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La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo (LDVDEC) #47 7.13.17: Lots of Suggestions but No Solutions

Ryan hopes one day Mercy doesn’t regret all the mistakes she’s made.

Mr. Blake doesn’t think they need Isidro anymore but it’s best to keep him close, for now. Luisa agrees, as he knows too much, but warns Mr. Blake that he could become as unpredictable and dangerous as Fausto. Mr. Blake agrees and asks Luisa to go with Isidro tomorrow for the paternity test though Luisa doubts they would give him Paloma, even if he were the father. Mr. Blake nods but thinks they could take the opportunity to give Paloma a home either way.

At her house, Joe tells Mercy that he found Isidro but he’s staying at a luxury hotel and not a rinky-dink motel, like they thought. Mercy assumes someone powerful is helping him because someone like Isidro could never afford a luxury hotel. She orders Joe to take her to see Isidro, though Joe thinks it would only complicate things. Mercy reminds him they are already complicated and storms out with Joe in tow.

At Furia, Steve tells Genesis that it should be easy to find women for Regia’s video, especially because the song has a beautiful message. Genesis agrees but they stop short when they run into Milton in the hallway. Genesis wants to know why he’s there and Milton tells them that Regia invited him to take some pictures of her for a report he’s working on. Genesis explains that she was never told he was coming and Regia isn’t available. Milton asks if he could take some pictures of Furia either way, just so his readers know where the magic happens. Genesis and Steve are unsure.

In the car, Laustela thanks Ryan for believing in her without question. She apologizes, as she should’ve told him the truth sooner though Ryan knows she did it to protect Paloma as she is her mother and he has seen how she cares for the girl. He reiterates the plan: go and get Rosario and Paloma and cross the border ASAP. He knows all the risks involved but he is willing to go ahead with the plan. Laustela agrees, as Paloma living with her birth parents would be a worse fate. She decided to tell Ryan the whole story, from the very beginning. Neither of them notice the car tailing them.

Mercy arrives at Isidro’s hotel room and Joe helps her force their way in. Mercy asks how much he wants to forget Paloma but Isidro explains that he is not that kind of man. Mercy scoffs and tells him that she can double whatever is current employer is offering. Isidro nods, mulling it over.

Rosario and Paloma eat at one of the tables as Ryan and Laustela arrive. Laustela engulfs Paloma in a bear hug but the reunion is short lived as Protective Child Services shows up and reminds them that they should’ve handed Paloma over, now Laustela will have to go before a judge for kidnapping. In addition, Paloma will remain in their custody while Laustela’s legal situation is sorted out. Everyone is heartbroken as Laustela hugs the girl tighter.

Isidro chides Mercy for trying to buy a father’s love and asks them to stick their money where the son don’t shine. Joe grabs him but Mercy urges him to let Isidro go, as he’s not worth, especially for a lowlife like him. She thinks it’s obvious that someone is helping him, as he doesn’t look the part of someone who can afford the hotel he’s staying at, especially since he already sold Paloma once. Isidro warns them to leave or he will call the police but Joe reminds him that, if he does, the truth of what he did with Paloma will come to light and then he will be in hot water. Mercy asks that he think over her proposal but he needs to give her an answer soon because if he does the paternity tests, and he turns out to be Paloma’s father, the deal is off. She leaves with Joe.

Paloma cries into Laustela’s shoulder as Ryan asks her to calm down and reminds Laustela that they will fight for her daughter. Rosario and Laustela urge them to leave them be as Paloma is a little girl but they shake their heads. Ryan offers to go with Paloma to CPS as he is not under investigation for kidnapping and the agents agree. Ryan grabs Paloma and tells her that he will be with her every step of the way. Paloma nods and Laustela gives the little girl one final kiss, as does Rosario, before Ryan takes her away. Once alone Rosario hugs Laustela and asks if they are going home. Laustela reveals that they are going to follow the agents and Ryan.

Steve and Genesis take Milton to the Furia stage but Steve is suspicious of his motives as Milton is asking to see Regia’s office. Milton argues that his readers want to know everything about Regia, even the most intimate details, like the contract she is about to sign. Genesis reminds him that signing contracts are uninspired affairs and the offices are super small. Soto then comes and asks if she has seen Mercy, as they need to talk about the contracts for the women who will appear in the video. Genesis hasn’t seen her but she takes the opportunity to introduce Milton to Soto.

In Chicano Hotel, Leticia packs and asks Maria to be well behaved and asks Tadeo to take care of Maria. He nods but Maria argues that she shouldn’t have to go to school when Tadeo doesn’t. Leticia agrees and asks him to talk about the situation when she gets back. Tadeo chides Maria for reminding their mother of the situation but she just wants their parents to be fair. Tadeo asks her to shut up and Leticia begs them to calm down, as she’s tired of all the bickering. Leticia then tells them that she hopes to be back soon as she needs to work but Tadeo asks her not to worry as he can give her money. Leticia tells him to wait before saying anything as he just started playing the guitar professionally.

In the CPS office, Ryan tells Paloma that she is very strong and brave but Paloma confesses that she’s scared to be alone. Ryan promises that she won’t be, for long, as Laustela comes with Rosario. The agents push her out of the room and remind them that they must wait for a legal resolution before she can regain custody of Paloma. The agents then leave and Laustela looks at Paloma through the window office window. Just then, another social worker, Tori, comes and asks Paloma if she would like to dry. Paloma nods and Tori takes her from Ryan as Laustela cries.

Luisa visits Isidro and asks that he be ready to leave when she comes to pick him up tomorrow. She’s sure that the CPS will take care of Paloma’s DNA sample so they can compare his DNA with hers. After that is complete, his part of the deal is over. Isidro thinks he should receive a little extra, as the task was harder than they originally thought, but Luisa reminds him that he was already paid for his services and he shouldn’t get greedy. Isidro tells her that he wants double or the deal is off before going off to bed as Luisa grinds her teeth.

The next day, in Danilo’s office at Furia, Horacio fills him in on the recent developments: he staked out the ranch but only Laustela and Rosario came back at the end of the night. Danilo assumes Isidro has her but Horacio thinks that’s impossible, as Isidro doesn’t have documents to proof he’s the father either and custody battles are long. Horacio assumes Paloma is with Mercy but Danilo will call Laustela later to see what is up. Just then, Genesis walks in with the contracts for Morgana’s and Ausencio’s upcoming shows. She hands them to Horacio and congratulates Danilo on his baby and upcoming wedding before dropping a magazine on the desk and leaving. He grabs the magazine and reads the cover, pissed that Morgana would say those things to the press. Morgana then comes in as Horacio, sensing the tension, steps out. Danilo tells her that she came at the right time as Morgana smiles, clueless.

At the ranch, Ryan tells Laustela that they must prove Isidro stole Paloma without revealing Laustela’s real name though Laustela only cares about Paloma right now. She begins to cry as she remembers that she promised her daughter that she would always keep her safe and happy. Ryan begs her to be strong but Laustela shakes her head and tells him that she can’t think about anything but Paloma right now. She then reveals that only two people know the truth and can declare in Paloma’s trial: Mr. Blake and Tona. She discards Mr. Blake immediately so Tona is their last resort.

At Mr. Blake’s, Luisa informs him that Isidro wants more money for his services though she didn’t tell him last night because she wanted him to rest. Mr. Blake informs her that he hasn’t slept well since he meet Laura Oviedo but they must thread lightly with Isidro because he’s broke and will do anything to get more money. Luisa thinks that Isidro is just like Fausto but Mr. Blake notes that he’s worse because he sold his daughter. Either way, he has to think his next step carefully.

Danilo chides Morgana for the interview, especially because she never informed him of the plan, but Morgana tells him that they saw each other late so it slipped her mind. Danilo thinks that’s BS and reminds her that he never told her they were going to get married. He warns her that he could do an interview too and say everything she said was a lie. Morgana nods but reminds him that, if he does, she will reveal his past crimes, including the fact that he killed Tomas. Danilo looks at her, silently.

Ryan doesn’t think Tona will help, especially after all that happened in Mexico. Either way, Tona already tried to kill her and she’s only alive by a miracle. Laustela, frustrated, demands to know what she has to do to regain her daughter’s custody.

Danilo isn’t sure how Morgana knows about Tomas but warns her that he gets rid of everyone and everything in his way and she could be next. Morgana nods, agrees that the report was a bad idea, but Danilo is worried about something else besides the report. He looks down at her stomach and warns her that the child she’s expecting better be his or else. She reiterates that it is, tries to leave but Danilo holds her back because he has one final question.

Mercy paces around her office as Joe asks her to be patient or else Isidro will ask for more money if he senses they are desperate. Mercy doesn’t care about the money; she’s just worried about Paloma being alone at the CPS headquarters. Joe hugs her and gives her a kiss before reassuring her that everything will be okay. Mercy thanks him for his support and then reveals that she spoke to Lindsay, who knows about some of their money laundering troubles at Furia. She assumes that she overheard Joe talking about it at home but he’s unsure, as he would never talk about Furia’s problem outside of the office. Just then, Genesis comes in and tells them that Ryan scheduled a meeting for that afternoon to discuss Regia’ upcoming performances. She then leaves and Mercy hopes Laustela doesn’t bring them more trouble. Joe assures her everything will be find, gives her a kiss, and leaves.

Soto comes out of Furia and runs into Milton, who reintroduces himself. Soto says hi, tries to leave, but Milton stops him and asks him for some time to talk about Furia’s troubles. Soto doesn’t know what he’s talking about but asks Milton to be direct with his questions. Milton reveals that he knows money is being laundered at Furia but wants to know how deep the narcos have infiltrated the company.

Laustela comes into her living room and runs into Mercy, who has been waiting for Ryan to leave. Laustela doesn’t think they have anything to talk about but Mercy asks her to sit down. Once settled, mercy chides her for being nothing but trouble when she re-appeared and now she wants to cancel her performances as Regia. Mercy asks if she knows how much money they will lose if she does and Laustela nods but explains that she can’t focus. Mercy reminds her that the show must go on, because she’s a professional, no matter what is going on in her private life. Laustela is shocked.

Danilo holds Morgana against the wall and asks why she looks so scared. Morgana explains that she isn’t but has to go visit her gynecologist. Danilo offers to go with her, so he can ask for a DNA test, but Morgana reminds him that the child is too small and storms out as Horacio comes back in. He asks if they are having trouble again and Danilo explains that he doesn’t trust Morgana, especially because she didn’t want to go with him to the gynecologist. Horacio agrees, all women love to have their husband present during checkups.

Mercy thinks Laustela should practice what she preaches and use her pain to be a better performer. She urges Laustela to leave it all on stage and use her music to get through her struggles. Laustela thinks it’s ridiculous that she go sing, when all she can think about is Paloma, and that Mercy encourages her to do so as she’s in this mess because of her. Mercy takes the blame for her part but explains that the truth was bound to come out sooner or later and at least Paloma isn’t with Isidro. Laustela thinks it was all part of Mercy’s plan to keep Paloma but she denies it and explains that it was all for Paloma’s wellbeing.

Danilo chases down Morgana and asks her to get everything ready for their wedding and forget her gynecologist for now. Morgana remind shim that they have a meeting later but Danilo proposes they go and then come back though Morgana is shocked at his sudden change of heart. Danilo explains that he was unnecessarily mean to her and wants to make it up to her by getting her a wedding dress. He asks if she’s down or not and Morgana smiles before saying she is.

Milton thanks Soto for his testimony regarding the money-laundering scheme at Furia and Soto hopes that it will help the decent people at Furia while bringing the real criminals to justice. Milton nods and asks Soto to meet him at the alleyway they agreed on later to give him the documents that prove the money laundering. Soto agrees but reminds Milton that he needs to come out unscathed in his report. Milton agrees and Soto leaves as Milton smiles, mischievously.

At the rehab center, Ryan shoots some hoops as Steve promises to help him find Tona though his old party contacts though he notes the hardest part will be to get to Tona to help Laustela. Ryan thinks they can also find another girl from the same time Laustela worked there but Steve hopes they don’t have to go all the way to Mexico. Ryan vows to do whatever is necessary to help Laustela before thanking Steve for his help and leaving.

Joe comes and meets with Laustela and Mercy. He tells her that she can be charged with kidnapping and can go to jail but Laustela argues that she only took Paloma to save her. Joe reminds her that she can’t say that because then she would have to confess to usurping Estela Carrillo’s identity and then she will surely be convict. He notes that, as a convict, she will never regain custody of Paloma either. Laustela shakes her head and cries.

Danilo leads a blindfolded Morgana to a hospital. She asks if he’s taking her to a traveling agency or a wedding shop but Danilo asks her to be patient. Morgana then rips the blindfold off, sees it’s hospital and chides him for his bad joke. She tries to leave but Danilo holds her back and tells her that he made an appointment for her and they are going to the gynecologist right now. Morgana doesn’t want to but Danilo grabs her and holds her close. He asks if she has anything to hide, like the fact that the baby isn’t his, but Morgana is quiet. He demands to know who the baby’s father is but Morgana finally relents and reveals the truth: no one is the baby’s father because she isn’t pregnant. Danilo is floored.

Some time later, Morgana begs Danilo to understand; she couldn’t give him a child but she couldn’t bring herself to tell him because he needed one so badly. She reiterates that she only wanted to help him but Danilo notes that he is going to look like a fraud because he is not going to be a father. He realizes that everyone, especially Mercy, will laugh at him but Morgana begins to cry and reminds him that she has always been there for him because she loves him, despite his many faults. Danilo nods and tells her that he forgives her but they have to think of something so their charade isn’t revealed. Morgana explains that she already thought of that and she has a solution: get another baby and make everyone think it’s theirs while falsifying a DNA test should the need arise. Danilo agrees but warns her that she will have to stop singing after her shows with Ausencio and Regia are done, at least until after the baby is born. Morgana tells him that they are going to be together through everything and kisses him. Danilo nods and they leave for the meeting.

Laustela begins to freak because there is no light at the end of the tunnel for Paloma. Joe notes that Rosario also has a criminal background and she will not be accepted as a suitable adoptive parent either. Laustela proposes that Ryan adopt her but Joe reminds her that he was in a rehab center and it could be argued that he will always be a risk as addiction can only be controlled and not cured. Laustela can’t believe that Isidro will win Paloma’s custody but Mercy reveals that she offered Isidro money to leave and never come back. She and Joe stand up to leave as Mercy urges Laustela to be a professional and go ahead with the show, for all their sakes.

In the high school locker room, Maria worries that she will not pass physics because then Leticia will really go ballistic. She does find a silver lining: Leticia is currently in Montana and won’t be back for a few days. Her friend thinks it’s time for them to have a party though Maria thinks the hotel room is too small. Her friend doesn’t care, they can party wherever but Maria is doubtful. Her friend reminds her that they can invite Mark and, at that, Maria begins to smile.

In her room, Laustela confesses to Rosario that she doesn’t know how she can go on. Rosario tells her that they will find a way, because they are strong, especially Laustela, who braved the desert to give Paloma a better life. Laustela is happy to have met her, as she has always been a sister to her and grandmother to Paloma. They both laugh at this before Rosario reassures her that they will have Paloma back with them soon. Laustela nods before assuring Rosario that she won’t give until Paloma is back in her arms.

Mercy and Joe arrive at Isidro’s hotel room but only find the maid, who informs them that the guest checked out that morning. Mercy and Joe thank her and then go, frustrated that Isidro managed to evade them. She wonders what they will do now to save Paloma.

Laustela and Rosario try to visit Paloma at CPS but the agent tells her that they can’t see the child while the judicial process takes it’s course. Laustela asks her to have a heart, as Paloma is all alone, but the agent reveals that they have vetted several foster homes and will put the girl in the most suitable one for the time being. Rosario and Laustela propose to meet the candidates but the agent tells them it’s impossible before asking them to leave and not make things more difficult.

They oblige and go out onto the hallway as Rosario begs Laustela to be strong. Laustela shakes her head as Isidro comes with Luisa. Laustela chides him for ruining Paloma’s life but Luisa warns her to stay out of it, lest she get hurt. Isidro reminds Laustela that he can also say she sent Mercy to offer him money, that way he will gain sole custody of Paloma. Luisa nods before leading Isidro to one of the rooms to do his paternity test.

At the Furia meeting, Ausencio paces around, waiting for Regia. Ryan announces that Regia is busy with personal problems and is cancelling the rest of her shows. Danilo asks Ryan to explain what is happening, as they can all help her, but Ryan won’t reveal Laustela’s personal problems. Mercy reiterates that she should be at the meeting either way but Ryan demands she butt out. Ausencio notes that Regia promotes strong women but is as soft as jelly. At that, Ryan demands silence because the shows are cancelled and that’s his final word. Just then, Laustela walks in and announces that she is a professional and will be at the shows.

At Tona’s brothel, Tona and Fausto demand Nina put Laustela on a silver platter for them. Nina reminds them that it’s not that easy, especially because a lot of people protect her, but Fausto reminds her that her job is to get Laustela to trust her. For now, they need to know if Laustela is going to do her shows as Regia or not.

Ausencio tells Laustela that he will help her out, for now, because she’s once again in trouble for being where she doesn’t belong instead of being in the home, cooking and cleaning like a real woman. At that, Morgana stands up and reminds him that she’s also a woman. Ausencio could care less and walks away as Mercy comes and reminds her that she’s making the right decision as a professional. Danilo comes and asks if her issues have to do with Isidro though Laustela demands he stay away from her and not talk to her as she moves away from him. Danilo reminds her that he is still her manager but Ryan tells him that he’s not as of today. Danilo thinks Ryan shouldn’t decide anything, as he’s just an employee, but Ryan tells him to put a sock in it and the two almost get into a fight that Mercy breaks up. Ryan, already pissed, then announces that, after the shows, they will revisit Ausencio’s presence at Furia. Danilo demands to know why and Ryan explains that he’s tired of the machismo at Furia. Danilo nods but warns him that, pretty soon, he will be out of Furia pretty soon before cuddling up to Morgana’s stomach. He then turns to leave and both Ausencio and Morgana follow.

In the hallway, Soto, holding a stack of papers, runs into Horacio, who is on his phone and the stack goes flying. Horacio goes to help him, notices it is Soto and demands to know where he’s going. Soto explains that he’s going for lunch but Horacio offers to order him something as they have some things to discuss. Despite his protests, Horacio drags Soto off to his office without another word.

In the alleyway, Milton arrives and looks around but doesn’t see Soto anywhere.

Rosario is outside of Furia, waiting for Laustela, when Danilo comes, much to her annoyance and discomfort. He bids her hello but Rosario gives him her signature look. Danilo reminds her that he’s there to help but she asks that he not be a hypocrite because she knows exactly who he is. Danilo reminds her he saved Paloma, despite his differences with Laustela, and would do anything for her. Rosario looks down and Danilo asks if she’s willing to accept his help. Rosario nods and tells him everything: Isidro turned out to be Paloma’s real father but they need his help so that Isidro doesn’t keep her. Danilo promises to help and then turns to leave, a killer look in his eye.

In the boardroom, Laustela and Ryan, now alone, discuss her upcoming show. He supports her decision, despite her problems, and will there for her. Laustela nods and explains that Mercy helped her see that music is her escape and salvation. She will use it to feel alive, despite everything. He gives her a kiss and Laustela tells him that his love also keeps her strong. He kisses her again as Laustela tells him that she has to go, as Rosario is downstairs waiting. He tells her that they will meet at the ranch later before leafing her out of the boardroom. When they open the door, Mercy shuffles in as Laustela walks out. Ryan tells her that he’s not in the mood, especially to talk about Laustela, but Mercy tells him that she needs to talk to him about the real Estela Carrillo…


Alfredo, another AAA (Absolutely Amazing Alfredo) recap! Thank you for all that you do.

I thought for sure Danilow was going to rake Morgana through the coals just a little bit more, but I suppose they are two of a kind and understand and accept each other much better than we do.

I don't see how LauStela is going to be able to ever get Paloma back...she has engaged in a lot of criminal activities that if they ever arrest her she will surely be convicted.

More tomorrow...good night!

Thanks Alfredo. Great work again. I thought the funniest line in the show was when Maria was fretting about flunking physics she said that if she did "My Mom will go crazier than she already is."

Maybe I was too quick to call him DaniLowIQ. He sure busted Morgetabebe. Then became an accomplice

I am still catching up on my recap-reading, but I too got a kick out of Maria saying her mom would go even crazier.

She will also go crazy when those kids trash her hotel room...

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Nice pic Jewels. RGV Chik sign me up for triple A too. Nobody should be on a journey like this without it. :-)

So the Popo ask LetMeCry (causemybeaterdied) if said beater had any enemies, "Duh, nooooI don't think so..not that I know of." Um you think whoever he stole that about half a million from might be an enemy NOW? GONG !

Like I said before, if you are Forest Gump and were dropped on your head, you have all my sympathy, but if you are LetMe and being stoooopid because you are too intellectually lazy to be smart, I hopeo coyotes eat you.

.RGV Chik you are right, it didn't take DaniSpitSlurper many seconds to get on board with MorGetABebe's plan. Her tearful plaintive little speech was like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

So MercyMe wants to end it all for Joe's kids? Um, you mangy old cougar, is it maybe a little late for that? For now anyway, Genesis and Steve are OK together. Pretty much the rest of these damaged humans should just scatter like cockroaches and go off somewhere and try not to screw up anyone else's life. Except the ones who need to die, so I guess it is about half and half. Kill half of them, cast the others to the wind.

SHAZAAM Hoppy Friday Patio Pals

Deleted comment with 47 typos, yawn

Baby Hawk looking dead into my lens is still one of my favorites. Hawks hide their nests so well that in all my years as a nature photog I have only seen one.

Tad has been aloof lately, not that I blame him. Good for him wanting out of that zoo LetMe calls a family. At least he is old enough to escape, and is doing what he truly loves, making music. They (unlike me) have not mentioned anything about Valdo or anything related, and I smell a big surprise coming, the way this show goes.

Sure Paloma will miss her LauraFakeMommy, but Child Protective Services is many times staffed with people who really genuinely care about kids. A nice stable foster home without all this chaos would be ideal for Paloma. LyinLauraBabyStealer can BooHoo till her makeup runs onto the floor, I have news, this is not all about her and how much she will miss her or how much she wants to keep her. On the surface Paloma is happy, but in reality the life she has had thus far has been abysmal. Secrets, criminals, moving, dead people, running, enemies, I wouldn't wish that life on a Chihuahua.

RGV when you finish feeding the goats and milking the chickens I hopeo you are back here on the patio.

Amazing Alfredo. Let me join the chorus - your recaps are amazing and this was no exception.

A few quick thoughts now before a meeting.

"She discards Mr. Blake immediately so Tona is their last resort". If unkempt, unwashed Tona is their only option, all hope is truly lost.

Oh Morgana, when will you learn to keep your outsized lips shut? Threatening Danilo that you will turn him in for Tomas’ murder? “Danilo looks at her, silently”. I don’t need to offer a penny to read his mind.

Why was I rather annoyed with Laura and Ryan's kissing while Paloma is somewhere crying her eyes out? I know it's not their fault but...

And who is riding in to save the day, guns and eyes blazing? Danilo. I can't wait to see what he does...

Another lovely bird Kirby.

Alfredo, your level of detail is astounding. Thank you!


Good Morning! Done feeding my breakfast bunch(es) :-)

Kirby, I've been wondering about Tad's change in attitude too. He has gone from courageous -> wimpy and loving and supportive -> rude and detached. I agree that he is probably better off on his own, but still why the drastic change?

Being in the schools, I've had experiences with foster parents and some are loving and nurturing, but there are others...not as much and many take in several kids at a time. It would have been nice if Ryan could have been given custody of Paloma...or even Mercy since she is about the only one who doesn't have some type of criminal record.

A GONG-worthy moment: Paloma going with Tori so quickly. That just doesn't happen, especially with a child that has been so shielded.

Kirby, your shot of the baby hawk is priceless, but if it's a chicken hawk, please keep it over there :-)
LauStela is stupider than I thought if she thinks La Tona will help her...the only way La Tona will help her is to tear out her heart (literally)...then she won't feel anything ever again.

BTW, Kirby, if I really could milk chickens, I'd be famous...or they would LMAO

Thanks. Actually it is colloquially called a chicken hawk but it is Red Shouldered hawk. If it tried, a grown chicken would kick it's ass, if she weren't lactating.

Well, it's the cutest chicken hawk I've ever seen...just look at those eyes! :-) My grown chickens will fight off the hawks and be successful most of the time, but the poor baby chicks don't have a chance. I've lost many to the hawks.

Now to tie it into the TN, even Danilow would be taken with the baby hawk, just as he has been taken by Paloma. With that fierce look he had, Isidro is sure to be next on Steve B.'s list

Thank you so much, Alfredo, for another speedy , sage recap .

Kirby, I just figured out how to enlarge your photos. That baby bird is so cute.

Hubba was the fiscal officer for Children and Youth , and he has many ...interesting..tragic stories of foster kids , bio parents, and foster parents. He used to have to set up support payments which caused him to be threatened by motorcycle guys and large women who wanted to buy furniture instead of pay support. Sometimes, he had to sit in court . Luckily, he was friends with the sheriffs who intervened when things got nasty. Social workers burnout quickly, and some carry guns for their own protection. I thought that Mercy should have gotten custody of Paloma. It would have been so much less traumatic for her to be with someone she knows.

At this point, I hopeo that Devildan starts taking at these bad guys one by one.

What is up with wardrobe putting Mercy in that tight red dress with the matching red gumdrop hat? She reminded me of a used red crayon. QTH?


LOL, Susan, red crayon is perfect! And when I saw LauStela in her red dress, I thought this was going to be "red day a DV" I also thought Joe should have gone to ask Talisman for his red hat and put on a red shirt so he could go with the red flow.

I was thinking of LauStela's crude, hot-headed episodes, and it finally dawned on me what she reminded me of. If any one here has seen old Mexican movies about Pancho Villa or Zapata, women referred to as "soldaderas" joined their forces and wore crossed bandoliers and two cartridge belts around their waist. Their speech and body language is very machista similar to what LauStela sounds like when she has her little episode. I'm wondering if Ocampo got some of her ideas from those old movies.

Kirby, I was doing some research on soldaderas and was reminded of your comment regarding "horse, dog, woman" by this:

The treatment of women varied between different leaders, but in general they were not treated well at all. Even horses were said to be treated better than they were.[22] The horses were valued much more, and so when traveling by train, the horses rode inside train cars while women traveled on the roof.

And then Laura in a matching red A-line.? ? ?

We've come a long way men. Now I see some Egyptian fellows wearing eyeliner. :-)

Yes, I noticed that Laura was also wearing red. Joe opted for a pink shirt. Ry is consistently channeling Johnny Cash ..the man in black.

Yes, maybe Rosy likes old films .

Sue you have missed some kick Ashe pictures. Glad you noticed. Thank you.

Is DaniLow beginning to kinda like this new exterminator hobby? Yes Odorio had better dis-A-peeeere or DaniLow will help him. Gotta give him this...he gets results. If he wants you dead... gone. If he wants in your pants....done. the new photo. Are you on the right or the left? I have a sister ,but she is eight years older, so our photos are a little different! Like her holding baby me. My girls are only two years apart, so we have loads of photos of them playing together.

Diana.."unkempt, unwashed Tona" and "outsized lips." Ha. You are fired up today!

Wow... thank you, Alfredo and Rvg Chick and Alfredo again, for these last three recaps, and thanks to all the patio for saying almost everything that I would have said.

A few leftover thoughts:

- Does Ryan know what Danilo did to Laura? I don't think he does. So Laura is missing out on her chance to control how he finds out.

- Weird detail that Bonita tells Maria that Erasmo was gone longer than usual. We've heard before that he travels for work, but we don't know what he does. NO WAY is this irrelevant. Maybe it's for Season 2...

- Nina organizing a dinner with La Regia's ten biggest fans. How do they determine who are the ten biggest? Do they mean biggest by weight? Volume? Most social media posts?

- If Laura's song is all over social media, who cares if it's not on the radio? I have a feeling that radio will pick it up if it's a big enough hit. Even if not, it won't matter if it's a big hit.

- On Tuesday, Tona promised her Grim Reaper Goddess doll that she'd provide a heart soon. WTF?!?!?!?!?!?

- I've been watching Luisa's face when Blake talks about Paloma. (There's always a reaction shot.) She is hard to read, but there's something negative in her expression. I wonder if she started off as a Paloma. I wonder if Paloma is to be the next Luisa. I wonder if Luisa is wondering what will happen to her when she's no longer needed.

- In the picture, I am the one on the left. I think I was on the left in the other picture too, but I don't have it any more. We are four years apart.

Good morning everyone from the Alamo City!

Kirby: Who joined the Body Count last night ?

Julie: I believe Ryan will misinterpret the situation between Danilo & Laura by blaming our Protagonista as usual (see Arturo on "PSMA" when he blamed Isabel by jumping to wrong conclusions).

Susanlynn: Is Logan a CA State Senator or United States Senator ?


Julie, I remember on of your last comments on Monday was that you were going to Six Flags and then you wrote something like "payola" to remind yourself of commenting on something later. I was just curios as to what that is.

I think Erasmo may be a truckdriver, maybe he makes "special deliveries."

Steve..I have no idea what Logan is.

Julie, the puppy in your photo is also adorable. He\she looks likely our puppy Sheba that we got from the pound when our kids were little. We thought that she would be a big German Shepard type, but she stayed small.

Chickie..Maybe Eraser is going to have an unfortunate event and Letmestaywithyou and Company will move in with Bonbon and start a commune.

Also, why do we have to endure those teen conversations between Maria and Miss Teen Spirit? Are they going to have a Rave in that motel room?

Steve, I think Logan is a state senator. If he were a US senator he would truly have no use for a mayor.

The puppy in the photo was named Sheltie because he was a Sheltie dog. (My mother is really terrible at naming pets.) I barely remember him. We only had him for about a month. He wasn't right for our household at that time.

Oh yeah, the payola thing. I deleted that when I realized that wasn't what was happening.

In radio, payola is (or was) a big problem. It is when a record promoter/distributor, or a band's agent, or other interested party pays a DJ on the downlow in exchange for airplay. Airplay can translate to better sales, of course, but it can also mean better performance on the charts and so forth. Radio stations can program their music however they want, but pay-for-play is illegal UNLESS the song is played during a program that is specifically identified as paid programming.

I thought the fact that they were expecting to hear La Regia's song at a particular time sounded like a pay for play kind of thing, but then I realized that the radio station could have just had a "new songs this week" show where Furia could have expected La Regia to be featured.

The song that was played in place of her song was pretty horrible.

Erasmo as a truck driver - that makes sense. There's a lot of opportunity for drama there. The company he works for could be owned by the Salgados, maybe.

Ah yes, payola. Back in the day in Philly, payola was big news.

Dark and raining here. It makes me feel inert . bah.

Maybe Erasemutt is going to have an accident be no longer with us then LetMe and BonBon can bond grieving the loss of their letter jacket men and Rosie can send us another message about strong independent women

That baby hawk is so cute that I almost fell out of my chair.

I just sent the link to my coworker, so now I am listening for a thud.

There. Thudded.

So Julie, do you ever say thanks that you are not named Ouch! if the dog was named Sheltie?

Kirby: Is this the same Erasemutt, who got stabbed by some idiot earlier ?

Julie, we had lots of dogs " dropped off " at our farm over the years. We kept them all, and my daddy called all of them Puppy.

That little bird against the background of evergreen branches is adorable. Calendars? Greeting cards?,#ahhhhhhhhhh

Kirby, when you are out and about trying by on get these photos , how do you avoid getting bitten up by insects? The hunters and fishermen around here swear by Avon Skin So Soft. Have you tried it?

Over the years, my mother has had a cockatiel named Pretty Bird, a parakeet named Pretty Bird, a sheltie named Sheltie, a teddy bear hamster named - wait for it - Teddy, a miniature chihuahua named Mini, an Abyssinian cat named Abby... you get the idea. Not all of her pets have been so poorly named, but let's just say I wouldn't put her on a committee to name a ship. (I think there's already a Boaty McBoatface, anyway.)

I'm lucky I wasn't named Missy or Girly or just Baby. I was actually named after Julie Jordan, the battered wife in Carousel. I guess my mother liked the movie.

Steve, no, this ErasMutt is LetMe's former husband and Father of Taq and Maria who now is married to Bonita who just had their child.

Sue, yes Skin So Soft, Deep Woods off, though loaded with DEET, and a few other things and lots of times Long sleeves and normal pants. But for the water birds and waders, a lot of them are in salt water which does not support mosquitoes. And sometimes you just get bit. There are those little plastic wrist bands too which look like a small slinky or something, those work sometimes. Until recently mosquitoes were not a problem during the day, but they got smart and now work the day shift too. In bright direct sun which is best for a fast lens to stop action, mosquitoes just can't take it still.

Julie I always wished Mom didn't name me Kirby until I was in college and found out she was torn between Kirby and Laverne. Must have been the only two pages that fell open or something. From there on Kirby was fine.

Steve, right off I can't recall who got stabbed. friend who grew up in Pittsburgh always teases me because I know three guys named Laverne! younger daughter is Julianne..but the family calls her Julie. My older daughter has a friend named Juliana , and she only wants to be called by that name.
I used to name the Springer spaniels that my dad bred..Binky, Butchie, Trouble, Princess. We had a black lab Irish setter mix that Hubba got at a neighbor's farm and brought home on Mothers'Day after I told more dogs! Happy Mothers Day to me.My kids suggested "Lucky". I said, no, I don't think that fits. He became Toby.

Steve and Kirby, FaucPas is the one that got stabbed by Calao.

Oh boy, did you luck out.

Fausto by Calao is the main stabbing I can think of.

Emerson also got stabbed by an evil gringo in an alley shortly before getting shot by a gringo cop.

Oh yeah thanks RGV and Jewels. How could I forget ? I suppose we can count .Emerson. Does a stabbing get tabulated if it is followed by a fatal shooting? Oh, OK gotit. One perp, the stab does not count, but two different perps, one stabber, one shooter then the stab counts. But now, is there no time limit of how long he has to stay stabbed before the next injury occurs, not to indicate, obviously, that you can come unstabbed.

Hello everyone and thank you! I was very fustrated last night by the happenings. In between Morgana and Danilo closer than ever in their evil endeavors, Maria and her dumb friend, plenty of suggestions and possible scenarios but no concrete solutions for Paloma and poor Soto dropping more documents like a bumbling idiot, it was a loooooong episode for sure.

I hadn't thought of Luisa as an older Paloma but I think Paloma was possibly a match for Blake's daughter and she couldn't saved her from her "possibly" life threatening disease.

As for Paloma's custody battle, Isidro is slimy, Tona is greasy and Danilo is swarmy, and those three are the only ones who can do anything to win the girl back to Laustela. Go figure.

More importantly, Milton not only seems smarter but a little bit more evil. He had such a weird smile when he meet Soto...#canttrustanyoneanywhere

Mercy look hideous in that getup. Nuff said.

I forgot the stabbing too, Kirby. So long ago and this thing is like a jack rabbit on steroids so it's understandable we forgot.

Alfredo, you bring up a great point: Soto needs some kind of bag to carry his documents around in! I forgot that wasn't his first doc-drop.

And what is with Mercy and the hats? The red ensemble was definitely not her best look.

Maybe El D is the one who closed BunMan's hand in a George Foreman grill. I find it hard to believe that BunMan would do that to himself.

Oh oh I just remembered about Ryan thinking El D's room felt/smelled? familiar and that it reminded him of his father... in other words, did not remind him of Estela. Maybe he didn't spend much time with Walter as a child, but when he did, they were visiting at Pedro's house? (They knew one another, right? Business partners or something?) And now Estela has created this little hideaway and filled it with things that reminded her of her father, and there is a lingering scent, like frankincense or old books or model airplane glue, whatever Dad liked to keep around.

Remember Hot Dog Bun is the Grill Master. One of his favorites was grilling old Callao's hand as punishment, maybe he learned it from Somebody the lasting way, and got a refresher.

" whatever Dad liked to keep around." hookers?


What I would like to know is whether AssBun followed Calao's example or did he cry out like a wolf howling to the blue corn moon?

One good thing about this show which is different from most TNs is that it is set in Gringoland and we don't to have to speculate about the laws as they pertain to child custody, kidnapping, murder, money laundering, etc, those laws.

Many of us live there. So that said, it is going to be a stretch for LauStela, first, to stay out of jail, and secondly, to ever get Paloma back as her child in essence. I believe as scrambled as LauStela's life is, Paloma should be with somebody else, but I know that is beside the point. What can she do? She might escape, change her name and identity AGAIN and adopt Paloma. That would be a Kodak moment for the new parents to come to pick up Paloma, Mr. and Mrs Befuddleduck, and Viola, it is actually Ryan and Laura with wigs trying to signal Paloma to not let on that she knows them.

I bet AssBun messed up his high waters, while he was howling. If he was as tough as he wants everyone to think he would have already slapped DaniLow into next season.

Chickie..ohhhh "the blue corn moon." I was impressed with the strawberry moon info you gave us. You seem to know a lot about the moon .

I agree - I don't see how Laura can get around this Paloma problem. As far as I can tell, all roads lead to prison. Even if she's cleared of any kidnapping charges, there's still the problems of her immigration status, identity theft, and the fact that she lied under oath.

As for this "plan" that she (sometimes with Ryan, sometimes without) keeps trotting out... "go somewhere else" is not a plan. It's a single step. Unless there's more to this "plan," it's yet another road to jail for evading capture. Not to mention that she's a celebrity, and her misdeeds will be shown on Gordo & Flaca. Everyone knows what she looks like. How far does she think she'll get? Because apparently, even Montana isn't safe! ;-)

I hope DaniLow whacks Iskidrow and somehow makes it point to Tona/Blake/Luisa. Or at least if he does, I want to see Blake and company freaking out that there is a killing machine on the other side, and one of them or all could be next.

SusanLynn, that's because I'm a moonchild :-) I got the "blue corn moon" from the song "Colors of the Wind." It's the theme song for "Pocahontas." Very nice lyrics, look it up.

And Julie, even the Wake Up ! America hoochies were talking about her (In the show). But it was the real Despierta America set and the real DA hoochies.

Yea a plan does not need to be a Gantt chart all the way down one wall of the conference room, but it needs more than one item.

Maybe Danilow is trying to emulate AssBun (who shot the man at the pool for no reason whatsoever). It seems Danilow is out to prove that he is better, meaner, more powerful, etc. than anyone else. And he doesn't like to be outsmarted (which by the way is not that hard to do). If it hadn't been for Horacio dropping hints about Morgana, Danilow would have never questioned the pregnancy.

Maybe Laura can make a deal by giving the police the info she has on all the bad guys.

Chickie..I am verra familiar with Disney's Pocahontas. I guess that I have seen it about six times...or more. Great music.

Susanlynn: US Homeland Security Department found out about Laura being an illegal immigrant yet ?

Susanlynn, I confess I never even thought about that. She'll have to make a deal. It's pretty much her only way out.

Maybe it's his boyish face, but sometimes Danilo reminds me of a little boy who's trying to mortify his mother by running around defiantly in the dentist's waiting room. He does seem as though he's trying to prove himself... but to whom? Himself? His dead father? I don't think anyone else in his life ranks high enough to motivate so much violent stupidity.

It is funny that he doesn't like to be outsmarted... wouldn't you think he'd be used to it by now?

I'm still annoyed by BunMan shooting the guy by the pool. It seemed out of character for him, because it served no purpose. It also sent the wrong message to employees. I can just see this one showing up on or something.

Steve, have you been watching the show or reading the recaps? By your comments, it seems like you haven't been following it? You are missing out on some good stuff.

Julie....yes, every once in awhile, I look at Dan's face , and he looks so young. However, he has crossed the line . Since he has doomed himself for a gigantic anvil, I hope he takes out all the baddies before he himself goes to the fiery pit.

I think Danilow is trying to prove himself to just about everyone, but mainly Mercy and Ryan--the two people Walter pushed him aside for. When he was telling Morgana that people were going to be laughing at him, the first and only person he named was Mercy. And a few episodes ago, he made the comment that he wanted to be the main one to run Furia so he could show them that he could do whatever he wanted with it.

We should all chip in and get Soto a briefcase. Who's with me? ;)

Meee!! I'll chip in...

Don't bother he's dying.

I'll contribute a few bucks for that good cause.

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