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Mi marido tiene familia Wednesday 12/27/17 Capítulo 90: Julieta Down the Rabbit Hole

Daniela and Linda chat at the carpentry shop. Daniela agrees with Julieta that Linda and Bruno are young and that they should decide what to do with their lives. Daniela asks if she is going to be one of those women who is only looking for a husband. Linda says no. Linda would like to marry Bruno in the future. She is really really in love with him. Daniela thinks that Linda needs to find a hobby or something she is passionate about doing. Linda is worried about the obstacles the psychic described. Daniela tells Linda that she got what she wanted: Bruno, so, she should relax and enjoy her relationship she has now.

Marisol talks to Frida who is unable to concentrate. Frida asks her why people are saying that Xavi ruined their family. She heard about it from her friends on the bus and it is on the internet. Marisol tries to explain that sometimes people are jealous when other people are happy so they try to ruin that happiness. Frida asks who did it.

Xavi brings a wheel chair for Eugenio. Imelda thinks it is for her and she won’t be using it. Eugenio refuses to accept it. Blanca tries to talk him into accepting it just to have it on hand for the far-off future. No, Eugenio will not be having it. Blanca explains that Xavi had good intentions. Eugenio says the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Eugenio wants it out of there. He does not want to even see it.

Marisol sees Xavi with the wheel chair in the hall and thanks him. She says sometimes one does something that they think someone else is going to like a lot and it is received in the worst way possible. She thinks back to kissing her idol Xavi as a fan many years ago. Marisol is having a bad day. She also talks about the effect the scandal is having on Frida. She tells Xavi that everything she has done for his career has been out of the love she feels for him. She closes the apartment door before he can answer.

Bruno finishes up his robotics class that he is teaching. Aristóteles stops by. He gives Bruno an anonymous manuscript to read. He wants to know his opinion of it.

At home, Julieta and Robert chat about the next step to take in reference to Dave. Robert needs to talk to Carmelo about the next legal steps they need to take to continue. Julieta needs to get some air so she goes for a walk by herself. He says they always work through things together. She loves him but needs to clear her head alone.

At Catalina’s house, Diana divides up Hugo’s salary. Some goes to the debt with Robert, some goes to household expenses and finally Hugo gets a 20 peso bill all for himself. The truth is he is not turning over all of his money but is saving a bit to invest in a good business. Diana asks him how he would like to see their lives in the future. He would like a small house with a pair of little Hugo’s or Dianita’s running in the park. Diana asks how they are going to ever have that if they do not leave his mother’s house. He needs to take care of his money. Sne sends him to the corner to think about what he did. He gets up and goes to his corner. He has to go back to work in an hour. Diana says until then he can stay in the corner.

Frida watches more of the Ignacio/Xavi debacle online. She doesn’t like to hear her father telling all of those lies. She asks Marisol if her father is a bad person. Marisol says he is just wrong this time and is sure that he will think about it. Marisol thinks that the important thing is that she and Frida know the truth.

Catalina comes in and finds Hugo in the corner Diana sent him to. Catalina does not like it one bit. Diana tells her that Hugo needs to learn hos to organize himself. Diana has no intention of spending her whole life in Catalina’s home. Much to Catalina’s displeasure, Hugo does admit that, even though it is painful to say, he is going to have to leave the nest some time. Catalina is just grateful that her psychic let her know...

Hugo gets home from his robotics class and gets a phone call from his father. He tells his father that he is interested, too, and he will send them (whatever these are)tomorrow to him. After he hangs up he looks sort of happy but puzzled at the same time,

Julieta has ended up at Catalina’s house to talk it out. Catalina asks Julieta why she is so sad. Julieta tells her about Dave’s mother appearing out of the blue and taking him. Catalina has to do the old “told you so." She told them but they paid her no attention. It was what her psychic had told her. Julieta asks that her mother not make it harder on her. Catalina just meant that wanting to adopt a child could be a big risk. Even though Julieta does not believe in the psychic, he did say there would be a lot of tears. Julieta is going to fill buckets of them. After that comment, Julieta regrets ever having come to see her mother and goes to leave. Catalina didn’t mean to make her feel bad. Catalina apologizes and asks how she can help Julieta.

Robert goes to the boys’ bedroom and finds Baxter the dinosaur he gave Dave and thinks back on when he gave it to him.

Julieta sits back down to talk and tells Catalina that now her real dream now is to have a family and that life is leaving her and Robert behind. Moments like this make her think about losing her baby and now she is losing David. Catalina sees the good here being that Julieta is now clear about what she wants to do. If Julieta wants a family, she should fight for it. They can adopt another child. Julieta loves Dave and says she cannot just substitute another child for him. Catalina says look at Angelina Jolie who adopted enough to fill a classroom. Julieta just does not know why Catalina has to make silly comments at times like these. Catalina says she does it so Julieta can see things from a different perspective. Catalina tells her to go home, hug Robert and share this bitter experience together.

The Córcega’s are having supper. Robert tells the family that his adoptive parents the Coopers are coming this weekend. Blanca is already practicing with her English. The family has all sorts of plans and ideas to entertain the Coopers and make them feel welcome. They are surprised when Robert tells them they will be most likely staying in a hotel because they are . . . independent. He is sure they will be all over exploring Oaxaca. Frida asks where Dave is. Robert explains he is with his biological mother and that he does not know if he is coming back.

Dave is with his mother. She gives him something to eat but he is not hungry. She tells him to eat and obey. He should be grateful she went and got him something. He takes a few bite and then asks to call Julieta and Robert. Yela has no cell phone minutes available. She reminds him that they are strangers to him and that she is the only real family he has. He thinks back about Robert and Baxter.

Julieta comes home with a pizza for her and Robert. Julieta only hopes that Dave is okay and that that woman is taking care of him.

Dave is left alone crying as his mother sleeps.

Sitting on the stairs inside the apartment building, Bruno reads the manuscript Aristóteles gave him to Linda. They are both impressed with it. Linda has an issue: she is wondering if Bruno likes her as much as she does him. Bruno says he is in love with her like nobody before. He is really striving to be able to offer her something. Isn’t that enough for now? Linda decides that it is.

Aristóteles walks in on Audifaz who is writing some more. He tells his father that he read part of his book and he liked it and that he should apply to his own life what he has described in the book: all of us should fulfill our dreams . . . Audifaz promises that he is going to publish the book. It is going to be his gift to his family.

Bruno tells Linda about his first day of teaching robotics to kids and how he is going to get paid for it. He would like to find a place where he could live by himself. That makes Linda all happy and excited but then he asks her what she is interested in doing with her life. She wants to get married. Bruno presses on and asks what else. How is she planning on living? She could be supported by him . . Bruno says she is not that kind of guy. He is having enough problems taking care of himself. Really, doesn’t she know what she wants to do? Linda talks about liking fashion and maybe working as a stylist but to be honest she never had to consider that seriously. Bruno thinks it would be great to think about it seriously. Now Linda starts a make-out session. Linda remembers Bruno and how he has treated her over time: the good and the bad.

Robert tells Julieta that he has found out that if the mother assumes her parental rights and if the child has gone willingly with the mother, then adoption is nearly impossible. Bruno arrives and Robert fills him in on what happened to Dave. Julieta is worried that a mother who abandoned him once could easily abandon him again. Robert wonders if Yela might have changed for the better and might be sorry for abandoning him in the first place. Bruno assumes they are going to try to get Dave back and find out the truth.

Breakfast at the Córcega’s: Imelda has plans for the house to look very good when the Coopers come. Daniela reminds her that Robert said they were coming in a couple of days which is not enough time to really do much of anything. Linda thinks it is just better to take them out all over Oaxaca so then they do not have to spend anything on food or gifts. Eugenio thinks it is great to think about saving money just in case he needs to have surgery. Blanca says that she needs to practice her English more. Imelda adds that the Coopers must be attended to as they deserve. Linda suggests a day at a spa. Blanca thinks that they are all going to be very happy with that but who knows how Juan Pablo is feeling. Blanca is going to go and find out. Eugenio accuses her of being a busybody. It is not an act of being a busybody. She is going out of compassion. As she leaves Imelda says that she knew that the adoption thing was not going to be easy. Everyone is suffering now because they did not pay attention to what she said.

Yela shows up at Julieta's workplace to talk to Julieta alone.

Robert talks to Blanca about the Dave situation and how worried he is about Juleta and Dave. He is afraid that this situation is going to overcome his wife. Blanca says to not leave Julieta alone. He says it is as if life didn’t want them to be parents.

Yela tells Julieta she will not be able to keep Dave. She asks if Julieta really loves him. Of course, she and Robert love him. Julieta is ready to go pick him up wherever whenever. Julieta and Robert are willing to do whatever it takes to get Dave back. Yela asks whatever? How much money are Julieta and Robert ready to pay for Dave? Julieta accuses her of wanting to sell her son. Has she not ever heard of human trafficking? Yela just hints that Dave could do better with them. She is not selling her son. She just wants a little help for herself so she can live in peace for a few years. Julieta tells her she will never live in peace when she turned her back on the human being that loved her the most, who trusted in her love and her care. Yela asks who is helping her? Yela also has needs. What is going to happen with her son now that he cannot have a normal life?

Robert continues talking to Blanca about Dave. Robert is feeling the abandonment one more time through Dave’s situation. Blanca reminds him that he had wonderful adoptive parents who made him who he is today. Robert says that that is not the case with Dave. He chose to go with his biological mother. Blanca says shee knows that he loves Dave so he still could give him all of his support. She tells Robert that adoption is a legal process but that to love somebody you don’t need legal papers. Blanca suggests he could be like a godfather to Dave and watch out for him, see that he is educated well, that he is able to advance. Robert thanks his mother for her comments and says he won’t lose sight of Dave. Blanca admits that she has thought several times that Robert is who he is now because of his adoptive parents. He thanks her again. Blanca is all excited about the Coopers coming to visit.

Julieta tells Yela to leave. Yela wants her to discuss it with her husband. Yela insists she is only telling Julieta the truth. She does not have to shout at her. Julieta says that Dave does not deserve this. Yelo insists it is going to be a big hassle taking care of David. Julieta asks her why she even bothered to become a mother if she does not want to care for her child. Yela says it was one thing when he was normal but a completely different case now that he is all “toasted”. Julieta cannot believe what she is hearing. Yela says that Julieta is just dying to be a mother. Yela sees it as a deal where they all get what they want. Julieta tells Yela to get out of her office.

Daniela tries to teach Gabriel how to do some tasks in the carpentry shop with a chisel and a hammer. He cannot get his hammering down correctly. He ends up knocking a heavy piece equipment on her foot.

Blanca has an agenda to go over before the Coopers visit and asks Robert if the Coopers are allergic to anything she might use in her cooking like the sesame seeds in her mole. She would not want to see them all swollen up. Robert says they are not allergic to sesame. Next item on Blanca’s agenda is what to wear. Robert says whatever she likes to wear is fine by him. She thinks of the Coopers as being high class, educated. Robert just shakes his head. She asks what to talk to them about. Robert tells Blanca that the Coopers are real laid back. As for her English, she wants Robert to teach her some expressions that are “in”. Robert just wants her to be herself.

Daniel ends up with her foot in a bucket of ice water. No, she does not have to go to the doctor. She addresses Gabriel as “mi amor” quite naturally in their conversation. Gabriel notices and is elated.

Marisol works on damage control for the Xavi situation on the phone in her room. She is still thinking about Xavi not liking the kiss from the fan that was her. In his apartment, Xavi sees all of the bad press online andd starts getting upset. Blanca comes in and confronts Marisol about her getting involved in this Xavi Galán scandal. Marisol tells Blanca not to get involved in all of the gossip. Imelda appears at the door and listens to everything per usual. Blanca is worried about Marisol, and about her grandaughter being dragged into it. Marisol already talked to Frida so She would understand what was going on. Marisol is now taking care of the rest. Blanca just does not want her ignoring her own life while taking care of Xavi’s. Thankfully the phone rings and Marisol has to answer it.

Julieta goes to see Robert at work and tell him about Yela wanting money in exchange for Dave. Robert says this is very serious. Wanting to sell her son is a crime. Julieta thinks they should file charges against her. Later, Carmelo joins them and gives them the pros and cons of the situation. Carmelo says they could file charges but they need proof and they need to think about how all of this will affect Dave is they do press charges. Julieta cannot believe that there could be worse consequences than living with a mother that wants to sell you. Robert wants Carmelo to fill them in on all of the details in filing charges against Yela.

Robert and Julieta run into Frida at the apartment building. Frida informs them about the bullying Dave has been going through. Robert thanks her. Frida hopes Dave is back soon. Julieta cannot understand why Dave did not say anything. Robert suggests that maybe he tried to hide it to not be a bother and end up back at the orphanage. Julieta is worried that Dave’s mother could sell him or hurt him to get money. Robert wants her to calm down. Julieta does not want to calm down. Julieta refuses to just stand there with her arms crossed. Dave is in the hands of a woman who does not love him. If she has to send his mother off to jail, Julieta will do it. Robert looks less than convinced.


Whoever mentioned that Yela would want money in exchange for Dave sure called it. What a nasty woman! I am happy that Julieta is taking the lead in trying to get custody of Dave. Robert, probably due to his own experience, seems just a little too hesitant to me.

Linda sure seems set on poisoning her relationship with Bruno. Daniela gave her some great advice about “getting a life” as well as Bruno himself.

The surprise of the episode for me was Catalina consoling Julieta. You could really see that she loves her daughter but how different their personalities are.


Jarifa: Yela needs to do all of us a big favor & just DIE!!!!!

Steve, yes, along with Mia and Miriam and Juan and Cintia and Damián and Alina (?, didn’t watch last night) from CET.

Jarifa, thank you for such an excellent recap...your detailed descriptions gave us a perfect picture of the events.

Diana hit the nail on the head with her prediction that Yela would want money for Dave. What a sorry excuse of a human being! I wish Julieta had thought to record the conversation. Jarifa, I agree, Robert is quite the hesitant one...I just want to go in there and shake him. Dave's predicament is totally different than his.

Regarding, Linda's great obstacle--I think we can see what the obstacle is going to be. Julieta, Dani and Bruno are all basically telling her the same thing--it's HER! She needs to concentrate on herself as an individual.

Jarifa, Cata sure was surprisingly supportive tonight. She started off on the wrong foot, but quickly changed and became the mother Julieta needs.

Ahhh Jarifa. Beautifully conveyed with great heart and emotion.

"Dave is left alone crying as his mother sleeps" hurt my heart.

"Eugenio says the road to hell is paved with good intentions". Indeed. But your and Imelda's pride and prejudice led you to reject a well intentioned act that actually would have been helpful.

"sends him to the corner to think about what he did. He gets up and goes to his corner" made me smile. I hope Hugo has a bit more of a storyline in the next part. There has to be more in that handsome head than what is currently coming from his mouth :)

Cat, Cat, Cat. "Even though Julieta does not believe in the psychic, he did say there would be a lot of tears. Julieta is going to fill buckets of them" was NOT comforting! "As she leaves Imelda says that she knew that the adoption thing was not going to be easy. Everyone is suffering now because they did not pay attention to what she said". Again, you are always right Imelda, aren't you. Blech.

"Catalina tells her to go home, hug Robert and share this bitter experience together" was welcome proof positive that Cat can get on the wrong track but at least now is trying to put Julieta first and foremost.

Rgv Chick, you are so right in that Linda is her own worst enemy! She may have advanced a bit from the girl charming boys into buying expensive gifts for her, but she still does not comprehend the word independence. Bruno wants and needs a partner who wants to earn her own keep.

"She addresses Gabriel as “mi amor” quite naturally in their conversation. Gabriel notices and is elated". As are we. I swear their chemistry is getting more believeable every episode.

I was sad that likely the very first time I've made an accurate prediction had to be about Yela. I understand Julieta's outrage and she is right to feel that way. That said, the first thing I'd want to do is get Dave out of that monster's clutches. One other thing...Robert said Dave chose to go with his mother. I could be wrong but Dave seemed very conflicted and his "mother" more or less grabbed his hands and pulled him along.

Relieved Frieda finally told Julieta about the bullying. I hate that Marisol and Xavi are not in a good place...

Cannot wait to really see how Dave's parents act with the family. I think it will be a positive experience for all - really looking forward to it.

Treasuring every last moments of this excellent show and the sensational recaps and comments.

Thank you Jarifa!


Jarifa, thanks for another great recap. Reading it was both great fun and helpful to understanding parts I didn't fully get.

This was not the happiest of episodes. Yela is a real downer. I am conflicted about where and how she lives. She is obviously poor and living on the edge, but there are poor parents the world over who care for and love their children. I wish she had stayed away or had come back just to tell Dave that she approved of the adoption though she still loved him. Not so.

Marisol is really upset and conflicted herself. She took hard Xavi's remarks about that kiss long ago. So what is she thinking?

I loved Diana sending Hugo to stand in the corner. And he went!

Wow, this TN is full of tough women :-)

Jarifa- Thank you for the recap! I look forward to watching it this afternoon.

I wonder if the Coopers' visit might have a bit of a power struggle between them and, even more, with Blanca & Eugenio, over who is the parent of RobPab right now. It would seem potentially possible. But I hope not.

Yela = Yuck-la. I had a bad feeling about her, too, but just did not want to go there in my head and thus gave her the benefit of the doubt. My bad. She is despicable.

The writing of Juli's and Rob's story, and their approach to the as-of-now-failed-adoption, is so well written that it continues to amaze me. From Juli's standpoint, she now has lost two children that she wanted and had bonded with --- children that "almost were". From Rob's, his own childhood pain gives insight as well as colors his reactions.
And there is there Catch-22 of whether to pay Yela for Dave, and enable that type behavior, or let him go and worry about him, his safety, etc., forever. Hopefully, the law will be on their side and they'll get him back without paying anything.

Icknacio continues to act like an abusive husband, not realizing he is now an ex-husband. Their divorce is final, right? I once met a woman who had divorced her (physically) abusive husband, and three years(!) after the divorce, he beat the h*ll out of her and she spent days in hospital. It happens. So Ick does not surprise me, but he does disgust me. I hope he gets shut down and soon!

My money is on Bruno and Linda *not* ending up together by El Fin.

Yela is definitely a not-so-nice woman. Just a week or two ago she was in prison and hanging out with the rough women

(OK, not really, she had a bit part in Enamorándome de Ramón :-)

doris., My money is on Bruno and Linda *not* ending up together by El Fin.

Hey, that might be something for Season 2!

Thanks Jarifa!

I knew something was up with Yela when she initially took Dave from Robert.She seemed off to me. Trying to sell your child! How horrible!! I hope she is forced to return Dave to Rob and Juli.

Linda's biggest obstacle will be herself. I was glad that Bruno is pushing her to be independent of him.

I just don't see Xavi and Mari ending up together, as much as I don't want Icky winning. And when is Mari going to see a lawyer? Xavi may love Mari but he's loved music his whole life and it is who he is. I can't see him being happy giving that up for too long.

I hope Gabi finds something to do outside the workshop. He needs to start working on the business and stop hurting himself and Dani.

On the road much of today so thank you, everyone, for stopping by and your kind comments. Hasta luego . . .

Carvivlie - "Linda's biggest obstacle will be herself." Yes, you are so right.

Captcha, who has been on hiatus for some time, as come back and is particularly annoying. Grrrr.....

Thanks, Jarifa.

Thirty minutes to showtime - can't wait. Wondering what Yela has been doing all this time while Dave was waiting and waiting. Without the expenses of a child, couldn't she have saved up a little money?


Niecie, yes, it is almost show time! As for Yela, she looks like she is living on the edge. Who knows what she is in to. The writers have to free Dave!

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