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Coming to a Screen Near You! April 8, 2019


Starts Monday, April 15th at 9:00 pm (E)

This TN is a melodrama with hints of comedy which starts in the town of Tlaxcalixtlahuacaca. It’s the story of Flor (Ana Serradilla), a woman whose dream was to be a professional dancer since a child. She falls in love with Valentín Hernandez (Joaquín Ferreira) who is a “Robin Hood” type swindler. He also happens to be rogue, seductive and has great sensual appeal, but he has a former lover, Cassandra (Sol Madrigal), who will try to make like miserable for Flor. Dr. Teodoro Hidalgo (Sergio Mur) is Flor’s childhood friend. Before Flor moves to Mexico City to pursue her dream of being a dancer, Teo asks Flor to marry him, but Flor turns him down; so he goes off to Spain to study some type of specialty. Valentín, however, follows Flor to Mexico City.
In Mexico City, Flor suffers a very bad injury and needs a costly operation. For some reason, Flor and Valentín agree to marry in order to pay for the surgery Flor needs. They end up loving each other very much and decide to go back to Tlaxcalixtlahuacaca where Valentín meets Octavio and Samantha Mercader (Alejandro Calva and Mariluz Bermúdez) who own a casino. Valentín continues his wayward deeds until he unexpectedly has a heart attack and dies. Teo reappears to console Flor and they end up getting married. To Flor’s surprise, Valentín has refused to stay in the netherworld and comes back as a ghost to try to win back Flor. (Interesting concept…no transmigration of souls into someone else’s body in this one!)

Starts Tuesday, May 13th at 8 PM

Michelle Renaud, Mane de la Parra, Polo Morín, and Lambda García will star in the Mexican version of the Colombian series "La Reina del Flow".

“La Reina Soy Yo” is a story immersed in the world of reggaeton. It narrates the life of Yamelí (Michelle Renaud), a beautiful young woman with a great talent for writing music. She falls in love with Charly Cruz who was a high school friend, but also happens to be the nephew of and working for “Monchis” who is a mafioso. Charly and his friend, Juanjo (Mane de la Parra), form a group called “Soul and Bass” and recruit Yamelí since she has written some songs. Yamelí finds out about Charly working for his uncle and confronts him; so he decides to get rid of her and sets her up by planting some drugs on her…so off to prison Yamelí goes. While in prison, Yamelí gives birth to a baby boy, but is told that he died. Sixteen years later, Yamelí is assaulted and assumed dead; so the DEA takes the opportunity to offer her a deal. Yamelí goes undercover and assumes the name Lari Andrade; thus begins her plan to avenge those who did her wrong.

Other cast members include: Brandon Peniche, and Arleth Terán.

🌟Gold Star to Steve who first brought this TN to our attention!

Starts sometime in 2019

José Ron and Mariana Torres star in “Ringo.” It’s the story of a boxer named Ringo (Jose Ron) who decides to retire after the death of his brother. His wife, Gloria (Gabriella Carrillo) isn’t pleased with his retirement; so she leaves him and hooks up with his main boxing rival, El Turco (Alfredo Gatica). Ringo leads a humble life with his son, Santi, but everything changes when Gloria returns to fight for custody of their son. Ringo resumes his boxing career to prove that he can support his son and to win back the championship. (Hints of The Champ and Kramer vs. Kramer? Stock up on boxes of tissue!)

Mariana Torres plays the character of “Julia” who is a young doctor whose only goal is to help others. When her path crosses Ringo’s path, their attraction is instantaneous and nothing is the same again.

Cesar Evora plays a supporting role as does Pierre Louis, Jorge Poza, Otto Sirgo, Lus Edith Rojas and Arturo Carmona…among others.

Starts in September, 2019

El Último Dragón stars Sebastian Rulli, Renata Notni and Irina Baeva. It’s a police/narco drama created by Arturo Pérez Reverte who also wrote La Reina del Sur. El Último Dragón takes place in several countries including the United States, Japan and Mexico. It is the story of a young boy, Miguel Garza, whose parents are murdered in Mexico; so his grandfather, who is a member of a Sinaloan drug cartel, sends him off to live in Japan.  Miguel receives a very good education in Japan…thanks to the drug money. Twenty years later the handsome and very educated young man (Sebastian Rulli) is living a simple life, not knowing that his grandfather’s buddy, member of Japan's biggest mafia group, the Yakuza, is preparing him to represent his family in his country…as heir of the family’s cartel.

The series also features the performances of Cynthia Klitbo, Federico Ayos, Alfredo Gatica, Sonia Franco, Sofía Castro, Juan Pablo Gil and Roberto Mateos…among others.

Starts “Muy Pronto”

Silvia Pinal, Frente a Ti, is a 21-episode bioseries based on the life of the producer and actress, Silvia Pinal, who is referred to by many as the last diva of Mexico. Itati Cantoral stars as the titular (adult) actress in this recounting of Silvia’s life from childhood to early 2000.

Starts Monday, July 8th at 7:00 pm (E)

Amor Eterno is a Turkish drama series that consists of 74 episodes. It tells the story of…
Kemal (Burak Özçivit) is a young man who lives in a working-class neighborhood in Istanbul. His father Hüseyin (Orhan Güner) is a barber, and his mother Fehime is a housewife. He has two siblings, an older brother, Tarik (Rüzgar Aksoy), who is jealous of Kemal, and a younger sister called Zeynep (Hazal Filiz Küçükköse).
Nihan (Neslihan Atagül Doğulu) is a rich young woman, has a twin brother Ozan and lives with her parents Vildan and Önder. Emir Kozcuoglu (Kaan Urgancloğlu) is an arrogant businessman who holds a great love for Nihan.

Önder's business is slowly coming to an end. Vildan, unable to give up her rich life, wants Nihan to marry Emir to save the family business, but Nihan refuses as she dislikes Emir's arrogance and protectiveness of her. The first meeting between Nihan and Kemal occurs on the bus, and a month later, Kemal saves Nihan's life and from then on their friendship starts and slowly turns in to love. (cited from Wikipedia)


Starts Monday, April 22nd at 10:00 PM

Telemundo was shakin’ in their boots when they lost their ratings dominance at the end of primetime to Univisión with the airing of Amar a Muerte; so they scrambled to bring Reina del Sur2 in an attempt to regain their spot at the top of the perch.

The season revolves around the infamous Teresa Mendoza eight years after the events of the first season. In the first epsiodes, we learn that Teresa disappeared from her former world when she entered the US Witness Protection Program and now lives a tranquil life in Tuscany, Italy as María Dantes. Unfortunately, the kidnapping of her daughter forces her to return to the world of drug trafficking. She must confront her old enemies and the past she tried to leave behind.

Reina del Sur 2 was filmed on location in EIGHT countries. Returning with Kate del Castillo are Carmen Navarro, Alejandro Calva, Humberto Zurita and Eduardo Velasquez. New members to the cast include Aito Luna, Jesus Castro and Eduardo “Big Ed” Yañez as well as several multilingual actors such as Raoul Bova, Mark Tacher, Patricia Reyes Spíndola, Eduardo Santamarina and even Eric Roberts!

Oh and BTW, English Captions will be available!

Starts on May 13th at 8:00 PM

“Un poquito tuyo” stars Marjorie de Sousa and Jorge Salinas. It is an Imagen Television production and is classified as a comedy.

Antonio Solano (Jorge Salinas) is an extremely successful family man who comes from a humble family. He strives to give his family everything he could not have in his youth. As it happens, Antonio’s generosity with his children Eduardo, Javier, and Viviana (Thali García) backfires and they spend the money as if it grows on trees. His wife, Catalina (Lorena Herrera), obsesses about staying beautiful and spends his money on keeping herself young and voluptuous (through surgeries). On the day of his birthday, Antonio’s eyes are opened wide when none of his loved ones remembers to congratulate him, and to top it off, they only appear to ask for more and more. That's when Antonio explodes and decides to set limits (a little too late, dontcha think?) and tells them that they will have to work to earn a living. His life changes with the arrival of Julieta (Marjorie de Sousa) from whom he won’t be able to tear himself away from.

Other cast members include: Raúl Coronado, Daniel Tovar, David PalacioAlexa MartínEugenio MontessoroJosh GutiérrezCamila RojasChristian de la CampaDavid Caro LevyEva CedeñoNubia MartíSolkin RuzSergio Rogalto y Carlos Speitzer, and the twins, Erick y Edmundo Velarde.

🌟Gold Star to Lucio who gave us the heads up on this TN!

Starts on April 15th at 1:00 PM

“Mariposa de Barrio” is an American biographical telenovela based on the autobiography “Unbreakable: My Story, My Way” authored by Jenni Rivera before her death and was published posthumously in July 2013. It stars Angélica Celaya in the title role. The inspiring tale revolves around Jenni’s path toward her dream of fame and reveals her life as a daughter, mother, wife, lover, and artist.

🌟Gold Star to Alexander who gave us the heads up on this TN!

Starts Wednesday, July 30th  at 10:00 PM

Preso No. 1 is an upcoming American political thriller television series based on an original idea of Shira Hadad and Dror Mishani who will also be executive producers.

Humberto Zurita, Mark Tacher, and Kika Edgar (Bebeita) will migrate over to Preso no1. to join Erik Hayser, Arturo Peniche, Alejandra Ambrosi, Mariana Seoane, Alejandro de la Madrid y Angélica Celaya.

Carmelo Alvarado (Erik Hayser) was born in a rural family in the north of the country. Amancio Alvarado, Carmelo's father, came from a humble family in the state of Chiapas. When Amancio’s mother dies, he goes on his search, not knowing that he would be in the middle of the Zapatista Conflict, in which he would die. Carmelo sees his father’s picture in a newspaper and decides to go look for his body. He was then 20 years old and never found  his father.  Years later, thanks to his charisma and intelligence, Carmelo becomes the president of Mexico. He is then accused and imprisoned unjustly for a millionaire fraud he did not commit, causing a scandal in the country. However, Carmelo will fight against the corrupt system behind the fraud scheme to clear his name for the honor of his country and his family.

References: Wikipedia and

🌟Gold Star to deb who gave us the heads up on this TN!


Starts Wednesday, April 24nd at 11:00 PM

Hoy Voy a Cambiar is a bioseries based on the life of Mexican singer and actress Lupita D’Alessio. Mariana Torres plays the role of a young Lupita while Gabriela Roel takes on the role of Lupita as an adult. The story is narrated by Lupita who tells the story of her rise to fame, her romances, tragedies, and experiences with drug and physical abuse. The bioseries won in the category of “Best Series” at the 2018 TVyNovelas Awards

🌟Gold Star to Alexander who gave us the heads up on this TN!

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What a pleasant surprise this morning! Thank you, RgvChick, for putting this all together. This sure helps having aI’ll of this info in one place. Loved your commentary, of course. Now, what to watch? 🤔

Muchas gracias! Sign me up for Jorge's new novela despite that I can't stand Marjorie de Souza. I hope this series rehabs her image. Some of these others also look promising.

Wonderful RgvChick. I'll echo Jarifa's thanks and appreciation.

You write so well and made all of these look very enticing!

They ALL look great! Dona Flor looks to be up first so am hoping some of our generous recappers will be able to cover this one.


Thank you, Rgv Chick, for fhe info and synopses. I will be giving Doña Flor a try.

This is a great contribution for us waverers, RGV. After Mi Corazon and PyP, I hope this new one with Jorge is worthy of him. P.S., Urban, I don't like Marjorie de Souza's characters so far either.

I'm re-watching LQNPA on my purchased DVD. There are a lot of stories they cut out, which is OK with me (the grocery store couple, for instance), but they've also left out some of the best "attraction" scenes between AP and Rogelio. That got me thinking about Ana Brenda and Julian. They were both in Sortilegio, then LQNPA and now PASL I & II. Julian sure knows what side his bread is buttered on. I don't think he'll ever take a nice, leading man role (and David Zepeda shouldn't have, but that's my opinion).

I'm in for Dona Flor. I never saw the movie, so I'm looking forward to a stretched out story in Spanish. It'll be hard to watch Sergio Mur after his stellar performance in Reina de Corazones as FELS up against Laura Flores. It was a terrific first half, until it all went off the rails and Telemundo chopped it up at the end.

Even though it has cartels, drugs and violence at the core, I think I might want to watch El Ultimo Dragon, just for the cast.

Thank you for taking the time to research these upcoming offerings and putting them up there for us.

Thanks, Jarifa, Diana, Urban, Doris and Anita!. ALL of these look to be very promising; and I too am looking forward to seeing Sergio Mur on Dona FLor. If he is as good on this one as he was on Papa a Toda Madre, I'll be happy. And Jorge Salinas in a comedy? Must see TV!

I was thinking, maybe the two networks should join forces and bring together the Queen of the South and the Last Dragon...what a TN that would be! They'd either butt heads and have their own "Star Wars" or fireworks would fly along with balloons and floating hearts...and maybe they'd blast off all the cartels in Mexico. BTW, Rulli had to learn kung fu for "Last Dragon"...more muscles...RAWWRR! ..and Jose Ron doesn't look too bad either! :-)

The last thing I saw Jorge Salinas in was “Mi corazón es tuyo” I am glad he Is back in a lighter role.

Thanks so much, Rgv Chick, for the excellent previews of these novelas. Haven't seen Jorge Salinas since Fuego en la Sangre.

Many, many years ago I saw Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos in Portuguese, with subtitles, at a reparatory movie house downtown where I live. How I miss The Varsity! They showed classics in English and foreign movies subtitled. They ran usually 5 or 6 per week, sometimes showing a great one two nights running. One that I remember was a double feature of Casablanca with Play It Again Sam. At the famous ending where the plane bearing Ingrid Bergman takes off, the ending morphs into Woody Allen agog at the final scene. If you remember Play it Again, Woody is obsessed with Casablanca and an actor portraying Bogart gives him advice on his love life. The Varsity had a restaurant as well; and, if you bought dinner, the movie was free.

Thanks for the heads up on these spring delights. There are at least 3 that have peeked my interest. Thanks Steve and luca for ur recommendations.
Thank you Rgv Chick.♡☆♡

Hey Rgv Chick...great lineup. You'd be a fabulous public relations person. Too late for another career? Well, anyway, thanks for pulling together all these offerings. Definitely will watch Doña Flor. And Dragon sounds interesting, for the cast, as Anita noted. I have definitely been diagnosed with adult onset asthma due to dear cat, so my time watching tv downstairs will be severely limited. But Doña Flor looks like it's worth a few wheezes (or more, gulp)

Novelera, loved your stories of the Varsity. Wish I had been there and well understand that you miss it. Oh well....

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hoy Voy a Cambiar returns Wednesday April 24, at 11p/10c on Unimas

I'm looking forward to seeing "La Reina" & Michelle Renaud.

La Reina Soy Yo premieres Tuesday May 7, at 8p/7c.

novelera, you have some wonderful memories...oh the good ol' days!

Nina, spring delights indeed! Looking forward to several of these myself.

JudyB, it's never too late for another career, but I'm happy doing what I'm doing time permits :-)

Alexander, thank you so much for the additional information! I'll add it to the page as soon as I can.


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