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Teresa Fri 4/29/11 #35 Old boyfriends and old boyfriends; #36 Arturo is shark bait!

Capitulo 35 – Old boyfriends and old boyfriends

We open with a scene of Rubigote and Espe smooching at the hospital and bam! Daddy Pedro walks up: What are you doing besuqueandote(smooching)with that man! Espe tries unsuccessfully to calm him down. Daddy tells Rubigote that Espe is a decent señorita (ahem). Espe tells daddy Rube is her novio. The look on Rube’s face is priceless: wh.wh.what?! She goes on telling Daddy a whopper about Rube having wanted to talk to both her parents but she wanted to wait, right Rube? Daddy is seething.

Sweet Mariano is explaining to Hermoso Hernan he intended to pay for Refugio’s hospital bills. He doesn’t want Teresa beholden to anyone. He knows it’s not Hernan’s fault someone else paid but is grateful nonetheless with all he did to help.

Armando visits Refugio. She can’t wait to get better and go home. Wasn’t it nice of that old meanie Porfirio to allow him to be by her side these past few days? Armando doesn’t let on that he’s been fired and just wishes her to get well. She can’t wait to get home and sleep beside him again as she has for these past 23 years.

The kiss that almost was:
Tere and Arturo walk into his house. She’s savoring the moment that she’s opened the door for the first time using his keyring, that is now hers. He tells her it’s all hers, the house and everything in it. Oh, he’s got it bad. He doesn’t know she’s gonna take him at his word. She thanks him for dinner, she had a wonderful time with him…and Luisa. He tells her she was great company. Well, she better get to sleep…..she leans in toward him and then slips up the stairs saying good night. He looks after her longingly (lustily?) and then walks away. NO KISS! Waaaah… After he’s walked away, Teresa peeks over the stairwell, smiling. Mission is on track.

Pedro says Espe’s the light of his eyes. She’s a good girl from a good family. If Rubigote wants to court her, he’d better be serious. Rubigote agrees and thinks now’s a good time he leave so they can have a father/daughter talk and Espe can ‘splain everything to him. He excuses himself and slithers away. Espe begs daddy to understand. Whoa, here comes Nachita. Pedro asks her if she knows about Espe’s BF and that he’s old enough to be her father. At that age, he’s old enough to be married and with children of his own. You guessed it old man! Espe confesses Rube has a daughter in University. Pedro: he’s married??!!

Aurora tells Armando Refugio should be ready to leave intensive care by tomorrow. Armando confesses he’s lost his job and didn’t have the nerve to tell Refugio. How will he pay for the hospital now? Aurora’s surprised Teresa hasn’t told him she’s taken care of the bill. Mariano walks up just then.

Nachita can’t believe Pedro would think of such a thing. Espe with a married man? NUNCA! Right, Espe? Espe tells yet another lie – he’s divorced. Hermoso Hernan walks up to say hi. Espe takes this opportunity to escape making excuses that she has to get to work. She runs off faster than you can say, "Florence Nightingale".

Oh lordy, we cut to el profe’s house and he’s sitting at his desk burning the midnight oil. Upstairs we see Teresa tiptoeing up to the balcony in itsy, bitsy camisole and panties gear. As an evocative electric guitar is playing somewhere over telenovelandia, Arturo heads upstairs and runs into Teresa who’s standing there with a book in her hands. Nothing is said and Arturo gives her the once over. They just stare at each other.

Mariano agrees with Armando’s decision not to tell Refugio about his job status. Any distressing news could endanger her health. Aurora is also in agreement telling him it should be easy to find a job. [Yeah? When was the last time she looked for a job?] Armando is pulled away by Pedro. Mariano and Aurora are left to talk amongst themselves. She confirms she paid for Refugio’s hospitalization saying she’s always seen her as the mother she would have wished for herself. He’s only happy that infeliz licienciado didn’t pay. Aurora can’t believe he’s still jealous of him after all these years. He just can’t believe she went off to live with him. Aurora assures him it wasn’t like that. Luisa invited her and that trip to Cancun? Business. Mariano asks her to convince Teresa not to go on that trip. Aurora is confident Teresa wouldn’t do anything wrong.

Back at el profe’s Teresa claims she couldn’t sleep and didn’t realize anyone else was up. She was only returning a book to the library. She goes on to say she came to live here not only because of Luisa but because of her feelings for him. Arturo’s all: ¿Que? Tere tells him her feelings for him have grown but she must keep her distance because she works for him. As she turns to leave him, she “accidentally” drops her book. Whoopsie. Being the gentleman that he is, he goes to pick it up and as he’s getting up he gets an eyeful of our tiburoncita’s loveliness. [Hilarious, before he can get straighten up completely, she fluffs her hair] The electric guitar starts up again, they stare at each other as he gives her back her book. Then he straightens his tie and backs off, then turns to leave. Jaws theme kills the guitar and Teresa is left looking after him, knowing her prey is well within her reach.

Next morning Paulo is still in his rumpled suit and bien crudo (hungover). Geno is disgusted that he would consider going to work that way. He breaks the news of his betrothal. She offers to go shopping for the ring and also to pay for anything he needs for the wedding.

Tere is talking to Espe on the phone telling her it was a good idea telling her parents he’s divorced. After all, it will soon be true. She’s sure her parents will soon come to accept him and suggests she call Ruben and tell him she’ll wait for him to resolve his “situation” because it’s obvious he really does care for her. After they hangup, Teresa is reviewing some documents and says to herself: Yeah, he cares for you so much, he forged his wife’s signature on the supposed divorce documents. Arturo walks in just then and they chit-chat about work and she points out what a beautiful signature Mrs. Rubigote has, ¿qué no?

Back at the vecindad, all the neighbors are helping Mariano prepare his clinic. Juana is still angry with Cutie-berto about the way he spoke to Tere. Cutberto stands his ground, saying Tere provoked Refugio’s illness. Mariano breaks it up, saying Refugio had been ill for some time. Cutiberto then tries to make up with Juana. I see myself doing a lot of FF>> in future episodes when these two are on screen.

Arturo informs Tere that Fernando has agreed to let her see confidential documents. Tere is grateful for their confidence. She can’t wait to meet Fernando. Arturo has told him she’s his right hand and that he hopes that in time she will his socia (partner).

Back at the clinic-to-be, Espe breaks the bad news to Mariano that she’s reconciled with Rubigote and that he is getting a divorce. She runs off. Aurora and Mariano are talking shop. Mariano says the only thing missing is Teresa. He wishes she were here to see this project through with him. Aurora feels she’s only stressed out about her mom. She’ll come around once Refugio’s well. Mariano’s not to sure. Every day she seems to be moving further away from him. Aurora hasn’t forgotten about her promise to convince Tere against the Cancún trip.

Tere is excited about a partnership with Arturo. It’s always been her dream. They give Luisa the good news. Luisa says that partnership is only the beginning, maybe you can be his partner for life. Tere ignores this remark and asks about the trip. Luisa and Arturo both understand she’s concerned for her mother and have cancelled the trip. Tere acts shocked

Nachita wishes Espe had ended up with someone her own age. After all, when the years pass, he won’t have the same energy. Espe gets upset at this and tells her she loves him and doesn’t care about the age difference. One never knows what can happen. She can end up with someone her own age who will end up dumping her after a few years. Nachita gets sad at this and comments just as Epe’s dad did with her. (Pedro’s not Espe’s dad) Espe’s sorry she brought that up. She just wanted to point out that anything could happen. We also find out Pedro isn’t Johnny’s dad either. Pedro just wants what’s best for her. Nachita promises her support and asks that she invite Rubigote to dinner on Friday.

Tere urges Arturo not to cancel the Cancún trip. She tries to sacrifice herself and urges them to go along without her. Nothing doing they both say. They want to stay with her during her time of trouble (mom’s illness). Oh brother! These two are like sheep coming to slaughter.

Geno congratulates Rubigote, “íconsuergo!” (mother-in-law or father-in-law of one’s child) and tells him Paulo is out buying the ring. She notes not only will their children be united, but their fortunes as well. Rubigote likes that because he’d like to ampliar (expand) his business. He’s always wanted to have more money than Maira. Geno points out Maira has always let him manage everything and will continue to do so as long as they’re together…..that is what he still wants, right? Yes, but he also wants to diversificarme (diversify his business). She asks if he’s purchased a new apartment for Esperanza. He says that’s all over now.

Aurora talks to Teresa about volunteering at Mariano’s clinic and asks that she volunteer also. When Tere says no way, Aurora starts pleading Mariano’s case. He still loves her and he’s very worried about that trip to Cancún with Arturo. Tere couldn’t possible go on that trip even though her mother is out of intensive care – she’s cancelled her plans. Aurora says Mariano’s concerned about Arturo’s intentions. Tere waves that off as his petty jealousy. Aurora wonders why Tere doesn’t tell Arturo about Mariano. Tere doesn’t think that’s necessary now since she’s done with Mariano – he’s all yours. Aurora is hurt at this insinuation.

Pedro and Nachita argue over Espe’s BF – he’s divorced, he’s too old – Pedro just doesn’t have a good feeling about him (me da mal espina) Pablito overhears the whole conversation.

Tere doesn’t believe Aurora is no longer interested in Mariano. Aurora refuses to listen to her tonterías (nonsense). She knows Tere and Mariano love each other. Mariano adores her. Tere: “Too bad for him. The sooner he forgets me, the better.” Her only goal now is to get ahead and rise above la pobreza. Aurora doesn’t understand her attitude. Ambition shouldn’t come at the cost of love. Tere feels it does in her case. Mariano doesn’t have the same drive. Aurora disagrees, citing the hard work he’s putting in to get his clinic up and running. Tere feels it’s not enough and she’s not going to give up everything she’s worked for. Mariano wants her to give up el licenciado and she’s just not going to do that. She tells her he’s offered to make her partner one day. Aurora says that’s all fine and dandy but what good does that do if you can’t share that with the man you love. Tere: even if she wanted to share it with Mariano, she’s fed up with his opinion of her and el licenciado. Aurora continues to fight for Mariano, suggesting Tere tell Arturo of her love for Mariano. Tere tells her to get over it, she has no plans to reconcile with Mariano. Aurora then tells her to reconsider. After all Mariano is super-buena onda (slang: really cool, nice), handsome, intelligent, detalliz (thoughtful), hard worker, but above all he loves her. Ok, I think she went a little too far there, making her feelings obvious to Tere.

Mariano tells Refugio even though she’s doing better, she needs to be careful. She asks about him and Tere. He doesn’t want to talk about that now. She knows he still loves her.

Eew! – Rubigote and Espe in bed. I think I’m blind! – I love you’s all around. Espe’s so happy that he’s finally getting divorced and is glad the end is almost here. She’s glad her parents know about him. He doesn’t know why she told them he’s divorced. Well, it’s almost true, it’ll happen soon enough. He wants more discretion lest Maira find out and cause a scandal. Espe then hits him with the news her parents expect him for dinner on Friday. Of course, he doesn’t think that’s such a hot idea. Mariano and Ramón know who he is. Forget about it. They start smooching again (blech in the blecheler pad).

Tere passes Mariano on her way to Refugio’s room. He reminds her Refugio’s still fragile and shouldn’t be upset. Tere doesn’t need reminding and goes past him. Aurora tells him Tere cancelled trip. She thinks that instead of being to jealous, he should talk to Tere to fix things. Mariano’s convinced that she won’t be happy until he has money. She tells him not to give up so easily and fight for her.

Tere visits with mom and puts on the good daughter act. She only has their best interest at heart. She will get her out of the vecindad. Tere doesn’t want to hear anything about mom’s illness or the possibility of her passing away. Refugio apologizes for hitting her and only wishes for her to be with the man she loves. Tere assures her she will eventually be married with a man who loves her. (See how she switched that around? Real slick.) Momma assumes she’s reconciled with Mariano. Tere reminds her she needs to be calm and promises she’ll at least listen to what Mariano has to say.

Out in the hallway, Pablito runs into his padrinos, Mariano and Aurora. They talk about Refugio’s health for a bit and Aurora agrees to take Pablito along with her to lunch with her dad.

Lusa runs into Arturo’s office to tell him her project won the competition. She takes the chance to tell him to take advantage of the fact Teresa’s in the house to spend more time with her. Arturo’s thinks that’s a great idea and thinks he’ll invite her to eat with Fernando, Luisa, and himself.

Aurora and Pablito are having lunch with Hector the Director. Pablito’s being all cute, talking about his illness, thanking Mariano for his recovery. Then they talk about how wonderful Mariano is. Pablito lets it slip Aurora is helping Mariano with his project. Hector isn’t happy she’s spending time with him without Teresa. He sends Pablito off with the maid so he can speak with Aurora alone.

Paulo gives Aida her ring in a restaurant. He says he wanted to wait for a special occasion but didn’t want to appear cursi (tacky). Actually, he didn’t want to deal with it and just wants to get it over with. He shoves it on her finger and he’s done with it. She talks of how this is a symbol of their lifelong commitment bebé. He tells her not to get so cursi over it and suggests they just drink a toast. She has a better idea and suggests they go somewhere more intimate to celebrate. He’s ok with that but he needs to make a stop to “buy something”. Oh no, our Paulo’s headed on a downward spiral.

Aurora says she agreed to volunteer to work in the clinic before she realized it was Mariano’s project. Hector’s not pleased because he knows she still cares for Mariano. Aurora denies this and besides she knows Mariano and Tere will make up soon. Hector feels this is more the reason she should stay away from Mariano. She swears nothing could happen between them and she only wants to work with the children of the vecindad. Hector tells her she doesn’t know how difficult it is to work alongside someone who doesn’t return her affection. He’s concerned she’ll only end up hurt. She disagrees and says she won’t quit the clinic and asks him to please understand.

Maira is talking to Aida on the phone and is happy to hear about the ring. They discuss setting a date for Paulo to officially ask for her hand in marriage. She gives Ruben the good news and they talk about setting up some time with Geno to go over a timetable, expenses, etc. Maira and Geno have already made plans for Geno and Pablo to come by Friday night. Ruben doesn’t bat an eye, just smiles and says good, good. Guess Espe and her parents are out.

Tere comes by Juana’s to visit. She tells her Refugio is getting better even though she continues to stubbornly ask her to return home. Juana suggests she return home to make mamá happy. Tere feels it’s no use. They’ll only continue to argue and she’ll get sick again – at least that what Cutberto thinks. Juana says family is family and breaks the news Armando lost the job. Tere is not sympathetic and says serves him right for not listening to her but then agrees with Juana finding better jobs isn’t so easy.

Espe and Armando are at the hospital talking about his employment woes. She says she may have a job lead but doesn’t seem anxious to tell him about it.

Mariano runs into Tere as she’s leaving vecindad. He tells her he found out Arturo didn’t pay the hospital expenses. Tere tells him he doesn’t know how difficult it was for her to swallow her pride when Aurora paid it. Really? How hard was that? They squabble a bit over how unrealistic it is for Mariano to think he could have covered that expense himself. Mariano is basically begging her to give their love another chance, saying as long as he lives he will continue to insist their love is worth fighting for. Tere tries to resist him then gives in and kisses him and their theme song begins.

Aida is in the car admiring her ring when she notices Paulo giving some guy (Fito) money. She wants to know what he’s buying from that tipo. He shows her a packet of pills. They’re only para alivianarme (take it easy, be cool). He offers her some so they can celebrate a lo grande (big time) Just this one time. Just say no, Aida!!!

Teresa and Mariano break from their embrace. He’s assuming this is it, they’re back together. Not so, says Tere, this was the last kiss. Tearfully, she tells him to leave her alone now and stop trying to contact her. The look on Mariano’s face is so sad :( He can’t believe their love is over. She’s never denied she loves him but she needs more than love. She needs comodidad economica (financial security/comfort), a life filled with comodidades. He’s stunned, asking if she’s ready to throw away everything they have together. She’s made her decision! That’s a sacrifice she’s ready to take. She then dramatically removes her engagement ring and places it in his hand. He puts it back in her hand, “This is ring is yours. Save it as a symbol of un amor desinteresado (indifferent)” Oh yeah? She doesn’t want this ring with its sad glass, not when she can have one with real brilliantes (diamonds). Then she holds it up and lets it drop at his feet. She tells him not to waste his time, it’s over! Oh boy, she is mean and heartless. She leaves him and he picks up the ring and has a really sad, depressing look on his face.

Aida is telling Paulo no way. She has no need for those things (pills) and neither does he. Ok, bebé? He’s all, duh ok mi amor. Egads, he’s such a doofus!

Luisa arrives at an office introducing herself when she runs into Fernando – wow! She doesn’t recognize him at first and introduces herself to him. He tells her who he is and can’t believe how beautiful and grown up she is.

5..4..3..2..1 KISS!
Tere arrives at el Profe’s. She’s sad and crying, looking at her hand sans ring. Arturo walks in asking if mamá has had a relapse. [Boy, he is clueless]. She says no, it’s just so difficult putting up a front so she won’t get another attack. It’s just that mamá keeps insisting on a relationship with Mariano. She doesn’t understand que yo amo a ud....she breaks off mid-sentence. He says “Teresa” then they lock eyes, she grabs him by the neck and we have our first full on kiss!!!


Capitulo 36 - Arturo is shark bait!
Tere breaks away from Arturo apologizing for letting herself get carried away and runs upstairs.

Fernando continues telling Luisa how beautiful, grownup she is, etc. etc. She tells him she’s there to discuss a proposal for a project in Cancún using Bamboo. He’s surprised, telling her it’s his project. She immediately assumes she only won the competition because Arturo put him up to it. Fernando tries to tell her she’s wrong when they’re interrupted by the receptionist telling them they’re ready for them at the meeting. Luisa first says she’s not coming but Fernando says they will attend.

Tere is in her room tearfully acknowledging that Arturo’s kiss didn’t make her feel the same as Mariano’s. There’s a knock at the door and Tere kicks into action, getting out her suitcase. Arturo walks in insisting they talk. Tere insists she must leave, this isn’t right. Arturo says she can’t leave, she loves him and he confesses his love for her and feels it’s time they stop disimulando (pretending). She acts all innocent, can’t believe he feels the same way she does. She never dreamed this would happen. He suggest they drop the formal “Ud.” and speak with each other in the more casual from of “tu” (dejar de tutuearnos). She turns away from him saying that’s impossible, he’s her teacher, her boss. They should just forget about what just happened.

Fernando is trying to convince Luisa the competition was completely anonymous. She’s not buying that and wants to talk with Arturo first. He says fine but in the meantime she’s gonna leave all the involucrados (those involved) plantados (stranded). Instead she should be a professional and come with him to the meeting.

Arturo is pledging his love for Teresa, telling her there’s nothing wrong in acknowledging their love. They’re not hurting anyone. Teresa says that’s the last thing she would want—to hurt someone. She wouldn’t want to be a target for gossip like what happened with Luisa’s apartment. She doesn’t want to ruin his reputation, he’s always taught her to do what’s right. That’s why she – dramatic pause – fell in love with him. He never thought he’d feel this way. He never imagined this would happen. She feels the same way but – he stops her mid sentence and begins kissing her. The steamy electric guitar music starts up again. In between kisses she breathlessly tells him, “te amo, te amo” As he lowers her to the bed, she starts telling him she’s afraid he’s confusing their closeness for love. He assures her he loves her and isn’t playing games. So they’re on the bed smooching when……knock, knock, knock…’s Reina telling her Armando’s at the door. She starts to go back into the room then changes her mind and closes the door behind her. Armando is there asking her for money, telling her Gemma is threatening to take everything out of the house again. He’s looked everywhere for work but no one will hire him due to his age. She lays into him again that he should’ve listened to her about getting a better job to begin with. He asks if it’s possible to ask for an advance from el Profe. Tere tells him this would be the worst time to ask him for money. She wouldn’t want him to think she’s only after him for his money (por interes).

At the garage, our favorite meanie Porfirio is snarling at Johnny, him telling never to mention that Armando again. He’s on his way to the airport to get his granddaughter when an inspector arrives wanting paperwork on the hazardous materials kept at the shop. Porfirio has no choice but to send Johnny for his granddaughter Patricia.

Armando reminds Teresa that Arturo has offered his help in the past. Honestly this family is turning out to be a bunch of moochers. Teresa takes some money out of her wallet and tells her father that under no circumstances are they going to ask Arturo for money. This is all the money she has and she suggests that he ask Gemma for a few more days and she’ll come up with more money. Right now she needs to finish up with a “meeting” (is that what they’re calling it these days?) that could determine her future. She smiles at this. Her dad isn’t so sure about this. Tere further suggests he consider renting out her room. He protests, reminding her of her things. Sell them. He asks if she is never planning to return? “Jamás” (never), she responds.

Espe comes to Mariano’s to talk about her novio. Awww, his eyes are still red from crying, so sad. She tells him her novio has shown her his divorce papers and furthermore Tere has confirmed they’re legit. Mariano stumps her by asking if he’s promised to marry her once he’s divorced. Meanwhile Nachita is trying to reason with Pedro to go along with Espe’s noviazgo to avoid Espe seeing him in secret. This will allow them to check him out and see if he’s a good man. Mariano tells Espe it would be best to confront him regarding marriage. She’s assuming if he’s getting a divorce it’s because he wants to marry her. She asks him to please cover for her and not let on that he’s married. Then she asks him to tell his dad he just found out Ruben is getting divorced. Oh no, he refuses to lie to his dad. She’s gonna have to handle that one on her own.

Back at el profe’s house, Arturo and Tere are no longer on the bed. She’s telling him her father came by to ask her to return home and she almost, almost said yes because what’s going on here isn’t right. But she realizes Arturo loves her and she just can’t give him up. She knows it’s selfish of her but she just can’t be apart from him. Arturo feels if it’s bothering her, they can go speak with her dad right now. No! uh, that’s not necessary, now’s not the time. He tells her he already told Armando he loves her but they agreed he wouldn’t declare his love for her until after she graduates. She acts surprised at this news and is all wide-eyed. More the reason not to tell them now. Her mother would never agree to this. They’re both adults, he says, and know what they’re doing. And as such, shouldn’t they be able to confront everything?

Espe is running off to the hospital and Pedro tells her of his talk with Nachita. He’s agreed to allow her to date Ruben and wants her to invite him over so they can get to know him. But if he doesn’t like him, she’s going to have to stop seeing him.

Aurora comes to Mariano so they can start shopping for the clinic. She sees he’s still so upset. He tells her Tere threw the ring in his face and it’s over. She tries to console him, telling him he just needs to put it away, he’ll need it again soon. Tere’s just angry because her mother hit her and he didn’t come to her defense. Mariano tells her this time it’s over for good.

Back in Tere’s room, they’re back on the bed. She wants to tell the whole world he loves her but knows she can’t do that just yet. He tells her to be patient, she’s almost done with her studies. More chit-chat about her mom then she says he will make her happy at last. They begin to smooch and this time an acoustic guitar accompanies the smoochfest.

At the project meeting, Luisa is told her project was picked because it not only met the standards but surpassed them and that Fernando’s company will be the one to see it to its completion (paraphrasing here) Fernando says it will be a pleasure to work with la Srta. De la Barrera.

Back at Tere’s bedroom, they’re still smooching on her bed. Tere says she’ll only tell Luisa of their love because she’s her BFF. Arturo confesses Luisa knew about his feelings awhile back. They continue smooching, Arturo gets a little frisky and Tere stops him. They agree to go back to his library even though they both want nothing more than be close to one another.

Armando is pleading with Gemma, who has a gang of thugs behind her, to give him just a little more time. Super Mariano comes up just then. Gemma’s done giving him more time, either he pay her off or she goes and gets all his belongings but she’s not giving him more time. Mariano gives her the ring telling her this time he won’t want it back. Armando and Aurora both plead with him not to but he says it’s no use. He no longer needs the ring. Gemma’s appeased but says she’ll be back if Armando doesn’t keep up with his payments.

Fernando congratulates Luisa on the outcome of the meeting. She still thinks Arturo had a hand in her project being selected. He tells her fine, talk to Arturo and then call so they can celebrate and begin working together.

Aurora meets up with Mariano outside the vecindad very concerned about him. He tells her no worry, it’s just a lump of gold and glass that has no value for Tere and she has assured him it’s over.

Rubigote finds Espe at the park. She’s glad he showed up and tells him her parents are pressuring her for him to come over for dinner. He acts very concerned that Mariano and his dad should tell her parents he’s still married. Ok, he’s a rat but he does have a point here. She needs to see reason here and make up a story that he can’t come on Friday due to business or something. They hug and she’s very unsure. --- wake up Espe! Egads.

Johnny’s at the airport with a sign for Patricia. There’s a bit of a doofus moment when he sees her and she realizes he’s there to pick her up. She’s a cute little thing (too cute for him, anyway). He’s all agog when he meets her.

At the Chavez home, Armando is telling Mariano that Tere just doesn’t want him anymore. He sees that Mariano is coming to grips with it and should just accept it already because…..he trails off. Mariano asks him to be frank with him. Armando feels Tere is confused about her feelings. Mariano is sure it’s due to that licencieado! He only wants to have his way with her. Armando tries to break it gently that no, Arturo’s serious about her and only waiting for her to graduate before he marries her. Mariano is muy impactado!

At the airport, Johnny wants to make sure Patricia doesn’t tell her grandfather he didn’t recognize her right away. She laughs it off, saying of course not.

Mariano is very upset telling Armando Tere can’t possibly marry el licenciado. She doesn’t love him. Armando thought Mariano understood their relationship was over. They go back and forth like this a few times and Armando finally tells him Tere is done with him and has the right to be with whomever she pleases. He storms out of the room, leaving our hero standing there with his mouth open.

At Arturo’s office the flirting continues with him telling Tere he can’t believe they’ve gone on this way but now he can kiss her anytime he wants and he wants to right now. They kiss and she reminds him she needs to finish her thesis. They both say stuff about her needing to graduate, blah, blah, when Luisa barges in asking to explain why he fixed the competition. Tere and Arturo are both impactados.

Johnny and Patricia are walking through the airport getting to know each other, he telling her about his mechanic/taxi job and she telling him she’s there to go to the best prepa with a bunch of monjas (nuns). Another future candidate for FF>>

Arturo is offended that Luisa would think he would fix the competition. Tere defends him telling her she needs to be more confident in herself. Luisa catches on that she’s called him Arturo instead of licenciado. She asks what gives. Arturo put his arm around Tere and smiles abound.

Armando is in Refugio’s hospital room. He tells her it would be a good idea to rent out Tere’s room to make more money. She starts overreacting as usual saying Rosita’s things are in there they couldn’t possibly rent out that room. They need to convince Tere to return home otherwise she’ll end up falling for that licenciado.

Luisa congratulates Tere and Arturo and agrees to keep the relationship a secret until she graduates to avoid any gossip. But she’s still mad that Arturo set up the competition. Arturo swears he knew nothing of it and that she won based on her own merits.

Patricia and Johnny arrive at the garage. Pedro is miffed they’ve arrived so late. She blames it on traffic and he orders Johnny to close up shop. (yawn)

Luisa and Tere are having girl talk in Tere’s room. Luisa is muy emocionada with meeting up with Fernando. He’s more handsome than ever but Arturo says he’s a womanizer. How could she compete when he’s surrounded by beautiful, famous women. Nevertheless, she’s happy they’ll truly be sisters now that she’ll be her sister-in-law. When Luisa runs off to her own room, Tere pulls out the photo of Mariano and her and rips it up, leaving it on her nightstand. The following morning there’s a knock on her door. She hurriedly picks up the torn photo and goes to the door. Reina brings in a huge bouquet of roses. After she leaves, Tere reads the card. It’s from Arturo, “you’ve made me the happiest man in the world” Somehow I think she expected they were from someone else? She still has the torn photo pieces in her hand and throws them in the trash (bad move-evidence!).

Arturo arrives at his class and Tere is noticeably absent. As he’s calling roll Aida points out that she saw Tere at the university but apparently, she’s skipping his class. Everyone laughs.

After commercial break we see Tere waiting outside class as everyone is filing out. She and Arturo make eye contact and go back into the classroom as the electric guitar begins to play. She was afraid her feelings for him would be evident and everyone would notice. He suggests they go talk now. She has another class. He asks her to lunch with him and his friend Fernando. She needs to visit her mother. She’ll see him at home. She makes sure no one is looking and she leans in, “te amo”. He replies, “yo más”. Oh brother. She acts like she’s going to kiss him then walks away leaving him all hot and bothered.

Aida tells Paulo she’s dying to show Teresa her ring. She wants him to know they’re getting married. This is news to Raul who happens by and hears the news. He congratulates Paulo but is evidently upset at the news.

Arturo and Fernando meet at the club and the two hunkasauruses look mighty fine in their polo shirts. Art tells Fer neither he nor Tere could hold back anymore and declared their love for each other. Fer hasn’t seen him this happy since…. “Paloma” says Art says. He’s not afraid to say it anymore. They discuss Luisa and Art doesn’t understand where she got the idea he fixed the competition. They talk of Luisa’s talent etc. etc. Art asks Fer to take care of his sister. Fer promises as a brother because they’re that close. Then the two hotties are off to play a round of golf.

Juana, Aurora, and Pablito come to visit Refugio and the little guy lets it slip Armando was fired. Speaking of which, Porfirio introduces Johnny to the new head mechanic, Ezekiel. Patricia comes by to say hi to her grandpa and she and Johnny make eyes at each other. Grandpa is pissed that Johnny says hi and forbids him to speak to her again.

Predictably, Refugio is upset (of course) and tells Aurora of all their financial problems and just doesn’t know how they’re going to make it with her unable to work.

Musical chairs at the restaurant. Aurora, Tere, Fernando, and Arturo had made arrangements to celebrate Luisa’s success but apparently the director thinks it’s better to have a more dramatic meeting between Tere and Fernando. I’m guessing she’ll go on a feeding frenzy when she meets him. Aurora calls Tere as she and Luisa are being shown to their table. Tere excuses herself telling Luisa it’s her mom and refuses Luisa’s offer to come with her to the hospital. Fer walks in as Tere leaves, just missing her. Art meets Tere on her way out and agrees to accompany her to the hospital. Fer and Luisa end up eating alone. Wait, the four were supposed to eat together yet Luisa and Fer are sitting at a table for two, just sayin’. Art and Tere arrive at the hospital arm in arm. Tere pulls away from him reminding him they can’t let her father see them this way. It would only upset him. She walks up to her dad, Juana, Pablito, and Aurora. She hears Pablito confess to blabbing about Armando getting fired. She yells at him. Aurora tells Pablito it wasn’t his fault and offers to take him home. Tere kind of half-a$$ed apologizes as they leave. Tere wants to know who the devil is going to explain what’s going on with her mom. In walks superMariano: “yo.”

Back at the restaurant Luisa and Fernando are celebrating her success and their finding each other again. She tells him of her profound appreciation for his help in proving her father’s innocence. She tells him she has no BF.

Tere is assumes her mother’s relapse is due to malpractice. So many doctors and no one is watching over her? Mariano affirms they all do their best. Armando blames himself because he lost his job. Juana tells everyone to calm down. After all, Refugio is doing much better. Mariano says they will need to keep her sedated. Arturo enters the conversation and the tension mounts. Tere tells him her mother is to remain sedated. Mariano explains her relapse was not serious and if there are no other questions, he excuses himself. Juana suggests Art and Tere go and get something to eat seeing as their meal was cancelled. Armand politely refuses Arturo’s invitation to join them. Juana offers to stay so Refugio can go look for a job. Espe comes in just then saying her friend has found him a job if he can start immediately.

Fer can’t believe a girl as beautiful as Luisa has no BF and invites her to go out dancing. She declines saying she prefers to visit with Teresa and get started on the Cancún project.

Tere and Arturo come back to Juana in the visitor’s lounge. Tere knocks over Juana’s coffee and guess who comes by to clean it up? Armando! ¡Tere se queda mortificada!


Sorry this was so late guys. I stayed up all night Thursday to watch the Royal Wedding. I could barely keep my eyes open last night.

No apologies are necessary Frances. This was an awesome recap. I watched the Royal Wedding too yesterday and I was so tired that as soon as I closed my eyes, I was out like a light. Anyway on to the recap. I'm thinking there is major foreshadowing in regards to those confidential documents. I wonder will Arturo regret getting Teresa involved in it. Not a spoiler just guessing.

What a kiss. That first kiss was hot but the second kiss that Arturo laid on Teresa had me fanning my face. Teresa has awakened a sleeping giant me thinks. I really don't like seeing her playing with Arturo's feelings like this. What if in the process she truly does fall in love with him? It seems though that she will always love Mariano. Speaking of which, I thought her throwing the torn up picture in the wastebasket was a bad move too. Someone will find it eventually.

I'm also thinking that Armando doesn't have a problem with Arturo wanting to marry Teresa because he can probably help him get out of his financial bind.

I was disappointed that Esp got entangled again with Ruben just as she was about to break free. That is until Teresa gave her that bad advice to take him back.

Paulo is definitely addicted to those pills now.

Teresa was absolutely mortified to see her dad working as the cleaning man at the hospital. I'm almost worried to see how she will react on Monday's show.

With Teresa and Fernando missing each other, I'm wondering what will happen when they do meet since he is a womanizer. Will he become shark bait for our shark?

In the previews, Arturo and Mariano (?) get into a fistfight at the barrio. Who will break it up?

Frances, I laughed all through your recap because of your comments which are so humorous and so true: (Oh, brother! These two are like sheep coming to slaughter, she runs faster than you can say, "Florence Nightingale", NO KISS! Waaah) and many more. Your title is clever, too.

I hope Fernando doesn't have more money than Hot Prof because we know Teresa is going after the dough. I hope Luisa's project will not be in jeopardy. I agree, Teresa and those confidential papers are mentioned for future reference. So far, all Teresa does is mala, so it probably isn't mentioned for something good that she's planning.

Wow, does Arturo really think Teresa just happened to be returning a book with that tiny outfit on and all her makeup perfectly in place. Arturo is so done for.

Poor Pablito just can't say anything right without causing problems.

In the final scene, Arturo seemed to look as horrified as Teresa or perhaps shocked on his part on seeing Armando working as a janitor in the hospital.


Paquitadelbarrio--EXCELLENT RECAP! Had a long day, and I was delighted to come home to it! You had me laugh a few times... and the whole No kiss, waaa! and 5..4..3..2..1..KISS thing was funny because that's exactly how I felt watching that scene. Knew it was coming.
And yes, Pirate Babe, What a kiss. I agree with the awoken giant comment.
I agree GinCA about the way that the prof said, Don Amrando??? When he saw him in the janitorial role. Oh the mortification on Tere's face. Wow. And yet, I knew the janitor thing was coming. And I knew Tere was going to FLIP. Should be interesting to see the reaction on Monday, especially with Lic and others watching... AND the fist fight looks interesting. Prof is showing up at the vecindad with roses... is Tere not living with them anymore? Is he meeting her there to talk to her parents? Is Refu out of the hospital? Also, wasn't there some sort of clip with Mar and Tere kissing or making up or something? I can't remember.
When the first comment she made was that it didn't feel the same as kissing Mariano, I was wicked bummed. Part of me was hoping she'd fall in love and they'd be happily ever after... a very niave part of me, lol. It's better this way, anyway. He'll end up with someone he deserves.. I hope! (Though I agree that it could develop over time.)
We'll see.....
Thanks again for the recap!

Excellente, Paquita!

Dropping that ring in front of Mariano was damned cold. Mala is too small a word to describe Tiburoncita.

About Esperanza: Do nurses still dress that way in Mexico? Also, shouldn't she be required to tie, braid, or upsweep her hair out of the way?

Ruben will be in boiling water with Maira when those divorce papers come out into the open.

I almost pity Genoveve because of Paulito... and Aida. She's going to have her hands full long before the wedding.

I have an alternate take on Teresa's nastiness to Mariano.

If Teresa is like this:

"Mariano, we're going in 2 different directions. I want and need money and you can't provide that to me, so I think we need to go our separate ways"

Mariano will keep hanging around and deluding himself that he/Teresa will get back together someday.

If Teresa is like this:

"Mariano, you're a f*****g mediocre loser who will never amount to anything, you gots to have a J-O-B (and $$$$$$$) if ya wanna be with me"

Mariano has pride about himself and he's not going to tolerate being treated like that. He then stays away from Teresa.

The ironic thing is Mariano is headed to the destination Teresa wants him to go in...he's just taking a different path to get there.

Also, Armando should be happy Teresa is out of the house b/c now he can catch up on his payments to Gema.

Paquita: "(is that what they’re calling it these days?)" "Arturo is shark bait!" Tere on a"Feeding frenzy" LoL! Yep! Loved the matter of fact touch you gave these two powerful episodios, amiga!

I secrretly hope that Tere would learn to love this guy cuz I simply can't get my head around the wimpy looking guy playing Mariano. He is not my idea of a gálan.

Tere and Fernando meeting -- I keep thinking they're cut from the same cloth.

ITA that Tere is trying to keep Mariano from harassing her in the future--let her live life her way!
I think also she feels Mar's betrayed her patience and trust these past three years. She'd have been fine if Mariano had seen eye to eye and decided to open a private practice and then maybe run the free clinic on the side. Maybe he is destined for great things slowly, but I don't blame her for feeling suffocated and torn emotionally, or for taking that way out--it's just the dishonesty she's demonstrates. I guess she really does seem to be a sociopath --a disease without a cure.

Anyway, in telenovelaland Tere in the end could develop a more mature love for Arturo if she is ever to be redeemed and learn to be charitable as well once she's free of the bind of that barrio. I don't think it will happen that way, though.

Interestingly, I find that Refugio and Mariano annoy me more than Teresa. Our heroine was billed as a hembra mala so I don't expect much in the way of human kindness from her, but Refugio and Mariano are normal and should have the ability to LET TERESA GO!  I can't condone the behavior of a sociopath, but even normal people strike out when they feel caged. Jar, I agree with you, Mariano isn't my type of galan, if I had to pick, I'd choose el profe good kisser or not!

Frances, wonderful rollicking recap with tons of fun, thanks!

Thanks for the terrific recap. Loved the shark comments.

Jardinera, my opinion of our two main men is the opposite of yours. Arturo seems kinda wimpy to me, while Mariano seems like more of a galán. Maybe I just find Mariano's type more attractive.

I don't think Teresa will always love Mariano, because I don't think she loves him now. Is attracted to him, sure. Feels a lot of passion, quite possibly. But the way she despises most of his character traits and treats him so horribly doesn't indicate "love" to me. I think 1 Corinthians would back me up.

Also, I don't think she would be happy with him even if he had a successful practice and ran his charity clinic on the side. I think she would always resent his giving ANYTHING away rather than keeping everything possible for themselves.

I don't like Teresa's parents, either. I hate the way she treats them, but they're annoying in their own way. Mom's judgmental and controlling, and Dad's a desperate sadsack. I suppose we're supposed to feel sorry for their money problems, and it is unfortunate that Refugio's sick and that Armando's former boss is such a jerk, but it's his own fault he has so much debt. He needed to be less indulgent and not give in to Teresa's selfish demands all these years.

Great recap Frances!

I didn't watch the Roya Wedding (and I still don't have a TV) but it seems like it was quite the event. Everybody is talking about it.

I'm much more partial to Arturo I must say, he has his own issues too and we'll have to see how Teresa responds to those but I agree that he is a much better fit for Teresa.

Mariano just doesn't get her at all, he might be on his road to success as a doctor but he is not being clear to her in how he is going to achieve it and he is expecting her to wait without realizing she just won't. True, Teresa is the mean one here but he chose to be with her knowing how she was and how difficult it would be to find a middle ground between them. He has to either put his part in keeping her happy or do things his way and ask her to understand it and if she doesn't then agree to go on their own separate ways. Since the first option would probably make him miserable considering Teresa's high demands, I think the second choice is the one he should have considered. But anyway, she already chose for him.


Great recap, thank you so much, I thought I got most of this episode but still you brought out details I didn't notice or missed! Thank you so much again!

Interesting discussion about Mariano vs. Arturo. (Or as I like to call them, Pompadour Boy vs. Professor Hottie.)

I like both the guys' looks, so it isn't a matter of preferring one "type" over the other, but I agree that Professor Hottie is a better fit for Teresa. We know that Teresa has been working on ("playing") him steadfastly for three years, so a lot of his passion for her is based on the "work" she's done to snare him. At the same time, I think he also is attracted to her because of her sharp mind. She's been his student and employee for a long time and obviously has shown herself to be intelligent and capable, and I think that's probably part of the reason he's been so drawn to her. Not only is she beautiful and is "working" him, but she got intellectual qualities which he admires and probably finds exciting.

Do we see that same thing going on between Teresa and Mariano? Maybe to a certain degree—they are both smart and I'm sure he'd not be attracted to a dull or stupid girl, but I just don't think it's the same thing with them. They've known each other for a long time and they have a "chemistry" but that doesn't mean they're compatible. Clearly they are not, and Teresa knows this.

Without getting into spoiler territory, I have to HOPE that they will have a happy ending for Professor Hottie. I think he deserves it. So whatever woman he ends up with, I hope she loves him and he loves her. Maybe it'll be a Scarlett O'Hara thing (if he ends up with Teresa) where she finally, at the very end, realizes that this was the man she really loved. I would hate it if Teresa and Professor Hottie end up together but it's an uneven love.

I expect that Mariano, especially if he ends up with Aurora and not Teresa, will be happy.

Paquitadelbarrio this is a Great recap! I love the way you describe the facial expressions, I saw part of the episode, ITA about Rubigote's shock when Espe told her dad he was his boyfriend! It was delicious reading!

Anon207: It seems that Teresa has already treated Mariano that way.

Is there already a connection with Fernando and Teresa? I am not getting that-they haven't already met, have they?

Teresa has been so deceitful I don't think she is going to be able to peacefully establish a relationship with Arturo-he has no idea what she is really like and when he finds out about all the lies she has told he will feel very betrayed.
I agree Mariano should get on with his life.
I can't help but hope Teresa will be exposed as the selfish liar she is and lose both Mariano and Arturo. That may have to happen to turn her around.

Hmm. I agree that they've written all the couples as having similar career interests --that is, Fernando with Luisa, Art and Tere, and Aurora and Mariano. Even Aida and Paulo have mediocre get by attitudes when it comes to careers. As far as personality traits, again, you've got Mar and Aurora, but then you've got Fernando and Teresa (fast and frisky and good-looking + know it and use it a lot; you've got Tere and Rubigote - dishonest, selfish and users of those they care about; Mariano and Espe as smart, eager to get ahead, a little too easily taken in despite knowing their significant other has some really nasty and abusive faults.

Yes, Jardinera, good point. And interestingly, the only people who see through Teresa are Rubin and Cutberto.

Something else I forgot to mention. Arturo noticed the engagement ring on Aída's finger. I was curious why the camera lingered on her finger. Interesting that he noticed her ring right away but never noticed the ring Teresa wore on her finger.

Agree Jardinera that the only people who see through Teresa is Ruben and Cutberto. I would mention Refugio too because she sees how her daughter is and it scares her.

Paquita, thank you so much for the recap.

There is absolutely no kindness in Tere. The only time she shows any fake kindness is when there is something in it for her. There is no way she would ever be happy with Mariano. I hope for Arturo's sake that he never loses his money and prestige or Tere will be long gone. He is really too nice for her.

It is funny that Cutberto can see right through Tere and doesn't mind saying what he thinks.


Refugio is scared because she knows her daughter is sick. She has already told her that during one of her recent tantrums. Refugio has also talked about Teresa's childhood tantrums. She knows her daughter needs help.

Teresa="The Bad Seed". Don't find Boyer very attractive, either.

Thank you for your recap.

I agree that Professor Hottie is way too nice for Teresa. There's no way he'd go along with some of the nonsense she pulls if he knew. I agree that she'd be long gone if he ever loses his fortune.

Interestingly, a series very similar to "Teresa" is "Rubi," which sounds a lot like Teresa (and even has Sebastian Rulli—aka Professor Hottie—in it!) but there are enough differences from what I can gather that it's not the same story. Rubi ends up disfigured and alone. I really don't wish that end for Teresa. I wish for her to see the error of her ways and eat crow, pay dearly, AND then finally settle down with a galán and actually love him and make him happy.

Thanks, Paq, for the recap. I find it hard to watch hardhearted, conniving , socialclimbing, moneygrubbing TinyTerror and her tiny, pouty little mouth. Her new accessory seems to be the silk flower pin. Every night, a new flower in a new location on her curvy, little bod. Both Mariano and Arturo deserve much better. Could TinyTer end up with neither galan? p.s. I watched the evening reruns of the royal wedding.What a beautiful bride . I love lace. The gown was gorgeous. I got a big kick out of the hats on all the ladies...some were lovely and others bizarre.

I'm just back from vacation and catching up on the weeks' worth of recaps. Thank you to all the recappers for such detail that I feel like I have watched the episodes! I think I will watch these last two episodes, but won't have time to watch the rest.

So Teresa and the Hot Prof have finally moved to the next stage of their mating dance, and Teresa has given Mariano the boot. Luisa doesn't have a boyfriend? What happened to that cute nice guy? Not like he would stand a chance next to the playboy she's loved since she was a little girl.

Elvira- Rubi and Teresa are two different stories, bith remade a few times. The first version of Teresa is older than the first version of Rubi, but because the last version of Rubi was in the 90s and the last version of Teresa was in the 80s (starring SAlma Hayek), Rubi is more fresh in people's minds.

By the way, I love the looks of both the galans. I also agree they are both too good for Teresa.

Rubí is much more vicious than Teresa. She is also more into her looks which is why her end was so fitting. Although the last version took it a step too far with the lost leg.

Vivi: I hope you had a wonderful vacation. I don't think you'll have a problem missing most of this week's episodes. But I do recommend this last one if only for the KISS!

Susalynn: I only saw a pic of the hat on Victoria Beckham's head and I have no words. Isn't she supposed to be some kind of fashionista?


I will say it is not as necessary with this TN to wear the beanie...

on the mariano v prof hottie debate, i have to side with julia. i'll confess that i do like the greaser/rockabilly look and, unlike gentlemen, do not prefer blondes. but prof hottie is also a bit lame. i mean, what is he thinking that he is planning on marrying teresa before he even asks her on a date? that's just nuts. and not because she is such a maneater, (though we know, of course that she is).
i have to say, though, prof hottie had not struck me as that much of a hottie until this last episode with, as Paquitadelbario puts it, THE KISS. there was definitely some smolder happening. so maybe it was all the teresa-kissy-smolder that was giving mariano the advantange. now that it's more even, we'll see who wins this week for nuestro caliente latino ;-)

OK. Just finished watching the episodes. Oh, how I wish Teresa were a good person. She makes Luisa and Arturo so happy, but we just know she's going to bring them huge heartache soon enough.

That was some hot kissing in the bedroom, on the bed, and in the office. Woohoo! The Prof looked like he was ready to score a home run. I liked that he took control like that (although he's totally being manipulated). I see Teresa has moved from the t-shirts and shorts she had been sleeping in up till now, to more seductive "sleep" wear. That late night scene in the library was a hoot!

Thanks so much for the stellar recap Frances.

Profe Hottie vs Mariano. Tough one. They're both hot but I'll have to go with Profe. They're both pretty hot but the tie-breaker for me is the hair. Mar has those beautiful eyes but he's gotta get rid of all the hair product. Honestly, I'd take either of them.

The tie-breaker could well be the shirt-free scenes. Sebastian Rulli has one of the best bodies I've ever seen.

Came to weigh in on the Arturo vs. Mariano Debate:
I find them both attractive, ridiculous hair or not, but by far, Arturo wins out for me. The role he is playing--all serious and intense--is one of the hottest thing about the character, but also, he's tall, gorgeous, forbidden. PLUS, have you seen him in those polo shirts??? Great body and broad shoulders... and Mariano is just a little too small, I think. Prob why a lot of people are calling him whimpy. He has some muscle going for him, but it's NOTHING compared to Arturo, Fernando, even Paulo, probably, though I haven't looked that hard. Hah, UA you have me anxiously anticipating an off-shirt scene.

Kristoise- I actually don't think it strange that, after 3 plus years of working side by side and mutual admiration, Hot Prof would have marriage on his mind with Teresa, if it turns out she also has feelings for him. It's a lot more realistic than the usual tn romances where they jump into talking about marriage a mere few weeks or months after meeting each other. But it still makes sense in the context of a culture where you don't date someone just to date them. The eventual goal is supposed to be marriage, so you better be serious about it.

I agree Emarie that I have not needed a beannie for this telenovela. It's pretty realistic, with a slow build up of the relationships (Espe and sweetie pie Dr. Ledesma; Aurora and Mariano; the back and forth between Juana and Cutie-berto; Johnny getting over Rosita and moving on; Teresa and Arturo). I think that's why some people find it boring, but I love it. Even in the most ridiculous, over the top novelas, I'm always looking for the little/subtle details in the way the characters interact with each other. This novela is full of those moments.

In the Arturo vs. Mariano debate, I'd definitely choose Arturo. I love his slow simmering intensity. His eyes say so much without him even uttering a word and there's the whole forbidden factor that Samantha mentioned. I think in personalities, Arturo is a better match for Teresa.

Oh yeah Vivi. Arturo was ready to take it there LOL. Can Teresa really resist him?

You know it didn't suprise me that he was ready to sleep with her immediately. If he hasn't been with anyone since Paloma.... that means it's been eleven, plus three so, fourteen years since he's been with a woman. PLUS the last three years Tere has been secretly teasing him and flaunting her cleavage and stuff at him... so it made sense to me... lol...Just sayin'
I was impressed that she was able to resist... but she needs to keep up her little innocent act. For now, anyway.
Haha, yes I find forbidden hot. Guess I gave away a little of my own psychological issues with that comment, heh.

Fantastic recap Frances. Great job explaining the conversations and I love your humor. I thought it very interesting that Teresa commented Prof Hottie's kisses didn't affect her quite like Mariano's. Just another reason for Teresa to not completely let go for weeks to come.

@Vivi-- i totally agree that it is not strange that artie would have marriage on his mind. it is more that he was saying "when she finishes school, i will ask her to marry me", sounding as though he would propose before the first date. that being said, you are totally right that they are still a billion times more believable than most TN romances.

@UA--i want front row seats for the tie-breaker. and i hope it's a long, ongoing contest!

Thanks for the recap Frances. Like you, I enjoyed the kiss! It's too bad Ter wasn't moved by it. I know I was!

Julia - Loved your 1 Cor comment! Ter doesn't not know the concept of love. As you said she's attracted to Mariano but only views people as a means to an end. She basically treats those she "loves" and hates the same which is quite disturbing. Hopefully she will change before the end of the TN.

Sandy - ITA w/you regarding Teresa's parents being annoying. Her mother is controlling in a frightening way. And her father makes such poor financial decisions he stresses me out. Though I don't condone how Ter treats her parents, they are something to content with when you consider how they, until recently, constantly turn down financial assistance. Jardinera made a comment about this earlier and ITA w/her. Until things hit rock bottom they were too prideful to take help. Again though Ter is off, those type of decisions just send her over the edge.

Regarding our galans, I like both of them. Mariano's eyes over-ride his poor hair care but I really do like the talk, dark, and handsome type. Arturo wins b/c of height and my enjoyment of him since Gancho. [I disregard his lighter tresses b/c there is no reason to discriminate; Fine is fine!] And as UA noted he's got a great body.

If you hop over to Telenovela World by clicking the link at the bottom of the Caray Caray Home Page, you can find Teresa at the Univiion site. I am sure you all know this. But there is a terrific photo of Marian, the mala hembra and Arturo in case you can't decide who is the hottest. It's a hard choice but my vote goes to Arturo, the quiet volcano.


LOL, my word verf is hotting.

What do you all say we hold a hotness competition, Mariano vs. Arturo? No, not with eveningwear and bathing suit struts and inane questions about world peace; we're classier than that (though should they choose to wear those things during the events, so be it). Our competition could have events like quietly brooding in a library, saving a swimmer from a shark attack, fixing dinner, charming his way into a free first-class upgrade (for us, too). Stuff like that.

I must vote for Art even though I usually go for the tall, dark, and handsome [Fernando Colunga, Ed Yanez, Marcelo Cordova, Hub]. I am especially taken with brrooaadd shoulders and Sebastian certainly has them along with that rugged, noble jawline and pretty eyes. He would make a great model for the cover of romance novels. He is a classic studmuffin. Also, his hair is just the right length. I like long hair on men , but for this role , this length is best. Jarocha~~~Yes, Victoria Beckham is supposed to be a fashionista, but her dress looked like a tent and I worried about the tiny hat falling off her forehead. Also, does this chick EVER smile ???? ...wealthy, married to a jock, children, lifestyle of the rich and famous . Why does she look permanently pissed ?

Julia~~~I love your Hottie Competition categories !!

Yes, Teresa loves things and uses people instead of loving people and using things. She needs to read 1 Cor 13; definitely.
And, consider her abuse of that transitional object-the teddy bear. Very strange.
Arturo and Mariano are both yummy but in different ways. I guess I like Mariano better in spite all the complaining I did about his hair-go figure.
I do hope the great hair on Arturo and Fernando is a sign of things to come in male fashion. I am so tired of the shaved heads and van dyke beards in this country. Bald is fine if it is real, but no combing hair over a bald spot, i.e., Trump.

Samantha, why wait?

Think Brad Pitt in Troy.

Julia sign me up for your competition. Will we start comparing now?

Sure, Karen. It's going to be a really long contest. I've already thought of two more events: riding a horse, and wearing a fedora.

Good GOD, UA. He is glorious.
I might have looked him up earlier if I wasnt worried about accidently coming across spoilers....
How much do you think it would cost me to get a life-size print of that?

Thank you so much for these recaps. My spanish knowledge is very minimal but getting better thanks to this blog and Teresa's drama.

OK - ducking from a possible barrage:

Sebastian Rulli is gorgeous. Beautiful golden all over. Wow - the very sexy height. Gorgeous bod. Just incredible eyes - his best feature IMO.

But I find myself losing interest quickly when he is on the screen. Why? Because I sense no presence, nothing projected. He just seems wooden to me. I know he is playing a reserved character, but I'm just not getting that he acts.

Actually, I don't think any of the male leads can stand up to Angelique Boyer although the actor playing Mariano comes the closest. She is in a league by herself. Man - what a mala hembra character! She certainly is doing the character justice. Truly mesmerizing and terrifying - tiburoncita is a perfect nickname. Everyone else pales in comparison.


Audrey: Sebastián gets to prove his chops later in the story. I think he got to show that he was completely up to the task when it was needed. Wait and you'll see. Up until now he hasn't really had much to do.


I can hardly wait to see when that happens, Jarocha!

First class upgrades? Are we talking about airline flights or hotel rooms?  Mariano would use his oh so sad eyes to get them then give them to a muerta de hambra in the next row! 

I'm in on the contest and shall begin collecting my factoids. 

Make that muerta de hambre! My phone hates Spanish!

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