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La Fea Más Bella #255-256 3/16/11 A Night of Pictures of Lety

Capitulo 255.
Read Alma's original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. Fern tries to rescue Conceptos from Aldo’s clutches while Omar moons over Aurora. Fern says Omar is the one who will never fall in love.

2. Ariel fires Alicia for being stupid and useless. Ali tells Marcia.

3. Fern asks Lety if she’s decided yet. He says she’s different – she seems insecure and erratic. She goes to an appointment but won’t tell him where.

4. Ariel tells Marcia he’s doing the only thing he can think of to move Conceptos forward. He asks for her support and a chance to demonstrate what he can do. He certainly can’t do worse than Fernando.

5. Marcia reports to Fern that she heard Lety making a date with Omar. That’s the funniest thing Fern’s heard in weeks. But then he worries that it’s a cover because she’s going out with Aldo.

6. Fern follows Caro and Lety to the office of Manuel Vera. Lety gets a dress for tonight. Fern tells Manuel’s secretary his troubles and his fears. Caro catches him. Lety is flattered that he followed her, but she doesn’t want to be discovered.

7. Men evict Ali. Note, she got the ten-day notice two days ago. Her papi calls just as they take the last things. (Julie! That’s twice!) Ali knows he feels bad that he’s not able to help her.

8. Omar gushes to Aurora while Fern spies. Omar keeps Fern away so he doesn’t steal her. Fern reports that Marcia said he’d be meeting Lety. While they scrap, Aurora escapes. The paparazzi (PhG, Photo Guy) misses Aurora. Omar blames Fern for making him lose his woman. Fern says, had Omar won her, she wouldn’t run away. Fern’s just glad Omar wasn’t with Lety.

9. Alicia knocks on Marcia’s door with her suitcases, but Marcia’s not home.

10. Ariel assures Fern’s parents that he’s going to put the company right and get it out of Aldo’s hands. Marcia expects the worst of Lety as always. She reports that Lety is playing with three men at one time. Ariel asks for everyone’s support.

Capitulo 256.
Read k-Fuego's original recap, then come back here to discuss it.

1. RoboPop sees Aurora. He tells la señorita that it’s dangerous for her to be out alone at night, dressed so provocatively. Her father should take better care of her. She should consider how she is managing her life.

2. Tom hears Ali got evicted. Sara finds her and suspects she’s homeless, but Ali still acts superior. Sara convinces Paula and Lola to take her in for the night.

3. Lety is in an identity crisis brought on by the Aurora persona. She’s sure her mom would understand, but no one else. For the second time she swears that Aurora will never be seen again. She can’t decide who she loves. (Those pictures should give her a big hint.) She’s afraid to lose either.

4. Fern gazes at his Lety shrine while Aldo sketches Lety. Omar writes a card to Aurora. In the morning, Fern tries to stop Omar from reading his card in front of Lety, but she’s amused.

5. Ariel announces half the employees are laid off, starting with Fern and Omar. They argue the articles of incorporation and Fern wins. So he fires Lety. Fern says, “Over my dead body!”

6. Aldo enters and says Ariel’s committee has no authority. From now on, any company decisions will go through Aldo. Aldo tells Ariel to get lost. Aldo says he has no intention of keeping the company. But had he not acted, today Conceptos would’ve been auctioned off. He gives them six months to pay the debt of $6.5M. He invites Lety to continue as president, and she refuses. Privately she tells him she feels like he’s manipulating her. He informs her that she loves him.

7. Fern tells Omar that he sacrificed for Lety too. He gave her the freedom to decide. He sacrificed his love for her happiness. Meanwhile Aldo tells Lety that he sacrificed (with interest and a due date) so she could be happy with him. She tries to pull away and he drags her back, but she breaks free.

8. Aldo says Fern grew up spoiled and never matured because he father gave him everything, whereas he (Aldo) had to struggle for all he has. (That is so wrong on so many levels, I don’t know where to begin.) Fern says Aldo knows nothing of his life, and what matters is, he’ll wind up with Lety. Aldo says Fern made Lety suffer, and he charges that Fern doesn’t know how to love. Fern says Aldo has no idea how much he suffered, and yes, he knows how to love. Lety taught him. Fern proposes a pact. Neither of them pressure Lety. Neither will be alone with her without the knowledge of the other.

9. The cuartel wants to hire Aurora for a commercial so they can win the dinner with TBLMOE.

10. Marcia tells Lety she handed Fern over to her, only to have Lety reject him. She says she loves both, so she must have a big heart, big enough to make everyone around her suffer.

11. Fern needs to be close to Lety without pressuring her. He tells her he’ll be her assistant. See the transcript. Aldo comes in and puts an arm around her possessively, but she pulls away.

Spanish Lesson. Fernando makes himself Lety's assistant.

L: What are you doing her, DF?
F: Oh, I don’t know. I decided that starting right now, my workspace will be that office there. I’m going to be your assistant, Lety.
L: You want to be my assistant? No, please, how can you think that? It doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.
F: Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.
L: Can you explain to me where you got the idea that you could be in that dark hole that was my office?
F: It’s not a dark hole. It’s a very pretty office. I confess that at the beginning, my only intention was to be close to you. Yes. Because I don’t lie anymore, Lety. But let me finish. I don’t lie, but I still haven’t resolved leaving people alone, but I’m working on it.
Look. I’ve been thinking, and I realized that nobody believes in me anymore. If my parents supported Ariel to come be in charge of the company, it’s because they didn’t have confidence in my ability to resolve the situation. A mi me perdió la soberbia (my arrogance destroyed me / got me lost). That XG Ariel took the presidency from me. And now I need to demonstrate.. well, to show myself too, that I can be humble.
L: And you hope to achieve that by becoming my assistant?
F: Yes. What’s most important to me is to recover YOUR confidence, Doña Lety.
L: Oh, don’t call me Doña.
F: Ay, Doña Lety. You don’t say it, but I know that you have much more confidence in Domensaín than in me. And I don’t blame you. Because now he has become the savior of.. He didn’t just rescue you. He rescued my company.
L: Yes, the truth is, Aldo has been very generous with all of us.
F: Yes, what he did is admirable, you can’t deny it (sin hablar). And look at how things are now. The company is held by someone I don’t like very much. To wrap it up. The possibility to recover my family’s company.
From that office, I will demonstrate not only that I can be humble, but also my ability to work. I want you to admire me too. I need to prove to you that I am just as able to earn your love.


Heh. Yes I noticed. That's twice that we've noticed. (I'm watching at home today but still haven't caught up on the previous ones from this week.)

The side-by-side comparisons of the Lety sketches are priceless, as is the side-by-side comparison of Lety's photos with Aldo and Fernando.

"He informs her that she loves him." I suppose that's better than hitting her on the head and dragging her into an abandoned mine, but it's still obnoxious.

And it's sad how willing he is to play second banana to Fern in Lety's heart. It was sad when Lety thought she was playing second banana to Marcia with Fern, but it seems that the great wisdomful Aldo learned nothing from Lety's story.

Aldo had to struggle for all he has? What struggle was this? Was it the inconvenience of having to go to the bank to take out some more money? Most people don't have the option to build a new restaurant entirely with their own money (there didn't seem to be a loan or mortgage involved, or am I wrong? at least an investor?) and then sell it off. Ridiculous.

Didn't anyone review this script before shooting it? Or at least protest WHILE shooting it?

"He informs her that she loves him." I suppose that's better than hitting her on the head and dragging her into an abandoned mine, but it's still obnoxious.
LOL julie!! ITA 1000%%!!
here Fer is giving Lety all the space she wants... Aldo is TELLING HER WHAT SHE FEELS... (who died and made him KNOW IT ALL GOD??) GMAB!!!

ITA Paula... who said Aldo knows everything about Fernando's life and child days?? Lety only knows a little... and mostly from middle person (the cuartel storytelling to her when she began working at Con)...
so wrong in so many ways, like you said...
Fer is sooo doing the right thing... painful as it may be...
'if you love something/someone... set them free...'
loved it when he voiced preferring Lety to Aurora right in Omar's face.

I know, Marta - telling a woman how she feels is just inviting a world of hurt. He's lucky that Lety doesn't have a quick temper. A more volatile woman could have murdered him on the spot.

Lety knows about Fern's childhood. Remember in Cuarnavaca? The 2 of them sitting and Fern told her stuff and how he's never told anyone but her how he felt. He even cried. Remember?

The end with the Aldo Grope. E-Yuck what an A**h*le! I literally yelled at the TV "Get your hand off her!!!". What a mean gesture. Come on, Fern couldn't have been seducing her in the office (like Alpo thought). His hands were full of stuff. It was so obvious they were TALKING. Ufff, I hate Aldo.


thanks paula for the recap. I am watching these now. My favorite scene today so far was when Omar was reading his card for Aurora and Lety was cracking up and Fern was trying to figure out what was up with Lety. Very funny.

At the restaurant, Fern notes her name, Aurora. Omar asks if Fern thinks it should be something like Jessica. Note, when people saw the show they compared Aurora to Jessica Rabbit.

I didn't understand it the first time around, but here is what I think was going on with Ariel. Since Lety had resigned the presidency, he swooped in and took it, bluffing that the committee had authorized it. Then he tried to quickly backtrack and secure the votes in the board meeting he knows will ensue. That's why he talked to Marcia first, then the parents, securing their support. Too bad the landscape changed without his knowledge.

I heard what sounded like a dicho, but I can't find anything about it - "esconder la vibora en la sala." Do you think it means, to hide something very hard to hide?

Notice when Fern moved into the cave, all he brought was his car and his artist's posable model. We know the significance of the car. That model MUST have some significance. Might we have gotten a hint today? Fern says, "I confess... no, WE (including Woody) confess.." If Woody represented Fern, Woody would have spoken for himself. If Fern says "we," maybe Woody is his only friend that he feels he can count on? I'm open to other guesses.

I think homeless Ali is at the same carnival where Lety got her second kiss. Is it some indicator of Lety and Ali as equals and opposites?

Lety keeps saying, "I don’t want anyone to suffer." Let’s see.
A. When Lety rejected Aldo, he returned to his old life the very same day.
B. When Lety rejected Fern, first he tried suicide, and later he was about to disappear from life, perhaps for 20 years.

So I ask you, if she's trying to avoid making someone suffer, who should she choose?

I am glad Omar is back only he can come up with the most outrageous ideas that actually work. He and Fern apart are quite dim but together they are quite bright. And was the stylist for LFMB raised in a circus? The Lety outfit with big white pocka dots reminded me a clown though I guess the color is muted.
This is where I see the beauty of the extension, thanks Paula. You get to spend time with your favorite actors who sometimes seem to be phoning in their part but sometimes not. Camil and Argana are great together and seem to enjoy working together no matter the scene. I think the rest are just going through the motions.
Why doesn't Lety talk to Aldo about personal space?

I think we've seen that carnival ride in at least one additional episode (besides the kiss), but I can't remember exactly when. I think half the cuartel was there at the time. Maybe the Solo Para Mujeres episode? (Or maybe I'm suffering again from the same demented memory malfunction that made me forget how soon Lety and Fernando broke up.)

Jenn, if Lety did speak to Aldo about personal space, do you think it would make any difference? Any more difference than all the other things she's told him that he's ignored? :-(

On second thought, maybe a clear NO actually would make a difference. She rarely gives him a hard no. Anything less than a solid "no" (0% yes) gets rounded up to a 100% "yes" in Aldo's mind.

I forgot Julie about Lety's hesitant nos. I think here we can blame the parents. If pops was not so domineering Lety would know who to pick in a nanosecond. Fern is good about giving her space, heck he taught her personal space back in the day. But maybe she thinks that is not real love. She is confusing Aldo's in your-face-I-know-what-you-want-what-you-think love for true emotion because that is what she got from her Dad. Don't girls typically go for someone that reminds them of Dad and guys of someone that reminds them of Mom? Good thing Mama Buzo was aloof and distant that Fern does not feel comfortable around her or he would have married Marcia ages ago.
I think Lety's choice is what kind of person she wants to be. If she wants to stay the same she goes with Aldo because he will not want or allow her change. I think this is the real choice here.

Yes, Diann. The Aldo move that pushes me over the edge is when he grabs her, she pulls away, and he drags her back. I just want to throttle him! Even if I could accept that he has a different concept of personal space and that causes him to stand too close for comfort, the recapture after she breaks free has NO EXCUSE! The only thing that makes me madder is that she allows it.

Fernando's touch electrifies her. Aldo's touch makes her withdraw. And she can't figure out who she loves???

Jenn, you asked, "Why doesn't Lety talk to Aldo about personal space?" Because they never talk! All they do is ibby-dibby. I've had more profound conversations with my parrot, and I don't even have a parrot!

When I talk about Full Circle, I'm talking about Fern and Lety swapping roles. Usually it means Fernando doing something or experiencing something that happened to Lety many moons ago.

Around the NY trip phase, we had a lot of One Step Forward moments. In this phase we will have a lot of Full Circle moments. Like today. Obviously, when Fern became Lety's asst, that was Full Circle. But notice that she resisted the idea at first, just like Fern did when she went to work for him.

See any other Full Circle things today?

I'll start by saying that Ariel is a toad. Aldo is a lecherous hombre. He tried his pushy, touchy moves are a woman who has more self-confidence, Aldo would have been slapped. Let's contrast Aldo and Fernando. Aldo puts his hands on Lety any time he wants, any place he wants, and any where on her body he wants. She constantly tries to get away. Fernando waits for Lety to give him permission to touch her. When he does, Lety just melts.

Diann, I am with you about Aldo's groping. I, too, yelled at the scene to take his hands off of her.

I believe the scenes today back up my statement of the other day that Aldo is using emotional blackmail to make Lety give into him. And he hasn't sacrificed a bloody thing except putting off the restaurant for six months. When the money is paid back, he'll have his money plus interest. Yeah, what a sacrifice!

Paula, I asked you the other day on the board if I was going to end up disliking Aldo even more. You wouldn't answer, but I can answer myself after today. YES!!!!!!!!! The only thing we can be thankful is that he has kept his pants zipped, but has learned no self-control over his hands. Ugh!!!!!

I can tell you one thing. If I had been Lety and Aldo grabbed me after I pulled away from him, he would be passed out on the floor for about ten minutes in tremendous male pain. Guaranteed!

Fast editing here: If he had tried his pushy, touchy moves on a woman who has more self-confidence, Aldo would have been slapped. Sorry for the confusing sentence in my previous submission. But it's understandable since Aldo is a very confusing, nut case.

I agree - Aldo's grabby hands were annoying today. I think it had a more malevolent tone because it was really obvious that Lety didn't want him touching her; where there have been moments on other days where it wasn't nearly as obvious the little dance I've mentioned before today Lety was definitely backing away...

That said - I have a question about this line from #6 "He informs her that she loves him." - I got the impression that Aldo was asking Lety if she loved him here...was I wrong? I know that later he says she cares for him...maybe I misunderstood.

In regards to Aldo and Fern's conversation - I think that if they had this conversation 3 months ago, everything Aldo said about Fern would be true and no one on this board would fault him for saying it because it was true. Yes -Fern did have everything handed to him by his parents. he was spoiled and that's why everyone is in this fine mess that they are in...Aldo's just got old information, he doesn't know what Fern has given up to get Lety.

Although I really think it's fun - I sort of felt like Fern sneaking around and following Lety today was definitely a step back. He's supposed to trust her and allow her room to grow, but yet he follows her to Manuel's offices? What's that about? I also sort of think that although it was really sweet in the end, Fern's offering to be her assistant really was a manipulation (hatched with Omar), he wants to be close so he can keep an eye on her too- although I'm sure yeah he wants to prove that he's a hard worker and all that jazz too.

I feel better about today's episodes...still hate the fake reveals, come on already and embrace your inner bella, but I guess we'll have to suffer through a few more bad outfits and maybe some zany mix-ups...maybe she'll forget one day to put her brackets back in or forget to draw her eyebrows or sexy 'stache in one day..

I liked the moments with Omar & Fern today and the Omar, Fern & Lety moments as well. The slap was at the restaurant was comedy gold...I still enjoy Fern and Aldo together as well. They have great chemistry together and I love that they can never resist telling each other nasty sweet nothings before they part ways...

I really wondered why Lety needed to have that conversation with Marcia today. It seemed sort of masochistic for her to even walk into Marcia's office. I also feel like Marcia's role now is to be the official salt pourer and knife every moment she'll be there to whisper rumors and plant doubt into Fern & others mind(s) about Lety. It's sort of how Aldo has done with Lety in some ways...

I can't really touch how stupid I think the passing around of the presidency plotline is...although it makes for some funny moments and it means Alicia finally got fired. It's really funny that Marcia totally didn't even try to save her best friends' job. With friends like Marcia who needs enemies right? I'm just waiting to see what Ariel's lawyers say about the current situation - I was glad to see Aldo's return if only for the sake of thwarting Ariel yet again.

In regards to your comment Julie about Aldo & Lety both playing second banana to someone else - I guess Aldo thinks he might have a chance because Lety has left the door open for him to think he might become first banana.

Just a final parting thought - if Lety punched Aldo in his family jewels a la Lake Bell's character in this clip - he might finally get the message about personal body space.

Good night!

The original Fea introduced us to a whole different kind of TN heroine, one with a fea exterior,
whose beauty was under the surface. In fact, many people never discovered her beauty.

Perhaps the Mexican has introduced us to the corollary. A whole different kind of "villain" with a beautiful exterior, not only in face but in behavior and demeanor. His ugliness is under the surface and most people never discover it, even though it's right out in the open. Fernando of FELS and Barbara of MEPS were evil and they knew it. Aldo isn't evil like that. In fact he honestly believes he's doing good. And in some things, he IS doing good. The character is pretty complex for a son of Televisa.

Now, another contrast between Aldo and Fernando.

Losing Lety made Fernando grow and perfected his love – it transformed it from selfish to sacrificial love. The risk of losing Lety made Aldo's love worse – it transformed it from a nurturing to a selfish love.

Likewise Fernando's love transformed Lety. The more he believed in her and cared about her, the stronger and more beautiful she became. Whereas Aldo's love has the opposite effect. It makes her infantile, needy, and pardon me, ugly.

GP, I think Lety went to talk to Marcia about Ali's job. Tom had asked for Ali as his scty/asst, and Lety told him that Ali was already Marcia's scty. Of course, with Ariel kicked to the street, Ali will be reinstated, but I think Lety wanted to talk to Marcia about Tom's request.

GP, would you mind e-mailing me? . Don't worry, you're not in trouble! I also want to tell you, I admire you for hanging in there with all the Aldo-hate on the board. You're in the minority here, and your input provides tremendous fuel to the discussion. Without your opposing views, not only would the discussion be less interesting. I really think we wouldn't dig as deeply as we do now, since we have to answer someone's well supported points. Keep it up, Tutz!

One more for you, GP. Predictions. 243/244, you said, "What it'll take for Fern to convince Lety he loves her? It'll take time. She still needs to get over the heartbreak he caused. She also needs more moments where he shows her he truly is in her corner - quiet pep talks and supportive, unselfish love."

I love watching you newbies' predictions played out!

***That model MUST have some significance. Might we have gotten a hint today? Fern says, "I confess... no, WE (including Woody) confess..***

When I saw him holding the wood man I immediately thought back to the early seduction days. The man would point at Lety's office at certain times. Also, the wood man held the first present Lety gave Fern. A chocolate bar. So when I saw him holding 2 things, the car and wood man, to me it meant those were the 2 most important things for him to have in his new office. (Not even the Gold Lion from Cannes )


***Fernando's touch electrifies her. Aldo's touch makes her withdraw.***

I'd say Aldo's touch makes her CRINGE.
Right, now who does she love?


***See any other Full Circle things today?***

I'd say the part where Fern&Lety were in his office talking and she was thinking about someplace she needed to be. Fern wants her to stay and talk to him. She goes, and he says "tan divina". Complete role reversal.
Also, when Fern said he wanted to work in the "cave" and Lety said it was awful in there. Fern replied that he liked it there, it is very nice. Plus he can be close to her. He can help her better if he's close to her. Again, complete role reversal.

I have noticed Fern is defending Lety again and she is allowing him to do so. Even thanking him at times. To me this means she is "leaning towards" how they used to be before Doomsday. I hope it lasts and progresses....



***maybe she'll forget one day to put her brackets back in or forget to draw her eyebrows or sexy 'stache in one day..***
She's scared right now that no one will like her new "look". But I agree, the brows and 'stache can stay off. She can chalk that bit of grooming off as just that, grooming. Like her nails, they started out being short, nothing at the beginning of the show, now they are highly manicured. She seems fine with her hands. Why so freaked with the brows? Granted, she didn't even know she had a bigote. (She tells Caro she didn't know, it must have only been a "bigoteen" little 'stache.)

***at every moment she'll be there to whisper rumors and plant doubt into Fern & others mind(s) about Lety.***
Aren't you glad Fern resolved Marcia's rumor right then and there. I am so glad he didn't fall for it and MORE malintendidos! So glad Fern nipped that Marcia venom that same day and it didn't drag out and make things worse for days.


Totally agree that Also's groping would earn him a good slap from anyone but whimpy Lety. As I said before he is just the right guy for her, always telling her what to do and how she feels. She is such a ninny she thinks that proves he loves her.

After Ariel and his mass firing I couldn't thinking that just about everyone has quit or been fired at some time and some of them several times. Only Simon and Celso seem to have avoided it. Of course only Ali and Omar ever actually packed and left.

Omar and the card was too funny especially since Fern was in the dark about why Lety was amused. Fern and Aldo's little chat followed by the oh so insincere handshake certainly set the stage for both of them doing exactly what they said they wouldn't. In all fairness I think Fern meant to keep his promise to let her make her own choice but he isn't stupid enough to not watch out for the Sneaky Chef.

Can't help wondering if Marcia's green office is symbolic of her jealousy.

Agreed, Diann, Woody and the car are the most important. But WHY??? The car, because of the defining moment of his life, at his birthday party as a child. But what does Woody mean??? I'm stumped.

I thought about using "cringe" regarding Aldo's touch, but honestly, I don't see her cringe. I only see her try to escape. Of course, we on the board cringe!

You're right, Diann, about the cave. I hadn't noticed until you listed the conversation, it's almost exactly what was said when Fern tried to give Lety Olarte's old office and she wanted to stay in the cave.

Diann, about defrending Lety. We saw it today when he defended Lety from Ariel. When else have you seen him protect her? I'm keeping a list because it's an important part of him regaining his role as her patron. Once he is fully accepted as her patron, he will be within sight of the finish line.

I'm wondering if Lety will ever have moments where she would step in to protect Fern as a patron since he may become her assistant. It would probably be against Ariel or Aldo I suspect...

Also do we consider Aldo's help today protection? He definitely swoops in to keep Ariel at bay and Lety accepts it, although I guess you could say the entire company accepts it (even Fern). I'd say he's also been especially helpful to the cuartel before. Although his help to them is questionable because the makeovers he helped them to get were not so great.

I say Woody maybe is a sign of Fern's mental state. But I think it's interesting that he forgot to bring his bonsai tree- the gift from Lety. Was that intentional? He's fixated so much on it in the past few months, that I'm surprised he didn't bring that with him...there was even a scene yesterday where he checks and pets it before he runs out of his office.

Yes Diann- I'm glad that whole Marcia thing was nipped in the bud yesterday in Fern's mind. But was that situation truly resolved since Fern never get the chance to see that "Aurora" is indeed Lety? I have the feeling that this is going to come up again in the very near future...oy. I just hope they make it fun...I liked the Aurora scenes yesterday, because it really was funny, but I'd almost rather they quickly break the news to Omar that Lety is Aurora...I think it's sort of mean (not just to Omar, but to Fern and Aldo) if they keep prolonging it...

Decie- I agree with you that the green is probably a sign for Marcia's jealousy. It's interesting that Luigi was the one to re-design the offices...maybe he just did what he wanted because she wasn't there to put up a fight, but I'd have a hard time working in that space.

wow! you guys said most of the full circle things I wanted to say...
I have one more... Lety made the M/Vs wait in agony wondering what she was up to with the company...
Aldo just made them do the same thing by dissapppearing for a few days..
regarding Jenn and Dianne's comments about disgusting Aldo and his arms around Lety and not giving her space...
look at the pictures of the two couples again. Fernando is standing almost straight beside Lety and giving her space. Lety looks glowing, smiling, very self-confident..
In the Aldo picture, Aldo is all over Lety, his arms tight around her and she looks very uncomfortable, tight, very insecure...
nuff said!!
And Diann, you're so right about Fernando and Aldo showing Lety her fork on the road (going back to her old Lety or becoming the Lety that Fernando showed her she could be..
funny, Lety having the choice and Fernando telling Aldo that LETY showed him how to feel and give real love... maybe Aldo should learn a lesson from Fernando this time...

also Lety saved the cuartel from being fired when she came back and was 'virtual owner' of the company.
now Aldo just did same, except he also saved Lety, Fer and Omar.

Leftover question from before - when Marcia overheard Lety on the phone with Carolina, Lety mentioned Aurora by name. But Marcia didn't seem to notice that. It's extremely confusing when we see people eavesdropping and then they don't seem to have heard key portions of it. (I don't mean key portions that are said just after they leave, but key things that are said WHILE they're listening!)

I really hated when Aldo put his arm around Lety in the office while Fernando was there. Actually, no, what I hated was when she immediately sat down and he followed to keep his arm across her shoulders. And then she moved her chair farther away and so he just put his hand on the shoulder that was closer to him.

Did Fernando notice? (How on earth could he not notice?)

and I LOVED the full circle of Fer asking Lety to let him work from the 'hole' and her resisting and him saying he wanted to be close to her and support her... too sweet!... and him saying 'tan divina!''' talk about sweeeetttt!!

Julie, did Fern notice the wrestling match between Aldo and Lety? Well, it was at the end of the cap, so I guess we'll find out at the start of today's cap.

GP, you asked if Lety would protect Fern. She already did, back in 205. She proposed the food campaign to the board, Fern supported it, and she thanked him, showing she accepted him as client. Immediately thereafter, Luigi attacked Fernando as the incompetent ex-president, and Lety defended Fern, establishing clearly that she was his patron. In the same scene, Fern tried to defend Lety against Luigi and Lety shot him down, essentially saying, "You can be my client but not my patron." But now Lety is letting Fern defend her. This is a VERY good sign.

Why didn't Fern take the bonsai when he took the car and Woody? I DON'T KNOW! Now you're going to make me lose sleep, trying to figure that one out! jiji. Any guesses, anyone? I'm stumped.

Paula Fern is always careful with the plant. Maybe being a typical man he couldn't figure out how to hold more than two things at the same time. Also when ever he handles the bonsai he always uses two hands. My guess is he will make another trip because he surely isn't going to leave it for Omar to manhandle.

I've lost track of the bonsai tree entirely. Maybe he actually took it home for safekeeping. Otherwise, I agree with Deciegirl, I think he's just moving a few things at a time.

Omar won't hurt the bonsai. He's too busy drooling over Aurora's picture.

Notice that Lety was willing for Omar to see Aurora at lunch, but left when there was a risk that Fernando might see her. Of course, Omar had already seen Aurora and not recognized her. But also notice that the whole cuartel plus Aldo have seen her picture in the paper. Fern is the only one who hasn't seen it. BTW, Fern is the only one who noticed that something was different about Lety's face (because her eyebrows were drawn in).

Marta, one quibble. Aldo didn't save Fern and Omar's jobs. Fern disputed Ariel based on the rules of incorporation and Fern won, so Ariel said he'd fire Lety instead. Fern said, "Over my dead body!" and then Aldo came in and saved Lety's job, plus the cuartel, etc.

***Why didn't Fern take the bonsai when he took the car and Woody? ***

He would have carried it in both hands, he is that careful with it. So I believe that would have been his next trip into the new office.

Oops, I just said the same thing as deciegirl. Whoa, you and I are on the same wavelength.... Jajaja

***Fern is the only one who hasn't seen it. BTW, Fern is the only one who noticed that something was different about Lety's face (because her eyebrows were drawn in).***
Fern saw the newspaper pic in the vortex with the cuartel. He told them he didn't think she was all that pretty. He liked Le...leer. 'member?
Also, Fern was noticing no 'stache.

Thanks, Diann! You're right.

GP, I forgot to answer you.

" 'He informs her that she loves him.' - I got the impression that Aldo was asking Lety if she loved him here...was I wrong?"

Aldo said something like, "tú me amas" which can be a question or a statement in Spanish. His tone of voice was ambiguous. It wasn't clearly an assertion, nor was it clearly a question. Once again, Aldo sits in the gray area.

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