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MEPS 4/27: "If I told you all my troubles, our life would be a hell." And what is it now, pray tell?

Review: Lili giving the hairy eyeball to luridly green shiny soup which she's convinced will poison daddy. And then attempting to stab Barbara. Subsequently, there's the tying-up of Lili; then Fern calls Dr. Obregon, who sez "I told you so" and then tells her he'll be there right away, but actually goes back to practicing his golf putts in his office.

I bet he's sorry he didn't leave immediately -- Fr/Ed comes in shouting "OK, you quack, time to save a life." Obregon unintentionally spills the beans re the stabbing, but Fr/Ed says the Elizaldes can wait and drags him off to save Silvestre.

Margarita and Jacinto are ministering to Sil, who has a very bloody nose. He's losing a lot of blood and will die without attention. [To wrap this up: Fr/Ed drags the doc in... the doc is pretty skittish and incompetent, but he remembers his med school suturing... after first complaining: "but I never operated on a stabbed guy before!" ... and Fr/Ed gives blood, and Sil recovers. When he wakes up he reveals it was Jairo who shot him: "he's the one who took my daughter to entertain drunks in a bar; he thought she'd stolen something and that I was hiding it for her.")

Fern apologizes to Lily, who's gone back to quiet catatonic rocking: "I just wanted you home so much."

Gonz finds Barbara in the bedroom, she's theatrically taking pills and drinking. She gulps and shakes and says she's popping tranquilizers to calm herself down - and that this isn't the first time. "I didn't want you to worry about the situation with Lili."

He reassures her he cares more about her health than he does about Lili. Barbara: "If I told you all my troubles, our life would be a hell!" She collapses strategically on a sofa and does what my ex-husband's toddler used to do - cries while peeking through her fingers to see how it's going over.

Barb escalates: "If she hasn't gotten better in 15 years, she isn't gonna. We should send her to a really good clinic [with a REALLY powerful brain-frying machine] -- in Berlin!" She presses hard for this course of action.

Anibal and Pris argue in the bedroom. He refuses to sit at the dinner table with his mother's assassin (Lili, he thinks!). Pris is not really listening. She's wondering whether Vlad spilled the beans to Damian about providing stud service.

Her question is answered immediately: in the next scene Vlad's telling all to Damian. He says he doesn't want to be shut out, he'd like to claim paternity. Dam sez that's not going to happen. "But I need your help!" Vlad complains. Damian looks snake eyes at him - "Are you willing to do anything it takes???"

Santiago and Aurora are dressed in white, Dominga is plowed, the marriage is to take place in a few hours - "And then, blondie, you better pay up!" Aurora keeps asking if Santi is serious, or whether he's just doing it so Dominga will be forced to reveal Aurora's maternity. He proposes formally. He reassures her he is doing it because she makes him happy. She seems so unenthusiasic! I'm just hoping she isn't already married. Sigh.

While Fr/Ed is out saving Sil, Gardenia takes a call from Erica, who is just calling to say hi.

Barbara says goodbye to Lily and even kisses her, blegh. Lili is carted back to the clinic. Fer goes to visit her in the morning but Lili shouts, "You're all evil! Get out of here! EDUAAAARDOOOO!!!!!"

Anibal sits at the table with Gonz and kvetches some more about Barbara mixing in with the biz and taking a meeting with Fr/Ed. Gonz: "She has my full confidence and gets the credit for bringing us to international prominence so shut up."

Fern tells Damian after all that's happened she is so sad, and in fact she wants to leave the hacienda. She proposes that they get the hell out of Dodge, go on their honeymoon and then find their own place to live after that, so that their marriage isn't destroyed by her family. "I didn't marry just to get divorced," she says. He says he's on board with this plan: "I'm with you to the end of the world." Except that right at that moment Barbara calls and snarls that he must meet her at work in an hour: "Be punctual for the sake of your future." He makes up some lie to Fern and then goes.

Tomorrow: Santiago and Aurora at least make it to the altar. After that, who knows? Barbara continues crafting her vengeance. She makes Damian sign some overarching authorization forms as she strokes him.


Wow, faster than fast. Thanks for the recap Melinama. I just got done watching my tape of the episode and here's the recap. I still have to read it. All I can say to those who doubt the good Dr. Oh!, looks like he did a good job on Silvestre and must have been a halfway decent doctor at one time. One thing I've pointed out before is that he also got Ciro a few extra days after Ciro flatlined. :-)

Thank you Melinama for the lightning fast recap.

Don't you just love how with a few hard shakes by Franco Santoro, Dr. O quickly remembers how to perform surgery -- and has everything he needs in that black medical bag to do. WOW!

Jody :)

Up before it aired on the West coast. Thanks Melinama!

Okay, any guy who uses himself for live transfusion...that kind of macho is hot! What a man.

I liked the doctor when he was calm and not putting on a show after the surgery. He's not all bad.

Loved Gardenia! Did she tell Fr/Ed everything about Jacinto or just about her throwing water on Jerkface? I couldn't tell.

Poor Lili. I hope she comes around enough to tell Fr/Ed what happened. Who can resist his bedside manner?

I forgot to mention how much I'm enjoying Damian, he's so so smooth. Telling Fern he'd follow her to the ends of the earth and then trotting off to be Barb's henchman.

Thanks for the recap Melinama. I have to say that I also liked Dr. O when he was being a real person instead of a dork. He actually seemed to care for once in his life. We may have to move The Barbinator to the top of the crying list--good job! I still don't believe her but Gonzo does--but then he believes anything that comes out of her mouth. Idiot.

If we never had to see Anibal again I sure wouldn't complain. He is such a non-person.

The look on Fr/Ed's face was really funny when Gardenia told him she threw water on Cadmilho! He really thought it was funny--hey, but so did we!

Jody, that's what we thought, too. Transfusion? Where did all of this stuff come from? I guess Fr/Ed must have filled him in on what was needed??

Stockholm, Berlin... Going to ship Lili off far, far away. Did Martina hear when they suggested sending Lili elsewhere? Is the good Dr O. going to fill Fr/Ed in on it?

Looks like Pris is finally starting to worry more about Vlad.

Damian will have to decide, wait for 3 days to do some of Barb's bidding or now, perhaps run off on a honeymoon with Nanda? Ok, ok.. We know there won't be any honeymoon. :-)


Thank you for the great recap,Melinama. Very well done. I'll not do a critique of the medical aspects depicted, let's just say it looked like we're supposed to realize that Dr.O was at one time a competent physician who suddenly faced with a crisis was able to summon up his dormant skills much like the old doc in Stagecoach. I was glad to see it. Redemption for Dr.O? We'll see.


I was thinking that this morning Carlos. I had to put my beanie firmly in place. But they can do autopsies in the bedroom why not a blood transfusion and surgery! :0

Wow, Melinama, how did you get that out so fast? Thank you. Dr. O is redeeming himself, remembering his medical training, and even having all the stuff needed for a bullet wound and tranfusion in his medical bag-o-tricks. I'm not sure about the advisability of closing up that hole, but them I'm no MD. Carlos, weigh in?
Another fantastic scen with my Gardenia and Eddy- his smile when she tells him of the bucket, he really enjoys her, and she is so proud to have done something that pleases him. And another so-to-classic Gardeniaism- "planchar oreja" for sleeping. I wouldn't have caught it w/o CC's, she talks so fast. I'll forgive her that. I think that maybe, at the end, when he is lord of the manor, she will be his real assistant.

Damian is really becoming caught in something that is not what he signied on to. I tell you that he is having feelings for Fernanda, he does have a heart. He even cares about Lili. He is truly torn. I'm really wondering how he is going to help Vlad.

So off to Berlin with Lili. Why not Vienna to visit Siggy Freud? Gonzo wouldn't know the difference. My ideal plot suggests that Dr. O has been lifted by saving Silvestre, turns against Babs by helping Eddy abscond with Lili to las Animas.

Looking forward to tonight...

Does anyone understand Gardenia? I'm lucky if I get a word here or there. She is cute though.

Is the side plot of Aurora and Santi actually going anywhere? Sometimes it just seems like filler.

DDave, let's just say there were several errors in both technique and medical judgment, not to mention implausibility of the entire medical proceeding, but I blame the writers and director for the flaws, not Dr.O. Most surgeons would have handled the case a bit differently.


I didn't understand until I read the captions, Fr/Ed is a universal doner, O positive. I can't look at even fake blood. Was Silvestre shot or stabbed, I thought stabbed.

Gardenia is full of modismos. She said something about "de pata de perro" when she was telling Fr/Ed about Camilo. The only thing I can find is "ser pata de perro" (Mex)
which means = to have itchy feet, which doesn't make much sense to me in the context of her dissertation.

Damian has me puzzled. He doesn't like being under Barbies thumb, so must be strictly $, oh & hot sex, so I don't think he will have a problem with double crossing her, or the other way around. He is kind to Vlad & I think has some feeling for Fernanda, he is really keeping us guessing. Seems like everyone else has shown their true colors.

When Santiago left for the hotel, Aurora said to herself "how long can this farce continue" hmmmm, what does that mean? Santiago is sweet, but he would get on my last nerve.

Carlos, wouldn't the prudent thing have been- GET THIS GUY TO ER?!?!

Connie- Remember- Babs is Aurora's mommie. Gardenia is tough to understand at times, both because of her rapid speech, the sometimes difficult cadence, and also, what she says is kinda off the wall, and full of slang and dichos. I really need the CC's, but that detracts from watching her. That's what youtube is for...

Oh, another funny thing said, but by Dominga- Santi asked for Rory's hand, Dom said- "la mano y las dos patas" THAT cracked me up...

They discussed the hospital but Jacinto said there would be too many questions, like who is Fr/Ed? I think Dr O said that too, but Fr/Ed was convinced it wasn't a good idea.

Carlos, wouldn't the prudent thing have been- GET THIS GUY TO ER?!?!

DDave, in a word, yes.


Can't wait to see what punishment Fr/Ed & Martina have for Jairo. And we still have to deal with Artemio's henchman, Renee Manzanares.

I had never heard Estocolmo before. One of my classmates is from Sweden=Suecia, I thought she was from Switzerland=Suiza, so now hopefully I have that straight in my mind.

Thanks Melinama for an excellent recap of a thrilling, entertaining episode. Also, I agree whole heartedly with your comment about Damian's smoothness. We can only guess at his sincerity as a patient, caring husband. Remember how sincerely thrilled he was when he first found out about Pricilla's pregnancy? Well,I'm willing to bet that Vlad is going to make him a offer that he can't resist and one that will result in betraying Pricilla. His role here is much more interesting than having him merely throw cell phones around.
The good doc also earned some redemption points from me. The bottom line is that the surgery was a success. Who cares that the patient wasn't anesthetized? Or being monitored during the procedure. If he had a cardiac arrest, I'm sure the doc had EKG paddles in his black bag. So what if that the blood was never typed and cross matched? Niether patient or donor had anaphylactic shock. So, as long as the doc stays out of trouble he has my support:)

If the blood was not typed and they don't match, it will kill Silvestre. Any doctor should know this. I'm sure Carlos will agree.


Right DD, I had forgotten that. It seems like it is slow and not really going anywhere. Perhaps we just don't see it yet. Did Dominga ever say who Aurora's mother was? I thought she passed out before she could say anything. They know it from the records but wanted Dominga to confirm it as I remember.

Ibarramedia, you are correct, but Eddie indicated that he was a universal donor, that is he has O negative blood which is generally safe to administer to anyone. My preference would have been for Dr.O to pull out his flask, pour some on the wound, take a slug for himself, and then proceed with his task. A missed opportunity.


Even in a controlled environment like a hospital they can get the wrong blood, or platelettes. That happened with my brother. The nurse walked out after starting the line and within a few minutes he was gasping for air. But this is TV and it was very cool.

I'm bored with Aurora. She is just blah. Santiago is sweet and funny and that girl is like a wet blanket. Blech. He needs himself some Gardenia! I hope she ends up being a very important part of Team Fr/Ed.

I agree with you Molly, although I think the reason they keep showing Aurora's hesitation is to show how uncomfortable she is with lying and deception. This theme goes back to when she couldn't bear to be in the Elizalde house because she couldn't stand to lie to the family. She would rather be truthful with the hateful Dominga and try to find out about her mother in a straightforward way. Perhaps this is to show that she is the exact opposite of her mother (no cunning or deceit at all). The only think they share is their beauty.

There are also not enough galans to go around in this novela for all the hot chicas: Fr/Ed and Nanda; Santiago and Aurora; Martina and Hot Doc; Margarita and Jacinto. But who do we have for Erica, Pris, Gardenia, and an eventually healthy Lili? Even a redeemed Damian isn't enough man to go around for all those ladies!

-Vivi in DC

Gardenia would gave Damian a run for his money, but he is too snobby! Pris and Erika can end up on their own, but someone needs to notice Gardenia. She doesn't get enough screen time! She just brings a whole different energy on screen and I love interactions between she and Fr/Ed. I guess we have plenty more time for new people to be introduced.

Martina and Gardenia could be like the new Elector Woman and Dyna Girl!

Vlad is another one who has to go. I didn't find him appealing to begin with, but now he is just to blechy for words!

That was of course Electro Woman and Dyna Girl!

Thanks, Melinama.

I would like to point out that Damian told Vlad that he was crazy for thinking he could be a part of the baby's life and acknowledge it because Pris was a married woman. In the civil law (from Spain and France and Louisiana), the husband of the mother is the father of the child.

It would be nice if Damian could a 360 degree turn and become something else, but I think he's in too deep. We just don't know the reason why.

I also thought Ed said to Dr. O that he questioned whether or not he was a real psychiatrist since he did so well at saving Silvestre.

Melinama, thanks for the great recap.

Even though things are moving at a rapid pace and there are so many interesting characters and side stories, I can only focus on Lili. I had hoped someone may have taken her accusations of the Barbinator seriously, but no one did (except perhaps Damian). She looks utterly defeated now. Blech.

Diana in MA

Melinama, thanks for the succinct, yet thorough, recap. It was most convenient that Fr/Ed turned out to be a universal donor. Talk about your red-blooded macho guy!
Based on my long-ago experience in taking kids for emergency stitches, the good dr. was a little slow with his suturing. Oh well, his technique was rusty and he did the best he could.
Carlos, I loved your suggestion of the flask coming into play.

Amidst all the dark drama, it was nice for Gardenia to confess the water-flinging and get a good laugh out of El Jefe Santorito.

Fernanda was quite touching in her sadness, wanting to put the hacienda and the messed-up family behind her. Yes, Melinama, Damian is super smooth. He seemed so sincere with Fer, but we'll see.

Didn't Santiago tell Dominga she had to take a bath so she could be madrina at the wedding?? At least they'll accomplish that good deed.
La Paloma

Great recap, Melinama!

Despite the fact that many of us are apparently rooting for Damian, I think he's much more evil than he appears. He asked Vlad if Vlad would do ANYTHING to be with Prissy. Vlad's not the really bad guy here, Damian is. I fully expect him to use Vlad to have someone killed, or do something at the plant, or even to mess up Barbara's plans, which would actually be good!

wow, great recap. I wonder why the writers stated so early in the novela that Barbie is Rory's pata de perro, sometimes means to have bare feet, don't know if it makes much sense, but my mom sometimes uses that phrase, especially when we walk around with bare feet and it's cold outside. She says that with our "patas de perro" we are going to get sick. Anyway, I hope Damian changes for the better, he seemed to be somewhat sad for Fernanda, but who knows...Why on earth would they tie Lili up like that? Stupid Gonzo!!! Dr. Oh is great, loved how exited he was during his putting practice. Hilarious!

Loved the recap Melinama. So Eddie gave his blood to save Silvestre's life along with the doc's renewed life saving surgical skills. I wonder when will Eddie tell Martina what happened to her father. She will be so angry with Jairo for hurting him and want to kick some major butt. I was glad Gardenia told Eddie about Camilho's visit and her dousing him with water. Eddie was thrilled (remember when he recollected Camilo pushing his mother into the swimming pool). It's hard to tell what Damian feels for Nanda. He seems to really care for her but then Babs has him wrapped tight around her finger. Maybe he will turn on her. Hope Lil will tell Eddie what happened. She was crushed when no one believed her and than tied up her hands and feet. Prissy is becoming worried about Vlad. He's become a pest.

I think Dr. O was a respectable surgeon until he lost his licence because of dealing with La Hiena and her ilk. Since he couldn't find work, maybe he was put him to work at el manicomio to keep an eye on Lily. I kinda got to like him in last night's episode.

Thank you Melinama. And I could hardly wait to read Carlos' comments on the 'byclcling' skills of a surgeon - it all comes back to you. Wow. But Wait, universal blood type there too?! 'how convie.eee.eent".

I thought I caught a note from Franco about Obi having been a medical doctor of skill in his past.

Did I hear Eduardo right when he asked Dr. O "Who do you work for?" And Dr. O said you. Because I thought that was really funny. Barbie is pretty scary when she wants to be! Her eyeshadow is scary enough. Is that how you know who the evil ones are by their eyeshadow? If I had tha much on when I went to work I would look like a raccoon!

Connie, what amazes me is how Babs can cry all those tears without a smudge. She rivals Rosario!

I kind of like the doc now. Wonder if maybe he is having a shift in allegence since Fr/Ed was willing to roll up his sleeve to help? Babs would have said let the old guy die.

Thank you Betty: "... Who cares that the patient wasn't anesthetized? Or being monitored during the procedure. If he had a cardiac arrest, I'm sure the doc had EKG paddles in his black bag. ..."
I thought the operation was a LOL success!

I have reached the FF with Martina's Pop. He comes back from the door of death, and he says the same old my child has shamed me story.

Ahh, the mysterious Dr.'s black bag. What wondrous things it contains. If only I were allowed to divulge the contents. Suffice it to say that the miracles it contains and the possibilities therein are mind-boggling. Never doubt the depth and wonder of THE DR.'S BLACK BAG.


Regarding using Dr O's flask as antiseptic, I suspect his motto is, "Never waste good liquor on bad injuries."

I'm sorry, but when Ed announced, "I'm a universal donor, take my blood," all I could think of was, "There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!" It just struck me as too hokey.

Whoever suggested that Dr O divert Lili from Berlin to Las Animas, I LOVE that solution! Que rico!

Thanks for the recap Melinama. These comments have been great. I really like the discussion of the surgery.

ITA with Diana regarding Lil. I too was upset no one regarded her and her family is so stupid and snowed by Babs it really was probably hopeless for me to think otherwise. At least we'll get a great pay off when we see the family reaction when Barbie is revealed. I just wonder who Babs might have killed between now and the end.

Molly, how do they do that? They must go to a special class because when I cry it runs in my eyes and burns or runs down my face. Guys don't have to worry about such things.

melinama - thank you for the recap. Perfect title, too. I was impressed that Dr. Matamente actually knew how to do surgery.

I didn’t get to see Friday’s episode. Do we viewers know exactly what triggered Lili’s behavior? Has she truly gone off the deep end? Did all those years of drugs at Miraflores make her loca? (…sighs…) Too bad she didn’t off good old Babs right then and there. Oh. Right. Telenovela would then be over in 2 weeks. My bad.

Jairo has really got his nerve! He buys an ice cream bar for Lili and thinks he now owns her. Somebody give that man a few dollars to reimburse him for the ice cream and be done with it. Gaaaaah!

I’ll bet Barbara’s “tranquilizers” are aspirin or vitamin C. ha! No way is she going to muckle up her mind.

For those of us who watched all the DIY surgeries in FELS-land, usually done by the villana herself (Gabi), this one looked pretty good to me.

Thanks, Melinama. About the impromptu blood transfusion...All I can say is that I appreciate any excuse that allows me to see those manly forearms...a weak spot for me. Actually, Sully did the exact same thing on Dr. Quinn to save his friend. Muy macho. Also, why did everyone just ignore Lil's comment about Barb killing her mother ??? Gonzo is an old dude who has put his young trophy wife on a pedestal. I hope he survives long enough to realize that this chick has been playing him for a fool. Damian was pretty gentle when he was restarining Lil after ''the ubfortunate incident with the table knife. '' I think he is not pure evil like BarBEE...just an amoral opportunist . You can tell that he is getting tired of BarBEE bossing him around. And he seems to be truly fond of Nanda , so maybe he will turn against B. at some critical point.

Ah Doris. You need to watch Friday's for sure on YouTube. Episode 49 chapter 5 I think it was. Barb told Lili that if she didn't mind her P's and Q's she would kill Gonzolo just like she killed her mom. Then she taunted Lili by dishing out soup implying that it was poisoned. Poor Lili came unglued and tried to stab her. Too bad she didn't.

Doris, I have every confidence that Jairo will be payed in full.


Connie, I totally agree, you get runny makeup in your eye and it burns and makes the whole thing worse! Of course she already looks like a glamorous racoon, so how bad could it get?

When they showed the close up on the soup last night, it looked like it was maybe a piece of orzo or barley floating in it, which would look like a pill and be another reason for Lili to freak.

And did they tear up some sheets to tie the poor girl up?

Damian is one of the most interesting to watch right now because it is really hard to tell, is he bad and a putting on a show? Is he really conflicted about the whole thing? And could he please just slap some sense into Vlad? Who wants all that crying around, ugh!

I did think it was funny that Damian couldn't drink his drink because of the way the ice landed so he sat there spinning them around.

I'm telling you, Barbie's hold on both Dr.O and Damian is not as strong as before, and she doesn't even know it yet; just like she doesn't know that Eddy is Franco. She has no idea what a poor position she is in. Damian is the only one that sees any truth in Lili's acusation of Babs having killed Ma Elizalde, and I'm thinking that Doc has seen that he might have an ally in the waiting in El Fantasma. Both these tipos are in a situation that is far beyond where they had intended to be; and in a situation to change the bad that Barbie has forced them to do. They are both approaching the tipping point, and could go either way.

I hope that tonight we finally see the power (milk) lunch. I wonder what they will order, who will pay for it.

I really want Cadmil-ho to come snooping around again. After Franco gave my Gardenia his permission to run him off, she'll really pull out the stops, and give him the what-for. THAT will be fun.

The wedding, the wedding. Too bad Rory can't see that Santi is sincere. She might just leave him at the alter yet, just bbecause she is so honest and straightlaced. Marriage for any reason other than for itself would be inconcionable to her, and the 180* contrast with her mama must be maintained, right? They already know mama's name, why do they need to get married now? They could pal aorund, and get to know each other, which is what she wants, she's not ipumlsive like Santi is.

lots to happen tonight, I hope...

The next time Cadmil-ho shows up unannounced, what should Gardenia do to him? The water was pretty effective but I think she can do better. The broom maybe? A nice dose of pepper spray? How about a stun gun? Watching him flop around on the ground like a fish would be oh so satisfying! :P

I find Damian the most intriguing character in this most intriguing show. I watch his expressions intently to see if I can decipher what he's supposed to be feeling or thinking, but a lot of what he does is so subtle. My boy Sergio is doing a great job.

Like Hombre de Misterio, I think it's Damian who will be making Vlad an offer he can't refuse, and not the other way around. I don't know what Damian is plotting there, but you can see his wheels spinning. And Vlad will go along with anything just to get Damian's "help".

Didn't Ed kind of threaten Dr. O. that he knows he's not a psychiatrist and should not be running a clinic. Who does own him? My money is on Ed, not Barbi.

ugh. Tying up Lili hand and foot like an animal. When Barbara kissed her while fixing her with that taunting stare. Chilling.

Nonni J.

Thanks. Melinama. I enjoyed your recap and snark.

Did Gepetto remember to mention Lucio as an accomplice or just Jairo as responsible for his wounds? Because we all would enjoy the major smackdown Martina would bestow on Lucio. Or if she's not available, Jacinto and Marge could fill in since their house was vandalized by Lucio as well. Hope Gepetto mentions that Lucio was there.

Love the bottomless black bags and chests in the TNs, GinCA

Molly, I was laughing and watching Damian spin that ice in his drink too. It is so difficult to read his expression when he is hugging Nanda but he did seem to be sincere in supporting her...wait and see.

Dave, about Damian at the tipping point. Here is how I'd love to see it played out.

Damian finds damning evidence on Fr/Ed. Barb gets Ed in her clutches, with full opportunity to finish him off somehow. How could he ever escape this time? Damian witnesses all this, considers how he feels about Nanda and how he feels about Barb, and at the last instant he throws Barb off Ed's scent and steps out of the dark side. Of course, if this happens in the final two weeks of the show, it will bring his own destruction but he will die happy because he rescued Fernanda's true love and he foiled evil, thus redeeming himself in his death.

But if it happens earlier in the series, then he will become a secret ally of Ed, and double agent, but never completely trusted, neither by Ed nor by the audience.

Anon 5:54, I like that they don't fix everything and just keep the camera's rolling. Kind of like the original Dark Shadows series where you would see actors getting hit in the head with boom mics.

But his face was like "dang, and I really needed this drink!"

Thanks for explaining what triggered Lili. I saw the youtube part where Barb poured something green into Gonzo's soup bowl before the soup, looked like olive oil to me, but Gonzo acted like that was normal. I didn't go back far enough in the youtube videos.

Oh, and about Vlad. He missed his calling. He'd have done really swell on FELS, with all the crying there. ;-)

Variopinta: When someone says that a person has "Pata de perro" it means the person gets around a lot - like a dog! Makes sense, doesn't it?


MEPS in AZ - thank you for that! I'll have to remember "pata de perro," now.

Thanks Melinama for keeping the story rolling along. I appreciate your work and also appreciate its brevity, I am so busy this month it is hard to spend as much time dwelling in Caraycarayland as I would like.

I do love the characterizations of so many of the actors in this play.

Well, I am way behind on my reading and writing today, but I was glad last night to get another look at that soup scene. Again, I thought it looked like Babs was struggling to hold Lili off, but mainly because she had to be a good victim. I think she could have easily fought Lili off if she'd wanted to, but then she might not have been able to maintain her poor gentle put-upon stepmotherly façade.

So, her white knuckle-grip on Lili's wrist was for real and also an act at the same time. She didn't want to get her throat cut but she couldn't afford to respond aggressively either.

And the crying was just her usual flair for drama. I was actually laughing later when she was taking the pills and telling Gonzo that it was all his fault for not listening to her. :-)

Oh, and: According to the wikipedia page for blood types, O-negative blood (so-called universal donor) is about 6.6% of the US population. (They didn't have stats for Mexico and I don't know if they'd be similar.) That's quite a lucky coincidence indeed!

I bet he has the perfect bone marrow too, if anyone needs it.

Most of the mexican population has O positive blood, it's the most common type o blood here.

But usually when someone needs blood, they use their type, using the universal type is mostly a last resort.


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