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William Levy will be starting a Hollywood movie soon!

One of the commenters on my William Levy page (see sidebar) alerted me to the delightful fact that William is beginning a movie to be shot in Los Angeles and Miami. It's called "Life in the Fast Lane," and evidently he'll be the star, Jake! Any comments or speculation on his new career (he may be lost to us here at the novelas, sob) should be added to that page, not here! I'll try to keep it updated.

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From IMDB, here's a description of the plot:
An unlikely car thief, Jake Edwards, from Edison New Jersey and his story. Reflections of a failing economy 1 out of every 3 residents in NJ are with out health care insurance, Jake is one of them. A sky light entrance into a car dealership in Las Vegas is a "Fall down the rabbit hole" of his journey. In a blink of an eye little known to Jake his life is saved by the worst of two evils. Enter Janet a street wise prostitute with a handful of attitude, now attached to this ever faster growing tornado. In the mist of confusion and mistrust a love story evolves.
A lot of the cast is still in the pending or rumored stage (Stacy keach, scott Baio, Andrew Dice Clay, etc.) but it looks like our boy is the definite.

thank god my prayers ahve been answered. will it be in english? i love when he speaks english. he sounds so sexy. its time for him to move on from novelas and get some big money jobs

Daisynjay this is the cast i saw who may star in the film with William so far.Micheal Madsen, Billy Mumy,John Schneider, Chelsea Smith, Deona Marie and Scott Baio are the people i saw so far who be on the movie.

Anon it's a american movie and he will be speaking english. Also you're in the minority although i am happy for William at getting this chance so many of us Levy fans do not want to lose him to the movies.

I prefer like so many others to see him on tv five times a week. Time will tell if this movie project will be a success or not.

We don't know if this a theater movie or made for tv movie yet.

i understand if u want to see him on tv 5 times a week he could always do american sopa operas preferablly on ABC he'd get more exposure that way and you'd see him 5 tiems a week and he'd be doing alot of fan events. anyway im excited to see him in something different

True but American soaps are in no way like novelas and they do not have the same passionate love scenes like novelas. Plus he gets stuck in one role where in novelas there is a beginning, a middle and a end.

Sorry while i hope his movie does well an i am american, i hope he doesn't stop doing novelas.

Also, if he stops doing telenovelas, that lessens my incentive to learn Spanish :-). I need all the help I can get!

Juanita too funny LOL.

Can't wait for the movie to release!!! :-)

ITA though. I'll miss seeing him 5 days a week.

Cielo de Levy that's why i am cherishing these last 30 episodes of Sorti because it maybe his last novela. I really hope it's not.

Although I'd miss seeing William Levy in telenovas, I'm genuinely happy that he has a chance for a movie career.

My concern is that Scott Baio and others mentioned (Billy Mumy - from Lost in Space) are not exactly A listers. Also, frankly, William is most likely virtually unknown to non-telenova viewers. The plot sounds intriguing so I hope it works out well for him (and for the others).

anom at 12:38 of course its not a listers i nthe movie if hes the lead its his first englsih movie and will has been saying sicne he started acting he wants to go to hollywood this is his big break and hes the star. and its will gain hi mmore fans thanks to tmz he now has more people knowing about him already. hes got big things he can do besides novelas

William has already made a movie called Retazos de Vida i think but William already has a loyal fan base and they are big why because of his novelas.

Since he first starring role in CCEA that novela along now with Sorti has gain William a world wide fan base.

I like to think because of this his popularity has grown and these novelas have been shown in several countries.

I think when we talk about fame, William will have more fame if he sticks to Televisa. Televisa exports novelas to countries all over the world. It is for novelas what Hollywood is to movies, no matter the quality (wich has dropped alot this decade).

If what William wants is to do more roles and have a bigger control over his career then movies are good too.

If he wants to become VERY famous and VERY rich he could try become an A lister in Hollywood with time and perseverance. Now that would be much better and you being from the United States should be more informed on what are his chances.

Any path he chooses I wish him luck.


Jarocha i have seen stars make it big time from American soaps so it can happen.

It also depends on getting the right project to work on. From the role,scrip, producer and director.

While i wish William all the best at anything he does, i still hope he can do some more novelas.

You are so right about Televisa and i see he already has so many fans from other countries because of this.

We'll just have to wait and see how the movies is when it comes out.In the meantime he'll be working on it for about four months.

televisa isnt getting him well know with the american audience though.and wih him living in american it would be a good idea for him career wise to be well know with the american audience. hes already said he visited holllwood and has wanted to work tehr eever since

I have seen so many soap opera actors who try to move over to the movies from a successful soap opera career.

The ones who have succeeded, Meg Ryan, Tom Selleck,Cristopher Reeves Sarah Michelle Gellar, Eva longoria, Demi Moore,Julianne Moore,even Brad Pitt.

The ones not so successful Joshua Jackson, Tyler Christopher, Carlos ponce tried american tv.Eduardo Yanez made a couple of american movies also.

So it depends on what choices these actors have made to make a successful transition from the little screen to the big screen.

Those former soap stars who became major tv stars.

I don't think it has to be either / or. Since novelas are not continuous like US soaps, he can do both. Look at Camil.
He did a novela, two plays and two movies (one Mex, one US).
Then another novela, a play, a few Mex movies, and a travel show.
Then another novela, and when that finishes, who knows? Maybe that US tango movie will finally get started - I can only hope!

I'd imagine the actors get really tired of playing the same novela formula again and again. Dabbling in other media not only would be a welcome change of scenery, but it would also improve Levy as an actor - give him a wider base of experience.

The thing I don't know is whether Televisa owns Levy like most of its actors. If so, I'm sure they wouldn't let him flit around. They might loan him out for one project, but they don't like their serfs to stray too far.

I dont care if its starting in a new novela or if he starting in a hollywood movie; as long as i can see him on tv, ill be the happiest girl on earth. i love him so much and i think hes a great actor and sexy man ;]

I am glad he is doing an American movie. I hope he continues the novelas. A lot of us who are fans would miss him.

Good luck kiddo. Give a good impression in Hollywood with class and good attitude.

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