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Las tontas no van #100, Mon 4/27, How I miss the old crowd

At his new bar, Miguel introduces Sven to Jaime. They chat over the out-of-tune piano. The writers are playing with us, since we already expect that Sven is Jaime’s long lost son, thanks to the Frijolito reference. They both play word games, Sven says he has music in his blood because his father was a good piano player, and Jaime even calls him “hijo” but just as a general term.

Chayo and Soledad discuss the Ana situation. Who really controls Javier? His wife or his mother? When Javier comes in, he affirms the importance of his mother. He thinks that Ana poisoned their opinion of him. When he leaves, Chayo and Soledad agree, he has mamitis (mama’s boy; think of it as a disease, mom-itis). Later the staff discusses it and points out that it’s a power struggle.

In Santiago’s office, he thanks Candy for her support as he inches closer to her. Hortensia walks in on them kissing, but Santi claims that he was doing a professional evaluation. Hortie decides she wants that kind of evaluation.

Charly sees Lucía making friends with Fred, and he can’t stand it. Is Fred the one Santiago pulled her away from on the street? Fred starts flirting with her, then he moves in for the kiss. Still spying on them, Charly calls her cell. She doesn’t answer, but the moment is broken, and Luc tells Fred she has to go home.

Santiago pushes Pau until she admits that she lied about the amnesia. She did it so she could enjoy Roc and Santi’s company. He tells her she can stay and enjoy Roc’s company until she finds a place of her own (I’m sure she’s scouring the listings). She says, “I want to get back the man I love.” Raised Santiago eyebrows. He tells her to back off. He already has enough stress about his son, and the trouble with Mar brought back all the pain Pau caused him. She has to remember there is nothing between the two of them. All she hears is “You can stay at the house.” She thinks Santi is hers again, and she clings to him like a leech. He keeps his arms up in the air because he has watched enough telenovelas – he knows this is the moment when someone walks into the room and misinterprets the hug.

Pat and Ali bring the baby to see Gregoria, Meño, and Candy. Note everyone’s body language and seating position. Alicia asks Candy’s forgiveness (again). With a verbal shove from mom, Candy grudgingly gives it. Gregoria is delighted that her daughters are finally getting along, while Pat, Meño, and Candy don’t believe any of it. Then Ali asks Candy to be the godmother, and Pat, Meño, and especially Candy are shocked. Candy looks nauseous, but with another shove from mom, she accepts, dazed. She remembers back when she and Ali were girls and got along.

Ali pulls Candy aside and asks if they can forget the past. Of course Candy can’t. Candy asks how she adopted the baby; it’s very difficult in Mexico. Ali says it’s easier in other countries. She’s not going to tell Patito that he’s adopted. Pat is so happy about the baby, Ali is going to try to win Pat back, and she asks Candy to stay away. Candy clarifies that he means nothing to her anymore, except her son’s father.

The next morning, Candy announces to the institute that they are going to have a web site.

Meño tries to post surveillance to discover who is leaving him love letters. Ricardo shows up and asks him to breakfast.

Ana consults with Barb and Candy about Javier’s mother, Consuelo. Barb wants to meet with her. Consuelo is all atwitter to meet the famous Candy; she reads every column. She says her little darling, who is over 30, isn’t ready for children. Then she lays into Ana. When Candy asks Javier’s opinion on all this, Consuelo talks for him - it’s a trap set up by Ana. She orders her baby to take her home.

Santi, Isabel, and Donato visit Tina, post surgery. She’s worried about chemo. Santi jokes around with her.

Lulu tells Sven how excited she is that Meño will let her sing in the restaurant. She’s already choosing her dress for Grammy night.

Santiago and Ed show OMario their clinic. He says it’s much nicer than the shack he had in Mexico City. He sees the bell and rightly suspects that Santi uses it for special consultations, but Santi corrects him and puts all that in the past tense. Ed says it used to be like an ongoing concert. Santi would ring the bell morning, noon, and night, but not any more, now that he’s in love. As they enter Santiago’s office, OMario tries to block Don Santiago, but Lo Tan Divino holds him back and wins the dive for the chair, as always.

Admit it, how many people split their sides laughing at this scene? For those outside of the loop, it was a running gag from La Fea Más Bella, where our two payasos (Pituka y Petaka!) would dive for the one comfy chair in their shared office, and OMario always came in second place.

Santi invites Ed and OMario for dinner at his house that night, and guess who else will be there? Paulina!

Pat is feeding the baby and loving it. Alicia refers to “your baby,” and Pat loves the sound of that. Ali butters him up, “You make a great dad.”

Charly finds Luc at school, and asks her what’s up with Fred. Fred walks up and Luc tells Charly to back off.

Art and Gregoria talk about Margarita and the baby.

Goofy scene. Santi is upset because he imagined three Marissa’s. He’s afraid to open his eyes, and he reprises his “Tengo miedo” act. Candy cures him with kisses. Another miracle cure!

Ana tells Javier she wants a divorce. He doesn’t take care of her because he’s too busy taking care of his mama. Javier concludes that the institute turned Ana against him. Ana compares it to how Consuelo turned him against her all these years. Next we see Ana reporting to the staff that Javier had an instant turnaround, of course. He recognizes that he has mamitis, he apologized, and he wants to start a family. Another miracle, yawn.

Sven helps Lulu with her act. Ole comes in and thinks his best friend is stealing his woman.

Gregoria invites Margarita to lunch to confess that she’s seeing Art, but Marg already knew. She’s not angry at Greg. Instead, she pities her for being stuck with Art.

Marissa calls Raúl. He tells her to stop hurting people, and asks what it is that she wants. What she wants is to make Santiago suffer. She’s pleased with herself because he’ll never forget his lost son, so he’ll never forget her. She speculates how funny it would be if they passed each other on the street and didn’t realize it. Just how twisted is Marissa? She wants him to always remember her because she is obsessed with him, but she also wants him to suffer endlessly.

Santi, Ed, Candy, Chayo, and Pau meet at Santi’s house for a dinner party. Pau is in her little black dress, Chayo is in a hot red dress, and Candy is in a ridiculous baby-doll. BREAKING NEWS! They sit on both sides of the table! But notice how limited the camera angles are?


The dinner party is fraught with portent, to quote the sage Bullwinkle.

Pau, who works very hard at being clueless, wonders why Candy is there. It’s a couples’ dinner and there is one extra (sobra)! She means Candy, since she thinks she’s Santi’s partner. Santi corrects – there is one missing. Enter OMario. Santi is just tickled with himself for bringing these old friends together after so many years. Pau has a strong reaction as well, but “tickled” doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Santi introduces Candy, and OMario is visibly impressed by how well his friend has done for himself. Santi quietly advises Candy, mirroring her words, “No kisses, no holding hands.” She says he’s the one who always breaks the rules.

And now begins the torment. OMario comments on Pau’s beauty, and asks Santi how he could have let her go. Santi conjectures, “How about them Dodgers?”

OMario quietly asks Pau what she thinks would happen if he told Santi that his wife left him to run off with his best friend. He makes it clear. “This is not negotiable. I want you to return with me to New York.”

At the table, Santi wants to break the rules and give Candy a kiss. She tells him to hush, so he drops his fork and gets her to help find it, so they can sneak kisses. Chayo thinks Santi is blind if he can’t find a fork. Ed says he may be blind, but he has a great sense of touch. Everyone wonders what they’re doing under the table.

OMario asks Pau what she’s been doing since she left Santiago. Did she find someone else? Pau suggests, if he wants to ruin the dinner he should ask Santiago how he felt when she left him. Donato interrupts and asks, “How about them Dodgers?”

In the kitchen, OMario calls himself a traitor.
OMario: Let me tell you what happened that night in the clinic in DF. I had to operate on someone...
Santi: (Interrupting) It’s the past. Let it stay in the past. Don’t worry about it.
OMario: I can’t rest until I tell you.
Santi: I don’t care, whatever it was. It’s not like you killed somebody.
Santi clearly doesn’t want to hear what his buddy is trying to say, and he ducks out of the room.

Back at the table, OMario is curious whether a woman as lovely as Pau spent the past eight years without a man in her life. Ed interrupts and asks, “How about them Dodgers?”

Santiago, more anxious than anyone (except Paulina) to change the subject, asks OMario to tell what he’s been doing since they saw him last. His old, dear, close friend says, “What I’m going to tell you will leave you speechless. You know I fell in love. But what I didn’t tell you was, with whom.” Santiago plasters a frozen smile on his face, because I think he knows, by the time OMario finishes this story, he won’t be able to achieve one.


My word, I left the room for moment just to stir the soup and suddenly Ana and Javier's marriage is saved. It's a miracle!

I loved the link. I didn't watch LFMB so I definitely appreciate the background. I love how those two are constantly competing with each other.

Another theme for tonight is "You're a traitor". I guess that could almost be a sub-theme for every night though, eh?

I thought Candy's memories of her young sisterhood with Al were rather sad. Clearly she adored her sis when they were young. I wonder if they will ever be able to love each other unconditionally with so much water under the bridge?

Thanks Paula, I can't wait to read your take on the dinner. You weren't kidding when you said fraught with portent!

Paula, I miss the old crowd, too!
Thanks for the recap and the link to the glorious past.

I felt so sad for Zamora in the scene with Jaime and Miguel because he (Z) didn't know he was with his dad. Was he adopted by a family (I hope so) or grow up in an orphanage?

Alicia is evil and twisted and I hope she ends up with less than nothing. Her using that baby is worse than anything she's done before to hurt Candy and get back Patricio. Que mala gente.

Can't wait for Omario to "tell all". I like seeing Paulina squirm.

Ah Ms. Paula...well-written and sparkling as usual. Felt bereft and nostalgic watching the FMB episode. Those were the days!....and that's why your title was so perfect. Thanks amiga for all your extra effort in putting that together.

Oh and good morning Sylvia and Carlos...just found your notes this morning. The "smile" one !...hah...good call, Sylvia. I thought it was "cursi" on the Tontas episode, but ya' really works.

Carlos...your suggestion reminded me of a party I went to years ago as a graduate student. An old "swedish drink" according to my host was to pour straight gin in a white coffee cup and slug it down. If I did that now, they'd probably have to call 911!!! but I WOULD, no doubt, forget about family problems for a while.

Thanks amigos, you're all way better than the Institute.

Paula, your recaps always shine.

I love the way you mix humor: "He keeps his arms up in the air because he has watched enough telenovelas – he knows this is the moment when someone walks into the room and misinterprets the hug." (great line) with your straightforward telling of the truth: "Just how twisted is Marissa? She wants him to always remember her because she is obsessed with him, but she also wants him to suffer endlessly." So sadly true.

I'm looking forward to Lulu's singing debut. It will be nice to see her shine. Please, please have her wearing something sophisticated and beautiful - no tacky tutus.

Sylvia: "I thought Candy's memories of her young sisterhood with Al were rather sad. Clearly she adored her sis when they were young. I wonder if they will ever be able to love each other unconditionally with so much water under the bridge?" You stated the sentiment perfectly. I think there's already been too much hurt to repair the damage. The treachery of using Santi's baby will only serve to pour more salt on the open wound.

Anya, I'm with you on Ali. Some commenters have stated that she appears to care for the baby. I have to respectfully disagree and think he's just a means to an end for her.

Charly has some anger issues he needs to deal with. As painful as it is, Luc has moved on and he needs to come to terms with it.

Diana in MA

Paula, thanks for the excellent recap! I was thinking the same thing when Paulina was mashing on Santiago in his office; with his arms wide open, straight out from his sides and nowhere near Paulina, no one was going to walk in a mistake that embrace.

Curious that Alicia insisted that she doesn't want the baby referred to as adopted.

Since it's probably beyond the scope of this show for Junior to reach an age when being adopted matters to him -- they must want the adoption kept quiet for the benefit of one or more of the existing characters.

One that comes to mind is Santiago; another is Raúl. I would assume that Santiago already knows that Alicia could not have been pregnant; but Raúl might not know. Those are the two characters most interested in finding the baby. Raúl was devastated last night; he looked very lonely and distraught.

Maybe it would work this way: if they just don't bring up the notion of adoption, then Santiago and Raúl will not have as much occasion to be connecting the disappearance of Alicia and Marisa with Marisa's baby.

Candy is a little curious about the adoption procedure, but the situation surrounding her sister is always fraught with turbulence. She might let the rationale of foreign adoption rest for a while without notice. Candy was certainly tense last night for other reasons when the adoption was discussed.

So, since Ricardo showed up conveniently in the scene where Meño is looking for his secret admirer, I guess Ricardo must be the author of the love notes. It would explain Ricardo's rocky marriage; he and Meño would have had mismatched marriages in common.

Regarding the bell conversation in Santiago's office: Mario's mention of Santiago's former dive of an office in the D.F. brought to mind the old plot of the charlatan plastic surgeon, connected to the death of a patient earlier and even earlier as a major character feature of Candy -- that her sister died from complications of a charlatan plastic surgeon in the D.F.

Viewers met that charlatan previously, as a former colleague and pal of Santiago; and I had been thinking they were not going to drop this plot, since it was important to Candy's characterization of hating plastic surgeons.

So maybe Mario's lines about Santiago's professional past is a reminder of this plot coming back. There wouldn't be much other excuse for the bell discussion, but to bring up Santiago's past.

I don't know if they still have time to implicate Santiago in the death of the patient, put him in jail and on trial, etc. But anything could happen; and jail is a telenovela staple, of course.

When Ana threatened Javier with divorce, I was all set to have the institutas' advice backfire on them for once and him accept the divorce. But no; this example has to be the most miraculous of the miraculous cures so far. The overbearing mother is one of the worst problems cited in Mexican domestic problems.

There is a very long and entrenched history of mothers spoiling their boys, creating little "rey" macho terrors, and then turning the screws of guilt the rest of their lives. I guess it's one of the few ways women could wield power.

I don't know what the show is up to with this outcome, except maybe cheerleading that success against this problem is at least possible.

Mario wants Paulina to go back to New York with him; I don't remember hearing what he does there, but the kitchen conversation with Santiago clearly indicates that at least he used to be a doctor. He had to operate on "somebody." They told us earlier in the show that Candy's charlatan doctor was somebody else; but maybe the "somebody" Mario operated on was Candy's sister.

Maybe Mario wants Paulina to come back with him, because Mario can't stay in Mexico.

Judy B, hope you had a good trip; welcome back. :-)

Jeri, our comments crossed. Excellent observations. I thought last night that Raúl might well be the person to unravel the baby's identity. Diana in MA

Diana, hi, there. :-) I enjoyed Lulu's little stage scene, too; and it was nice that Sven said she looked beautiful. We will probably see her looking like she did in Toño's daydream, which was very pretty.

Personally, I think Alicia has been awful, too; however, there is a difference between what I think and what I think will happen in the show.

Telenovelas are sometimes big on redemption, and I think that's the direction they are heading with Alicia. Her mom wants it, and Gregoria is a sympathetic and trusted character.

They will pay attention to what she wants. IMO. This is essentially a comedy, not a tragedy; so I think it will work that way.

The flashback scenes between the two girls as happy adolescents -- which scenes I think we've never seen before -- are foreshadowing of reconciliation, IMO. Just a guess.

I was a little surprised and somewhat baffled by the reference to Santi and Mario's medical past. As Jeri notes we already met the guy who caused Candy's sister's death but this must be a way to throw another monkey wrench into Santi and Candy's relationship. We know the anvil is hanging overhead, we just don't know what will cause it to fall yet.

Yes, I suppose Ricardo is Meno's secret admirer. Too bad he's a big old curmudgeon. I would have liked to see Meno with someone who is a lot more cheerful. Maybe a 5 second visit the house of miracles will cure his crabbiness.

I've noticed that telenovela dinner parties almost always end in disaster. I guess it's dangerous to throw all the characters together in one room where they can actually converse as opposed to the typical behavior of running around talking behind each other's backs.

Paula, thanks for the great recap. You're very good. I cracked up at the little scuffle over the chair. Shades of LFMB indeed. I'm afraid that O"Mario is not as lovable as our Omar was. In fact I got the impression that he has to get back to NY because he is some sort of fugitive in Mexico.

Another successful outcome for Candy's girls. Those guys are good.

I'm afraid they are trying to make Charly into a less likable character. I hope they don't have something really bad planned for him.


Carlos, interesting observation about Mario being a possible fugitive. He does seem to do a lot of looking over his shoulder.

Thank you Paula!
I love the way they throw in the old jokes from LFMB. No matter what Mario does, he makes Pau squirm which is fun to see.
When I look at him I still see the old Omar. I didn't remember how tall he was. He looks even taller than Santi.
The baby is so precious. I love those scenes.
I feel Alicia is just using him to get close to Pat. I'm sure she has a nanny in the wings (invisible Eva?) to take over the actual mothering.

Carrie L.

Jeri, I've been meaning to comment, what a pretty, confident looking cat. Is he/she a good mouser?


Paula, excellent recap as usual, and thanks for pointing out the chair diving! You wisely put more emphasis on the crucial scenes, and just give the essentials on the filler scenes, which is not easy to do (I tend to throw in everything).

As for Mario and Paulina, here are two more examples of people wanting someone who doesn't love them. Paulina wants Santi, and Mario wants Paulina. Why won't these characters face reality? I think Paulina should just tell Santi the truth, she left him for Mario. He might be a little upset, but it shouldn't matter now that he has Candy. Of course, she'd have no more chance with Santi, but she doesn't, anyway. Then, Paulina could ask Santi to help her get rid of Mario. He, by the way, seems like a loose cannon (a la Marissa), but does he really think he can be happy blackmailing Paulina into coming back with him?

Thank you, everyone. Hombre d'M, the truth is, I detail the scenes I care about, and I write the least I dare on the scenes I don't care about. Whereas I love your detail. You cover the important parts of EVERY scene. The part I struggle with is summarizing, especially scenes with important details. In such cases, like the dinner party, I just give up and quote the dialog.

As for Mario & Pau, remember the Relationships Chart? Mario is obsessed with Pau who is obsessed with Santi, just like Ali is obsessed with Pat who is obsessed with Candy. Ali and Mario are trying to force their prey back, with a baby or with extortion. Pat and Pau know they'll never go back to the one they dumped, but somehow they think the one they love will accept them back. So Pat and Pau are in the same situation. It might be fun to see how the they deal with their identical situation differently.

Anya, you asked about Zamora (Sven). He was raised by his single mother. Jaime was married to someone else but supported them. When Sven was four, his mom cut communication with Jaime, and later married someone else. Sven has never spoken ill of his step-dad.

Regarding the charlatan, Candy saw him and Santi's house, so he can't be OMario.

In the chair dive scene from LFMB, notice that Camil nearly breaks his hand for-reals. He's in serious pain, but he tried to hide it. The show must go on!

This comment has been removed by the author.

In the clinic scene around the bell, before I checked the CCs, I thought OMario referred to cucharita (instead of cuchitril). "Hacer cucharita" refers to spooning. I put together the pieces: the good old days in DF, the dumpy little place they shared, and spooning. So I thought it was a reference to the boys' slumber party (start at hack 1:33).

Lots of new twists have just come into our plot all at once. As usual in Tontas, it never rains but it pours.
-the baby is home
-Raul knows Mar's baby was adopted
-Candy will be the madrina
-OMario is a doctor, he has some secret in his past, and he might be in hiding
-OMario is using extortion to force Pau back

These twists are not all that significant at the moment. But each one can and probably will mushroom into an important part of the plot.

Carlos, thank you so much for admiring our awesome, lovey dovey, Wilbur ("Wilbur Wildcat"). He came to us out of the mean alleys of Chicago, when we lived on the U. of Chicago campus.

He was raised on student food, apparently; because I've never seen him kill anything except tuna, pizza, lasagna and donuts. Whenever we have Italian food, Wilbur is front and center.

NIce one Paula, thanks for the pics and all the keen insight.

Jeri I love your Wilbur Wildcat...adorable!!

Captain, brilliant deduction about the combination of characters speelling disaster face to face. So true they avoid their issues running around behind their backs. Course I suppose we'd have little novelas if these folks hashed things out right away. HA!

LOVED the chair stealing gag...hysterical.

I missed the whole Zamora thing. I didn't know we knew all those facts about Zamora's upbringing and had no idea they were fingering him for long lost son. I thought maybe for the bar owner. When did we get those tidbits?

Finally, could they be any crueler to PAtricio? bad enough he's losing his love AGAIN, now they are setting him up to become attached to that adorable and finally properly sized newborn only to take him away eventually when inevitably it will be discovered this is really Santi's son. Santi gets the girl and the kid. I'm feeling this is soooooo unfair to poor Pato.......sigh.

Jeri...your description of Wilbur is so funny. I can just see him "killing" tuna, lasagna and donuts. And "front and center" on Italian food. You've got me smiling amiga, and I'm in a black Irish mood today, so that's saying something.

Kris, "all those facts about Zamora's upbringing... fingering him for long lost son... When did we get those tidbits?"

Zamora has told Toño that his real dad used to call him Frijolito. In Wed's cap, Jaime goes to Santi's room to tell him he can count on his support. Then Jaime tells him that he lost a son that way too. It was by another woman when he was married, and he wasn't willing to leave his wife and legal sons. The amante later broke all contact. Jaime says he called the boy Frijolito (that's how we know it's Zamora), and that Isabel doesn't know about it. Santiago says Isabel needs to know. Later Jaime tells Isabel.

Considering what Marisa could have done with Santiago's son instead, I think in the end most people will be happy that Alicia adopted him and kept him close to home.

It does appear to be "torture Patricio" week; but Marisa could have put Junior up for adoption in Ecuador, and then they truly never would have seen him again.

What probably will happen is that Alicia and Patricio will get pregnant and have a child of their own. That will help take the sting away.

Boy, that Patricio is a proven winner in the procreation department.

Fuego, thank you for your kind comment about Wilbur! He's a special little guy and has given us tons of love.

Judy B, I'm sorry you are in a black mood; usually you are so cheery yourself! Your picture is pure cheeriness. ;-)

Carlos, one time I was leaving our previous neighbor's house, and when I opened the gate, there stood a grinning pit bull and her cute mutt friend, looking expectant.

They somehow knew they had come to the right place; our neighbors were truly the salt of the earth and adopted all kinds of strays. The word must have been out in the doggie world.

They named the pit bull "Delilah," and I just loved that doggie. She was the sweetest.

Jeri, it's always gratifying to hear good things about pitbulls, they truly are a breed worthy of maintaining. In our home, Jack the Cat is the dominant pet, if he happens to be blocking Bonnie Belle's path, she'll wait until he moves.


Judy, Maybe this will cheer you up. You mentioned family problems and I wanted to share a little story between myself and my stubborn eldest son when he was a young teenager.
We often came head to head over things and once during an argument I said something to him like, "You had better watch out because I taught Darth Vader!"
He looked at me stunned and not quite sure if maybe what I just said could possibly be true. I remember he walked away with a puzzled look on his face!
I think the argument was ended and it's something that we get a laugh out of today.
Kids can be really tough but often they turn out really great when they are "finally" grown.

Carrie L.

Thanks Carrie. Alas, my problem concerns an adult child well past the teenage years, at least chronologically. We had seen some major changes which made us hopeful and even proud, in the last few years. Now, that all seems in serious jeaporady. We shall see. Keep your fingers crossed and send us your good thoughts. We need 'em. I vacilate between resilience and calm....and just wanting to bawl.

I hope things turn out fine for you and your family, Judy.

Sorry, apparently you talked about Zamora as Frijolito on Saturday...and I missed that too, but will finish reading soon. I spaced or missed Zam ever talking about the nickname. Usually they knock us over the head with this stuff!!


Oh and thanks for the retro links. What fun reliving those scenes. Those guys are hysterical together.

Hey Judy, we're with you for the long haul! We've had "interesting times" with one of ours, too, and it seems to be harder and take longer the older they get.

For yourself, I recommend the book "Fidelity" by fellow Kentuckian Wendell Berry. Five short stories; you might start w/ "A Jonquil for Mary Penn" and the rest in any order you like.

Hey Mike...thanks. I need new reading material. And Vi, thanks for your good wishes. All needed. All appreciated.

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