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La Candidata 7.17.17 Chapter 26: Cecelia Reveals That She…(Recap Below)

Natalia thinks she arrived at the worst time but Omar chides her for showing up unexpectedly, especially because it’s his house. Natalia reminds him that it’s their house but Omar reminds her that she gave up all her rights when she left. Natalia demands Marcia leave but Omar grabs Natalia and tries to throw her out though Jose immediately stops him. Marcia opts to leave but Omar asks her to stay because Natalia disrespected their house first so she has no right to demand anything of him. Jose leads Natalia up to her room as Omar orders them to get everything of hers out of the house and never come back. Marcia tries to leave again but Omar apologizes for what happened and explains that he has nothing to do with Natalia anymore. Omar hugs and kisses Marcia as Natalia shakes her head from atop the staircase. Marcia, though Omar doesn’t notice, seems to be throwing up in her mouth.

Teresa explains that Mario helped her a long time ago and they are now friends though she had no idea that he was Emiliano’s grandfather. Mario then explains that Teresa asked him to help her find a job and Teresa tells them that she will start working in his company soon. Ximena is surprised that her mother wants to return to the workforce but seems happy enough. Mario then bids them goodnight and asks Teresa to continue their conversation tomorrow. Emiliano kisses Ximena goodbye and then leaves with Mario as Ximena tells Teresa that she’s happy for her but can’t understand why she didn’t tell her the good news sooner. Teresa wanted it to surprise and asks Ximena to not tell Gerardo tell she decides. Ximena is unsure of this request.

Regina reminds Gerardo that there is nothing between them but laws though chides him for discussing their differences in public. She asks him to follow her for a second and then stops short a few feet and demands he stop his childish behavior because she will not stand for it. Gerardo reminds her about their earlier conversation, where she admitted that there were a lot of things about Alonso she didn’t like, and had even asked him for a divorce, though she is the first one who is supporting his candidacy. Regina shakes her head but Gerardo reminds her that her bill helps Alonso though Regina doesn’t think one has to do with the other. He reiterates that he loves her and would never hurt her but Regina reminds him that he went back on his word to help approve her bill. Gerardo prefers to talk about their feelings, not their politics, but Regina reminds him that he brought up politics first. He cuts her off and tells her that Ignacio, another casualty of her party who is supposedly there to help people, is waiting for him. He storms off and leaves Regina speechless.

Ignacio receives a call in Gerardo’s office from Almiron. He demands to know where Nayeli is, as he already kept up his end of the bargain, but Almiron tells him that Gerardo needs to retract his statement first. Until then, Nayeli will stay with him. Almiron then hangs up as Gerardo walks in. He tells Ignacio that he will help him and asks him to write a statement that he will sign. Ignacio tells him that it needs to be a press conference and Gerardo agrees. Ignacio thanks him and walks out as the colleague who introduced Gerardo to the reporter walks in. Gerardo chides him for allowing the reporter to publish the story, though he promised he would not, and asks the man to leave. The man argues that he didn’t know what the reporter would do, and even went to go find Alma but hasn’t been able to find her. Gerardo nods and tells him that he will give him once more opportunity. He asks the colleague to support Ignacio and he nods before leaving.

Alonso, post coitus, breaths in and out deeply. Cecelia straights out her shirt next to him as Alonso confesses that she excites him completely. Cecelia smiles and tells him that she drives him crazy because their relationship is forbidden. Alonso laughs, and agrees, though Cecelia confesses that their relationship means a lot more to her. She gets up to leave and Alonso asks if she is going to demand more of their relationship. She tells him she won’t but wanted him to know that she is falling in love with him. They share a look and then Cecelia walks away.

Jose and Natalia pack her things; she is still is surprised that Omar brought a prostitute to his home. After a moment, she announces that she won’t leave her home and Omar has no right over it or her. Jose nods but tells her that she must talk to Alonso because Omar won’t allow him to stay behind and protect her. Natalia wonders if he only helps her to protect his job but Jose reminds her that he confronted Omar so he is likely already fired. He only hopes to protect her as much as he can. Natalia nods and then tells him that they should leave for the night but she will talk to Alonso because she this is her home and she will defend it. She then thanks Jose for all his help as he leads her out of the room.

Gerardo holds a press conference and explains that he was the victim of a pseudo reporter, who published incomplete information. Hernan asks if that means that the information is still partially true and there are cases of prostitution and corruption within the San Roman government. Gerardo asks them to let him finish and explains that he has no way to prove his statements before apologizing for any damage that the news report caused. Hernan demands to know if he is being forced to retract his statements but Gerardo announces that the conference is over and leaves.

Natalia and Jose walk by the study and she shakes her head at the disgusting sexual display. Omar asks her if she would like to join and Natalia leaves with Jose in tow. Omar grabs a now naked Marcia and drags her to the front door as he screams obscenities at Natalia. He then hugs Marcia tight and asks her to help him forget what happened. She nods and closes the door behind them.

In the hallway, Cecelia fills in Magda on her plans for Regina. Magda asks if she doesn’t want to let Alonso in on her plan but she reiterates that it’s between her and Regina, especially because she needs to recover the trust Regina lost in her. She explains that she needs Regina on her side and reminds Magda that she introduced Hernan as her boyfriend so that should calm any fears. Magda begs her not to underestimate Regina and Cecelia doesn’t, that’s precisely why she needs to talk to her. She asks her again to keep the secret and then they part ways. Cecelia then walks to the exit but runs into Mauro, who warns her to stop trying to “play house” with Alonso or she will lose him. She asks if Alonso said anything but Mauro asks that she listen to him and not talk about love right now, only sex, as that is what she does best. Cecelia is silent and Mauro reminds her that sex is what she does best and he needs her in the office by their side. Cecelia then silently leaves as Magda observes Mauro, who continues to watch Cecelia’s departing figure.

Alonso arrives at Omar’s house but his bodyguard tells him that his father is busy. Alonso pushes his way in regardless and looks up as Marcia walks down the stairs, fully dressed. He asks who she is and Marcia informs herself before smiling. She asks if he’s the Governor and Alonso confirms he is though he wants to know who she is as he’s never seen her before. She states that she’s a friend of Omar as Omar walks down the stairs and tells her that Alonso is his son. She nods as Alonso tells them that he will visit him another time. Omar tells him to stay as Marcia is on her way out. He kiss her and Marcia leaves as Alonso tells him that he bounced back quickly. Omar asks if Natalia sent him since she was there earlier but Alonso tells him no.

In her office, Regina receives a call from Cecelia and answers. She listens quietly as Daniela stands behind her and hears how they agree to meet later in Cecelia’s apartment. Regina hangs up and tells Daniela that she needs to hear Cecelia out though Daniela thinks it will just be another lie.

Alonso walks into the study with Omar and asks him where he met his new “friend”. Omar tells him that Marcia is a waitress, not a prostitute, and he met her at a restaurant he frequents. He knows that Alonso only thinks a prostitute would be with him but Marcia is a nice girl with a nice smile and they clicked instantly. He then asks Alonso why he’s there, as it surely isn’t to interrogate him, and Alonso sits down sit down before asking Omar for help with the Red Circle.

Some time later, Natalia fills in Noemi on what happened with Omar and they laugh at Omar’s cluelessness to Marcia’s true intentions. Alonso arrives and tells them that he spoke to Omar and knows what happened. Natalia thinks it’s disgusting that Omar is involved with a girl young enough to be his granddaughter, and Noemi agrees, though Alonso asks her to stay out of it. He then tells Natalia that going back to the house was dangerous and she nods but Jose was there to protect her. Alonso asks her to not go back there again but Natalia tells him that she wants to go back to her house, ASAP. Noemi thinks it’s crazy but Alonso asks her to butt out again before asking Natalia if they can talk in private. Natalia obliges and follows Alonso to the hallway.

Alonso, out of Noemi’s earshot, tells her that she can’t return to her house. Natalia firmly declares that she wants to go back home and Omar should be the one to leave though Alonso asks that she not cause any more problems for him. Natalia warns him that she will go back home and whatever needs to happen, will happen. Noemi comes and asks that they toast for Natalia’s brave decision though Alonso thinks she should stop drinking for the night. He then tells Natalia that they will talk about the matter later but Natalia shakes her head and tells her that her decision is made. She then goes to ask for dinner as Noemi continues to look at Alonso. He demands to know why and she asks why he hired Cecelia. Alonso tells her that Mario recommended her and Noemi reveals that that is precisely the problem because he and Mario have never gotten along so she doesn’t understand why he would listen to him. She then asks if he did it because he knows what is going on between him and Cecelia. Alonso stops short.

Regina arrives at Cecelia’s apartment as Hernan gets dressed and kisses Cecelia goodbye. She didn’t mean to interrupt but Hernan announces that he has work to do and only wanted to visit his girlfriend for a bit. He leaves and Cecelia asks Regina to come inside before closing the door. They sit down in the living room and Regina tells her that they have little time so Cecelia gets right to the point. She wanted to apologize for storming out of Regina’s house, and wants her to know the whole truth, though Regina notes that she shouldn’t have attacked her. Cecelia nods and explains that her mother was a prostitute, because she was very poor but beautiful, and met her father during one of her jobs. From their tryst, Cecelia was born though her father never recognized her and that was the hardest part of all. Regina listens intently as Cecelia explains that she was able to get away from that world and study abroad though her mother continued to do the only thing she knew and opened a cabaret. Cecelia knows how Regina feels about this because she’s read about her efforts at the shelter but she swears that her mother takes care of her girls. Regina is not there to judge anyone and Cecelia continues: when she came back, she landed a few jobs before the opportunity presented itself to work for Alonso. She then explains that she didn’t have a close relationship with her mother after she left and only saw her again when she introduced her to Regina. She is also unaware if prostitution is practiced at her mother’s cabaret and Regina thanks her for her sincerity. Cecelia stops her short and reveals that she also has a sister. At this, Regina is taken aback.

Alonso explains that Mario introduced him to Cecelia as the daughter of a friend who passed away. Noemi wonders if she believed him and Alonso did though Noemi doubts it as Cecelia’s mother owns a cabaret that has been linked with a prostitution ring. Alonso reveals that Cecelia is distanced form her mother, for that very reason she asked Mario for help. Noemi doesn’t by his story and wonders what dirty secrets he and Mario keep. Alonso has two suggestions for her: drink a black coffee and talk to Mario about Cecelia, not him. He goes to leave but Noemi reminds him that asking her to talk to Mario is the same as asking her to be quiet. Alonso turns around and reveals that he can barely stand her and Mario but respects them because they are his wife’s parents. Noemi is quiet and Alonso takes the opportunity to walk away.

Regina is shocked to hear Cecelia has a sister. Cecelia nods and explains that her father already had a wife and child when she was born and that daughter got everything she could never have, including a father, who was always there for birthday parties and doctor’s visits. Her sister had a father she could be proud of and, for that, she always envied her. Regina asks if Cecelia hates her sister but Cecelia is unsure, especially because her sister is probably as much a victim as she is. Regina asks if she know her and Cecelia shakes her head though she wishes she could’ve met her and had a relationship with her. Regina thinks she still can but Cecelia can’t unmask her father and destroy his memory. Regina nods but wants to know what her father has to do with everything.

Gerardo arrives home and calls Daniela to obtain Almiron’s phone number. She will text it to him and he hangs up after thanking her. Just then, Teresa comes with a mountain of shopping bags and announces that she’s going back to work selling houses at a real estate office. Gerardo asks who got her the job and Teresa tells him a friend did and then goes to hug and kiss him though Gerardo pushes her away. Teresa demands to know if he is going to reject her but continue loving Regina after she destroyed him publicly. Gerardo tells her that it’s his problem but Teresa reminds him it’s their problem as they are a family and she wants to protect him. Gerardo doesn’t care to listen anymore and leaves to his room.

Cecelia explains that Mario was always close to her family and she knows he would help her if she asked. Regina asks if Mario had anything to do with Isela but Cecelia shakes her head and tells her that she isn’t aware if there he ever did. Regina is quiet and then announces that she must go, as it is very late, before standing up. Cecelia stands up too and asks if she knows that she can beat Alonso in the presidential election. Regina shakes her head and asks why she wants to know. Cecelia explains that her job requires foresight and she must be privy to any other candidate who may run against Alonso. Regina asks if she sees her as a threat but Cecelia does not, as long as she’s married to Alonso and supports him. Regina asks that Alonso ask her anything he wants to know instead of sending Cecelia to do his dirty work. Regina then walks to the front door as Cecelia explains that Alonso doesn’t even know about their meeting, she just wanted to clear the air between them. Regina believes her but Cecelia notes that she hasn’t answered her question. Regina turns around and tells her that she will only tell Alonso her answer before leaving. She walks away and gets into the elevator as Cecelia closes the door, runs up to her living room and calls her mother. She begins to cry and tells Isela that she was just with Regina, who just left, and almost told her everything. Cecelia begs her to listen but Isela hangs up and Cecelia breaks down crying.

Nayeli arrives home and Ignacio fiercely hugs her before sitting down on the couch to discuss her situation. Ignacio thinks they have to act soon in order to protect her but Nayeli thinks he’s overreacting. Ignacio does not, especially because the police are watching her, and he suggests she go live with her mother because he works too much and can’t watch her, as he should. Nayeli begs him not to send her away because she hates her mother’s new husband but Ignacio orders her to pack her things because she leaves tomorrow morning. Nayeli reluctantly obliges.

In their room, Alonso congratulates Regina on her bill and on sticking it to Gerardo. She is anything but happy and asks if he wants to go to sleep though Alonso has other plans. He gets in real close but Regina tells him that she would prefer to go to sleep. She goes to the bathroom and Alonso asks if she is still thinking about the divorce because she is slowly turning him into an iceberg. Regina reminds him that their sex life is nonexistent because of him and he has no idea how much she hates him because of it. Alonso is quiet but it’s obvious that he doesn’t think the same thing.

The next morning, Alonso meets with the Red Circle, a group of disgruntled employers, to discuss their deal. They remind him that they held up their end of the bargain and it is now his turn to deliver as they are paying their worker’s too much because of the Worker’s Union. Alonso promises to help them but reminds them that it’s most convenient for him to be President, regardless, and they all agree, though they need him to help pass their bill to lower worker’s compensation. Alonso promises to do so but he needs time though the employers don’t have time and warn him that they will remove their support if he fails to come through for them. Alonso reminds them that they will lose a lot of votes and support as well but the leader of Red Circle has already spoken to Morales and they have a proposal. If Alonso should accept, it may be the solution to all their problems.

Ignacio gets dressed for work but can’t find Nayeli anywhere.

Nayeli arrives at Ximena’s house and begs her to help her though she notes that she hasn’t been the best friend in the past. She begs Ximena to forgive her and Ximena accepts it but asks her to leave. Nayeli reveals that Ignacio wants to send her to live with her mother but she can’t because…Ximena demands to know why and Nayeli grows quiet as she sits down. She begins to cry and reveals that her mother’s husband tried to sleep with her. Ximena is shocked but neither of them notice that Teresa is listening in the hallway.

Regina arrives at the shelter with Daniela and is happy to see Juana Galindo is back. Juana greets her with a smile and then Regina asks if she knows anything else about Susana. Juana frowns and tells her that she does not and doesn’t know anything else than what she already knows. She then bids Regina a quick goodbye and goes to pick up her son. Regina and Daniela watch her leave and then notice Alonso and a sea of reporters in the parking lot and go to see what all the fuss is about.

Alonso tells the reporters that he has brought as surprise that the women of the shelter, in the form of donations such as furniture, and is sure they are going to love it. He then sees Regina and calls her over as another reporter asks if the donation was his idea. Alonso nods and tells them it was as a reporter as Regina to say a few words. Regina is speechless though Daniela calls out her name to bring her back to reality. Regina nods and tells the reporters that the shelter was created to help abused and mistreated women and any donation helps. Alonso smiles but reiterates that Regina’s help should not go unnoticed as she is a role model and inspiration for everyone. He grabs her hand and holds it up as he promises to continue to work, side by side, to make things better. The cheers from audience are short lived as Teresa comes and asks everyone to continue clapping for the defender of women. She then asks who the victims are, the wives who’s husband she steals, and then gives them asylum in her shelter. Regina is quiet and Ochoa grabs Teresa and begins to pull her away with two other guards as Teresa demands Regina answer.

Gerardo meets with Morales, who tells him that he spoke with Red Circle and they agreed to his proposal: pave the way for Alonso to become president so Gerardo can be the next Governor. All Gerardo has to do is think about it and accept. Gerardo wonders what would be the point, as San Roman will govern the nation but Morales thinks it’s a moot point as Alonso has too much support, including Regina. He begs Gerardo to accept, as he’s the only candidate that would win the Governor race. Gerardo is unsure, as he wants to sleep at night, but Morales tells him that the party’s future is in his hands. He leaves Gerardo to think it over as Nieves walks in and informs him of the spectacle between Teresa and Regina at the shelter. She hands him the iPad and he shakes his head as he reads the report.

Alonso reminds the press that Regina’s work and reputation at the shelter is pristine though another reporter notes that the accusations came from Gerardo’s ex wife. Alonso thinks what is important is the women who live and work at the shelter’s reaction, which speaks for itself. He turns to leave as the reporters follow and goes over to Regina, who is waiting by the car. He hopes she has learned her lesson because Teresa’s spectacle reflects badly on both of them. Regina shakes her head but Alonso reminds her that she spoke of divorce and has refused to have sex with him so he is starting to think Teresa’s accusations are not unfounded. Regina asks him to think whatever he wants, especially because then he won’t have to explain what he is doing at the shelter with the press. He tells her that he is there to support her, like always, but Regina notes that he is using her. Alonso notes that she only thinks that because she is competing with him and when she shouldn’t be as he is the presidential candidate. He goes to leave but also reminds her to be careful with Gerardo before leaving.

Marcia meets with Mario, who chides her for sleeping with Omar on the first date, in his care outside of the restaurant. He knows what he asked but explains that things got complicated because Natalia passed by the house and Omar went ballistic. They argued and the only way she found to placate him was to sleep with him though Omar did defend her when Natalia insulted her. Mario smiles and tells her that she’s already inside. Marcia nods and reveals that she also met Alonso though she had no idea he was Omar’s son. Mario asks if Alonso asked anything but Marcia explains he couldn’t as she was on her way out. He thinks it’s better this way as Alonso could make things very complicated and there is a lot of money at stake. Marcia nods but asks if anything will happen to her. Mario shakes his head and assures her that nothing bad will happen to her as long as she’s with him.

Regina and Daniela arrive at her office to find the Worker’s Union waiting for her. The leader greets her and explains that they found something out and need her to confirm it’s true. However, they will be very disappointed if that turns out to be the case. Regina reminds him that it’s a day of celebration as her bill has passed but the leader tells her that her party is preparing a bill that will be against the best interests of the employees in their country. Regina asks if Gerardo told her that but the leader shakes his head though there is a rumor that Alonso and Gerardo met and made a deal so both parties could win a piece of the pie. Regina looks at Daniela, shocked, and the leader explains that Alonso will be President and Gerardo will be the Governor. Regina asks them for some time to find out the truth and she will get back with them. The leader thanks her and leaves with the rest of the Union. Once alone, Daniela notes that a deal with Gerardo and Alonso would be impossible but she prefers to go straight to the source and storms off to Gerardo’s office.

Gerardo looks up when Regina walks in. She calls him a traitor though he reminds her that he can’t control Teresa. She explains that she’s not there to talk about Teresa’s scandals but to talk about his responsibilities. Gerardo demands to know what she is talking about and Regina explains that he accuses Alonso, Mario and Cecelia of wrongdoing in public while he negotiates to become the next governor in private. She then demands to know if it’s true and Gerardo nods again before confirming that it is true…


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Gracias, Alfredo.

This story is becoming a time bomb waiting to go off. Regina got too close to the truth about Cecelia, who just might spill the beans while under the influence. Marcia is now at the point of no return, and Nayeli -- if she is telling the truth -- could be walking into hell.

And Teresa doesn't have a clue what she's possibly walking into. Manicomio now!

We'll be at the midpoint soon. Something will have to break.

Thank you, Alfredo. You got it all!

Urban, you are so right about this all being about to explode.

Understandable but an incredibly bad decision for Natalia to want to defend her home from crazed Omar by occupying it. That is something for the lawyers to handle.

Sra. Galindo sure got going while the going was good having learned her "know nothing" lesson. At least she and her son got out alive.

It seems Teresa's only real purpose these days is to track down Regina and yell "zorra" (slut/whore) at her. I wonder how Mario would feel about that if he knew.

I loved Regina asking Cecilia if Mario had anything to do with Isela especially after hearing that Cecilia has a sister somewhere. I wonder if she fully believed Cecilia's answer or if a seed of doubt has been planted.

Jarifa: Who joined the Body Count last night ?

Steve, I don't think anybody but several could and should.

Thanks Alfredo. Interesting that Regina thinks that even Gerardo is joining forces with the corrupt players such as Alonso to further his own career. I wonder if Teresa will find a job! Her only skill seems to lie in the casino or trying to destroy Regina.

Something tells me that Teresa will find out about Mario's real line of business and will ultimately be the one to spill the beans to Regina, which is likely to earn her the slap she so richly deserves for everything else she's done.

Excellent recap as always, Alfredo! I wonder what Mario is really up to with Terea. Just keeping her out of Regina's way? Blocking any possibility of Regina's candidacy? Is it something I missed one evening that I was at aerobics? The actress playing Regina does "speechless" very well. I wonder if Nayeli is telling the truth about her stepfather, because otherwise, another country and a fresh start would probably be the best place for her. I enjoyed Hernán's snarky smile when he left Cecilia. I too wonder how long it will be before Regina discovers that Cecilia is her sister.

Lynette: Teresa is a MOOCHER & LAZY WELFARE QUEEN as the Uppity Young Buck, who is living off of someone's $$$.


I wrote this a while back:

I believe that Teresa came from money and was a spoiled brat while her parents were alive. They probably were aware of her vices and set up her inheritance as a trust fund. If they were alive when she married Gerardo they probably saw him as a stabilizing influence. Her father may have been in politics himself and helped him out.

If that is true she has no damned excuse for accusing Gerardo of having neglected her. On the other hand she is a narcissist and therefore a bottomless pit of "need." Nothing satisfies them.

Alfredo thank you for excellent and completely thorough recap.
I don't believe Cecilia one bit. Why does she cry? She knows perfectly well that she is sleeping with her sister's husband. She only feels sorry for herself. And if she is falling in love it's her own fault. She hates Regina because she is who she will never be. One word DECENT!!!! So don't cry. Her life is her parents fault not Regina's.
Nayeli's life is a result of absent parents. Anything that has and will happen to her is her parents fault. Again parallels.
I love this TN for the lessons in karma, ethics, or lack of ethics, life lessons basically of you reap what you sow.

Thanks Urban, that makes sense about Teresa. Unfortunately for Gerardo, he married her.

Sandie, I agree that Cecilia is jealous of Regina and trying to bring her down but she did have a difficult life. Maybe, just maybe she is really conflicted between what she is doing to Regina but at another level wishes she could be a real sister to Regina. Otherwise why would she raise the subject of the sister in her conversation with Regina?

Thanks, everyone! That scene between Cecelia and Regina was the definite highlight of the episode for me. An alt title would definitely be "Masks Off" for this episode as Alonso took the mask off in front of Noemi, Cecelina in front of Regina and Natalia in front of Omar. No one is hiding as they once were and, as Urban noted, this is a barrel of powder keg that keeps filling up until the inevitable explosion.

Despite everything, I feel bad for Cecelia. As an adult, you chose how you live your life, but she has had terrible influences in hers and they have made her hate Regina for living out in the open while she was condemned to the shadows. To use more recent exacmples, Nora from ECDLP and Nuria from AQNMD, both sets of parents forced one to live in the shadow of another, directly or indirectly, and regardless of any psychological problems, these actions just add to an already shaky foundation.

The fact of the matter is, through no fault of her own, Regina has had everything. Ironically though, her life is as much of a mess as Cecelia so go figure.

As for Gerardo, he's a wimp. He says he doens't want power or crave it but he could've denied Morales offer. He knows the consequences and implications of it all.


Alfredo: "Masks Off" would be perfect.

ITA about Cecilia. I also believe Isela did the best by Cecilia as far as she was able to do. Not a profession that many would choose, but Isela is making a living and surviving. I would like to know what Isela's background was and how much she had to fight and scratch to get to where she is.

Sandie: Your comments on Cecilia says it all!

Karma will be coming for Cecilia sooner or later & when it happens, I'll be celebrating!

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