Friday, August 18, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #71 (Part 2) 8.18.17: All Well's That Ends Well (Barely)...

At the risk of sounding too much like our dearly beloved Regia, I want to say a few words as this tale draws to a close, for some, myself included.

I want to thank Diana, Susanlynn and Kirby for getting this patio going over at Vino as I had no plans to watch Doble Vida but ended up doing so because of you three. It has been a fun ride and I loved how great the story and patio turned out to be, despite my initial reservations.

I also to thank Vivi, who provided the first recap for us. You are solely missed and hope you come back soon 😊.

Julie, RGVChick, and Adriana, thank you so much for your help recapping this novela and a big thank you to Julie, for recapping three to four nights in my absence. Anita, thank you as well for your guest recaps, they were wonderful. In case, some of you didn’t know, this was RGV’s first recapping duty and she knocked it out of the park, no? 😉 Adriana, you have your own little Paloma but you took the time during your busy schedule to help us out any way you could. Thank you.

And finally, thank you to the loyal commentors and followers in this patio. None of this would be possible (or as enjoyable) without you. I thank you all for your kind words, insightful comments and logical deductions (which was solely lacking in DV). See you in the next one! :D

Now, without further ado, Barfest Part 2 (aka El Grand Final!)

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #71 (Part 1) 8.17.17: All in the Family

Or Barfest Party Part 1 or Saving All My Love for My Brother

Memories are in italics. 

Ryan sees someone point a gun at Danilo and drags him down with him. Estela runs away as soon as she hears the gunshot (like the rat she is) as Danilo looks over the hedge and curses his luck. El Sagrado’s man manages to get away in the shuffle.

Regia and Tadeo continue their concert as all their friends keep dancing. Once they’ve finished, Regia announces that they will take a break but come back soon. They walk off stage as the audience continues to dance.

Ryan chases after the man that shot at Danilo but runs into the DEA agents. They try and stop him but Ryan tells them that there is an armed man in the concert.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #70, Aug. 16, 2017: The Calm Before the Storm

Here is the recap, courtesy of RGVChick :)

Some scenes combined for continuity
Memories in italics.
Cut Scenes in Blue 
Scenes Added by Uni in Green

Dead Men Rising

[Repeated Scene: Ryan brings good news to Laura—there is nothing left to connect her to the money laundering at Furia. Laura is relieved and gives Ryan a nice long hug. Their little celebration quickly gets stifled when the official comes in and tells them they have found five badly decomposed bodies on her property.] Rosario and Luisa, who have been standing close by are shocked and listen as Laura states that it must have happened before they moved in. The official advises them that the forensic team will need to complete their investigation. Ryan believes that Danilow must have been responsible since he lived there before and urges the investigator to go after him, but the official tells them that his division is responsible for the investigation, but they must wait for the forensic team to identify the bodies. When Luisa asks if they are safe or in danger, he tells them everything looks to be in order so they shouldn’t have to worry (with five dead spirits roaming outside the door). When the official advises Laura that she will have to make a statement, Laura agrees. Rosario is appalled that they have been living so close to dead bodies.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #69 8.15.17: Couch Diving For Murder Weapons

Or Another Bun Bites the Dust

Even though Luisa is there to protect her, Asdrubal manages to get close enough to Laura to hand her a note and run away, though Luisa doesn’t even try to catch him. Instead, she tells Laura that she has someone waiting for her in the dressing room and leaves her alone (!!!). Laura opens the note and reads.

Later, Ryan welcomes Laura to her dressing room with a bouquet of roses (which are part of his long road to forgiveness) as Paloma and Rosario come in and congratulate Laura. As Ryan congratulates her too, Genesis comes and tells them that the Producer Award Show will be cancelled because they don’t have a venue. She suggests they try to host it in Los Primos and Ryan promises to make it happen (maybe he will finally uphold one of his promises).

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Monday, August 14, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #68, Mon Aug 14, 2017: Someday a Real Rain Will Come and Wash All This Scum off the Streets

Alt title: Pennies from Heaven

BunMan holds a gun on Estela and says he couldn't wait for her to spring him out of the pokey because someone tried to kill him. "Why aren't you glad to see me? Did you forget our promise to be together forever?" She answers that he broke that promise when he tried to kill her.

Flashback! Estela and BunMan are at the chapel, dressed for a wedding. He warns that the police are getting close to finding El Dorado. She's going to let Ryan think she escaped from El Dorado. BunMan asks what she will say when Ryan asks who El D is; Estela waves this off impatiently, but obviously doesn't have a plan. She tells BunMan to get out of there before Ryan arrives and calls the police.

But BunMan doesn't want to leave. "I might not see you again." Estela dismisses this; she'll go looking for him later. It might be a good idea to wait for a while, though. BunMan asks if she's taking that trip with Ryan after all. Exasperated, she tells BunMan to go so she can call Ryan.

She takes out her phone - whoa, does her wedding gown have pockets? - and calls Ryan. (We shouldn't be able to see Ryan and Laura with their car in Estela's flashback, but we do.) Estela whines that she's escaped from El Dorado. BunMan looks on with growing anger as she sweet-talks Ryan and asks him to pick her up so they can be together. He grabs her, and they struggle briefly before the call is cut off.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

La doble vida de Estela Carillo, #67, Friday, 08/11/17 Is Ryan very smart or just a sickening kind of stupid?

Since I have no way of knowing the differences between the Uni and the Mexico version, I'll just recap everything that I saw (I think it's the original episode that aired). 
My thoughts about Ryan are in italics.
Estela and Ryan are reminiscing about their plan to go to a Paradise Island in Brasil back in the day. She is laying it on very thick, diabetes patients be warned: nobody ever loved her like he did, nobody ever made her feel like he did etc etc... 
Ryan flinches - did she ever fall for ED?
No, never, he held her captive, how could she when all she dreamed about was to return to him. Ryan can't help but think about it, but the accusation makes her furious, she'd like to forget all about it. Ryan doesn't understand, since just days before she was scared out of her mind. Yes, but staying scared won't help her heal, she needs to move forward. 
Kissy faces, but Ryan rejects her eventually, saying that passion is all good and swell, but this time around he won't do the same mistake, he wants something that lasts. So off to bed he goes. No sex for Estella tonight.
(Is the guy playing a long con, or is he just that gullible?)

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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #66, Thur Aug 10 2017: The Woman with the Golden Gun

Or is it "The Golden Woman with the Regular Gun"?

Recap by Rgv Chick and Julie!

Estela threatens Laura that if she continues with the idea that she is El Dorado and if she places that idea in Ryan's head, she'll be sorry. Estela storms out of the restroom as Genesis comes in to look for Laura. Laura breezes past Genesis, saying they'll catch up later.

Playing with the Mexican and US flags on his desk, Danilow tells Horacio that he's bummed that they're making all of this money from the private concerts, but don't get to keep any of it because they have to give it all to gangsters. He is fed up. Horacio reminds him that Asdrúbal is keeping the money for now, and they need to pay Marcelino; eventually they'll get their money back.

Danilow has a great idea: they can get Estela to tell them who El Dorado is, and get their money back from him. Horacio warns him that he always gets into a mess because he doesn't think things through. Danilow accuses Horacio of not knowing how to "smell the business" (giggle). Horacio replies, "What I smell is that they're going to shoot us." Danilow asks Horacio to get Marcelino to give them a couple more days.

Laura calls Chava from outside Ryan's apartment. She insists that she is sure (about Estela being El Dorito). Laura has sent Chava a photo of the lock on Ryan's door and wants his advice on how to pick/bust it. Chava asks why she didn't call him to come help her, and suggests that she look for a hidden key. (You'd think she would have tried that first.) She remembers where Ryan keeps his extra key and finds it. Once she is inside, Chava urges her to get out, but she won't turn back now.
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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #65, Aug. 9, 2017: Out with the (G)Old, In with the New(s)

Here is the recap, courtesy of RGVChick:

Scenes combined for continuity.

Memories in italics. 

Cut scenes in blue.

[Repeated scene] Laura is sitting in a restaurant waiting for Milton when he runs up to her in a panic and tells her they need to get out of there ASAP and go to a more secure location. As he talks to her, a man places a bullet in a rifle and a small red dot appears on Milton’s shirt. He turns to look out the window, looks at his down at his shirt, then up to the rooftop where he sees the sniper…Milton is shot. Laura screams and looks up to catch a glance at the sniper as he leaves the rooftop.

A New York Run

Erasmo advises Tadeo that there is a run to New York soon, but warns that it a hard, long haul. After Tadeo tells him the work doesn’t matter…he just wants to go, Erasmo senses something else is going on and asks Tadeo what he is running from. Tadeo responds that he just needs to be alone so he can forget about stupid things he has in his head. When Erasmo wonders if it has to do with the music business, Tadeo explains that he just doesn’t have the courage to continue with that. Erasmo, trying to be understanding tells him being a musician is not a big deal anyway. When Tadeo asks if he will help him get the run to New York by himself, Erasmo says yes.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #64 8.8.17: Dead Men ("Kidnapped" Women and Helmet Heads) Tell No Tales

Danilo states that his first order of business is to kick Ryan out though he will leave Mercy in her place as Walter stipulated that she would stay there until her death. Joe goes to punch him in the face but Ryan stops him and tells Danilo that they are leaving of their own free will. Danilo warns them that they are still implicated in the money laundering at Furia, even though they don’t work there anymore, so he best be careful. Ryan would love to see him try, because he will go down with them. Either way, he will wait for El Dorado to grow tired of him and kick him to the curve. Danilo announces that he is El Dorado, so that would never happen, but Ryan states that Danilo doesn’t have enough huevos to be El Dorado and storms out. Once they’ve left, Danilo kicks back in the suddenly bigger conference room.

Later, Joe and Ryan had a few shots at a bar. Steve still doesn’t answer the phone but they need a plan to make sure Danilo goes down for the money laundering but the rest of them come out unscathed. Ryan proposes they find and talk to El Dorado, ASAP. Joe then reveals that he got the tests back for the knife and Asdrubal’s prints weren’t on it but they have no way of knowing who’s are as no hits came up in the criminal database. Ryan will force Estela to tell him who El Dorado is then because he’s tired of secrets.

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Friday, August 04, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #63, Aug. 4, 2017: Gone Fishin’…

Here is the recap, courtesy of RGVChick:

Scenes combined for continuity. 

Memories in italics.

Milton Loses the Piranha

Estela is still in the apartment with Milton, aka Pablo. She can’t seem to find the corkscrew and offers to take it to him later…she just needs to know his apartment number. Milton pretends not to remember the apartment number since he just moved in. Starting to be suspicious, Estela tells him to ask the neighbor in front. Estela sees that Milton is tongue-tied and thinks it’s obvious that he doesn’t even live in the apartment building; so, she asks Milton to leave. Once Milton leaves, Estela looks around wondering what she did with her glass.
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Thursday, August 03, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) 8.3.17 Episodes 61 & 62

Hey everyone and welcome! Below are 61 and 62, courtesy of myself and RGV Chick :) Enjoy!

Episode 61: Queen Pillow Top Loses Her Baby Bump

Tadeo confesses that he made the decision to save her life over her baby’s. Leticia is shocked.

At the ranch, Ryan doesn’t care about the new information Estela found out about but he does know that she met Danilo and they have a lot to talk about regarding him. Estela doesn’t let him talk but confesses that she knows Laura’s baby can also be Danilo’s and wants to know if they can trust her because she was taken aback when she found out it. Ryan nods and confesses that Danilo raped Laura and that is why the baby could be his. Either way, he would prefer not to broach that subject for now. Estela agrees but she was thinking about how different their lives would be if she would’ve never left and stood up to her father. She also thinks Mercy should’ve have kept quiet about her relationship with Pedro. Ryan sighs deeply and Estela takes the hint to stop talking but explains that she sees everything from the outside looking in and it just wasn’t right what Mercy did. She then kisses Ryan good night, on the cheek, and leaves as Laura arrives. She bids Estela good night and then goes to Ryan. He asks if it bothers her that Estela is living with them but Laura shakes her head. She realizes that she needs time to get back on her feet and she knows it won’t be forever. Ryan thanks her and then tells her that he has to go see Mercy. Laura is surprised that he is going at such a late hour but Ryan is quiet.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) 8.1.17 Episodes 59 & 60

Memories are in italics.

Episode 59: The Woman in White

Ryan and Laura realize that Estela was probably waiting for Ryan at the same chapel where they were going to be married. They get in his car and drive away, hoping to find her.

Asdrubal, who is waiting in the same chapel, ignores a call, and tells himself that “she is no longer for you.”

That night, Ryan and Laura at the chapel and look around, calling her name, to no avail. Laura then notices a box with two wedding bands inside and gives it to Ryan. They realize that Estela was there but not any longer.

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Monday, July 31, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #57 - 58, Mon Jul 31 2017: One Wedding and Three Murders

#57 Daughters and Mothers and Others

Mercy tells Paloma to keep a secret. Rosario asks whats that? We're just playing. Mercy gives Paloma an earring and says to guard the secret treasure. Rosario apologizes to Mercy for misjudging her. (Not so fast, Rosario.) Mercy says Joe will take Rosario to do some paperwork for her visa.

Dani the genius figured Laura was pregnant because Ryan was worried about her getting hit, and because he figures there must be a reason she told Ryan about the rape. She says he has a good head for bad things, and a bad head for good things. She says yes, she's pregnant, but she knows it's not his because she went to the doctor right afterwards. And good thing too, because otherwise she'd have had to, well, it's better if she doesn't say.

Leticia and Tadeo are arguing about the usual. She's sure he didn't "get it" from his coworkers because they're all machos, but she'll find out where it came from. She'll watch him. Tadeo doesn't want her spying on him.

Maria comes home in a bad mood. Leticia meddling in her affairs at school didn't do her any good. Tadeo says Leticia should leave both of them alone.

Leticia says she doesn't want to screw things up with Maria's friends. Suddenly Maria wants to do homework. Leticia wants to know if that boy was Maria's boyfriend and why can't she meet him? Maria says they already broke up. He's got a bunch of girlfriends. Leticia asks if she had sex with him.
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Friday, July 28, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #56, July 28, 2017: True Confessions…

Here is the recap, courtesy of RGVChick:

Scenes combined for continuity.

Casualties of the Battle

Back at the Cabrera battlefield, Laura tells Ryan that Mercy is demanding to exercise her rights to keep Paloma. Mercy, still angry, ensures Laura that she will fight tooth and nail for Paloma…she can’t let her go, but Laura insists that, whether she likes it or not, no one will separate her from Paloma. Mercy responds that she’d better prepare to live in her house for the rest of her life, because Paloma will not leave there. As Joe manages to pull Mercy away and in to the house, Ryan guides Laura to go sit down so she can calm down. Laura never thought this would happen with his mother, but Ryan points out that Mercy has been spending a lot of time with Paloma and has gotten very attached to her. He reassures Laura that Joe will talk some sense into Mercy, but is also worried that his mother is very agitated. He tells Laura that he needs to go check on her, but will be back shortly. As Ryan leaves, Rosario comes to check on Laura. As she is telling Laura that she left Paloma with Rita, Laura buckles over as she starts experiencing stomach pains.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) 7.27.17 54 & 55

Hey y'all! So Uni got scissor happy with this episode and edited 54 and 55 together. AHHHHHH!!! Below are 54 and 55 courtesy of myself and RGV Chick :) We don't know if this will continue until the end, as Familia is a month away and DV has less than that left so we are going to play it by ear for now. 

Cut scenes are in blue and italicized. 

Episode 54:  Dangerous Liasons Lead to Strange Bedfellows

Laura (since her real ID is out?) tells Joe about the agenda and he is sure that she can get released if they give the DA a bigger fish to fry like Mr. Blake. Laura knows going into Blake’s house to look for the agenda is dangerous but she would do it, if she were out.

Some time later, at Furia, Joe tells Ryan about the agenda and he tells Joe that they need to go and retrieve it ASAP. Joe suggests they think it over because he must have security but Ryan reminds him that they can distract the guard and take advantage of the fact that Blake’s blind. Joe doesn’t think it would be so easy but…

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

La doble vida de Estela Carillo, #53, Monday, Orange is the new black

Guilty as sin
Is Laura Oviedo ready to hear the verdict ? Yes. Is the Patio ? Hardly …
"We find Laura not guilty of having tried to kill two good for nothing desgraciados. However, we do find her very guilty of having stolen several stuff – someone else’s identity, a child, the fans hearts with her ranchera singing…
Laura and Ryan are devastated to hear the verdict, end even  more so when the judge pulls out the sentence out of his ass papers right away : Laura is sentenced to 20 years in prison, to be served starting right now.
More sorrow all around. Chayo and LetMe are hugging and crying, Ryan looks desesperado, Joe impotent, Mercy is quietly registering the information.
Ryan gets into a bit of a screaming match with Mr. Blake, but he has to settle down fast or else he will share a jail cell with Laura (as if he could be that lucky).
As she is about to be taken away Laura faints because she’s pregnant afraid of what her life will be like from now on.

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

La doble vida de Estela Carillo, #52, Friday, 07/21/17 Still on trial....

Yikes! I recapped Monday's episode.

Please read Rgv's recap in the comments - thanks, Rgv, once again you save the day :)
I'm getting pretty bad at this recapping game... can we just say that I had a glimpse into the future?

Also, Alfredo, can I do Monday's recap? :)


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #51, July 19, 2017: The Trial of The Century Continues…

Here is the recap, courtesy of RGVChick:

Scenes combined for continuity. Flashbacks in italics.

Paloma’s Perilous Plight

Laura continues her testimony. She describes her first encounter with Blake as is engraved in her mind and she still has nightmares. When she left Mexico, she never expected to see Blake again, but he managed to find her. Luisa shoots up out of her seat and shouts that Laura is lying, after which the judge orders her to sit down or she will be removed from the courtroom. The prosecutor accuses Laura of defaming Blake, a respectable businessman…a good man who tries to help people, but the judge stops him short and tells him that they are not there to pay homage to Mr. Blake; he then asks Laura to continue. Laura starts her story, “That day a frequent client came in drunk; and he was armed.”

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #50 7.18.17: The Trial of the Century Begins...

Memories are in italics.

In the police station, Laustela worries that she may also get Ryan in trouble because of her false testimony but Ryan reiterates that they and Paloma will be happy, soon. Laustela is unsure but she makes Ryan promise that Paloma will never know she was in jail or a criminal. Ryan nods.

The news of Laustela’s arrest spreads like wildfire along the entertainment media. Everyone wants to know why she has been arrested and various sources report that she is an illegal immigrant, usurped an identity and killed a man on American soil, which is why she will be tried in the US.

Danilo and Horacio hears all the reports from Danilo’s office. They are both surprised by the news and Danilo now knows why she never wanted to return to Mexico. Horacio asks if Danilo is aware of the possible implications, especially because the man she murdered was also an American citizen. Danilo shakes his head and Horacio reminds him that Furia may be investigated and the police may find out about the money laundering. Danilo doubts it as Regia turn herself in for other crimes that have nothing to do with El Dorado.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #49, Mon Jul 17 2017: Throwing in the Towel

Alt title: Snake Bites Snake

Danilo is getting nervous, because BunMan's phone has been disconnected, and Marcelino's going to want his money soon. Horacio says it's time for Plan B, but Danilo protests that he never even had a Plan A. Then Dani comes up with a plan right on the spot: since El Dorado isn't watching, Dani will just take on more clients and he'll get the money that way. (There's a flaw in his logic, but I won't be a buzzkill.) Horacio says that more clients means more problems.

Genesis interrupts Danilo and Horacio's meeting to tell them that Soto died overnight. Danilo shoots a disbelieving look at Horacio, who replies with an ever-so-slight headshake.

Ryan calls Laura, who has apparently finished her cigarette over the weekend. Ryan is worried about her, and Chayo is beside herself. Laura reminds Ryan that scaring Chayo could put her health at risk, but Chayo was apparently just as scared when she didn't know what Laura was up to. Chayo doesn't approve of what Laura's doing. Laura's disappointed that Chayo isn't supporting her, knowing all that Laura's been through. Chayo yells some more until Laura hangs up.

Then Chayo argues with Ryan. Apparently, although it's okay for Chayo to disapprove of Laura's reckless behavior, it's not okay with Chayo if Ryan disapproves too! Seriously, I just got whiplash. She says that they have to have faith that when Laura cools off, she'll think with her head.
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