Friday, June 16, 2017

La doble vida de Estela Carillo, #30 Friday, 6/16/17 The worst idiot narco wannabe in history

Paloma and Rosario surprise Laura with a visit right outside of Furia Productions. There are a lot of fans there waiting to see Regia, between them Nina and Fausto, too. Fausto sees Palomita and says « mi hija » (did I hear right?)

Steve is trying to win some time for Ryan, who is still in the restaurant basement, dealing with the slowest computer ever. He finally finds some documents, but has to run before he's able to make any type of transfers.

Laura as Regia meets with Marcelino, the leader of one of the cartels – she promises that she was forced to sing. Danilo, aka the New El Dorado is also there. Laura is disgusted to see what new role Danilow is playing.

LetMe and Tadeo come to take Maria back to Tomass' home. She doesn’t want to go, but Erasmo says she can always come visit him, but can't stay for good. Maria reluctantly agrees to go, but wants to say goodbye to her dad first ; as soon as she’s alone, she steals the money she found the night before, because she feels that her father is failing her (or is it her entire family?)

Danilo and Marcelino talk about the muchos milliones that El Doradope will need to hide (Laura sings and listens). Basically the deal is that ED and Marcelino are forming a money laundering gang against Porfirio, the big rival, who'll have to find another laundromat  regional music producer Dope to do his dirty business.

El Doradope asks Assdrubal more questions about the money and finally realizes  that he's just a patsy (DUH !), that money can never be close to the Real El Dorado. I still don't totally get this plot, though. Asdrubal, Talisman, all the other goons and the big ED in person all work to hide dirty money made by bigger bads then they are? I thought they had to hide their own dirt...
Laura thinks that Danilow as Dorado is a Fiasco, he's just a titere (puppet). She asks him to help her get out of this, trying to make him think about their past friendship– he changed so much since then… Danilow asks if she would love him if he gave up everything and they went back to the way things were. Yeah, love him as a friend, Laura makes it clear. Danilow says that he could do anything for her, if she loved him. He wants to know where she’s staying (in a hotel). He says that he loves her and he’s not a monster, but she just leaves. 

Fausto inquires Nina about Palomita, says he knows who the father is…
Mr. Blake is in sort of cemetery for funerary urns  (can't remember the name) crying (real tears) for a bebita,who didn't deserve to die, while Laura is still alive. His pain looks real, is he crying over Paloma? Does he think she's dead and is he the real father?

Laura and Ryan are back at the apartment, talking about their unsuccessful snooping around day. She would like to return to where she met Marcelino, but they always cover her eyes during the rides. She thinks they should steal the big money that Danilow needs to hide. This way Marcelino will kill him.
At the same time El Doradope asks Morgana to help him hide the actual money (before they find a way to "clean" it through Furia?) He has a plan to leave it with Morgana, but won’t share all the details for now (Big mistake!). Just be careful not to touch it, he warns and then he has some coke.

Ryan wants to move to a hotel, he thinks they're too crowded at the apartment and he won’t say why he left Mercy’s. But there she is, at the door. She thinks that Estela and Ryan are lovers, what would Danilow say if he knew? Paloma arrives and jumps to Mercy’s arms. She doesn’t think this is a good place for Paloma, they need to get back at the house, forget their past problems for Paloma’s sake.

Danilow meets Ursula, Porfirio’s sister. She needs him to hide some money for them. At the same time Marcelino’s team in on its way with more money. Ursula sees a doll, asks about a daughter and Danilow quickly says that his little girl is with a granny outside the house.
Morgana, now at a fancy hotel, needs to prepare to receive the money. She needs to use a fake name in order to do that, but we don't hear what name El Doradope gives her.  He's in a rush, because Asdrubal is on his way with the other stash of dirty money and wants to see where Danilow plans to hide it.
Ursula and Morgana eventually meet and start to chat about the brilliance of hiding the money somewhere public. Morgana, who is stupid by nature and hasn't been informed of all the details that I bet El Doradope can barely keep straight for himself, makes a huge mistake when mentioning Marcelino's name.  Ursula realizes something is wrong, so she takes back the money and goes straight to her brother in Tijuana, to let him know that El Doradope is a double agent.
Porfirio is furious, he wants to leave El Doradope's gang without any money or guns. More than that, Danilow’s family is their main target. And since Ursula knows that Danilow has a daughter…

In case someone was wondering, Tomas just went from violent creep to certified molester in training!!! LetMe is not home when he arrives, but he finds Maria lounging on the couch, wearing a very short skirt.  He has full access to her legs, so he starts to film them, until Tadeo arrives and covers them with a pillow. Tomass makes something up and leaves, but Tadeo read the situation very well - I hope he's around enough to avoid something very bad from happening. 
Later Maria is bored, doesn’t want to be at Tomass'. Tadeo is searching online to buy something. Just then Baldo sends a message, he’s free and wants to meet.

Mercy and Laura talk about coming to a cease fire and helping one another. Laura knows she will have to go back to Danilow eventually, but she won’t leave her daughter behind. Mercy thinks Paloma should go to school and Laura agrees.

Steve and Genesis are on a date. She goes straight to the point, she wants to sleep with him, but he wants to know each other first. She gets super offended and leaves. WTF! If the situation was reversed, she'd complain to the moon and back. What is wrong with this woman?

Paloma is playing with her dolls, and Mercy comes to join her. Every doll has the name from someone from the family: Mom, Ryan, Rosario, Mercy. They share a cute moment, love declaration included ! 

The next day Mercy, Chayo, Augustin and Paloma are visiting schools, when a SUV stops them and takes Paloma !!! Mercy calls Ryan and tells him. She’s screaming, this can’t happen to her « again ». 

Nina is trying to organize Regia’s fun club, but Genesis won’t share too much over the phone. Laura arrives just then and Genesis tells her that the fans want her to sign some pictures. Laura and Nina set a date on the phone, just as Fausto wakes up and hears. He punches Nina, who faints and he goes instead.
Laura waits for Nina with Genesis, who has to leave, though. Just then Fausto shows up. Laura is disgusted to see him, but he has her passport. She won’t get it back until he has his money. He threatens to give it to the people who are looking for her. Just then Laura's phone rings and she finds out about Paloma.She leaves in a hurry, not giving Fausto another look.

She meets with Ryan, Chayo and Mercy.  Ryan didn’t call the police, he thinks it could be dangerous. They need to wait for the kidnappers to call. Chayo doesn't think that Danilow had anything to do with this, he actually loves Paloma, too.

And talking about the Main Dope, he comes to see Morgana and asks where she hid the money. She says that Ursula took the money back and he realizes that they are in trouble because Morgana made a huge mistake. She should have kept her mouth shut, he threatens, while almost strangling her.
Porfirio calls Danilow, saying that he has his daughter, who will die because of him . Danilow tries to play it cool, pretend that he doesn't care about the girl, she's not even his. Even so, Porfirio insists that she should matter to him.

Ryan is still insisting on waiting, while  Mercy and Chayo don't remember anything about the kidnappers. Eventually Mercy does remembers a pirate logo on the black car that took Paloma and this gives Ryan an idea. He and Laura go to a radio station and make up a promotional campaign, asking people who have seen the logo to call, because there are Regia prizes for them. 

Coked up El Doradope arrives to meet with Porfirio. He wants Danilow to stop working with Marcelino, or else… Paloma is locked in a car, with no air and nobody to help. The guns come off, Danilow has an hour to deliver.

Laura and Ryan are in the car, desperately waiting, listening to the radio, see if someone will call. Meanwhile Mercy and Chayo wait at home and bond over the tragedy. Chayo thinks it’s Danilow's fault for being a useless narco, but Mercy blames herself. Chayo reassures her, she's the taught one, they both need to stay strong.

Danilow calls Assdrubal to tell him what happened, he wants out of the deal with Marcelino and they can work with Porfirio instead. Ass thinks that Marcelino could turn against them if they did that. Danilow mentions Regia, but Ass doesn’t care. Besides, if Paloma is dead, Danilow can have his own child. Danilow looks desperate to save Paloma, but Ass is… an ass.

Back with Ryan and Laura, a Regia fan calls to say she saw the SUV with the pirate logo near her place and Ryan leaves in a hurry to find it. And we see Paloma in the car, nearly fainted or asleep, with barely any air to breath, calling for her mom. This sucks so much!


Adriana, wow! That was fast! Thank you so much for making such an intense episode more entertaining.

Some of my favorites:

"Morgana, who is stupid by nature and hasn't been informed of all the details that I bet El Doradope can barely keep straight for himself, makes a huge mistake when mentioning Marcelino's name." The woman has a motor mouth!

"In case someone was wondering, Tomas just went from violent creep to certified molester in training!!!" I hate that monster!

"Steve and Genesis are on a date...She gets super offended and leaves. WTF! If the situation was reversed, she'd complain to the moon and back. What is wrong with this woman?" Now that was a shocker, wasn't it? My opinion of Genesis has changed somewhat ...waaaay too liberated IMO.

"Danilow looks desperate to save Paloma, but Ass is… an ass." Rosario is right, he does love least we know he really does have a heart.

This "She’s screaming, this can’t happen to her « again »."is intriguing! So Mercy's baby was kidnapped??!!


Rgv, you're fast, too!
I'm wondering about Mercy, too. Her child might have been kidnapped or taken away from herN I guess...
I can't even despise Danilow anymore, he has become quite pitiful.

Adriana, Thank you for that detailed and speedy quick recap !I completely agree that El Danilo has become pitiful.

So much wickedness in this episode. Tomass is proving to be the creep we feared he might be. Thank goodness Tadeo was there to protect Maria. Letme needs to get herself and her kids away from that pervert. The words ,"restraining order" should have made warning bells go off. If someone looks too good to be true..they probably aren't.

I think Bonita saw Maria at that container . I missed seeing her take the money. Maria is very unlikable.

I cannot stand watching children put in danger. I hope that Paloma is rescued quickly.

Notes to Steve:
A. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
B. Wrap that rascal.
C. Keep your mouth shut.
D. Send Kirby her number

Thank You Clara.
For letting Mommy write this fab recap.

Mercy's baby was kidnapped, Genesis is a nympho, Maria is a thief, and TomAss is a perv.
And a shot that would have brought down a whitetail deer doesn't even waste one of DaniLow's sick days.

Mercy's baby was kidnapped ?

Good Saturday Morning, Patio Peeps. 82 already but feels like 90--triple digits expected for the RGV today. HOT!!

Steve, it does appear that Mercy's long, lost baby was kidnapped. Big clue was when she was crying hysterically after they took Paloma and said, "This can't happen tp me"again".

Why did they have to show this ep on a we have to wait til Monday night to see if/how Paloma gets rescued.

Poor Steve (in the TN, not Steve B)...seems like he would be a really good catch for Genesis and she blew it...or she didn't Ack!! did I say that?


tp = to


Steve, we're just assuming going by Mercy' words when Paloma was taken : " This can't happen to me again. "
Could we assume also tha the other child she had was a daughter that Paloma reminds her of?

Kirby, you made the perfect summary of the episode. Might I add: Danilow is becoming an addict, maybe coke gives him super healing powers. Do you think being El Dorado is a gig that comes with payed sick days? Danilow might want to keep those for the next time he almost gets killed.Loved your to do list for Steve, especially no. 4. (#rascal)
Reason of quick recap: Clara took a long nap, which almost never happens.

Susanlynn, I hate when kids suffer, too, even if it's make believe. I used to be stronger to this sort of things bit then I had a child and now I c wanna cry whenever I see a child evr so slightly in distress.

Rgv, our posts crossed.
Ok, I'll give a weather update, too, since this is a particularly hot summer for Northern France: it's about 28¤ Celsius right now ( too lazy to transform). That's an ok weather, but it looks lile raining soon.

Good morning, all.

Overcast and raining here with a high predicted in the low 80s. Adriana, my older daughter lives in Canada , and I have trouble conceding to Fahrenheit. I think that you double the number and add 30...or something like that.

Are we getting another strong woman theme message from Rosy with Genesis?..Women can be proactive and make the first move?

Getting ready to go to a dance recital.

Kirby, with that look on the duck, you'd think he got caught skinny-dipping :-)

SusanLynn and Adriana, it is very difficult to see anyone in distress, more so a child. I didn't have any kids but I have nieces and nephews that I love dearly. If they so much as cried (when they were little) my heart would go out to them.

I even felt for mean old Blake when he was at the columbarium. Adriana, he did say, "Why did life have to separate us when you were just a baby (girl). That Laura is alive and you are not, just confirms that there is no justice in the world." So whatever caused him to go blind and Osiel to die must have been an explosion, fire, or something that would have killed several people. I still have my doubts that Paloma is his child though.


Re: Blake, there is ostensibly a dead body in the tomb which he is convinced is worthy of his mourning. I missed the baby part. I didn't know if it was spouse or sibling or child, but it marked Blake forever.

What if Ocampo is sending a message as; "Two wrongs do not make a right." Like even though it was wrong to put Laura into the Whouse, killing a few people to get out does not make it right. Especially if one of the casualties of her escape was a baby.

OR Blake was blinded when the tomb occupant died, (we can assume) and there was actually no body, or a substitute, and the object of his grief is actually Palomita.

Yikes, what's in the coffee on weekends?

And thanks again Adriana.

Maybe there is duck Genesis in the water that we can't see.

Sue are you finally learning Ballroom Dancing? It does look like fun.


Kirby..heh..yes. Tango . I have to go check my rhinestones and sequins.

Adriana Noel, you are the consummate writer.

"El Doradope" and "Porfirio, the big rival, who'll have to find another laundromat regional music producer Dope to do his dirty business" were among many favorites.

So "Fausto sees Palomita and says « mi hija » (did I hear right?)" was mind blowing. So either Fausto or Blake could be Paloma's father? Perish the thought.

We are teased again about Mercy's lost and/or deceased child. RgvChick, if this did occur, I could certainly understand her hardened shell. I enjoyed her bonding with Paloma (love both actresses). Mercy isn't all bad and if she has opened her heart to Paloma, there is hope.

Seeing that sweet little girl with sweat on her face, eyes closed in the car was by far the most chilling scene to date. Susanlynn, "so much wickedness" fit this. I also hate to see any abuse of children.

And here I was thinking Dan was the dumbest. That dubious distinction goes to badbun who is obviously beyond stupid to think Danilo could ever be able to impersonate ED. What a great debacle he has made of everything. Oh and thank you Morgana. Kirby, loved "a shot that would have brought down a whitetail deer doesn't even waste one of DaniLow's sick days". I don't see nine lives in his future, but at least a few to buy him more time.

Should have realized Tomas was not only an abuser but pervert as well. Can we sic Fausto on him please?

I am certain Paloma will be rescued but the little angel does need to go away to a safe haven.

Adriana, thank you for your all encompassing, wonderful recap of a hard to watch episode.


AssBun has not appeared to be stupid until he became associated with the poster boy for brain dysfunction, DaniHigh. I wonder what he is thinking now. I half assumed he was just looking for someone stoopid to accept a job in which it is a given that you are disposable. Pay attention, not that the job is disposable, you are DaniLow.

But with More Gana/Less Braina (than even DaniLowa) helping, these two make Curly, Moe and Larry look pretty slick. Morgana needs to develop a trademark sound like Curly's Woo Woo Woo.

Ryan is proving himself to be about the smartest on of the whole bunch. It was his ida to do the radio contest wasn't it? I am ready to see a galan with a brain for a change.

Adriana thanks for the quick recap.

While Viewerville (rightly) has complained that the Leticia family drama seems to be totally unconnected with the rest of the plot, I think there might be thread, however loose, that might connect Tadeo to the larger story.
Tadeo (who is the most rational one of the whole family) did not tell his sister the truth when she asked him what he was doing on the Internet. He said he was searching for 'bi-lingual' schools. Not so; he was searching for guitars. I think his love of guitars may lead him to a music scene (Furia??).
The fact that the other detainee has contacted him [I guess we are settled on his name: 'Baldo' (aka Osvaldo Cadiz) and not 'Waldo'] could prove interesting. Tadeo's sister has been struck by Tadeo interest in him and perhaps Baldo's interest in Tadeo. Is this going anywhere? And how did Baldo escape deportation?


Hey all. I think there is a little bit of confusion in regards to what Fauxpas said when Laustela came out to sign autographs. Here is what was said:

Fausto: Who is that little girl?
Nina: Your daughter, Dude, your very own daughter. Hey, what does it feel like to be a father? Look at her. look at her.

Danilow was the one that kept referring to her as "my daughter" so Porfirio probably saw the televised report and that is how he got the idea that Paloma was Danilow's daughter.

Kirby "these two make Curly, Moe and Larry look pretty slick. " you are so right! It wasn't all just Morgana's fault that they targeted Paloma.

Later when Fausto and Nina were back in the bedroom, Fausto asked Nina how she knew that the child belonged to Regia. Nina responded that is was obvious because the child had called Regia "mommy." That's when he said that he knew who the father was.


Diana, "That dubious distinction goes to badbun who is obviously beyond stupid " and
Kirby, "AssBun has not appeared to be stupid until he became associated with the poster boy for brain dysfunction"

ITA, I thought Assbun was smart, but he has proven himself more of an idiot than Danilow. After the numerous times Danilow has messed up what he has been told to do/not do not to mention add fuel to the cartel fire, he still gives him a role that could cause cataclysmic devastation to the Cartel world..which really wouldn't be such a bad be rid of all the, maybe we should be thanking Assbun?? maybe???


Oh my goodness, we've forgotten about Chava! Now that Ryan's brain cells are showing some activity, he really could use Chava's help to hack into AssBun's computer...



Thanks, Adriana. Super recap. Love the way you slice through all the complications, like Morgana, who is stupid by nature and hasn't been informed of all the details that I bet El Doradope can barely keep straight for himself, makes a huge mistake when mentioning Marcelino's name.

I was hoping Laustela would just snatch her passport out of Fausto’s hand. I guess Nina is assuming Paloma is Fausto’s [or was she only teasing him?] because he claimed earlier to be Regia’s old boyfriend. Nina didn’t believe him at the time, scoffing that someone classy as Regia would hook up with the likes of him. Anyway, I’m scratching Fausto off as the father because Laustela doesn’t show that level of fear she would have of him if he could demand rights to Paloma. Mr. Blake seems to think he’s the father, but is he really?

I thought Ryan’s apartment was so super secret that not even RealEstela or Mercy knew about it? But here comes Mercy, so I guess not.

Could Úrsula have had a listening device planted in her boobs? She kept looking down when she was talking to Danilo and patted herself when he walked out of the room.

Ick(!), Tomass has got to go. Glad Tadeo noticed, hope he gets himself a better storyline.

I don’t even like child actors pretending to be in dangerous situations. I know that SUV is running air conditioning in real life, but that was awful to see.

When she fills up on too many pills, Mercy appears to know where her other kid is. I'm in the camp wondering if she means her kid was actually kidnapped, or simply taken away. She demanded that Ryan call the police. Did she call the police when her own kid was taken? If her kid was kidnapped, why hide that fact from Ryan? Nothing but questions when it comes to Mercy.

Genesis, !que pasa! Mami, does it frighten you that Steve is interested in more than just your hot bod? Have you never had a real relationship?

These folks are swimming in technology, but drowning in shallow water. With their laptops and phones and Porsches etc. why does Ryan not go on one of these self defense sites and buy LauStela one of those little gadgets the popo luuurve. The one which shoots these needles into you still connected by fishing reel style wires, to the handheld unit which generates voltage similar to lightning. Taser or something?

When FauxPas comes within range, POP ! Fausto's DOWN. Calmly walk up and retrieve the passport along with his family jewels. Drop him a needle and thread like the vet used on DaniHigh and tell him to repair himself or bleed to death. And by the way, if you ever see him again you are going to get serious about this shit Now KNOCK IT OFF.

Kirby, Ryan's brain cells just started working, maybe he'll think of that soon..or maybe Steve will think of it...he seemed to be better with technology.

Niecie, "She kept looking down ...and patted herself when he walked out of the room." I think she was just adjusting the silicone. If she did have a listening device it was probably too padded to pick up any sound LOL


Nooooo! Not Paloma :'(

Thank you so much, Adriana! Because this episode was rough.

I thought Nina would help but she just put Paloma in the middle of the storm with fausto.

Im wondering if Paloma is Mr.Blakes but she thinks shes dead.

OTA about Ryans brain cells. I think Laustela and Ryan are some about some things but so dumb in others. Ha! Laustwla still wouldnt love Danilo but theyd be friends #friendzoneforever

Morgana is so clueless. She thinks they are playing a game but when they ahoot of her toe, she wont be laughing.

Smart about some things*

"These folks are swimming in technology, but drowning in shallow water was perfect Kirby". Lovely duck in motion. Spectacular shot.

Niecie and RgvChick, yeah, Ursula trying to fix or contain her boobage was very odd. She failed to do either though, didn't she? We only saw her for a moment yet she quickly struck me as yet another unlikeable character.

Had badbun not been so blood thirsty initially and now, not so incredibly moronic, the writers might have had a handsome devil dancing just on the edge of evil. Now there are so many "top guns" and henchies, one is melding into the next and he is just one in a cesspool of garbage.


Adrian a you hit it girl.Somebody need
To take dumbasslo and dumorgana and Put them in a sack and put it on the
Next shuttle to another solar system.
They don't have a good brain Between them, and what good brain cell there was that has been fried on crack thanks to dumbnilow.

I was hoping that Tomas was a good guy
But he's takin pictures of his step daughter,"happy freaking Father's Day"
She looses on both sides.Her bio daddy ain't worth the time it takes to flush the toilet,and her step-dad is a nasty child molester. Good thing tadeo is grown up, he'd probably go after him.

Iam very disappointed in Genesis.She's
Just interested in a roll in the hey.
He's treating her like a lady and she
Thinks she's being rejected. How far we have fallen!Somebody Thinks they're all that. I think he can do better. She should go work for Tona.Don't like her anymore.

Chayo and Mercy on the same page, for How long? They could be good friends. Not Bffs but, tolerable towards each other. Mercy don't have no women pals.

So paloma is fausto's daughter by mr
Blake's daughter?I wouldn't be shocked
If he killed pallys mom and set Laura up to take that rap for it. He's just
That weaselly. And why would he get mad and elbow Nina and Knock her out just cuz she's making arrangements to visit Regia?He's evil I tell ya, he's

Danilo seemed very shaken about the plite of little paloma. Could it be because she told him she loves him? I
Wonder how his mother treated him as he was growing up? Well he's pretty screwedup,can't blame momma for all of that. He knows right from wrong.

"Had badbun not been so bloodthirsty initially and now so incredibly moronic, the writers might have had a handsome devil dancing just on the edge of evil. Now there are so many "Top Guns" and henchies, one is just melding into the next and he is just one in a cesspool of garbage".
Diana, That is very well said. Cuz Danilo has started crowlin with snakes
In form. And he's enjoying it.He might
Die with them too. That happens when you join the Dark Side.

Thank you Adirana.

Kirby that duck looks like she's posing for your camera. On purpose.

Niecie, she obviously has never had a real relationship which is probably why she dresses like a hooker, she thinks that's the only way she can get a man. You saw how she was going at him just like a real Pro. She should go to work for Tona. He looked so lost wondering what he said to make her leave. I think he can do better.

Nina, "Danilo seemed very shaken about the plite of little paloma. Could it be because she told him she loves him". I honestly do think he does. He seemed charmed by her from the start. Completely understandable as only the coldest heart could not warm up to that little darling. Naturally, Badbun and his henchies are excluded as they obviously have no hearts.

I would think that if you wanted a pure, physical relationship, you might not pursue someone "close to home". Genesis works at Furia, owned by Ryan. Steve is a very close friend of his. I found him a strange choice. We don't have much insight to her character so perhaps she doesn't want a meaningful relationship in the cerebral sense. That could mean she isn't interested or is afraid. Or both. Whatever her rationale, it's her choice. But even so, she could have been polite, stayed a few minutes and exited gracefully. While her attitude would have been enough to turn me off had I been Steve, I think he won't give up. Quit yet.

So, Ryan and Laura are together. Well kind of. Aside from them, no one else in this is in a healthy, happy relationship are they?


Oh come on girls, Genesis just wanted to skip a step.

I agree Kirby. Genesis knows what she wants and goes for it. I suppose Steve was just taken aback for a second.

Morgana offered to hide the millions of cash in her breasts and cheeks though. Points for creativity?

Guys, I am with Adriana in that if the situation were reversed, Genesis would have been beside herself.

And we (well, definitely me) would have been all over him. He only wants one thing, yada, yada...

In the end, I guess such a strong come on after one meal is just not that attractive to me. From either sex. Obviously, opinions differ :) that's one of the reasons I so enjoy it here.


Alfredo, "Steve was just taken aback for a second." I think it was much more than a second. Had it been the typical guy, maybe, but Steve seems to be resolute on taking it slow. We have no clue about his backstory. Could it be that he was in a relationship that left him very hurt and gunshy?

I'm all for independent, strong women which Genesis seems to be...and I don't have a problem with women being proactive and make the first move...but this was not a move, it was a push. I think someone already said this and I agree: She should have been more of a lady and at least stayed for dinner. Seems like all she wants to do is party with her friends or "have a good time' with guys.



Diana, our comments crossed..."In the end, I guess such a strong come on after one meal is just not that attractive to me. From either sex. Obviously, opinions differ :) that's one of the reasons I so enjoy it here." ITA especially about the reasons I enjoy it here :-)


OK all kidding aside, Gen could have been a little more coy about it even if she already knew HER game plan. Steve knew nothing about her aside from what he saw at Furia and that she works for his Buddy. Given his best friend is her boss and she dresses like the Sabado Gigante girls he should have expected to have a fairly easy road to San Francisco. Her approach does take away some of the romance as did Laustela's trist with DaniLow. Actually both girls managed to bring things to a screeching halt. Steve just didn't anticipate meeting her at the SF city limit sign.

And I have no clue where the writers are going with this Genesis easy Street thing.

Well, I left my comment on yesterday's episode, so I will try again.

Gee, so Genesis came right out right away and wanted to bunnyhop with Steve on the first date. Is that what is happening these days? She doesn't even know what his favorite color is , or if he likes animals, or if he cheats at monopoly. He could be a creepy creep like Tomass. The times they are a changing .

I have to mention that the radio woman's voice make my ears bleed. What a shrill sound.

Kirby, "I have no clue where the writers are going with this Genesis easy Street thing." I don't either. I guess some of us are being somewhat harsh on Genesis because we really liked her and she really surprised us with her "extreme" tactic.


Well Sue yeah what was disconcerting is she wanted to BEFORE dinner. I assumed she wasn't hungry yet. Some girls.

Susanlynn, I'm not sure how much small talk Gen and Steve got in, but had it been me, asking if he likes animals would have been one of my first questions. Had the answer been no, I would have high tailed it out of there even faster than she did :)

Yes RgvChick, I like strong women. I hope that I am strong at times. Can't deny that I was a bit disappointed. I had Gen on a pedestal (my pedestal, rather unfairly). While she didn't do anything wrong, I was hoping for a nice, soft romantic kiss between the two. There is SO little romance in TNs lately, it's all too rare, rather than the norm. As you noted Kirby, her actions just took romance completely out of the equation. Had it been a much more subtle seduction, things might have ended very differently.


So they don't play baseball anymore? First base, second base, third base. They just go right for hitting it over the fence and a homerun on the first date? What ever happened to courtship and romance...dinner, movies, hikes, picnics,playing sports ?? Anticipation? Flirting?

Thank you, Adriana.

I am way behind on reading and commenting. Here are some comments for episodes earlier this week:


Ryan worries that his father died of disappointment over Mercy's affair? REALLY? But Walter cheated too. Who cares about his feelings?

Tomas warns that the kids can't hang around the house all day with nothing to do? LOL, would he prefer them to hang out at the park instead like him?

Regarding Danilslow's smile when he got shot... I've noticed that Dani always smiles in situations when he ought to be scared. Smiling might be a cultivated reaction to terror for him.


Talisman says he'll make the fire look like it was caused by a short circuit. Well, considering he used gasoline and had the windows nailed shut, no one is going to believe that.

I had forgotten about La Tona. If Tona got Nina the gig at El Dorado's party, then TONA is the link between Blake and El D.

Erasmo tells Maria that neither he nor Bonita has time to take care of her. Oh? What are they going to do when the baby comes?? Babies need a lot more attention than a teenager - even a sullen one.

Niecie, you are not the only one who is interested in the Tomas/Leticia story. I'm sure it's there for a reason. Maybe musical Tadeo will get drawn into Furia drama, or maybe Leticia will find something incriminating in a wastebasket there. Perhaps Erasmo works for one of the cartels. And we don't know Tomas's profession (other than loitering) - that could turn out to be significant.

SusanLynn, I really think girls (or most girls) do still play "baseball," even boys/men. For some reason, Ocampo is going to extremes to get her message(s) across and keeps shocking us with her storylines. I don't think I've seen any of her other TNs so I don't know if this is typical of her.


Hi, Julie. Regarding Dan smiling at strange times, my Aunt Emma used to laugh uncontrollably when she was nervous. Once she was in the car and my Aunt Eleanor was driving. They got pulled over by a cop , and. Yes. ...Aunt Emma was giggling .

And I am with you on Ry's concern for Walter. Really, Ry??? poor Wally, he was so hurt by Mercyme having an affair....while he was having an affair\s!! Double standard??

Oh, I cry when I'm angry, so I totally get inappropriate responses to emotions. Danilo's is unusual, but he seldom looks as frightened as he ought to be. Some of that might just be stupidity, though.

The radio host's voice made my ears bleed, too.

As for Genesis, well, I guess she's just fast. Maybe she has a weird self-esteem issue where sex is the only thing she has to offer.

Or maybe she's a sex addict. I hope not.

(Everything I've seen of Rosy Ocampo before was a remake, so I can't say whether this is really a Rosy thing or not.)

Julie, thanks for bringing up Talisman and the "short circuit". I noticed that too but completely forgot to comment on that. He also commented to AssBun that he was a "professional" so I was really expecting to see sparks, a circuit go out, something to that effect. But when he was dousing the place with gasoline, I was, like, QTH??

Your connection regarding La Tona makes sense, but I thought Fausto was the one getting Nina the gigs. Right now La Tona and Fausto are not working together, I thought La Tona was just using Nina to get info on Fausto and what he is up to, but you could be right.

Forgot to sign, that was me at 9:45


Yikes, I meant "where SHE THINKS sex is the only thing she has to offer."

I don't think Fausto is getting Nina any gigs - on Tuesday night he had to pay her in advance to reserve her time. He whined about it, too. He is a client.

Thanks for that info, I completely missed that on Tuesday night. I wonder how long it's going to take Nina to tell La Tona about Fausto's interest in "Regia." Once she does that, it won't be long before La Tona figures things out.


I kind of think Genesis being bold with Steve is part of the idea that women can do as they please. There are a lot of bold women in this show...Estela, Mercyme, Rosario, Genesis. Even Bonita is bold in letting Letme and his kids know that Eraser belongs to her and that she would like them to disappear from his life. Ton is a business woman . Morg feels free to say and do anything that pops into her head and wear as few clothes as she wants. Letme seems to be the one weak link in the strong woman theme. however, at some point, I think, she is going to stand up to Peeping Tom. This will probably be when she notices him lusting after her teenage daughter. Then, she will go BSC on him.

Julie,Thursday: Talisman says he'll make the fire look like it was a short circuit. Well considering he used gasoline and all of the windows were nailed shut nobody is going to believe that. Lol, Lol, Lol. Girl That
Had me crackin. That one brain cell he got is obviously falling asleep because of all the alcohol he's been drinking. And assbun's brain cell been gone a long time ago cuz he ended up thanking him for it, which means he's not thinking at all either.These narco people are serious and seriously dumb. Nobody is going to think that fire was caused by bad wiring when they smell
The gasoline. Talis-man is brilliant.

"That had me crackin up".

I don't know that it's dumb to make Danilo pose as El D. For one thing, it puts him in all kinds of danger (of getting framed/arrested/killed), which is good for everyone. For another, it's not stupid for a business to have a clown for a mascot - it works great for McDonald's.

Julie, I cry when I am angry too. Once or twice, I've had to walk away from a situation at work when I can felt I was on the verge of saying something I shouldn't. I can usually keep my cool, it's just the infrequent, arrogant ass that manages to push my buttons. The older I get, the less compelled I feel to "take it".

Unfortunately for me, you only need to glance at me to see how I am feeling. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my emotions on my face. I've always yearned for a poker face but that's a mask I will never learn to wear.


OMG Julie, "it's not stupid for a business to have a clown for a mascot - it works great for McDonald's" - thank you. I just laughed out loud. That was great!


Thanks again, Adriana. I did a double-take at the word "fiasco." When I was little, I thought "fiasco" was a type of wine. (I had heard of "lambrusco" and I guess that's what I was thinking of.) I still have that reaction sometimes!

Not only do I think that El D is the real Estela, I think the real Estela is BunMan's sister. (It's not weird that Ryan wouldn't know Estela's brother, is it?) That would explain his loyalty as well as the amount of authority he has.

Ha..Ronald McDonald !!

Diana, in Outlander, the hero tells the heroine that she has "a glass face" look at her face and everyone knows what she is feeling and thinking.

I sometimes cuss and fuss to Hubba when I am angry. I try to keep my emotions in check most of the time. I don't usually cry much anymore. I have come to realize that it just leaves me with a stuffy nose and red eyes and leaves me feeling worse. I never cry at shows or books. Maybe I am all cried out. I once taught a chapter about crying removing toxins from your body. I wonder if that is true.

Julie, interesting theory about Assbun and Realstela... looks like we're all thinking that she's ED - having a patsy would protect her life, but also the business since I don't believe that it's easy for a woman to gain credibility and respect in the narco world (see La Reina del Sur).
If they are related, that would explain a lot of things but they could also be lovers, imo - have a Bonny and Clyde thing going on.

About emotions and crying...
I tend to take it out on my husband, too, sometimes, but he rarely allows me to get away with it. I can get easily stressee in certain situations but that also helps me deliver better (especially when it comes to work)
I don't know if crying is like a good cleansing but I do have a good cry once in a blue moon and for me this is a way to release stress.

Someone said in a comment that Morgana is taking everything as a joke. So true! Did she have the chance to visit the basement? I can't rememberbut at the very least Assbun should do something to her, since Danilow doesn't seem to care about her one way or the other.

Tona promised Nina to get her important clients if she gives her information about Faustos business. She needs him back because her business is almost broken and he was her best recruiter and made her and Osiel earn very good money.

I don't think that Fausto continued recruiting after Laura escaped from the bordella and neither wants to return to the business. For some strange reason he hided for years from Mr. Blake and Tona and now he is playing a dangerous game with them in which he can end up all burned. Nina should be very careful because she is in the middle of two snakes that will bite her if she doesn't take precautions. Oh that punch that she received was tough, scary how Fausto opened his eyes just in the moment in where Nina was saying where she would see Laura.


Marla, welcome! I think I haven't seen you post before...
You're right, Fausto punching Nina gave me th chills, too. What is wrong with these people that they're capable of hurting, even killing other human beings without blinking an eye. What is it that snaps in them to make them so vicious? I cannot believe that some people are just born evil. Take Danilow for example: he started out like the comic relief of the show, a guy who was all about his music and maling money from it and now he's turned into an assassin and an addict with no remorse. It was luke he flipped a switch and changed, there was no outstanding event happening to make him do all of this, jus some shaddy guys promising him a lot of money and power. It always comes down to that, I guess.

I'm wondering if Genesis may set a trap for Steve…to see how he would react and she's just waiting for him to pass? If he just doesn't want to sleep with her, then she can know he's serious, as other guys haven't been in the past?

Then again, we don't know Steve's past, as others have said, and may be's the sex addict? Or has some sort of STD that he need Genesis to be aware of first?


May everyone's day be filled with much happiness, peace and love.


Good morning all - will echo RgvChick's Happy Father's Day - to all fathers, mothers who are both mother and father, grandfathers, husbands, significant others, uncles, nephews, fur fathers...

So for Father's Day, my poor hub is "celebrating" (ack) by having a total knee replacement tomorrow (the second to be scheduled once he recovers from the first). Any and all prayers and good thoughts will be appreciated.

Hope to comment Tuesday before I go to the hospital to visit. There's always a wry, insightful comment or a kind word here.

Til then, thinking of all you - Diana

Diana - Sending out a prayer to your husband and you. He certainly has the best support with you in his camp. Hoping Tuesday that you both are getting much rest.


Diana, hope all goes well with your husband. Thoughts and prayers definitely go out to your husband and you.

Marla, WELCOME!! I'm sure you've been lurking and I'm glad you decided to comment. I just started commenting a few months ago and I'm glad I did--the peeps here are very welcoming, insightful and witty. I hope you will continue to comment, it's always nice to join in the discussions and listen to everyone's perspectives.

Alfredo, thank you for bringing forth another perspective on the Genesis-Steve situation. Now that I've had time to get over the shock of her "move", I can consider different possibilities. It could be that Genesis misinterpreted Steve's intentions. It isn't very often that a first date starts with a private dinner at the man's apartment (at least I don't think so). She did say that she had thought they were going out for dinner. And being that he still needed to prepare the dinner (which would be the first for him), I can see where Genesis got her signals crossed. And she may have rushed out because she was embarrassed that she moved too quickly and got rejected.

So there, a new perspective that redeems Genesis and puts her back on the pedestal I had her on.


The only reason I don't think BunMan and La Dorado are lovers is because he did Morgana. That's not neccessarily a deal-breaker, but I think it weakens the argument.

Marla: "[Fausto] is playing a dangerous game with them in which he can end up all burned." Or crushed, shot, mangled... but definitely dead in some way. So far he's managed to stay off BunMan's radar, but let's see how long that lasts.

I'm still puzzled by Genesis, but considering she's always been level-headed and kind, I'm sure there's an explanation. I will say, though, that she's always been efficient too - and perhaps she was just trying to be efficient with Steve. ;-)

I do hope she isn't trying to get him to jump through hoops. That's mean.

Happy Father's Day, fatherly types. And good luck to Diana's husband. For whatever it is worth, I have a coworker who got both knees done about a year ago and is now as good as new.

Happy Father's Day, everyone!

Diana, I wish you and husband the best. Sending you lots of light and happy thoughts today and always. Hope so see you back soon :)

Steve and Genesis are a backstoryless enigma. I feel without more back story we will always be in the dark as to what exactly happened. I think they will be good for each other in the long-run though (I hope!)

I'm still going with the "Owner of the company where we all work's BFF asked me out." for Genesis. I've seen stranger here in Looney Florida. We will have to see how she acts next time Steve comes into Furia. The music business IS populated with some people who dance to a different drum.

Ok, I have another wild theory that comes from left field--yes, I do have an overabundance of thinking time...and I refuse to accept that Paloma is in any way related to Blake.

I was watching "My Sister's Keeper" with Cameron Diaz (where one child was conceived to save the life of her older sister). We know Laura ran to the US to save Paloma from "those people." We also know that Blake was after the baby; and now we know he lost a child.
WHAT IF-Paloma has some gene, blood type, or something unique that could have saved Blake's child? We still wouldn't know who that parents really are, but that would explain why Paloma was so important to Blake and why Laura was so intent on getting her away from "those people."

I'm also reconsidering my first wild theory (which I know goes against TN law) that has Realstela as MercyMe's daughter, especially now that we know that MercyMe's baby was kidnapped/taken. WHAT IF- Pedro C kidnapped the baby and raised it as his own (as revenge for not being given his place at Furia).

Yep, wild theories, but it makes my day go faster.


I hope we get confirmation that Realestela and Ryan never did the deed then. It is very possible, RgvChick, especially after Mercy's person confession, but that would be such a taboo jump that wow! I would be completely disgusted but also surprised that a Mexican novela "went there."

Happy Fathers' Day !! We are taking Hubba to his favorite place for brunch. Have a good day all.

P.s. hmmm..the fathers on our show....Walter, Pedro , Eraser, Joe, and Paloma's Mystery dad . ..not a great group of dads.

Diana, I will certainly be keeping you and your hub in my thought and prayers. I wish him good luck for a speedy recovery. We have a friend who hurt his knees at a very young age playing football for Duke University. He suffered for years until he finally had both knees replaced at the same time !

Julie...Hmm..Genesis does seem to be a very reliable And efficient secretary, but that move with Steve...ahem.."Let's do this!!!" Maybe Rosy wants to illustrate to her audience that women can be free spirits about sex.

As to Fausto..I would not mind a trip to Bun's Basement for him. I hate Fausto..another arrogant jerk.

I wonder how long until Morgana starts wearing full-length tops in order to cover her fake baby bump.

Rgv, your theory about Realstela and Ryan being step siblings gives me the chills, since I do believe that they slept together. But who knows? He did say that he never took her to his apartement. Maybe their love was pure and demure.
If Pedro C stole Realstela to raise, then Mercy must not be aware, because she would not have allowed for Ry to be with his sister, right?

Didn't Mercy's baby have a necklace? I'm bad at checking people for jewelry, but maybe it's been hiding in plain sight.

Do we know how long ago Mercy's baby got stolen (or whatever)? Can we narrow it down to a particular age group? Otherwise it's wide open to be almost any younger character whose parents we haven't met, including Valdo.

Adriana, I really don't think MercyMe is aware, especially considering how she has been treating Laustela (who she thinks is the real Estela) and has been hoping that they reconcile...even if for the wrong reason(s). I was rewatching some of the first episodes, and during the "trial," the prosecutor did mention that the assumed motive for Ryan killing Pedro C was that Pedro was opposed to the relationship.


Julie, I am thinking that the baby was very close to Ryan's age, maybe older? If he were older when the baby had been taken, he surely would remember the baby, wouldn't he?


Julie, I was at Target today and kept my eye out for Morg buying a bunch of different sized throw pillows. I didn't see her. Maybe she plans to sew up her own pile of pillows.

Sunny and 90 here today.

Yeah, the necklace or necklaces. Didn't Mercyme tell Ry that she took it from Perdro's dead body..or did I just dream that? Were there two necklaces? Didn't she say that they were custom made?

SusanLynn, yes there were 2 necklaces (identical). MercyMe put one on the baby and said she had it made especially for him/her. Ryan was the one that took the necklace from Pedro's body and gave it back to Mercy.


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL YOU SUPER DAD'S. Diane nothin but good wishes to
Your hubby and you. My 88 year old aunt had both knees done, not at the same time, but about a year apart so
She would've around 85. But shes good now. The Ol girl moves better than some young folk. Here's hoping he has a full recovery and a happy father's day. And you hang in there too girl.

Mercy gave her babies up for adoption and one was a girl or both of them are girls? what if Genesis is one of them and Morgana is the other one? Or It was one girl and it could be either Genesis on Morgana? The possibilities are endless with this story. all kinds of storylines and loose ends. I'm going to be very interested to see how morgana pull off "I'm going to be a mommy" story. she can't have younguns there's nothing in the oven and she needs to find a pillow and somebody who wants to give their baby away or sell their baby. She could probably sneak into the hospital and pose as a maternity nurse, and steal a baby. And that'll only happen if they don't have cameras in the nursery.

Ole Morgana is probably too self centered and lazy to actually want a live baby. I'd bet she just wants to appear preggers long enough to get whatever that pregnancy would accomplish. Like breaking Laura and Ryan up or getting married or a hotel upgrade or a flipping car, who knows.

Then she can miscarry, or be 'kidnapped' and lose the baby in a difficult delivery out in the woods or something. Remember these people's (DaniMorg AssBun etc.) brains do not work like ours do.

I could hear: "Morgana I am surprised the baby turned out so healthy and beautiful as you were blind drunk half your pregnancy."

"Oh The Lord is looking out for me, I'm sure."


Morginfertile could have used that 5% cut Danilow promised her to pay someone to have a baby, but since she put her foot in her big mouth. she shoved that 5% right down into her flat belly. If she does resort to developing a "fake baby bump" how long to you all think it'll take her to burn that bun? The woman can't keep her mouth or legs closed...


Susanlynn: Morgana sewing?? Ha ha ha!!

I thought there were two necklaces. So it sounds like Mystery Baby and Pedro are related. If Asdrubal is Estela's brother, Mystery Baby could be Asdrubal.

Nina, as far as I know, there is only one Mystery Baby, not two. Pedro had the other necklace.

Kirby, I think Morgana needs to produce an actual baby. She's doing this to help Danilo get that extra 20% of Furia. Pregnancy alone will not be enough, and Danilo won't give her anything until he gets his 20%.

I am very confused because there are so many mysteries . ..missing babies.🍼..unknown fathers ! Maybe Rita is Mercyme's missing baby. Isn't Genesis from Cuba?I think it must be a girl because Mercyme is getting so attached to Paloma. By the way, I hope that Paloma is rescued on Monday's episode.

Julie, yep, only one mystery baby in regards to MercyMe. The other baby mystery that just came to light is the baby that Blake was crying about. His baby? grandchild?

SusanLynn, ditto on hoping that Paloma is rescued tomorrow night. I think she will be since this TN is going so fast. I have a feeling we are going to need a lot more Hopeos...we're not even at the 50 yard line with this TN so I'm expecting things will get worse before they get better.


Sorry I'm so useless at commenting. Lots of stuff going on in my life and family, plus so much action in this TN that it's hard to keep up with everything. I would be lost without the recaps and comments.

Diana, I hope your husband's surgery goes well. I had my second knee replacement a year ago in May. The surgery isn't so bad; it's the rehab that's the killer. It's important to hang in there with the physical therapy afterwards. The reward is getting your mobility and your life back.

Morgana must be planning a fake pregnancy. She's so ignorant and selfish that I doubt she can carry it off.

I think that Morgana mentioned in some episode that she already had other pregnancies but aborted o I am wrong. That's why she can not get pregnant now, I think that the doctor told her that she had her womb destroyed.

I agree in that Paloma has to survive. She is such a sweet pie and has gone through many tough situations. This little actress has a huge charisma and charm. I read that she is sister of
Gloria Aura who was Perla in Vino el amor.

Julie Good Morning. I didn't even realize Morgana understood the 20 percent factor. That makes sense. I was not sure why she was so intent of being "pregnant".

If the controlling interest is so important, as soon as she starts showing, Ryan just marries Laura, adopts Palimony..ert Paloma.. and Ta Daaa...her plan is useless.

Shoot I need a fresh duck!

RGV Chickalita: As we here in Southwest FloriDuh are floating, we have Invest 92 forming down by the Yucatan. So we are going to try to send it West over to you rather than over us. You guys can use Oh, say TWENTY inches of rain can't you? I understand it has been hot and dry across the Gulf.


OT tambien: And we have our own little bundle of joy possibly forming just off the Northeastern coast of Venezuela and maybe heading this way, so we can share. We aren't selfish.

It has been thirteen (lucky?) years since anything here on the peninsula and most people have sold their generators and forgotten about flying roof tiles and snapped telephone poles.

Good Morning!!

Kirby. yes! I saw that there is a disturbance in the Gulf, hoping that is makes it here. We're still hitting the high 90s-100 and I've been watering almost every day...and the grass still looks that would be a big relief!

I think that duck wants to stay in this patio...especially since Genesis might be underwater LOL.

Marla, I did see that Paloma's sister is Gloria Aura, but never made the VEA connection--maybe because "Perla" was so needy and "bad." Lara is much more charismatic!


Kirby, those ducks look so refreshed...great pic!

Wish it were already time for the Paloma can be taken out of that car. I wonder who will rescue her...Ryan and Laustela or El Dorkado...


Prayers to the people in London and a special prayer out to Diana's husband (knee surgery today).

I had forgotten that Ryan found the necklace on Pedro's dead body. So it could be that Mercy gave it to her baby before it was taken from her and that baby is Realstela. But if that's the case, where is Ryan's necklace? Mercy had two made, one for each child and Ry thought that the one he had found had been given by his mom to Pedro in person. But if what he found belonged to Taken Baby, then where is his? Could it be that Realstela recognized the necklace on him, forced Pedro to tell her the truth and realized she and Ry are siblings (shudder) and left him because of that?

Adriana, Mercy kept one necklace for herself and put the other one on the baby. She still has the one she kept...she tried to give it to Ryan so that he could give it to Laustela.

Rvg..I will second your prayers for London and Diana,'s husband.

Adriana, that is an interesting theory.

I am thinking that Blake's dead child was Paloma's mother. perhaps she died in whatever happened that blinded Blake and Laura saved her baby . Just a guess.

I take that back, Adriana. The necklace Ryan found on Pedro's body is the one Mercy tried to give him for Laustela. The other necklace seems to be "lost." In reading some of the previous recaps, it seems that Walter had given the medallion to Mercy, and she had one made just like it to give to the baby.


SusanLynn, "Blake's dead child was Paloma's mother." That could very well be; the only thing is that when he was at the columbarium, he used the word "bebita" but, then, my sisters still call their children "baby" sometimes. I hate to think Paloma has any of his blood.


So..are we going to recognize Mercyme's missing child because that person (woman ?) Has the necklace!?

SusanLynn, I've been looking at everyone's neck ever since that flashback Mercy had when she put the necklace on the baby. I haven't seen it yet. If we go with the theory that Realstela is Mercy's daughter and that is how Pedro had the necklace that Ryan took from his dead body, then Mercy has the baby's necklace and the other necklace is lost/misplaced. If Mercy happens to find the necklace Walter gave her, then she will know that Pedro C knew something about her missing baby.

Mystery Baby still wearing that necklace is no weirder than Ana Leticia, with all her edgy fashions and flashy jewelry, still wearing that bracelet with her name on it.

I think sometimes, especially for fathers,daughters are always their babies. My dad didn't call me "Baby" , but he always called me "Honeybunch" even when I was grown. My mother was not overly affectionate, but she told me when she was
pretty old, "No matter how old you are, you will always be my baby." It surprised and delighted me. Hubba calls our daughters and me "Sweetpea." So, the child could be Blake's grown daughter ,I guess.

Necklaces...smecklaces...I want to see Genesis have better luck with SOMEBODY.



Kirby..the next time Genesis is on screen, check to see if she is wearing a necklace. However, did someone say where Genesis is from?

You mean if she is only wearing a smile and necklace?

I'll pay attention.

I haven't seen the necklace on Morgana or Genesis. I think someone said Genesis was from Cuba...she does have that heavy accent.


Haha I don't think Kirby is interested in her neck...

Yes, Kirby, now that we know that Genesis is a free soul...that could happen.

:-) Woof

Tail is wagging

Interesting reading all the theories. My 2 cents. Mr. Blake's bebita is Paloma (whether he thinks she's his daughter, or his granddaughter, or just a baby he was taken with -- I do not want Paloma to be related to this vermin). In all his obsession about finding Laustela, he never says anything like "I'll get that bitch and take my baby back from her," so I think it's Paloma that he thinks is dead. While Laustela thinks Mr. Blake is dead.

Ryan looks to be pretty red blooded, so I can't see him and RealEstela having a chaste relationship. I'm guessing they had plenty deep kissing and horizontal action. Plus by TN law, Laustela must have some competition for Ryan and we not it ain't really Morgana. So I'm thinking RealEstela will be that competition, which means she isn't Ryan's half-sibling.

...and we know

Wow Niecie, that is very well thought out and makes a lot of sense. They have thrown us so many curve balls and generated so many mysteries there are almost endless possibilities. Is there a possibility like I had said the other day that the tomb we saw him crying over is actually empty?

It agree, sooo many possibilities about that child Blake was crying over. There is something that doesn't make sense to me though. I am assuming that all the horrible things that transpired in Laustela's past occurred in Mexico. If that is so, why would Blake have buried the child in the US?

Kirby - I'm thinking it's empty. Maybe Mr. Black just has some baby momentos in there because the body was never found.

Thunderstorms and strong winds headed our way.

Rvg..I hopeo that you get some rain.

Kirby, it never occurred to me that the tomb may be empty, but that could be a possibility if the body of the child Blake is grieving over was never recovered and he just wanted some type of memorial for her OR maybe a child's body was found but it's not really who Blake thinks it is...again...too many possibilities. This TN is racking my brain.

SusanLynn, hopeos has for that rain.

Murciélago, our comments crossed!


LOL I have no idea how Niecie changed to Murciélago, sorry!!

RgvChick - Looks like we're on the same track! You bring up another mystery I've been wondering about. Mr. Blake says things like "you Mexicans do it this way..." and he has connections to powerful people in the United States. Is he an arrogant gringo, or an arrogant Mexican that's dissing other Mexicans? He speaks with a Mexican accent. Did he place the tomb in the United States because he (Mr. Blake) is a United States citizen?

Did Blake own the brothel, and was Tona the madame , Ocelio the enforcer, and Fausto the recruiter? I wonder if Rita us going to have an important broke in this mess. I am having trouble keeping track of all the bad guys.

Susanlynn So many bad guys. Girl I hope you all get some rain because it is horrible when it's dry and hot and there's no rain. Before we got right up here in North Florida it was Dusty powdery dry and now we've been getting rain almost everyday for like a month and it is wonderful,the grass is green and plush the flowers are growing but it is muggy but I like the rain. I don't like being out there in it but I do like the rain. And we're about to get some more because there's something brewing in the gulf and there's something Brewing over here in the Atlantic and we're going to get the water coming from the southwest because of that swirl in the Gulf so we're going to get a lot of water. I just hope it don't flood anybody out.

When this show first came on estella was holding a baby and she was shootin a gun and people were shooting at her. And she was protecting that baby from somebody. I think she was protecting that baby from mr. Blake something happened after that to make him go blind I don't know what it was, but he's blaming her and he want her dead. I think he knows about that baby I don't know that he hates little Paloma or what but he wants to evil crush butterflies and that little girl loves butterflies. He's a sick bastard.

Nina, when Laustela was holding the baby in one hand and a gun in the other, she was locked in a room and 2 men were outside--Blake and a henchman. The henchmen kept banging on the door telling Laura to open the door and give him the child. She then told the man to tell "that man" (Blake) that she would do anything he asked her to do as long as he didn't take away the child from her.That's when Blake stepped up to the door and asked her if she really would do anything for the child and Laura responded that yes, she would do whatever he asked. He then asked her if she was willing to give up her life and she said, yes, for the child she was capable of doing anything. Then the flashback ended.

The thing that is puzzling to me about this flashback is that neither Laura or Blake addressed the child as "MI niña/hija/nieta" It was always "la" niña. Several here agree that Paloma is not Laura's daughter because of this scene, but it also raises doubt (for me) that Paloma is Blake's child/grandchild. In fact, he has never made reference to any child until that scene at the columbarium.

SusanLynn, we know for sure that Fauxpas was the "recruiter" for the brothel, and I think Osiel was probably the manager or owner and La Toña, of course, the madame. I'm not sure what Blake was; he could have been part owner, privileged client, investor?????

I sure hope Rita doesn't have an important role in this convoluted mess. I just know her boyfriend is not the best choice. Maybe she can hook up with Agustin.


Niecie, I'm not sure what nationality Mr. Blake is. At the beginning when he had the eye surgery, he was in Peru. Then he went to Mexico to look for Fausto, now he's in the US.


Thank you Adriana--late to the Patio, but I was actually out on my own Patio until I got chased in by a passing thunderstorm.

You guys really had fun this weekend. I spent all my time in the garden and watching the squirrels and birds flock to my feeders.

At least the El Dorado thing got cleared up for me. I think I can keep things straight for awhile.

So, Little Miss Muffet will be rescued tonight, right? Right? Who will be the hero/heroine, I wonder. But, 'cmon, who gets a 4 year-old child out of a car on the street side--even if it's inconvenient for you to have to reach over. A kid can scoot over once the car seat straps are unlatched. Otherwise, I'm ok with the kidnapping scene.

In the Brothel, Blake was QA, Tona was GM and FauxPas was HR.

This may be the last word for the evening. Love all the speculation floating around on Paloma's parentage and Mr. Blake's involvement. I think that he's a Gringo AND a U.S. Citizen. Otherwise, why would everyone call him Mister and not Senor?

Morgana does not need a fake baby bump. She needs a fake world tour.

Anita she probably would scoot over but the poor'll thing looks like she's half passed out from the heat in car. Those bastards didn't even bother to put the Car in the shade. Heartless
I hope they find her soon, I've heard to many horror stories about children
Being left in cars by absent minded

Lol "fake world tour". Good one Anita.

Is this "Jose de Egipto" dubbed? Oh, yes it is... IMDB says it's from Brazil and is originally in Portuguese. I could probably have watched it in Portuguese on another local channel.

Anita, "Otherwise, why would everyone call him Mister and not Senor?" pffftt, big clue, huh?? How could I have overlooked that??? LOL

Julie, lots of luck with tonight's much action!!

I'm only 3/4 through tonight's, but hot damn, I sure hope there's a surprise birthday party or a winning lottery ticket before the end of this episode.

Music to Miley Cyrus's "Party in the USA"

♪♪ So I put my hands up, Julie’s writin’ the recap
The hopeos are on the table ♪♪
♪♪ I'm noddin' my head like Yeah!
Waitin’ for the smoochies Yeah! ♪♪
♪♪ Got my hands up, Julie’s writin’ the recap
And now we’re gonna mock n rock ♪♪
♪♪ Yeah! It's a party at the patio!
Yeah! It's a party at the patio! ♪♪


Woohoo! I have my own theme music!
The recap is done...

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