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Caer en Tentacion: What to do when your boyfriends wife gives you relationship advice

Well that was awkward...Part 1 is up now, part two will arrive tonight

1. Raquel has like zero boundaries- she tells Carolina that she would prefer she and Santiago not separate.
2.Carolina throws her marriage away, but Damian can't.
3.Poor Santiago
4. I may never have children and instead stick to cats, my cats will never emotionally blackmail me.

So here's what's going on my peeps:

  Federico is with Azucena, he wants her to tell him about his uncles mismanagement of the firms money, and he wants actual facts that he can use to bring Andres down. Azucena tells him the Andres is the worst, and tells him about the money that went missing from Damian's car. The day of the accident she took money to Damian's car, the plan was for Damian and Carolina to spend a few days at their cabin and then leave to the US, but the money went missing and she is sure that Andres-who was following the money movements of Legato found out the money was gone and stole it from the car. Federico says that Andres is to blame for the accident.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Caer en Tentacion #96, 2/20/18: I Want a Divorce Because I've been Cheating on You for Three Years and It's Time

Greetings, amigos on the Patio. This is my last recap for Caer. It's been a fabulous run and have enjoyed exploring all the nooks and crannies of this well-crafted story. Tonight the chickens are coming home to roost. We only have a few more episodes to go and I'll be keeping my eyes on all the developments from here on out.

Some scenes combined so it's not so choppy.
En el Presente
Azucena is still talking to Damian. The subject is cash. With difficulty, Dam says the cash for Vicente wasn't there. Azu says she personally put the cash in a satchel and put it in Dam's car, as he instructed. She's offended that he might think she took it. After some back and forth, it's clear that Andres knew about the large sum of money withdrawn from Dam's account. She shares that he's obsessively followed every movement of money in the company.

Andres pays a surprise visit to Alina. She's not interested in whatever it is he wants. He ask her to hear him out. It's just a little business affair. He can arrange for her to get everything she wants and he can have the same. What does he mean by that, she asks. Don't be stupid, he replies. Raquel and Santiago.
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Monday, February 19, 2018

Caer en Tentación Lunes 2/19/18, Chapter 95: The Dominoes are in Place

Chapter 95: The Domines are in Place

Santiago tried to convince Raquel that this was a misunderstanding and that nothing happened with him and Alina. She refused to believe him, would not listen to him, and calmly told him to leave. More than once; also saying more than once that she never wanted to see him again.
Mia leaned over Damían as he told her he had killed Carolina as he tried to recall what happened when getting out of the car. She told him to calm down, telling him that Carolina was dead and no longer existed. The tone of her voice seemed to creep him out. He stared into her eyes and seemed to go into another respiratory crisis. Mia called the nurse over, saying that he was imagining things and getting upset. The nurse put her fingers on his carotid artery. Mia fled the room and went into the hall. Raquel came up and saw that something was wrong. Mia said that her father suddenly became nervous and when Raquel asked why she tried to leave. Raquel pulled her back, asking what happened and whether Damían said anything.
He talked about Carolina,” Mia whined, starting to cry. Raquel fell into that trap and embraced her daughter as though she were a child again.
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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Caer En Tentacion #94, 2/16/2018: Federico issues ultimatums; Damian killed Carolina, maybe.

Note: Patio Uni has left the scissors for now. This is complete episode 94
Present time
Raquel hears Nico tell Fede that Santi went away with Alina and asks “are you sure Nico?” “Yes I'm sure” she says she is OK and leaves. Once she is gone Fede says that it may be for the better. Cynthia arrives home and senses the tension asks what is wrong and Fed asks her to go check on Raquel, that she just found out Santi did something and needs her.
Raquel is in her room crying when Cynthia gets there and asks what happened. “they lied to me again, I just found out Santi left town with Alina, I asked him and he said it had nothing to do with her, it was about Juan supposedly” Cynthia tries to justify him, and Raquel blows up at her “do you have any idea how hard it has been for me to trust anyone, for him as well this is a betrayal, he lied to me, I can’t believe it”
Nico goes to Mia’s room, she wants to know what he is doing there, he says trying to understand her, well “it’s easy you cheated on me” “do you have any idea why Alina was able to get in to my life?” because you never loved me and I never knew what to expect from you” they continue discussing she says Sammy told her everything, she is hurt so even though he asks for forgiveness he says the only thing that unites them is the betrayal of Damian and Carolina, just like Nico betrayed her. She asks him to leave, she is not interested she hurt him, he hurt her and now it’s over.
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Friday, February 16, 2018

Weekend Discussion 2/16/18: Karmageddon for the Tempted – Caer en Tentacion

Karmageddon for the Tempted – Caer en Tentacion

The evil ones of this tale are long overdue for punishment, folks. Let's talk about what the writers are likely to do and what we'd do ourselves. This is all up to Episode 93:

Andres Becker / Arath de la Torre – The Beast

Guilty of promoting prostitution involving borderline jailbait girls, possible paedophilia, blackmail, embezzlement, sexual harassment, attempted rape, sexual assault of helpless victim (Cinthia), conspiracy to frame innocent parties, menacing, corporate theft, money laundering, getting Laura to go on the air to lie about what really happened (and boinking her in the process).
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Caer en Tentacion #92/93, 2/15/18: The truth is out

Recap is done!

The truth comes out. Federico has followed Damian and has seen him with Carolina, he walks up to Damian's car and demands that he get out of the car and answer his questions.

Demian: Federico, please calm down"
Federico:" Don't ask me to calm down! You're cheating on mom!"
Damian:"what did you see?"
Federico:"I saw everything! Don't treat me like I'm stupid! I followed you here, I've been following you all along. I saw your attitude change, I saw how nervous you got when your phone rang, and it was because of Carolina, right? Have the decency to look me in the eyes and tell me the truth!"
Damian: " Yes, I have a relationship with Carolina."

Federico reproaches Damian for never looking at his mom the same way he looks at Carolina, and for cheating on her with his best friends mother, the wife of his business partner and his mother's best friend. He wants an explanation, all Damian can say is that he fell in love and could not help it, he is human and makes mistakes, just like anyone else. Federico wants to know if Damian plans on telling Raquel the truth but of course the answer to that is no, because Damian is a coward. Federico goes to answer Raquel's phone calls and Damian looks like he is going to pee his pants.
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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Caer en Tentacion #90/91, 2/14/18: Love and Death; Only Death is Real

This is Anita filling in with some bullet points.
Part 1/3
En El Presente
. Santi and Raq talk on the phone. Catch up with the latest news.
. Next morning Fede tells Raq he and Mia will support her with anything she decides regarding Benji.
. Raq admits to being scared OF and FOR Mia.
. Santi rather reluctantly shares with Lola & Nico the information Ant passed on regarding Attack Guy and Garrido being involved in the accident. One of them confessed to helping provoke the accident and robbery was the motive. No news on Caro's killer, though.
. Ant and Nando strategize. Ant says it's so logical that it happened the way AG says it did, but something doesn't add up. When the two approached the crashed vehicle, they didn't have time to look for the money before they heard sirens heading their way. Ant muses, but then how did Dam's fingerprints get on the gun that killed Caro and why was it Santi's pappi's gun? AG claims only Dam was on the ground. (Flashback to the two guys doing their thing.)
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Caer En Tentacion #88/89, 2/13/18: Death and Denial::Let Downs, Take Downs, & Shake Downs

88: Death Succumbs Her 

A Chinese firedrill ensues at the worksite where Santiago has fallent about 15 feet off the ladder.  The ambulance comes and loads him up and Carolina meets the kids at the hospital.  He's going to need surgery and a nail put into a fractured leg.

Excited discussions at Legato that Federico overheard makes him surmise correctly that Papi has something on the side he's been trying to hide.  He and Damian go to lunch together.  He walks all around the topic to get a response from Daddy Dam; Dam accuses Fede of accusing him of something untoward. 

At the hospital, Carol and Lola confront the head of accounting/insurance agency? about their lack of insurance suddenly now due to a couple of unmade payments.  Caro had no idea and the two females harangue the guy unmercifully.  Caro angrily states she cannot believe that after paying gawd knows how much money to them all these years when they finally need it now they refuse to cover this accident over two missed payments!!  (Yup.  You go, girl!)  When she puts it that way (it sounds like the worst abuse in the world of legalistic bureaucratic power (which I agree, strict Girl Scout that I am, it is) the bureaucrat seems to back down and states that all they have to do is come up with the missed payments and the crisis is over.

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Caer en Tentación #86/87, 2/12/18, Lunes: Unnatural Killers / A Visit From the Reaper

Chapter 86: Unnatural Killers

Raquel and Damián continued their heated conversation regarding Andres' remarks about Carolina. Raquel seemed ready to accept Andres' assertions that Carolina would do anything for money but Damián knew his cousin much better than that. Raquel said she was looking into things to prove her own suspicions, that Carolina was hiding something, as this would ultimately hurt Santiago. Damián tried to avoid further conversation on this, claiming to be very tired. As he started to leave the room he wanted to know why that was such a big deal to Raquel. She reminded Damián that Santiago was his friend and business partner. He asked what proof she had and she said “You know Andres; there was no proof.” Damián did an about face, deciding he needed to speak to Andres right away. As he left the room Raquel called Santiago's cell phone, which was in the bedroom on the nightstand near Carolina.
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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Caer en Tentacion #84/85, 2/9/18: Carol is determined to end the guilt; and Raquel finds out that Carol has been cheating on Santi (or does she?).

Note: All cut scenes are in Red. [On some computer screens the red will only be black bold italic. --Edit.]  

Episode 84
In the present time
Mia is in the hospital with Damian when he speaks and says “Carolina” Mia asks “do you remember who Carolina is?” he whispers again “Carolina” and starts going into convulsions, Mia begins to panic and starts yelling for a nurse to come. A nurse comes in and asks Mia to please leave. Mia looks stressed and is panicking.
At Raquel’s house Santi comes to see Benji, Raquel hands Benjamin to Santi. Santi gets Benji and says lets go home and Benji {who in my opinion is the best actor in this TN} says “a la casa”. Santi asks Raquel “how did you do it how did she change her mind?” Raquel replies “She is going to give up custody, it’s complicated.” “you will be able to come visit him any time, as often as you want, you will be with him forever “ Santi wonders what Raquel means by come see him as often as you like and says “What do you mean come as often as we can, Lola Nicolas and I are his family”, “look at me I'm not your enemy, he will be fine, I only ask you to please understand” she asks him to be patient  he wonders why he always has to be the one to understand.
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Friday, February 09, 2018

Caer en Tentacion #82/83, 2/8/18: The Party of Doom - The Aftermath

El Presente is a continuation of Ayer
Santiago is getting an earful from Lisa over the phone. She only *thinks* Vic could have killed Caro, well, because he's acting so strange. She tells him Vic keeps talking to Caro as if she were there. Lisa heard him say it wasn't his fault, to leave him in peace. She's scared. If he didn't kill her, why is he so tormented. Santi tells her he's on his way. They won't call the police until after he gets there, otherwise they'll get him a lawyer and he'll lawyer-up. Vic comes into the room and wants to know if she was talking to the police. She says she was talking to Santi. He gets violent and starts shaking her and yelling at her. Then he "sees" Carolina. He races out of the house to catch up with "her."

Cintia and Nando are sitting together in Raquel's living room. They have some quiet moments as Nando says he needs to see her; he likes being with her; he likes talking to her; being with her is good for him; she makes him feel good. This leads to a gentle kiss.
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Thursday, February 08, 2018

Caer en Tentacion #80/81, 2/7/18: The Party of Doom (#77 according to Uni)

Take aways from this episode:

(1) I don't think Vicente killed Carolina, I believe he was involved in some way with the accident that happened but I do think that he loved his sister and although he was blackmailing her he would never have killed her.
(2) Mia is way up on my list, I truly believe that she is mentally unstable. She makes up lies, she's obsessive and she manipulates people in order to get her way, but what puts her high on my list is that she seems to believe that once Damian wakes up they will be a perfect family. I'm wondering to what she would have done if she found out that Damian was with Carolina- would she kill to keep her "perfect family" together? I'm gonna say yes.
(3) Carolina is a salty b*tch
(4) Raquel has really nice arms.
(5) Nicolas has really cute bed sheets.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Caer En Tentacion #78/79, 2/6/18: Choose Or Lose; More Accusations and Recriminations

[This is #78 as Jardinera got to see it - what was broadcast of #79 follows at the end.] 

  • Damian, eyes wide open, listens to Santiago's threats to make him pay for all the harm he's done his family, not least of which is killing his unborn child in the carwreck and taking away Benji.  Dam's vitals go haywire from angst and the med staff races in along with Raquel at that point.  Santi and Raq are shooed out.  
  • Santi asks what's to become of them now that Dam's awake.  Raq admits she's torn and must take care of her family first.  He tells her he'll wait till the dude gets well, then he'll give the guy what he deserves.  He leaves the hospital totally depressed.
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Monday, February 05, 2018

Caer en Tentación #76/77, 2/5/18 Lunes: Lies and Assignations and Family Feud

Chapter 76: Lies and Assignations

Carolina lied to Santiago, telling him that she had been speaking to Lisa, who sent kisses and wishes to Benjamín on his happy occasion. Santiago was feeling amorous enough to get close and begin a kissing session with her despite the party going on in the living room. He had just kissed her when Florencia walked in to check on whether she needed any help. Carolina told her she didn't and told her to go back out and enjoy herself. Just as Santiago left with the beers meant Carolina's cell rang. She looked down and lied.
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Saturday, February 03, 2018

Caer en Tentacion #75, 2/2/2018: Santi and Raquel try to move on, but Damian has a different Idea.

Damian opens his eyes and the nurse calls doctor telling him that Damian has had a reaction. The doctor checks him out, and says he will need to run some tests because it could just be an automatic reaction which means nothing.
Raquel and Santi are in bed they are declaring their love for each other. Santi says ”I want to go far away with you, Benjamin, with the children, why not? Far away from all of the bad things, the bad people. I want to get lost in your eyes, in your heart, in your world, to be with you always. I need you." She leans over to kiss him.  
Jovita picks up a call from the hospital telling her that Damian “woke up” she says “are you sure, yes I will tell them. Mia your dad woke up”

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Friday, February 02, 2018

Caer en tentacion #74, 2/1/18: The proof is in the fingerprints!

Oh my gaaaaaawd. What a fun episode! Federico finds his backbone and almost kills his grandma, we have the finger print results, we know why Laura is gimpy, and Godoy gets shot! Sooo much stuff!

I'm going to take this in chunks, because I think just about everything that happened in this episode is important in moving the story forward. This will not be in order but I hope to cover everything.

Part 1:

I'll start in the past with the Alvarado's. Santiago is upset to learn that Carolina is giving Vicente money, he demands to know why she is always helping him and she tells him that she owes him, then she does one of the worst things she's done to date: she tells Santiago she has been giving Vicente money because he saved her from being raped as a child. I don't know about you guys, but I felt like hitting her, to use such a horrible thing from her past to help hide her affair is just sick.

Florencia, Benjamin's nanny tells her cousin Agustin about the fight she witnessed between Vicente and Carolina and of his accusations against Carolina. Agustin tells her to keep her mouth shut and perhaps find another job, but she refuses, Benjamin needs her (also, she wants to get into Santiago's pants).

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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Caer en Tentacion #73, 1/31/18: To Pull the Plug or Not...Is There an Alternative?

El Presente
Miriam is not allowed to pull the plug on Damian. Since the doc won't go behind Raq's back, Mim is going to find another way (she tells the doc imperiously). Her other way, as Raq finds out later, is to stop paying for his hospital care. Raquel is in a bind because her insurance has run out.

Santi learns Juan is the real father of Lola's baby. He's furious. How could she do this? She says this was done "to" her.

Mia, Raquel and Fede have a family discussion on Dam's fate. Mia is against disconnecting her dad from life support. It would be like killing him. There's a chance he might wake up. Raq gives her the facts on his prognosis. Fede, hesitantly, would agree to disconnect him. The person in that hospital bed is no longer their father. Mia is not convinced. This convo goes on too long. Cintia is the silent audience. Raquel says she sees both sides, but before she can say anything more Mia charges in shouting that Raq wants her dad disconnected so she can be left with Santiago. That earns her a well-placed slap. Mia stares at her mother, speechless and heads off to her room.
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Monday, January 29, 2018

Caer en Tentación #72, 1/29/18, Lunes: Catch and Release

Chapter 72: Catch and Release

Carolina's cell rang. She shut if off, telling Raquel she was doing so so they could talk.
I am turning off the phone so we can talk.”
We can talk. I like clarity. I understand your reaction to what happened with Benjamín because I'm a mother. I don't accept your reaction but I understand it.” She paused a moment. “Why did you hurt me? Why did you hurt me so much?” She started to cry. “You accused me in front of my husband of being unbalanced and unable to take care of a baby. You know full well or suspected that this would prevent Santiago and my husband from allowing me to take care of a baby.” Carolina looked as though she was going to answer this but not in a positive way. “I only want you to know that I am not sick.” Carolina started, but Raquel interrupted. “No, no, no, I'm sorry but I'm not out of my mind or unable to care for a baby. It was an accident. You exposed me in front of my husband and hurt me. You are not my friend.”

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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Caer en Tentacion #71, 1/26/2018: To live and let live,yet when it comes to Damian just let him die.

In the past:
Carol says what matters is that Raquel does not find out about the affair, and he agrees. So I am just your lover and I am Santi’s wife. Carol tells Damian that it is time to end their relationship. He replies “are you jealous of Raquel?” to which she says that it’s not that but they are about to be discovered and she would not be able to face her children if they were found out. Damian makes his little victim face and says “I love you with all of my being” he begins to cry. But Carol just says “If you love me you have to get away from me” He then says “Don’t say that please” she gets up and leaves.

Agustin is with his cousin Florencia out in the street. Flo just bought a toy for Benji. Agustin asks her if she likes Santi. He says he knows how she is so please tell him what is going on. “You like Santi don’t you?” Flo denies it. He then tells her just watch it because he recommended her and does not want to lose his job.

Mia is having a conversation with Nico, she wonders what is up with Fede because he does not know if he is gay or not. Nico tells her to let him be and then gives her some stellar advice, “it doesn’t matter if he is gay or not, his preferences don’t matter what matter is Love. Love is love right? Don’t you want your brother to be happy?”

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Caer en Tentacion #70, 1/25/18: The Investigation Heats Up (Really?) Yes, a Stolen Credit Card

Or, Dam(n) I'm Breaking Up With You Because All You Want From Me is Sex.

Folks, what luck. A CSI episode that goes nowhere fast just dropped in my lap. The recap, however, will go somewhere. Some scenes are combined.

After Antonio tells Santi about the one stolen credit card from Dam's billfold getting used (see prior episode) he quickly goes over the facts they have:
1. A rock hit the windshield. It could have been an accident, but it could also have been deliberate, to make them stop.
2. After the wreck, Dam was hit on the head with a shovel and Caro's body appears elsewhere.
3. They believe Caro was likely shot once at the scene of the accident with Santi's father's gun.
4. One credit card was stolen, although now they aren't sure if anything else was taken.

He promises they are going to follow up. Santi swears he didn't do it. Tonio says the judge will have to let him go--as long as he doesn't do anything else stupid.
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