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La Candidata 6/9/17 Chapter 7: Regina Apologizes to Cecilia

OR: How Regina Gets Thrown Under the Bus and Played 2X All in the Same Day

NB: the gov=Alonso=the gov

We start with a "mother and child" reunion between Ximena and her mother Teresa at the rehab center. Ximena has gone to visit her mother. They are both happy to see each other. Ximena needs her mother. Teresa will always be there for her. Ximena has a more pressing issue to address: she now knows that her mother was not merely fantasizing about her father being in love with another woman. Ximena tells her mother that her dad Gerardo abandoned her for the wife of the governor.

We are transported back to the vacant office/apartment Omar uses for his personal interrogation/detention center to witness Mario's triumphant return with his own band of thugs. When confronted by Mario, Omar accuses him of having committed two mistakes: meddling in the gov's business and in his grandson's business. While the two old codger mafiosi are hashing the matter out of who started it, Javier is taking advantage of being free of supervision and starts to try to loosen the ties that bind him. He frees himself and starts looking for a way out but the best he can do is to stash himself in one of many closets. Back to the main event! Mario accuses Omar of having it all wrong. Mario did what he did to just help out so his daughter and the whole country did not find out that Omar's son the gov had a lover. As for their grandson Emiliano, Mario just took an opportunity to get rid of a problem for him. Omar is not impressed and makes it clear that ALL business needs to be done through him and not through the governor. Mario justifies his acts again because they all could have been destroyed. Omar is not accepting Mario as their "savior'. Mario knows that but wants to take advantage of the opportunity to establish a truce. Hey, he won't even retaliate for what Omar did to him. They are all in the same boat; all pulling for the same side. Omar does not see that as a reality because Mario is pulling for Regina and he is pulling for Alonso. No problem! It turns out that there is really no conflict between them because Mario thinks Regina is brilliant but since she is an idealist and not a deal maker, she is useless to them in politics. It would be better for her to stay in the senate and for Alonso to get the real power in his hands. For Omar the conversation is over but Mario still wants a non-aggression pact/truce. They are family. They are business partners. He puts his hand out to shake. Omar finally shakes on it but still does not look convinced. In the meantime Javier manages to escape. Omar is angry and sends his goons in hot pursuit.

Back at Regina's house, granny Noemí enters Emiliano's room, where he is still holed up, to announce a female visitor. It turns out to be Ximena, who with the comment that their parents (Gerardo and Regina)know each other way too well, introduces herself to Emiliano. Does he want to hear what she wants to say?

Back at government central, there is a knock on the door of Alonso's office. Alonso knows who it is because he has just asked Cecilia to come to his office. He preens himself and smiles before he tells her to come in. With a big smile, he greets her.Still smiling, he informs her that he almost called her last night because she is "at his service". She agrees that she is. He tells her how beautiful she is. Is he making her uncomfortable? She shakes her head and smiles back.

Magda meets in person with her lover Israel. He thanks her for getting him out of prison. He wants to pay her back. She wants nothing from him. She previously offered him money which he refused because his personal dignity would not allow it but then he broke into her house. He protests saying he did it for his son. For her it is over. She could never trust him again. The last thing she will do is help him get a job.

Emiliano and Ximena are talking. Ximena says that their parents work together. She goes on with the sad story of her "fragile" mother who would be broken if she found out. Ximena's supposed evidence is a phone call she overheard between her dad and his mother and it certainly wasn't a work call. Emiliano is not believing any of it thinking it could be a political trick. He literally shows Ximena the door and threatens her with security removing her if she does not go on her own. His resolve does not last long because a few seconds later he is in full pursuit of her asking her to forgive him for being a jerk which she does.

Now seated at Alonso's desk across from Alonso, Cecilia is trying to work as Alonso observes her. She flirts back saying he is making her uncomfortable. She is worried about Pacheco maybe wondering where she has been all of this time. Alonso tells her not to worry. She can see that he calls the shots. Yes, he does! Alonso slowly extends his hand across the desk to grab Cecilia's when SURPRISE!! Regina comes in unannounced. Is she interrupting something? What is her father's lover doing in Alonso's office?? Did Alonso not know this woman was Mario's lover? Cecilia takes the "oh, so insulted" route. She knows Mario because he is an old "family friend." It was Mario who helped her get her job. As far as Alonso knows, Cecilia is a journalist and works in the press corps. Cecilia is insulted by the accusation. Regina is unfair. Cecilia leaves in a huff. Alonso calls Regina on her accusing Cecilia like she did. He also collaborates what Cecilia said. Regina explains about having seen her with Mario. . . Alonso completes her sentence: that Regina thought Cecilia was his lover. He just loves it when she gets jealous! Regina admits she just blew up when she saw her. Alonso is clearly loving her reaction. Regina does not want Cecilia working there with him. Alonso argues for Cecilia. She is very capable and fit right in. Pacheco is an idiot. What about Regina's own stand on women's rights??? huh?? Regina accuses him of confusing the issues. He responds it is SHE who is confusing the issues. If she wants Cecilia gone, he will get rid of her but just give him a reason. Cecilia is a journalist and must have all these friends and contacts in the press and he does not want any problems with them.

In his office, Gerardo is having an unpleasant conversation with Ignacio who has come to warn him that the gov is going to come after him with an exposé of his wife's gambling debt problem. They both wonder how the gov became aware of the problem in the first place so that he knew to step in and pay the debt. Ignacio reminds him that the gov will want to be compensated. Gerardo says that he asked already with the non-aggression pact/truce but that he turned him down.Ignacio warns him that this could ruin him. Gerardo does not care about himself but only what this might do to the party and his daughter. Ignacio tells him this has to get dealt with no matter what the cost and that Licenciado Morales already gave him instructions.

When she leaves Alonso's office, Cecilia runs into Mauro and tells him how Regina accused her of being Mario's lover.Mauro asks her if she is. She answers that she is not. Mauro offers to help her but she has to trust him with the whole truth so Cecilia feeds him the same lie she just fed the gov and Regina. Mauro tries to make excuses for Regina but Cecilia is not buying them. She is resigning and leaving. She asks Mauro to thank the gov for everything and to let him know she will not be causing any problems. Mauro thinks the report she brought him on the possible scandal about the gov's mother's supposed lover was just brilliant. According to the complaint that had been made, the supposed lover's finance company could be involved in money laundering. She was able to investigate the shady company due to the resources available to her in the government offices. Mauro thinks she is brilliant and tries to talk her into staying. No, she has to quit because she knows with Regina being against her she would not last long. She needs that job like nobody else.

Back in Alonso's office, Regina is feeling bad for Regina. Alonso is just sort of silently chuckling (I guess he is probably probably thinking about how he is still going to get a new lover!) to himself. He suggests that Regina talk to Cecilia. She says no but not very convincingly. She looks and sounds embarrassed. Time for Alonso to move on to a new topic: why did Regina stop by any way? Regina wanted to know why Alonso called Gerardo. It seems Gerardo is a sore subject. He says it was just routine to congratulate Gerardo on his position as a senator. He has to be friendly with the opposition. Regina responds with telling Gerardo the fact he Alonso is running for president and asking for a non-aggression pact/truce are not routine. Does she really think he would tell someone else a decision like that before telling her? Regina asks him: Is he or isn't he running for president? Alonso tries to turn this back on her saying it is the same old same old: she always believes somebody else before she would believe him. Regina clarifies her position. All she is asking is that things don't get complicated with the opposition party because she is going to need their votes on the reform legislation and he their approval on his proposal. Alonso understands. She turns to leave but Alonso has another question for Regina: was she jealous when she saw him with Cecilia? She does not answer but her expression is softening. Still all smiles, he invites Regina out to eat at one of those restaurants she likes. Regina smiles and accepts. He will make the reservations.

After leaving Alonso's office, Regina goes in search of Cecilia. Mauro tells her she quit after Regina's "blowup" and left. He says it was too bad because she did an excellent investigation of a complaint--slander really--that involved the gov's father and that she got the necessary information together to neutralize it. Mauro walks away.

In his car, Mario is still fuming and telling his driver that Omar is going to pay. He is only keeping the truce for now. Cecilia calls him upset about the whole Regina accusation. Mario can fix it! She says no thanks. He goes to see Cecilia anyway.

As Regina is leaving the building, a reporter confronts her with a microphone in her face asking her about the scandal involving the gov, a finance company and her father-in-law She has no comment. She refers him to the gov's press office. He has one last question about her meeting with representatives from the national laborers union.

Ximena has joined Emiliano back in his room where they are chit chatting and he is proving he is not really a jerk. Ximena is sure there is something going on between her dad and his mom. He doubts it. She insists she is right. Emiliano will do all he can to find out if anything is going on. She knows all about Florencia. He does not want to talk about her. She describes her life as being upside down when she becomes upset and decides it is time for her to leave. Emiliano has one of the drivers take her home. He wants to see her again but never asked her for her number. No problem: she left her number for him.

Back at the office, Mauro tells Alonso about the excellent report Cecilia made about the about Javier's money laundering finance company that could implicate his father Omar. Alonso is convinced that Cecilia must return to her job; today if possible. Mauro goes on to inform Alonso that Regina had met with the laborers union and that they want her to be their candidate for president. From the look on his, face Alonso never saw that coming.

At the casino, Ignacio is giving the casino owner a check. Nobody can know a thing. Ignacio assures him that his party (not the governor) is in charge of the section of the city where he wants his new casino. So,it probably makes sense that he sides with them rather than with the gov.

At Cecilia's, Cecilia is throwing a fit about her work situation. Mario wants her to calm down. She won't! Mario promised her the job with the gov. It did not work. He lied. Her mother Isela was right about Mario all along. Mario insists he will fix it all. One of Mario's henchmen calls him that Regina has arrived at Cecilia's building. Ding! Dong! Regina calling! She is at the door of Cecilia's place. Mario hides himself in another room. Regina comes in like a dog and apologizes for the whole unpleasant incident. It was all her fault. She needs Cecilia back on her husband's team, please.

Javier is not dead yet. He managed to escape and calls Natalia from a public phone. He has no money. He has nothing. He is afraid he will be tracked down and killed. She asks him to give her 10 minutes to think of what to do and call her back. Natalia calls Alonso for help. Her call interrupts Alonso and Mauro's continuing discussion about Regina, the laborers union, the presidency and why Regina did not tell him about it. Alonso talks to his mother Natalia. He makes it clear that eventhough he does not like Javier he will help her. Javier calls back. Natalia tells him Alonso will help him out. The phone goes dead because a big black van has stopped next to where Javier was standing. He is back on on the street running for his life.

At Cecilia's, the apology has devolved into chitchat about Cecilia never having known her father and how Mario always "helped" her and her mother out blah, blah, blah. Lucky for them both, Isela has arrived on the scene. She is introduced and Regina gets going while the going is good. Yes!, Cecilia will be back at work that very afternoon. After, Regina leaves, Mario comes out. Isela makes a joke: they almost had a family reunion. Isela does not like that they have not revealed Cecilia's true identity. Why not tell Regina who Cecilia really is? Cecilia thanks her father. Mario leaves. Isela has no hope for Cecilia's new job and tears it and Mario down only as she can. Cecilia, on the other hand, is full of hope. Today she met her sister and she soon will have the position she deserves.

Alonso is at the doctor's and is told no sex for a few more days. He has to give the antibiotics time to work. There are no miracles. Alonso complains that he needs a miracle because he is on the outs with his wife. The doctor says that much is clear because he evidently has been with a promiscuous woman. Alonso gets irritated and warns the doctor that even though he is a trusted friend, he Alonso is still the governor. The doctor reminds him his rank does not give him immunity.

Regina gets home to find out that Emiliano is feeling better and that a girl came by to visit him. Regina goes to see him in his room where she finds Emiliano who suddenly has a nasty attitude towards her. She asks who was the girl that came by to see him. Emiliano tells her it was her "lover's" daughter. Regina has no idea what he is talking about.

Natalia has company. It is Omar. He wants info about Javier. So what does she know? She knows nothing. Her lover escaped. Yes, she does know something because didn't Javier call her???? Omar starts to choke her.


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Wow! There were supposed non-aggression pacts/truces all over the place tonight.

I felt sorry for Regina as you cold tell by my original title. More mañana.

Jarifa: Alonso is the Governor. I'm assuming he's plotting a run for the Presidency next ?

Steve, yes and it seems only certain people are in on his plan and Regina is not one of them.

Excellent recap, Jarifa! Ximena is very annoying. "old codger mafiosi"--Loved it! Cecilia really should realize from Regina's apology and overtures that she has a very decent 1/2 sister and lay off seducing Alonso--but she won't.

Gracias, Jarifa.

Of course Cecelia won't stop trying to seduce Alonso; it's starting to work. Not only that, she will try to take away everything she thinks is Regina's.

Alonso is an entitled despot, only a little more subtle (so far) than his father. How is he going to behave once he finds out that Cecelia and Regina are half-sisters? Even money says he finds out before either of the two women do. He probably already feels like one of those Eastern potentates of yore.

Rat Bastard.

Javier is a Dead Man Running.

Meanwhile the doctor told Alonso he can't have sex for a few more days, so how will he restrain himself? His entitled attitude is truly confounding here. It's the 21st century and science has the last word on this.

Thank you Jarifa, for a great recap. I dozed off and missed the last scene!

I totally agree with SpanProf that Ximena is very annoying. First, begging her father not to leave her troublesome mother knowing that he no longer loves her, but not because of another woman. Then she has the nerve to go to Emi and tell him their parents are lovers. Que metiche!

I can't decided who is the bigger dirt bag - Mario or Omar. What a crazy story!

Thank you so much, Jarifa!

I was so pissed at how Regina got played this episode. She needs to put on those batteries if she wants to go toe to toe with the likes of these people.

I feel bad for Cecelia. As Urban said before, she has grown up without her father' love, hoping to get a scrape, and is willing to do most anything for it. Of course, the promise of power is always alluring so it'll be interesting to see what she does with it, if and when she gets it.

Alonso is such a big. You have an STD, stop trying to have sex with people!

Ximena, I had sympathy for her, as I did for Emiliano but they are also brats. Especially Ximena because she knows how bad Teresa could be but she's content to blame the whole ordeal on Gerardo and attack someone with little to no proof. Sigh.

This 'Worst Mother's List' from the Latin Times is right up Urban's alley! You guys have mentioned at least one, if not several, of these telenovela moms as being exceptionally terrible.
I don't know how to make it a hyperlink with HTML, but if you take the time to read the article, you'll find that the moms listed have been discussed many times by Caraymates.


Thanks, Victoria!

Ugh Bernarda Guillen and Antonia Guerra were so horrible. Bernarda was exceptionally terrible to her actual daughter that it was incredible.

I still have to check put Avendia Brasil though

Span Prof, thanks! This is a fun one, isn't it? Ximena is very annoying but IMHO the fault lies at the feet of her father. Get a divorce already; get Ximena away from her mother. He never should have told her so much about "love of his life" Regina. He needs to treat her like the kid she still is.

Urban, you are welcome and thank you for reminding me of one of my favorite phrases I have not thought of for a while but is so appropriate here for several characters: "rat bastard". I loved the "Dead Man Running", too. I don't think he has long.

Loriloo, you are welcome. Mario and Omar are definitely in the same league with Alonso just a few years(not many)behind.

You are welcome, Alfredo. I cannot wait until Regina starts putting the pieces of the puzzle together. It hurt seeing her manipulated so easily. Cecilia is a sad character. Being raised by Isela and Mario who knows what she has seen or done beyond what we know.

Victoria, thanks for the link! I will have to take a look.


Victoria,I just checked out that article and they left out Catalina Creel and Ursula Santibanez. These are the two I consider to be the worst of the worst.

Nor did they mention Graciela Mendoza's numerous repeat offenses of Crimes of Fashion. :)

Jarifa: As I've said before, Cecilia reminds me of the Erika de la Rosa character in Bajo el mismo cielo--a villainness, but we understand the causes of her villainy, so she comes across as at least somewhat sympathetic.

Sorry I'm so late and have not been around much to comment on the show. But I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to you Jarifa for this splendid recap. And thank you too all the other recappers, including Urban, Alfredo, and Sandie for their previous recaps which were just excellent.

I am wondering why Ximena thinks she has the right to approach Emiliano to accuse that his mother is having an affair with her father? I think that really takes a lot of nerve to approach someone you don't know with this kind of "information" (which from what I can tell is not true, but only imaginations from her mother.) But at least we got to see him kind of "normal" and not crying and depressed looking.

Are Gerardo and his wife (can't remember her name) divorced? I heard him refer to her as his ex wife.

Oh I hope Omar isn't one of these characters that we have to put up with till the very end. I am really having trouble with not only his evil ways, but I cannot stand to see spousal abuse. Men who beat their wives are the slime of the earth.

I am looking forward to more interaction between Cecelia and Regina. I can see that Alonso seems to have his eyes on her. If they end up in an affair, this will get very sticky.

Well onward with tonight's episode! :)

Cynthia, thank you for your kind words.

Sad to say but Gerardo is only separated from his wife Teresa.

Jarifa--Just another voice to add to your chorus of grateful readers and commenters. Those of us who don't use CC's really need you.

The comments this weekend have basically said all I would have said, but did want to put my two cents in before the comments line closes.

I rewatched the episode and in the scene where Ignacio is sitting across from Casino's CG that has just given a check to Ignacio, not the other way around. I imagine it's a kick-back. Ignacio basically tells him it is better to be on the side of the party and not just the governor, because it's in the hands of the party where his next casino is going to be built--or something like that. Ignacio also tells him that if anyone comes nosing around asking questions (I think it was about Gerardo and the debt) he knows nothing. Casino Guy indicates he'll be as silent as a tomb.

I don't like that guy and I don't like Ignacio either, but they are secondary rats to Mario and Omar.

I find the intro music hauntingly lovely. Normally, after I'm acquainted with the intro credits, I skip them. With this tn, I'm listening and watching. I love the chessboard reference with each character on a square--all of them in black or grey except for Regina = Queen, dressed in red. Odd because it was Omar who some time ago said to Alonso something about being the most important piece on the board, referring to the queen. Alonso thought he was referring to Alonso himself, but Omar meant Alonso's wife.

Thanks for the extra info, Anita. It is appreciated. : )


Jarifa thanks for the recap, just got to it, very thorough and well written.

I agree with you Anita, Ignacio is my second least favorite character from early on I said he is just a tailcoat rider. He has no loyalties to the party, to Gerardo or to anyone, but he will pretend he does as long as it will get him something or somewhere.

Omar is the most disgusting of all characters, he walks around like he is the puppet master but is a coward of the highest caliber. Take away his goons and he is a mouse. Natalia needs to get away from him ASAP.

Lastly, I do agree with you Jarifa, Regina is being double crossed, and made out to be a fool by Alonso, Cecilia and worse of all her own Father who IMHO is the other very dislikable character in this tale of tyrannical, corrupt, swindlers.


Your're welcome, Sandie.

I totally agree about Omar. I hope we see him get his due as well as Mario and Alonso.

Sandie--I see Mario pleading innocence if and when an affair is ever revealed between Alonso and Cecelia--he only introduced them for her to get a job. The real explosion will come when they find out she is his daughter and Regina's half-sister.

He's going to protect that secret as long as he can. I see Isela as being the one that breaks that little bit of news--providing she can keep herself safe and has other means of support (it's his bordello business, after all).

I wanted to add that Silvia N. is as lovely as she's ever been--and with a minimum of make-up and no hair extensions. Her hair-do may be stylish (???) but to me it looks as though she forgot to brush it when she got dressed in the morning. Even her mother is coiffed early in the morning.

I'm sorry to see Emi and Xi get closer and for Emi to think his mother is having an affair (which we all acknowledge she WILL soon). What can she say now to counter that. Shame of Xi for ratcheting the suspicion up a notch to full-blown lover. All it will do is hurt her father, Emi and Emi's mother.

Sadly, Omar's threats will keep Natalia around for more abuse. I feel sorry for Javier, but not too much, but he's already suffered enough torture. I hope the guys that kidnapped him are Alonso's folks.

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