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Caer en tentación: Dramatis Personae

This cast will make this an incredible series, a 3 for 3 for its producer.  Let's start with the main players (all are in the opening episode):

Age: 42

She is a woman free of appearances and poses. She is sincere, friendly and extremely affectionate, both with her husband and children and with those who surround her. Raquel is one hundred percent altruistic and devotes much of her time to a foundation that offers temporary shelter for children who need organ transplants.

When she meets Santiago Alvarado and his family, she is unconditionallyy supportive of them appreciates the great talent that Santiago has for the construction, so she gets Damián to hire Santiago to remodel part of her house and the pasta factory. She prompts Carolina to start a banquet service business that will raise the Alvarados' income.

Rachel comes to feel a genuine affection for Carolina who comes to fill a gap left by her younger sister, Cinthia, who is secretly being held in a rehabilitation clinic, since she was a victim of drugs.

The betrayal of her husband Damián and Carolina annihilates the 'perfect world' she had built in her marriage and with her family, and puts her on the brink of a depression in which she blames herself for being responsible for not having been good enough wife, lover and life companion.

Age: 40

He is the only son and main heir to the pasta factory which – thanks to his vision and work – has expanded in and out of the country.

Paternity came double by the birth of the twins Mia and Federico. From then on, Damián found fulfilllment in his home and his family. As time went on, Damián began to feel bored with the routine and stability he had achieved. He never stopped loving his wife, Raquel, but the hunger of adventure and adrenaline arouse new concerns. When he meets the Alvarados, Damián finds a new adventure in the couple, Carolina and Santiago, and starts feeling ten years younger.

From the moment he meets her, Damián is impressed by Carolina; and what he supposed to be a passing adventure, becomes something vital and confusing because for him. Raquel is the love of his life, the companion with which he was at the end of the road. Damián, despite the confusion, betrays not only his principles but also his wife, who until the day of the accident believed that she had an exemplary husband.

Age: 40

Dedicated housewife and resigned to fully fulfill this function. Deep feelings. Her destiny as mother and wife prevailed so prematurely that she put aside any personal aspirations.

Her first child – Lola – arrived without being sought, as was the last one. Carolina left the passion for gastronomy to dedicate to her house, her husband and her baby. Two years later they had another child, so Nicolás arrived. 15 years later, when Carolina looked at her life as a free, independent woman, Benjamin, her youngest son, unexpectedly arrived, a situation that again cut off her wings, returned her to the interior of the house and conspired against that rebirth.

Santiago represents everything for her until fate opens a door that shows her an unknown world that snatches her from her monotony.

Age: 40

Santiago is a hard-working and responsible man. He had a truncated career in architecture. He is sensitive, although has difficulty expressing his feelings.

Santiago was always the father Carolina dreamed for her children. She admires him as a husband, as a person, as a boss and as a companion, but responsibilities and overwork begin to turn her off more and more as a lover.

Santiago is macho and does not allow Carolina to work because he prefers her at home taking care of her children. When he meets the Beckers his world changes but not only financially: He must also face that Carolina imposes herself and agrees to partner with Raquel in the banquet service business.

Discovering his wife's betrayal will make him react to what his life has been like, he will recognize that his obsession with work has robbed him of moments that will never return and are lost forever.

Age 35 (Really? He sure doesn't look it)

Cousin and minority partner of Damián. He is Miriam's most trusted person.

Andrés is the first to realize the relationship between Carolina and Damián. He is an ambitious man and takes advantage of his cousin's company to do shady business. He envies Damián because he considers that he has stolen everything that belongs to him, the life and comforts that he has always desired, and even Raquel.

Andrés is cold-blooded and can move the chess pieces in his favor regardless of the consequences.

When Damián has the accident, Andrés believes that he will stay in charge of the company, but his Aunt Miriam lets him see that she does not totally trust him.

Age: 68

Miriam is the mother of Damián Becker, her only son. As a young widow, Miriam had clung to Damián in a sickly manner. She does not resign herself to losing him to her daughter-in-law, Raquel, whom she regards as a fortune hunter. The marriage gave her two grandchildren, the twins Mia and Federico. It cannot be said that she does not love them, but she is a cold and manipulative grandmother.

Her late husband, Elias Becker, founded the pasta factory, leaving her in ruin at the time of his death. Nowadays, her son Damián has made her a prosperous company, where Andrés, Damián's cousin and Miriam's main ally works, who gives her all the attention her own married son cannot give her.

18 years

'Older' sister of her twin Federico. She is an introverted and suspicious young woman. She enters a new school in order to expand her social circle and achieve greater independence, but the opposite is true. Her companions treat her badly and she is the victim of constant mockery. Mia is unable to communicate the pain and fear she feels, and manifests it by cutting herself.

Although at first it bothers him to know that Nicholás loves her, comes the point that also falls in love with him, although the circumstances leads them to have a conflicting love.

Age: 18

Sensitive and dreamy. Federico is the 'younger' of the twins and in childhood was very sickly. This made him very dependent on the care of his parents, but also on Mia, his sister.

He loves his sister and is a loyal friend. Nicolás became much more than a friend, he is his brother and his ally in what most fascinates them: music.

With his father in a coma and with many economic complications in the family, Federico decides to work in the pasta factory without informing his companions that he is a Becker, that is where he will meet the love of his life.

Age: 20

She is a young woman with good feelings, but her inexperience leads her to make mistakes that could affect her future forever.

When little Benjamin comes to the family, Lola never imagines that he will soon have to take care of him as if she were his own mother.

Lola is studying Business Administration. She dreams of freedom and a better life than that of her mother.

Age: 18

He is a young man in solidarity with his family. He is an excellent friend and he is passionate about music because of this he manages to make a very good duo with Federico.

From the first moment he sees Mia, he falls in love with her, however, it takes a lot of work for her to accept it.

Nicolás tries to fulfill the demands of his father who only wants him to be formed as a good man. He likes school and supports what he can at home and the small company in Santiago.

He adores his mother, and feels guilty because he found out before Santiago of his infidelity. He thinks he could have avoided the tragedy.

Other cast members will include Moises Arizmendi (last seen in Vino el Amor), Adalberto Para (La Candidata; Yo No Creo en Los Hombres), Luis Fernando Pena (A Que No Me Dejas), and Beatriz Moreno (Enamorandome de Ramon, La Sombra del Pasado).


Thank you Urban! I am going to bookmark this so I can refer to it in the future. I agree on Arath De la Torre looking older than 35. One of my pet novela peeves: casting people of the wrong age (just because they can I guess.) Very annoying.

Maraming Salamat po UA.

Jarifa: Interesting to see Arah De La Torre being one of the main Antagonists. His character is very much a PIECE OF WORK!


Thank you , Urban.

Arath de la Torre is actually 42. I think his character is meant to be 45, not 35 (I think that was a mistake).

Thanks, Urban. That sounds better.

UA: I remembered Ela Velden from "QNMD".

Thanks Urban. There is no way that Man is 35. 45 yes. They must think we got
Bad eyesight. Now without my glasses I can't see far away well. But close-up, 35 Is not happening. 45 is better.

I'm liking the characters and their up
And downs and downs lives.This will be
An interesting journey. Thanks for the
Intro Urban.

Thanks Urban! In RL Gabriel Soto is 42, Adriana is 37, Carlos Ferro(Santiago) is 33 while Silvia is 39. Arath is 42 too same as Gabriel. Does it matter really? How could one differ between a 30 year old man and the one who's 40?

It's a different story though when 50 year old actors portray roles that are in their 20's (Emiliano in Lo Imperdonable cough cough)


Also Rafael Sanchez Navarro(Alonso in La Candidata) was 59 when he co-starred with SN. Shockingly the protagonist, Victor Gonzales(Gerardo) is older than SN!

O/T: What is happening with Rogelio Guerra anyway. He's supposedly very ill at 81. He's alive but can't walk nor talk. Basically a living vegetable.


Damian Becker is about 48-50. It was said by the actor, Gabriel Soto.

"Siempre, como actor, el hecho de cambiar tu imagen es padre. Yo tengo 42 años, pero me van a poner canas para verme un poco más maduro. Es un personaje de 48 o 50 años próximamente porque tiene hijos adolescentes, van a ver un cambio muy radical en mi imagen y está padre porque siempre cambiar es bueno”, señaló Gabriel Soto.

Santiago Alvarodo is about 40 as you have written, when he is 33 years. Grey hair was dyed also for him as in the case of Soto.

Watch this telenovela!!! It is worth to watch. It is similar to a mix of psychodrama and thriller. I recommend it.

Oops. I meant to thank you, Urban, in this post rather than in the sinopsis post. Sorry. It was obviously a lot of work to get that thing up and I do salute you, amiga!!


Urban, thank you for the informative, interesting summary.

This looks great!!


My last comment to this thread is that this blog will get a new alter from me tonight.

When will this one start and at what time?

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