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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): Jenni Rivera, La Querida del Centauro2, El Señor de los Cielos & más: Week of July 3, 2017

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• 12-2PM—Volver a Amar
• 8-9PM—Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio
• 9-10PM—La Querida del Centauro2
• 10-11PM—El Señor de los Cielos

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!! IF IT DIDNT HAVE HER RECOVERY SEGMENTS. I would have turned it off

this show /biograhy??

will it rap up early for SIN SUENOS????

i am watching her husbad trini, and itlooks like he is gonna kidnap his daughther
,Trini is a punk and loser,but,his mother and sister, both act like he craps flowers..
jenni has therapy sessions in relation to suicide attempt... they clearify her relationship with her parents, the parents are tight but clueless!! they live in the united states ,butr they reared her to be a airhead housewife?[no offense] no ambition..

the episode when she meets her b*tch-in-law, was deep, this chick didnot have a clue,other than follow a man around like a puppy dog.. the rest of her decisions were like a deer in head lights.. she never asserted her self, because she really had no personality

Props to her big bro's////her brother tried to get her to fight , she use to stand up to the little america kid,... then from the starthe was smacking her aound!!

Clueless!!...but,she was passive aggressive in her decisions, cause depsite her attempts tp progress she never LEFT THE SOURCE OF ALL HER PROBLEM, the bastard she was living with...pride goes before the fall!!!

her mom is my gir, frumpetta is strong in her way, so i am waiting to see her im tiger grizzy bear mom action when trini shows his ass!!

dad is my man ! all the way...i love this actor in any show he is on !! any!!

Halima candy .. on the quick tip!!



SO WHAT WRAPS UP next montH ?? guardia or jenni.. sorry but i hope jenni, its a lovely show, but, it has to either give me more of dad /mom/ back story otr it could show us the recovery war stories or trini's dad ,oh yeah..i am interested in his rolemodel..... and his mother and what is up with his sister...she acts like she is his real woman??

the stupid aunts who always agree with theman! and WTF!!

POOR STUPID JENNI, you try to kill yourself but go back to him!!! because , you can't receive love until you love yourself first.. you got a hard-row-to-hoe-!!

Halima onthe quicksneak tip

caray family..

any GUARDIA recapps???

Steve.. where you at!! holla back!!

I stay away from NarcoJeffe, for sure!but I see the actress that was 'one eye' from Prisonera is still there... I need to get names some day!!

I will try to keep up with JENNI MARIPOSA, i see she is the bomb in her country !? somewhere ,
BUT, they seem to be white washing her story, if she was neurotic ,let it hang?! let's get into might help some body...

i can take , too many ..""""i am crying for man....torch songs.. she better lighten up those songs...if the music DOESNT MAKE YOU KILL YOUR SELF first??

this music better be banging,,i am gonna check her out on meantime

HALIMACANDY: I'd rather watch BPN & Bizarro Gaviota in "EL SENOR DE LOS CIELOS".

HALIMACANDY: "SIN SENOS" is coming back this month from what I've heard.

Senor/ Jenni

i will be watching my girl from senor: Felena??

she is sitting in jail, just had a consultation with her new lawyer her girl friend hooked her up with!!

Jenni: had the sense to blow off the husband trini!!


Bill C: Read your recap. Since Mexico doesn't have a VP to step into the Presidency if BPN goes down, would Rivero become President like that ?

LXV: At least Victor is consistent in wanting BPN whacked.

Halimacandy: as per various promos, the second season of Sin senos si hay paraiso kicks off on July 25 at 9pm in all likelihood La querida del Centauro wraps up the night before. I've drifted away from LQDC, but I've got to know how it ends.

Steve: honestly, that's a very good question. According to the Mexican Constitution, "in case of absolute absence of a President," it apparently goes like this:
1. the Secretary of the Interior becomes Presidente Provisional until the Congress can appoint an interim President. The Congress has 60 days to do this.
2. If the Congress is not in session, it is called into emergency session by a Permanent Commission (?) to handle this.
3. Interestingly, there are timeframe considerations for the Congress's part in this:
a. If this occurs within the first two years of the term, the Congress has to elect an interim President via secret ballot--and it has to call for a special presidential election 14-18 months after the "absence." However, and this is where it dovetails with ESDLC,
b. if it occurs within the last four years of the President's term, the Congress can appoint a Substitute President (again, via secret ballot) who will serve out the remainder of the term.

Since it appears that ESDLC stealth-timeskipped into 2017 as of Monday's episode (Bizarro Pena Nieto directly referenced President Trump), we're definitely into the back two years of his term. So, yes--if something happens to him, and we can't rule it out, it's entirely possible that Rivero could be nominated as a possible Substitute President candidate by someone in the cabinet or the Congress.

I'm kind of liking this idea...

El Señor de los Cielos: martes

Really, this was another setpiece episode. I'm still trying to figure out how the fork the show jumped forward to 2017, but hey...

- Super Javi plays counselor to Monica and Aurelio, in that order. Javi also declares that he's not going to choose either side in the coming Aurelio-Victor war, since he's got a good thing going in Colombia with mining coltan (an ore from which certain minerals are extracted to make certain electronic components, and this just might make Javi the smartest person so far this season), though Aurelio's not exactly willing to hear that.

Super Javi, in counseling Monica (and agreeing to provide her the equivalent of a restart cache of drugs so she can get her cartel going again), also goes all the way there and declares that she doth protest too much about hating Aurelio. Dude's been out of the loop for at least three months, if not 15, and he still knows she's totally hung up on her equally damaged boo--something he indirectly alludes to Aurelio later. Aurelio and Monica, for their part, basically bitch at each other before that, after that, during dinner, after dinner, and it finally ends up with Aurelio sortakinda macking on her and her saying "Fine, let's go, it's just sex, I don't love you." And Aurelio goes "I don't love you either."

That declaration lasts about three scene changes.

- Bizarro Pena Nieto decides to take a break from governing, or the fake governing substitute he's been doing, and sets up a vacation to Cancun. Rivero is still gung-ho on going after Aurelio (and Victor, IIRC), but he needs his right hand girl Garcia back to do it; BPN blows him off, saying he'll have to think about getting Garcia out of prison, and goes home long enough for dinner with Bizarro Gaviota. Turns out she's not invited on his vacay, which is the cue for her to drag him for being a brat and stomp out (yay consistency); BPN then moves up the timetable and bounces immediately for Cancun, where he drops in on his new friend Jaime Rosales. And Jaime surprises him with the gift of prostitutes (not from Victor's new stable, we're assuming); BPN makes a point of saying he can't afford a scandal, and Jaime makes the even heavier point that the prostitutes don't speak any Spanish and BPN can go nuts. Hmmmmmmmmm.

- Speaking of scandals, however: Rivero checks in with Garcia in prison, where he declares his new plan to force BPN's hand: Garcia gets to reacquaint herself with, in order to expose, everything the government did involving Aurelio Casillas (primarily, AIUI, the whole thing with her and Tim Rawlings and looking for an organ donor for Aurelio and all things Ignacio Miravalle). Garcia's not crazy about testifying about her role in all this, but she finally says she's down with it because they're out of options; she even recommends that Rivero contact a journalist named Carla who apparently was blackballed over something or other.

The business part of the meeting out of the way, Garcia all but jumps Rivero declaring she doesn't want to get back with him--it's just sex. It's been a long few months/year/whatever for Rivero too, so he's so down with that.

El Señor de los Cielos: martes (2)

- Esperanza and Salazar do not have sex in this episode, but Esperanza does do some screwing...over, that is, of Aurelio. She gives up the apparent majority of Aurelio's bank account numbers to Salazar's CIA boss, Colon (which she claims are worth upwards of $30,000,000,000, and Pablo Escobar can suck it), and the Treasury Department freezes all the accounts--just as Aurelio is trying to pay Super Javi for a deal they strike over his mining operation. Ismael, who indeed has been Aurelio's money man, is actually pretty smart--the only launderer they'd been dealing with at this point was Esperanza, and he calls her to ask what's up. Esperanza (who at the time is with Colon and Salazar) tries and fails to put him at ease, asking for a meeting in Panama to sort this out; Ismael notes afterwards that he'd literally never talked to Esperanza for that long at any one time, and is now convinced she sold Aurelio out (interestingly, Super Javi finds out about this and agrees to keep Aurelio distracted for a bit while Ismael sorts it out).

Esperanza at this point is now all set to go into witness protection, but she's not crazy about leaving her boo Salazar behind again. And for his part, neither is he; he declares that they're going to be together, but they'll have to shoot a move on Colon to do it. And he slips her a post office box number, to mail to once she's settled wherever she ends up. Now I'm really starting to worry about their chances here...

- Felina, after a relatively fruitless chat with one of the attorneys Emiliana hired to get her out of prison, has her own chat with that druggie inmate (Pilar, I think?) who got beat up a few episodes back. And she decides to do her a solid--Felina locks her in her cell, and straight up tells her she's not letting her out until she detoxes from the drugs in her system now. Pilar inevitably doesn't respond well to that, blasting Felina for being both Colombian and a drug dealer who dares to judge her, and Felina gets part of her somewhat typical life story; got turned on to drugs by a boyfriend who also began pimping her out, etc.

Interestingly, since Aurelio now somehow knows Felina is tied up in Emi's ish, he wants Super Javi to help get her out of he can kill her. Eventually, that is.

- Emiliana, meanwhile, has been trying to reach Lourdes by phone. She finally calls Aurelio's ranch in order to reach Alba, finds out she's in Mexico City, and calls Rutila in order to get to Alba. Alba thus gets to tell her that Lourdes "won't be answering her ever again," though she does note it was (as much as it counts) self-defense on Aurelio's part, and reiterates that Emi needs to get the fork out of Dodge and hide. I'm honestly not sure if this reinforces Emi's original vendetta against Aurelio or her gonzo I-hate-you-I-love-you Monica Lite thing, but it should be noted that at this point there are three characters Aurelio openly wants to kill: her, Felina, and Victor. (Okay, four; while he doesn't know that Esperanza sold him out to the DEA, he still wants to track her down.) On general principle, one of them isn't making it out of here alive.

- And in the middle of all this Tata crashes at her still-gaudy condo after going clubbing with two equally curvy fellow Real Housewife-wannabes, and they kvetch about jewelry and plastic surgery and boobs before taking some selfies. Turns out the DEA's been keeping tabs on Tata and friends via Instagram, to the point where Colon almost literally goes "God, they're so stupid they're taking the fun out of hunting them down." Since Tata is supposed to be effectively an older Tuti, this makes a certain hilariously warped sense.


Bill C: I know that Korea has something similar with the Presidential Succession, where if the President does not finish his or her term, then the PM becomes the Interim President & an election will have to be held less than 60 days (see what happened with Park Geun-hye's impeachment & removal on March 10th & the election of Moon Jae-in as the 19th President on May 9th).

As for the timeline of this TN, I'm assuming we're still in 2015 since BPN was elected in 2012.



Bill C: I also cannot stand Bizarro Gaviota (who is a SPOILED BRAT). I hope she enjoys the perks of being First Lady & living it up at Los Pinos (Residence of the President).

BPN feasting on prostitutes eh in his vacation resort eh ? Rivero seems hell-bent on bringing down his boss. Does Rivero have the Frank Underwood in him to do it ?

HALIMACANDY: It seems that BPN is addicted to prostitutes & our favorite blonde, Ritula.


I have to go back and watch Monday's episode in its entirety--probably with Spanish captions--to be sure, Steve, but BPN absolutely referred to both Trump (which CC3, with its usual subtlety, called "that orange neo-Nazi") and people being deported. But, AFAIK, there wasn't an actual timeskip. If it's still 2015 in this corner of the narcoverse--and it should be--we're either going seriously off the reservation or someone whiffed the pitch big time on that particular script.


Bill C: I'm betting the 5th Season is still referred to 2015 considering BPN took office in 2012.

Not sure when he married Bizarro Gaviota.

i really can't comment on any of it... I will watchingmy girl Felina!!!!

the show is deep, so i will watch reacaps..

BILL: that recapp was the BOMB!!! ..i will read reread!!

Steve Thanks!!!


that chick is going back to trini sooner or later...i think this is the premise of this show,

a CLEAN,good-girl, low self esteem, LATINA.. PERFECT VICTIM...she was true to her no-good- for-nothing-gosh-darn-man..even if he beats the sh*t out of her..

50+ episode of this cat/mouse.. he keeps doing her wrong and she keeps going back to him BS..!!
cause she rather destroy hersilf, then kick his nogood ass to the curb..

Jenni' aunt has the hots for trini, just hit it already and stop undermining your niece!!....the man badmouth her own family and auntie ate it up!!

Trini's mom and sister are plotzing against her, like he can do better!!please spit them up, do us a favor..

this may be the 90's..this nun convent /whore/madonna theme is irking me..

the brothers are just regular nice guys... their wives are ok too, but insecure as all get out, dang girl he went to the gentlemen club not to RATCHET Hookers STROLL-drive, ease up!!

but she has a point abt how old school /gangster grannies- who are not that oldladies accept too much BS from these men!!

Trini at the strip club... showed his psycho nature
when he attacked a pole dancer.!! .. thinking it was jenni, WTF!!

I enjoyed watching him getting his ass whipped, they laid into him, works for me!!

Jenni ,next day she falls under the aunt's spell.."""he really loves youuuuu!!!

so poor little lamb ,goes to trini , he rolls out of the bed..with a rod.. and holding his rod....
so the stage for baby #2,

i kinda get the jist of this show...break up to make up and write a song abt it..
why its this show isn't done in month

.. i am sorry but,querida has more going for it!! and i barely watch it...

so jenni, stop/no/wait/ don't!!

if she makes love to trini ,i will throw up..

didnt this dude get fired for SEXUAl harrassment, is screwing his coworker...

she will give him a massage , and comfort him, that chick is a lost cause,yuck..

.her mouth says no,but her laying on her back says yes!!

Sorry, nasty...she jumps out the bed .mad at herslif.. really??!!

aint no need to front like you regret the deed,

that is one very young , dumb, fill of ..[ hormones]!!

JENNI ,IS GONNA HAVE TO SUFFER... she cops a vibe after they have sex and tries to leave
.. Where you going ,you done gave it up, no need to go home now..

.oh shoot! the hateful- eight sister in law rolls up to see her man, i mean her brother...

they should have been sunday show..sorry, this show sucks!!!

I love a good romance, but he is an asshole , and has no sex appeal,

If a man is a cad, he has got to a sexy beast...he has to be a real hot poppi cholo


jENNI..that young lady has the presence of CONVENT novice...Jenni, was cuter as the stripper!!

how long will this play out??!HELP ME JESUS...I WILL Check back when her career takes off....

HALIMACANDY: Univision had a similar TV mini-series on the late Jenni Rivera.

Interestingly, Su nombre era Dolores (the Jenni series Uni aired) focused on the last decade or so of Jenni's life, but it was also a lot shorter than Mariposa de barrio will be. It also wasn't sanctioned by the Rivera family, AIUI, so take that as you will; OTOH, Luz Ramos was almost an uncanny Jenni in places.

El Señor de los Cielos: miercoles

Kvetching. So much kvetching.

- Monica kvetches to/about Aurelio and declaring that she's finally, truly, once and for all, so forking over him--to the point of going off on her work husband Ramon about it when he rather sensibly goes "You know, if you got back with him, it'd be okay." Conversely, Aurelio also kvetches to Monica and Super Javi about being utterly over her and how the narco game isn't a game for women because they screw it up (this he says only to Super Javi, because even his sociopathic ass knows Monica would pop him right in the face if she heard that). Super Javi, for his part, basically goes "Aurelio, man. You two really need to get a room."

- Esperanza's mother, Pina, goes to her husband Juan Carlos and kvetches about their daughter being missing. Juan Carlos, who apparently has connections of some degree, makes some calls offscreen and finds out the Cliffs Notes version of Esperanza's narco connections over the past couple of seasons; after sharing that with Pina (which is a convenient for-those-joining-us-late bit as well, good job, show) he sadly agrees that their little girl is missing after getting mixed up with our resident bad hombres.

Esperanza doesn't kvetch that much; she's too busy giving up the last of Aurelio's bank accounts that she was handling to Colon before going into witness protection. However, at this point Ismael and his tech henchman Grenas are convinced that she gave Aurelio up to the DEA...and when Ismael finally admits all this to Aurelio (and, yes, Aurelio inevitably says that if Ismael wasn't his kid he'd kill him) Aurelio himself makes a call to Esperanza to "check in" on her. In his case, that's more like "Oh, hey, girl. 'Sup? You're a dead bitch walking, you realize that?"

- Rutila pops in at Sebastian's admittedly nice pad for a kvetch-free boink session...and, perhaps inevitably, ESDLC finally reaches peak level censoring by blurring out Carmen Aub's sideboobage. Afterwards, while pulling a Smoove B and serving her snacks and juice, Rutila asks him to pop over to her house for dinner and to (to answer his curiously timed question) meet her grandmother. Later, when Ismael checks in with her from Colombia before he heads back to Mexico, he gets an invite to dinner as well.

Interestingly, Esperanza--when Salazar tells her he's investigating Rutila vis-à-vis her dad--makes a point of telling him to back off, since she's protected by the President of Mexico. (Other than being reassured by Jaime Rosales that the prostitutes he procured can't speak Spanish, Bizarro Pena Nieto doesn't appear in this episode.)

- Balki the Engineer--who is apparently Aurelio's point man/field commander for a planned attack on Victor's crew in Tamaulipas--breaks up Tata and the other Real Housewives' kvetching when he gets home to Gaudy Condo. (Tata's friends straight up flirt with Balki in front of her, at least for about three seconds before she chases them out.) The next day, he's flying out with miscellaneous henchmen to get on-site before Victor's crew moves and they lose their chance to hit them.

The gag is that, somehow, one of Victor's henchmen was tipped off to the presence of this unidentified group of people in the area--and Victor makes the connection between them and Aurelio. So for him and his endless chasm of self-loathing, it's the right time for a first strike...

- And there's yet more kvetching from Colon about the stupidity of the Real Housewives posting everything on social media, albeit cut short as he orders some redshirt tech to keep monitoring them while he bounces for home. He's had a busy day.


Bill C: Salazar & Esperanza will NOT be among the living because Aurelio's computer hacker has tracked them down.

Speaking of Salazar, he went from being the Venezuelan Ambassador to Mexico to working as a DEA Agent.

Rivero got his freak-on with Garcia in the prison secret office.


El Señor de los Cielos:

Oop, I did forget to mention that--Garcia jumping Rivero was in the previous episode, but in this one he forged ahead with kickstarting his plan to scandalize the government and ordered the prison guard who had been outside while he and Garcia cooperate with Garcia being his personal remote clerk. (And he noted that the warden was in on this, though oddly we didn't get to see it; that said, this being a Mexican novela prison, my initial thought is "Okay, what corrupt official turns on Garcia?")

And an even bigger omission: Rivero, while going through some of the late Iggy Azalea', Ignacio Miravalle's effects, gets the idea to look into Iggy's former assistant Diana Quinones (who IIRC was killed at some point in season three). So he ends up going to see Diana's mother, who's cooperative and kind of over it all at the same time; she wants to know who killed her daughter, but she openly says that Rivero had to be looking for "this." "This" turns out to be an article/essay of some sort--I'm not sure if Diana wrote it--about, quote, "the life of Aurelio Casillas."

Oh, and Felina basically continued to watch over Pilar while she went through in-cell detox--and then threatened to kill the inmate Pilar owed money to, who was also her pusher, if she came near Pilar again.

As for Salazar and Esperanza? If narcoverse tradition holds, one of them has to die on general principle since no couple ever, ever survives to get out. It's still even odds on which one of them bites it, IMHO, though right now Esperanza has the bigger target on her head (and, cynically, they already killed two named DEA agents already). Flip side, since ESDLC was confirmed to have a sixth and theoretically final season during the upfronts in May, this all could get pushed back to then...

Arg...and just one more thing. Super Javi had already said to Monica that he was willing to supply her with merch to help restart her cartel, but when he tells Aurelio about that Aurelio--still in full-on chauvinist pig/I'll-hurt-the-woman-I-love mode--basically gives him a choice: Super Javi can support Monica, or Aurelio can support his mining operation. And Super Javi knows the score; he agrees to withdraw his support for Monica.

El Señor de los Cielos

thanks so much for the recaps Bill C !!!



Bill C: Is Rivero still finding out the clues of who ordered the assassination of BPN's 1st wife, Leonor Ballesteros ?

Whatever happened to Daddy Teran (BPN's father) ?

Señora Acero 4

has been filming in Mexico for several weeks,
"Once again blood and revenge chase Vicenta Acero"



thanks bill that recap puts me inthe loop...

Felina is my girl,

This helps me try to lineup the players cause this is gonna be a long time playing!!

thanks for the info abt Jenni previous life on Univision!!

I think this chick is gonna get back with her piece of crap husband!!

the sisterinlawfromhell..
is losing her mind..that's your brother not your lover??!??she keeps coming out of pocket like her is entitled to run interference... and why, because Jenni is gringa..really??

the aunt tells her to keep the man because a woman needs a man[some man, any man, just a man??]

..she gets more bad advice from mom ,..

she asked her mother ,if dad and her ever had problems ,and break ups
but she never qualify that by informing her mother about problems like: getting beat, cheating, rejecting..
..."Gee.. mom,did dad ,ever like,give you V.d., drive you to suicide and beat your ass..??

Trini is running two women,[ badly].. his side piece is a push over..

so i guess she is in love with trini and they work thru all these trial and tribulations to grow old together????

maybe ,i would care... but i don't!

Jenni 's brother ,Pedro,is cheating at the strippers wife only had to show and show out!!

this show is house wife...centered.. and they need to step up their game cause this is the 90's!!

Let's get liberated ladies..??..

Does Jenni make it to college or does she get knocked up!???

Sin :

Deb: thanks...'

I need my novela fix...i have finihed binge watched regular tv and need my fix

I wanna give a shout out to Philly's, Penn's landing Latino Festival ; staring Jeminy Osorio[ Celia Cruz star]

lord??.. THEY CHOP THAT WONDEREFUL SHOW UP ,, and now we are suffering a drag out of other shows that don't have half the story line...

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