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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo, #39, Thurs Jun 29 2017: It's Worse

The guys at the restaurant who wouldn't talk to Emerson are more forthcoming with Ryan and Steve. Emerson is understandably disgruntled, but now they know that La Regia has been going around with Mr Green, who is running for mayor. They rush off to her next event.

Laura sings a song about the brave Latinos who leave their home and loved ones to look for something better. "We are all verses of a single song." She tries to follow up with a motivational speech, but Blake has Luisa cut the mic. Luisa tells the crowd there's a technical problem, then leads Regia off the stage by the elbow. The crowd is chanting "La Regia! La Regia!"

Steve, Emerson, and Ryan have a hard time getting near the venue because of the protesters picketing outside. They ditch the car and proceed on foot, but while cutting through an alley they run into someone that one of them previously had a rumble with, but I'm not sure who or when. Maybe it's the guy who harassed Genesis at the bar? He has his friends with him this time, so they brawl. It is very violent. Ryan fights like a Power Ranger, but the bad guy corners him and pulls a knife.

But then some angry Latinos show up and chase the "Yankees" away. The angry Latinos were on their way to demonstrate at Green's campaign event. Ryan's ready to go with them. Oh no! Emerson's been stabbed. But he still wants to go rescue Estela. Ryan must really be wound up, because he doesn't even think to argue with him. (And Steve is mad because he used his belt to fight one of the bad guys, and the bad guy took off with Steve's belt.)

Blake is unhappy with Laura. She gives him a speech, more of same, and he grabs her roughly and replies with his own speech, more of same. She says that this land belongs to Mexico, and he slaps her. She dares him to do it again. He reminds her that he has the power, so she needs to fix this.

Luisa gives La Regia a statement to read. It's printed on nice stationery, so it may have been prepared in advance just in case something like this happened. She apologizes for the "misunderstanding" and tries to "clarify" that Latinos with papers are good, and those without papers are to blame for all the evils of society. Only John B. Green can fix this. (There is a note of sarcasm in her voice, but that sarcasm could just as easily be interpreted as disdain for undocumented immigrants, so it doesn't make any difference.)

In the warehouse, Danilo angrily confronts Horacio for telling BunMan where they hid the money. Danilo notices that one of the equipment cases has been opened (it's the one that Natividad was sneaking bills from, and Tomas found later). Danilo concludes that someone took some money. Horacio is like "I told you so." Danilo thinks someone must have seen them, and they have to figure out who. Horacio says they need to sneak the money out of here first, but Dani says no, let's let the mouse come back for the cheese.

Outside the hotel in Riverside, the police are trying to hold off the crowd. Inside the lobby, Laura sees Steve, but Luisa restrains her. Someone tells Logan, Blake, etc. to go out through the back.

Emerson is really bleeding. Ryan wants him to go to a hospital, but Emerson still doesn't want to give up. He puts pressure on the wound, but then a cop with a gun tells him to put his hands up. Steve tries to explain, and the cop begins to lower his weapon - but then some guy shoves the cop. The cop then shoots Emerson right in the chest. (I played this back a few times, and it doesn't look like an accident. The cop raised the gun and pointed it right at Emerson. Actually I'm not sure if this is the same guy who lowered his weapon.) Another cop points a gun at Ryan, who has his hands up. Steve rushes to help Emerson and begs them to call an ambulance. Ryan gives a speech about shooting at people of color and we are all equal.

Emerson's dying words are to Steve: "Take care of my sister."

Mercy has coffee with Idalia, Rosario's sister. Mercy is trying to understand Idalia's indifferent attitude, but according to Idalia, Rosario is pretty much the devil. She had a baby with Idalia's husband, but neglected the baby, so he took it away from her. Then Rosario stole the baby back, thinking that would get him to stay with her. She went to jail, and when she got out she never even asked about the baby. Mercy is stunned.

Tadeo has come to Furia to ask for a job. (Does he know that Tomas works there?) His father hasn't yet started the paperwork, so he can't work in this country legally. And he has no experience. Genesis tries to tell him that he's out of luck, but Morgana moseys up - and Genesis has to step out to take a phone call. Morgana takes advantage of the opportunity to offer Tadeo a chance to play the guitar for her and support her tour. In return, he needs to get his mother to trust Morgana.

Speaking of Tom, he asks about Leticia's new sewing machine. She lies and says she bought it with her earnings from Furia. It was cheap and she wants to make baby clothes. Just like he wanted that big TV. He hugs her and says she's such a good wife. Gag. Then she pitches the idea of working from home.

Laura begs to see Paloma. Blake says Laura's been giving him too much trouble, but he'll give her "one more chance." This time Laura actually does get to see Paloma - on Luisa's phone. (Not necessarily live footage.) Paloma is crying. It is horrible.

Mercy tells Joe what Idalia said about Rosario. Apparently, her son died in the war and she didn't care. And yet Estela's been letting this woman take care of Paloma all this time. Joe thinks there might be another side to the story, but Mercy is determined not to let Rosario care for Paloma again.

Genesis hurries home to find out what Steve called her about - he wanted to tell her in person about Emerson. It sucks. "They'll never want us here," Genesis cries.

Ryan tells Joe to make sure Genesis has all of Furia's support. He talks about his feelings. They note that the shooting wasn't on the news. Joe turns on the radio just in time to hear an interview with "Green." It is too nauseating to repeat, but Danilo and Horacio hear it too. Green says they'll be auctioning off a private dinner with La Regia tomorrow. Danilo wants to go for it. Horacio warns him, but Danilo still thinks he's El Dorado.

Rosario comes out of her coma and asks for Estela and Paloma. She is very upset that Idalia came to see her.

Morgana asks Danilo to listen to something. It's Tadeo. He plays the guitar and sings about kisses. Danilo hires him and warns Morgana that Tadeo just might displace her.

Emerson's wake. More lecturing. Joe has emailed Ryan some info about the mayoral campaign. Genesis is disconsolate. Steve promises they'll file a report against the cop who shot Emerson. She doesn't think that will accomplish anything. She doesn't think he can take care of her, because he couldn't take care of her brother. She thinks Steve got Emerson into this trouble in the first place, because nothing bad ever happens to white men. She wants Steve to go away.

Leticia visits Maria at Erasmo's house. Maria reports that Bonita's not bad. Leticia gives Maria a dress that she made her for school. Maria complains that it's not a designer brand. Bonita shows up, pregnanter than ever, and tells Leticia that Maria doesn't have to wear it if she doesn't want to, and next time she feels like coming over she has to call first. Leticia leaves, hurt by both of them.

Mercy confronts Rosario about all of Idalia's claims and promises to have her deported as soon as she recovers, so that she can't be near Paloma anymore. Rosario insists that Mercy listen to her side of it.

She was 17, and her sister had invited her to come up to the States. Her BIL came down to meet her, and according to him, Idalia made him really unhappy. Young Rosario believed him. He said he would leave Idalia to be with her. He said he loved her. But when they got to Idalia's house, Rosario realized that they weren't really having problems. And then she found out she was pregnant. Idalia did not take the news well. A month after baby Rafael was born, Idalia kicked them both out.

Genesis goes to the Riverside police station to tell them that the report on her brother's shooting misrepresents what really happened. She becomes irate. A few more cops come in to "calm her" (as if that would calm anyone), and she sees that one of them is the very same guy who killed her brother. She flails and screams while they restrain her.

Regia is singing at yet another event. Blake tells the crowd that she'll have dinner with the highest bidder. Laura doesn't like being auctioned off like a prostitute, but Blake snidely remarks that it's not as though it would be the first time. The starting bid is $300, and eventually it reaches $10,000. The bidder is Joe. But then he gets a call from Genesis, who has been arrested. By the time he gets off the phone, he's been outbid and the auction has ended. The winner? Horacio, for $20,000. They had better include a dessert!

Genesis is resisting arrest. Steve comes in and announces that he was a witness and he knows how the shooting really went down. They try to arrest him too. Then one of the cops says no one will be arrested. Genesis says this isn't over, but she leaves with Steve.

Tom sees Tadeo singing on TV with Morgana. He's so excited. He says that Morgana can un-gay Tadeo.

Genesis and Steve make up. Steve feels that if he was able to change, maybe the whole country can change. Genesis doesn't think so. Only people of color can understand what they go through. Steve agrees with that, but he didn't choose to be white any more than she chose to be mulatto (there's a word I don't hear very often). She can count on him for anything. She asks him to stay.

Back to Rosario's story. She decided to go back to Mexico with the baby and start over, but Idalia told the cops that Rosario had stolen the baby from its father. She went to jail for years, because she was "illegal." No one would defend her. Sometimes her baby-daddy would write to her when Idalia wasn't around, and he told her that Rafael had joined the army. She wrote to Rafael to tell him everything and beg his forgiveness, but she doesn't know if he ever read it, because soon afterward she found out he had been killed in Afghanistan. And it turned out that the reason Idalia had raised Rafael was because she couldn't have kids of her own. But no way is Rosario going to let Mercy keep her away from Paloma and Estela.

Mercy is just as stunned by Rosario's story as she was by Idalia's. She is particularly upset that they took Rosario's child away from her. Mercy reveals that she also suffered as a mother. Rosario is skeptical, but we will not be hearing Mercy's story tonight.

Although Horacio did the honors at the auction, the actual winner was Danilo. Laura doesn't want to dine with him. He doesn't want to dine either - he wants to take off with her. Ryan blocks his exit. The two men argue over which of them is more trouble for Laura. Laura interjects, "this is some rescue!" No she doesn't; that was Princess Leia. But she does tell them to pipe down before they get caught. Ryan tells her to go. She says no. What?

Next time: Follow the money!


Aaaaah... at last... I'm officially retired from recapping. Until Monday night...

Julie!! Wow, four nights in a row of recapping and each a work of art filled with vivid details, humor and insight. Thank you so much!! If I were young, I would say when I grow up I want to be just like you...but I'm a little too old for that LOL

Emerson is the one that had had a run in with the guys in the alley--it was one of those events that occurred off screen and we're just supposed to use our imaginations.

I too, didn't think that the shooting was accident, but I'm too tired to go watch the scene again...anyway you've already replayed it several times so that's good enough for me.

Just one more thing before hitting the sack, the two bumbling bros disappoint again...neither one asked for they really expect Laura to leave without her????
More tomorrow...

Perfect title Julie.

Yes, I'll echo RgvChick in thanking you for doing such an amazing job this week. I can honestly say I would be totally lost now if not for you.

There was much to loathe and absolutely nothing to love last night. Murder, mayhem, prejudice, theft, insanity. The list is endless. Was there any deadly sin that we weren't privy to?

"Paloma is crying. It is horrible". Self explanatory and heartbreaking.

Among my favorite lines were "Danilo still thinks he's El Dorado", "pregnanter than ever" and the insightful "There is a note of sarcasm in her voice, but that sarcasm could just as easily be interpreted as disdain for undocumented immigrants, so it doesn't make any difference".

Tadeo was sweet and is quite the talent. I guess that was the one bright spot in this.

Dan's addled brain did realize that someone is on the take. May I hope he beats Tom to a pulp when he catches him?

And then there was "Laura doesn't like being auctioned off like a prostitute, but Blake snidely remarks that it's not as though it would be the first time". Blake is utterly repulsive, in every imaginable way.

"Emerson's dying words are to Steve: "Take care of my sister." So there isn't enough abuse being heaped on Paloma and Laura, so let's devastate Genesis too. So with Tomas abusing Leticia, Mercy in her own private hell and Rosario's hideous backstory, things are not looking up for the women in this TN. What is the message that Morgana is the only relatively unscathed one here??

RgvChick, we know Dan has lost critical brain mass but I am also puzzled as to if he really thinks Laura would leave without Paloma? My thought is he just isn't thinking. Not a novel notion for him.

To say that things are bleak would be an understatement. Let's hope the sun will come out. Tomorrow.

Julie, thank you!


Thanks, Julie. Fabulous job. You are a doll covering all this action.

So much for watching TNs for escape. After the police killing of Emerson, I couldn't really get into the TNy stuff in this episode. But it is interesting seeing Ocampo's take on racism in the U.S.

No really feeling for Rosario at the moment. Taking her kid away and losing him to death is horrible. But boinking your sister's husband - no matter what he told her - is unforgivable. Neither sister is a girl scout, but years have passed...

Lausetala, open your mouth and tell the bumbling bros Paloma's been held hostage. Bros, sneak her a tracking phone.

She says that this land belongs to Mexico, and he slaps her.

Uh, by that logic, doesn't this land belong to the Native Americans?

Uh, by that logic, doesn't this land belong to the Native Americans?
Thanks very true.

And thanks Julie for your Herculean effort bringing all this to us.

There is so much dishonesty in ALL politics, no matter which side you think you are on, that they should leave it out of TNs. This show has become unwatchably dishonest.

Niecie: I'm guessing I should add Emerson to the Body Count ?

Niecie, I'm a firm believer in forgiveness. We all make mistakes.

That said, I'm also in the camp of feeling that "boinking your sister's husband - no matter what he told her - is unforgivable".

Being naïve is one thing but this was out and out betrayal.

Rosario's stock plummeted with me.


Kirby, your beautiful bird is a sight for sore eyes today!

Thank you!


I also meant to add that Mercy looked a tad too judgmental when Rosario spewed her story.

Now I can be judgmental because after all, I AM perfect ;) (so NOT)!

Seriously, Mercy's made her share of mistakes and while cheating with your husband's married business associate isn't quite the same, it's not above board behavior.


Thanks !
Limpkin with an apple snail in it's beak. I am about as far North as you see these.

Is that speckling I see?

Should I be embarrassed to admit I have not heard of a "limpkin"??

Love learning new things here.


As far as Rosario goes you can look at it this way, "If you are old enough to get pregnant, your brain has possibly matured enough also to know that some sperm donors are off limits."

I still say Paloma is the only one without skeletons in her closet.

Good Morning to All!

Julie, the cop that lowered his gun was the same one that shot Emerson. Right before the man shoved him, the pistol was pointing down as you stated. As the man shoved him, he lifted the pistol and was looking straight at Emerson, so, yep, no way was it an accident.

Rosario's story was not exactly what I expected. While I certainly do not condone her actions with her bro-in-law, I think she more than paid the price for one stupid decision made when she was very young. Ultimately, she is a good person and very dedicated to those she loves...anyone who fights for Paloma is on my good list....yeah, even Danilow.

Laura was really stupid in singing that song. Did she really think PsychoB would take it with a grain of salt?? How many times has PsychoB told her that if she doesn't "behave" Paloma is the one who will pay the price. If she wants to put her life on the line, that's her problem (I really don't care much for her anymore), but she completely disregarded Paloma's safety.

Kirby, I share your sentiments regarding politics and TNs. We have enough political crap to put up with, and having it thrown in our faces to this degree when we are trying to get some entertainment that will lift our spirits and help us forget about the realities of a world that can be cruel is quite disheartening.

Diana, no, don't be embarrassed that you haven't heard of "limpkin" I hadn't heard of it either.

Kirby, thank you for sharing your photos and knowledge of birds. I never imagined how diverse the bird varieties could be. the way the white feathers transition to brown on the limpkin is a marvel.

A Limpkin is a South American/ tropical bird about the size of a flamingo but with slightly shorter legs which lives almost exclusively on Apple Snails.

So how does that food pyramid work eating only snails and water?

Glad we have some happiness to go with our misery.

That is one of the good things about Florida (there being few). We have a veritable zoo living here with us and the Fish and Wildlife Commisssion is top notch. I do volunteer work for FWC in my photographic endeavors, in that if I find an UNDOCUMENTED bald eagle nest, I get the required photos of both adults on the nest, the young, and the Latitude and Longitude. This is submitted to be verified by airplane, then entered into the Protected Eagle Nest database. FWC keeps a record of every known eagle nest (they are State and Federally protected) and it's location and status.

Julie, I was rereading your recap--"Ryan fights like a Power Ranger" keeps me laughing. He really did look pretty good in that fight, didn't he?...considering he hasn't fully recovered from that gunshot and had just dismissed himself from the hospital.

I give credit to LetMe for coming up with the excuse that the sewing machine was to make baby clothes. At least she is learning how to avoid getting on TomAss's bad side. But how long will that last. He has a very short fuse and I think hei s on the brink of losing it. He doesn't want her seeing her kids or going out, and she hasn't even told him that she went over to Erasmutt's house to see Maria.

Yes, RgvChick, I think Laura said no to leaving with Ryan and/or Danilo because she's afraid something will happen to Paloma.

Thanks for checking on the shooting. OK, so the cop lowers his weapon, but then changes his mind and shoots anyway? Wut? I mean... there was already blood all over Emerson's shirt.

Poor Emerson. Not only a "mulatto" or black man, he was also a straw man. This character was created for the express purpose of making a point. How I wish that, having made her point, Rosy would have spared us a couple more lectures. You're supposed to show, not tell. Last night was gross overkill.

Diana: "What is the message that Morgana is the only relatively unscathed one here??" Well... something tells me that things will work out for the nicer women, but Morgana will get a double-D anvil.

I feel like something was missing from Rosario's story (or my understanding/telling of it). In the US, she wouldn't get such a very long sentence for kidnapping someone else's child, much less her own, regardless of her immigration status. Maybe she'd get that long of a sentence in Mexico, except she didn't commit the crime there, so why would they put her in jail? But she must have returned to Mexico at some point, because she crossed the border with Laura.

Niecie, the weird thing is, Rosario said in her narrative that she was "foolish" and that her BIL was taking advantage of her, but in the actual flashback it looks more like he just sort of steamrolled her and she didn't know what to do. She was extremely passive. It's not so much that she did anything, as that she let him do something to her.

(And what about Idalia, who punishes her sister but not her husband. This boggles my mind every time it happens in a story - and it happens a lot.)

As for the logic of who California belongs to, Blake's reply, which I couldn't bear to repeat, was that the US was built by whites. (Laura's claim of CA belonging to Mexico has to do with the treaty that ceded California to the USA.)

Yes Steve, we've got another stiff.

So, Kirby, do the DOCUMENTED birds complain that the UNDOCUMENTED birds are taking their nests and food??? sorry couldn't resist...slapping my hand :-)

Although Laura cryyyyyyys and moans over her little Paloma, we actually do not have DNA proof that she is actually hers, and she seems very passive about rescuing her. Mothers are like grisly bear Mothers when their flesh and blood is threatened, and I would expect her to have killed Blake with her bare hands when she had a chance in the room. If she killed him before TasMania could have intervened, why would Tas have any reason to reciprocate if her paymaster was dead?

To be giving political concerts in broad daylight and publicized on radio and TV while being held captive is beyond even anything we saw in VEA. She just doesn't seem to be THAT unwilling a coconspirator.

RGV that is exactly what I was fishing for. You Rock.

Yeah, Ryan fought like he'd had training. When did that happen?

I thought it was weird that we didn't see Tomas's reaction to Leti wanting to work at home (which she's already doing). He made a weird face, but the next time we see Leti she's at Erasmo's, and later she's at home with Tom watching Tad on TV.

Great, so Leticia is able to lie her way out of Tomas's wrath... for now. How long does she think she can keep that up? Does she think that's a normal way to live? Feh.

How would Laura kill Blake? He's blind, but he's still bigger than her, and she has no weapons. He could easily have pried her hands off of his neck.

That's not to say that she shouldn't kick the holy hell out of him when she has the chance, but I don't think she could come close to killing him with her bare hands, and I would expect her to pay a very high price for wounding him.

Hah... undocumented birds... sorry, I'm slow!

Does it seem weird to anyone else that this story is set in Riverside, rather than a fictitious town? What do the people in Riverside think of being the poster city for all of America's problems?

To kill PsychoB, Laura could also break one of those chairs or the lid on the commode and use one of the pieces as a stake to drive into PsychoB's chest...notice I didn't say heart...he doesn't have one...

Ha! Julie...we're thinking alike again! I even looked up Riverside's current mayor, Rusty Baily. The webpage says Riverside is committed to culture and the even has a "Cheech Marin center for Chicano Art." I won't say anymore...zipping it...

I like the idea of stabbing Blake in the chest with a broken toilet seat, but if it won't kill him, why bother.

Remember, she's on camera all the time. When she got the towel bar off the wall, Luisa was waiting for her when she opened the bathroom door. (Apparently she wasn't busy braiding her hair at that moment.)

Laura's options are very limited as long as they have Paloma. She's taking a big risk even singing some of the songs she's singing at his events. If she were bigger, stronger, professionally trained, then sure, I'd say she should take a serious whack at him. But she's not. And Luisa is. So I can't blame her for playing it cool for as long as she can (personally, I would play it way cooler than she is) and wait for another chance, like she did with the lipstick in the bathroom. Maybe she should sit down for that dinner with Danilo, and sneak a steak knife home. (Maybe Blake already thought of that, and made sure that her dinner will be soup and pudding.)

Cheech Marin? Wow.

Julie, you are amazing, thank you for your filling-in-gaps details! I agree with you about Emerson being the sacrificial lamb. That didn't make any sense. He had been set up to fail.

I'm pretty sure the Cheech Marin business was something he donated to Riverside. I think it is meant to be cheeky. Riverside does have some beautiful old county buildings, including a giant county courthouse. And, don't forget the Mission Inn. Lots of important people used to visit there on the way to the ever trendy Palm Springs.

This TN is a downer now. Don't remember any before with crying kids being emotionally tortured.

L Linda


Hi there. Back home after a two day drive. Left for home at 8,am in Thursday, and we did not reach the hotel until 8pm. Right to bed and up at 4am to continue the journey ,(,because our air conditioning went). Finally home at 8.30 Then, went To the post office for the mail, bought some plants, unloaded the car. Now, I will relax on the patio for a minute.

I have not read the recap yet, but after reading some comments, I am glad that I have not seen this week's episodes. I watch telenovelas to escape harsh reality. Rosy is painting a very nasty picture of the U.S.

Julie, I think that we should call YOU Wonder Woman because you have put in a lot of time and effort to fill in for Alfredo this week. Thank you. P s. Lots of traffic in your neck of the woods , but once we got to Maine and beyond ..very little traffic but lots of trees.


Linda, the Cheech Marin Center is the "permanent home for Marin’s more than 700 works of Chicano art, including paintings, sculptures, and photography" ...very interesting that he collected that many works of art.

SusanLynn, glad you got home safely adn that you are now taking a break...enjoy!


Yes, Susanlynn... traffic around here is terrible. I don't think it's the very worst in the country, but it's still epic. Maybe someone should write a TN about that.

If I'm Wonder Woman, then Wonder Woman is very tired. I have a renewed appreciation for how much Alfredo does every week!

Letmehidemybrains must realize she married a loose cannon in order for her to feel she must hide the purpose of her sewing machine. And I wish she would say "So what if my son is gay. What's it to you?" At her mature age, with two near-grown kids and an ex who must've not been too bad back in the day since she followed him to the USA, she should not be putting up with this. She better become Letmeoutahere if she is to be worthy of Chavelin.

Laustela has no idea where Paloma is being held. Blake and Luisa could be piping in the video/audio from anywhere, moving Paloma from place to place (though I do think she was on the other side of Laustela's room at one point). Blake claims to "love" Paloma, but he shows no caring about her emotional or physical health. He could pluck her just like he does those butterflies that he "loves" so much, just to punish Laustela. So I can see Laustela going through the public appearances, though she's dying inside. Hope Laustela and the Hardy Boys get Paloma back tonight. Enough of this.

Maybe Laura should try to gain Luisa's trust. You know, offer to braid her hair.
I still think that Dan is going to die saving Paloma.

Regarding Laura disablingkilling Blake , I saw a self defense guy on TV , and he suggested that if someone grabs you, you should take the heel ? Bottom part? Of your hand end use it to hit upward at the guy's nose as hard as you can.

SusanLynn that reminds of the scene in Miss Congeniality where she demonstrates the S.I.N.G.defense procedure; check it out:

Niecie, did you really mean "the Hardy Boys" or " Laurel & Hardy"? LOL

Julie, girl you knocked it out of the ballpark. This was like watching the evening news and it sounded so VERY familiar, with the campaign and all of everything because mr.Green can fix it all by himself, and that's all I'll say about that.

So they came to rescue her and now fighting over her. Just a few feet away from the man who they came to rescue her from. They are not helping her situation at al Hardy Boys indeed.

Hey Jules the word "mulatto" I never heard of it either until a few years ago cuz all I ever heard was half and half cuz we got half and half people in my family but we had a family reunion a while back and my great-great-uncle who is now passed on, he got to research the family so we know where our routes came from. it was New Orleans Louisiana and my great-great-grandfather was he stated in the research mulatto and I thought well that's interesting. Cuz there are some adopted people in our family that's half and half but there's also some blood relations to, that would explain a lot of looks and shades and hair color and textures in my family.Don't matter to me they're bloodfamily. And I love the hair.

I hated seeing little paloma cryin for momie In her little pjs.I was watching this science fiction movie last night on demand called "life" starring Jake Gyllenhaal, they picked up this life-form from Mars and it turned out to be a really horrible monster that just wraps itself around the victims and sucks the life right out of them. I'd love to put mr. Blake and Luisa in a spaceship with that creature and have it squeeze the life out of those two disgusting creatures. The little kindergarten kids back on Earth named the monster "Calvin". Somebody needs to introduce Blake and Lou to Calvin.
In that locked up house where they keep Laura, with the camera.

Tadeo could take morgonnastealmeababys place cuz she cannot sing, all she can do is shake her body and that's it. I
Think he has a sweet voice.Morg should be arrested for destroying and abusing musical notes.

Mercy is such a hypocrite. It was so easy for her to believe what IDahlia was telling her and she is continuing to lie even after the young man is dead. Her and her sorry husband really deserved each other. Rosy still got fight her. YOU GO ROSEY!!!

Thanks Julie. Y'all have a safe 4th of July weekend patio people!!!!

Susanlynn, glad you are back safe and sound!

Unfortunately, the storyline has gone grim in your absence. There is not the slightest sliver of humor or lightness. Dan and Ryan are trying but hopelessly inept against the sinister Blake and Luisa. Hatred and heartless (good nicknames, no?) are prevailing.

As Niecie noted, Laura is going through the emotions despite withering internally. What a strain that must be, trying to keep up "appearances", singing while you want to cry.

I'd love to see Danilo, mad as hell, go in and rescue Paloma, guns ablaze.

Unfortunately he has lost Calao, his Tonto and as the Lone Ranger, simply doesn't have the intelligence to pull it off himself. And the little matter of having no idea where sPaloma is doesn't help. I'm thinking badbun may need to be involved.


Diana, the only way AssBun would get involved is if he thought Paloma had the money to be laundered. He didn't lift a finger when Paloma was locked in the car and refused to give any info regarding who had taken Laura and Paloma or their whereabouts.

The other thing I'm curious about is, if Laura is locked up in the practically empty room, how does she rehearse her songs and get all those costumes and make up (including hair extensions) she wears?

I have heard that advice about going for the nose before, but the nose is a pretty small target, so it might not be as easy as it sounds. (I also hear that you should go for the eyes, but that ship has already sailed...)

Nina, "Morg should be arrested for destroying and abusing musical notes." HAH!!

Diana - I think you are right. They might not be able to do this without BunMan. BunMan could maybe be persuaded to do this for Laura's sake, if he really likes her. But we know that BunMan is not inclined. Danilo already asked. And El D doesn't seem to be particularly interested in helping the woman that Ryan is in love with. BunMan might have to defy El D in order to help.

But if El D gets mad at Blake, that could change things. Consider the following hypothetical scenario:

1. Laura offends Blake
2. Blake has Logan call the Dept O'Justice to tell them to investigate Furia and arrest Ryan
3. El D gets mad and sends BunMan to Riverside
4. Mayhem
5. Paloma and Laura are rescued; Johnson goes to jail; Luisa is presumed dead, but is actually in a coma in a secret hospital and will rise again at an inopportune moment a few months from now; and Blake is now El D's bitch.

RgvChick, those are good questions. Laura doesn't need to rehearse; she's a natural, and because she is pure of heart she sings like an angel.

The costumes and hair extensions are on loan from from Luisa's personal collection.

Haha, Julie, maybe Laura and Luisa do each other's 'd be funny if Laura came out with cornrows LOL

Talking about impacting the nose bone into the brain as a defense/survival tactic: Remember most times when a person can see, there is a natural instinct to twitch the head out of harms way. Without sight Blake (I believe) would be a sitting duck. Wasn't there an incident where he fell recently and was almost helpless? I think if LauStealth could be patient and choose her shot she might be able to pull it off, if she has it in herself to actually kill the son of a beach.

When you can't see where it is coming from it is hard to defend yourself. I think a quick attack with her hands, the chairs, the table, a high heel, anything would finish that frail old turd. Killing him is the only way it would work though.

If somebody could get her a phone, and she just leave it on, hidden, not even talking on it, they can locate it by triangulating the towers it is pinging.

Right! He wouldn't see her hand coming.
Yes, he was helpless when Laura knocked him over. I was surprised she was able to do that. (I can't remember if she used a chair or how it happened.)

A phone would be a good idea. Have to remember to put it on silent/no vibrate mode, though, or else she'll get caught when Rachel calls from Card Services.

Okay..we've decided then..she goes for the nose and how about a knee to the family jewels while he is holding his nose. I think that Laura is going to have to rescue herself. These guys are not doing much. Does anyone know where she and poor little Paloma are being held? So far Bunny has been a bug disappointment to me.

Kirby..That is vary interesting about your photography and documenting of the birds.

I need some positivity, so I am watching The Waltons.Are there any reruns or movies that you guys can watch over and over?



I still watch The Brady Bunch, Susanlynn. I mean... I wouldn't go out of my way, but it's on, so I watch it and I feel warm and fuzzy.


Haven't you seen movies where a sighted person is attacking a blind person and to even the field the blind one manages to knock out the light bulb?

Don't forget that there is a camera in the room. I don't know what the span is on the camera, but Laura would have to pick a spot in the room that isn't covered. They didn't show a camera in the bathroom, so if she could get him in there, she would have a chance.

Okay...we have a plan..Laura the bathroom...with a hand to the nose and a knee to Blake's bits and pieces.

I say after he is dead the camera is a moot point . But maybe she could talk him into a romantic bubble bath?

This is just ridiculous, after all the kidnapping, drugs, gangsters, shootings, and guns, half of California wants her dead and the other half wants her alive to torture, she is not carrying mace, bear spray, a gun or knife.

I agree Kirby, this IS getting ridiculous...downright unbelievable even for a TN. We're racking our brains here trying to figure out who is really who and how the heck all the baddies will get their anvils (without any cops). All we need now is for them to pull a "Dallas" thing. Laura wakes up on the morning after she and Ryan first did the deed, they get married, she is legal; Ryan adopts Paloma and she is legal, and Chayo marries Chava...y ya...FIN!!

The girl and lil p need to be rescued
And tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber(Ry
And Dani)are not much help. Somebody farther up said she might have to rescue herself, she just might have to cuz bunguy isn't liftin a finger. I think if Laura really tried she could one up lu and her and lil p make a run for it.

I can't stand that nasty Ol guy that wants greenblake to run for mayor. He
Looks nasty. What's a girl to do when half the world wants to Dead and other half wants to just annoy her with torture.
Has anyone on the patio ever eaten escargot? I asked because I'm watching an episode of "Transformers: revenge" and sams parents are in Paris France, and the mother just spit it out. She says it's nasty. Just curious.


But Rvgchick, what happens to letme?
And her baby? If she didn't marry chava?

I've had escargot. It's not nasty if you like shellfish in general. It tastes like shellfish, but it's a little chewier, like octopus. Normally it's served in or with a very garlicky butter sauce.

Nina, here is my suggestion for LetMe:

Morgana's outfits are so popular that she launches a successful clothing line. LetMe is the designer. Leticia is now a star in the clothing design world, and will make a lot of money. Tom is dead, because Leticia had told Morgana that Tomas was stealing money. Morgana told Danilo, and the gangsters tracked him down and killed him in a spectacularly gruesome way. No one will ever find all of the pieces.

Leticia's baby ends up being best friends with Bonito's baby. Go figure.

NiNa today's bird likes escargot a LOT.

Julie, that LetME finale sounds good to me.

Oh and PsychoB...well, he actually did die in whatever "arguende" happened in Mexico; and since he wasn't around to save Luisa, she is dead too. Fauxpax and La Tona never found out that Laura was alive and they continued doing their own scummy stuff, got arrested and are in jail. As for RealStela..she's in an insane asylum, somewhat catatonic and repeating "I killed my dad, I killed my dad..."

Kirby I see the bird is about to feast on that beak full of one snail.
Y U M M O!!!!!!!

Count me in on all of the above plans.

I want all the villains to get their comeuppance.

Leticia has been frustrating but I am going to cut her some slack. I would very much like to see Let as a successful designer although I get the feeling it will be for someone other than Morgana (as I count her survival as questionable).

And "mayhem". Absolutely Julie.

Too bad the patio isn't writing any of this...

"What's a girl to do when half the world wants to Dead and other half wants to just annoy her with torture". You know Nina, I have absolutely no idea but thank you. Life is looking pretty darn good when you aren't in Laura's shoes, doesn't it :)


Kirby, Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn was very scary when I saw it. She was a blind woman stalked and attacked. Very frightening.


Susanlynn, I have watched quite a few movies many times.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Trading Places, Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightly), Lord of the Rings trilogy, and my absolute favorite, Sense and Sensibility (Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet) are among them. I know there are others but these come immediately to mind.


Oh, and Elf. Definitely Elf.


Wait until dark was terrifying.

Hello everyone! I am back but very, very behind on this one!

However, I wanted to give a big, big thank you to Julie for helping recap this one in my absence as well as Adriana and Anita! You're dedication is amazing and I can't thank you enough for your help! I think Kirby and RgvChick may have helped too. Either way, your commentary and insight input are great and I thank you all!

I hope everything is okay with you Diana and Susanlynn!

Hopefully, I'll be caught up as we must be close to ultimas semanas. Whoo! LEt the fun begin and talk soon!

Welcome back, Alfredo. Hope your vacation brought you much enjoyment, rest, and relaxation. We missed you, but Julie, Anita, and Adriana did an amazing job in keeping us going.

Yaaayyyy!! Últimas semanas!

Note to self: do not hire Ryan and Joe to be PIs :-)

You're welcome, Alfredo. Yeah, a lot has happened in the last two weeks! And the whole patio helped out with details, ideas, wit, and pretty birds.

If we're talking about movies, Susanlynn, I recommend The Jerk. I don't know about over and over, but once in a blue moon I can watch it to yank me out of a bad mood. Also Airplane, Office Space, and Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

Those are the funny ones. There are more that aren't funny, but if we're looking for something to counterbalance the grim tone of this telenovela, I need funny. And I've got a DVD of three early Pink Panther movies right here.

Yoooo Yooo
Welcome back
To the salt mine Bro.

This one, being a TN, is getting Goofy. But fun. I hope you can get back up to speed before long. Of course all us little angels on the patio have wished death and dismemberment on everyone but Paloma and the family dog by now.

Well, actually I made up the dog part.

Welcome back Bud, did you check in on La Pitiful...Piloto yet? It actually ended pretty good with a twist or two. :-)

Welcome back Alfredo,hope you're all
Relaxed feeling summertime good. Anita and Julie and Adriana have kept us in tnland stitches. Now sir,commence the stitchin :)

And yes Diana, life is waaaaay better.
It's hot but at least I'm not stuck in some ratty house being tortured by some crazy ass blind man and his stiff sidekick with, my baby on the other side of my filthy door screaming for me(of course now she's calling momma a liar) but yeah girl life waaay better.

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