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La Candidata, Miercoles 7/26/2017, Chapter 32: Mauro Becomes New Governor (or About Time Man!)

Alonso chides Cecilia for not knocking, “forgive me Governor, I did not know you were busy” “yes I am busy with Secretary Sanchez” then he tells her in his most condescending voice that when he has time he will call her. Cecilia is frozen with complete shock at Alonso’s cold demeanor towards her and does not move. So to show whose boss Alonso says.
“Did you not understand, or do I have to repeat myself?” of course all this was done in front of Lorena to Cecilia’s dismay. She leaves with tail between her legs. Lorena takes the opportunity to tell Alonso that Cecilia is dangerous and he should consider getting rid of her.

Outside Alonso’s office the second wave hits her when Mauro reprimands Cecilia for walking in on Alonso while he is busy with Lorena. Mauro says “Cecilia be careful because I can’t always be watching your back.”
In Regina’s office she has asked Gerardo to explain the video of his sexual encounter with Tere. Regina is not upset, after all Tere is Gerardo’s wife; he corrects her and says ex-wife. Regina quite serenely just says that they both have cycles they need to close. As a matter of fact Gerardo should be concerned that cameras have been installed in his house and should look into it.
Mario is on phone with Almiron, confirms that he sent Regina the video, as Tere is looking on listening to Mario’s end of the conversation. When he hangs up Tere asks “what video?”, and Mario goes on to explain that his people installed cameras at her house and they have a video of her and Gerardo getting down and dirty. Tere doesn’t know how she feels about this, but I guess if it separates Regina and Gerardo it can’t be all bad. Mario warns her that she needs to stop acting crazy otherwise she will lose both Gerardo and the money he pays her for doing nothing.
On his way home Gerardo calls Ximena and tells her about the camera’s. Tells her to stay put. Nayeli is with Ximena and want’s to start looking for the cameras.

Regina is leaving her office to go see her mom, and asks Daniela to arrange her meeting with the textile workers at the women’s shelter. She also asks Daniela to call Andres so that he can contact Gerardo and tell him to say that Regina sends him.

Lorena continues bad mouthing Cecilia to Alonso,
     “be careful with her because she has contacts with the press, you have to think carefully what you are going to do “
     “You don’t have to give me advice”
     “It’s obvious she fell in love with you that can bring us problems, unless of course if you still like her and you prefer her over me”.
 She also continues telling him that she needs a couple of fall guys because “I am not going to be implicated with this mess” (she is referring to the corrupt handling of the money in the health department, which she has uncovered since she is now the Health Secretary). 

Mauro is still not done with Cecilia he is now chiding her about sleeping with Emiliano. “Do you want me to draw your family tree for you?” “Just shut up, stop torturing me” Alonso walks in and tells them he wants Lorena out of his way, “any ideas” Cecilia grins.
At his house Gerardo finds the cameras and looks straight at them and threatens the men behind the camera.
At a press conference Alonso introduces the new interim Governor “Mauro Olvera”.
Regina visits her mother and find that she is better. Noemi warns Regina to never contradict her father. Her face is fear stricken Regina suspects something but does not press her further.

At the Alonso press conference, Cecilia tells Hernan to go and ask his questions of Alonso, but Hernan walks away and is not too interested to Cecilia’s surprise.

Emiliano gets to Ximena’s and acts all stupid and tells Ximena he could care less about the camera issue, and he thought that Ximena and Nayeli had called him for something fun. Furthermore “I am sick of you two” and then takes off. He feels all high and mighty because now he has his Tia to pass the time with.
In Alonso’s office he and Mauro are celebrating the new “interim governor”, however he begins to be an ass to him and tells Mauro not to forget who is really in charge here. So don’t be letting power get to your head because “I am in charge”. By the way “what the hell is wrong with Cecilia, I am getting sick of her”

At a bar Cecilia meets with Mario and tells him, he needs to get rid of Lorena for her. At that moment she gets a call from Mauro so “sorry daddy got to go, bigger fish to fry”. She bolts out of there.
Regina continues talking to her mom. She asks her “what did you find out about dad, you were going to tell me before you had your accident”. Noemi has no choice but to pretend she forgot. Can’t remember anything.
Natalia and Jose are walking out of the attorney’s office. She is so happy about filing for divorce she wants to go for a walk. Jose will go with her, can’t let her go alone. She notices that he looks at her all puppy-eyed and she laughs and looks at him.
Omar is at home with his own attorney who is informing him about Natalia’ filing for divorce and that he needs to be smart because he does have the domestic violence accusation hanging over his head and if he is not smart she will take everything. At that moment Marcia walks in and dumb old man wants to introduce this great acquisition to his attorney….ridiculous.
Israel walks into Magda’s apartment with who I assume is his daughter in law and his granddaughter. The daughter in law is admiring the place, but Israel says she can’t stay long.

Cecilia gets to the news station and gives Alonso his talking points. He says
     "why are you acting all weird, and why did you go to Lorena’s to make a scene”
     “Oh that’s what she told you, I did not make a scene”
     “Look Cecilia I do what I want with my life, I don’t have an owner”
He continues to talk to her in a very rude manner and says
     “By the way what happened in your apartment? Is Emiliano hot for you, did you take him to your bed?”
Cecilia becomes offended and begins to say something when make-up lady walks in so she walks away.
At police station Gerardo is filing his complaint about the cameras in his apartment, Ignacio is there with him looking rather nervous, asking “did they show you any other videos?” “No they did not” Ignacio breathes a temporary sigh of relief. Andres arrives there and asks Gerardo if can have a minute with him.

At news station Cecilia and Alonso continue their dance.
     “Why are you so tense?”
     “I am not tense I am busy taking care of Lorena Sanchez”
     “Oh what are you going to bed with her too?”
     “You are unbearable”
     “And you, what are you? you are making me distrust you”
     “There are limits Alonso, you have to be careful or you will be left all alone”

In a car Ignacio and Almiron are discussing Gerardo and Regina, and how they can’t let them unite there forces.

At Regina’s office Lorena is waiting for Regina, Lorena tries to make small talk and apologizes for what happened.
     “I hope you have not formed a bad opinion of me”
     “My opinion of you has not changed”
     “What do you mean?”
     “You are an embarrassment as a representative of the government and as a woman, and if you like my husband I recommend you ask him to take you to a hotel if you have some dignity”
Regina leaves, Lorena is floored.
Andres and Gerardo at a Bar, Andres recommends that Gerardo make a public announcement about the cameras in his house, because at the police department they will be filing his complaint in the round file cabinet. (Trashing it). Gerardo will consider this advice. Gerardo asks about Almiron, and Andres says that supposedly he had been fired, but he is still working undercover.  He also offers his services as a security guard since he is not welcomed at police station anymore for turning in El Cuervo.

Mauro tells Alonso he was fantastic in the interview (kiss as).Alonso thanks him, and tells Mauro he should be in the governor’s office, and Alonso actually apologizes for the earlier incident.
     “Are you apologizing?”
     “Thank you I accept your apology”

But Mauro says he does not need the office and that’s that

Natalia and Jose get home, she tells him to leave won’t need him until tomorrow, she then tells him
“I feel strange when I’m with you” Jose gets close enough and holds her hand, but she backs off and tells him until tomorrow.

Emi shows up to the office looking for Cecilia, like a lost puppy. When he finds her Hernan notices the odd relationship they appear to have. Cecilia tells Emi to not be looking for her there because he is going to get her in trouble.

Ignacio is finally giving Tere the time of day, and they are discussing the video cameras that had been in the house. She then asks “why are you working for Mario?” Ignacio is taken by surprise and wants to know how she knows. “Well if you want to know you know what you have to do” he gets the point and begins to rough her up and doing to her what she likes.

Regina and Daniela are at the women’s shelter and get ready to leave; Regina invites her out for drinks because she wants to talk to her.
Alonso in his office is talking to Magda who tells him he should go home. He can’t go because Regina is mad at him. Magda hears his whining and tries to give him some advice.

At a bar Regina and Daniela are getting tipsy with tequila shots. Regina confides in her about finding Alonso and Lorena having sex in his office. And says that he is divorcing him. Daniela is ecstatic about this news. She had been waiting for this forever.
     “Are you going to Gerardo, tell me you love him”
     “I do love him, but I have responsibilities”
     “Forget about being responsible, life is now” Regina agrees and they toast to it.

Ximena is taking a shower, Nayeli is still there and goes in bathroom to steal some prescription meds out of the cabinet.
Ignacio and Teresa continue to have rough sex and discuss their hatred for Gerardo. They both work for Mario because they both hate Gerardo.

Gerardo gets a phone call.

Ximena is lying down and Nayeli approaches her tells her to forget creepy Emiliano, she is too beautiful anyway, and caresses her leg as Ximena looks at her confused.
Alonso is being driven around without anywhere to go (pathetic)

Emiliano at Cecilia’s is trying to have sex with her again, she says no but does not mean it and then turns Emi around and she gets on top of him and begins kissing his abs. When they are suddenly interrupted by a figure that walks into Cecilia’s bedroom

Gerardo walks into a hotel room and finds Regina sitting on the bed (she is drunk)
He says
     “Did you want to see me?”
      “More than that”
     “More than that?” smiles
     “Yes” smiles back
She stands up, he takes her and they begin to kiss passionately.


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Thank you, Sandie. This is great. "Pathetic" Alonso, indeed!

I liked Mauro asking Cecilia if he had to draw her a family tree in reference to Emiliano.

Alonso seems to be enjoying sticking it to Mauro whenever he can lately.

About time Regina had some time for herself. It was fun seeing her out at the bar w/Daniela.

Looks like Magda has new house guests. Why do I have a feeling they are going to stay?

I did not like Gerardo's explanation about having had sex with Teresa. It was the only time he had sex with her after the divorce? Why did he have sex with her at al? Regina was right about sending Teresa the wrong/mixed message.


Now that Mauro becomes the new Governor of the State of Mexico, does this mean Alonso focuses on the Presidential campaign ?

Good work, Sandie.

We're really dancing on the edge now with a potential lesbian encounter between Nayeli and Ximena and rough sex between Teresa and Ignacio in addition to the other perversions in this tale. This producer is quite fearless!

Alonso was better off with a prostitute since now he's got two potential psycho women who can mess him up big time. If he is the one who walked into Cecelia's bedroom she will be in big trouble. If it's Mario it will be even worse.

I can't wait to find out later.


Thank you Sandie for the comprehensive recap. On reading this my first impression is about messed-up kids and messed-up parents and everyone else like Lorena, Israel, Magda. The only one who seems partially normal is Daniela. For now, I like her but who knows what the nifty Mario can pin on her. Maybe she was a mother he can have kidnapped and threaten her that way. Its difficult to keep track of who is threatening whom, and who is on whose pay.

I think it's Hernan who walked in on Cecilia. He had been watching her with Emiliano at the office and he is so in love with her, he's just got to find out what she's up to. It looked like a jeans-clad leg that walked in and stood there.

Excellent recap, Sandie! Lorena is really quite creepy--as bad as the male politicians in this tn. And of course, Alonso is disgustingly 2-faced in addition to all his other virtues. I think that Cecilia's telling him that he may end up all alone could turn out to be prophetic. Is all this incest stuff to make us feel less bad when Cecilia gets bumped off (as I assume she will be)? If the "intruder" is Hernán I hope he manages to put an end to the Emiliano-Cecilia incest. Geez--Nayeli making a pass at Ximena and stealing meds--could she possibly get any more messed up?

Thank you all

Jarifa: I am sick of the whole Magada/Israel story line, what's the point? Talking about pathetic, she is pathetic for putting up with Israel and he is pathetic period.

SpanProf: Cecilia is a damaged and unscrupulous lost soul, I can't feel sorry for her. Yes, she was dealt a bad life when she got the two parents from hell, but to turn around and provoke the deaths of Susana, and now she is asking her father to take care of Lorena? can't feel sorry for her one bit.

I have a feeling that Mauro will have a lot to do with Alonso's house of cards falling. He knows everything, and then some about everyone, all he has to do is open his mouth and Alonso will fall.

Hernan is a likeable character with one flaw, he put his eyes on Cecilia. I like that he too is opening his eyes,and what he sees may be enough to allow him to turn his back on her. We'll see.

Sandie, I hope you're right. Hernan strikes me as an honest person and he deserves so much better.

Your instinct about Mauro might pay off. Based on observation he is probably the person who knows the most about Alonso right now with Mario running a close second. Omar may be in the early stages of dementia and if so I hope that is disclosed soon. This can deactivate him.

Sandie: Who's Lorena ?

Cecilia might want to have Regina whacked before this TN ends.


Steve - Lorena is the Health Secretary who was caught in the act with Alonso. She is the woman that Cecilia is so jealous of because Alonso is paying attention to Lorena and not Cecilia.

Thank you so much, Sandie! And a big belated thank you to Urban as well! I have been behind all week but this continues to downward spiral (in the best way!)

Lorena is playing a dangerous game, she has some power, but not as much as the people she is messing with. She better be careful.

I am all for Ximena and Nayeli, though Nayeli is quite the mess and I shudder to think what Teresa might say if Ximena would come out in any shape, way or form.

It was in Tuesday's episode but I love that Regina also renounced her party and cut all the dead weight. Does this mean that her and Gerardo will start their own party and she will run under it? I hope she moves Alonso out of the way soon too.

As for Hernan, he put his eyes on the wrong woman, but time and time again Cecelia told him to let her go but he refused to do so. He has a lot of fault in whatever he gets involved with as well.

The bar scene was a real treat and Daniela and Regina have easy chemistry, like they've always been friends. Silvia Navarro just seems like a great gal regardless :)

I continue to feel so much pity for Cecelia. She has a conscience but she has grown up around filth and it's hard to move past it. She should have told Regina the truth and then moved away to be free of all of them. As it stands, she had sex with her nephew, ewww.

Maybe Israel and magda are there to show us that everywhere you find those that will take advantage of you, whether they mean to or not, and, if you care, they will take you down with them. At some points you have to cut the toxic cord, especially Magda, who really owes nothing to Israel. If anything, he owes her.

Maybe someone can help because I completely missed it...did Cecelia tell Mauro who she was? I am trying to rack my brain but for the life of me I can't remember this important detail. Please help!

Alfredo: I had the same question, it surprised me he knew about the relation between Cecilia and Emi. He does however investigate all the people that work for Alonso. She never told him who she was. But if he knows who she is and did not tell Alonso it goes to show that he has some devious intentions against Alonso. He is not the loyal subject that Alonso thinks he is.

One more thing, my favorite scene was when Regina told Lorena that her opinion of her had not changed. She still thinks she is scum just like she did from the beginning. I was so happy when she said that to her, I was like bam, mic dropped!

That one was great, Sandie. Regina is so classy but she can still hold her own against anyone.

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