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La candidata Friday 9/8/17 Capítulo 61 Gran Final Parte 2 : The End----OR: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Well, I have come full circle. When I heard that Caray was going to cover "La candidata" I watched the very last episode. The final scene of the last episode is what made me want to recap this novela. So, I am coming back to where I began and a very fine ride it has been.

Thank you to Urban, Alfredo, Anita, Cynthia, and Sandie for being a great recapping team to work with as well as all of the commenters and readers who stopped on by. All of you made this so much fun.

Campaign appearance--Regina's appearance is being held in front of the Monument to the Revolution. Regina arrives to the chants and cheers of the crowd. Escalante is there, too, when he gets a phone call from a very angry Gerardo shouting that he wants to see him. It is urgent. Escalante tells him he can't come because he is at an event. Gerardo demands to know with who. A drug trafficker? Who? Ignacio shouts at Gerardo to stop. Escalante's mood has changed and he surmises that Gerardo wants to play hardball. Gerardo better hope that nobody has listened to him so he doesn't have to suffer the consequences. Gerardo isn't afraid of Escalante's threats. Escalante calls him a fool and clarifies the situation: he does not threaten, he acts. Gerardo will see. Escalante hangs up.
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La Candidata, Capítulo 61; Thursday September 7, 2017: Grande Finale, Part 1

Previously, the last thing we heard at Casa Barcenas was a single gunshot and sirens in the background before the scene faded to dark. This episode begins with the SWAT team everywhere, reporters abound, and chaos seems to ensue. The only inside shot we see is what appears to be Noemi sitting on the floor with blood on her abdomen. Reporters do not know who has been shot. Was it Regina? Who? We see Cecelia coming through trying to find out what happened, but the police are not letting her through. We see a gurney being taken to a waiting ambulance. Finally we see Noemi walk out escorted by a paramedic. Finally, we see Regina walk out. Both appear shaken, have blood splatter, but safe and unharmed. Cecelia looks at Regina, closes her eyes as they tear up.
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Upcoming Telenovelas: Stevey's Notes (Pt. III) – September 7, 2017

PRODUCTION #9 - Nicandro Diaz, fresh from El Bienamado is apparently going to be doing a remake of famous telenovela from Colombia, Las Juanas, so named because it's a story about four women all named "Juana-(something)" à la Anas in TVA.
PRODUCTION #10 – José Alberto 'El Guero' Castro, who should be ashamed of himself for how little he did with a good story, great cast, and terrific setting in Vino el Amor, is hoping to try his luck with one of my favorite types of stories, that with an 'antagonist-protagonist' (think Teresa or Rubí but more evil).  The three classics he submitted to Lord High Ocampo were, apparently, La Sonrisa del Diablo, La Mujer de Judas, and, my favorite, El Angel Caido.  BUT... apparently she was having none of it, and told him that his last remakes have been, well, porquerias and fracasos and that he'd better find an original story to do, or he's off to the freezer to join Emilio Larrosa. So we'll have to wait and see what he comes up with.

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La Candidata 9/6/17 Chapter 60: One, two, three, four deaths? And the resurrection of a Narco or Cecilia finds that all doors are now closed!

Thank you Urban for allowing me to be part of this recapping team. I feel a little sad that this TN is coming to an end but am completely thrilled with the fact that I got such an amazing episode. Also thank you to everyone who visited us on this patio, and a special thanks to Jarifa, Alfredo, Cynthia, Urban (again) and Anita for your amazing  contibutions to this Blog and La Candidata Recaps.

And now on to the recap......

Alonso chiding Emiliano, tells him

“Are you going to run to tell your mother so she can ruin your life, when it’s just beginning? “

“You have two options go to mommy or let me help you to get rid of this problem” (referring to Ximena’s pregnancy)

In his office Escalante sends goons to go get Lorena Sanchez, she is being held in her apartment.

Mario tries to convince Regina not to turn him in, he uses guilt.

Regina tells him “You think I wanted this situation, you leave me no options” to which he replies

“let me talk, you want the truth, then let me talk, you were born in gold crib, but I built that crib., when you are privileged you are able to talk about morals quite easily, but not me I was born in the worst of neighborhoods, where pain and violence live everyday with you, that is how my brother died, he was very sick he could not get a surgery because of lack of money.  My friends and I were always sick, because there was no potable water, no food.”
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Upcoming Telenovelas: Stevey's Notes (Pt. IIB) – September 6, 2017

Here we go with the rest of the telenovelas that are now in production.

**No broadcast date for Mexico announced yet, but in production.**
I'm excited about THIS story!! The name 'Univision' is already being associated with this production (i.e. a 'Televisa/Univision' production). You guys might be surprised to hear there is one country that isn't Brazil (or, of course, Mexico) that has produced some really terrific novelas, most especially in the new millennium. Indeed the number of productions that have been produced in Mexico that were actually remakes of Argentinian originals is really quite staggering, including some that I think a lot of people would consider so intrinsically Mexican so as to be a part of the culture and country (Simplemente Maria is the one that comes most immediately to mind), as well as some very prominent or popular novelas from closer to our time (such as Amores Verdaderos, Alma de Hierro, Rebelde, Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse, Una Familia con Suerte, Un Gancho al Corazon, and I could go on).  This decade, especially, I don't know how or why, but Argentina has come out with telenovelas that are absolutely Awesome (you'll please note that's capital “A'' awesome), and a true credit to the genre. Giselle Gonzalez's next project is a remake of a recent Argentinian telenovela and so is this one of Angelli Nesma Medina.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

La Candidata Martes 9/5/17 Chapter 59: Confrontation

Chapter 59: Confrontation

Confrontation is something many people fear and avoid. Usually it accomplishes more than it destroys but there are many who are destroyed not by what they discover about others but about what they discover about themselves. This is what many people in power truly fear because there is often no worse exposure than the one to oneself.
Mauro called for an ambulance and an emergency medical team. He was almost in a state of panic.
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Upcoming Telenovelas: Stevey's Notes (Pt. IIA) – September 5, 2017

Let's hope for the best for the future of our telenovela world. Without further ado, let's let Stevey get to the productions themselves! Now, again, these are all TELEVISA productions. Which of these will actually get broadcast in the U.S. or when, is anybody's guess, but if he has ANY further information as to “yea” or “nay,” he will make sure to note it in his summaries. Here he goes!  :-)
**Mexican debut was on June 5, 2017.** Currently broadcasting on Univision, but I had this written before it started airing, so please indulge me, okay?
First off, I have to confess that I can't stand Juan Osorio. I think he's a megalomaniacal idiot living off of his past successes, who patronizes his viewing audience more than he does anything else by not offering anything of any depth or real quality, just his dancing spawn Emilio (the product of his liaison with the BSC Niurka Marcos, a woman who had her own talk show where she interviewed her guests in a hot tub, and whose general classlessness is almost impressive in its absoluteness—and who appeared as herself in Mi Corazon es Tuyo), ad nauseam (you'll have to forgive me here as I deplore nepotism). In talks about his next production, the currently airing Mi Marido Tiene Familia, Osorio went off on this screed about the genre and the deplorable direction that telenovelas were going. He decried productions in the vein of La Piloto and, well, pretty much anything that Telemundo is airing, really, for being all about drugs, violence, random killings, and generally speaking, not-nice things, CERTAINLY NOT what should be on television during “family hour.” He said HIS production was designed to take the genre back to where he (being all-knowing, life-giving, all-powerful, and all that stuff) feels it should belong, and away from things like gratuitous S&M scenes and torture (as was depicted recently in Sueño de Amor, produced by…uh…oh…wait for it…YOU, Sr. Osorio…hypocrite much?).

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Monday, September 04, 2017

La Candidata 9.4.17 Chapter 58: Who Will Survive and What Will Become of Them?

Hey all! This is my final recap for this novela and I wanted to say a few words to those who were with us every step of the way.

First, I’d like to thank my fellow recappers, Sandie, Cynthia, Anita, Jarifa, and our leader, Urban. You are all amazing and talented people and our team was stronger for it. We battled some crazy scheduling (I couldn’t have remained sane without your help) but we came out stronger on the other side.

To our faithful commentors, SpanProf, Lynette, Loriloo, Steve, and many others, I thank you for taking the time to leave behind words of encouragement for now and the future about this twisty tale. It’s you guys we do this for and it’s a gift to have found so many kind people to share it with.

Please know that this patio was very special to me and I hope to see all of your again very soon (hopefully another Giselle Gonzalez production) 

Regina now knows that Noemi was telling the truth and Cecelia is, in fact, her sister but Cecelia tells her that Noemi barely knows 10% of the truth. Gerardo tells Regina that he came to tell her this but Cecelia stops him because only she can tell Regina the truth. Cecelia confesses that she has known Regina is her sister, her whole life, and she feels relieved because she finally told her the truth. Regina reminds her that she slept with Alonso and Emiliano, whilst knowing she was her sister, but Cecelia explains that she was able to do it because she hates her. In fact, she reminds herself how much she hates Regina and that has given her the strength to do what she has done and she can do a lot more. Regina asks her to leave but Cecelia refuses and tells Regina that she is not better than her because they are sisters and that means they are the same, no matter how much she denies it. Gerardo tries to get Cecelia to leave and screams for Daniela to call a doctor, as Cecelia doesn’t look well, but Cecelia announces that she’s good and they aren’t calling anyone. She stands in front of the door and blocks their way.

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Upcoming Telenovelas: Stevey Weighs In (Pt.I) - September 3, 2017

This Post comes from our beloved commentator Stevey, observer of all things telenovela, which fits right into all things CarayCaray. His discourse will be posted in three parts over several days: Part I—Behind the Scenes at Televisa (a must read, in my opinion); Part II—Upcoming Telenovelas (some sooner than you think); Part III—Telenovelas Farther Off in the Future (or never). Be advised the opinions expressed in this post are entirely Stevey’s and not necessarily those of the CarayCaray blog.
Note of caution: some of the narrative in Part II especially, contains information that could be considered spoilers, so use caution if you don’t want to read too far ahead (Anita has marked tell-tale storylines with a à.)

Hi everybody! First off, I'm SO sorry that this has been so unconscionably late in getting to you all (Stupid life! Slow DOWN a bit now and then, will ya??), but I really never DID forget about you, and I've actually been working on this for quite some time now (as you will, undoubtedly see), both as a result of my own loquaciousness (read: long-windedness, not knowing when to stop or shut up, etc.), as well as the fact that these situations are always constantly evolving, or at least changing. I also always want to make sure as much as I can, that anything I put out there for you guys is actually a verified FACT (no 'Fake News' here!), HOPEFULLY by contacts within the network, but if not, through viable sources, and this sometimes isn't always that easy to come by. There's actually been all kinds of network drama going on over at Televisa in regards to telenovelas, an inordinate amount, really…lots of unhappy actors, and a lot of producers gnashing their teeth and clutching their 'stress balls' more tightly than usual.  But I hope you'll enjoy what I've got for you all.


(Note: For anyone not interested in these things, wait for Part II – Upcoming Telenovelas, where I actually talk about the upcoming telenovelas.)

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La candidata Friday 9/1/17 Capítulo 57: Mario Asks Cecilia for Help--OR-- El Cuervo Has a Good Laugh--OR--El Chulo Is Not Just Another Pretty Face

A deserted alley--El Chulo asks if Alonso wants it all to end like this. He doesn't understand why Alonso thinks he is betraying him. Alonso makes money from his businesses. Alonso is angry that Gerardo is about to get out of jail. Somebody, and he doesn't know who, made a move. El Chulo swears it wasn't him. So, who did? El Chulo doesn't know and doesn't want to know. He is interested in making money and not politics. He tells Alonso that he can ask Escalante to verify that fact. Alonso asks what Escalante has to do with this. El Chulo smirks and states that Escalante is behind the finances and reminds him that Escalante is the public face of his money laundering business. Alonso concludes that Escalante is behind it all. El Chulo says he always has been. El Chulo quickly pulls his pistol and asks if they are going to get back to business or what. Alonso gives the sign and all the weapons are lowered and put away. The stand-off is over. El Chulo is still smirking.

Gerardo's Jail Cell--El Cuervo is giving Gerardo his money's worth filling him in on Mario and his prostitution/extortion business. Mario has an associate: Isela owns a cabaret where the girls come from. El Cuervo worked for them. Gerardo adds that Mrs. Barcenas discovered that he was selling protection to them. Yes, but he didn't end up with much money because it is an organization and the money ended up getting divided up just like here in the jail. El Cuervo has something to confess. Before killing Pacheco, he had information that if sold to him was going to make him a millionaire. The information was about Mario's dirty businesses with the most important fact being that Mario was Cecilia's father and Isela her mother.
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La Candidata, Thursday 8/31/17 Chapter 56: Regina Learns She Has a Sister and Who She Is

Repasando lo de ayer
In his office, Alonso learns from Magda of Omar’s accident. She promises to call the hospital for an update. Marcia runs in, breathless, to tell Al she knows exactly what happened to Don Omar. Magda leaves them. Mario arrives at the government offices and also wants to see Alonso, but Mauro stops him since he is busy with one of Mario’s “girls.” Mario is startled that Mauro knows about his prostitution ring. They start a game of one-upmanship daring each to reveal the other’s secrets to Alonso—especially the one about Cecelia being Mario’s daughter and the other about Mauro’s sexual preference. Mario backs down as Mauro urges them to go tell Alonso right then and there.
At the prison hospital, a hand passes money to a guard and some prisoner passes in to stand by a sleeping Gerardo. It’s El Cuervo, the dirty policeman who shot Pacheco (who later died).
Noemi is ready to tell Regina the truth about her father’s other family, one he’s had for a long time. Regina chalks it up to her being soused.
Recontando lo de hoy
Alonso’s Office – Marcia declares that Natalia pushed Omar down the stairs. Alonso doesn’t buy her story. He says right to her face that just because they had a couple of rolls in the hay she’s to be believed? How could she be that stupid, she’s nothing but trash. He tells her to disappear. She claims she was only trying to help Omar through the betrayal by Alonso’s mother. Al’s ire rises at the mention of his mother and would probably have strangled Marcia if Cecelia hadn’t interrupted. Al tells Cece to get her out of there and maybe get her a job at their mother’s cabaret. Marcia screams in defiance, but Cece drags her out.
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Thursday, August 31, 2017

La Candidata, 8/30/2017 Chapter 55: Omar Takes a bad fall, and many granades

Marcia continues with her attempt to smother Omar to death. Natalia walks in and startles Marcia “what are you doing?”

 Regina walks in on Cecilia and Alonso and says “Why did you need me to see you doing this in MY HOUSE?” His reply “sorry you surprised us” “You told me to come here you wanted to talk”She then looks at Cecilia “What about you, are you happy?” turns back to Alonso “Did you think of Emiliano he can walk in on you?” “Oh did you think about Emiliano and me when you had sex with Gerardo?”
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La Candidata Martes 8/29/17 Chapter 54: The Arrest

Chapter 54: The Arrest

Throughout history many careers have begun well and ended badly. For one to end because of a lie is a more common evil than we know An arrest is difficult but prison is a gladiator hell.
Alonso laughed after his confrontation with Gerardo, thinking he had won.

At the office, Cecelia and Magda gloated over this, knowing that Alonso was determined to destroy Gerardo. Magda became upset about Mauro. Magda said that Mauro had been behaving strangely, not like the man she knew for so many years. She had difficulty believing that Mauro would betray Alonso. Cecelia tried to get her to explain this.
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Monday, August 28, 2017

La Candidata 8.28.17 Chapter 53: Cecelia Wants to Destroy Regina

Ochoa asks Alonso if he would like him to kill Regina.

Omar screams for Ochoa to do so but Alonso walks away and tries to tell him to stop. As Alonso walks through the house, trying to get a better signal, Omar follows him, screaming for Alonso to get rid of Regina because she’s only causing problems.

Gerardo and Regina stops kissing and she notices something (or someone) moving in the distance. Ochoa hides behind a tree as Regina and Gerardo looks around.

Alonso runs outside Omar’s house and demands Ochoa stand down. Ochoa tells him he will not and Alonso orders him to watch and report, only.

Hernan reminds Cecelia that Teresa is not to be trusted. Cecelia tells one of the makeup artists to stop covering the bruises and then asks Hernan why he says that. He doesn’t get a chance to respond as the program is about to start. Once alone, Cecelia calls Alonso and asks him to turn on the program and smiles.

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La candidata Friday 8/25/17 Capítulo 52 Teresa Accuses Gerardo--OR--- R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Alonso's office--Alonso convinces Teresa there are smarter ways of getting rid of people than just killing them. For example, there is the case of her husband. Alonso wants to see Gerardo bereft of everything that matters to him in his life: his profession, his daughter, and his wife (Regina). Teresa is liking what she is hearing. Alonso wants to see Gerardo lose the will to live. Teresa is willing to help Alonso achieve this. Alonso tells her to come back and see him when she has something they can use against Gerardo.

Mauro's office--Mauro is still overwhelmed by anger with Cecilia right behind him wanting to know what happened. She heard Alonso swearing at him as he was leaving. Mauro explodes. It all comes down to that fact that Mauro took a few pesos, out of all the money Alonso steals, for himself. What is more is that it is Mauro who does the dirty work, always at risk and never getting recognized or rewarded. Mauro is not about to calm down. Alonso is making a mistake with him. He is going to get tired of Alonso and his filth and then Alonso will be kneeling in front of him and begging him for help. Cecilia goes to touch Mauro on the shoulder. He shakes her off and storms out.
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La Candidata, Capítulo 51; Thursday August 24, 2017: Teresa asks Alonso to kill Gerardo

We begin where we left off at the end of episode 50, Regina walking up the stairs to the hospital for her meeting and Teresa trying to forcefully grab Regina. “Don’t touch me!” says Regina and tries to shoo Teresa away. After Teresa skillfully fell down the steps, Regina and a couple others try to run and help her up. She is not hurt, puts on a big scene, and doesn’t look any worse for the wear. (Oh darn! Not even a scraped knee!) “Stop treating me like an invalid!” She looks hatefully at Regina and then says, “If I lose my baby…” and she storms off.
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La Candidata 8.21.17 Chapter 50: Teresa Provokes a Fight With Regina

As Regina and Emiliano walk to the tv station, Gerardo manages to catch up to them and stand in the way as a shot rings out. The shooters hit Gerardo in the shoulder and drive off as the three of them fall to the ground.

The news spreads like wildfire because of the video cameras Fernando placed outside the station.

In his office, Alonso sees the news and shakes his head, angry.

Mario and Noemi see the shooting on their computer and stress about how little information everyone, including Hernan, has about the shooting. Noemi demands Mario use the power he’s always flaunting to do something but Mario asks her to shut up and makes a call.

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La candidata Friday 8/18/17 Capítulo 49: An Attempt is Made on Emiliano's Life--OR--When Does a Death Threat Become Just an "Expression"?

Outside of Regina's office--Lorena is leaving. Mario happens to see Lorena and asks Daniela what that woman was doing there. Daniela tells him she wanted to see Regina and adds that Lorena has no shame. In no time flat, Mario is on the phone to one of his goon-guards and tells him that Lorena is leaving the building. He wants her followed and wants to know about all of her movements.

At Regina's/Alonso's House--Alonso has awakened a beast in Regina with his threat. She is over the top and rightfully so. She did not know that he was capable of killing her. Alonso tries to write it off in his usual arrogant casual way by saying it was just an "expression". Regina is not buying it. She invites him to kill her right then and there. She is not afraid. A completely exasperated Alonso goes on about her scaring Emiliano with jail and how he would never survive a place like that. She needs to realize that. He is begging her. She asks if he is trying to convince her. Of course he is! Is he trying to improve things between them by threatening to kill her? She doesn't know what is happening to him.

Mauro's office--Sandoval, Regina's lawyer, is visiting with Mauro. The lawyer makes it clear that he will not be treated as "second class" to anyone. A pay-off won't do it. If Alonso makes him the minister of the Supreme Court of the land the day he takes office, he can count on his assistance. Mauro tells him that will be impossible. Well, it will also be impossible for Sandoval then to stop advising Regina.
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Weekend Discussion: Karmegeddon in the Capital: La Candidata

Throughout history there have been many career politicians since Roman times. Some become such because of a need to serve their people and others only for the power it gives them. They often visit the same sick need for power over the people in their private lives.

Those who abuse the trust of the people deserve the worst punishment available. The only problem is that sometimes it is difficult to determine what that is: Should sociopaths like these be executed, locked away, or is there a worse fate in our time?  I ask you all:

What do you think the writers have done to them and –
If you could decide their fate, what would it be?
-- D.D.
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La Candidata, Episode # 48; Thursday August 17, 2017: Alonso Makes a Death Threat to Regina

Regina and Gerardo continue to discuss Regina’s wish to report to authorities what Emiliano has done. It’s killing her but she has decided high principles are more important. Gerardo tries to convince Regina that if Emi has to go to prison, he will hate her for the rest of her life. He alos tells her that whatever happens, he stands behind her. She thinks he will leave her but he reassures her that he never will and she is the love of his life. Regina knows she is in between a rock and a hard place. It’s about ruining her career or ruining herself and showing the world she is a failure as a mother.

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