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La Candidata 7.3.17 Chapter 21: Gerardo Will Do Anything For Regina

• Almiron orders El Cuervo to drop the gun but he refuses. He now knows that it was all a trap but Almiron warns him to cooperate or he will kill him and the rest of the police will declare that it was in self-defense. Cuervo obliges and Almiron chides him for killing a reporter, which is a serious offense in Mexico. He then orders his men to grab him and put him in the car.
• Emiliano, drugged out of his mind, tries to make out with Ximena but she pushes him away and goes to leave. Nayeli asks her not to, as things are about to heat up, but Ximena warns her that she could go to jail if something happens to Emiliano thanks to all the drugs she’s given him. She then storms out as Nayeli laughs.
• On the car ride back to the Senate, Daniela warns Regina that something is not adding up regarding Mario’s clandestine witness protection program. Regina tells her that it could be something so secret she doesn’t know about but promises to find out more. Daniela then receives a call from someone and answers immediately.

• Gerardo tells Ignacio that he and the Governor have come to an accord: his party will support Regina’s bill in exchange for a higher budget in the “estados” they governed. Ignacio knows this will only benefit Alonso, especially during campaign season, but Gerardo wants to help the people. They are interrupted by Nieves, who informs them of Pacheco’s assassination. They are floored and Gerardo remembers the last conversation he had with Pacheco where he told him he was investigating a prostitution ring connected with Alonso and Ignacio remembers that it was also connected to Cecelia. Gerardo reveals that he also had a missed call from Pacheco from not too long ago.
• The “internet employees” leave after assuring Teresa that everything has been fixed. She sighs and goes to her room but doesn’t notice the recently installed bugs on the dresser.
• Mario chides Almiron for allowing Cuervo to kill Pacheco and then leaving his lifeless corpse on the street. Almiron reminds him that he wanted Pacheco taken care of but Mario reminds him that the press will investigate and it may all lead back to Cecelia. Almiron explains that he acted as he thought was best because Pacheco’s investigation would’ve surely engulfed Cecelia especially if he and Cuervo had the opportunity to confront each other publicly. Mario then tells Almiron about Sra. Galindo, who can’t know he is related to Regina since she saw him at the apartment where Susana lived, and asks that he be on standby for when he has a plan to shut her up. He then asks about Gerardo and Almiron confirms that he has microphones all over his house. Mario nods and asks him to keep a close watch on Galindo but to not make another mistake.
• Alonso begs Omar to not fight with him, as it doesn’t benefit either of them, but Alonso doesn’t know the nightmare it is to live with Natalia. Alonso asks that he keep his temper in check then, lest he come out on the news as a wife beater, but Omar knows Alonso doesn’t understand his situation. He then sits down, defeated, and Alonso goes to comfort him. He begs his father to understand that he has to defend his mother and asks that he go get help or he will end up in jail. Omar is quiet and Alonso leaves him alone for a few seconds to think.
• Alonso goes out into the hallway and tells Magda that he knows what happened with Natalia and then asks her to bring Omar a glass of water. Alonso then calls his mother, who answers immediately, and asks her to pack her bags and move back into his house. He apologizes for not helping her more but he will do so now. Natalia thanks him and hangs up. She tells Noemi that Alonso knows everything and has asked her to move back in with him. Noemi hugs her and Natalia thanks her for being there for her.
• Regina and Daniela arrive at the Senate and Regina admits that everything that has happened since they told Mario about Galindo has been strange but at least El Cuervo is in jail. Daniela doesn’t understand what Pacheco has to do with anything but Regina reminds her that he was with Gerardo’s party and Gerardo may know why. Regina assumes he uncovered crucial information but goes to ask Gerardo first before they speculate any longer.
• Hernan goes to see Cecelia at her office. He asks if Alonso will give a press conference and if she has anything to say regarding Pacheco’s assassination. Cecelia asks if he’s accusing her but Hernan only wants an explanation. Cecelia tells him that Pacheco wanted to destroy her, which got him fired, and she got his job, end of story. Hernan notes that this cost Pacheco his life but he told him about Cecelia’s mother before dying, especially that fact that they knew each other well. Cecelia laughs it off and explains that her mother knows a lot of men and knows how to use them; either way, Pacheco was likely lying. Hernan nods and reiterates that he only wanted to defend her but Cecelia tells him that he is accusing her of killing Pacheco and that is not true.
• Jose tells Natalia, who is coming down the stairs, that her things are packed and in the car. He tries to help but Natalia shies away from him and reminds him that he didn’t help her when Omar was beating her to a pulp. He notes that he can’t enter her bedroom without her position but Natalia shakes her head, as the past is the past. Jose begs her to stop because he doesn’t want to lose…Natalia assumes his job but notes that he will find another. Jose confesses that he doesn’t want to lose her… Natalia stops short and looks at him.
• Alonso tells Omar that Magda will go take him to the doctor so he can get some medication but Omar prefers to go alone, though he notes that Alonso is treating him like he was a senile, old man. Alonso just wants to help him and then apologizes to Magda for the uncomfortable situation but Omar chides them both as Magda was at his side as he rose to power and will now accompany him to his burial. Alonso asks that he not play the victim but Omar is well aware of what he did and doesn’t regret a thing. He stands up and Alonso as Magda to follow him. Once alone, Cecelia barges in with grave news, however, Alonso asks for a few minutes and she leaves, annoyed.
• Emiliano’s bodyguard bursts into his room and demands everyone in his (not so hot) orgy leave as Noemi and Natalia are on their way. Emiliano tells him that they are all staying and pushes him but his bodyguard puts him in a headlock and screams for everyone to leave. They oblige as the bodyguard drags Emiliano to his bathroom for a cold shower.
• Regina tells Gerardo that she laments Pacheco’s passing, especially because he worked with Alonso all these years, but is wary of the circumstances surrounding his death as a corrupt policeman they are investigating killed him. Gerardo notes that Pacheco was also investigating prostitution ring though he doesn’t know how he came to that conclusion and was, frankly, surprised by everything that happened. Regina thinks it was a trap set by his party to ruin hers but Gerardo reminds her that he doesn’t play dirty. Regina thinks he does when he comes to Alonso but Gerardo asks her to not blind herself because Alonso and his whole administration is full of corruption and he’s sick of how power is abused without reservations. Regina is quiet and Gerardo asks her to remove her blinders and look around because corruption is everywhere.
• Alonso finds Cecelia, who tells him that she will inform him that El Cuervo is in jail. She also tells him that she is investigating the location of Pacheco’s wake and suggests he say a few works regarding how much they miss him and how sadden they are by his death. Alonso agrees and then asks if she knows what Pacheco was working on, as his death was grotesque. Cecelia doesn’t know, she only that that he was very upset over his firing but finds it strange that he went to work for Gerardo. Alonso notes that all the traitors end up the same way and then informs Mauro that he needs him in his office ASAP. Cecelia follows Alonso to his office first and asks if she writes out the speech for Pacheco’s wake. Alonso nods and then leads her inside to apologize for not being able to go with her to their penthouse tonight as he has a lot of family drama as well. Cecelia asks if she can help and Alonso caresses her hair and smiles as Mauro comes in and catches them. He asks her to help him once Mauro leaves and Cecelia nods before leaving. She and Mauro give each other the stink eye on the way out and Mauro closes the door.
• Gerardo warns Regina that Alonso is using her and tells him of his meeting with Alonso regarding her bill. Regina already knows but Gerardo notes that Alonso is only doing it for himself and his candidacy. Regina asks him to let her draw her own conclusions unless he thinks she’s too easily manipulated but Gerardo claps and asks her to go right ahead. He asks her to thank Alonso too for helping her out. Regina turns to leave as she doesn’t recognize Gerardo anymore but he reminds her that he would leave everything for her. Regina is incredulous and Gerardo asks her to leave her party, her husband and everything that has to do with Alonso because they will engulf her in something sinister. Regina asks again if he has proof but Gerardo only wants to protect her. Regina thinks he wants her to leave her career for him, so he can have her by his side, but Gerardo proposes that he leave everything and join her party to prove his loyalty. Regina is quiet and Gerardo asks her to think it over though Regina then tells him that she won’t fall for his political manipulations. Gerardo suddenly declares that he loves her and demands to know if she thinks he’s playing with her feelings. Regina is quiet again and asks if maybe she is playing with his feelings. Regina storms out without another word.
• Mario arrives at Cecelia’s office and quietly asks that she meet him in the hallway. She obliges and they meet by the entrance. She chides him for killing Pacheco, especially after she told him not to as she didn’t want another death on her conscience, but Mario reminds her that she’s strong and can handle it. He then tells her to tell Hernan that she got a copy of El Cuervo’s statement where he confessed to killing Pacheco because the narcos ordered him to do so as Pacheco was blackmailing them. Cecelia warns him that El Cuervo may not declare the same thing and then the story will be ripped to shreds. Mario tells her that he will declare what they tell him, they just need time, and Cecelia realizes Mario wants to plant the false declaration so the press attacks Pacheco and stops investigating Cuervo. Mario nods and tells her to do exactly what he said before the press finds the connections between El Cuervo, Isela and her.
• Ignacio goes to see Gerardo and tells him that they have to publish a press release that will connect Alonso and his people to Pacheco’s death. Gerardo notes that, without proof, they will be ridiculed and the negotiations with Alonso for Regina’s bill will stall. Ignacio wonders if Gerardo is protecting Regina but Gerardo tells him that they need proof first, especially because Pacheco is already dead and the people that killed him may already have a plan to distract them. Ignacio asks if he fears for their safety but Gerardo shakes his head though he chides Ignacio for trusting Pacheco, who asked him for a lot of money last time they talked, and may end up ruining them.
• Regina goes to her office and tells Daniela that she is shocked at everything that Gerardo dared to tell her. She looks up, realizes that Andres is there and apologizes. Daniela tells her that Andres came to explain what happened with Pacheco. Regina thanks him and then Andres leaves after asking Daniela for help. Once alone, Daniela explains that Andres thinks his life is in danger as his cop buddies found out he gave them the information on El Cuervo. Regina shakes her head and Daniela tells her that she offered to talk to her but Andres preferred not to. Regina understands, notes that he was a big help, but if he thinks his life is in danger then it’s for the best. Daniela then asks her what she meant about Gerardo and Regina asks for a few seconds to collect her thoughts…She doesn’t know what to think about him but Daniela thinks he is trying to protect her. Regina shakes her head and chides herself for having such thoughts about Gerardo, especially because she’s married and has a family. Daniela thinks she’s doing so because she’s unhappy but Regina prefers not to think about the possibilities Gerardo is offering her. Instead, she will talk to Alonso, who is the only person who can clear things up. She tells Daniela to go rest up, as it’s been a long day, before leaving.
• Emiliano, who is shaking and wet in bed, chides his bodyguard for treating him this way and warns him that he will never work again. The bodyguard tells him that he shouldn’t waste his life with drugs and those friends, who are only bad influences, but Emiliano demands he treat him like an adult. The bodyguard thinks he should act like one first and asks him to get dressed before his family shows up. He asks Emiliano to not come out if he plans on saying anything stupid and leaves.
• Mauro asks Cecelia to go into his office and tells her that he spoke with his intelligence officers and knows all about her mother’s dark life and current employment. She asks if he told Alonso but Mauro shakes his head and confesses that he doesn’t know what to do. Cecelia instead gives him a file detailing Pacheco’s dealings with the narcos in the days before his death. Mauro thinks it’s well written but it won’t stop the truth regarding her mother from coming out eventually. He also notes that her mother’s past may not go over well with Alonso but Cecelia demands to know if he’s extorting her before asking what he wants. Mauro thinks she should know what he wants, especially considering who her mother is, before reminding her that he has helped her and has not received anything in exchange. Cecelia is quiet and Mauro reminds her that he knows she sleeps with Hernan before asking to meet her at her apartment that evening. Cecelia storms out of the office after giving him one final look.
• That night, Ximena arrives home and surprises Teresa, who is on the way out to meet Gallardo, her doctor, at a self-help session. Ximena offers to go with her but Teresa shakes her head. She tells Ximena that her mistrust gives her anxiety and that makes things worse. Ximena is quiet as Teresa leaves without another word.
• Omar arrives home with Magda and chides Jose for staying behind. He explains that Natalia left with Noemi and didn’t want him to come with. Omar tells him to leave because he’s useless before going into the living room with Magda, who tells him to let Natalia go. Omar offers to give her another go, since she doesn’t want to see him alone, but Magda shakes her head and goes to leave. Omar asks her to stay and Magda nods with some reservations. She offers to make him tea but Omar prefers a whiskey, like in his younger years when he was powerful. Magda thinks he’s still powerful but is doing everything wrong. Omar wonders how he should act after Natalia’s betrayal and Magda thinks he should let Natalia go before becoming her judge, jury and executioner. She does know that he would never allow that because he’s the great Omar but thinks he should move on and stop torturing himself with Natalia, who doesn’t love him anymore. She thinks he’s better than his current actions. Omar takes the cup of whiskey but is quiet.
• Larreta meets with Alonso and tells him that he now knows that is the best candidate for their party. Alonso laughs, tells him that he loves political strategies, and Larreta manages a soft laugh as well. He tells Alonso that tomorrow Lorena can sign on as the Secretary of Health and he will reserve some positions for himself for when Alonso is president. He then stands up, extends his hand, and tells Alonso that he is their candidate if he wants to be. Alonso stands up as well and shakes his hand.
• Gerardo arrives home and finds Ximena, who tells him that Teresa is not home because she went to a self-help meeting. Gerardo knows Teresa is lying because Gallardo didn’t tell him anything but Ximena didn’t know what to do as Teresa went ballistic. Gerardo nods and then tells Gerardo that he is going to call go and go find her at the casino. He asks Ximena to stay back in case she comes back.
• Israel, the real reason Magda wanted to leave, calls her and tells her to hurry as the rice he made will get cold and then they won’t be able to eat. Magda explains that she is busy right now but will be there soon. Israel warns her that the credit on his phone is ending so he won’t be able to make them but he can receive them. Just then, Omar appears behind Magda and asks whom is she talking to but Magda hangs up on Israel and tells him that it’s no one. Omar wastes no time and pushes her against the wall before kissing her. Magda tries to fight him off, and reminds him that neither of them needs to be doing this, but Omar continues to kiss her as Magda finally gives in.
• Larreta and Alonso exit his office and run into Regina in the hallway. Cecelia looks at the whole scene from her office as Larreta hurried greets Regina and tries to scurry off. She asks Larreta if he is avoiding her but Larreta nervously tells her that he has a meeting before leaving. Alonso then leads Regina into his office, after looking over his shoulder at Cecelia, and closes the door. Cecelia then leaves her office but runs into Mauro who asks her to text him her address when she gets to her apartment. Cecelia is quiet as she leaves but Mauro smiles slyly.
• Isela arrives at Cecelia’s apartment to meet Mario, who notes that this is the only place they could meet without being seen. He tells Isela that she has to close the cabaret because El Cuervo was arrested for Pacheco’s murder. Isela shakes her head and reminds him of all his current murders: Florencia, Isela and now Pacheco. Mario asks that she focus on what’s important, namely, Pacheco told some people that Cecelia’s mother was the owner of a cabaret, which was linked with a prostitution ring. Isela reminds him that the cabaret is her livelihood but Mario warns her to close it down before she ends up in the eye of the storm. Isela curses him for always ruining her life and slaps him. Mario grabs her and throws her against the couch. He reminds her that Cecelia may lose the only decent job she’s ever had if the Governor finds out about her ties Isela and asks her to think about her daughter right now. He offers to re0open the cabaret after things have calmed down and proposes she continue to manage the various properties they have, for now.
• Moments later, Isela has composed herself somewhat but warns him that should he close the cabaret, she will go to the press and tell them he is the owners and Cecelia is his daughter. Mario is quiet as Cecelia arrives and Isela informs her of what is happening. Cecelia also thinks it’s for the best but Isela reminds her that Mario only wants to close the cabaret because he’s scared that he will be associated with it as well. Cecelia thinks they can resolve the issue later and asks them to leave as someone from the government is on their way. Isela obliges, after some argument, as Mario tells Cecelia to find a solution soon. Cecelia offers to call him later and he leaves as she sighs, deeply.
• After hours, Ignacio finds Daniela and reveals that Pacheco didn’t die like the media is saying. In fact, Alonso and Regina are directly involved in his death. Daniela thinks he’s wrong and asks him to stop accusing people without proof. She tries to leave but Ignacio blocks her way and asks if she feels guilty. Daniela goes out through the other door but Ignacio warns her that he will get to the bottom of Pacheco’s death and reminds her that her silence makes her an accomplice.
• In the car, Isela demands Mario turn on the car and drive but he wants to find out whom Cecelia is expecting. Isela thinks it’s the Governor, since Mario already used one daughter as bait so it’s not a stretch to think he’d do the same thing with the other. Mario asks her to shut up and warns her to stop being a nuisance, as she already knows what he does with nuisances. Either way, it’s her fault they are in this mess but Isela shakes her head. Mario reminds her that she allowed Pacheco to get in deeper than he should’ve and asks that she sell the cabaret first thing tomorrow before speeding off.
• In his bedroom, Emiliano is going through some major withdrawals and tries to webcam with Ximena, who continues to ignore his calls and texts.
• Gerardo goes to the casino and runs into the owner, who tells him that he hasn’t seen Teresa today. Gerardo thanks him and goes to leave but the owner stops him and thanks him for his help with the new casino and promises to send him lots of gifts soon. Gerardo warns him to not send him anything, as he never helped him and ever will.
• Noemi and Natalia are having a cup of tea as Emiliano comes out of his room and stumbles throughout the house. They try to help him but he runs into the glass door, falls down and begins to have hallucinations. He screams for them to stay away as they scramble to call the doctor.
• Israel is writing a note and stuffing it in an envelope whilst crying. He then addresses it and looks at a gun sitting on the table.
• Magda and Omar are sleeping on his bed, post coitus. Magda then wakes up and begins to cry, kicking herself for falling into Omar’s grasp again.
• Alonso tells Regina that he will be the presidential candidate for their party and has also managed to her bill passed in the Senate, unanimously. Regina is quiet and Alonso realizes she’s not too happy with the news. Regina confesses that she was there looking for her husband, the man she fell in love with, so he can show her that he still loved her but can’t find him. Alonso is quiet and Regina thinks he will probably be President, and that will give him all the power he yearns for, but she can’t assure him that she will the first lady. Alonso demands to know what she means and Regina tells him that she wants a divorce…


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Hey all! I am so happy I got to recap this episode.

I have a confession to make: for a while, especially since the first episode, I was going through the motions with this series. IMHO, there was a spark missing in the story but I couldn't put my finger on it. The story was interesting, albeit not as exciting as it could be, while the protagonists were likable but missing that extra umph while the villains kept moving around in the shows with no real danger close by.

I am happy to say that this episode marks a decidedly better story. Regina doesn't know about Mario or Alosno yet but she suspects, a lot, and the first step in becoming a better character is her decision to leave behind Alonso. She has finally decided to leave behind her comfort zone and I think she will be all the better for it. Gerardo has also fully declared his love for Regina and is willing to give everything up for her.

Alonso is finally living up to his scumbag self and isn't hiding his power hungry motivations while Mario, Isela and Cecelia are being backed into a corner and running for the hills. They can no longer run from their present and Pacheco left enough clues before his dead to make them scared. Magda is finally little bit more interesting, her story with Israel may have a point and Natalia has finally escaped her golden prison (which was getting tiring).

May this episode mean bigger and better things.

Very complete recap, Alfredo! It even included a brief scene or 2, like Israel's reaching for a gun, that I must have missed while letting the cat in or out. Almiron and El Cuervo: Gee, and killing a reporter isn't serious offense outside of Mexico? Though I do know that here have been some rather high-profile murders of reporters in Mexico lately at the hands of narcotics gangs. In any event, I was surprised to see El Cuervo survive. I wonder for how much longer. Cecilia's upset and complaint about Pacheco's death shows her guilty conscience about people like Susana, whose death she did cause.

Youre welcome, SpanProf! This was a very good episode and possible turning point.

That scene with Mario and Isela was amazing. It must be great to not have to fake anything in front of anyone, especially Mario with all his secrets. I cant believe Isela allows Cecelia to be used time after time though she recognizes Mario does the same thing to Regina for different reasons.

I hope Daniela continues to pull on the ball of string Ignacio gave her and that it leads all the way to Cecelia.

I was surprised at Mauros proposal...I hope he has a proposal for Cecelia instead of being just being disgusting.

Thanks, Alfredo, for your very fine recap!

SpanProf, ITA about Cecilia. She is going to have to come to terms with her conscience and not go mentioning people,who do not deserve to be dead, to Mario. Her outburst to Hernán about not having killed anyone was very telling and made her look guilty . . . of something. (?)

Alfredo, I agree about the scene with Mario and Isela. I think Isela has done the best she could to keep Cecilia away from Mario but unfortunately Cecilia is attracted like the proverbial moth to the flame.

So, Natalia "makes" Omar beat her. The usual abuser crappola. I do think that there might be something else, besides being a sadistic sob, like dementia wrong with him: sort of like a cherry on the top of his usual craziness. I have no respect for Magda.

Oh, good. Emiliano is so drugged up he is now walking into glass doors.

Of course, the best was Regina saying she wants a divorce, That is going to upset everything in the closely controlled PR cart and now with Alonso's presidential run . . . Watch out!


Gracias, Alfredo. There is a definite turning point here.

Did anyone else feel nauseous at seeing Magda in bed with Omar? She will be his next victim.

Ignacio will be skating on thin ice soon with his constant attempts to pin these crimes on Regina. I think Teresa will be his punishment for that.

I can see Emiliano being shipped off to a military school at this point.

Alonso upping the ante in how far he'll go to become President.

Happy 4th of July & Independence Day!!!!!!

Btw, if Israel does himself in, it doesn't seem as if it will be much of a loss, though I suppose Magda will feel bad about it. I too wish everyone a happy 4th! Things could be worse. We could be living in a relenovela!

telenovela, that is.

Thanks Alfredo, hope you had a pleasant vacation! I have just started watching this novela and am still trying to sort out everyone. For example, I cannot figure out who Mauro is. As for the actors, I think that Rafael Sánchez Navarro is a wonderful villain as Alonso. He seems to relish the power he has and enjoys manipulating people. When he succeeds, he has that enormously satisfied grin on his face. By comparison, Gerardo comes across as somewhat whiney. Maybe it is the role he has to play as someone who is in love with Regina but cannot get her - yet. The parents should spend more time figuring what is going on with son, Emiliano. I wonder if Isela will go along with Mario's wish to shut down the cabaret or whatever it is.

Lynette, Mauro is Alonso's chief of staff. The cabaret is ??? "Gentleman's club" with a touch of bordello??? Your guess is as good as mine.

Lynette, about Rafael Sánchez Navarro (Alonso), definitely he's a wonderful actor -member of a family of artists, has studied in several academies, does theater a lot, movies, etc.- his acting is so nuance...

Víctor González (Gerardo) is a very hardworking and handsome actor, who is improving thru years, but in my opinion is not match for Rafael (in acting skills)

Alfredo--So you are back in the harness and way out in front of the pack. Thank you for such a detailed recap on such a short time frame. Now I can scurry off and rewatch the episode before tonight's.

I think we've all been waiting for this moment when Regina unhitches herself from Alonso. I didn't mind the slow pace up to now because it gave us a chance to get to know the characters and how they behave.

As much as Regina thinks she would like to start up something again with Gerardo (Si, quiero que me beses), I think for her dignity (and safety) she will still have to keep him at arms length. She's right, with a family like his and a family like hers, there is no possibility of their being together in any way that's normal.

Lynette--if you need any more help on who is who just give us another shout out.
tquir--thank you for your input. I agree that Rafael has a much more demanding role here, very versatile. I've never seen either him or Victor in anything before and my impression of Victor was they needed someone rather bland to go up against an independent, outspoken character Silvia plays and Alonso. He's supposed to be the "romantic" lead. Ha! We'll see where he leads us.

Regina definitely needs to proceed carefully here, perhaps not rekindling the romance with Gerardo until long after she's elected (which I think she will be). However, I don't see how sullying her name will help Alonso get the nomination unless the public is completely fooled and he is forced to divorce her.

Tonight's will be a little late as I have a bad cough that won't go away. Also, some ignoranus in my neighborhood shoots off fireworks after the Macy's ones are over so I might have to pause for half an hour so I can hear the audio. This computer has better built-in speakers than the one it replaced but I don't have additional ones for it.

Thank you Alfredo for an extremely thorough recap of an extremely pivotal episode.

I agree with you this episode may be a beginning of a turning point, it's still early, but many of the puzzle pieces are now beginning to be discovered by different characters and now they have to put them together.

Cecilia now has blood on her hands, and so does Isela, she is ultimately the one that sent El Cuervo after Pacheco.

Glad that Natalia can now leave Omar the Ogre behind, maybe.

Thank you all! Its definitely good to be back as things continue to heat up.

Ive missed everyones insight and witty, especially regarding this continously complex characters.

If anything, this was the prologue and now we have the actual story.

Excited for tonight!

Thank you Alfredo, I am so glad you are back! Yes, this story is turning around and getting better and a lot more interesting. Tonight's episode should be just as good or even better. Sorry I am so late weighing in, I've been busy making my Independence Day cupcakes to share with neighbors. Have a happy Independence Day everyone!

Youre welcome, Cynthia! Cucpcakes sure sound good ;)

As for Victor Gonzalez, he definitely has improved though he isnt as strong as those around him yet, but I see him as a blimp in Reginas story. All the men will ultimately bow and react to her actions and the first thing ahe needa to do is go up against Alonso publicly and politicially.

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