Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Caer En Tentacion #25, 11/21/17: THE FOREST FOR THE TREES

Laura and Lola are getting coffee.  Well, Laura’s getting information and Lola’s getting screwed by the press.  Oh, she’s there to accuse Lola of having an affair with Damian as well as with Juan The Stalker-Abuser.  And what about Tio Vicente and his relationship with her mama and papa and her papa with Raquel?  After all, he’s just formally accused Raq and Santi of murder and conspiracy to murder (I supposed that’s what they call it in Mexico.)  Lola, upset and naïve beyond words, tells this reporter who, besides believing she sits on the right hand of Dios and thinks she’s better than her husband at detective-work, (--why, she is woman-reporter; hear her roar? )  that Tio Vicente is a vicious drunk who’s always spouting off senseless and meaningless crap.  Therefore she really had no knowledge of ol’ Tio.  And, Raq and papa are just helping each other out to emotionally.  So back off and keep our family and Raq’s out of the papers, the press, tv.  She’s never to darken their door again.  Got it?

Santi finally reaches Nicolas at his new job.  WTF?  Well, Dad, I tried to tell you I’d gotten a part-time job.  You weren’t listening.  And, no, I am not quitting university.  –Cougar Boss-Lady likes hearing that.  She also needs to hear she’s not looking too old and wrinkly these days, even though she’s getting very closed to her use-by date.  She sends him on an errand to a client to smooth the way for her business relationship with them.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Caer en Tentación #24, 11/20/17, Lunes: Blackmail

Chapter 24: Blackmail

With apologies for the missing finesse...

In some half-drunken edition of the Truth Game Carolina said something about Santiago always comparing her to Raquel, which Damián knew was a lie. It was difficult to determine whether it was that or teasing, as Santiago did not think this amusing. Raquel decided that Santiago had to have been teasing her because she was young, beautiful, an excellent cook, etc. Carolina then went on about Damián, saying that he was a good man, loyal, etc., while Santiag tried to divert this conversation to less personal information and commentary. Raquel poured another drink, saying that this should not cause problems between “intimate friends”.
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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Caer en Tentacion #23, 11/17/17: Raquel is lost Between the Betrayal and the Lunacy

Present Time:
Godoy is outside of the cabin letting Raquel and Santi know that Vicente is going to file a complaint against them accusing them of murdering his sister Carolina. Santi says “what did he say?” and Raquel Says “we have a right to know what he said” Godoy then tells them that “he is sure that you planned the murder so that you could be together, he says he saw you earlier in the cabin together, you know what I mean” Santi then tells Godoy that he is obviously lying he is a drunk and how are you going to believe a drunk. All Godoy can tell them is that they have to be careful of Vicente and of the press, because the news will be filtered to them. Santi then very accurately tells Godoy, that the filtering will be done by Laura because of him. Godoy denies giving any information to the media (but we all know that he does). Santi offers to open up the cabin for him to investigate, but Godoy does not have a search warrant, Santi says “go get your warrant and I’ll let you in” Godoy leaves, and Raquel and Santi are left to feel an utter disbelief of their situation.
At the Becker home flowers are delivered, Jovita is taking them in when Cynthia asks if they are for Mia, Jovita said no they are for you. Cynthia grabs them and looks pleased. Rafa calls her and she tells him that it’s a good thing he called because she needs the supply of drugs; she has some clients that are very interested. He tells her you already have the supply look in the base of the flowers. She does and finds a bag with the drugs. She looks worried. Rafa tells her she is now in and can’t back out.
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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Caer en Tentacion #22, 11/15/17: Guilty in the Eyes of Vicente and So What?

Part 1/3
Raquel is standing in front of Santi, nude from the waist up, demanding he look at her and asking if they didn’t have the right to do what “they” did to them, to feel what “they” felt. Santi is extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately for the moment, a noise interrupts. He and Raq can’t see it’s Vicente, having peeped enough to confirm his opinion of Raq and Santi. He backs up in his drunken haze and knocks over a potted plant. The noise stops and Raq approaches Santi and begins to unbuckle his belt. They begin to kiss unemotionally.
There’s a knock at the door. No, it’s not Vic, it’s Rosa, come to warn him that Vic is on the loose and possibly dangerous. Meanwhile, Raq has picked up her tops and locks herself in the bathroom.
Juan is at Lola’s door demanding to be let in. He’s in the post-aggressor mode of being sorry, apologizing and promising he’ll never get out of control again. He loves her, he needs her, and if she leaves him he swears he will kill himself. (Wish he would.) Lola puts up a weak defense saying he’s done this before, but lets him in, then falls for his crap, again. (If anyone is dangerous, it’s Juan.)
Vic goes to Lisa’s and raises a ruckus. She’s terrified, but hears him accuse Raq and Santi of messing around in the cabaña.
Mia and Nico finally get it on and are enjoying a brief afterglow. (Nico must be relieved after three years of frustration.) Nico has to get ready to go for his interview for a job in an attorney’s office. Mia’s insecurities return.
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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Caer En Tentacion #21, 11/14/17: Living Dangerously

Carolina admits to Lola that it’s her test and suggests to her that it’s best to wait till you’re married to have kids (PSA#1001).  She determines she’s not preggers and calls Damian right away to let him know.  She’s been worried her kids might tell Santiago—Why?  (You figure it out, Dam.)

At the grand manse, Santi has finally finished the kitchen remodel.  He and Raquel are sad to see this day come because now they’ll have to forgo their daily chats and heart-to-hearts.  Santi thanks her for helping him get on his feet financially with the business.  Thanks to her and Dam he’s now having to turn away business.

Godoy and Antonio discuss the fact that both Caro and Dam were alive, and he was actually conscious after the accident.  Godoy conjectures that he must  know who Caro’s murderer was; they also must assume it was somebody close to them, somebody in their inner circle who was extorting them for the cash.  Why?  Because, says Godoy, there were no complaints filed for extortion or harassment or anything else by Dam and to have done that would have exposed his and Caro’s great sin to both families.  Godoy suggests they concentrate their efforts on finding who in their group of acquaintances could be the criminal.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Caer en Tentación #20, 11/13/17, Lunes: Revelations

Chapter 20: Revelations

Carolina made up an excuse about her hair being wet; she told Lola that she had had a headache and needed to take care of it. She went on about how since she began working everyone is questionin her actions, demanding to know where she was going and what she was doing. “Now you're acting as though you were the mother and I the daughter,” she told Lola. “What is the matter? What's with you?”
Well, it's that since you've gone back to work you have no time for me. You're not around when I need you. That's what is bothering me.”
I'm here,” she said. “I'm here to talk to you. Tell me what's happened.”
Now I don't want to talk. I don't feel like it; it's over. I've solved the problem. Okay?”
Carolina nodded.
Okay. Okay.” Carolina left the room without another word, took a breath, and tried to lean against the wall. Nicolás arrived at that moment, allowing her no time to think about what had just happened. When he asked about Lola, she told him that Lola didn't want to talk and asked him what this was about. He pleaded ignorance, then asked whether she had been showering.
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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Caer En Tentacion #19, 11.10.17, To Damian Lying is necessary for his truth

3 years earlier:
Damian and Santi continue to argue about why Damian hired Lola. Santi is upset that Dam is getting involve with his daughter and his wife. Carolina calls Damian at this moment, Damian covers up the phone he does not want Santi to see carol’s name on the phone. Santi tells Damian to stay out of his business and he will do the same. “Don’t think for me” Santi tells Damian and walks away.
When Santi leaves, Damian gets on the phone with Carol. She asks him “what did Santi want?” Damian tells her that Santi was just upset about the Job that he had given to Lola. For a minute there Damian thought that Santi had discovered them. But he has not he is just upset about Lola working for Damian.
The conversation then turns to how Damian wants to be with Carolina, and Carolina also wants to be with Damian.  Damian tells Carol to lie down and pretend he is there kissing her all over. Carol lies down and they begin to pretend to be together. He then asks her to get naked, he wants to see her. She puts phone down and begins to get naked, he loves what he sees and at that moment Miriam walks in and catches him watching a naked Carol. He quickly closes the phone but Miriam already suspects that Dam is cheating on his wife. She tells him to be careful because if she can discover the affair, so will his wife.
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Friday, November 10, 2017

Caer En Tentacion #18, 11/9/17: One Disaster Averted, but an Earring Might Give Them Away

What Swims In The Sewer Stays In The Sewer.....

3 yrs. Ago: Carolina avoids an embarrassing showdown with Raquel by racing out of the bedroom and bumping into Raquel.  Damian escapes down that back stairs.  Caro later realizes she’s lost her earring on the bed and texts Dam to look for it and find it or their jig is up.  Raq accidentally steps on it but Dam distracts her long enough and they argue together so that she forgets to look on the floor for what she stepped on.  She goes to take a shower before a lunch date with Gabriel and her hubby.  Dam locates it afterward and pockets it.  He joins Raq and Gaby for lunch.

Caro gets home and Santi comes in after griping and yelling about Dam and her going behind his back with the kids, all because Dam gave Lola a job and he doesn’t want the kids or his wife working.  “—WE are those kids’ parents, not the Beckers!  I am tired of his/their meddling with my family and in my bed!” Caro doesn’t quite know what to make of that last comment.  Santi uses Caro’s phone to call Dam and angrily tells him they have to talk and soon.

Laura chats up Juan and sizes him up pretty quickly as a dangerous predator.  Afterward, Laura has Lola come to her house.  She warns Lola that Juan is a psychopath and is dangerous.  She asks Lola if he was the one who beat her.

Andres bribes an attendant at the rehabilitation center where Cinthia is being treated.  He is allowed into the room and, as soon as he realizes she’s practically comatose, tries molesting her.  (Yes, if we hadn't already guessed, Andy has a very difficult time keepin' in his pants.)  Suddenly she attacks him and the orderlies pull Sin off him and chase him out of the hospital room as they begin to put her into restraints.

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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Caer en Tentación #17, 11/8/17: The Problem Is More Than Jobs and Money; It’s Also Cheating and Lies

Three years ago, at Santi's house, Lola walks in on Carolina and Damián arguing about Cheatin’ Dam “cheating” on Cheatin’ Caro with his own wife. Lola wants to know what’s going on and Dam, the professional liar, covers quickly. He tells her they were discussing the possibility of Lola working part time at the company office and was just trying to persuade her, knowing how Caro feels about Lola finishing school first. Lola thinks this is a great idea and Dam washes his hands and tells them to work it out. Lola says she can talk to her dad, then leaves the room.
Now Dam leans toward Caro and wants to talk. Caro wants him to leave—sarcasm dripping from her cheatin’ lips—now that he and his wife are getting along, go enjoy her. She asks him rather unconvincingly to leave her in peace and escapes to her bedroom to think, pace and reflect. He leaves and has to call Raquel to tell her the two-family brunch is off. He has an emergency to deal with back at the factory.
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Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Caer En Tentacion #16, 11/7/17: The Party's Over

Parte 1~~

Raquel has it out with Miriam.  “—You’ve always had it out for me!  However, have some compassion for your granddaughter!  How dare you show me such disrespect in front of her???  If you must know, we wanted to learn more about how and when YOUR son started the affair with my friend, HIS wife, Carolina!”  “—Oh, now it’s my [helpless, prostrate, dying] son who’s to blame for all this?!”  (In a word, Yes.)  Raq leaves the room in a cloud of consternation.  Santiago, with his signature pained puppy-dog eyes and expression, gives Miriam a sad look of pitiable disgust and leaves.  Mia, on Abue’s side, tries comforting Mimi, who explains that if Daddy dies, the family money—Mia and her  brother’s inheritance, passes to Mama and the kids are doomed!

Laura continues questioning Lola, who’s been trying to explain till she’s blue- and black in the face that she was absolutely ignorant of her mom and Damian’s affair.  Laura notes the bruise on Lola’s face and asks who did that.  Lola lies that it must have been Benji by accident.  Laura is skeptical and tells her she can help her out of that problem.   Then she changes the subject back to who was Patricia’s lover and did she know him or ever speak to him?  Lola lies again.  “—Nope.”  She promises Lola total confidentiality, and says if what Patti told her, especially if she and the guy, were her lover (??).  Just then, Laura takes a call and says they’ll finish this all later and leaves.  

Godoy’s at home waiting on Laura to get home.  He wants to know how she knew all about Patti Vargas.  Laura’s asking for her lawyer first and pleading the 5th .  He says to stop kidding around.  She’s compromised a number of his leads and confidants he ‘s been working on with her big mouth.  She’ll only tell him that she thinks she knows who killed Patti and won’t give up her source.  “--Patti must have told you about what she and Carolina’s daughter did together and if she was involved with the girl’s suicide?”  “—They only hung around together in high school.  Here, if you want to know more, then track down Patricia Vargas’s lover.”  She hands him a piece of paper (with his name and address on it?)…..He leaves the room and Laura calls Lola back.  She says the police now have that name and will investigate.  It’s up to you to do your part now.

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Monday, November 06, 2017

Caer en Tentación #15, 11/6/17 Lunes: Suspicion

Chapter 15: Suspicion

With apologies for the abbreviated version; there were some playback issues and I didn't want to keep you waiting.

Raquel impatiently demanded that Damián tell her where he was and indicated her suspicion that he and Andres were in cahoots about something.
You said he was going somewhere and he is here,” she said.
Let me talk to him,” Damián said to her.
Yes. You will be on speaker phone,” she said.
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No New Caer En Tentacion on Friday 11/3/17

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Friday, November 03, 2017

Caer En Tentacion #14, 11/2/17: Love Shack

  • If your missed the lead up to their tumble in the tinder:  Damian dares Carolina to tell him to go, not to kiss her, not to hold her and then he will.  She obviously is unable to control her passionate self--which this sly, silver-toungued devil obviously knew-- and they begin to passionately lock lips. The Bedroom Ball begins.

  • Godoy and a tech check the vidcam recordings taken at the time Carolina and Damien drove through the toll gate.  They note a black car that Caro seems to recognize and which doesn't have plates on it at all.  "--It's obvious they didn't want to be recognized." Dun-dun-dunn!
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Thursday, November 02, 2017

Caer En Tentacion #13, 11/1/17: All In The Family; Or True Confessions

  • Raquel gets control of herself and pulls away from Santiago's embrace.  They are two adults who can control themselves and must.  She tells him about the keys she found in Dam's possession when they took him to the hospital.  What secrets?  She tells him to leave.
  • Laura cries and accuses Godoy of staying out of guilt and pity.  He tries to make love to her;  she seems to give in then stops abruptly and screams that she can not!!  He's left very high and not so dry....
  • Juan (Mr. Gym Teacher) catches Lola the next day and accuses her of two-timing him with Mike, and making him into a fool.  He guesses Mike's who she slept with for the cash.   She doesn't deny getting the cash.  Was she perhaps forced?  She denies that.  She asks him to leave her the heck alone.  He refuses.  
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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Caer En Tentacion #12, 10/31/17: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Parte 1~~

Andres makes a play for Raquel's romantic affections.  She replies he's the last person she'd ever fall in love with.  He pins her against the wall with a characteristic bear hug but Cintia races to the rescue.  He's caught between a Raq and a hard-on.  Sin chases him off but not before he sneers that Sin is jealous that he'd never sleep with her again.  Raq is disgusted to learn her kid sis slept with the sicko.  (Ah, birds of a feather, eh?)  Sin accuses Raq of rejecting her and abandoning her at the hospita and really not wanting her to stay at the house.

Santiago scolds Lola for leaving the house at all hours.  Besides, she's grounded unless she tells him what happened on that trip and what the press has got on her.  She tells him rightly that she's done all he's asked around the house and for the family and wants some down time.  She races out the door.

The detectives get the results from the paternity test.  It is as Antonio suspected....

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Caer en Tentación #11, 10/30/17 Lunes: Truth and Innuendo

Chapter 11: Truth and Innuendo

Carolina shoved Damián off herself and tried to calm down. Damián quickly dressed as Carolina picked up her purse and left through the french doors near the stairs, where Damián was. She gave him the excuse that she had been resting. They walked outside as she explained she was nervous about the new business and needed to think. Santiago was a little confused and easily led to his pick-up truck as Carolina said she needed some fresh air. Damián watched carefully from the window. She glanced over in his direction to make sure he wasn't exiting through the same door.
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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Caer en Tentacion #10, 10.27.17: To DNA or not to DNA

Repeated Scene:
Present time
Santi asks Raquel to please allow a DNA test of Damian to see if the baby that Carolina was expecting was his. Raquel resists, and Santi says don’t you want to know if the child was Damian’s.
At the same time Miriam arrives at the house and Cynthia tries to intercept her but she runs up to Raquel’s bedroom and finds Santi holding Raquel’s hand. She goes into a tirade and chides Raquel for bringing her “lover” to Damian’s bedroom. Raquel tells her what the hell you are doing in my bedroom get out of here. Santi tries to explain that Miriam is not hearing it she has made up in her mind that they are lovers and that’s that.

New scene:
Miriam runs out of the bedroom, Raquel chases her and tells her that she is confused. “I am not confused, I have always thought you were not good enough for my son, and I have just confirmed it.” You will end up with nothing is Miriam’s last words and she leaves Santi comes down and tells Raquel to not pay any attention to Miriam because she is full of hate. Raquel tells Santi to please leave, and do what he needs to do. He obliges and leaves.
At the TV station Laura’s boss asks her if she has anything new. She tells him that Carolina was pregnant; her boss says that’s not enough, he needs something bigger. An interview with Santiago Alvarado would be great, well Laura says she is working on it. She walks over to her desk and finds Patricia who is going to be telling her something, Laura asks if it’s ok to record her. Patricia says yes.
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Friday, October 27, 2017

Caer en Tentación #9, 10/26/17: 2 Dead and Buried; 1 Resuscitated; What’s Next?

Epoca Actual - Santi is distraught,  having identified the body as Carolina and having had to watch them take her away in an ambulance. Antonio tells Santi to go home and tell his children. Laura observes from a short distance away as Nando is told to make sure Santi gets home unmolested by the press.
Meanwhile, at the hospital, there is chaos as Miriam tries to revive her son by screaming and carrying on. Luckily for her, they manage to bring Dam back to life and stabilize him. Andrés arrives and comforts Miriam.
At Raquel’s house, the four kids are waiting for any news from Santi. Raq gets a phone call, but it’s not Santi. Instead she learns of Dam’s cardiac arrest. She must go to the hospital so she arranges for Lola and Nico to take a cab home and someone will drop Benji off at daycare. Mia gives Fede the evil eye and asks if now he’s content. He responds in kind and Raq interrupts before the argument can escalate.
The medical examiner unzips the bag with Carolina’s remain while simultaneously Raq, Mia and Fede arrive at the hospital in a very agitated state. Lola and Nico are now home and wondering what might have happened to their father, to their mother. Nico thinks the worst. Lola tells him to stop, he’s only making her feel more guilty, but won’t say why.
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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Caer en Tentacion #8, 10/25/17: The Body

Guys I'm super tired cause it's been a long day, so tonights recap will be short, please feel free to add anything I might have missed.

We start the episode where we left off last night, a body has been found and Antonio wants this information to be kept from the press, unfortunately for him his lead detective is married to a journalist who is looking for the story that will get her career back on track and somehow she's learned of the new discovery and has shown up at the scene with her camera people. Antonio barks at Fernando to get the situation under control but it seems to be a little to late for that. I have a suggestion! Antonio should take Fernando off the case, surely he has other detectives on staff who aren't married to a rabid member of the press. But does he? Nooooo. And let me add that I wish the writers had made Laura a mute instead of giving her a limp. I can't stand her!
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Caer En Tentacion #7, 10/24/17: Time To Pluck What's Planted

This will be short highlights but anybody who wants to add more, I will gladly add into the post with due credit today.  Thanks!

Damian tells Carolina does want this relationship but won't dare to enjoy;  "--When will you stop being afraid?"  She tells him to take her home.

Mia doesn't want to be lectured.  Raquel says fine.  I've got your back.

Lola arrives home and is accosted by Andres.  He makes it plain he wants what he wants--what he's prepaid for...."--Told you before I'm not sleeping with you, so get lost!" Suddenly, Gym Teacher rides in for the rescue.  Andres and he have a pissin' contest.  Andres threatens to use his powerful family name to put G.T. in his place then leaves.  Lola is confused by Prof's presence--but not for long.  Stalking Pervy Prof confesses he's fallen in love with Lola despite her being a minor.  He will have her six, he says.

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