Monday, June 11, 2018

Announcing: The Return of Sin Senos to Telemundo for Season 3

For all you Senos lovers, old and young, who watched or missed Sin Senos no Hay Paraíso and/or Sin Senos sí Hay Paraíso, this is to announce that a new season (Season 3) of Sin Senos sí Hay Paraíso begins Tuesday, June 12, at 9 PM on Telemundo.

Some of the major stars from the earlier seasons will return for Season 3. Follow along with them on the Telemundo posts. 

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Friday, June 01, 2018

New Telenovela: Corazón Que Miente, Starts Monday June 4, 11 AM (EDT)

Attention Diego Olivera fans. He's back. For those of us who have been waiting for him to get another plum role, after his success in Mujeres de Negro, this one is worth a try.

Por desgracia, Corazón que Miente is coming to DAYTIME Univision (otherwise known as the vast Wasteland to where second tier telenovelas are banished when they don't fit into the nighttime schedule). Tune in at 11 am or set your DVR.

Synopsis: Mariela Salvatierra is orphaned at the age of 12, after losing her grandfather, Manuel, a death she believes was caused by Demian Ferrer. Mariel leaves the city with Leonardo del Río. Leonardo believes Demian is also the murderer of Lucía, Demian's wife (and the love of Leonardo's life). Fifteen years later, the two return to avenge the deaths of their loved ones while facing great obstacles. Ferrer is a powerful, unprincipled and perfidious man who not only takes pleasure in others' downfalls, but also does not care about the well being of his own family. Mariela falls in love with Demian's eldest son, Alonso, with whom she was friends as a child. Mariela and Alonso must overcome all the challenges that impede their relationship in order to live their story of love. [Adapted from Wikipedia]
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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Upcoming Telenovelas: Stevey's Notes (Pt. III) – September 7, 2017

PRODUCTION #9 - Nicandro Diaz, fresh from El Bienamado is apparently going to be doing a remake of famous telenovela from Colombia, Las Juanas, so named because it's a story about four women all named "Juana-(something)" à la Anas in TVA.
PRODUCTION #10 – José Alberto 'El Guero' Castro, who should be ashamed of himself for how little he did with a good story, great cast, and terrific setting in Vino el Amor, is hoping to try his luck with one of my favorite types of stories, that with an 'antagonist-protagonist' (think Teresa or Rubí but more evil).  The three classics he submitted to Lord High Ocampo were, apparently, La Sonrisa del Diablo, La Mujer de Judas, and, my favorite, El Angel Caido.  BUT... apparently she was having none of it, and told him that his last remakes have been, well, porquerias and fracasos and that he'd better find an original story to do, or he's off to the freezer to join Emilio Larrosa. So we'll have to wait and see what he comes up with.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Upcoming Telenovelas: Stevey's Notes (Pt. IIB) – September 6, 2017

Here we go with the rest of the telenovelas that are now in production.

**No broadcast date for Mexico announced yet, but in production.**
I'm excited about THIS story!! The name 'Univision' is already being associated with this production (i.e. a 'Televisa/Univision' production). You guys might be surprised to hear there is one country that isn't Brazil (or, of course, Mexico) that has produced some really terrific novelas, most especially in the new millennium. Indeed the number of productions that have been produced in Mexico that were actually remakes of Argentinian originals is really quite staggering, including some that I think a lot of people would consider so intrinsically Mexican so as to be a part of the culture and country (Simplemente Maria is the one that comes most immediately to mind), as well as some very prominent or popular novelas from closer to our time (such as Amores Verdaderos, Alma de Hierro, Rebelde, Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse, Una Familia con Suerte, Un Gancho al Corazon, and I could go on).  This decade, especially, I don't know how or why, but Argentina has come out with telenovelas that are absolutely Awesome (you'll please note that's capital “A'' awesome), and a true credit to the genre. Giselle Gonzalez's next project is a remake of a recent Argentinian telenovela and so is this one of Angelli Nesma Medina.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Upcoming Telenovelas: Stevey's Notes (Pt. IIA) – September 5, 2017

Let's hope for the best for the future of our telenovela world. Without further ado, let's let Stevey get to the productions themselves! Now, again, these are all TELEVISA productions. Which of these will actually get broadcast in the U.S. or when, is anybody's guess, but if he has ANY further information as to “yea” or “nay,” he will make sure to note it in his summaries. Here he goes!  :-)
**Mexican debut was on June 5, 2017.** Currently broadcasting on Univision, but I had this written before it started airing, so please indulge me, okay?
First off, I have to confess that I can't stand Juan Osorio. I think he's a megalomaniacal idiot living off of his past successes, who patronizes his viewing audience more than he does anything else by not offering anything of any depth or real quality, just his dancing spawn Emilio (the product of his liaison with the BSC Niurka Marcos, a woman who had her own talk show where she interviewed her guests in a hot tub, and whose general classlessness is almost impressive in its absoluteness—and who appeared as herself in Mi Corazon es Tuyo), ad nauseam (you'll have to forgive me here as I deplore nepotism). In talks about his next production, the currently airing Mi Marido Tiene Familia, Osorio went off on this screed about the genre and the deplorable direction that telenovelas were going. He decried productions in the vein of La Piloto and, well, pretty much anything that Telemundo is airing, really, for being all about drugs, violence, random killings, and generally speaking, not-nice things, CERTAINLY NOT what should be on television during “family hour.” He said HIS production was designed to take the genre back to where he (being all-knowing, life-giving, all-powerful, and all that stuff) feels it should belong, and away from things like gratuitous S&M scenes and torture (as was depicted recently in Sueño de Amor, produced by…uh…oh…wait for it…YOU, Sr. Osorio…hypocrite much?).

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Sunday, September 03, 2017

Upcoming Telenovelas: Stevey Weighs In (Pt.I) - September 3, 2017

This Post comes from our beloved commentator Stevey, observer of all things telenovela, which fits right into all things CarayCaray. His discourse will be posted in three parts over several days: Part I—Behind the Scenes at Televisa (a must read, in my opinion); Part II—Upcoming Telenovelas (some sooner than you think); Part III—Telenovelas Farther Off in the Future (or never). Be advised the opinions expressed in this post are entirely Stevey’s and not necessarily those of the CarayCaray blog.
Note of caution: some of the narrative in Part II especially, contains information that could be considered spoilers, so use caution if you don’t want to read too far ahead (Anita has marked tell-tale storylines with a à.)

Hi everybody! First off, I'm SO sorry that this has been so unconscionably late in getting to you all (Stupid life! Slow DOWN a bit now and then, will ya??), but I really never DID forget about you, and I've actually been working on this for quite some time now (as you will, undoubtedly see), both as a result of my own loquaciousness (read: long-windedness, not knowing when to stop or shut up, etc.), as well as the fact that these situations are always constantly evolving, or at least changing. I also always want to make sure as much as I can, that anything I put out there for you guys is actually a verified FACT (no 'Fake News' here!), HOPEFULLY by contacts within the network, but if not, through viable sources, and this sometimes isn't always that easy to come by. There's actually been all kinds of network drama going on over at Televisa in regards to telenovelas, an inordinate amount, really…lots of unhappy actors, and a lot of producers gnashing their teeth and clutching their 'stress balls' more tightly than usual.  But I hope you'll enjoy what I've got for you all.


(Note: For anyone not interested in these things, wait for Part II – Upcoming Telenovelas, where I actually talk about the upcoming telenovelas.)

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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Premios TVyNovelas 2017: Stevey's Follow-up on the Winners and Losers


Hi everybody!! 

I’m sorry that my follow-up for the big TVyNovelas awards show is so late (better late than never!, I hope!), but I did want to do a follow-up for anybody States-side who might be interested as to who was lauded as the best of their bunch this past year.  Without any further ado (and recognizing my own penchant for… uh, ‘loquaciousness’ (to put it kindly, it sounds nicer than ‘eye-strain and migraine inducing…), here we go!!

We’ll start with the biggie…
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

PREMIOS TVyNOVELAS 2017: Stevey's Thoughts on the Upcoming March 26th Awards Show



Hi everybody, Stevey here!!       
Recently, while I was enjoying a martini over on the ECDLP patio, mention was made of the 'awards' that it had (or had not) won.  This led me to reflect that a lot of people up in the ‘Northern Parts’ might not have any idea what everybody was talking about.  Seeing as they are, sort of, a 'big thing' (like Mexico’s answer to the Emmy Awards), that this year’s awards ceremony is coming up on Sunday, March 26th, AND that you guys are just as much a part of this delightfully idiosyncratic Latin American television entertainment drama known as the telenovelas… I thought I'd do a little posting as to what’s going on, and about the nominees for this year’s big event.  I hope that you guys enjoy it, find it useful and/or interesting… and I really look forward to whatever discussion, conversation, supposition, or hypothesizing might result of it between everybody!!  Here goes...
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Thursday, March 02, 2017

New Telenovela: La Piloto, March 7th on Univision

Univision will replace El Color de la Pasión with La Piloto in the 10pm slot, starting Tuesday, March 7th. Jardinera has said she might be interested in recapping this new series, and so I figured it would be worth reposting this synopsis to see if anyone else is interested in joining her. Please let Jane or Anita know if you’re interested in recapping this series, or drop a note in the comments.

Plot Summary:
Yolanda Cadena (Livia Brito, Triunfo de Amor, Abismo de Pasión, De Que Te Quiero, Muchacha Italiana…) is a flight attendant, who has always dreamed of being a pilot.
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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Upcoming Telenovelas: Stevey Tells Us What’s Happening in Mexico (2017)

The following post is from Commenter Stevey, who shares all he knows about the new telenovelas in the works in Mexico, that we may or may not see eventually in the U.S.

Hi everybody!!  In the past, I've tried to put together a little 'fact sheet' for you guys in regards to what's going on telenovela-wise 'South of the Border', in the land where they come from!   As I realize that whatever it is the staggeringly disgraceful boobs at Univision decide on by way of programming, will ultimately entail just what it is that YOU guys get to watch up yonder, America-way.  Some will make it, some will not... and god knows which will be which (hell, with the Univision execs being what they are, I doubt even HE knows!).  But, that being said, I wanted to come up with a post that hopefully you will find informative, enlightening, useful, entertaining, or any combination therein!  I apologize for its stupefying length, but it's a labor of love to be sure (I just hope it isn't as such reading it!)  To avoid editorializing (I unfortunately do that enough once I get going, for which I apologize... FWIW, I'm writing this paragraph last, so I know what I'm talking about here...), I'm just going to get right in on things, and on the projects that we've got on hand right now, or are already actively in preparation in some way...
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Monday, January 30, 2017

Upcoming Telenovelas: Jan/Feb 2017: What’s Happening Now; What’s Coming Soon?


There are a few changes coming to primetime telenovelas. Here’s a rundown of what’s happening now on Telemundo, Univision and Unimás, and what’s coming soon. Feel free to share any intel in the comments. 


Despertar Contigo sprints to its finish. Its final week’s episodes will be shown in 2-hour slots, 7pm-9pm, this whole week. After that, Univision does NOT seem to be in any hurry to bring in another 8pm telenovela, and instead will run the new season of its kids’ talent show, Pequeños Gigantes (the original version of Little Bigshots shown on NBC that’s hosted by Steve Harvey).  

Vino el Amor, currently in the 9pm slot, is doing so well in Mexico, it’s been extended. Let’s hope it continues to heat up on the vineyard, and we soon learn why the Mexican audience wanted another serving of vino. So far, this wine has mainly been making us sleepy.

El Color de la Pasión is in its final weeks in the 10pm slot. After moving along at a rapid clip for 80+ episodes, it’s hit a lull before what’s sure to be an exciting final few weeks.


La Fan recently started in the 8pm slot, and so far is a very enjoyable comedic telenovela, worthy of the talents of its leading lady, Angélica Vale (La Fea Mas Bella). It’s a fun look at the lives of telenovela actors and their fans, and perfect for anyone looking for a light comedy with heart. La Fan is only two weeks in, so it won’t be hard to catch up!
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Monday, October 24, 2016

New Telenovela: Vino el Amor, Starts Tuesday, 10/25 at 9PM

Start Date and Time: Tuesday, 10/25/16 at 9PM on Univision (replacing Tres Veces Ana). Please contact Blog Mom, Jane, if you would like to recap this show:

Set in the majestic vineyards of Napa Valley, California, Vino el Amor introduces us to Mexican-Americans trying to achieve the American dream, and the success surrounding their families.
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Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Telenovela: A Que No Me Dejas Makes It To US Screens. Starts Monday, September 12, 2pm/1c. Synopsis And Cast

Looneyvision has finally deigned to air “A Que No Me Dejas” (“I Dare You To Leave Me”), the 2015 novela acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. 

“A Que No Me Dejas” was the biggest winner at Premios TVyNovelas 2016. It scooped up best script and/or adaption, best direction, best cinematography, best musical theme, best veteran actress and actor for Leticia Calderón and Arturo Peniche respectively, best female antagonist for Laura Carmine and, dare I say, it should have received the best male protagonist prize too, because Osvaldo Benavides deserved it heaps more than any other nominee in that category. The same producer, Carlos Moreno Laguillo, and the same writing duo, Martha Carrillo and Cristina García, that gave us such gems as “Amor Bravío”, “Quiero Amarte” and “En Nombre del Amor”, now bring us this remake of Carla Estrada’s “Amor en Silencio” (1988).   

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Monday, August 29, 2016

New Telenovela: El Color de la Pasion, September 6th Debut

Marcelo y Lucia, our pretty protagonists
(not to be confused with SantMarc y Ana Lucia from 3xAna)

Next Tuesday, September 6th, is the 2-hour debut of El Color de la Pasión (The Color of Passion) at 7:55pm EST. After sitting for two years on Univision’s shelf, it replaces Narcos, which has been recapped by Countx during its 2-week run, in the 10pm EST slot.  

So far, there seems to be lots of interest in watching this popular telenovela, and also some interest in recapping it from: Delilah, dy77, Anna Nabil, Anita, Jardinera, and Cathyx. I would also be interested in sharing a night with someone. If those listed are still interested, please email me and we can decide on a recapping schedule. If others are interested, please also email me. Gracias, amigas y amigos!
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Friday, August 19, 2016

New Telenovelas/Series Coming to Univision- Aug/Sept 2016

Hola Amigos!

Here’s an update on some changes coming in the next few weeks to Univision’s lineup, if you haven’t already seen the ads. Three new shows are coming our way. Two of them are not so new, as one is a popular telenovela that aired in Mexico in 2014, and the other already aired as a Netflix series last year. Keep in mind that Univision has been known to change its mind often, and last minute. No word yet on if Uni still plans to split Tres Veces Ana into 2 seasons (temporadas), but it seems they don't. If you would like to recap any of these new shows, please let Blog Mom/Jane/Melinama know.  Let’s go in order of Univision start dates…
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Monday, May 23, 2016

Upcoming Telenovelas: Stevey's Notes for 2016-17 Season

Commenter Stevey sent this post about upcoming telenovelas to share with you all. Thanks for this info, Stevey!

Hi everybody!  With so many telenovelas ending, starting, changing names, time slots, hell, even NETWORKS (poor 'Yago'...), I thought it might behoove me to write one of my 'UPCOMING' posts for everybody, so that you all might know a bit more what's likely to be coming your way.  Now, again, as always, this news will be about projects that are in the works to premiere IN MEXICO first... but I'm hoping that you all still may find this a useful guide as to what you all can (hopefully) look forward to up yonder North-way.  Which one of these will air up in the States, and which ones will be relegated to the nether-regions of time is anybody's guess, but still... I hope you guys may find this useful and/or enjoyable.  HERE GOES:

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

New Telenovela: Tres Veces Ana, Starts Monday, May 23rd

Recappers are needed for this telenovela which starts Monday, May 23rd in the 9 pm time slot. A few of you have now expressed interest in recapping-- let Blog Mom Jane/Melinama know and email her ASAP:

**News flash: as of 5/21, Uni has once again changed its mind about the fate of Yago, and it is supposedly no longer moving to the graveyard shift on UniMas. I have no idea what will happen to A Que No Me Dejas. During its first week, Tres Veces Ana will be shown in 2 hour blocks, 9pm-11pm. After that, it will be on at 9pm and Yago on at 10pm. This schedule is changing almost daily, so stay alert.

The story of "Tres Veces Ana" starts with a family road trip—the Álvarez del Castillo Rivadeneira family. Triplets Ana Laura, Ana Leticia and Ana Lucía, along with their parents, suffer a dramatic car accident, crashing by the side of a river. The event leaves both parents dead, Ana Laura losing one leg, and Ana Lucía dragged by the river’s current. Only Ana Leticia emerges unscathed. Soledad, a woman who is mourning her own daughter’s death, finds and helps Ana Lucía. Although Soledad discovers who the girl is, she takes advantage of Ana Lucía’s memory loss about the accident and her family and decides to keep her, making her believe she is her mother.
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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Recappers Needed: Hotel de los Secretos Premiers January 25th, 10pm, Univision

Hello Caraymates!

On January 25th we will start a new journey together…a journey to turn of the last century Mexico. Once we arrive at our destination, we will enter the doors of a grand hotel, filled with shadows and mysteries—El Hotel de los Secretos. Your guides and hosts on this journey will be:

Jardinera (Tuesday)
Vivi (Wednesday)
Cathyx (Friday)
Nandicta (Friday)

As you can see, we still need at least two additional fearless guides to recap Mondays and Thursdays. We’re flexible, if another day works best for you.  Please leave a comment, or email me if you want to join this intrepid recapping team. See you all soon in the dark corridors and passages of the hotel…  

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Monday, January 04, 2016

¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!? (January 4, 2016)

Hola Carayites!

In this week's edition:

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Monday, December 28, 2015

¿Qué nos cuenta, Caray, Caray!? (December 28, 2015)

Hola Carayites!

In this week's edition:

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