Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Care and Feeding of a Recapper.

Imagine this. In an effort to be helpful to your community, you sign up to prepare a meal every Saturday for the local shelter. You spend three hours preparing a good meal. When you get to the shelter, you find two people there, ready to eat. No one else shows up. The next Saturday, the same thing happens. How many weeks would you continue, before you change your approach and fix two brown bags with a turkey sandwich and an apple in each?

We recently pulled the plug on Clon recaps because most nights, only two people (other than the recappers) were posting comments. This post isn’t really about the Clon board. It’s for the readers and lurkers on all the other boards, so you don’t lose your recaps, too.

It’s common for a recapper to spend three hours on a recap, and some take longer. The recappers are all volunteers. When they take a show, they are expected to stay for the duration, sometimes 14 months. They’re not paid, so why do they do it? As a service to the Caray community. For me, it feels good to know I’m helping others enjoy the shows like others helped me. So when no one comments, I feel like I’m giving a concert for an empty auditorium. People say, “Plenty of people read the recaps; they just don’t comment.” Well, excuse my bluntness. Am I investing three hours or more per night for the sake of people who can’t invest 90 seconds for a two-sentence reply?

I’m not asking for praise and adulation. Just shuffle your feet so we know you’re out there, so we know we’re not playing to an empty room. You can’t think of anything to say? Here are some ideas for starters.
• I’m glad you explained what Festus said to Sadie. They talked too fast and I couldn’t understand it.
• I laughed when you said Hephzibah had eyes in the back of her head thanks to too many facelifts.
• Do you REALLY believe Hortense is going to tell Aloysius the whole truth? Really???
• Feonando and Crabiela. Ewww. Creepy.
• I loved the scene where Martín said, “Nooo! Plátanos!”
• What do we want for Snidely? Hungry alligators or a runaway steamroller?
• I really wish he’d just kiss her already, doggone it!
• Paula’s right. Fernando Colunga truly is the best looking man on earth. (Las burras por delante!)

Do you enjoy reading the recaps for your favorite show? Do you want to see them continue? If you do, then remember it’s your comments that feed us recappers. If you forget to feed us, you might find us like the goldfish you forgot to feed when you were 10.

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I tagged this for pecado, dinero, salvaje, STuD, and clon, but it's only showing up on the Clon menu. I don't know what I did wrong. Can somebody fix it?

Thanks for the starter suggestions. I read the summaries all the time and am just so appreciative that all you volunteers take the time to do this. But I will definitely participate more with comments, especially when I find something funny that makes me smile or laugh (which I did in response to some of the starter suggestions!!)

Interesting and thoughtful post, Paula; thanks!

Hi Paula. Truly I'm sorry you and the others recapping for this show did not get more support. Unfortunately I don't have this channel and am juggling too many novelas currently. I will stop by to give encouragement but can't really discuss the show b/c I can't see it.

Thank you Karen. That's very considerate of you. But my main point is, whatever shows you ARE watching and reading, be sure to comment regularly on THOSE recaps. Whichever show that is, those recappers need to hear from people on every recap.

Paula, I liked your phrase, "just shuffle your feet, so we know you're out there." I usually feel that my comments aren't as funny as some, but mostly comment out of gratitude for those who are insightful or witty. Thanks for reminding us.
La Paloma

I retagged this for you. For some reason the tags are duplicated on my screen, so I double tagged them and it worked out all right. Try it on your screens.

Thanks for the reminder to everyone, Paula. I am not recapping any TN just now but still enjoy 4 ongoing telenovelas and I do still lurk and comment when I can. You are so right that the comments are the treat for the recappers and don't have to be clever or funny. Shuffling feet is good!! Above that is a bonus.

Duly noted. I am sooo guilty. I've lurked for a long time. I love the recaps and it's only right that the recapper's know their labor is appreciated.

I was there for Guapos, Mañana, Tontas, Cuidado, El Nombre, Mujeres Asesinas, Pecado and now Corazon Salvaje. I never commented because I feel like the new kid in school around here. I'm busy trying to understand the inside jokes & snarky names. Tblmoe comes to mind :) or who's Cadmilho (Manana) or finally figuring out that Padre was Nestor's brother and not his dad (Guapos)

So thank you, all of you, your work is appreciated and enjoyed and so helpful.

So whenever you saw one set of footprints in the sand ..... remember, you weren't alone - we were just lurking :)

You did it, anon 11:24! Let us hear from you more! If you were around for Tontas (2008, wasn't it?), you haven't been the "new kid" for a long time!
TBLMOE: The Best Looking Man on Earth (Fernando Colunga)
Cadmilho: The orange-skinned shiftless brother on MEPS
I think you don't watch Clon, but we've been having fun with some names: Malicia (Alicia), Nariza (Nazira), The Chump (Escobar).

If you would like, if you write a name for yourself, we can answer you by name instead of "anon 11:24." It doesn't have to be your real name - you can call yourself "The Phantom" or "Mae West," it doesn't matter. And you can just include it in the body of your post rather than in one of the check-boxes, like this. -Paula H.

Thank you re-cappers! I've re-joined the board for Soy Tu Duena cause I had bailed on Corazon Salvaje.

Sometimes I can only catch up on weekends, or I'm reading last nights recap at 8:45 pacifico just before tonights episode, so I don't say anything because I'm afraid the thread is over by the time I get there.

But I'm here yeah! Thank you. I like the snark and the humor and of course most of all to find out who said what to whom, or who ran over whom in a car...

One thing though: sometimes (like the last three re-caps I just read) the nicknames confuse me and I have to read and re-read to figure it out. Just the boring old correct character names would be OK and understandable, just sayin'!

Another thing, I would like to try my hand at a re-cap if anyone needs a sub, I would just need some anticipation. I know my comprehension is good enough, and not so sure about the humor, but who knows?

Paula, all of you recappers rock! I want to be one when I grow up (or learn Spanish). I started watching FELS by accident and then found this board and decided to stick with it. Not only were the recappers hilarious, but they made a show that got way of course worth the time in the jungle. Also, many of the recappers (and commentors) are not just good at translating the language, but the culture as well. I have learned so much about a culture I knew nothing about and really gave very little thought to. Because of Caray and the recappers, I have sought out films I would otherwise have not seen. Heck, I even got to meet and spend time with one of the commentors here (Creemelo) when we learned we were in the same state.

I remember the first time I jumped in and commented on FELS, it does seem intimadating at first, but everyone was so welcoming and wonderful. If you are lurking out there, come on in...the water in the swimming whole, shower, bath, waterfall...is great!


Lol, Paula! Gracias! Seeing the comments roll in the day after I post my recaps is one of the highlights of my week. I enjoy knowing that people are reading my recaps and even though I don't usually get to participate in the follow up, I also like seeing the cooperative learning that takes place in the comments.

Randy, I'm glad to hear that you are willing to substitute recap. That's how I got started. Whatever shows you are watching, announce to the recappers there that you are available to sub. With summer vacations, weddings, etc., I'm sure you'll get some takers. And if recapping suits you, Melinama is always looking for permanent recappers.

Paula, this post was such a great idea. Thank you! We were considering bailing on Dinero for a while because there were no comments. Readers, lurkers, remember: "You don't miss the water till the well runs dry." Recap team: LOVE YOU! THANK YOU!!

I so appreciate all the recappers. I comment once and a great while but mostly I have been lurking. I always feel like my comments aren't very amusing and usually someone else has already read my mind by the time I read the recaps. I will try and say something every time I read a recap from the shows that I watch from now on if only to say thank you. You are right we should at least let you know we are out here. But I do THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Paula, Thank you for letting folks know what a letdown it is to take the time (and put in the effort) to write a recap and then find so little response.

Comments do not need to be original or funny. If someone has already said what you were thinking, just add that "you agree". Even just a simple "thanks" and a "that really helped" is enough to buoy up a recapper to do it again when maybe she (or he) would rather be relaxing, sleeping!, out partying with friends or whatever. We set aside valuable time and energy to do this.....because we want to. But it's only natural that we'll want to less and less if nobody seems to care.

And speaking for myself, I love the friendships that gradually develop on these lines as we get to know each others likes and dislikes, experiences in foreign countries and with foreign languages, etc.

This is a wonderful site but Lurkers, you can make it even better by joining in more often.

Paula, I think it was a great idea to post this message, both for the readers (especially the lurkers) and perhaps also for the recappers, to help them realize that there really are lots more people appreciating their work than is sometimes apparent.

I LOVE CarayCaray and am in awe of what the recappers are able and willing to do night after night. Like Molly, I'd love to be a recapper when I grow up. However, since I already have grandchildren and my Spanish is pretty dreadful, I'm unlikely to ever understand the language well enough to recap in this life.

Muchísimas gracias to all the recappers and to so many others in this great community who have made CarayCaray such an amazing resource.

Thank you Paula for your note. I understand the time and work it takes to watch a show and write the summary of the episode. I applaud you and everyone for all the hard work.

So sorry that there wasn't more response to your hard work on the Clon recaps. Me personally, I didn't comment because I haven't really been watching anything on Telemundo this year.

One additional suggestion: if you read a summary and really don't know what to comment, just write "Thank you" and sign your name.

Jody :)

Paula: I agree that your post was wonderful and very timely.

I'm in constant awe of the recappers' generous time and efforts to bring us these amazing summaries.

I'm trying to watch 4 telenovas (I don't get this channel so this isn't one of them). I try to comment as much as I can (which I must do at work which is a challenge).

I hope your thoughtful request will make others "stand up" and be heard. I remember wondering if my first few comments would even be noticed. I needn't have worried as the recappers and commenters were very inclusive and welcoming.


Paula, great posting! No, I'm not a recapper but Emilia and I do very sincerely appreciate the time and effort that all of you give up to post.

I can imagine how you feel. Perhaps we should only say, "how like a serpent's tooth is a commentless lurker."

When I watched TN Ramona several years ago I could read the word for word script in Spanish before each broadcast. It wasn't as informative or interesting as the last and only recap I read. I actually took Spanish classes in Community College, but need to practice hearing the words and expanding my vocabulary. Needless to say the recaps and comments just fill the need. It doesn't hurt that they are so well written and funny.

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Paula, you hit the nail on the head. First of all, I'm sorry for the Clon recaps, but I can feel with you guys. I used to write recaps for other shows, and I know how important feedback is.
Your suggestions are great.

Anon 11:24
I discovered Caray via Melinama's blog almost two years ago. At first I didn't dare to comment much because my English was (is) limited + it was obvious that the recappers and the commenters knew each other for a long time. Inside jokes, and so on. It's never easy to join an internet community, greenhorns feel insecure in the first weeks.
When CS started in the US I decided to forget my language issues and join the commenter community. I didn't regret it. Everyone greeted me friendly, and I'm sure that every single new comment will be appreciated here. :)

I love the recaps on Caray, respect the recappers (the regulars and the substitutes) for their work muchisimo, and I enjoy reading the witty comments of the intelligent, funny commenters.

Juanita...Si se puede! Of course you can be a recapper when you grow up. There are several "grandparent recappers". I'm the oldest at 70 but my Spanish was non-existent until 5 years ago when I decided to try and learn it, with a few adult ed courses, textbooks from the store and CarayCaray. Please don't fall prey to "ageism". I also teach exercise classes where the age range is from late 30's to 93. These folks show up even on hot muggy days to work out in a non-air-conditioned gyms. NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE IN. As long as you're "above ground" you can improve your Spanish and be a recapper. GO FOR IT!

Great post, Paula, I completely agree.

When I first discovered Caray Caray, I was a little hesitant to comment. I also was worried about what name to use, as I wanted it known I was male (maybe to explain my appreciation of the ladies in the shows). Anyway, I settled on Hombre de Misterio, and that freed me to say whatever I wanted.

The beauty of this is that you can make up any name, and reveal as much or as little of yourself as you want. Or you can just say thank you for the recap, or any small observation. I don't currently recap any shows, but I did several in the past, and the comments were like life's blood, or manna, or whatever. I'd keep checking back, and anytime there was a new comment, I'd be ecstatic (yes, I know, I need professional help) :)

I have a very busy schedule, but I try to leave at least one comment per day for each show I watch. And for those who worry that your comment is too late, don't worry. Many times the comments continue through the evening, and sometimes even into the next day. The recapper, who spent hours doing the recapper, will always appreciate them.

Always in awe of the time and care spent on our behalf by the recappers. I'm not trying to learn Spanish, just trying to follow the story line with my less than perfect grasp of the language. You recappers deserve an award...every night!!!

Here is proof that you don't have to be funny or witty or brilliant, you just have to shuffle your feet so we know you're there: Of the 27 comments thus far, the one that warmed my heart most was Lynda's. "I will try and say something every time I read a recap from the shows that I watch from now on if only to say thank you."

Frances, if you are trying to improve your Spanish by TNs, you might find help on my Learning Spanish by Telenovelas page. I want from dazed&confused to recapper in 18 months, and I'm no spring chicken. It works!

JudyB, muchísimas gracias for your very encouraging message! I agree with you about not falling prey to "ageism" excuses. I believe that one can continue to learn at almost any age. My doubts about ever getting my Spanish into good enough shape to be a recapper are simply based on how far I've come--or failed to come--in the 4 1/2 years I've been studying Spanish, mostly on my own. My feeling is that at that rate, I'd have to have Methuselah's genes to reach an adequate level of proficiency in this lifetime. :-) I'm immensely impressed that you've been at it for only five years. PaulaH, too, made remarkable progress, as she has explained in her wonderful "Learning Spanish by Telenovelas" account. My schedule won't permit me to duplicate her steps. However, I suspect that in both her case and yours, there's probably also an element of innate talent that has enabled both of you to progress much further than I have. But I'm definitely not giving up, nor am I assuming that I'm too old to learn. And I'm really heartened by your message.

Hi Paula H,I am sorry about Clon. We appreciate all the recapers, very much so. I believe the problem is most people don't get telemundo in their viewing areas unless you have cable, which a few holdouts like me don't. I do truely hope you and all my dear recapers know and understand how much we appreciate them. Granted we could always say something even if it is just a line. Please forgive us ungrateful freeloaders. Taking in all this talent and not a word of thanks or comment.
Thank you once again.


Paula, that's kind of a disappointment about El Clon. I think I would have been interested in that show, but I don't get Telemundo, even with cable.

Hombre de Misterio, you certainly don't need professional help! Everyone likes to be appreciated. I find it's easier to get out of bed on Wednesday mornings, even though I was up later than usual recapping, because I just can't wait to see what comments people have written.

Thanks to all the recappers! I'm pretty guilty of not commenting myself, because I record STuD and CS and watch them days later so I feel like I'm too far behind to jump in and say anything relevant to the current day's discussion, but I do read and enjoy those recaps eventually!

Thanks for the note Paula. Sorry to hear you've lost your show. I was afraid we were going to lose CS for awhile. It coughed and sputtered but it seems to have some new life breathed into it as the plot picks up. I can't tell you how much this website means to me. When I started with Destilando I could barely understand it. Then I found this website. My comprehension picked up quite a bit and then I finally felt brave enough to comment, then to recap so I could give something back to the community that helped me. So Don't be afraid it's all good! 8(:P

shuffle, shuffle, shuffle...
I'm here. Sorry I've been flying under the radar for awhile. Every recapper and commenter is greatly appreciated. As members of the Ganchoteers, Mike and I feel as if we're friends with so many wonderful people we've never met face to face. (Except for Sylvia, who was instantly like family the moment we met her!)

We started watching telenovelas when we discovered Juan Querendon, and shortly after, we found Caray Caray. We have only watched the 7:00 novelas, but are now watching STuD. Our Spanish has improved quite a bit but we're not ready for prime time.

Thanks for the post, Paula. We needed the nudge and will try to at leas say howdy and thanks every day.


Thanks for reminding us that this recapping is a two way street. As a recapper, I would frequently check for new comments throughout the day and even check back the following day. I enjoyed all the comments and words of praise and especially enjoyed hearing from folks disagreeing with me. Some of the most fun discussions have been where there is amiable differences of opinion.


I consider myself professional help and I responded exactly the same way as you. I think that we're both OK. I showed a friend of mine what I considered one of my best recaps and after he finished reading it he looked up at me and said, "Very funny... but why?" I think everyone who has recapped here understands why.


Paula--Good post! It is important that viewers understand that the recaapers live for the feedback. I used to be intimidated by posting comments because on some blogs, people can get pretty nasty if they do not agree with you. But on Caray, everyone has always been nice and respectful of each others opinions. And besides, this is really the only opportunity I have to talk about the telenovelas because nobody else I know watches them.

One of these days I may get brave enough to be a reacapper,but for now, I will just continue to give the current recappers their praise due. GRACIAS TODOS!!!!!

It would be neat to have a blog where we have to write comments in spanish too. That would be a challenge for me. I can understand about 80% but definately need to work on responding.

Tried to leave a rather long and complementary comment, and it didn't work. In the future, if possible, I'll comment daily on whatever I'm watching just to say a heartfelt thank you, thank you, thank you.


What a shame about Clon.

I will be watchign STuD when I get my TV going here at my new house and will comment there, I am sure,

I have been a substitute recapper and it was a blast. but it took a fair amount of time. Like Carlos and Hombre, I could not wait for the comments on my posts. I don't know exactly why it has so much meaning to have people engage with me in my telenovela passion but it really does. Like so many others have said, it is fun to share an enthusiasm with new found friends. I came late to the party at Gancho, but I was welcomed with open arms and I have made some real friends there. It may seem strange but it is true.

Do take time to write a little comment all ye lurkers. You will be made welcome, regardless of your abilities/skills in Spanish.

Thanks, Paula, for writing this post.

Elna June

Thanks for the reminder, Paula. Wow~~~Such great comments. I'm afraid that I drifted away from El Clon partly because I was frustrated with the circular plotline and partly because I'm watching CS and STuD while trying to keep up with my family and job. However, I do usually try to leave a comment everyday on the novelas I watch [usually one , sometimes two]. As someone mentionned, it's fun to belong to a community and talk about the novelas since nobody in my reallife watches them. My friends, family, and students find it very amusing that I watch Mexican telenovelas , but I have learned vocabulary which has helped me teach my Spanishspeaking students. I found Caraycaray a few years ago when I googled ''Alborada'' and found Melinama's singlehanded recaps. Amazing...I was hooked. Then , I began to meet lots of smart, friendly, clever, witty, funny people who post on caraycaray regularly. Coming here everyday to read the recaps and comments and share my own gratitude and comments was and is a treat. I consider it a nice escape from the sometimes stressful realities of the day.

Lynda Wed Jun 16, 07:06:00 AM EDT -


Thank you, Paula, and all the recappers. Your efforts are truly appreciated and, for me, invaluable in my comprehension of the novelas. I'm sorry I didn't have time to watch EL CLON as my novelas schedule is pretty full with HEDNS, STUD and CS.

Your website is terrific. Thanks again.


I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Caray, Caray and the talents and dedication of the recappers!

My first TN was Passion (not so long ago). I started watching about halfway through and I had no idea what was going on. I wanted to know more so I went to the Univision website and found the daily summaries - in Spanish of course. I'd copy and paste the summary into Google translate, read it and think, "He did what to who??"

Finally, during MEPS I found Caray, Caray and the story opened up for me. I KNEW what Fernanda and Erica were giggling about. I understood Eduardo's pain and Liliana's despair. I despised Barbara, cheered for Martina, loathed Camilho and groaned at Aurora's naive stupidity right along with everyone else. I never would have understood that TN without this site.

So THANK YOU recappers for all your time, hard work, and creativity! And thanks to everyone who comments and adds insight, details & fun to the discussion. I look forward and enjoy coming to this site every day. It's like meeting with friends.


Hi Paula and thank you so much for this piece. I read every day but don't always feel like I should comment because my comments so often read "lame." Part of the reason is I have some neurological problems, the symptoms of which are a little forgetfulness, along with dizziness, vertigo, etc. on occasion. By the time I pick something out in the comment to point out as really useful....I can't always recall the specifics. So then I go back to the comment and it starts to get confusing....the process, I mean. Also, I can't quite remember my password for the blog so often sign on as anonymous, which seems pretty bland. But I just want you and the other talents to know that your writing makes my day, even if I don't always say so. I love the novelas. My Spanish is so-so and I miss so much. But I also love the"take" from others. This is like a great little secret only "special" people know about.

I'm back to watching taped editions of Corazon. I had turned off when they went to midnight. And there were so many fight scenes in the dark I couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on. Also, I couldn't take the wigs. But I am crazy for "Juan" and especially appreciate those photos that are being posted.

Am also watching Dinero and StUD, in hopes of seeing Mr. Wonderful any day now.

I have to admit I'm getting a little "on" in age now and am not as quick on the uptik as some of you great folks, so please don't stop contributing if you don't hear from more of us. I'm sure I'm not the only one in my position. But really, sending you all one big ABRAZO! You're such jewels.

Dona Felipa

Dona Felipa, great to hear from you! I also watch Dinero, and would love to read your comments. As for getting on in age, I think a great number of the commenters are in the same boat, many having grandchildren. And as for forgetting what you were going to post, you could take notes! I sometimes do. While I'm reading the recap, I have a little index card, and write down a few words about a part I wanted to comment on. Or if someone makes a comment I want to respond to, I write down his or her name and one word to remind me what they said. Then when I'm done, I (hopefully) can remember what I was thinking.

I often wish there were a "like" or a "read" button.

Paula H, I finally had a change to check out your page. Thank you so much for sharing the link. What a great resouce.

I really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on the subject; thank you for posting!

Dona Felipa, thank you for mentioning the Juan screen caps. :-) I liked hearing you enjoy them.

There are quite a few of his fans, and I'll remember you like the pictures I post with the recap.

Paula H - great post! Thank you. Sorry about El Clon closing up shop.

randa sea - Good to see you, and I'm glad you'll be with us for STuD

Aribeth - I never, ever, would have guessed English is not your first language. You are very fluent.

Doris -- Just a clarification about El Clon: The news of our demise has been greatly exaggerated! Jean and I are still writing daily summaries of the show and inviting discussion, but we are no longer doing full-length recaps. Come check us out!

Thanks to all who recap all the TN's on Caray. ALL OF YOU are tremendous. All though I watch CS, Picado and StuD.
I really miss the Joven Rey of the Novellas- WLG(William Levy. I hope they come up with a good role for him he's a talented joven.
Because of the wonderful recappers I am learning Spanish and having fun doing so. Gracias all of you.

i started watching el clon, but had to travel a lot, so i looked for recaps on line and found your site and starting reading after my trips. I'm sorry for not comenting, but nowhere, at any time, did i see you say that you wanted me to comment, and now I feel scolded. I am very happy these are out here, but please let people know what you want before chastising them for not doing it, k? Thanks for your work and my comments about the show:
WTF? How many times is Jade gonna sleep with Lucas before the 3 months is up, risking pregnancy? Aren't they in their 40's? They cant wait 3 months after 20 years? Idiots. And subjecting Zoraida and Latifah to the guys' wrath? Crappy.
When they split the mall they should have cruised by the house to steal Jaddiya and run off. Punto. But they fell into bed and she's gonna waltz into the house like nothing happened?

Just adding my two cents----thanks Paula, you made me laugh.

I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, unfortunately I do not speak Spanish, otherwise I would tell you how much I appreciate the work and effort you all put in doing these recaps. Thank you very much. I totally agree with ...."I never commented because I feel like the new kid in school around here. I'm busy trying to understand the inside jokes & snarky names. Tblmoe comes to mind :) or who's Cadmilho (Manana) or finally figuring out that Padre was Nestor's brother and not his dad (Guapos)

So thank you, all of you, your work is appreciated and enjoyed and so helpful.

So whenever you saw one set of footprints in the sand ..... remember, you weren't alone - we were just lurking :)"

Thanks, Paula, late to the party but I really appreciate and respect the effort that goes into these caps. I tried to recap just half an episode for one of your colleagues who had gotten ill and was going to submit it. I didn't know how to go about it so my recap kept getting rejected for being too long. It was fun and I think it would have been appreciated but MAN! what an effort! I worked three hours on just that half hour! I haven't had the nerve to volunteer recapping for various reasons but I'll think about it.

For someone who has been a fan of Spanish (and now Portuguese) these novelas and this board is the next best thing to immersion in the target culture. Would that I had something like this way back in the day when I took my first Spanish course! Gracias a todos y muito obrigada!


I love this site. I just wish I knew more about what novelas are good to watch and when a new one starts. I like watching from the beginning.Ever since my mom passed away I wanted to see a novela to remember her by because she loved her novelas.So if there is any new novelas coming on please let me know.BTW I love Corazon Salvaje because that was one of the novelas my mom really wanted to watch before she passed.So again thank you.

angeldawnkris, look for "Teresa" "Muy Pronto" on Univision.

It stars Angelique Boyer in the title role; she plays "Jimena" on Corazón Salvaje.

I'm going to watch it from the start. :-) A previous version starred Salma Hayak. It was also made as "Rubi."

Jeri Thank you.I will wait for it. I record my novelas and I speak and read fluent spanish. So if any one needs a recapper for Teresa I could help.:) Novelas make me feel closer to my mom :)

I don't watch any novela on Univision for one year. Last novela I wached on Univision was Las Tontas No Van al Cielo. I'm watching Telemundo because CC3 caption. But I love this web site and sometimes I visited it {like now} and that is how I found that message above.I hope you will have enough recappers for Mar de Amor. Thanks for telling us on which way we can say thank to all recappers.

I love the recaps & the wit employed. However, compared with Telenovela World, I find this site hard to navigate & interact with postings, since it is not laid out in threads like at TW. I also can't find a simple way to chose a screen name. I have to go through a rigamarole in order to post here & use anonymous.


I was reading this before, and it helped me remember to ALWAYS comment on a recap, even if it's a sentence or two. It really matters.

Last night I made an attempt at a back up recapper, and the wonderful comments and encouragement were great. It makes you feel good, like the time used recapping was well-spent.

There was one comment on my recap attempt from an anonymous person who basically said "Good job, thanks" and you know what? That counted too. That was another shot of encouragement. So to those of you out there who are too shy to say much, just copy and paste this phrase: "Good job, thanks" and post it. Don't be shy! You can make a huge difference, even with a three-sentence post.

Errr. . . correction, "three word post."

Is anyone going to translate the new telenolva Amor fugaz any of the recapper. Plz do.


Is anyone going to recap fugaz del amor, thats a good question R thanks for mentioning that.

Hi, I'm one of those guilty ones who have never told you how much I appreciate what you folks are doing. I began to watch and record El Clon last July, and discovered Caray, Carey! a month later. Jean's recaps made it that much better. Now I am hooked on Aurora.
Thank you.

CanterburyI admit to being a lurker and timid about leaving comments. Problem is, though, that the last two telenovelas I've watched have been on Telemundo - Mas Sabe El Diablo & Aurora. If someone were to recap Aurora, I'd make it a point to comment. The Telemundo discussion board is a waste of time for me as every time Aurora is mentioned, it's just to slam a really brilliant telenovela that keeps getting better all the time.

Thank you so much for your work in recapping these shows. I love them, and after 2 years, I'm actually beginning to understand a little. I especially like it when you explain the idioms.
The added bonuses, like giving football scores and comments about what the actors wore are hysterical. I read them out to my husband and we both laugh, even though he only watches a few of the shows. Keep up the good work!
Pat W

I just found this website and am glad I did. I don't speak or understand spanish and love that you are giving the recaps in English. I have watched several novelas with my mother who tries to translate, but doesn't really catch everything so I am glad I found you because you get everything.

I just found this blog but you totally capture it perfectly. It is frustrating to do blog posts every day with no one saying a word. I blog about soaps although I have been watching some telenovelas lately.

It can feel like you're talking to yourself. I was absolutely insane since I was writing about six soaps at once but I cut down to four but still I'm not hearing a single thing. I wonder if I should put up a page similar to this too since of course I want the interaction. I know people go to it but a comment is a very rare thing over there.

Since I'm only just now diving into the telenovela world I'll likely at some point read some of the recaps but I just need to pick a show first. There are so many of them which is really good since sadly the soap operas are dying.

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Hello everybody! I’ve been lurking out here in Viewerville for a while and saying “thank you” is long overdue. ¡Muchas, muchas gracias y un gran abrazote para todos!
Watching TNs and reading your recaps have helped me a lot with my Spanish. I can read a bit and pick up vocabulary, but I’ve had trouble understanding speech … so I turned to the TNs for help. I have a TV from the 1980s that doesn’t have captioning, so I’m forced to really listen. Your recaps fill in the holes for me.
I began watching Más Sabe el Diablo on Mun2 because it had built-in English captions. My mother, who passed away in December last year, watched it with me. She liked it better than All My Children, which she had watched for over 30 years, and it became her new favorite program. I found a new kitten (a feral) and named him Angel, after the character played by Jencarlos Canela. I wish my mother could watch Teresa and La Pola with me now. She would have loved them!

I'd be lost without the recaps. Sometimes i'm way off
Thanks again!

What's coming soon? I haven't seen a good telenovela since Sortilegio.

I'm embarrassed to say I've been a lurker for some time now and had not taken the time to read the "Care and Feeding of a Recapper" but here I am and I just wanted to say kuddos to all the recappers, I've enjoyed (and will continue to enjoy the recaps) reading the recaps for a couple of TN's that I started watching after they had already been on for a while. I will be feeding ya'll as a sometimes blogger I know comments are like food ♥.

Melinama, is there any way we can start a blog for La Hija del Mariachi? we are starting to make posts about it in the La Pola blog, and La Pola ends in about 4 wks. so maybe we can leave that blog open after La pola ends or begin a LHDM one. thanks.
Not sure we would get enough recappers to volunteer, it is not seen everywhere, but we could have discussion blogs weekly like with La Pola.

I there any way I can see JUST the Cuando me enamoro recaps?? I can't find a way to do so and I'm dying to know what's happened the last week, I missed it all!!!

I just happened to look at this care and feeding secton and saw the question from Anonymous on Sept. 9 about where to find the Cuando Me Enamoro posts all together. This is how it's done if you still want to know:

Bring the Caray Caray page up and look along the left side in the pink box which lists the various shows. If the telenovela is still on it will include a list of days of the week and who is the recapper for that day. At the bottom of this list is a blue line that says Cuando Me Enamoro Feed or what ever show Feed. Click on this blue line and it will take you to the page in delicious where all the postings for a given show are archived. good luck.

I have only started to read your recaps regarding Teresa and I am so amazed with your recaps. They are totally hilarious especially the terms of endearment you give every characters in this telenovela. I also marvel to the fact that your views match exactly how my little understanding of the dialogues are. Kudos to you guys and please keep on!!!

thank you very much for the teresa translations or recaps. I have only lately followed it and have enjoyed it very much. Can anybody tell me whether I could get a copy of the whole transcript of the Teresa translation because I want to buy the dvd but it doesnt have english subtitles. Thank you


I love the Cuando recaps!!! I rarely miss an episode but read them anyway because they are so very entertaining and keep the action in perspective. Thank you all Recappers!!

Not only do I love the recaps, but the titles as well... "into a sea of trouble and tears sails a boatload of the others." I almost fell off of my chair I was laughing so hard!

Not only do I love the recaps, but the titles as well... "into a sea of trouble and tears sails a boatload of the others." I almost fell off of my chair I was laughing so hard!

I'm a newbie and have enjoyed reading recaps of Cuando Me Enamoro. Your witty comments not only improve my Spanish skills, but give me a good laugh each morning. Our Spanish class will now follow La Esclava Isaura on Telemundo. Will there be any recaps for this program?

Hi are there recaps for Una Maid in Manhattan? I can't find them. Thanks

I want to add my thanks to all the recappers here- I started watching CEM to improve my Spanish and then moved on to Una Familla con Suerte- finding this cite has been such a blessing- I can follow what's going on, but don't always understand all the dialogue. The vocab tips are great too- my mastery of Mexican slang has increased a lot! Thanks!!!!

I just loooooooooove this blog, It has all the telenovelas that I watch thank god :D except for one :(((( I wish if there were recaps for the colombian version of "amor en custodia" it's one of the most amazing telenovelas I watched in my whole life ....I couldn't find it in here ...but anyway other than that this is a great blog with so much effort, I congratulate each and everyone here ....:D

First of all Thanks for all the summaries you have posted/wrote.
Secund I am so grateful to all the volunteers that they are doing this. I understand the time and work it takes to watch a show and write the summary of the episode. And it helped me so much I really love these telenovas. I just recently started to read the summaries of the telenova Triunfo del Amor and it helped me so much.
Because i can't speak or understand the language i thought i couldn't watch the shows and that made me very sad. But then i came to this site and it made it for me possible to watch the show triunfo del amor and now i want to watch other telenovas as well. So I am sorry that there wasn't more response to your and others hard work. But as for now on i will responde. I just thought that it was a little bit late for me to respond on triunfo del amor because it eas posted al long time ago.
Anyway I LOVE LOVE this BLOG/site.
So keep up the GOOD WORK
YOU ALL are AMAZING and NICE to do THIS SO thank you a lot

Hey wondering how I can start contributing. Maybe Mas Sabe El Diablo, La Reina Del Sur, Corazon Valiente....something newer :)

HI just wanted to thank you for all the recaps, I got hooked on Refugio, but i don't understand Spanish just a few word and they talk to fast for me to understand, i searched the web for translations and found your blog I enjoy reading it every day again thank you........
Anna from New York City


I'm just learning Spanish and started to watch telenovelas. Your site is a great help to me.


You recappers rock! Mi hermana and me got hooked on Amores recently, but like others here, I can only catch every few words. We love your "nikki"-names for the characters. Will Salsero ever redeem himself? He's pretty hot IRL, but I hate to root for the villain!!
Janet, en Filadelfia, PA

Just wanted to give you a pat on the back for all your hard work. Taking notes on the novelas. I had never wrote on a blog before. I actually didn't know I could. I just decided I would because I started reading the Que Pobres Tan Ricos about three days ago. And I was so happy to find it. As it helps me catch what I didn't understand while watching the show. This is the only novella I'm watching. So I promise to keep encouraging you all and continue to blog after I read it for the next four to five days that are left of this particular show.
Thanks again for all your hard work.
AnaG new to this site and to blogging.

About 4 months ago my boyfriend and I decided it would be fun to brush up on our Spanish. I had 4 years of Spanish in high school (ahem... many many moons ago) and he had travelled and studied with native speakers also back in the day. We began watching Quiero Amarte - with Spanish subtitles, on the Uvideos app on our iPads.

Immediately we realized we were way over heads with the fast dialog and had to keep pausing after every few lines to gain comprehension and look up words. But then we found Caray! Caray! and it has been our life saver for enjoying this pursuit! Right now we still haven't finished the novella, we have about 25 more episodes to go. In fact Uvideos took the series off about 8 weeks ago and we had to switch to Hulu+. About 2 weeks ago I found out to my horror that Hulu was expiring the series "in 23 hours" and you wouldn't believe what we had to do to record and save more than 50 episodes of the show. We pulled an all-nighter and had 3 computers going at once to screen record the rest of the series.

We so wish we were able to be part of the discussions that were taking place on the QA board as each episode was recapped! Thank you muchisimo Anita, Lila, Vivi, Sara, Kelly, and all the other contibutors for this labor of love! You don't know how much you are appreciated and making us laugh every day!

Next up for us: La Sombra! We envy all of you who are able to wach without subtitles.

Hi to all. I am trying to learn Spanish. Enjoy reading the recaps.
Muchos gracias a todos.


I'm in love with your site! Since I don't have TV and also am more of a binger and can't stand watching things one episode at a time, I'm aprovechando de your recaps of shows that are over with and available on YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. I'm working through your list of recommended novelas from 2014 and I've been widely distributing that list and linking people to your site. I think a lot of us don't comment because we are reading posts (like this one) that were written years ago and it's not clear whether anyone will ever read them. Sin embargo, know that your recaps past and present are deeply appreciated! Les tengo mucho cariño.

- K

Oh - I forgot to mention in my last comment that it would be incredible if you'd update that list of recommendations to include some of the newer telenovelas that have aired since you published it a couple of years ago. ¡Besitos!

- K

You are awesome! I don't know if anyone is reading these comments on such an old post, but I'm new to your site - and I love it! I'm also new to telenovelas, and do you know what would be really helpful? If you'd do a "Who did it best?" post... You know - like the "Who wore it best?" features in magazines?
What I mean is that there appear to be so many remakes out there of the same story line, that it would be great for us newbs to have a reference about which novelas are related and which ones are worth our time.
Here's an example: I watched «Lo imperdonable» a few months ago and kind of hated it. (#worstendinginthehistoryoftheworld) Now I just started «Cuando me enamoro» and I'm discovering that it's exactly the same story - minus a gold mine, plus a vineyard, and plus Silvia (<3 her!). Well, if I had known that LI was a remake of something that starred Silvia Navarro, I would not have wasted my time. I'm also not interested in watching multiple novelas with the same basic story... at least not yet because I've only discovered them a year ago.
Anyway, I just thought I'd make that suggestion. :)
PS - like the previous commenter, I will be referencing your ratings when choosing my next novela. :)
PPS - Have you noticed that Netflix in the US just started offering telenovelas? Not many of them are on your list of recommended ones, but I'll be calling them and putting in requests.
~ Birdie

Hello Recappers
Just touching base to let you know you all are still doing excellent work on recapping the telenovelas. I am not so much into the new ones. But have been going
through some of the old ones-like CCEA. I am going through a gambit of emotions.
I find myself LOL or ROFL. I am really enjoying myself. Thanks so much.

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