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Plot summary of "Triunfo del Amor" (Triumph of Love)

A humble girl named Victoria is attracted to Juan Pablo, a future priest, son of the Iturbe family who own the house in which she works. The attraction is mutual and in a night of absolute passion they give themselves over to love, but this has grave consequences: Victoria becomes pregnant and Bernarda, Juan Pablo's mother, discovers the truth and throws Victoria out of the house. Juan Pablo does not know there is a little girl on the way.

Victoria, defenseless and without work, is helped by Atonieta; they work together in a clothing workshop owned by Humberto (who tries to rape her). Victoria's daughter Maria disappears after an accident caused by the evil Bernarda who, blinded by religious fervor, cannot permit a daughter of sin to survive. Victoria and her friend seek the baby but never find her; full of rage, Victoria swears before God that she will never be humiliated again.

Many years pass and Victoria has kept her vow: now she and Antonieta own a grand fashion house. Victoria is happily married to a popular actor, Osvaldo Sandoval, who has two children, Maximiliano y Fernanda.

"Abandoned Maria" is now a young woman ready to leave the orphanage where she grew up and to sally forth into the world, to triumph. Linda and Nathy appear in her path, two great friends. They become roommates and decide to help each other.

Life causes Maria to cross paths with Osvaldo, who learns that her dream is to become a famous model and that she greatly admires Victoria. He invites her to meet his wife, but the interview is far from friendly; Victoria treats her with arrogance and disrespect, even more so when she realizes Maria looks exactly as she herself did when she was young. On her side, Maria meets Maximiliano and a great love arises between them, a love which is rejected by Victoria and is threatened by the capricious Jimena, Max's girlfriend.

Maximiliano is Victoria's adopted son, but he has been raised believing she is is true mother; he is accustomed to having whatever woman he wants but has only been able to maintain a relationship - albeit unstable - with Jimena. He tries his usual tricks on Maria, and seduces her - however, he finds it is true love, frustrated when Jimena tells Maximiliano she is pregnant and that he should leave Maria.

Full of rage and sadness caused by Victoria's constant disdain and by discovering that she herself is also pregnant, "Abandoned Maria" seeks help from Father Juan Pablo, now a respected priest, not imaging that his lost daughter is so near - until Bernarda, in confession, reveals that the girl is the child he had with Victoria...

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i jst love watching films that involes those two.the match together.
the re the expression of true love

True expression of love

The Televisa group has produced a worderful film, expressing the virtue of true love. Bravo!

the program is jst the best

the program is jst the best

those two are breathtaking. i enjoy every bit of this film. Bravo

i just like how max expresses his feelings,bravo.the show is wow.

I think Max n Maria can make a lovely couple in real life. its like they r meant to be. they shud get married

the two r a perfect match. they should get married in real life

maxi you are all a woman wants and maria is your perfect match ooh i wish you all the best

De two r wow de way dey express dea feelings dey rhyme

I just feel that its not enough to use words to label the best out of this acts between the Two. How I wish I were the one of the two. Their love fits a position of real love. Wonderful... "Maria, he is perfect for you. Don't care about The confused Alonso"

maria n max r perfect 4 jimena n bernada they r witches.

Lovely couple lovely film

I love to see them together!!!

Max n maria u r jaz wow more 4rom u

I lov de match. That's a really triumph I wish!!!

Max n maria I just love u guys keep it up

I love watching there flims nice couple keep it up,pls invite me to ur wedding am coming to mexico because u mait perroni and welliam levy

i liked this soap opera so much, the characters, the plot development and the triumph of love(max n mariah)

i liked this soap opera so much, the characters, the plot development and the triumph of love(max n mariah)

This drasma is great and interesting. It msake me glued to the TV. The two cast, Maria and max are a perfect match sand they makesd it more interesting

Seriously I'm in love with these two, I always love seeing any movie that include them this movie itself is splendid and was real..Keep it up!

i love u all keep it up.maria and max are perfect

i love watching your movies .can u bring me one.

love u,love u,love u,love u,love u,love u,love u,love u

I swear u just look amazing together!!! I love u both so much!

You two are great together!

I love watching Triumph of love you learn so much from it

I just love watching this two people (Williams Levy and Maria Perroni). Infact i'm so addicted to both of them. Keep the good work going. How i wish both of you can get married in real life.

Cj love miguel en maricurie oh today j landed in another movie with both of them please tell me if there are other movies for them let me knooo please jm addicted

wow, i luv con william levy and maitte perroni, U guys are great 4rm don't mess with an angel to triumph of love, u did a great job. God mariadesamparada u are geogous, Lykwise u max. Am expecting more of dis.

These two should feature in more movies as a couple. I jst luv em

it u

nfortunatly bcos max is aleady a married wid kids in real lyf. Pls stop wishin fr d impossibl u

I realy love d film pls how do i get d music played in d film my email is my number is +2348408826142

I love Maria n Max. Triumph of love is an interesting film. Never want to miss any episode. They both featured in 'don't mess with an angel'. Like she likes to answer maria de......., cos that was also what she answered there. They rock!

Max and Maria... U rock.

You guys killed it

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