Thursday, June 22, 2017

TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): El Capo, La Querida del Centauro2, El Señor de los Cielos, & más: Week of June 19, 2017


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Time):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Corazón Valiente (Friday only—preempted for soccer most of the week)
• 12-2PM—Volver a Amar (Fri only—soccer)
• 8-9PM—El Capo
• 9-10PM—La Querida del Centauro2 (repeats 12-2AM)
• 10-11PM—El Señor de los Cielos

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.

By common agreement, this group DOES NOT discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode of the current production. Spoilers WILL be removed by the admin. This includes reference to earlier productions of the story, and even the original novel. Thanks for your cooperation!

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LXV: I'm sticking with my Bold Prediction of President Omar Talen (AKA BPN) surviving the explosion & Buji First Lady (AKA Bizarro Gaviota) will die.


1.) BPN & Bizarro Gaviota survive the explosion in the parade. Must be the bullet-proof glass inside the ABU.

2.) Victor FAILS again to whack Aurelio's puppet President LOL.

3.) Team Aurelio saves the day & rescues Mommy Casilas.

4.) Monica finally wakes up.... only to see Aurelio with Emiliana. I'm sure Emiliana will want to see Monica dead before the end of this TN.

5.) Rivero unsuccessfully tries to talk BPN into cancelling the Independence Day festivities.

6.) Bizarro Gaviota looks like a complete HOT MESS! I loved it when BPN tells her to get her shit together or else.

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I meant to say the SUV.

Sin senos sí hay paraíso

Gregorio Pernía (Titi) was injured (a hip fracture) doing a stunt in the movie.



Deb: OUCH!


Bill C., where ever you are, BPN trying to get some with his Booty Call Ritula.

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