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Tontas Thurs 1/29 - Never leave the door open

We left our adorable plastic doctor face-down in back of a truck getting arrested by Metro Police, "I'm not a thief, I'm a plastic surgeon!" he whimpers.

Over at the restaurant Sven and Ole are eating the romantic meal of birria that Lulu prepared for Meño. She cries on Charly's shoulder that she and Meño are in love and she prepared the meal to declare her feelings to him but there are difficulties.

Santi's lawyer has managed to get Santi out of jail and his only injuries are a sore shoulder and a broken ego. He performs a rapid-fire recreation of the crimes against him and tries to call Candy from the police phone.

Instead of answering Candy prefers to recall numerous scenes where Santi was very sweet and romantic to her. Kissing, crying, eating palomitas late at night, dancing romantically under the stars. She hangs out at the playground and weeps; she's got it bad folks.

Lalo visits the institute to argue with Chayo, he's been looking everywhere for her, where has she been staying? She whips out her pillow and blankie and plops herself on the couch in the waiting room. Lalo begs her to come home, "I've been a fool, I miss you so much" he cries, a lone tear running down his cheek as they embrace. Crocodiles cry too.

Santi finds Candy and tells her why he stood her up. Candy's got news too, she's in love with Patricio. He glares, she glares, he glares. Santi doesn't believe her, she's in love with him. "What do you care," she asks, "you're getting married and Santiago Junior's on the way, right?"

Lucia and her gal pal swap tales about their first time doing it, they had to shut their eyes. Whatever. The friend asks if Lucia used a condom and calls her a dummy for not using one. Next time a condom, OK? I fear it may be too late for our Lucia.

Charly finds Meño in the kitchen and scolds his dad for standing Lulu up. Meño was busy buying fruit. (The irony of it all.) Charly tells his dad he acts kind of gay but luckily he knows he's all man. Meño tries to act macho...dressed in his pink shirt and lime green apron, doesn't quite work.

Back at the institute Ceci pops in to tell Candy how glad she is she's finally broken it off with Santi. When queried Ceci admits to being in love with "someone". Chayo intrudes and excitedly reveals she's going back home. Candy is surprised to hear she's been bunking at work.

In a heated exchange Gregoria reveals to Alicia that Chava is Patricio's son. Alicia breaks down in tears as Greg tells her to stop being a child and try to forget Candy exists, it's the only way that they'll both be happy. Now she has to go pick up the kid from pediatrics. (Uh oh.)

The ladies of the institute gather to congratulate Marissa on the baby but first a big hand for the one who provided the seed. (heh) Candy hands Santi a bag and pulls out a baby's outfit for the mini America fanatic. She hands him a tiny skirt in case it's a girl. Santi flashes back to a similar scene with Paulina, ah he was so optimistic back then. Marissa thinks it's an adorable little outfit although she's a Yankee's fan. Que??? Candy's look says it all, Marissa is a Yankee's fan and therefore all wrong for the futbol loving Santiago.

Back at his office Santi catches Lalo reading Candy's recent article. How could he read such bull? (Even though he says Candy is muy simpatica for buying the little America outfit.) Candy's article has converted Lalo and he is now very sensitive to the pain he has caused Chayo. They discuss ways to win her back and suddenly Lalo jumps up, he has an idea!

Boring scene at the institute where the new client Gloomy Rita discusses her life, she got married young, her kids are grown, nobody needs her, yada yada yada. Babs pronounces this is the reason behind Rita's depression. They all decide Rita needs to find a project that is hers and hers alone so that she will feel important. Oh, were it that easy to cure depression.

Gregoria goes to pick Chava up at the doctor's. She tells doc she had three kids and she knows his chronic fever and nosebleeds aren't normal so what's up? Doc tells her not to panic, he wants to run some tests on Chava. He pointedly notes that he has known Candy since Chava was born and he knows Chava is her life. Oh dear.

Pato's studying up on high end jewelry when Alicia shows up in a superhot red dress. (Why did she want plastic surgery?) They have an incredibly weird conversation where she tells him she's jealous that he has a son and she's jealous at the thought of all the little Patos that might be running around out there. He assures her except for that one little time he always used protection. She plays her hand, she wants a kid with him. She chews on his ear which explains why one is pointier than the other. He's so excited at the thought of having another kid that he says let's start now. They boink on the chair. No wait, he sees the sign on his open door "Never leave the door open because you don't know who can enter", how true in more ways than one. He shuts the door and they boink on the desk.

Lalo interrupts Chayo at work to give her a huge bouquet of roses. After he leaves she starts ripping their little red flowery heads off and angrily mutters he brought the flowers because he's not going to come home. Hmmmph, recidivist.

Candy has a flashback to when she told a toddler Chava that he would grow up big and strong to be president of Las Chivas.

The kindly doctor examines Chava and decides they need to take a little blood. Alone with Gregoria he lists Chava's symptoms, sweating, fever, nosebleeds, fatique, not to mention nodes and a swollen spleen. He says he'll visit Candy tomorrow at work to discuss the results with her. Meanwhile granny needs to take the worry off her face so she doesn't scare the kid.

Back at home Candy thinks it's odd that the doctor wants to visit her at work instead of her going to his office as usual. Gregoria swears the doctor didn't tell her anything else but she turns away from Candy, stricken.

Santi watches TV with his daughters and upsets Lucia because he won't let her watch her favorite 9:00 p.m. novela, the one with the hairy, fit men. (I wonder which one that could be FELS fans?) Just when Santi and Lucia are having the conversation about why she should call him papa not tío Marissa inserts her selfish self and squeals she's pregnant! Lucia's incensed and tells her TIO goodnight. Rocio's happy and Santi is...not thrilled. (Hombres encuadrados - I'm not really sure what that means, I thought encuadrado meant framed so I figure it means they have nice physiques? Can anyone clue me in?)

Candy and creepy cat Merengue put Chava to bed, she feels his forehead and becomes very sad. Later she prays that nothing be wrong with Chava, he's her life and reason for living.

Jaime and Isabel have a romantic dinner in PV. He wants to show her the piano in the restaurant and as she plays the keys her hands run across a tiny exquisite box shaped like a piano. OMG, there's a ring inside! So soon? Yes, he proposes, will she make him the happiest man in the world? Well? Well? Isa smiles...

Naughty Chava sneaks up on mama and scares her to death! He thinks it's a fine joke because mom has to put him to bed again, meaning we get yet another loving scene between mom and son meaning the heavy anvils are lining up dammit. Candy goes downstairs and talks to Meño. Meño says since Chava was born nothing is more important to her. Again with the "Chava is her life". She feels anxious and sad and asks Meño to pray with her.

Next morning they all have a noisy and frenetic breakfast and Meño takes a chipper Chava to school.

Rocia is ecstatic to see her abuelita and Jaime roll up in a cab. She tells Isabel that she's going to have a little brother and daddy's not going to love her anymore. Isa and Jaime share a worried look.

Uh oh, Chava's test results come in and the doctor looks concerned and rubs his chin.

Candy notes Charly is pensive. He's concerned that his sensitive mama will be affected by what Meño does. Candy notes they've been divorced for a long time and it's doubtful she cares. He tells Candy he's got a "surprise" (he says it in English) and he has "good news" (also in english) but since it's a "surprise" he can't tell her.

Over at daddy's clinic Rocio works on her anatomy coloring book, she wants to be a doctor just like papa. Isa relates her good news to Santi, Jaime proposed marriage! His reaction prompts Rocio to tell him "stop acting like a clown", more importantly she doesn't want a little brother.

Candy and Meño talk about Charly, she wants to know what Charly's gossip is all about. Meño supposes it's because Charly thinks that Meño's in love, God forbid. Candy says Charly is preoccupied about how this might affect his mama.

Raul visits Santi and announces he wants to be the godfather. Santi tells him Lalo already put dibs on that position but Raul is firm, Lalo can wait for other kids because Raul is the brother-in-law. The rule is the mother decides on the godfather and the dad decides on the godmother, OK?

Marissa plays It's-all-about-me with Rocio and lets her feel her baby tummy. They go on and on while Isabel and Lucia observe from the balcony. Lucia thinks Marissa is a fake and that Santi is blind. Isa sighs in resigned agreement and tells Lucia they're going to have to take a class in patience.

Charly calls his mama to tell her his papa is in love. She's shocked Charly knows the truth. "With another man?" she asks. "Don't be crazy," Charly scoffs, but mama sets him straight by blurting out that Meño is gay. Charly is muy pero muy impactado.

Over at the institute Santi asks Candy to be the godmother, "Let's have a hug comadre!" Chava's doctor interrupts and wants to speak to Candy in private. Our sensitive galán senses something isn't right and he looks worried and helpless.

The doctor tells Candy Chava's prognosis, her son has, we guessed it, leukemia. Candy staggers out into the hall and sags to the floor. Of course Santiago is waiting and he rushes to her. "My son is going to die, he has leukemia and it's my fault! Why? Why?"

tomorrow: A decisive episode

hombres encuadrados = hunks, well-framed men (I think)
una monada = an adorable/cute/lovely thing
las patrañas = cock and bull, tales, bull****


Thanks, Sylvia. Good recap. I loved the "Crocodiles cry too." You're right about the anvils lining up.

I said it looks like Paris will be darker than London was. Poor Santiago, he's going to feel like he's in the middle of a monsoon.
1. The girlfriend he doesn't want is pregnant with his son.
2. One daughter is afraid the baby will displace her. Remember Roc was a major reason (or excuse) Santi stayed with Marissa.
3. We're expecting his other 'daughter' is/will be pregnant.
4. He'll have to adapt to his mom being married to someone other than his dad.
5. The basket case he loves has just been plowed down with awful news. Candy needed his support just to function in normal life; imagine how much weight he'll have to carry for her, in this crisis.
6. Between the engagement and the pregnancy, Candy is much more resistant to any romantic involvement.

Essentially, Santiago is/will be carrying the world on his shoulders. And who does he have to help carry the load? Who can he lean on? Lalo? Pat? Get real! He pretty much has to carry it all alone.

New topic. I haven't worked out the weeks, but if she got pregnant the last time we saw them together, do your remember the details? When Santiago left the restaurant with the tattoo, he was so doped up, he had trouble remembering who Candy was. The next thing we see, he woke in bed at the clubhouse and was surpised to find the zebra-striped lingerie under his pillow. In other words, he was still so doped up when he got there the night before, he doesn't remember anything.

So. Why did Santi not resist Marissa that night, if he was in love with Candy? Because Candy doped him into a stupor, and as a result Marissa got pregnant. Nice joke, Sweetie!

Paging Dr. Carlos, paging Dr. Carlos---what a great diagnostician you are! I know the outcome will be happy though for Chava. That was a very moving scene with Candy and Santi at the end. Tears were rolling on this end!

Paula, it's true in that particular situation Santi was under the influence and wound up in bed with Marissa, but they had been shagging like bunnies prior to that so it would be hard to say if that night was THE critical moment. Interesting point though, because since then we haven't seen them in too many romantic clinches. It seems he's getting more in love with Candy, sadder and sadder when he looks at her, and more distant and annoyed with Marissa.

I also noticed that both Marissa and Raul have a tendency to interrupt and bring conversations back around to themselves. Just an observance.

Gotta hand it to Alicia, she's trying hard to keep her man, however given his track record I'm not sure it's going to do her much good.

I for one am sick of these poor telenovela kids getting leukemia. There are a plethora of other diseases out there to be had so why the obsession with this one? Bah!

Thank you for the interesting recap!
The scene with Candy's breakdown was a real heartbreaker.
At least Santi's strong arms were there to comfort her.
I'm wondering if Pat will be needed to help Candy's son? A bone marrow transplant that only he can provide?
I'm still hoping for a happy ending for Santi and Candy but the skies are looking darker and darker.
Marissa is extremely annoying and in my view has taken Candy's place for number one pain.

Carrie L.

Ah always get me laughing. Your "ah the irony" quip about Meño standing Lulu up was priceless, as was your noting of his outfit. Still, he's my favorite character so I'm not looking forward to the tough times coming up with Charly.

I loved the way Jaime slid on his knees to embrace Candy during the ending scene. You really have to be a good dancer to do that. My knees hurt just thinking about it!

And all last night, I kept thinking, Carlos called it, Carlos called it. Damn.

Looks like we're going to be in for a lot of crying. Don't watch'll be off the scale!

Thanks amiga. I'm not sure about the "hombres encuadrados"...could it have been "hombres encuernos"...which means naked men (like in Quintina's Chippendale shows?)Or maybe my wicked mind just went there.

Sylvia, thanks for a very good and sympathetic recap of a heartrending episode. I found the scenes relating to Chava especially difficult to watch because of the verisimilitude. A not very likable, flawed (aren't we all?) but loving abuela taking her precious nieto with protean, mildly alarming symptoms to see a capable, busy pediatrician, who performs a skillful, but not excessive evaluation; what could seem more real? Follow that with the diagnosis given to a self-absorbed (if not overtly selfish) ingenue of a mom, equally loving. The quiet pathos of it all was almost overwhelming for this old doctor. Pass the tissues please. Carlos

I don't think these writers would throw possibly fatal illnesses into their scripts so casually if they'd been through it themselves. My son was dx with an aggressive malignant brain tumor just days after his thirteenth birthday and though he survived it's changed the lives of everyone around him. It also annoys me how casually they "cure" people of leukemia. Rulli lounged around looking pretty cute for a while, then he was all better.

Another annoyed vote on the casual use of leukemia and the instant cure. In Morelia one of the characters came down with and it played out for a very long time before she eventually with a transplant recovered.

It is so obvious that this will be a device to get Pat and Candy together. In reality there are several candidates to have tested before she heads for Daddy Dearest. Usually siblings are the best hope but Beto is only half but a candidate. Then there is Candy herself and on the outside Meno, Charly, Alicia (as if). Granny is probably too old but of course it will have to be randy Pat.

This was a loaded episode. Lucia sees through Marissa but I'm still hoping that miss it can't happen the first time, doesn't end up with a bun the oven, Rocio is jealous and Santi will have his hands full and poor Candy that final scene with her was heart wrenching. Now she will spend weeks blaming herself and convincing herself that if she had never run away from Pat it would never have happened to Chava (as if).

I see big trouble ahead for Charly and Meno and why did his mother have to spill the beans?

Good point, Melinama. And I hate child leukemia stories because the son of a friend of mine received massive chemo for his childhood disease and it affected his brain development. His mother is incredibly bright and gifted and her only child is taking tickets at a movie theatre to supplement his disability support payment.

However my other gripe is the light-hearted or instant healing treatment given to infidelity. If you've ever been through it, even the jokes are shattering, much less the story lines.

Not comic material, no matter how much the French think it's funny.

PS And while I'm griping, that pseudo cure-your-depression with a couple of empathetic looks and advice to get a hobby made me want to gag. I don't find these shallow and instantanous therapy sessions anything but super-annoying. But happy to hear from Carlos that the medical diagnosis scenes were believable. Although I doubt if you make office calls to give people the bad news do you Carlos? Rather I would think you'd have them come into YOUR office. But then Candy couldn't end up in Santiago's arms so hey, we'll give it a pass.

Great recap of an episode where lots of things started going wrong, and there's probably more to come.

At least there's hope for one couple, Ed and Chayo. As bad as Ed has been, I think he really loves Chayo, and I'm hoping he'll change his ways.

ITA with Paula about Santi's weight of the world on his shoulders. It is partially his fault, though, as he had several opportunities to break up with Marissa, but chickened out. You just can't please all the people all the time.

As for Pat, I can't imagine liking him after what he's been doing. But it does seem as if Candy will turn to him, now that she thinks it's hopeless with Santi, and of course if (as we've predicted) she's needs a bone marrow transplant or something like that for Chava.

But what if Alicia is pregnant, too? That might complicate things.

I have just one thing to say folks.


Come on now folks, this is fiction.
I know, I know, and I agree, and sadly many underinformed folks follow fiction as for real, and it even is worse when some strongly pushed propositions here are true (i.e. the whole condom and anti gay PSAs) but let's try not to expect too much, eh? :) Remember, no blood and guts so far, what's a little glossing over medical realities now.... :)

Anyway, thanks much for the cap Cap'n. Have yet to see the epi, but read anyway.

I've noted quite a few incorrect captions in this one too because I don't know who does them and if they get a script or just listen (knowing the tension between Univision and Televisa, I'd bet Univision is on it's own, because as far as I know, closed captions aren't required or routinely provided in Mexico and that would be a US only thingy Televisa wouldn't spend their money on.) and there are so many inside and odd references to things that are completely wrongly captioned.

My point? Not knowing what the captions said, it sounded to me like Santi said ENCUERADOS. Meaning nude men, and they are making fun of Fuego, which is sort of competition (but not because different time slot and same network, but still takes viewers) for them and of course there was a whole big issue with the bruddahs being nude and this being the first time a novela has ever done that and all.

Anyway, thought I'd share this lovely video to give you context...
be careful where you watch... :)

I saw them! Now I know the explanation. At least partially. I was in DF in July. On the Turibus, we passed what appeared to be a bunch of naked people. It appeared to be some sort of protest. Now I see it's an on-going thing. Thank you Kris. Oh the things we learn on Caray!

Asi es, Paula. A group of Campesinos, indigenous farmers regularly protest naked in the DF the taking of their land by the government - essentially to represent all that they have been stripped of (and of course it's an obvious attention draw to their plight). You can probably find more on the net, but here is a pretty thorough introductory article in English describing their struggle. They were probably whom you witnessed when you were there.

Judy,I was expecting that(in the usual TN format) that little Chava would conk out right after scoring the winning goal for his team, be rushed to the only hospital in Guadalajara, and with all the family and friends gathered in the waiting room breathlessly waiting (through at least 3 commercials)for a grim Dr. Alonso (who is in Guadalajara on a fellowship in oncology) to emerge and announce (wearing his best bewildered look) ¡LEUCEMIA! But noooo! They opted to make it uncomfortably(for me at least) authentic. With the exception of the office call, this was all too real. And you know that for the next 24 hrs. the only thing that Candy will hear echoing repeatedly through her brain is "leucemia". Now, let's just hope that they get back on the usual TN track for handling these matters. Carlos

Thanks for the recap Sylvia. Darn it, I couldn't believe Carlos's prediction came so quickly. And Paula you are right, poor Santi is going to go through a lot. Man, this second act is becoming quite the downer.


This show has at least 4 or 5 months to go so I'm sure we will have many more nasty things happen. Some of the anvils have fallen but there have to be more to round out the story.

Ha ha Kris!! That link is too funny. I'll bet you're right too. If I remember I'll change my vocab list when I get home tonight. Thanks for your help amiga.

Hee, indeed the video appears funny, maybe reminiscent of Bay to Breakers, but I'm obliged to say that's not to say their cause is funny, indeed it's very unfortunate.

That several poor indigenous peoples were robbed of their lands and several falsely imprisoned and otherwise marginalized for simply trying to get justice by a government that pays them little respect is of course very serious. If you look at it knowing all this background instead of merely seeing a bunch of naked people running around, I think you can't help but feel sorry that they have had to "expose" themselves merely to be heard as a segment of society.

OK, there's my pitch for the underdog for today. Simply by sharing this more people are now aware. Sadly, it will likely not change the state of affairs much, but I just don't want anyone to think I'm making fun, on the contrary.

And for the record this has nothing to do with the reference in the show that Santi made. That of course was meant to be funny, and was!!

Wow. I thought this novela was supposed to be funny and lighthearted. It sounds like things are getting pretty depressing. I hate seeing depictions of sick children even though it's fiction. I don't watch hospital dramas...too depressing. I watch novelas to escape reality which can be depressing enough. I need my tv shows to help me escape rude reality for a while. I'm sticking with the weird , wacky world of Fuego until it ends and then focusing on Fernando C. and the cows in Manana. He always lifts my spirits , and I like cows. Moo.

Agreed. Cows are cute. Not as cute as Colunga. But darned cute. Especially Herefords.

Hi, Paula~~~Beautiful portrait, but that's a steer . My dad raised Herefords. Cows are female; bulls are male; steer are neither. Cows make milk; bulls make baby bulls and cows; steer are raised for their meat. By the way, Herefords are very docile creatures. My dad used to let the herd roam around, but at night, he'd call them [''Here Yammy, Yammy , Yammy. Come Yammy, Yammy, Yammy.''] to feed them ,and they'd come just like puppies to be fed. A lot of my friends lived on dairy farms. Many of them were in 4H and raised beautiful , bug Black Angus steer to show and then sell.

I hate seeing the kids thrown in with terminal illnesses.
I think a parent's worse fear is that something may happen to their child.
I cried when Candy cried. Unfortuantely for me I had no handsome Santi to wrap his arms around me!

Carrie L.

If Beto just had a birthday party, isn't it Chava's birthday in a few weeks? What an awful birthday surprise. Still, maybe he will miraculously be cured SUPER FAST (please!) and he'll know that Pat is his dad, so it will turn out to be happy for him.

I'm curious, Susanlynn, how you noted the difference on a calf. When they're older I can tell because steers bulk up. And of course if you saw more of the body you could tell. But on a calf like that, how did you differentiate? Or is it because you keep Holstein cows for milk, and you keep Hereford males to turn them into steers, and you, um, don't keep the non-breeding Hereford females?

I grew up in dairy country as well, and when I'd ride my bike to Karen's house, I'd always stop to talk to the cows in the pasture just before her house. One of the cows would always answer me. But for cute bovines, you can't beat a Hereford cleaned up for the fair, with that cute curl in the middle of his forehead.

Paula ~ I don't know. It just looked like my daddy's steer ! Anyhoo, I'm hoping there are no sick kids in Manana. In fact, I don't even want any sick cows. However, I definitely am looking forward to seeing TBLMOE . I've really missed him. Hope I remember to watch him in the movie on Sunday. ~ Moo.

P.S. My friend Judy B. [not OUR Judyb.] used to raise Black Angus steer for 4 H. I could never get over how she could name them [Ceasar, Jethro, etc.] , care for them, show them at the county fair, and then sell them for their meat. Her dad was a dairy farmer. [That's a hard life. You can never get away because the cows must be milked every day.]

Reminder. Hombre d'M said Friday's recap wouldn't be posted until Sunday.

Did anybody else think Santiago's orange sweater in the Monday-previews looked fabulous? I love that color on him!

Yep Paula, he looks great in orange and in black and in those nicely fitted white dress shirts, etc. etc.
I like the way his hair is either slicked back a little around his face or maybe it's cut shorter on the sides? That way he doesn't have such a "poofy" cherub look with all his curls.
Still longing for the slicked back, black suited LFMB Fernando I guess!
I do love his sweet caring face and personality in Tontas though.
I'm really really hoping for another happy ended for this one!

Carrie L.

I just thought I'd poke my nose in to be nosey, and now I've got advance notice that he's going to be wearing orange! Woohoo! Thanks!!

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