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La candidata Friday 6/30/17 Capítulo 20: Gerardo Attacks Ignacio

OR: Alonso Suddenly Becomes Befuddled When Trying to Define "wife beater" OR: Magda--the Monkey in the Middle-- Reveals Herself to Be the Snake in the Grass She Is

Action at the Government offices--

Cecilia questions Lorena her about her politics, studies and preparation so she can use the info to start introducing her to the public via the press. Lorena throws a wrench in the works: she is not sure she will be accepting the position. Lorena is surprised to find out that Cecilia knew that Larreta was not in favor of her taking the position and that the info had come via the Gov. Cecilia knows that Lorena and Larreta are lovers. Lorena rightly concludes that the reason for her being offered the position was just a ploy from the Gov to get to Larreta. Cecilia then launches into a pep talk telling Lorena it does not matter why she was offered the position but that she should take it for herself; consider it a reward because she has earned it. Who knows about Larreta? He could trade her in for a newer model any day. She should not turn the position down and then later be sorry for her decision. Later, Lorena gives Larreta the bad news that she is going to do something for herself. She will be accepting the Gov's offer. She does not care how this affects him. By the way, she would do anything to get that job.

Larreta talks to Regina to assess just what she is willing to do in reference to a presidential nomination. Is she ready to run against Alonso knowing all of the repercussions that decision could have for her home life? Regina really does not understand why that would be a possibility because Alonso is their candidate. She is not about to get involved with their political games where Larreta is used to playing with them as if they were chess pieces. All she is interested in is getting her Universal Child Welfare Law passed. Larreta smiles. The party is so sick of corruption but she is clean. People like her and trust her as does the party. If she gives him the sign, the party will get behind her. Regina gets a phone call. It is Alonso telling her that Gerardo and Morales are in his office and he is working on getting them to approve her Universal Child Welfare Law. When he hears she has been talking to Larreta, he warns her that he is playing dirty with both of them. He finishes by telling her that she and he are a team. He loves her. Larreta presses Regina for a decision ASAP. Regina has to think about it.

Alonso, in his office with Magda and Cecilia, first thanks Magda for letting him know that Larreta was with Regina. Magda leaves. Next, he he plays defense with Cecilia and devalues what he just said to Regina by telling her that he has to say those things to keep her happy. Cecilia makes it clear she is not asking for explanations. Alonso and Cecilia move to his private office. He closes the blinds. He continues describing what he has with Regina is a partnership. He needs her to win the presidency. As for Cecilia, he has everything with her. He presents her with keys to their new penthouse. They kiss. She's happy. He locks the door and talks about how now they can drive each other crazy as they kiss, hug and disrobe; just as he knows Gerardo and Morales are going to drive each other crazy . . .

As Morales and Gerardo sit waiting for the Gov to come talk with them, it looks like the Gov's prediction is coming true. Morales wants to know what Gerardo was doing outside of the Gov's house anyway. Gerardo says it was a "private" matter. Morales does not agree. What is his relationship with Regina? Gerardo starts to get belligerent and tells him that his personal life has nothing to do with the party. Morales disagrees again. They want a candidate not a Don Juan. The party is doing all they can to make him a candidate so the least he can do is not ruin their efforts. Gerardo will not change his mind.

Out on the street--

Mario has made his first stop taking care of business. Almirón joins Mario in his car to fill him in. His people are waiting for El Cuervo. When he arrives he will let Mario know. He found Pacheco with Gerardo. They are following Pacheco. Mario warns him that Regina knows far too much already and is still searching for more. She could discover everything. Mario gives him the slip of paper with info on the police officer as well as Sra. Galindo who knew Susana. Almirón asks if he should kill them both. No, not now but the police officer soon. Mario gets a phone call with good news for him. They may have Omar right where they want him.

At the cabaret--

Isela is setting things straight with El Cuervo. She heard he was talking to Pacheco. He needs to be careful. Is it bothering her that he was talking about her? She tells El Cuervo he better not talk about her because if her business gets attacked, his business is also over. No more checks for him. If he wants to keep working for her, he has to get with the program. He needs to get rid of Pacheco. Later, Mario stops by and is not happy to know she was talking to El Cuervo. Well, his daughter Cecilia was having problems and El Cuervo is going to take care of them. Mario sees El Cuervo as useless. Isela trusts El Cuervo to convince Paulino to forget about her and the cabaret. She knows Mario well enough that he came by to talk about something else. They head to her office.

At the cafê--

Mario contines his "tour" by stopping off at Omar's favorite café to touch base with the girl he has placed there to seduce Omar. She promises that within the week she will have Omar eating out of her hand. Mario is impressed with her. She was made for this work. She sure has the knack for it. As he gives her her first cash payment, he tells her she has started a career that will take her to the top. She is ready to quit being a waitress. Mario reminds her she has to get Omar infatuated with her first.

At Regina's house--

Emiliano answers the door. He was expecting Nayeli to come over alone not with a group of her friends. Nayeli says they wanted to meet him. They all end up in his room where sex, drugs and alcohol are on the menu. Ximena happens to call Emiliano and Nayeli answers his phone. Nayeli tells her it is party time in Emiliano's room and tells Ximena to come on over. Ximena ends up going to the party and is not happy when she sees Emiliano making out with another girl. Nayeli tells Ximena that her problem is that she is just plain old boring.

At the cabaret--

After Isela and Mario argue about the tacky way he has treated his daughter Cecilia, the real reason for his visit to the cabaret comes out: he wants to have Isela take over managing the "girls" for him since Cecilia is no longer doing it and he has to stay out of the spotlight. She is okay taking the girls over but it has to be her way: he will not be laying a finger on any of the girls again. Can he agree? Their discussion is interrupted by a call from Regina. She wants to know if he is responsible for Sra. Galindo. He admits that his men removed her so she would be out of danger. Regina is still concerned and wants to see her. Mario needs to tell her where she is. Mario tells Isela he has to go. Isela accuses him at being always at Regina's beck and call. Just wait someday Cecilia will be above "the senator". Mario wants to know if they have a deal or not. Isela insists only if he leaves the girls in peace. Mario reminds her she will be getting plenty of money for the job she will be doing. Isela reminds him that someday he will learn that not everything can be bought. He disagrees reminding her that she just took his offer of money.

At Sra. Galindo's residence--

Daniela has come back to see Sra. Galindo and give her the good news. She is MIA and the news is not good. A neighbor tells her that some military dressed thugs took Sra. Galindo and her son out of their home by force. Daniela calls Regina and asks if her father might have something to do with it. Of course not, but Regina will look into it.She will meet her at the women's shelter in a half hour,

On a street--

Pacheco makes the mistake of getting into a car to talk to El Cuervo. Pacheco tells him he has no money to negotiate with. The doors automatically lock and a gun is in view. What? El Cuervo is going to do the same thing he always was going to do with Pacheco when he was no longer useful. The car takes off.

At the government offices--

After a sexual interlude with Cecilia, Alonso returns to his meeting with Gerardo and Morales. He apologizes for his blowup and says they need to put their personal differences aside to get the law passed that is so important to all of them. The negotiations proceed with a chuckling Alonso and a sullen Gerardo and Morales. The bottom line: Alonso is willing to throw some money at the districts their party (the opposition party)controls in exchange for the votes needed to pass the law. Alonso ends up getting his agreement which he assures them will be beneficial for everyone. They shake hands as Morales leaves first. Alonso keeps holding on to Gerardo's hand so he can gie him a message: stop coming around his wife. Gerardo comes back with that Alonso can control his politics but not his life.

Dr. Contreras has come to see Alonso. Magda tries to talk him out of it because she knows he is going to tell Alonso about Omar beating Natalia. Dr. Contreras insists that it is his moral obligation to let Alonso know what is going on. Like a kid, Magda whines that he promised . . . Dr. Contreras says the only thing he promised was not to bring the matter to the police's attention. This is something he has to do to be at peace with his conscience. Magda whines that she will take care of Natalia . . and pleads for him not to tell Alonso because he knows what Omar is capable of. Yes, he knows that Omar is a wife beater and that is why he has to talk to Alonso because Natalia is in danger. He will not be an accomplice to the brutality of that man. He insists that Magda announce him. As Dr. Contreras is in Alonso's office, Magda calls Omar to let him know what is going on so he can come over ASAP to stop Dr.Contreras from telling all. Dr. Contreras tells Alonso all about the beating. Alonso says that he knew his father had raised his hand to his mother but that didn't make him a wife beater. Dr. Contreras says that Omar went too far this time. (Yikes! This time??? and this is the guy tying to protect Natalia!) Natalia was unresponsive. Omar tried to kill her (Alonso has his indigestion look on his face)Does Alonso understand why he could not ignore it?? Omar threaten everyone. Everyone is afraid to speak. Omar is out of his mind. Suddenly Omar appears. He asks Dr. Contreras if he thinks he is crazy and punches him in the face. Alonso has to drag Omar off of Dr. Contreras. Omar is going off saying nobody has the right to tell lies. Alonso is not buying it and tells him not to deny hitting his mother. Dr. Contreras is leaving the situation in Alonso's hands. One more time Omar is wallowing in self pity complaining about how Natalia humiliated him. Alonso tells Omar that after today he isnot to go near his mother again. He will not see her again. That gets Omar's attention.

At the women's shelter--

Regina tells Daniela what her father Mario told her. Daniela does not understand and looks doubtful as Regina tells her all about security, El Cuervo, etc. The important thing is that Sra. Galindo and her son are okay, right? Daniela reminds Regina that they also gave Mario the information about that police officer Andrés. Regina insists everything is fine. They are going to go see Sra. Galindo.

Outside the governmental offices--

Gerardo talks with Ignacio but first grabs him by the collar and slams him into a column. Is Ignacio sleeping with his wife? (ex-wife would have been more appropriate)Security tries to get Gerardo off of Ignacio. Ignacio informs Gerardo that Teresa is a distraction and they are in the middle of a campaign. Gerardo knows that he slept with Teresa. What if his daughter saw them? They need to talk. Gerardo will wait for him in his office.

In Gerardo's office--

Ignacio assures Gerardo there is nothing between him and Teresa. Anyway, he thought Gerardo didn't care. Gerardo is worried about his daughter in the midst of all of this chaos. Ignacio assures Gerardo he is just doing what the party directed him to do: control Teresa on the home front so Gerardo can concentrate on the campaign. Gerardo's decision: he does not want Ignacio back in his house or to see Teresa or Ximena again. Ignacio salutes.

At Natalia's house--

Noemí visits Natalia. She has contacted a lawyer who is also a friend who is ready to assist Natalia even though it involves Omar. The only thing is that Natalia must file charges against Omar. Natalia is fearful that if she does Omar will kill her. Noemí reminds her if she doesn't, Omar will kill her. Noemí tries to get Natalia to promise she will do it. Now Natalia is worried how her domestic problem will affect Alonso's campaign. She does not know what to do. Natalia reminds Noemí that Omar is a ferocious enemy. Noemí insists on moving in for as long as Natalia is there. Natalia is not too sure.

At an abandoned warehouse somewhere--

Regina and Daniela have been taken by some government driver to what looks like an abandoned warehouse that seems to be protected by the military security forces. Sra. Galindo and her son are being held there. They seem to be fine but Sra. Galindo is confused that she was not taken to a shelter. Regina tries to assure Sra. Galindo that she is in safe hands and she will be looking out for them. The good news is that Sra. Galindo will be getting a subsidy to live on and medical care for her son. Sra. Galindo and her son are happy. After seeing Sra. Galindo and while Daniela is still talking to he, Regina asks Mario who is he exactly? He is a father who would do anything for his daughter. He then shifts into the "victim" role. So, now what is his crime? It is just that Regina never expected him to remove the Galindo's from their home and bringing them here without telling her. Regina asks where are they anyway? Mario explains that this is a place that national security uses to protect witnesses who are in jeopardy. It is secure and absolutely legal. That is why he could not give her any information. How long is he planning on keeping the Galindo's there? He will keep them there as long as is necessary but if she wants Sra. Galindo to return to a normal life, Regina has to stop asking him about things she should not know. Regina has one last question. If this place is so classified and secret, why does Mario have access to it? The question is met with silence. Regina continues. She only asked Mario to look into Sra. Galindo's situation so how do the Galindo's end up under the control of national security? Mario answers that since Regina asked for help he talked to Almirón who handled it. Regina reminds him they are talking about a man implicated in Florencia's death. Mario reminds her he was cleared. Regina is afraid that Sra.Galindo and her son will turn into some kiind of classified information and just disappear. Mario insists that will not happen. He explains that she was under a threat because she identified a corrupt police officer and while they clean up that particular mafia situation, Sra. Galindo and her son will be protected.

At Gerardo's house--

Some "internet repairmen" arrive to "fix" things and Teresa leaves them in to do whatever they want without any supervision . . . one of the guys is grinning. in the first place

In an alley--

Pacheco is out of the car and it is looking like El Cuervo is going to kill him since he has his gun pointing at him. Pacheco does some fast talking and tries to convince El Cuervo to make a deal. Well, it better be some deal because El Cuervo is already getting double of what Pacheco was going to give him to kill him. But hey, he will offer Pacheco a deal. For one million pesos El Cuervo will give Pacheco his life. He even throws in the info that Mario is Cecilia's father and that Mario has a long criminal history. El Cuervo allows Pacheco to make a call to get the money lined up for the deal. After a couple of minutes, Pacheco says he did not get an answer but he will get El Cuervo the money. El Cuervo starts getting jumpy and loses patience. He shoots Pacheco multiple times just as police arrive on the scene. There is a gunfight and it looks like El Cuervo has escaped but he doesn't. A car rolls up and Almirón shoots him in each leg and there is one last shot . . .


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Another action-packed episode.

So, Alonso knows that his father raised his hand to his mother but does that make him a wife-beater? And then Dr. Contreras saying that that Omar went too far this time. Is't ANY kind of physical aggression "too far"? Duh!

Steve, keep your tally sheet handy for Sra. Galindo. At least Daniela smells a rat in the whole protective custody ruse and does not trust Mario but with Regina still with her blinders partially on that does no good. Sra.. Galindo should have gone with her first instinct to "know nothing" when Regina came calling. Then there is Andrés who Regina is serving up on a platter to Mario, too.

The internet repair guys had a ball putting in what I suspect is surveillance equipment.

Not a smart move on Gerardo's part to take away Teresa's keeper/entertainer Ignacio.

Jarifa: I've lost count. What's the current Body Count list now ?

Sorry, Steve, I have no idea.

Jarifa--This recap was replete with your talent. So much was happening in the same episode and you kept it all on point, lively and covered all the action. Thank you.

Since Diana can't watch La Candi, I'll share some of my favorite phrases: "They want a candidate not a Don Juan." "Mario continues his "tour"..." "After a sexual interlude with Cecilia..." "Alonso has his indigestion look on his face" and "Some "internet repairmen" arrive to "fix" things"

Calling Magda the Monkey in the Middle was funny. Oh, and thanks for clarifying the name of the legislation Regina is fighting for. I only heard Universal A..something, something.

Poor Mrs. Galindo and her son. What kind of place is this? It doesn't look the least bit like a place where they safeguard federal witnesses in need of protection. They couldn't spring for a small resort or secluded hotel? No phone, no TV, no sofa, no lamps, no art works on the walls, no knickknacks? If I were Mrs. Galindo, I would complain to the management.

It should be enough to make Regina think--beyond wondering how it is that Mario, her father, who only has "contacts" in the intelligence community is allowed to 1) know about it, 2) use it and 3) seemingly have some authority over the guards. Regina is setting herself up for a huge disillusionment when she learns what her daddy's real career has been--political enforcer and CEO of some nasty illegal businesses. And if that isn't enough, that she also has a pushy half-sister who's been kept in the shadows all her life, but is now about rake in her prize--Alonso. (They couldn't be better matched.)

I'm surprised no one has dug into Mario's past or his movements or relations to the bordello before the story opens, but, it is a story and we have to start somewhere.

Somehow, I knew the minute El Cuervo told Pacheco the familial relationship, he was a goner. For a minute, though, I thought El Cuervo would get away. I wonder if Mario and Isela knew that each was planning a "resolution" to their problems. How clever to set it up so Pacheco and El Cuervo's die in such a way that would need no explanations in the press. But Regina had better think about it.

Another excellent recap, Jarifa! Cecilia surprised me with her sensible attitude about work and professional advancement which she revealed in her conversation with Lorena--also the idea of "If he's using you, use him." El Cuervo really does look like a crow! Though not as simpatico. Emiliano is going from bad to worse with partying, alcohol, girls, and presumably, drugs. Why don't Alonso and Regina have someone keeping an eye on him? I hope nothing happens to Sra. Galindo and her disabled son. That would be too brutal! And, finally, Omar really has gone nuts. Time for a "fall" down the stairs, Omar! Btw, the Unimas Chicago listings were wrong about a 2 hour episode of Diva. It's still 1 hour, with El bienamado at 2 hours.

Thank you Jarifa for an excellent recap. I have just started to watch this telenovela and I am still trying to figure out the participants. From what I can see Regina has a lot to learn about her father and husband's family.

Lynette: Looks like this TN will be more bloodthirsty like "Yago".

Lynette--I hope you will catch up, watch and comment with us. Before the beginning of a telenovela, I start a Cheat Sheet from the CarayCaray promos and build from there. This is one tn where I have had to refer to it almost daily--especially after a character is not seen for a few episodes and then shows up unannounced, like Almiron, or one is introduced without a word as to who he is until later, like Larreta.

Steve, The violence in La Piloto really bothered me whereas not so much in La Candidata. I've tried to figure out why this is. Maybe because in La Piloto the main protagonist, was involved in the drug trade. Granted she was young when she got involved, came from a disfunctional family life and wanted to become a pilot. Maybe the reason the violence in La Candidata doesn't bother me so much is that Regina is doing her best to do the right thing. Also, I have always been interested in culture and history so I find the political machinations fascinating.

Anita, I do intend to watch and comment. Unfortunately the show is at 7:00 p.m. and cuts into the gorgeous days we are having here this summer. I think it is one of the best telenovelas available at the moment. Fortunately I have a package from Dish that includes Unimas.

You're welcome, thanks for the kind comments and thanks for stopping by, everybody!

Anita, it is too bad Diana cannot be here with us. If everybody just got Unimás as easily as Univision. I wonder when the truth about Regina's father Mario is going to hit the fan. It will be interesting. I sure hope they don't slice and dice the only 60-ish capítulos this one has.

SpanProf, you and me both wondering why no one is keeping an eye on Emiliano. Even if he is an adult, all of that illicit drug activity is happening on his parents' property.

Lynette, welcome! ITA about the quality of this novela. The political machinations sometimes make my head spin but it does make it more interesting. I still have a list of the cast and characters so I can keep everyone straight.

Lynette: The cutthroat tactics bring something similar to "Infames".

Gracias, Jarifa. This is excellent.

I've been out most of the weekend, but I'll have more to comment after tonight's.

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