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Eva Luna #7 Tue 11/9/10 Too many novias and too many fake butts

Eva Luna Episode 7—November 9, 2010.

DISCLAIMER: As always, please everyone, fill in any blanks I missed!

We start this episode with Eva watching Daniel kiss his novia, Victoria. Eva understandably looks a bit crestfallen over this, considering the flowers and touching card Daniel just sent her.

Daniel sees Eva walking away and knows that she saw what she saw. He looks a bit crestfallen himself. I don't know why. Dude, you have a girlfriend already! Couldn't you see this coming?

Back at the Big House, Julio is asking Renata about La Bonita (Eva). He wants her to look after him all the time, only her. Renata agrees to this but does not look happy.

Bruno (hunky, hulky friend of Leo) is talking with Leo at the fashion show. He's saying how surprised he is by Leo's mom. So elegant! Bruno is pumping Leo for info—how is his dad doing? Leo obligingly explains that his dad has taken to his bed since he had an accident, and the mom looks after the business. They don't know whether the dad is going to recover, but . . . Bruno attempts to look sympathetic.

At the strip joint where Marisol works, old ex-boxer guy comes in, sees her dancing, and shakes his head mournfully. Behind him, Scary Guy with Hat is saying something about the old guy (I think he wants to get back at him for fighting him off earlier).

We're at a 7-11 type place with Alicia and Tony the Stud Burglar. He is being a (rhymes with stick) and stuffing cans of beer and candy in his clothes and also forcing them on Alica. Alicia doesn't look happy about this, but instead of NOT BEING AN IDIOT and telling him to stick his cans where the sun don't shine, she just looks worried but goes along with it. STUPID.

Bruno is sucking up to Marcy at the fashion show and she seems to be buying it. Slimy.

Leo is smooching his girlfriend and flattering her about her participation in the fashion show. Daniel sneaks off to look for Eva as Victoria (Bimbo 1, his girlfriend) is being interviewed by the press.

Tony the petty shoplifter—aka Stud Burglar—is at the checkout counter and only has a few items he's paying for. The clerk is suspicious, but Tony insists that's it. "How much is it?" Tony asks in English (and no trace of accent either!). The clerk gives an amount in Spanish. Alicia looks miserable and scared. Tony finishes his transaction and tries to drag Alicia along out of the store, but she balks and all the stuff that's been crammed in her clothes cascades out. "Security! Security!" the clerk yells (in English), as our two petty thieves run off. But Alicia doesn't make it and is detained by the clerk, as our hero Stud Burglar bravely runs off as she pleads with him to not leave her.

Eva is observing a time-honored telenovela tradition of talking out loud to herself about her innermost feelings in a public area, where anyone can walk on by and hear her. Of course Daniel walks by and hears her. She's saying, "Why were they kissing?" and Daniel, unseen by her until then, answers, "Because Victoria is my girlfriend." She swirls around, impactada, as the theme song swells and we go to commercial.

Stud Burglar Tony slinks in the shadows looking at Alicia being detained by the 7-11 people, but naturally does nothing. He does throw away his ever-present lollypop, though, which I suppose is meant to indicate his inner turmoil.

Back with Eva and Daniel. Eva is pissed, and asks Daniel how come he gave her flowers and a card when he already has a novia? Daniel tries to say that she and he still have to have a conversation, but she says, forget it buddy, go back to your girlfriend and leave me in peace!

Here are some screenshots from this scene:

At the 7-11, the clerk is speaking (in English) about how the shoplifters they caught, and how the security guard was "on top of 'em." (Again, no accent that I can hear!) Alicia sits on the curb and cries. "She's not going anywhere" the security guard says (in unaccented English). Alicia cries even more and begs to be let go, but the guard says that the police will come. "Why did you leave me, Tony?" she cries, as Tony hides in the shadows. Then he looks like he's decided swhat he's going to do.

Marisol goes back to her dressing room, and now it's her turn to talk out loud to no one in particular. She's tired of all of this. All the drunks. You're a phony, she says to the mirror as she wipes off her makeup. She invents rich boyfriends but she shows her body for money while she dreams of a better life. Old boxer guy from the pension walks in at this moment and hears her. If you want to change your life, do it, he says. She looks shocked but he gets to business. He's looking for Tomás, Adrian's dad. He's missing and the kid is sad, thinking that his dad has abandoned him.

Creepy hat guy comes in and confronts boxer guy and Marisol.

Back at the fashion show, Marcy (Gloved Weirdo) confronts Eva about tripping over the power cables earlier and causing the show to go dark when Victoria was on the catwalk. But Leo walks up and takes the blame. He is insistent. Eva gets out of there, and Marcy says that if Leo wants to tangle himself up with Eva, that's fine, just do it elsewhere.

Back to creepy hat guy and old boxer guy. Hat guy tries to hit boxer guy with something and they struggle.

Eva is outside walking away from the fashion show.

Bimbo 1 (Victoria) and Bimbo 2 (Claudia) are toasting champagne and talking about how great the fashion show turned out. Daniel walks up and joins them and pours himself a drink. He congratulates Victoria on her success as her furtively looks around the room (presumably for Eva).

At the pension, Adrian sleeps fitfully as Dona Justa looks on and talks to herself about her worries for the kid and for Ricardo (boxer guy).

Back with Ricardo (boxer guy) and Hat Guy who are going at it, and Ricardo is holding up pretty well until Hat Guy gives him a low blow and Ricardo goes down. Hat Guy approaches with a broken bottle and a threat, but just then Marisol comes at him with a gun.

Eva is trying to catch a bus but the bus passes her by. (The bus service in LA is rather sucky and they WILL pass you buy unless you are at an actual bus stop.) But Eva seems surprised by this and looks crestfallen when the bus goes by.

Back at the 7-11, Tony the Stud Burglar has finally gathered up his courage and approaches the security guard and Alicia. "Excuse me, Officer" he says in unaccented English. Alicia jumps up. Tony says that he's to blame for the theft and he put Alicia up to it, so please let her go. The security guard says they can both see the police, as the cop car is just then approaching.

Eva is walking down the street, asking herself how could she think Daniel would be interested in her. Up drives a car and stops. "You?" she says.

Everyone's trying to reason with Marisol as she shakily points the gun at Hat Guy. It discharges and she falls to the ground, as everyone looks impactado. (Correction: Someone else shoots a gun, it's not Marisol's that goes off. Thank you ladies for the correction!)

Daniel and Bimbo 1 & 2 continue the toast, as Bimbettes talk about watching their calories. Yawn.

It's Leo in the car and he gets out and offers Eva a ride. He asks her if she's angry with him, and she says a bit, but she's glad he told his mom the truth about what happened when she tripped over the power cables. He says that's his style, to be truthful. (GAG!) He presses her some more to take a ride.

It turns out Marisol got a flesh wound in her shoulder. Hat Guy is mad and warns her and boxer guy to not say anything to the police or they'll be sorry. (I think that's what he's saying.) Another stripper rushes in and Hat Guy shoos her away.

The store owner isn't going to press charges against Tony or Alicia. They are elated. The policeman yells, "Go, get out of here!" in somewhat accented English. The police think what happened is somewhat remarkable. (I think referring to Tony returning to try to save Alicia.)

Victoria and Daniel are at the party, and Victoria wants to get together with him privately later on. He seems agreeable to this.

Leo has driven Eva back home. She thanks him and he asks her to call him Leonardo. As they are chatting amiably, Tony and Alicia come up and Alicia sees Eva with Leo and assumes he must be Daniel. Then Tony asks that Alicia keep what happened that night with the shoplifting scare between them, and not tell her sister.

Back at the fashion show, Claudia is wondering where Leo is. She's called his cell a thousand times! (Wow, that's the way to endear yourself to a guy—stalk him via cell phone!)

Leo sees the messages on his phone. He is not amused by this.

Boxer guy is talking to Marisol about going to the police about her troubles, but she doesn't want to. Boxer guy promises he won't say anything to anyone.

Tony is at the pension, talking on the phone to scary gambling boss guy. He (Tony) says he got away and is fine. Scary gambling boss guy says something (I think) about how those beers he stole will be the payment he (Tony) was supposed to get. Scary boss guy says something about whether he decides to press charges or not. (I am getting a little confused here. Did he own the 7-11-type store?) Tony gets off the phone and then says something about how those beers were the most expensive (or dear? "caras" was the word used) of his life!

Marcy is chatting with Bruno. They're flirting with each other in a rather slimy, creepy way. Then they start talking about work. Turns out Bruno is into investments, and he is often traveling, looking for more business. They flirtily say goodnight, and then Bruno thought-bubbles, with a scheming smirk on his face, that everything is going perfectly.

Leo joins Clingy Claudia at a bar and she says that she doesn't want to interrogate him about where he's been, but he should know that she's jealous.

Back at the pension, Alicia and Eva are talking. Eva tells Alicia that the guy who dropped her off is not Daniel, but a joven from the house where she works. Alicia laughs and says that no less than two rich, handsome guys are at her (Eva's) feet! Eva is not amused. Eva says she found out that Daniel has a novia.

Meanwhile, said gentleman is in bed with said novia, trying to make a passionate evening of it. However, despite novia's best efforts, he seems distracted.

Alicia is disgusted and astonished to learn that the author of that card already has a girlfriend. Alicia could have sworn that he was in love with Eva! Nope, says Eva, looking disappointed.

Back with Daniel and novia, she finally asks him what's up, and he says he's just a little tired, that's all. She says that's okay, she's a teensy bit tired too. She snuggles up against him, as he remembers Eva chewing him out for sending flowers and a card while he's still got a novia. (Personal note: This scene in the bed was not shot in a flattering manner for Guy Ecker. Please Univision people, in the future, give him softer lighting or more smoothing filters, please! We—well, at least I—would prefer that he not look old enough to be Eva's father.)

It's morning at the big house, and Eva cheerfully says good morning to Marcy as Eva goes to give Julio his medicine. Marcy stops and looks particularly venomous at Eva, as if Eva is something that needs to be scraped off of the underside of her shoe.

Eva calls into Don Julio, asking if he's ready for his medicine. He is. She notes that Max (the big scary dog) is resting on his bed. He laughs and says that Max is now friends with them both.

At the breakfast table, Marcy is telling Renata that Eva is to blame for the fashion show fiasco, by tripping over the power cables. Blah blah blah. Marcy wants Eva outta there, but Renata has to tell her that Don Julio has specifically requested that Eva tend to him.

Victoria sees Eva outside of Don Julio's room. Much to Eva's surprise, Victoria is happy about the aforementioned fiasco with the power cables. Eva owns up that she was the cause of that fiasco.

Daniel is talking to an assistant at work about his schedule. A computer monitor is on. Ewww, it's still one of the old fashioned 4:3 (not widescreen) kind. (I'm such a techno-snob, LOL.) Assistant is saying that the internet is reporting that the fashion show was a success. Daniel seems distracted, and assistant notices this. He explains that he's got a lot of things going on in his head. (Well, it's more like one thing, and it is spelled E-V-A.)

Victoria says she knows that Eva caused the fiasco, and she's decided to forgive her because (I think) everything turned out so well for her (Victoria). Eva then talks about how she got a ride home with Leo, and Victoria seems impactada that her brother would bother to give Eva a ride. You can see the wheels turning in Victoria's head.

In the kitchen, Renata tells Eva in the snottiest, most ungracious way possible that she is to go shopping for some fruit for Don Julio.

Eva is picking up fruit at an outdoor market. Meanwhile, as we should have anticipated, Daniel is nearby drinking drinks with what I assume are work associates. Back with Eva, the chauffeur lets her stay a little longer because they're near the beach and she's never been to the beach.

Bimbette 1 and 2 (Victoria and Claudia) are chatting. Victoria is warning Claudia that Leo seems to be shifting his attention towards a servant, Eva.

At the beach, Eva is admiring the ocean and looking beautiful. She recalls seeing Daniel kiss his novia at the fashion show. She thinks to herself that it hurt to see them kissing because she's foolishly allowed herself to fall for him, but that's going to end. She's not going to think about Daniel anymore. Well, speak of the devil, here comes Daniel walking along the same beach, as the theme song plays in the background. "What are you doing here?" she asks as we go to break.

The two fake-butted bitches (Bimbo 1 and Bimbo 2) are talking about Eva. Victoria (Bimbo 1) is conceding that while Eva doesn't have the education or class that they (the aforementioned fake-butted bitches) have, she does have a certain charm. Of course her Daniel would never be interested in such an inferior creature (okay I added that last bit, but you know that's what Victoria's getting at). But would Victoria's brother Leo be interested in this lower form of life (aka Eva)? Sure.

Claudia mentions that she couldn't reach Leo by cell phone. She says all of this is getting to her pride. She seems cansado with it all. Victoria advises that if she loves Leo, fight for him! Especially don't lose him to a mere employee like Eva! (She's certainly showing her snobbery now, isn't she?) Victoria then goes on to say that if her Daniel was interested in someone like Eva, she (Victoria) would be fighting mad and would kill the girl! (We see what's coming, don't we?)

And now we go back to Daniel and Eva at the beach. She's telling him that in her hometown they had mountains and apples, but no beach, so she's never seen the ocean before.

Daniel wants to talk about stuff, but Eva says there is nothing to talk about. Daniel asks her, why did it bother her to know that he and Victoria were novios? Why was she bothered to see them kissing? She then asks him, why, if he's got a novia, did he give her a card and flowers?

Leo is chatting with Renata in the kitchen. He says he's tired from the party the night before and he's not going into work.

Eva says to Daniel, you stay in your world and I'll stay in mine. He asks how come they keep on fighting? She says because there is much to separate them.

Renata is telling Leo that his girlfriend (Claudia) has been calling him and hopes to get a response. He seems peevish about this.

Adrian and old boxer guy are at a police station looking for Adrian's dad. No luck.

Eva has returned from the beach and her fruit-buying excursion and meets Leo. They make pleasant small talk. He says he has a headache from the party the night before.

At a hospital, boxer guy and Adrian are looking for his dad. No luck.

Eva goes into Leo's bedroom. He's sprawled across his bed, lying on top of the covers and fully clothed. She's delivering some headache medicine for him. He asks her to bring the pills to him.

Boxer guy asks Adrian if there was anyone else—a friend of the family, perhaps—that his father might have visited? Adrian doesn't seem to know of any. Boxer guy asks Adrian (I think) if he's sure he wants to get his dad back. Adrian says yes, he's the only person he has. Boxer guy nods and says it's time for them to go back home.

Eva comes over to Leo's bed to give him the pills. The pills drop on the bed and as she crouches over Leo to retrieve them, in walks Renata, looking scandalized because it "looks" like Eva and Leo are having an intimate moment. Leo doesn't seem at all bothered by this.

My recording cut out here, so I have no advances.


(See recap comments for more info on this episode, as I rely on everyone to help correct any errors and clear anything up that I was confused about!)


Thanks so much, Elvira, for your delightfully snarky and very helpful recap. It cleared up a number of things I didn't understand. I also loved many of your lines, such as "as our hero Stud Burglar bravely runs off" and "He does throw away his ever-present lollypop, though, which I suppose is meant to indicate his inner turmoil."

There was one incident that I think I remember differently. Though Marisol was pointing a gun at Damien, the gun that went off was fired by someone else to the left of Marisol. I don't know who that was, but I'm pretty sure there was an unidentified guy who was also holding a gun, and his was the gun that went off.

BTW, are thought-bubbles part of anyone's Bingo card? They should be! Only telenovelas and operas (which I'm beginning to think of as musical telenovelas) make such heavy use of them.

Speaking of Bingo, there were lots of people talking to themselves out loud last night, though alas my Bingo card says it has to be the galan. Oh well....

By the way, I don't think this recap appears yet in the list of Eva Luna recaps. Can someone put it there?

Thanks for the recap Elvira. Your title gave me a chuckle.

Regarding the Marisol and the shooting, I saw things as Juanita did. Another guy shot Mari. I wonder if Alicia will get could up in this creepy storyline...

Well with Vicky's ranting we now know that she will definitely be changing her attitude toward Eva muy pronto.

The Bingo cards should definitely have the verbal thought bubble stated in a public area.

Hey, Sweeney! Terrifically snarky recap! Loved it! --BTW I posted this to the sidebar for you. ITA with Juanita about the lollipop and Tony. Quite a few laughs with this recap and your take on things. Thanks!

Thank you ladies, I fixed the bit about the gun going off. (That was a confusing scene!)

I always tag my entries with "Eva" (I did last night, but who knows, it might have somehow been undone) but I don't know anything else to do. (I don't know how to add anything to Delicious.) What other form of tagging or listing is required, and how do I do it? Thanks!

Sweeeney32: e-mail me. I've got directions and a link. So does Melinama.

Fabuloso recap, Elvira. I haven't seen this episode yet since I was recapping LLdA last night, but I feel like I have and now I'm looking forward to it even more.

Okay, I'm adding "thought bubbles" to my list for future Bingo cards. Sounds like I'll be able to check off a few from last night's...gun fired, Eva FINALLY talks out loud to herself (I've been waiting for her to do this, but she mostly thought bubbles or talks out loud to someone else who isn't there, like her deceased father or the Virgen or something).

How did Alicia get to be so dim? She knows Tony is bad news, yet she still goes along with everything he suggests.

How long do we have to wait to find out why Merciless Marcy always wears a glove?

Sweeney, wonderful recap. I have to admit, I was flipping from the Tony/Alicia scenes to check the CAVS basketball game. I just can't seem to get too excited about either one of these two and find their story line rather annoying.

Julia I so agree with you about the glove. It's right there for us to see constantly, so give us some clues already.

I'm not totally minding this TN so far, but the plot better start moving along with a bit more than all the posturing among the main characters. we get it that leo wants Eva to rpove a point and Dan is attracted, but seems to have making up mind difficulties and that the Bimbettes like parading around in those stupid barbie doll dresses.
sub-plots aren't real stellar right now either - hope they get better.
Do we know how well this TN has done in Mexico so far?

I think maybe Merciless Marcy burned her hand too badly for plastic surgery to fix so she covers the yucky gory scars. Maybe she burned her dead hubby in bed while he was sleeping?

Jardinera654- that's what I'm thinking as well, about the gloved-one.

Great stuff last night. I have to get my dos centavos in before 8 pm.

I agree. The three subplots, Tony/Alicia, Marisol/Hat Guy, Casino guys/Adrian's dad have me yawning. I kept switching to another channel briefly only to realize that this TN cuts back and forth too much and you miss the looks between Eva and Daniel (since that's all there is right now).

OTO, this is only episode 7 and the main love interests have already met and traded dips in the pool. That's enough to keep me watching. As I recall, in STuD didn't we have to wait about 5 or 6 weeks?

I don't really care how Marcy got her glove on. It's just plain creepy.

When Eva and Daniel are talking on the beach, I thought it was cute when Daniel said, why is it whenever we talk it's like WWIII. When he says something about...I'll close this comment and open another one to write the dialog (in case anybody else cares).
Una Norteamericana

Elvira, Thanks for the great recap.
I got a little confused as well when Tony was on the phone with the scary Gambling guy. I am not certain but I think Tony may work for him and he might own the 7-11 store. Tha's why he didn't press charges. So what ever Tony was suppose to get paid for, he will not get paid now.

This show jumps around so much I really get lost quickly. It looks like they are just dangling a million threads out there and hopefully they will start intertwining.

So just a reminder that I won't be posting tonights recap until tomorow eve. Hopefully before 8PM. I will tape it tonight and start on it first thing when I get home from work. I even have to go in earlier than usual tomorrow so will be in bed quite early.

Thanks for the recap Elvira. It's much appreciated since I missed last night's show. I also laughed at your dropping the lolipop line. :)

DaisyNJay- This has not been shown in Mexico yet. It's a US production, that might be shown in Mexico after it is shown here, and this is the world premier. Just the opposite of the usual.

This is as much as I caught:

E-Why did you walk all the way over here. We have nothing to talk about.
D-You know that we do.

E-No, senor, you are playing with me; nobody plays with me.
D-It's obvious I hurt you. Why don't you tell me what I did wrong.

E-And you need to ask?
D-Why yes; why did it bother you so much that Vicky (Bingbat 1) and I are novios and.....something something...I was kissing her. I need to know.

E-(Loosely translated)What would your novia think of your sending me flowers.
E contiues after a cut away-Look, senor, Let's leave things as they are; you're in your world and I'm in mine. I didn't come looking for you.

D-Why is it that whenever we get together it's like World War III?
E-(As she walks away) There is nothing that unites us and much that separates us.

I got a kick out of the actors speaking perfect unaccented English, too. Could it be that Venevision is intentionally helping our Spanish-speaking viewers learn English? Turn about is fair play, no?
Una Norteamericana

Pata--I think Tony does work for Casino Guy. Remember he went to see him about Adrian's papa.

When he called, it was about his pay. Casino Guy told him that his pay just about covered the beer he had stolen.

Seems to me Tony the S-Burgler may have helped himself to a few cases of beer from a delivery. Didn't he and Alicia just take 4 cans of soda?

Or if it had been beer, and CG owns the 7-11, whatever the job he was to be paid for must have been small potatoes--after all what do 4 cans of beer cost. Besides, Tony mumbles to himself later, that at least it was very good beer.
Una Norteamericana

The funiest thing is the fake butts. During some scenes in yesterdays showing they appeared to be somewhat askew. During the first episode I at first thot Vicky may have had back problems as a child, but then I saw Claudia

I agree about the lighting on Daniel. He really looked old

Keep up good work


I think many of the actors are completely bilingual and some of them grew up in the U.S. and would thus have California or Florida accents. It adds a bit of realism for them to show that the characters who have lived in L.A. for a long time would be able to speak English.

In reality, most of the people I know from Mexican families who grew up in southern California speak Spanglish more than they speak one language or the other. I know one guy who rarely starts and finishes a sentence in the same language.

Pata: Thanks again for the reminder! It's here when it's here.....

Yeah, I'm glad for the excellent US English accents with these actors. It's realistic. I've always hated the times Uni's actors who are playing English speaking roles have such thick Mexican accents that it destroys the reality for those of us "native" English-speakers.
Thanks, Una Norteamericana for that translation! The WWIII was a reference that made me smile, too when I heard it.

Kalum: Welcome! Yeah, the lighting can be rough on an older actor, but Guy's still the guy for me. Age doesn't enter into it with him for me. > ; ? )

Thank you everyone for your comments and additions/corrections! Yes, now it makes sense that Tony works for the guy who owns that 7-11-type store. I thought that's what I heard, but wasn't sure. There is a lot going on in this TN and it's hard to keep up! I'm glad it's not just me.

Jardinera, I know what you mean about Guy Ecker. I've never seen him in anything before this, but I really like him. I keep on hearing complaints about he's "too old" and it bothers me—most of the time he doesn't look too old. The problem is partly that Eva looks so young. (The actress is likely in her early 30s, based on the fact that she was a beauty queen in 1997.) But also, they sometimes do NOT photograph Ecker in a flattering way. He likely looks 40-something in real life, but some of the shots of him make him look much older than that. Other times he looks great and you can buy that he's even in his late 30s. They just need to be consistent with the poor guy.

I'm playing with my video capture device, so indulge me a bit as I show a sample: Does this guy look that old? (Right-click to go to new window. Don't worry, just a Flash video, no viruses! This is a small scene from Ep 8 of Eva Luna.) I think he looks great here. It isn't like they have to work real hard to make him look good.

As for the American English accents—I am a bit fascinated with them! It's interesting how great they've all been so far in this TN, and it makes sense too. I'm sure most or all of the actors are very fluent since this is shot in Florida. When I have some time I may go back and make some clips of the portions of this episode with the English bits and post them here for posterity.

the ...something something... was a repeat of the question... 'why does it bother you that ...'

Thanks, Martaivett--Those warm ocean breezes were blowing in my ears and interfered with Dan's tender words, that cut Eva like a knife.
Una N..a

Loved the recap, it really cleared things up for me when Tony was on the phone.

Bruno & Marcela creep me out and I'm curious as to what intentions are towards her. Money, blackmail, love? Haha this is my first telenovela and I'm loving it so far and the recaps help me out a lot!


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