Like others of his ilk, he blames his victim:  “--Yolanda has ruined my life!!”

Yoli realizes Oscar’s in the air and searching for her now in one of the planes.   She quickly waives down a couple of nuns who, unbelievably, must be threatened with a gun before they’ll give her a frickin’ lift into town.    But, they do and she manages to escape his and Zulima’s evil eye.

That night back at the military base, Col. S&M and Rubio wait till all is quiet to climb over the fence to dig up S&M’s secret stash.  Unfortunately, they didn’t wait long enough and when Rubio raises his voice accidentally, they’re overheard and captured.

At the same time,  Ex-DEA Dave has arrived in Mexico under his former alias, Al The Azafato, and come to Monica’s to stay.  He talks her into helping him locate Yolanda  now that he has proof positive that she’s alive and well in the hopes of her leading him to John Lucio.  “—And if the police and The Feds can’t get catch them, how do you expect us to do it?”  Dave reminds her that both the Americans and The Mexican law enforcement agencies have been infiltrated.  They can and should only trust in each other now.

Raul has a meeting with the prison warden while trying to get her permission to be at her bail hearing.  The warden explains the incident from the other day and agrees she’s not to blame but is covering for somebody and he cannot permit the prisoners there to think he can be manipulated.  Raul gets a call about the shootout at Aero Tours.  He calls Monica  who tells him Dave is there visiting.  Raul sends her a picture of the plane that landed in Aero Tours.  Dave identifies it as the one that Yolanda left Colombia in.  Since they’re all in the D.F., they agree to meet at the coffee shop across from the police station.

In Tres Fuegos, Wilfred and Olivia decide to start calling the cellphone numbers of various folks from Aero Tours.   Lucky for Liv that she catches Yolanda on the first try.  Liv gives her some of the details about Aero Tours and the attempted assassinations on the other girls’ lives.  They agree to meet at the stop outside Altamira the next day.  And, for the rest of the bus ride,  Yoli thinks back to all the times Dave has entered into it and managed to save her skin—or at least tried to.  She finally realizes that he actually did save her from Col. S&M and if it hadn’t been for him, she’d never have escaped from Columbia at all.  Her attitude begins to soften.

John, meanwhile, gets a call that evening from Oscar telling him that he’s late getting to Tijuana but has fixed some unexpected problem that came up.  John mentions he’s got a hot date with the Lady Consul who is part of the inner circle of La Sombra Cartel.  He figures that by morning he’ll have her and all the others of them eating out of his hands.

Oscar calls one of the goons to get over to Rosalba’s house and wait for a tall, slender, big eyed beauty and then “take her for a ride."

Parte 2~~

John and Consul Babe get it on at the manse in Mexico City.   Oscar and Zooli arrive at the manse and she races upstairs to John’s bedroom.  She catches Consul Babe and John in media res, aka, in the middle of …IT, and he is none too happy.  He yells at her for not knocking first and then screams at her to get out, but, true to form, Zooli  stands just back of the wall and eavesdrops for anthing compromisingly incriminating before skulking back through the doorway.

Yoli calls Amparo to let her know she’s made it to Mexico and is on her way home.  She thanks her for all the special help and learns that the driver/body guard is on the mend.

Moni, Raul, and Dave make plans for heading off Yoli at Rosalba’s.  They discuss Moni’s parents’ guns for which she has no license.  “—What’s that when you’re going after the likes of Los Lucio?”   Dave takes a moment to call Rose and let her know that Yoli is actually alive and kicking.

Wilmer and Liv tell her mother their plans to meet up with Yoli in Altamira the next day.

Oscar congratulates John on wooing Consul Babe.  Yuppers.  John says he’s certain that he’s going to have the inner circle doing whatever they tell them to (--provided Zooli doesn’t stick her spiteful snout into it).

The next morning Yoli gets off the bus a bit ahead to make certain there’s no trap laid by Oscar for her there at the bus stop.  She meets up with Liv and Wilmer as planned.  They head for her aunt’s place in Altamira.

At breakfast with Oscar and John, Zuli lets John know in no uncertain terms she’s not happy about finding him with another woman in his bed.  He gives it right back to her and tells her straight that the next time she whines about it he’ll send her back to the dung hole of a neighborhood she came from.

John asks Oscar what’s going on with Yolanda now?? She’s got to be hiding in one of the little Central American countries, he figures.  What’s it matter, anyway, Oscar says.  She’s got the Colombian army after her.  She’s going to have to handle it on her own [pagar los platos rotos= take the blame, foot the bill].

Liv catches Yoli up on how Arley and Roberto tried to murder them in the woods and that she, Lisbet and possibly Amanda escaped.  Yoli figures that if Liv never saw their bodies, then the others have to be alive.

Dave and posse arrive outside Rosalba’s house and he tries to get Yolanda’s attention, thinking she must be inside.  Of course, only Oscar’s goons are there.

Yoli, Liv and Wilmer pull up a block or so down from the house in the camper (we assume) and hear Dave yelling for her outside the “empty” house.


Always! it's the weekend, whenever we get it, it will be appreciated.

thanks in advance.

Jadinera, thank you for your hard work to do these recaps. There is so much action that it must be a difficult task to keep up with the villains!

Thanks, ladies! The first part is up. Working on the last part.

Thank You Jardinera. And S&M as per others of his ilk blames someone else for his self inflicted problems. Classic 'Blame Shifter'.

"You are welcome SixFiftyFour" says Kirby as he adjusts his bra and puts on his lipstick. :-)

Thanks so much Jardinera. Loved "Oscar the Grouch". Never thought I'd see a Sesame Street simile used in a narcodrama recap but it works! Happy to hear that Yolanda's attitude about Dave is going through a shift. About time! And happy to know that Zulima is getting snubbed. Couldn't happen to a nicer gal.

Have managed to see one episode On Demand that featured Colonel S&M and his family. He certainly was the doting father, with child on his lap and devoted wife at his knees, literally. In real life, in that culture, not sure that she would have left him. But happy that he got his comeuppance. At least one baddie has gotten his just desserts.

Many thanks amiga.

Thx for the consise recap. I see that I missed something. "John asks Oscar what’s going on with Yolanda now". When did John learn that Yoli is alive. I thought Oscar and company were keeping it a secret that she is alive....while they try to stop her from finding him. I wasn't able to watch the last 2 epi without distraction so I must have missed it.

At any rate, I'm glad that Yoli's starting to get it in her had that regardless of his early intentions...Dave is saving her butte. She should should pay attention. If John does not welcome her with open arms...she now sees that Dave is her has truly tried to help her.



Meant to say..."get it in her head"

And I'm glad the Mi Col is surrounded...and hopefully captured. I don't suppose that any of his other men will help him escape. I hope we've seen the last of him.


Thanks, Jardinera. Terrific recap. My fave: once again Oscar The Grouch must return to his trash can

One thing. Oscar talks on the phone with the henchman he sent to Rosalba’s, not John, about Yolanda. Nett, yep, John is still in the dark about Yolanda being alive.

While Yolanda is starting to feel better toward Dave, she’s tells Olivia she’s certain John wouldn’t have ordered a hit on the Gone Girls, that it must be all Oscar’s doing. So it seems she’ll still be torn between the two men.

What was up with those nuns? I’m thinking Yolanda will run into them again.

Yay, the good guys are banding together. Touching to see Dave and Monica team up again and Olivia and Yolanda hugging each other and feeling like carefree girls, for a moment. Now both Olivia and Yoli are pistol packing mamacitas.

Loved the Consul Babe’s reaction to Zuli opening the bedroom door. She was cool as a cucumber, silent and staying in sexy pose till John shooed the pest away. John telling Zuli to quit her complaining cause they ain’t exclusive was sweet too.

Jardinera--It's always a pleasure to read your recaps. The Oscar The Grouch reference is so perfect. But Sesame's Grouch would never betray his brother. This Grouch needs to meet a nasty end--and not just getting gunned down in a crossfire.

Alfredo--Thanks for Thursday's recap. I've been busy in the garden and also preparing a Post-Mortem for Vino el Amor, but wouldn't miss reading your recaps for anything.

This story is frustrating only because when I finish watching I'm left high and dry and want to see the next episode immediately. At least I could do that while I was trying to catch up. Here we have our little community to vent.

Frankly, we could probably have done without the MiCol's family scenes. Were they there to soften our image of him or make us hate him even more. He and Rubio could have gone after the stash on the grounds of the compound without a detour home. OTOH, maybe "wife" and "daughter" were kin to one of the directors or the producer.

Sorry, I always suspect behind the scenes shenanigans when superfluous characters are introduced.

A lot can still go wrong with Yoli, Oli and Wilmer freeing Christian and that collateral damage named Estela.

I just realized that Yoli doesn't know Rosy has a different NAME, living in Mexico City and has a different phone no. Dave is the only one that can reconnect them. At least Rosy knows Yoli is alive. YAY!

"John asks Oscar what’s going on with Yolanda now. She’s got to be hiding in one of the little Central American countries, he figures. What’s it matter, anyway, Oscar says. She’s got the Colombian army after her. She’s going to have to handle it on her own [pagar los platos rotos= take the blame, foot the bill]."

Sorry. That's what I captured. I don't know or remember what that part of the breakfast conversation was about at that point or why Central America was brought up then since the army is looking for her or was at that point......Dave Mejia then?


Thanks, Jardinera. I didn't catch that dialogue between John and Oscar. I watch the Univision TV broadcast version, so maybe the online and TV broadcast were edited differently? Anyway, it's strange that John would be so casual about it since Oscar and Zuli have made a big deal out of secrecy (as in our goose is cooked if John finds out we lied about Yoli). I guess all will get cleared up as we go along.

Thanks Jardinera for the recap!! Always a good one.

I loved when John told Zuli to get out and told the woman that she was nothing to him. Zuli deserves that and much worse. I hate that the flight attendants still don't know how Zuli has betrayed them.

I do think it is funny how well Dave and Oscar know Yoli. They both went to her tia's house, exactly as Yoli did. She needs to realize how predictable she is.

Niecie....I too think we'll see the nuns again cause why else we're they there and she had to force their help.

We will know hopefully soon what John knows about Yoli. Regardless, the reunion will be a surprise one. She will learn the truth about the murder hit on her friends and herself......and he will be susprised to see her.....and I'm guessing happy as well regardless of the past five mos and his mis guided anger.

Mi Col returning home made sense in that he went there for cash that was hidden in the house. But the house should have been staked out with him being caught before entering. But I was glad he was caught at the base when he returned there for money. But that money should have been confiscated by the Feds unless it was left to trap him....but that's not how it appeared



Jardinera, I tried to listen to the conversation between John and Oscar. It seems that Oscar was discussing that a plane had been stolen and it could be in South America. It was not mentioned who stole the plane. Did Yoli steal on of their planes. So I think John knows about a stolen plane but doesn't necessarily have the same opinion as Oscar about who stole it.

Lynette my CCs tie in with your analysis of los Lucios conversation about the plane...John is still in the dark about Yoli but he knows someone stole a plane. Oscar remains allusive regarding Yoli being on the loose.

I was surprised that Zuli the snake learned how to fly. Maybe be she and Oscar will make a final flight and go down in flames together.


Nett: That will NEVER happen! The producers want Oscar & Zuli the Snake to keep the chaos going in this TN.


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