Friday, October 31, 2008

El Cuerpo del Deseo, - Thurs., Oct. 30 - PJ/S messes with Walter's head; Andrés moves into the Donoso house

Andrés moves into the Donoso house sending Walter into a blizzard of activity and everyone else into deep gloom.

Andrés tries to get Isabel to share a bedroom with him and when she won't he takes her picture of PJ.

Father Jacobo sees the picture of PJ/S in the newspaper. He brings it to Cantalicia and only raises false hopes in her. The priest doesn't know where the picture was taken and tells Cantalicia that she just has to hope that PJ/S comes back. She can't accept that.

PJ/S confronts Antonio. Antonio says that he doesn't mistrust PJ/S; he just doesn't understand so many things about what he is doing at the Donoso house. PJ/S replies that he is here to fix the mistakes the PJ made with those he loved and the more Antonio interferes, the more he is hurting himself.

Vicky tells PJ/S that she has heard strange noises in the basement. PJ/S guesses that it is Walter and he goes to the secret room. He decides to mess with Walter and Rebeca's heads by leaving the safe standing open. While he is in the secret room, he overhears Valeria telling Simón how much she admired and revered PJ.

Isabel continues her schizophrenic relationship with Valeria. She doesn't want Valeria to get involved with Simón or to accept help from Ángela. She wants Valeria to depend on her exclusively and to support her.

Walter is impactado when he finds the safe standing open. He assumes that Rebeca betrayed him.

Later, Walter takes Rebeca up the secret room. PJ/S listens to their conversation from the study. After mutual recriminations, Walter and Rebeca finally conclude that someone else opened the safe and took the jewels.

Isabel comes into the study and is surprised to see PJ/S. She asks why he ignored her request that he go far away and agreed to work for Ángela. PJ/S replies that he wanted to keep his job. Isabel says that if earning money is important to him, she will give him a lot of money to go away. PJ/S says that he doesn't accept money he didn't earn and anyway, there is no way he will abandon Ángela even if the newlyweds in the house don't want him there.


Cuidado Thursday, October 30, 2008: Wanna marry, Mari?

JM is telling the judge that yes, he loves Mari and he’s going to marry her and not Stef.

The judge says but she’s vulgar, a street rat, and JM says Stef would be the same way if she’d been abandoned and left to grow up at an orphanage.

Viv is preparing her friend Lety’s medicine. One, two, three, four, five drops into water. She remembers Lety’s husband telling her 5 drops only, more will kill her. Viv studies the eyedropper and hovers it over the glass again. Did she put in another drop? I can’t tell.

Anyway, here comes Lety, who should do her own meds if the dosage is so critical. Bottoms up says Viv, and Lety gulps it down then tells Viv she’s still the same great friend as always. Girlfriend hug.

Rocio is hanging out in her room and Balbina tells her she has a phone call from Vicente. She razzes Rocio a little bit about him being her novio. Vicente calls Rocio his muse, his inspiration. She says but you’ve never painted me, and Vicente says I will and it will be a memory for us for years and years to come. They chat a bit and Vicente asks if he can come get her on his motorcycle. Rocio says I’ll be ready, and after he’s hung up, she kisses the phone.

Back to the judge and JM. The judge is saying that even if she had been brought up in an orphanage, Stef wouldn’t have turned out like Mari. He says they took Mari in and look how she repaid them, stealing stuff, causing trouble, and worst of all, getting between JM and Stef. He says she is jealous and wants everything Stef has. JM says don’t blame her, it’s my fault.

Bah, says the judge. You were just a toy in Mari’s hands. You’re worse than just responsible for this, you’re weak, corruptible and immoral. Where is that virtue you go on about? My daughter is going to have to suffer the shame of having been kicked to the curb just days before her wedding. But I’m glad she’s not marrying you - I want her to marry a decent man, and it’s obvious that is not what you are.

(Hey, don’t hold back, Judge! But the judge, being of a certain class, doesn’t take a swing at JM or sic burly henchmen on him, and fastidiously uses Usted while he’s trashing him. Later he will probably feel very smug about this confrontation.)

Anyway, JM tries to speak, but the judge interrupts, saying you’re free to do what you want, but one day you’ll realize what you lost and you’ll be sorry. Under that distinguished-man facade is a weak man, and you deserve the woman you have chosen.

The judge stomps out.

Damien is telling the padre about his confrontation with JM, how he slugged him, how Mari defended him but JM made no move to defend himself. He wonders why, it was almost like JM thought he deserved it. The padre says you don’t understand because you don’t know the whole truth. What truth? says Damien.

Out front of the castle, Rocio runs out to Vicente who is waiting with his motorcycle. She has on jeans and those impossibly high heels she wears. Vicente puts his helmet on her and off they go.

Mari is lying in bed thinking about the kiss with JM. She talks to Cuate, saying she wonders how she loves JM. Like a man? Like a friend? She likes kissing him, feeling him near.

OMG! Padre is telling Adrien the backstory on JM and Mari in the dark forest, and nobody’s told us yet! The padre says JM was drinking, and she ran away and nothing happened that neither should be ashamed of. He was chasing after her to ask her forgiveness, but he never got to. Mari never knew it was him.

Damien says then I should have hit him more than once. The padre says don’t judge, and though it wasn’t a secret of the confession, it’s not for blabbing around, so let’s have it be a secret between you and me.

Stef and Isa are up in their room and Stef is telling her that the judge didn’t get anywhere with JM. Isa thinks he should have forced JM, but Stef says it’s not that easy. She says Mari has no scruples and now she, Stef, is going to be the subject of gossip, how she was dumped just days before her wedding. Isa says don’t be so dramatic, the Velarde’s friends barely know you. You’re just bugged about losing the money JM has and if one day we lose the money we’re getting here…. Stef says hush.

It’s night now Rocio and Vicente are stopped on a mountain road looking out at the city lights. He wants to know how she feels being with him. She says she’s happy and he says he thinks it’s the first time he’s found true happiness. Aw. They kiss. Rocio says she has to thank Mari, because she introduced him. She tells Vicente he’s her first boyfriend. Vicente says and I hope the last. She says I bet you’ve had lots of girlfriends, huh? and he doesn’t answer. She says that’s okay, as long you don’t have them now that I’m here. They te quiero and kiss again. There is thunder in lightening off in the distance.

It’s daytime and Mayita is playing with Cuate in front of the castle. JM comes out of the house, probably on his way to work, and runs into the padre, who says he’s come to see Mari. He asks if JM has spoken to her. JM says he’s talked to her, but not about that night. He’s waiting for the right moment and the courage. The padre seems displeased and goes on in.

Viv’s friend Lety is in bed and her husband Gustavo comes in and kisses her and wonders why she’s not up talking to Viv. Lety says she gave me my medicine, took my blood pressure and went off to bed. Gustavo comments that she’s really enjoying having Viv there and she says a lot. She says they were friends when they were in college in Switzerland – they were the only two Spanish speakers, they were always together. (Wouldn’t she have gotten a death notice if she was in Viv’s address book?)

Gustavo kisses her tenderly and she says not tonight, I’ve been feeling a little tired. Gustavo, prince that he is, understands and says don’t worry, he’ll go to the other room and read.

Will you look at that! There’s JM in his nice suit in the barrio, next to a sign that says Free Counseling. A little family shows up, they all go into a doorway, they emerge again later, JM patting the parents and ruffling the hair of their little son. Whadda guy! He tucks his big sign under his arm and heads off down the street.

An older white car pulls up, three toughs get out, pull on ski masks, whip out guns, look around quickly and run into a bank.

Mari is very happy to see the padre. He asks her if JM talked to her and she says he asked me to marry him. Why? says the padre. Mari gets a little shy and says because he loves me. The padre is smiling, and says so what did you say? Mari says actually I didn’t say anything. The padre says do you love him? Mari says I don’t really know – sometimes I think yes and sometimes I think no. The padre says I have something to tell you. What? says Mari. What?

There’s JM - looks like he’s counseled another family, either that or he’s laying on hands and curing the poor. Anyway, off he goes smiling down the street and uh oh he’s right next to the bank. Right by the entrance we go to slo mo. This cannot be good. He’s parked right in front of the robbers’ white car and he’s got his keys out to put the sign in his trunk.

Here come the robbers streaming out of the bank, security on their heels. JM looks around and finally catches on and drops. The security and the robbers are shooting at one another, the robbers using their car for cover. Sure enough JM takes a bullet to the chest. He looks surprised, then starts to look faint and finally passes out.

The robbers are being put in handcuffs, but JM is being put in an ambulance. A crowd has gathered and the press is already there with their cameras.

The padre seems to be leaving – he and Mari are coming down the stairs. She says what did you come to tell me? He says it was minor and can wait, he wants to know why she’s so undecided about JM. She says she doesn’t know, she’s scared. She remembers her past and gets scared. (We hear the angry bee sound that usually comes with Amador – is that a clue?) Mari says It’s not like it’s JM fault, is it?

The phone rings and even though Balbina has come in, Mari answers it. It’s the news about JM.

Half a planet away, Gustavo is reading his book in his bathrobe. Viv comes in and covers his eyes playfully and say guess who? She sits across from him and notes that he looks worried. He says he’s worried about Lety. Gustavo says she looked pale, and sad. Viv says do you think she’s bored with you? Gustavo looks like he’s giving it some thought.

Mari tells Balbina and the padre that JM is at the Red Cross. We see him being wheeled down the corridor of the hospital. Balbina says nobody is home, Onelia, Rocio and Mayita are all out. Mari says tell them when they get back and she and the padre head off to the hospital. Mari hopes JM doesn’t die.

Gustavo seems to be on to Viv. She says that he must be exaggerating to pretend to play the role of the faithful husband. Gustavo says a husband who wants to be unfaithful is wise to have his affairs very far from home. Viv says I take your meaning, you are saying we should go somewhere far from here? She strokes his cheek and he looks annoyed.

JM is awake and asks a nurse how things are. Apparently he had some bleeding. The nurse wants to know if he would like to be transferred to a different hospital, but he says he’ll stay in their capable hands. Here come Mari and the padre hurrying along the corridor, looking for JM’s room. They find him and Mari is frantic, but then is relieved. JM tells them what happened and Mari says she was afraid he’d die. He says not this time, that he’ll be around for a long time.

Good news doesn’t travel fast, as we know, and back at Castle San Ramon, Balbina is weepily telling Onelia, who has just come home, that JM had been shot.

At the hospital, the padre goes off to see if he can arrange a private room and JM asks Mari if he gave her a fright. She says yes, but her prayers were answered. She doesn’t know what she’d do without him. JM says does that mean you love me? Mari says yes, I love you a lot.

Viv has Gustavo by the lapels but he pushes her off and tells her she’s being inappropriate. She says why do you think so? I’m young, attractive, sexy, sensual (and indeed her sundress is cut down to there). Gustavo says if I were ever to have an affair, it would have to be with some stranger. A wife might forgive such an infidelity, but never one with her supposed dear girlfriend. He stomps off.

Mari asks JM if she can stay with him all the time (I think she may mean in the hospital) and he says of course. He is so happy that she said she loves him. She says she’s been afraid to love since that thing that happened. JM says pretend it never happened. Mari says if only it were that easy. JM says let me help you forget. They stare in each other’s eyes and that lovely Perdon song starts up.

The padre is out in the busy hospital corridor and here comes Onelia who asks a nurse where Dr. San Ramon can be found. The padre overhears and, having never met her, says he’ll take her and he asks who she is.

In JMs hospital room, the Perdon song is still going and he is telling Mari that for every bad moment she remembers, he’ll give her a thousand happy ones. I’ll make you feel pure, respected, loved. Mari says what wonderful things you say! But what if you can’t do it? JM says let me try. I promise that I will never approach you, never touch you, unless it’s what you want. Not a kiss, not a caress, if you don’t want them. Mari says and if I never want those things? JM says then I’ll be happy just having you near me. I want to show you that real love is sweet.

Mari has laid her head on JM’s shoulder when the music turns threatening and in comes Onelia who says ah ha! and rolls her eyes.

Isa is talking to Stef in their room and Martirio is clearing up in the background, all ears. Isa says she has found out one interesting fact – JM adores Mayita and can’t bear to be separated from her, but Isa doesn’t know how to turn that information to good use Martirio is paying close attention. Stef seems to have a brainstorm and dials up Castle San Ramon, where Balbina informs her that Onelia isn’t there, she at the Red Cross where she’s seeing JM who has been shot. Stef’s eyebrows shoot up.

Onelia asks how JM how he is but then fake-smiles that he must be better due to the company (indicating Mari). JM says you’re right, having Mari here makes me feel much better. Onelia says I thought it would be rude of me not to come check on you. JM says you’re such a lady. Onelia says of course, one is born that way, and others who aren’t can’t ever achieve it. Thanks for checking in on me, says JM politely.

Onelia asks when he’s going to transfer to a private clinic, this sort of place isn’t for men of his social position. JM says he’s fine, they’re taking good care of him. Onelia says my, your tastes are changing, like Rocio’s are. She’s taken up with that young man Mari introduced her to. I hope this doesn’t spread to Mayita. Get well soon! she says snottily and leaves.

Isa is telling Stef that she has to be at JM’s side. Stef looks like what? Me?

Mari is looking serious and JM says forget about hate, remember that I was talking about love before she came in. Put hate out of your life. Mari says I feel even more hate for that guy because if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be afraid to love you. JM says we’ll get to that stage one day where you will feel love and forgiveness. Do you want to marry me? Mari, her face right next to his, looks happy but doesn’t say anything

Back in Spain, Gustavo is coming to bed and Lety says I thought I heard you and Viv, were you arguing? Gustavo looks a bit steamed.

Zip we’re in the hospital room and JM says please say yes. Mari says yes, and he kisses her but she turns her face away after a bit. He says I’m sorry, I was just so happy that you said yes.

Spain again: Gustavo says we weren’t arguing, we were talking about you. I was saying you seemed depressed the past few days. Lety says I’m not depressed, just tired. Gustavo says the doctor said if you follow his protocol to the letter, you should get better. Lety says and I will. I’m taking my medicine regularly thanks to Viv. Gustavo says you really like her, huh? Lety says why? Don’t you? Gustavo says I haven’t known her that long to know. Lety says she’s great with the kids and she’s going to be here a few weeks more.

Stef is coming down the hospital hall and gets to JM’s room where Mari is just closing the door. Mari says JM is asleep but Stef says he’s still my novio and she goes in and wakes him up, saying mi amor. He winces when he opens his eyes and sees her.

Martirio is telling the judge and Ceci that JM got shot and is at the Red Cross. Ceci wants to rush off and see him, but the judge says no, we’re not talking to him after what he did to Stef. Ceci says he’s been a friend for years, he’s a human being! The judge says I don’t agree, we’re not going to visit or even ask after him. He doesn’t deserve it. Martirio smiles.

JM tells Stef he’s fine. Stef says she had to see him and she says she’s sorry she got jealous and acted so stupid and told JM to throw Mari out of the house. She says she heard he wanted to break off their engagement, but she didn’t believe it. JM breaks it to Stef that he’s in love with Mari and that she just accepted his proposal and they’re going to get married very soon. Stef slaps him.

Rocio has arrived and gets the latest from Mari, who says JM must be awake now since Stef went in there and must’ve woken him. They ridicule Stef a bit and then Mari tells her that she and JM are going to get married. She and Rocio jump around and hug and the people in the hall stare.

Stef apologizes to JM, saying it was just the stress. JM says he understands, that he has acted badly with her and her family and he hopes one day she will forgive him. She says such irony – you offer me apologies and her marriage. Stef says what do I do? The invitations have been sent, the dress bought, and now, just days before our wedding, you’ve made me into an object of ridicule.

Marry me! says Stef. JM says Mari is the one and only, now and forever one for me. You’re going to regret this, says Stef. You’ll never be happy with her. She leaves.

Out in the hall, Rocio and Mari are still jumping up and down and Rocio is calling Mari sister-in-law. Stef sees this and says you’ll never be happy. You’ll have bad karma because of what you two did to me.

Onelia tells Mayita that it’s a secret, but Mari is the one who shot JM.

The padre comes to see JM, and is the only one so far to greet the other patients in his room. JM is sitting up on the side of the bed looking perky and says that Mari was there all night. He says that taking a bullet sure paid off – Mari got scared, realized she loved him and accepted his proposal. The padre looks very pleased. But then he says did you tell her the truth? JM suddenly turns serious.

Mayita is asking Onelia why Mari would do such a thing, she loves JM. Onelia says to force him to marry her so she can be the woman of this house and take the place of your mama. Mayita says but what about Stef? She’s his novia. Onelia says he dumped her to marry Mari. I don’t like Mari and you mustn’t either. Your mother is up in heaven and she would be very unhappy if you liked Mari.

Mayita says what do I do to make Mama happy? Onelia says be mean to Marichuy, ignore her, don’t answer if she talks to you. Tell your papa that you don’t like Mari and that you like Stefi. Mayita says does Mama like Stef? Onelia says yes.

The padre is telling JM that he can’t marry Mari without telling her the truth. JM says I will afterwards. Before, says the padre. JM says she hates that guy. He says he promised he wouldn’t kiss or touch Mari until she felt safe and loved, and that he would tell her when she felt more secure with him. The padre says you still have to tell her. If you don’t tell her, I will.

Onelia is briefing Mayita before she heads off to school. She reminds her to blow off Mari and tells her to tell her papa not to marry her.

JM says give me time, Padre! Like four to five days. The padre says okay five days, and I’m serious. I won’t permit Mari to get married in a dishonest atmosphere.

Mari runs into the padre in the hall. He says JM has something to tell her. She bounds in and asks JM what it is. JM says that we are going to get married day after tomorrow.

Avances: countdown to the wedding, shots of Onelia, Stef and others who may waylay the plans. Eduardo says something to JM that I can’t understand. JM prays in church.


QE Thurs 10/30 - I once knew a lovely young lass, who had an incredible

UPDATE: JudyB's vocab list posted at end of recap and some errors in the translation were corrected thanks to astute commenters. Thanks everyone!

Friends, after all the brouhaha about saying ass, you'll never believe where I was tonight. I am late posting because I went to a seminar at Stanford entitled "The No Asshole Rule - Building a Civilized Workplace". I kid you not, it's absolutely true. I was going to try to incorporate the no asshole principals into this recap but I got started too late and I'm too tired. However I will touch upon one or two points as they arise. But first a limerick that I recall from the days when I used to play rugby...

I once knew a lovely young lass
Who had an incredible ass.
Not pretty and pink,
as you probably think,
it was grey, had long ears and ate grass.

And now, on with the show...
From last night: Pati gets the jitters and can't cook with Ern on his show. She suggests Lorena who, coincidentally, is waiting in the wings.

Ern is desperate and asks Lor to cook on his show with him, the producer wants the show to feature a cooking couple. She makes a feeble attempt to refuse but he ends up talking her into it. Work it Ernesto.

Jaime scolds Julian for being a weepy little wimp, does he think he's the only person in the world who's lost someone? Julian cries "you're the last person to talk". Jaime agrees but he's in a position to tell Julian how it is, he'll only hurt himself. And what if Zulema wakes up and sees Julian like this? Julian, steeped in self-pity, cries that nobody can help him. Jaime agrees, only Julian can help himself. It looks like Julian finally listens to Jaime and cries into a pillow just a little bit more to prove he can. Jaime delivers criticism and bad news but he does it in a respectful manner, therefore Jaime = not an asshole.

The director seems glad to see Lorena but he requests no screw-ups like when she auditioned, OK? (Looks like they still don't know Sara tampered with her ingredients.) The cameras get ready.

Fafy Cuenca calls Sara and invites his gatita to his penthouse for kisses. She answers coyly. By the way, here is what Fafy Cuenca world renowned playboy looked like in the 70's:

Yes, it's the same guy.

Ernesto plans to make shrimp souffles on today's program. Unfortunately on the day he taught this recipe in class Lorena was busy not telling Ernesto that she found her parents . No matter, she's confident she can wing it. Lorena starts off the program with her own style. Ern wants to beat the eggs with a metal globe whisk. Lorena prefers a traditional one which works perfectly when used with the light touch of a woman. She advises adding a touch of flour to the base. Ern freaks, one never adds flour to a souffle! Lor knows it's not correct but it helps the souffle hold its shape. When Ern tries to correct her she confidently does her own thing. They banter a bit. The fans go crazy and are emailing in that they like it.

They pull the "souffles" which are in muffin tins out of the oven. Ern calls them muffins because they have flour in them. Lor says call them what you want but they'll come out of the pan easier. She proceeds to decapitate the first two muffins. Ern demonstrates how its done and he removes it perfectly. He suggests that maybe they are too hard due to the flour. He tastes it and pronounces it absolutely delicious, flour and all. Lor agrees, and the secret is a touch of flour. They both laugh as the show ends.

Looks like Sara is all dressed up to go do a number on Fafy. She calls Bruto who tells her to go hunt Fafy and not to let him escape.

The fans like Lorena, "The chef is good but the chick adds pepper to the program." The director invites her to be part of the show. More lame refusals from Lor and she finally agrees to think about it to Ern's great joy.

Julian grumpily goes home. Diana is surprised to see him.

Alonso goes to the clinic to see Zulema. La Doctora tells Al she really misses him and now that Bruto left she is short on doctors. Al is surprised to hear Bruto got another job.

Tori and Betina are out getting ice cream when Tori runs into Santiago. I finally figured out who this guy reminds me of, Sean Penn! Does anyone else see it? Santiago recognizes Tori and reminds him they went to prep school together.

Fafy Cuenca drones on about selling buildings and buying hotels, and caresses Sara, he loves her perfume. She can barely squeeze out what an interesting guy he is. He asks about her and she says she's a lonely person. How can that be, he asks, she's more brilliant than the sun! She makes him feel sorry for her because she's an orphan. She smirks when he sighs "pobrecita".

Santi coos over Bettina and tells Tori even though he doesn't have a granddaughter his life is full. He's the lacky of Fafy Cuenca who also went to school with them blah blah blah the same old crap, I don't need to repeat. Tori pretends to barely remember Fafy Cuenca but we soon find out he recalls him well. Tori gives Santi the brushoff and escapes with Bet.

Sara faces Fafy so she can show him her cleavage. She kisses his hand and says his protection would make her so happy. She loves him but she's suffered so much in her life. She's afraid to love him and then he'll leave her all alone, sniff sniff, better to not connect at all.

Tori tells Betina that he remembers Fafy Cuenca and he didn't like him. Fafy stole Tori's girlfriend of two years when they were in school. Betts thinks her gramps is a real lady's man what with all the old gals flocking around. She's sure Tori is way hotter than Fafy Cuenca now.

Fafy offers to take Sara to Australia. He says go ahead and pack your bags. She hugs him and gives the over-the-shoulder-ulterior-motive look.

Diana and Lor girl-talk about her stint on the show. Lor says it felt great cooking at Ern's side but she has her classes, etc. and doesn't have time for the show. Diana, who should be her agent, says screw everything else this is a super opportunity.

Next scene is in a tacky-looking living room. Figures, it's Greta's. Her voice bugs me and her boobs are everywhere. I don't really have a problem with her boobs and I know it's a treat for the guys, but I wish she would shut up. She's sarcastic to Omar, asks how is his new secretary, efficient? Omar says she's as cold as a wall, again did I mention how whipped he is? He says he's only happy when he's with her and he begs her to come back to him. His only happiness will be when she's with him. Regreta looks impactada.

Samuel calls Snorty and reports that Sara rented a room and was visited by a man. "Of course, because she's a..." snips Snorty. Samuel says Sara moved out abruptly and maybe she's with the guy.

Regreta bitches at Omar while wearing her super-low sweater. She'd be hot if she weren't such a bitch. What do they say? No matter how hot a babe is there's some guy somewhere who's tired of her s**t. Anyway, she tells Omar that she refuses to be his lover, the other woman. He begs her to understand, he's not free because Zulema's not dead. She rudely tells him if he wants to cry at the foot of his wife's bed until she dies that's his problem. Conveying bad news but doing so in a disrespectful, demeaning and accusatory way...Greta = asshole.

Rosy cries about Julian to Jaime and Maruja. He went home to his mami's house. She decides to try to call him and announces she's not meant to be a martyr.

Sara and Bruto open champagne, toast, swap bodily fluids and congratulate themselves. She tells him what a great job she did on Fafy by making him feel sorry for the poor little orphan girl. He's taking her away, too bad she has to boink him. But enough talk about Fafy, right now she wants to do it with Bruto, she's never done it with a "gay".

Santi tells Fafy that he ran into Toribio, Fafi doesn't remember Tori. Fafi tells Santi about Sara, she's a real sweetie. Santi says she's astute and probably wants to catch him and marry him. Fafy assures him but there isn't a woman born who can wed Fafy Cuenca.

Lor and Diana worry about where Julian is, he left early and there's no sign of him. Lor tells Diana he hasn't made up with Rosy because Rosy called looking for him. Dad isn't home either. Is he working late? Where are the weak, unreliable men of the household?

Maruja consoles Rosy because Julian is such a stubborn jerk. Maruja advises her to believe in him. Rossy cries some more.

Omar gets home late and is greeting by the accusing stares of his daughters. They complain to him about Julian's behavior, he lost his job and he's turning into an alcoholic. Julian staggers in on cue and whines that he can't go on while his mother is in a living hell, 'no puedo no puedo' is his mantra. His sisters tell him he's turning into an alcoholic. Omar yells and threatens to send him to rehab. Julian looks like he wants to barf.

Omar tells Julian he's ready to deploy intervention if Julian doesn't get his act together. He tells Julian to sleep it off and they'll discuss the subject tomorrow. Omar tells the girls he doesn't want to do it but he can do it if he has to.

Next morning Snorty tells Jaime she feels sick, she could hardly sign the papers for the sale of the house, and then she had to use all the money to pay off the debts and damages (of the food poisoning lawsuit I presume). She has nothing. Jaime tells her to be strong, they say once you've hit the bottom there's nowhere to go but up. Snorty says those people probably never fell from such a height. Snorty before: made people feel demeaned, didn't recognize her own employees, was a tyrant over those less powerful = asshole. Snorty now = reformed asshole.

Sara and Bruto pack their bags and discuss how repugnant the octegenarian is. Bruto reminds her Fafy is loaded. They leave separately so as not to arouse suspicion. After Bruto leaves Sara smiles, "Old lover, new life". Sara and Bruto = undeniable assholes.

Vasco brings flowers to Babs to celebrate her new executive position in the family biz. Pati works for Babs I guess and brings something to her. Pati and Vasco check each other out with stars in their eyes. Vasco nudges Babs until she introduces them. He tells her he works in ecology and she thinks it's nifty.

It's a doleful breakfast at casa pobre. Julian sits down to breakfast and Omar asks if he remembers their conversation from last night. It's enough to put Julian off his breakfast. The family confronts him with all their evidence, he lost his job, he left Rosy's house, he won't admit he has a drinking problem. Fine, he says, he'll give it up, he promises. Omar is confident he'll keep his word.

Snorty says her punishment is to lose her business but the good that's come out of it is her family has forgiven her. Then she says something truly insightful and touching, "They have forgiven me but they don't love me." She bitches about Sara, she'll make Sara pay for everything she did, even if it's the last thing she does in her life. I always get worried when characters use that exact phrase.

Ern tells the producer he knows Lorena won't accept his offer, he knows her well, they used to be novios. "Ah, that explains the chemistry" chuckles the producer. Ern tells him he'd be better off finding someone else. "Now more than ever I want that girl" the producer vows.

He calls Lor and tells her he wants to make her an offer she can't refuse.

Fafy is with Santi and Bruto. Fafy pats himself down and tells him he's making sure of the three "P's" that are necessary for every traveler, pasaporte, plata, y pasajero (passport, money, ticket). Sara arrives and Fafy tells her she's lovely, "Sydney waits for us". She corrects him, with him it's heaven that waits for her. Bruto looks on approvingly and tries to appear gay about it.

Pau and Greta play cards. Paula blabs on about her booming business of selling face cream to metrosexuals but Greta is out of sorts, she's all alone and wants cream to make her invisible. Pau suggests that Greta work with her and when she wins her own car she'll feel a lot better. All Greta wants is Omar and she's lost him forever.

Speaking of, he's weeping again at Zulema's bedside. Blah blah all they built up together and now she has abandoned him. He needs a woman. HIS woman! Asshole.

Back at the cooking show Ernesto is practicing. Celeste and the producer think he needs Lorena to pep things up. When she arrives they butter her up by showing her the fan mail. She tells them she's thought it over and she accepts!

Lorena shows up on set while Ern is practicing his show and gives him a big smile. He figures out she's on board with the show and rewards us with a bigger smile of his own. Que guapo!

Producer says Lorena agreed to be on the show, thank goodness because Ernesto was cooking like a Zombie. She jokes that sometime he is an ogre, ha ha. Producer is sure that Lorena will help make the show a huge success.

Lorena gets home and Julian is moping. She tells him he should be at Rosy's asking saying a thousand sorries. He says he doesn't have the face for it. She grabs his hand and tells him if he acts like a child she'll treat him like one, she's taking him home to Rosy's house.

Al walks along talking to himself, he's about to teach his first class and what if it's a disaster? No, can't think like that, take a deep breath and power on.

Lor tells Rossy that Julian wants to talk to her. He tells Rosy and Maru that he acted like an idiot and he's sorry. Rosy agrees they need to talk and she is very, but very, disillusioned with him.

Al arrives to class and is recognized by a student, he's fearful but the student tells Al he operated on his dad and saved his life. His dad is fine now and he thinks Al is an excellent surgeon. Al comments that he hopes he can be an excellent teacher. He proceeds with confidence to discuss the kidney.

Julian and Rossy make up and he promises to lay off the booze and look for work. Julian, realizing the world doesn't revolve around him = recovering asshole.

Jaime gets home and tells Lor and Maru that he took his ma to a hotel where she's going to live alone, what a shame. Santa Lorena volunteers her own house, golly gee as long as it's OK with dad.

Al instructs the class on the value of the kidneys, how they filter blood and how they eradicate residual chemicals from the body via urine. One weird student asks how many liters of urin does one pass in a day? Two liters, but in order to produce this quantity the kidneys process 200 liters of blood. Wow how fascinating, yawn. Is this supposed to mean something to us? Maybe it will lead to Zulema's cure or something.

Paula is on the phone with Greta, sounds like she's snagged her into the cosmetics business. She's happy and tells Toribio she's about to get promoted, she has more than 20 sellers under her, which is weird because I didn't know Paula knew 20 people. Whatever. They hope Al is as happy in his new career as she is in hers. Tori tells her he's nervous and he feels like he dropped Al off for his first day at kindergarten.

Over at Casa pobre Diana is telling Omar that she didn't have time to visit the clinic. Lor blasts in, she has news and they need to talk. She tells Omar that his ma is moving into a hotel, she thought maybe she could live there. Diana doesn't like the idea, it's one thing to forgive Snorty but another to let her move in with them. Lor thinks the house is too empty with Zuly and Julian gone. Omar replies it's not just his house, he doesn't mind but if Diana doesn't want Snorty there then he respects her opinion. Lorena scampers after him while Diana looks defeated.

Snorty is all packed and ready to go. As Augusta helps her down the stairs she dismally tells herself to be strong, but how can she be strong when faced with this? She earned her solitude, it's the beginning of the end.

Omar enters and tells her he wants her to live in his house with them. Looks like Lorena gets her way again.

Snorty hugs him and looks both sad and happy at the same time.

Vocabulary by JudyB:
panico escenico = stage fright
bloquée = frozen with fright (Patty)
le da el toque = gave it that special touch
cortarlo por lo sano= cut him short for goodness sakes! (Santiago going on and on)
salir ronchitas = breaking out in a rash (what happened to Lorena last time she was on the show
a se le pegó a uno como chicle= he'll stick to you like gum, be a real drag (Toribio talking about Santiago)
dinero mata carita= money overrides good looks( when it comes to women acc. to Toribio)
me fue de espaldas= I was astonished (Diana, talking about seeing Lorena on show)
no seas cabeza dura=don't be stubborn
fria como una pared=totally cold (I think you noted that one)
tengo derecho a darme mi lugar-I have a right to be respected
yo no sirvo para martir=I've no interest in being a martyr (Rossy)
para que le ponga un "hasta aqui"=for him (Omar) to set (Julian) straight
no hay mal que dura cien años= this will all blow over (Maruja comforting Rossy)
y por si acaso no estoy por sermones=just in case, I'm not up for any sermons (Julian to family)mañana cuando estes in tu juicio=tomorrow when you're sober (in your right mind), thinking straight etc.
pisandome los talones=dogging my heels (Hortensia about creditors)
lo de Rossy es asunto aparto= Rossy is another
matterella es mandona=she's bossy, she's a ball breakerme
sacó de orbita=another way of saying
me sacó des casillas=drove me nuts, made me lose it
me gané mi soledad a pulso= I "earned" my loneliness (deserved it...Hortensia)

Mañana - Omar reveals he has another woman. Lorena calls him a traitor. A whole bunch of short scenes flash by and it ends with Lorena at the hospital with both Alonso and Ernesto.


Fuego 10-30-2008 ''you never hear the anvil that hits you''

First let me begin with two disclosures:

First: PSA: I was off work today so I watched Muchacitas Como Tu. This is an Teen Novela, you know the four kickin beautiful very European looking Amigas. Anyway Ber from Fuego is making a guest appearance. He is shown holding a box of what appears to be candies. Need I say more? Pa & Ma lock the youngins up. Granted there are no waterfall pools but there are hot tubs aplenty.

Second: In Keeping with the political season…I have decided to add even more annoying adjectives to each person’s name as in my own “Beckster the Slacker”..yes this is a shout-out to formerly “Joe the Plumber”, now “Joe the Foreign Affairs Expert”.

Okay so we begin with Sofie the Suffering, telling Beaver the Clever, their romantic but ill fated history. What a freekin scam, would this not be the greatest thing ever? She tells the beautiful, I gave it up for you in the various locations we did the deed. However, Sofie leaves out the details about the time Juan took the whip beating from Gabi that was intended for Sofie, while four adult women stood there watching. The time Sofie took a midnight stroll through Rape Forest and then tortured Juan for a lengthy time. The time she took a tumble down the Hacienda steps and Juan stayed by her beside for days on end. She left out the breakfast in bed, cooking all the meals for her, the sponge baths, and worst of all moving back into the hacienda where her life had been threatened 452 times prior, while Juan repeatedly begged her to move to the Reyes house. Oh well small details.

Anyhow Juan is thrilled that such a smokin hot pale, wan, whining, bad dressing chica was once his love makin Nina. Juan swoops in for a small (very small Pablitio could do better) kiss. Sofie is secretly please but chastes Juan. He apologizes, like riding his horse and sweating into pan it is instinct.

Meanwhile back at the Hacienda Feo the Frustrated tells Gabi that Juan is free. This sends Gabi always the second best into drinking copious glasses of liquor. What if Juan remembers, what if they find out we nicked the kid, what if we go to jail, what if space aliens come through the roof of the hacienda, what if I run out of depends, what if the Mayans were right and the world does end in 2012. Finally Fer can take no more and tells her to STFU, her rattling on and on is going to give them away. The decide to take off for Pueblo & wait a day and see if Juan remembers anything.

“Sarita the socially conservative spinster” and “Jimena the vacant” run into “Oscar the Night Ranger” & “Franco the Used to Get Lucky”. The boyz tell the sisters that Juan is free. The girls especially Sarita the Nasty Annoying Sanctimonious Harpy, it totally unbelieving. How could Sofie let Juan go? Sarita has dreams of all three sisters living in the cabana, hating men until they die from dehydrated Souls.

Ximena plays hard to get with Oscar. Pleeeeeeeeeezzzzeeee
This is the bimbo that faked catatonia for a healthy period of time and gave it up for a crystal rose from the dollar store. Oscar asks her to go with him and get a civil marriage again. EGADS…Ximena had no idea they were divorced. Oscar tells her the tale of Ma taking her little limp paw and signing the paper. Ximena smacks him. How dare he, he didn’t not believe in their eternal, destined from heaven love. Yeh, beeotch, neither did you two minutes ago when you were playing hard to get. I guess Jimena is all upset cause she had sex with Oscar out of the blessed sanctity of marriage. Oh the sin, yes Jimena you are now destine to eons in purgatory for that sin, thus erasing all the good karma you had accumulated from lying on you ass faking catatonia. She stomps off.

Now then Franco is putting the moves on the sexless and extremely unappealing Sarita. He is all Rico Suave and tries to get her to go and civilly marry again. She retorts that she will never marry him again, thus removing any remaining chance she will ever have for loosing her virginity.

Seriously though only good virgin girls get to have awesome pin the tail on the donkey pinata parties, just think how awesome that next party will be. A huge pinata & at least thirty five candles on a big chocolate cake, not to mention maybe there will be clowns.

This little taming of the shrew scene, leads Franco to grabbing Sarita face, she relaxes and expects him to kiss her, when he doesn’t she asks why. He says he does not want to kiss her. Sarita kicks him in not one shin but both, then makes fun of him cause he says eeeewwww my patitos or little legs. Guess the humour of this raucous scene is lost in the retelling.

Juan runs off to tell “Pad Tad the ineffective” his happy love story. His nina told him their great story. He can hardly wait to find the kid and end Sofie’s suffering &world hunger and create peace in the middle east.
---Oppps sorry I forgot Juan went to talk to the midwife & she told him about the night the kid was born; Juan has come up with some theory about this that will lead to the truth, whatever the hell this was about I missed the details—he relays this nonsense to Tad---He also says the other day, Sofie told him the story. Apparently Juan does not recall the sun has to set and come up again before it is another day. Amnesia is awful disease.

Anyway I am forced to query—at this point if you were Juan the LameAss, wouldn’t you be all shades of pissed that Sofie, Sofie Sisters and so on, never bothered to look for the kid for at least 51 weeks out of 52?

Now over in the “La Tienda de CaCita”, the sisters plus Eva the painfully guilty for all that is bad on this earth, are milling about. Sarita the unwanted, is jumping Sofie’s Ass about freeing Juan. Sofie says she is convinced Juan is guiltless in the baby debacle. Sarita is furious, So what, that doesn’t matter, she just wants vengeance. Sofia is mad and leaves. Jimena tells Sarita to lighten up. They start talking about the boyz. It is like the girls bathroom in seventh grade. These asses are so sorry, like they just really put the boyz down, but hey that is cool cause they know the boyz will be back. Oh that is a given, what with th girls great looks, awesome family connections and all round pleasant personalities.

Demian the boring is sittling at his house thinking about his deep and incredibly, unbelievable misplaced love for Sofie the undeserving. Knock Knock Knock…why it is Gabi. I guess she had some time before vamoosing. She tells Demian that she is still orgasmic over the thought of him hooking up with Sofie. The name of Juan comes up. Demain tells Gabi that Juan seems like a stand-up guy. Gabi can’t believe Demian would say such a thing.

Ros comes in looking for Sofie. Eva tells her that Sofie just left. Ros is all nervous and chewing on her lips. Sarita & Jimena comment on Ros being so nervous and try to get her to talk. No she can’t she has to talk to Sofie. She then goes into a long winded diatribe about how happy she is to have been included in their little sisterly family unit.
(this is heavy handed anvil dropping about Ros’s demise)
They all end up joining hands and Ros once again tells Sarita that Franco loves on Sarita. Blah Blah Blah.

Now later that night, it is the Ginormous Ros show over at the The Bad Love Bar. She comes out and does a solo number, then one with her back up dancers. The horny drunken patrons go wild.
---In Fer’s office Armando is tearing it up looking for something—

In Ros’s room we get a camara wide angle shout, all the little things that mean so much to Ros..more foreshadowing. Ofelia comes in and lays the praise on. Ros & her radioactive hooters are too bid for this one burro town. No Ros must stay for the safety of her little Luisito. Here comes Luisito. Is this the same kid? I don’t think so cause he can actually speak words. Anyway, she loves him so much…The crowd calls for Ros, she doesn’t want to go. The little kid says he loves her. Crash there goes another anvil.

As Ros sings her patented BonBon song, we see Armando finally finding what he is looking for. The combination to Fer’s safe. Yeh Armando plans to steal the money and go somewhere where Fer will never find him.

Juan is home making pan, the two brothers stand on either side like bookends, thus keeping Juan from falling over and hitting his too big head. He tells them of his prior convo with Sofie the Suffering. The boys lament. Oscar says Jimena will never want to see him again.
--Oscar I beg to differ, Jimena likes getting her crystal rose watered, you will be in like Flynn.
Franco laughs that Sarita kicked him in both legs. Oh he likes her rugged behavior.
--Franco, in your way you are a bit of a babe, I would be happy to slap the crab out of you Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays. I really don’t have an inclination in that direction, but Dude if it makes you happy so be it.
Juan turns on his megawatt smile that goes along with his golly gee wide eyes and vows to find the kid & make it all up to Miss Suffering. Of course he does.

Ros comes in Fer’s office and finds Armando drinking. He tells her his plan to steal Fer’s money and run away. She asks him to take her along.
Say now I am rooting for these two crazy kids.

Sofie goes to tell “Gramps the Loco” that she pardoned Juan. Gramps like everyone on else says maybe Juan and Sofie will hook-up again. She denies that it could ever happen.
Demian stops by to beg Sofies love. Gramps leaves. Demian is pleading for her love. Of course Sofie says it can never be. Damn Demian is such a self loathing loser. They lean in for a kiss & Juan walks in.

The end.

Tomorrow Ros & Armando break in to safe, Ros finds Libia’s necklace and says Fer killed Libia.
Fer is downstairs…


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doña Bárbara - Wed., Oct. 29: Marisela looks for help at the shrine of the Virgin of the Tree Bark; Meanwhile everyone looks for Marisela

Marisela gets on her horse and rides away from El Miedo oblivious to Lorenzo who has driven there to get her.

DB tells Eustaquia that she is determined to use Marisela to regain Santos. Eustaquia is disgusted and says that DB is crazy.

When Juan Primito tells DB that Marisela left crying, DB realizes that Marisela overheard what she said to Eustaquia.

Santos and Cecilia go to see the woman who accused Antonio of rape, Matilda. He asks why she didn't report the crime earlier (the baby is a year old). The woman is uncooperative.

The Altamira vaqueros go to see Antonio and try to cheer him up with the news that Santos and Cecilia have gone to Pilar to try and help his case. But when Federica shows up, they all beat a hasty retreat.

Maria Nieves has fallen for Altagracia, one of the terneras. He can barely speak in her presence though and the other terneras enlist him to help them move furniture.

DB wonders what she should do when Marisela reveals what she said to Santos. She tells Eustaquia that her only hope is to marry Quitadolores. Eustaquia thinks that is a crazy idea and that Santos won't lift a finger to stop it.

Lorenzo returns to Altamira and tells everyone that Marisela ran away from El Miedo and might be in danger. Everyone agrees to go looking for her.

Meanwhile while riding furiously, Marisela has flashbacks to various evil things her mother did to her. She decides to go to the Virgen de la Corteza [Virgin of the Tree Bark] to ask for help for her and for Santos.

Santos goes to El Miedo to demand that DB tells him what she did to make Marisela run away. DB says that she didn't do anything. Santos says: "If anything happens to Marisela because of some harm you did to her, I swear you will regret it. I will hate you with the hatred that only a Luzardo knows how to do. You think you know my bad side[fiera, literally "wild beast]? You haven't seen anything."

Marisela runs into Don Incarnación. She convinces him that everyone at Altamira knows where she is and has no problem with her being so far from home near nightfall. He puts her on the right road to the Virgen de la Corteza and as she rides off, he says that the Altamira folks are not taking very good care of this girl.

A rattlesnake spooks Marisela's horse and she is thrown off landing face to face with the snake. She manages to grab it before it strikes and throws it away. Even though she has hurt her foot in the fall, she decides to continue to the Virgen. Then it starts to thunder and rain.

One of DB's rapists, Chepo, aka the Illuminado, gets hassled by the authorities in wherever he is and decides to hide out for a while in Progresso with his buddy, Quitadolores. Bad idea.

Don Encarnación comes to Altamira to tell Santos about his encounter with Marisela. The search moves to the site of the Virgen de la Corteza.

Juan Primito brings the news to El Miedo. He causes some confusion by initially reporting that Marisela is with the Virgin, which sounds like she is dead, but then he clarifies that he means she has gone to the Virgen de la Corteza.

Marisela finally finds the shrine where miraculously some candles are burning even though it's pouring rain. She kneels and prays. She says that she is asking for many things: first to help her father, let him laugh again and not go back to drinking. Then she prays that Santos doesn't fall into the hands of that viper [víbora], DB. "Don't let her do the same thing to Santos that she did to my father," she says, "Save him, Virgencita, because that woman is very bad and he is good and.. it's true, you know I love him so much and I don't want anything bad to happen to him. Protect him. Protect my Santitos."

Then she asks the Virgin to make Santos realize that she isn't a child but a woman and not to make her feel so lonely. She says she doesn't want to continue feeling this way.

Finally, she asks for a sign that the Virgin is with her and it arrives - Santos comes out of the fog and finds her. "My sign!" says Marisela.

She and Santos embrace.

DB watches with anger and frustration.

Meanwhile, Pernalete send Josefa to offer Antonio a choice - either he marries Federica or he rots in jail. He replies that he will never marry Federica.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

QE, Wednesday 10/29 (#91): I hope Mr. Roper didn't hear you, Bruno!

Picking up where Judy left off:

Sara shows up at the restaurant lookin' all spiffy. Fafy notices her right away and comments on her beauty. His pal twists all the way around in his chair to take a look and agree with Fafy. (Really, I don't know why he bothers looking... he's going to agree with Fafy anyway.) Bruno's like hey, what a coinkydink, I know her! Fafy wants to know how well he knows her. "Oh, she was completely at my mercy... I gave her an endoscopy! Ahahahaha!" Funny Fafy jokes that if he'd known he only had to become a doctor to meet a chick like that, he'd have saved millions in gifts. Ahahahaha!!! Those scamps! Friend of Fafy (FoF) thinks she's worth a string of pearls. (FF seems good at agreeing with Fafy without really adding anything to the conversation.)

Fafy wants to ask her over for a drink. Bruno acts reluctant. Fafy doesn't understand why, and asks Bruno if he prefers another type - redheads? Asians? Bruno tells Fafy not to eat saturated fats (whatever the appetizer is). Fafy agrees to give up that pleasure for his health, but not "the other" (i.e. dames). He again suggests that Bruno invite Sara over.

Diana tells Lorena she has recurring nightmares about being beaten by Bruno. Lorena offers to help her find a specialist or support group, because she shouldn't have to live in fear or lose Vasco over this.

Bruno tells Sara that their mark is ready for the hook (anzuelo). She'll beg off, saying she's waiting for a friend. FoF suggests that Fafy should approach her himself instead of having Bruno do it, but Fafy wants to wait and see what her "friend," i.e. Fafy's rival, looks like to get a better idea of what she likes. "They all like wallets," FoF suggests. (I wonder how much Fafy pays this guy for his witty wit?)

Fafy offers Bruno a job as his personal physician to accompany him on all his travels. He offers him 20,000 Euros per month (that's US$25,684) plus travel expenses. Bruno accepts. He just wants a few days to settle things at the hospital.

Vasco mopes at home. Barb doesn't get why Diana shot him down. She says she's come to like Diana and Saul, but it's been a whole WEEK now and she thinks that's enough. (Really, Barb? How long has Chalo been dead? Why haven't you replaced him yet? Slacker!) She recites that old dicho about using one nail to drive out another nail. At least give it a try. He says he'll concentrate on work for a while and he'll put on a dopey grin so as to avoid her lectures.

She tells him she's going to get a job with Jaime and Maruja. He reacts with grumpy skepticism.

Sara's friend has not shown up for dinner. (Fafy doesn't know that Sara has no friends.) He can't resist the thrill of the chase and announces to FoF and Bruno that he's going to make his move. He approaches her table and she rebuffs him. "I don't know you." (I think it'd be much funnier if she asked him to get her a glass of water and a clean napkin, but Sara has no sense of humor.) He introduces himself and isn't deterred when she says she's waiting for an amiga. He mentions Bruno and asks her to let them keep her company until her friend shows up. Sara won't even agree to tell Fafy her name.

Watching from a distance, FoF comments that times sure have changed; Fafy used to date movie stars. Bruno gets a call (not sure who from) and excuses himself and calls Sara. He tells her about the deal he made with Fafy and says it's her turn. Sara pretends her friend is canceling their dinner. Fafy says great, it's destiny! Now we can have that drink! She says no, she's leaving. But then she feels woozy; Bruno comes running and says her pulse is fast. (FF asks if she's pregnant!) Now she has no choice but to hang around at the restaurant for a while.

Alonso mopes. Toribio tells him to go out with friends or something. "I don't have any friends." Tori says he should hang out with coworkers; he always got along with Valeria. Slow says she's long gone. Tori suggests calling her - he'll even call her himself, if Slow gives him the number. Slow doesn't want to bother her. Tori says friendship isn't a bother. Alonso ignores this and plods back to bed.

Fafy regales Bruno and Sara with colorful anecdotes from his past. Sara pretends to be impressed. Fafy tells Sara that the secret of success is being in the right place at the right time. (SNORE!) With this, Sara's ready to leave. When she's gone, Fafy asks if Bruno doesn't think she's attractive. Bruno prepares Fafy for a shocking revelation: he's gay! FoF exclaims in surprise. Bruno gives FoF what I would SWEAR is supposed to be a coquettish look. FoF says the word "gay" is a lot nicer than the words they used in his day. (Something tells me he heard those words frequently.)

Bruno says it won't be easy to win Sara over. Fafy says he plays to win.

Lorena tells Diana of a support group for battered wives that she found out about online, and it's a government program so it won't cost anything. They can go early tomorrow, if Diana wants. Diana says she'll go by herself.

Sara and Bruno gloat at home about how well it went tonight. They're particularly delighted with his ingenious idea to be gay, so that Fafy won't see him as a threat when Bruno and Sara travel with him and they can get it on behind his back without him suspecting a thing. He kisses her and she protests, "you don't like girls!" "I only like one." He warns her not to sing victory just yet; the old guy's no fool. She says he can be the madrina at their wedding. Now he's super-horny and eager to explore his strange new sexuality... with Sara.

Rosy is on the phone with Julian. He complains that she's treating him like a child. She tells her mother they'll end up doing their second honeymoon at Alcoholics Anonymous. Lorena, Diana, Jaime, Paty, and Felipe show up for the meeting. Felipe is the guy that Lorena and Rosy met when they applied for jobs at the restaurant, many moons ago. He says he quit the restaurant because Monica's worse than ever, so now he's working for Maruja. Then Barb shows up and offers her services as a PR person. She's got lots of rich friends who will all end up doing their banquets with this new company. (Rosy complains to Paty and Diana and Lorena that she doesn't the idea of her mother working with her new husband's ex-wife.)

Greta shows up at Paula's to whine that she broke up with Omar and quit her job. She admits it was all a game at first, but now she can't live without him. Paula suspects Greta of trying to get Omar to miss her. Greta accuses her of thinking the worst of her. Paula is more sympathetic to Omar's problem with his wife and advises Greta to leave him be. She also offers Greta a job selling makeup.

Toribio went to the university to look for a new job for Alonso. Tori's got lots of contacts there, so the job's practically his. In fact there are two faculty jobs - one in medicine and the other in psychology. Of course, Alonso takes all of this in the worst way possible and says he can't teach classes when he's a total wreck. Tori grows impatient with Alonso's attitude; to get one of these jobs, all he has to do is show up.

Snorty is offended when the lawyer says he couldn't find any proof to accuse Sara of attempted murder and maybe Snorty should just let it be. Snorty replies that it's very easy for him to say that because Sara didn't try to kill him twice! She's lost everything! She says if he can't help her, she'll find someone who can. She tells herself that if the law won't take care of Sara, she'll do it on her own.

Sara takes a call from Fafy at home and says she's not sure she wants to go out with him. (Does she really think she's the first gold-digger to ever play hard-to-get with this guy? It might make him more determined to get her in the sack, but married?) Then she immediately says oh all right, I'll go out with you, but don't send a limo, I'll arrive on my own.

She explains to Bruno she doesn't want him to see where she lives; she is a Lady! He says she's a Lady, and he's a Gay. More kinky Lady-on-Gay sex!

Snorty calls Samuel Armengol. He's all mysterious and shadowy, just a silhouette in front of a window. Evidently they've done business before - he says she's given him the best-paying jobs of his life. It sounds like a few were shady. She's got one more for him. She needs him to hunt down a nasty little snake.

The cooking show has been getting complaints from men whose wives have crushes on Ernesto. They'd like to see Ernesto with a female sidekick so that they can watch the show with their wives. Ern jokingly suggests a star of his own magnitude, such as Salma Hayek or Thalia. Celeste (the floor manager? Whatever her job is) asks about his friend Jimena. Ern says she can't boil water without burning it. The producer wants a girl who's cute but won't take attention away from his cooking. Celeste suggests that they get someone from the cooking school.

The dean of the school is glad that they're not holding the Sara incident against them. She thinks Lorena would be perfect, but given her relationship with Lorena, it might look bad. Instead, she picks Paty. Lorena is excited for her, but Paty's very nervous and begs Lorena to go to the studio with her for moral support.

Omar is feeling guilty about Zulema. He and Diana talk about how it's getting harder to be hopeful.

Julian tells Rosy he quit his job so she no longer has to worry about him getting fired. She's heartbroken that he cares so little about their future together. She scolds him. Then Maruja comes in and scolds him and he storms out. Rosy scolds Maruja for scolding him, which he'll use as an excuse to drink. Maruja tells Jaime she shouldn't have meddled.

Tori tells Paula and Beti that he's hopeful; Alonso washed and dressed this morning. Alonso comes home and says he got accepted for both jobs. I think he says he took them both, so he'll be teaching two classes. Yay, everyone's happy.

Sara shows up for her hot date with Fafy. The restaurant's empty because Fafy reserved the entire place. He gives her a necklace with giant diamonds and apologizes that they're so dull compared with her beauty. She says she can't accept it, but it probably rings false since she can't stop touching the diamonds. He says it's a magical night and anything goes. They eat, drink, dance, and go up to his room. She seems to shudder in dread as she puts down her purse.

He starts groping her, and she pulls away and says this has never happened to her before. Aha, he'll be glad to be her first! She says no, she's not innocent, it's just... no one has ever treated her the way he has! She feels like a princess! He begs forgiveness - he meant to treat her like a queen! He starts kissing her again, and she reminds herself to think about jewels, fancy cars, yachts... we go to commercial and I'm thinking that Fafy's probably finished by the time we come back.

Congratulations, Sara, you're now officially a whore.

Snorty's shadowy friend Sam comes to Snorty's office (no longer in shadows). He's interested in finding "that woman." Snorty says don't just find her - do away with her. All of her recent misfortune is due to one person, and she's going to pay in the worst possible way. Snorty will spend her every last peso and effort on getting even.

Now, the stunner: she tells Sam that 22 years ago, his late father helped her do something terrible. Oh darn, end of scene, I was hoping to hear more! I mean, I know this is about stealing the baby, but I wanted to know what Sam's dad's part in it was.

Admiring the necklace, Bruno asks Sara, "how bad was it?" She's silent for a moment, then says it was unbearable. He reminds her to focus on the money. She complains that Fafy's old and icky. She doesn't know what he was like a long time ago or how many women he's seduced, she doesn't care, it was like making love to a mummy! Worst of all, he thought he was being seductive... yuck... she doesn't want to remember. He tells her she'd better keep faking or all will be shot to hell. She says of course she will, but she was wanting to run away right from the very first kiss. Bruno thinks this guy won't last very long. He thinks Sara has the "experience" to make him go crazy for her.

She's not so sure. He didn't say anything about taking her on a trip or even seeing her again. Bruno thinks the necklace is proof of something. I think he's seen too many romantic comedies about hookers and doesn't realize that Fafy can hand out diamond necklaces the way second-graders can hand out candy rings. Sara suspects the same thing. Bruno says she can't feel defeated when the battle's just beginning. She thinks that's easy for him to say, he's already got his deal for 20K a month. Bruno tells Sara that Fafy's a goldmine and they can't let him get away.

Paty and Lorena go to the studio. Celeste predicts a viewership in the hundreds of thousands - maybe even a million or a little more. This just makes Paty more nervous. Celeste sends Paty in for hair and makeup and says it'll go faster if Lorena doesn't come with.

Rosy throws cold water on Julian and tells him to look for a job. She throws a shirt at him and tells him he's not going to be mooching off of her. He says he's not a mandilón (wuss?) who takes orders from the little woman. She screams at him as he flops on the bed.

Paty is still nervous, and when she gets nervous, apparently she gets hoarse. Ern says they'll make something easy, like the shrimp souffle they made in class. Great - evidently that was her only bad dish in class. Her voice is getting raspy.

Rosy tells Maru and Jaime about Julian going back to bed. Maru goes in to read him the riot act. She calls him a disrespectful slob. He says nothing matters to him since his mother's "gone." Maru says they're all suffering over it, but they can't drown their sorrows in alcohol. This isn't sinking through his thick, sloshy skull, so Julian comes in to talk to him man-to-man. Rosy tells her mother she's running out of patience. She takes off her ring and mentions divorce.

Paty is way too scared to be on the air. She's shaking and her voice is just a terrified thin rasp. Five minutes to air! Paty freaks out and says she can't do it. She thinks Lorena should do it instead. Ernesto thinks that would be a great idea except how are they going to get Lorena over here now? "She's here! She came with me!" Paty squeaks. Ern is stunned. He asks Lorena to do the show. Lorena is stunned.

Mexico airdate: 15 de septiembre
Next time: It looks like Lore and Ern will be makin' bacon, or at least a shrimp souffle, in front of a million people. Will Alonso be one of them?


Fuego, Wed., Oct. 29: Avoiding 7-10 in the state pen.--without Court time and processing fees.

Buenas noches a todos.

Sofia’s barely swaggering along as she leans on the walls of Brigadoom for shoulders to cry on. It's pretty sad when your only friends are brick walls and lace handkerchiefs. Sofia! Get your ass in gear, girl. Didn’t you know that you’re the talk of the town? So embarrassing. I'd be embarrassed, too, if my daughter resembled the center-fold from the 1852 Farmer's Almanac. What do you expect, mother, Juan just told me that he never loved/knew me. I guess I put myself through all this pain and suffering, and I sure deserve it, I deserve it all. I’d say she’s at a breaking point, but her whole life has been a breaking point. Gabi’s amused by Sofia’s own sense of worthlessness and says to herself; now I only have to knock off Oscar and Franco, just like I knocked off their daddy. Just like their daddy knocked her up, and then probably knocked her around…

You know, this whole “Barrancas” thing they have going on looks more like a spa getaway than a primitive, former witch-craft haven. For instance, the private “suites” are lined up in a row, there are light fixtures, people are reading, and there’s live entertainment nearly every evening. Speaking of a freak show; Oscar and Franco pay a visit to the mayor/concierge. Here, the guy tells the boys that he’s sure that Juan came to the village without a brain in his head or a hope in his heart, and he’s willing to testify that to a judge. That will certainly contrast the former Juan to the new one.

Juan lies in his prison bunk trying desperately to remember what he ate for dinner, but it’s just not coming to him. Suddenly a flashback of that fateful rainy night in which he fell off the giant waterfall appears in his head. Just then Fernie raises his head to the camera, but Juan almost falls out of his bunk and is awoken. I remembered! I remembered! Juan looks to the ever-full moon for an answer. No answer. Who was that man? Damn it!

Babe Doctor (does she have a name?) makes an unauthorized visit to Sofia’s house. She wants to talk about Juan, but Sofia tells her to butt the hell out because she doesn’t talk about her personal life, if that’s what you can call the fiasco she leads, with girls who are prettier than her, or girls who shacked up with the man she rolled around in the hay with. All animosity aside, Babe Doctor tells Sofia that she shouldn’t get her panties in a twist because if Juan says he didn’t steal her kid, than he didn’t steal her. After all, she loved/lived with the guy for over a year, or so I hear (which amazes me to this day). What’s more, the Babe Doctor used to hear him say “mi niña” in his sleep, which obviously means he loves Sofia.

So the police chief, who’s supposed to be the guy who pulls some illegal strings so that Juan can stick around, tells Juan it’s off to the big house. Well, city life will certainly to Juan some good; he’ll have access to indoor plumbing, radios, razors, and what’s more, he can shower and be naked with all the naked men his little heart desires.

Basically Sofia continues with the frigid-bitch routine and Babe (I renamed her) desperately beats a dead, black horse. Sofia’s never going to forgive Juan, and Juan’s never going to rest, so I guess both will be miserable.

The drums beat and Juan is marched down the jail corridor where two inmates say that they are sure that Fernie is behind all this (thank you, Captain Obvious). What warms my heart most is the protest group that Quinti has organized outside the jail house. Quinti, please let the guy do his job; voting for someone’s innocence is not democracy in action. Not so fast! Enter Oscar and Franco on horseback. You will not take my brother! The crowd goes wild. Then arrives the mayor of the Barrancas. Juan is innocent, I should know because I know his soul. I knew that place was just a front for other sorts of behavior. Well, it just goes to show you that if you assemble a crowd, gather testimonies from lovers and family members, and yell louder than the guy in charge, you, too, can avoid 7-10 in the state pen.—without court time and processing fees.

Dr. Nestor (I renamed him, too) visits Sofia to try to convince her that Juan is innocent. The thing I don’t understand is why everyone is so excited about visiting Sofia and saving her relationship with Juan. She’s a bitch, and Juan’s a moron; I guess they do have a certain trashy appeal, but save it for reality television. If it’s any consolation, my daughter said that Juan never made a pass at her, and she always had to light the flame between the two. But how do you explain Juan’s saying that he doesn’t know who I am? Oh my God; I watch this show once a week, and I even know that he has/had amnesia. Sofia reflects for a second and then realizes that Juan has never lied. Now she’s the one with amnesia because she forgot about the time he lied about getting revenge on her and her family, or the time he said Libia was his pet flower.

So all’s well that end’s well, or at least that’s the general consensus over at police headquarters. The mayor’s touching statement mixed with Oscar’s “yeahs” and “that’s rights” let Juan off the hook. But don’t get any ideas, the sheriff was just doing his job; no one in Mexico can go to prison unless it is completely certain that they are guilty. Bull Shit! The real law is: guilty until proven innocent. Stop trying to rewrite the legal system, FELS producers.

Fernie slithers in and wants to know why Juan is free. Juan tells him that he knows him from a dream, but doesn’t quite know who he is. Anyway, he still feels a natural urge to get up in his face and yell. After Fernie slipped the sheriff a few Benjamins he changed his mind, and wants Juan back behind bars. Of course, Sofia stops by the jail, and now she’s not so sure that Juan was responsible for anything. Fine time to completely change your mind. By the way, how do you even get out of bed in the morning? She officially retires all charges, and asks for Juan to go free. Oh my stars…

Then some village lady shows up to provide her personal speculations about Juan being the baby snatcher, but like Sofia, she doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not. However, she saw a guy dressed like Juan on a black horse. Fernie is now convinced that it was Juan. What do you mean? Everyone dresses like Juan! Didn’t you know that he is the largest trend setter this side of the pacific? Well, that’s enough for Sofia and she’s convinced that it WASN’T Juan! I now declare Sofia to be the official village idiot. Fernie’s disappointed that she stopped worrying about her daughter. Confused as ever, she withdrawals her charges, if nothing else, now she can have a reason to argue with her mother and Fernie.

Apparently Gabi has taken an interest in Vatican-sponsored orphanages, so much so that the local nuns hold up babies and Gabi blesses them by buying them fire engines and playing with their arms. Padre Tadeo isn’t buying it, and wants to know why she’s really there. Uh, I don’t have to explain anything to you. Didn’t you know that she has always been a pious and caring woman? Damn cynic.

Awkward. Juan walks in on Sofiia as she was crying. He wants to talk, but she doesn’t. They never had an important place to talk before, and now they don’t have one, so why talk? Juan assures her that they did have a special place, but how the hell would he know? Do you know your way around town? Well, she walks around the woods at night, so I’d like to think she knows how to get home.

Over at the Striptease House of Fernie Armando has something to tell Rosie, but seeing that Fernie is peeping in on the conversation Armando decides to beat Rosie a couple of times on the head. What's wrong with him? Oh, haha, it's a joke! Rosie sees the humor and understands that Armando did it to protect their secret relationship from Fernie. Armando's good, but not that good, and so Fernie summons him to his office and smacks him around some. There's only so much Armando can take of this, and that's why Rosie better get the hell out of there. By the bye, why is she still employed there? I guess old habits die hard.

So our reunited acquaintances are “talking,” but it's nothing serious (is it ever?); Sofia says that there isn’t anything between them anymore. Juan insists to hear about their marvelous love; however, I don’t remember it ever being marvelous. Either way, she gets excited and decides to tell him about it. But she’s only going to say it once, so listen good. Montage of all the times they met in secret. Wow, the best thing Juan ever did was finding that razor. Just pretend that Sofia had the mental capacity to articulate all those emotions and events we just saw pathetically thrown together and accompanied by some Vicente Fernandez song. After this, Juan gets all excited—just like the time in the barn. Now his memory is in full swing, and he decides that he loves her more than ever. He goes for the kiss, but SMACK! Can’t you understand that there’s too much pain in our lives? It’s over for ever. This whole scenario brings me to a question; if a man has no recollection of a relationship and a woman refuses to acknowledge said relationship, did it ever happen? All hypothetical relationships aside, Sofia is, without a doubt, the most bipolar character on this show. Though, I must say, she is staying true to her life’s theme: self-infliction of emotional pain. I won’t be surprised if she starts beating herself with a horse whip.

Tomorrow: Gabi is about to shit a cow when she finds out that Juan is free. “What if they find out that YOU [Fernie] stole the baby?” “Well, pack your bags, sweetheart, we’re gettin’ out of here!”


Cuidado con el Angel, October 29, 2008

We start off with a recap of JM confessing his love for Marichuy. He leans in for a kiss and she runs off. He finds her outside and asks her to listen to him. "Do you not care for me the way I care for you?" asks JM. When Marichuy does not respond he goes on to ask "I care for you like a woman, can you understand that?". Marichuy gets all nervous and says this cannot be. She's afraid. He responds by saying that you hug me. Do I not stir fellings in you? Do you not find me attractive? (I say who the heck doesn't) She responds that everytime someone kisses her she goes all apesh(t on there ass. JM asks her last night when I kissed you, did you want to kill me? Do you want to try it again? As he leans in for a kiss, Estephania claps and says how romantic. You a proving what I have suspected that you are lovers. She gets all sarcastic and bitchy and MC runs inside. JM tries to stop her, but Estephania yells let her go.

MC runs into her room and tells the dog that they will now not be leaving the house and as she lays down on her bed, she recalls JM telling her that he loves her.

Outside Estephania tells JM that you cannot except anything good from her. Although your behavior surprises me. How can you be with her? He responds by saying that it is not what you think. "I saw you! You cannot deny it! yells Estephania. "What would Onelia say when she finds out?"

Adrian goes to see the Padre to find out if JM got thru to Marichuy and if he is winning. Padre tells him to forget about Marichuy. It ain't going to happen buddy.

Back at JM's, Estephania is all calling him "mi amor" and asks what would happen if her family found out about what was going on. She goes on to say that she is a decent woman (yeah right) from a good family and that she will forgive him, but Marichuy must leave the house first thing in the morning.

Viv and Leticia are on the couch talking and waiting for Leti's husband to come home. In walks hubby who asks her if she has taken her medication. Viv gets introduced to Leti's husband in which she then looks like she is very interested. (hoochie)

Marichuy is laying in bed talking to the dog about what JM told her. She's afraid. She likes him and possibly in love too.

Marichuy and Cande are talking in her bedroom. She tells Cande that JM says that he cares for her. Cande misunderstands and says of course he does. Marichuy says no the other way. Cande is like what other way. Marichuy says like a woman. He kissed me the other night. "Where? On the cheek? No on the mouth responds Marichuy in which Cande then faints.

JM informs Onelia that she can no longer offend Marichuy and from now she must show her some respect. When Onelia says why would she, JM tells her that he will be marrying her. Onelia says that will not happen. She will not let that happen. (who the heck does she think she is? If I was JM I would be like "She-devil do you pay rent or any bills in this house? Don't be telling me what to do)

Back in Marichuy's room, Cande asks why he kissed her. Because he says he loves me. She says some more things which I cannot understand and says that she has to leave the house. Cande is in agreement.

Back in Madrid Viv, Leti, Gustavo (Leti's man) and brother-in-law are talking. Gustavo reprimands Leti for not taking her medication on time. She defends herself by saying that with Viv coming it slipped her mind. Viv assures Gustavo that while she is here, she will make sure that Leti takes her meds on time.

Onelia calls Estephania to tell her that JM is going to marry Marichuy. Estephania looks muy impactada. Onelia will not let it happen and not to tell JM that she told her. Isa asks what is wrong when she gets off the phone and Estephania tells her that JM is going to marry Marichuy. Isa will not lie down and take this. They will figure out what to do about it.

Marichuy and Cande have packed up all her belongings and she looks at her room for the last time. Cande comes across Onelia in the hallway and Onelia asks what she is stealing. Marichuy comes up to them and asks what is going on. Cande says that Onelia is accusing her of stealing. Marichuy and Onelia start arguing. Onelia yells for them to leave and fires Onelia from laundry services. Marichuy asks who are you? Onelia responds that she is the owner and lady of the house. They keep yelling and Onelia yells "Enough! Get out!".

Estephania goes crying to her dad and tells him that JM no longer wants to marry her.

Outside in the driveway, Marichuy and Cande are talking. Marichuy remembers that she forgot something in her room and runs back to the house. As she leaves Adrian walks up to Cande.

Back at the Valares house, Estephania is saying that all the invitations have gone out and the dress is bought. Patricio asks why does he not want to marry her. Because JM and Marichuy are lovers responses Estephania. She says he cannot do this to me and asks Patricio to talk to JM.

Adrian asks Cande what is going on. Cande tells Adrian that JM brought Marichuy to live here not to help her or mentor her but for other things. "What things?"asks Adrian. Cande is like dude think about what other things mean.

Marichuy is seen pulling out a picture of JM from under her pillow. She still thinks JM will marry Estephania even after telling her he loves her.

Adrian runs into the house looking for JM. The maid informs him that JM is in the library. Adrian bursts into the library and says that he knows what JM has done to Marichuy. Adrian says how can you take advantage of an innocent? Do you not think that she has anyone to defend her? Well I will and pushes JM and yells defend yourself but JM says he will not do it. Marichuy runs up to Cande and finds out that Adrian is in the house. As she walks into the library Adrian punches JM. Marichuy asks Adrian what is going on.

Viv comes down to eat breakfast and wonders where Leti is. Although she comes down in an inapproiate gown. hoochie.

Back in the library Marichuy asks Adrian whats your beef? Adrian says that he falls in love with you and kisses you. Marichuy interrupts saying that you kiss me and told me that there is nothing wrong with that. Adrian asks "All he did was kiss you"? Cande in the background looking guilty.

Viv hitting on Gustavo.

Marichuy keeps yelling at Adrian and he turns around and asks Cande that is not what she told me. "Well in that case you can stay here Marichuy" responds Cande and hands her her belongings and leaves with Adrian. Marichuy touches JM face and asks him if he is okay. Yes he responds and then asks her why she wanted to leave. Marichuy says once Estephania comes to live here, I will have to leave. JM informs Marichuy that Estephania will not be coming to live in the castle. Because I love you and want to marry you.

JM asks Marichuy why are you so sad? (i think that is what he said) I am asking you to be my wife. Marichuy says even after I told you what happened to me? He says to try and forget about it and that he will help her to. As Marichuy protests, JM asks what do you feel for me. Do you care for me? Do you still care for Adrian? He is your boyfriend. Marichuy informs JM that Adrian never was.

More waterworks at the Valares house.

Marichuy tells JM that he only said that to protect her and to be able to see her. I think of him like a brother. JM wants to know in what way does she care for him in which she says she does not know. JM reminds Marichuy that they never got to find out last night how she would respond to his kisses. He leans in and kisses her. :)

In the hallway Patricio tells the maid to get JM. Marichuy gets nervous when she finds out that Patricio is wanting to see JM and tells him that she did nothing wrong. She runs into Patricio as she leaves the library. He gives her a dirty look and she runs up to her room. JM and Patricio go into the livingroom and Patricio asks what is going on with you and Estephania. I will not let you just discard her. JM firmly tells Patricio that he will marry Marichuy because he loves her.

Tomorrow: JM gets shot.


El Cuerpo del Deseo, Wed., Oct. 29 - PJ/S keeps his chauffeur job and there is rejoicing and gnashing of teeth

Isabel tells PJ/S that she has to fire him because if Andrés ever finds them together, he is capable of anything. PJ/S asks if she is afraid for herself or for him. "What do you think?" she responds.

Walter is so happy at the news that PJ/S is fired, he almost hugs Andrés.

Andres finds Isabel crying. He asks if she is crying for PJ/S. Isabel says that she is crying in frustration for all the things he has made her do. If she has made him happy this time, he should enjoy it, it will be the last time.

Angela and rest of the staff are devastated at the thought of losing PJ/S. He says that their display of affection is more important that what happens to him.

Angela tells Andres that she is hiring PJ/S to work just for her. Rebeca is pleased to hear that PJ/S will still be around.

There is much rejoicing that PJ/S hasn't been fired.

PJ/S tells Angela that her father would be proud of her standing up to Andres and Isabel. Angela says that being with PJ/S is like being with her father. PJ/S says that he will never abandon her.

The landlord brings his thugs to throw Gaetana off his property. PJ/S defeats both of them with his martial arts moves and the landlord agrees to leave them alone and not collect the rent for one year.

Gaetana is ecstatic that she can run her business without fear. She tells PJ/S how much she needs his support.

Too much motion to get a good shot of PJ/S in his white jogging suit and impressing Camilo with his stamina.

PJ/S tries to discourage Rebeca's advances.

PJ/S sees Isabel and she gets the smouldering look.


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