Friday, November 09, 2012

Weekend Discussion: Villains; They Who Make Our Flesh Crawl

Dirty Dozen # 5 The Sleazebags

These are the evil men who are not accepted in polite society.  They mostly lack the social skills and the minimally acceptable-to-excellent appearance of their higher-born and higher-educated brethren in evil.  They normally cannot enter parlours or drawing rooms.  They usually dress badly, are often less than hygienic, and usually have no family ties or any other kind other than to their paymasters who are usually the mastermind villains.  They happily do all the low-level tasks the others are unwilling to do as long as they are paid for it.  They sometimes initiate evil acts of their own, but frequently they aren't clever enough to always assess risk vs. reward.  They are usually expendable once their dirty work is done, but sometimes clever enough to outwit their masters.

Who is the most evil of them all?
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Friday, August 03, 2012

Weekend Discussion: Telenovela Villains; Peer(less) Evil

Dirty Dozen #3:   Femmes Fatales

Now we get to a particularly lethal species of female viper, the femmes fatales, the women who think they're the gods' gift to the men from whom they demand gifts. Not always clad in plunging necklines, stiletto heels, and red lipstick, they demand everything and get it... until Karmageddon gets them.  Always involved in one-upwomanship competitions with the female characters in their peer groups – and sometimes beyond that – for the attention of any or all of the males, they will use seduction as the primary weapon and deception as a close second. Frequently as sadistic as seductive, they are motivated either by pride, revenge, or greed. Whether toxic relative or false friend, the femme fatale is a typical narcissist and often a vile sociopath. Most are succubi and emotional vampires in other ways and – fortunately – few ever live to become the toxic mothers of future protagonists.

Who is the most evil of them all?
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekend Discussion: The Healers

Despite all the medical misinformation we get in novelas, we do get some good doctors who fight for their patients' well-being.  Herewith are examples:

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Teresa Mon 10/3/11 #151-152 El Fin, From Shark to Phoenix

Parte 1: How and Why The Playboy Got Played; Prison Payback;  and Art Takes a Flyer

Our She-Devil in a blue dress has just finished shoveling what’s left of her latest victim, Fernando’s, manhood out the door of the house he’d foolishly bought her, and walked triumphantly to the top of her grandiose staircase to survey her domain: “Ser or no ser, y ¡yo soy!”  [To be or not to be, and I am!]

She walks back to her old bedroom and grabs Arturo Bear.  Yes, she misses Art terribly.  He’s the only thing that would make this scene perfecto.  (Viewerville would actually love to see those fabulous pecs and shapely buns of his jumping into the sack one last time.  Sigh!)  She races over to the desk drawer with the diamond engagement ring (is it #2 or #3?) he’d given her on their honeymoon in Paris.  She slips it on her finger and looks over at Arturo Bear.  “—I’ll get you back Arturo, if it’s the last thing I ever do!”  (Team Teresa sucks it in cuz we know our gal’s got spunk, but Karma has a mind of its own and it is about due to knock Teresa back on her assets.)

Meanwhile, at Lucia’s, Curly Locks and Art are canoodling on her couch.  She’s settled for a boarder sans benefits but still hopeful that he will get the cobwebs out of his head and come back from his trip ready to get serious with her, to formalize their relationship.  Art is a gentleman.  He says he can’t promise Lucia anything, but he won’t deny himself a chance for happiness again, either.  Ok with Lucia.  Just like Aida, this gal is happy to take Teresa’s leftovers.  She gives him a smooch and leaves to get something at the drugstore.

In the vecindad, Juana and Refugio return to Casitita Chavez and share a big cry over Tere’s abject rejection of the two of them and her roots.  How ungrateful to deny the person who gave her life!  Juana finally has to admit that Tere is just like Refused says: MALA!

Art’s got his bags packed when the doorbell rings.  Guessy whooooo!  Teresa races into the room.  He tells her he’s tired of her games and to get lost.  She tells him she’s not going to marry Fernando after all.  “--What??  Didn’t he fulfill one of your little whims? So now you’re here to make him jealous?  Or did he finally realize who and what you really are and tell you to go to Hell?”  No, she says, she broke it off with Fern because she is in love with him.  She lays a major lip-lock on the poor guy, and he seems unable to resist in the end.

Back at the Chavez apartment, Refused tells Aurora and Mariano how Teresa denied her existence to the Spanish society reporter right in front of her!  Shameless wench!  It frightens Refu to think what Teresa might do for money now.  She’s exchanged love for money a few times, yes, and was always ashamed of coming from the barrio, but to refuse to acknowledge her own mother—the one who gave her life!  Aurora says she should have told the reporter the truth there and then.  That wasn’t all!  She did the same to Juana and said she was her nanny, her housemaid!

Teresa tells Art she’s come into money now and hopes the two of them can live the life they deserve.  It was unfair for him to have lost his fortune over Saenz.  Art didn’t fall off the melon truck yesterday, he says.  He knows she must have finagled it from Fernando.   How could she come there expecting he’d appreciate something like that?  “—Did you expect me to enjoy the two of us living off that?  You’re worse than I thought!  Just get out!  Get. Lost!  I don’t ever want to see you again!”  Lucia walks in just as Tere is begging him again and saying they still have time to start over.  No, he says, she had plenty of opportunity but she squandered it!  Money is all that matters to her and she can share it with some other guy, but not him!  He throws her out and slams the door shut. 

Lucia grabs him and hugs him, all smiles and freckles.  She now knows that he has truly gotten over Teresa, or he wouldn’t have been able to do what he just did to her.  He’s facing the door rather than Lucia, and fighting back his tears.  On the other side of the door Teresa is also fighting back tears.

Juana goes back to her place now and cries on Cutberto’s shoulder about the way Teresa treated her.  What did she do wrong?  She loved her too much and it blinded her to things that she should have recognized, says Buttberto—a tactful way of saying “I told you so.” Aurora is there also and tells her that she has her for a daughter now.

Back at the Casota, Teresa jumps on her big bed and cries all over Arturo Bear. Sooner or later she’ll convince him to come back to her.

Across town, meanwhile, at the women’s prison, some crazy inmate--OMG!  IS THAT GEMA?--wants protection money from Genoveva AND her peroxided locks.  Gen’s tried to buy her off.  It’s not working.  (Now what does the loca really plan to do with those trimmed tresses?  Sell them as decorations?  Ugh!) Out come the scissors and snip, snip, snip!  So it goes for the vanquished and vain ‘Veva.

As for Ruben, we see he’s gotten one big bad beating.  He would try paying for protection, but he hasn’t been able to speak to his daughter yet.  (Viewerville thinks it’ll probably be a cold day in Hell before he ever gets Aida to visit him there again.) Ol’ Bigote’s quivering whiskered lips are whistling past the graveyard this time.  Fito’s friend says he won’t ever forgive him for knocking off his bud.  One of the other inmates flips open a jackknife and smiles evilly at Rube.  Fito’s buddy tells El Bigote to say “Hey” to Fito for him and the guy with the knife lunges at Ruben and it’s “Bye-bye, Bigote!”

Meanwhile, Nando visits Oriana in her hospital room.  He gets on his knees and whimpers that she was right. (Whimper, sob.) “--Teresa is the worst of all women!  She isn’t going to marry me! (Sob.) She only wanted my money. (Sob.) She took the house I’d bought for Louisa and sold off half my companies I put in her name.  (Sob, sob.)  She’s left with half my fortune!  Forgive me for not listening to you! (Whimper, sob, sob.)”   Once again, Team Teresa gets to do a happy dance cuz odious and arrogant Oriana is unable to scream back “I told you so!” the way we all know she’s dying to.  (Insert various snickers here.)  Life isn’t all bad.

Next stop for Teresa is Aida’s. Aeeeeda doesn’t want that rrrrrrata de vecindad in her house.  Tough. She’s there to give Aeeeda some sad news.  “—Yeah.  You’re dad died.” Aeeeda is suck it in impactada.  “—You’re here to make fun of me?  At this time?”  Tere didn’t want her to get such bad news over the phone, she demurs.  She wanted to deliver it personally.  “--Oh, and he must have suffered a lot, because he was knifed!”  Doesn’t she have any sense of respect for the dead, screams Aeeeda? “—You’re such a waste, such a waste, Teresa!”  You’re so wrong, says Tere.  She’s better than Aida as a woman and financially.  See, you don’t live by your own means.  You live off your mother’s money, and besides, you’re a convict’s daughter!” Teresa wrinkles up her nose.  “--I’m not going to lower myself [rebajar] dealing with you any longer.” 

Just as Tere turns to go, in walks Aur-Mar.  “—Oh, you’re getting married soon.  When do I get my invitation?”  Mar tells her not to be such a smart-ass.  They were going to invite her to the wedding, says Aurora, because Juana and her mother wanted her to be there, but not now—not after what she pulled in front of that reporter!  She didn’t lose just one mother, but two, says Mariano.  (Two sticks in the mud, the prisses!)  They walk over and make a big show of comforting Aida.  Tere shrugs like could care.

Art stops by Juana and Buttberto’s to discuss the possibility of adoption, but they’ve apparently had to gossip about Tere first.  Juana was so deceived by her lies all this time.  Yes, says Art.  Teresa is beautiful and talented, but she lost her usefulness when put up against her ambitions.  As for the adoption, if they stay together over the next three years, then they could adopt.  Juana says that’s ok.  Buttberto and she have a lifetime together.  Smooch. (Gag.)

Back at Teresa’s manse, Nando comes racing in, demanding to know how she could have sold off his businesses like that!  No, no, she corrects him.  You put them in my name.  If you want to go to court, go ahead, but you’ll lose.  It was to be a wedding present to her, but of course, she didn’t tell him there wasn’t going to be any wedding!  No, she did it for both their sakes, she corrects.  He could go back to his mother again and smooth things over.  As it is the guilt over what he did to her is killing him.  Also, in part, because she realized she didn’t love him enough.  He races over to her.  “--Don’t say that!  Keep the money.”  He doesn’t give a flip, he loves her.  Please, just stay with him.  “--Don’t leave!”

Meanwhile, Arturo is driving through the countryside, remembering all his trials and tribulations with Teresa. 

Back at the Casota, Teresa is disgusted with Nando.  “You have no dignity!”  Wake up and smell the coffee, she tells him.  Assume responsibility like a man for what’s what in his life.  His mother was right about him and worrying over him.  He’s weak, immature, easily influenced [manejable], used to the good life and women!  Well, now life made him pay the price!   “—The hunter is now trapped.”  Esperanza walks in unseen at this point and hears the rest of the conversation. 

Teresa continues the sermonizing.  “—I could never live with a weak man like you!  There’s nothing more to say!  Don’t come back trying again.  And if you want to fight me in court, go ahead!  But I warn you.  You. Will. Not. Win. So, he says, all that mattered was my money and now that you have it you’re getting rid of me [deshacer].  Yep, that’s human nature, she says.  “--Each one to his own.  You did the same to Luisa—and so many other women--getting what you wanted from her and then getting rid of her.  So, don’t play the victim with me!”  She pats him on the shoulder like a good boy.  “--Now get lost.”  She dismisses him with a snicker and a giggle or two.  He’s red-faced and practically paralyzed from the humiliating put-down he just received.  (Whoooeeyyy!!  She is gooood!  All the women he treated like that would be jumping for joy to see a sister turn the tables on the dude this way.  Think about it!)

Espe races in, shocked to hear that she took money from Fer and won’t give it back!  She told the man she loved him, even.  How could she?  No, says Tere.  He gave it to me without considering the consequences.  Anyway, he has as much or more than I, and so does his mother.  Not to worry.  Look.  He wanted to buy my love this way.  Espe is flabberghatsted.  “--You are wicked!”  “No!  I did the right thing!  I can’t marry him--because I love Arturo!!  I just have to find a way to get Arturo back now.”  Espe screams in frustration that she left Art for Nando.  She’s sure she lost Art forever by now.  No, says Tere.  He still loves me and sooner or later he will come back to me. 

Maybe not, sports fans.  Art has had a bad wreck out in the boonies of Mexico. Seems he lost control, tumbled down a cliffside and been thrown out of his car.  He may have already joined Armie and Pat Pal inside the pearly gates. 

Tere tells Espe not to play the innocent with her.  She did the same with Rubigote, using him to help pay the expenses at home.  (She’s got a point there.)  Later, Hernan came along and he had money also.  She just never knew how to ask for enough so she settled for a little.  No, says Espe.  She fell in love and never got involved for what she could get out of it.  Don’t be such a hypocrite!  Anyway, she had Espe come by to give her the news that Rube was dead.  Really, says Espe?  Tere loses patience and says now she has no reason to ever go back to that disgusting neighborhood.  She’s on a totally different level now and if they don’t want to recognize it then that’s tough.  Espe takes offense and rushes angrily out of Teresa’s. 

Reina walks in just then with news that a policeman—a state trooper—is there to see him.  He tells her that there’s been a car accident on the highway.  They found only the driver’s license.  She grabs it and sees it’s Arturo’s.   She panics.  What’s happened?  The trooper tells her the car flipped over and rolled.  [volcarse]  He’s nowhere to be found. 

She leaves with the trooper and goes to the scene of the accident wanting to help them look for him.  Apparently, an old man and his son or grandson, found him and brought him to their hut.  The old guy sends the younger one off--by burro—to get the police and some medical help.  It doesn’t look like Art has long to live according to the old guy.

Tere’s beside herself.  Where could he be?  The first trooper says he’s covered a lot of ground and found nothing.  A second one shows up saying there’s a rancher on the road who says they found a blond man who’s hurt and he’ll show them the way to the little ranchito up the mountain.  Hurry and get an ambulance here!

Back in the city, Fer makes another visit to his mother’s at the hospital.  She’ll get better and he must also.  He’s got to mend his broken heart and his wounded ego.  If she weren’t this way he might have just up and died.  But he won’t, because she needs him. 

The paramedics and helicopter arrive at the little hut to take Art off the mountainside.  The old man tells Tere how he found Art and brought him there.  Tere thanks him.  (Wait a minute!  Did Viewerville hear right?  She really did thank the old farmer!  And she sends a prayer of thanks Heavenward.  Team Teresa begins to see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.   We may be on to something here!)

Aeeeeda returns with Mayra from the funeral. Too bad Daddy wasn’t the man he always pretended to be.  Oh, seems Ramon and Aur-Mar, Hernan, Espe and Roddy went also.  Ramon thanks her for bringing laughter back into his son’s life.  He hopes that soon somebody will do the same for her.  They’ve all made nice-nice.  Aeeeda tries to feel a bit of something for her little half-brother. 

That night Aurora’s there telling Aeeeda that Art’s in the hospital and Mariano’s taking care of him.  They’re doing all they can to save him.  Aeeeda says Art’s a good guy and doesn’t deserve what all’s happening to him; the only thing bad he did was to marry the wrong woman.  Does Lucia know?  Yes, says Aurora.

Lucia makes a tearful phone call to Luisa and says she needs to get back there right away.  Art was in a bad car accident!

At the hospital Tere races over to Mariano for news.  No, he hasn’t regained consciousness.  Save him please!  Whatever the cost!  Doesn’t matter.  He has lost a lot of blood, says Mar.  You never know.  He’ll do what he can—but for him, not for her.  (You petty jerk, Mariano!  You know she’s suffering.)   He told Lucia.  “--If you have anything to say to him, you do it now.  He may not survive the night.”  Teresa fights the nervous breakdown that any other woman in the same situation would have suffered by now as she mulls over what Mariano has just told her.

~~~~~~~~End Part 1 of at least 3~~~~~~~~

Dissing the Diva -- Parte 2

Teresa sneaks into the IC area to see Arturo, knowing it maybe for the last time.  “Don’t die.  I love you more than anything in the world.  If you die I’ll go crazy!”  Lucia walks in on her and tells her she doesn’t belong there.  Sorry, I brought him in here and I told Mariano I’d handle whatever he needs.  Lucia gets snitty.  You leave or should I get them to throw you out?  (Art’s machine starts to race now.  He must hear the two of them fighting over him.  Definitely something to live for, right buddy-boy?)  “—I only want Arturo to be saved.”  “—You talk like you actually care, and even if you do it’s too late.  He doesn’t want you now.”  Tere leaves.  Lucia hovers over him.  “—My love.” 

That night Lucia runs into Luisa in the hospital hallway on her way out.

In the vecindad, Buttberto’s throwing a surprise birthday party for Juana.  He rattles on to Refused. “—It should cheer her up after what Tere did to her.”  Oops.  He stuck his foot in his mouth aaaa-gainnnnn! Ramon, Pati, Johnny, Espe and Hernand and the baby are also there.  Juana loves the surprise. 

Back at the hospital, Lucia tells Luisa how Teresa wouldn’t stop till they finally found Arturo.  Luisa says at least she’s done one good thing in her life, but probably only because she felt guilty.  Lucia mentions that she came back in to see him after and stuck around.  Seems she isn’t going to marry Fernando but she has part of his fortune now, she says.

Teresa shows up at Juana’s birthday party (tho’ how she found out is anyone’s guess).  Mama tells her she’s not wanted and not to call her Madre anymore because her parents are dead, remember?  Just leave and don’t come back.  Teresa notices suddenly that everyone in the room has turned their back on her.  “--It was only for an interview.”  Sure, but Refused never thought she’d object to recognize her like that to her face!  Oh yes, she understood why: because Tere doesn’t love her.  She only loves and thinks of only herself.  “--Go ahead and refuse to accept those of us who live here and do honest work, those who’ve always offered their affection and their support.  So you studied hard and got out from under.  Look, I don’t have long nails and fine hands—I worked washing other people’s laundry to put food on the table for you.”  Tere says she didn’t think it would matter so much to her.  Sure not, says Refused.  “Don’t step foot in here again and don’t come near me!”  (Viewerville, especially Team Teresa, has already gone through their first box of Kleenex.) Refugio walks into her room and bawls herself silly, then prays to the virgencita to save her daughter from eeevil and to see the light.  

Outside, in the living room, Buttsy tells Tere she’s nothing here now so she’d better just leave, but she tells Baboonface to shut it!  Her mama will get over it.  Espe says she doubts it.  Anyway, what’s she doing in the vecindad?  She wants nothing to do with any of them; she told her so herself.  She wants to laugh at them, says Johnny.  Pati says she admired her for her hard work and all the things she’s gotten from it, but she doesn’t understand how she could deny the woman who gave her life.  Teresa sneers back at her.  “—Stay out of this!”  Tersa walks over to Juana and wish her happy birthday.  “—Since when does an employer come to her maid’s birthday party?”  Tere begs her not to act this way.  She could expect it from her mother, but not from her.  “—You are blind, Tere!”  “--Why did you come?  To hire a driver like Johnny, or a seamstress like Pati? Or a 5th rate mariachi?”  Juana now knows who Teresa really is!   Why is she ashamed of her humble origins? Juana’s ashamed of her and she regrets having ever given her the love that she did!  She gave her so much love and support and she wasn’t worth the effort.  Teresa only loves herself! Juana then throws her out of the apartment.  Get out!  Don’t come around and never say another word to me!  Tere tries to at least leave her gift for Juana. Juana refuses it.  Take your present!  I don’t want it.  Juana slams the door behind her.  As Teresa falls to her knees in tears she hears Juana sobbing through the door.  (Time for kleenex box #2.)

Back at the hospital Luisa has a shock thinking she just saw Fernando.  Lucia mentions then that Oriana suffered a serious stroke.

A bit later, Teresa runs to Armando’s graveside again to cry.  This time it’s that nobody understands her and all have turned their back on her.  She’s so alooooooone!!!!!  All she ever wanted was to escape their poverty and to give her parents the best.  Now that she has her money, Papito’s not there to enjoy it.  It didn’t do Arturo’s health any good either! Ohhhhhh!!!!!  I’ve suffered so much! 

Meanwhile, Luisa goes to visit La Odiana.  Fernando walks into the room just then.  The nurse has to take her for some tests.  Nando says visit her whenever you want.  He asks to be forgiven for being such and idiot.  “--Believe me, I’m paying dearly  [con creces] for it now.”  That’s his problem, Luisa says sweetly.  However, she’s happy to see him for a moment, cuz she’s got something important to tell him.  She’s sticking close to his mother now, because she’s going to be having her grandchild.  Yep.  She’s preggers.  Fernando is thrilled to hear it!  (At least for Mama’s sake, we suppose.)

Teresa sneaks back into Art’s IC room again.  “--I’m still here for you, Arturo.”  She takes off the oxygen mask and kisses him gently on the mouth.  “—I love you.  I love you.  I love you!”  She starts to tear up again.  “—I know I’ve hurt you greatly and that now I can’t expect you to forgive me.  But please!  You have got to get well!  Even though it might not be for me.”  (I’m getting close to needing a third box of Kleenex.)

Back in Odiana’s hospital room, Nando steps in it again.  “--Is there anyway, Luisa, now that you’re having our child, knowing how much you loved me, that you could put your resentment aside and we might have a future together?”   “--Stop humiliating yourself further,” she says.  She loved him like nobody else in her life and would have done anything for him.  Not now.  He cheated on her and he’s such a wimp (tiene poco hombria) in the end.  She doesn’t want or expect anything from him or her child. 

In the waiting room, Lucia sees Tere and asks why she keeps hanging around. Tere spits back at her.  “—You can’t stop me, either!”  Mar comes out and says Art’s coming to.  Lucia races in to see him and leaves Tere standing there. 

In the meantime, Luisa tells Odiosa that she’s pregnant.  It won’t be easy, she says, but La Odiosa has to get better for her grandchild.  (Perhaps she’ll walk again, but part of Viewerville hopes speaking isn’t part of the repair package.)

At the same time, Grumps gets back from visiting his daughter, and stops in at Refusio’s with Pati and Johnny for tea.  Pati’s mama is better now and getting over her depression after all these years.  She wants Pati to visit her.  Yes, he’s happier these days.  He knows now that Johnny isn’t the useless jerk he always thought.  (Yeah, just slooowww!)  Johnny’s proven that he really does love his granddaughter.  So, Grumps is giving Johnny the keys to the auto repair shop.  It’s his to run.  As for Pati, he’s enrolled her in and pre-paid her way through the best high-fashion design school in all of Mexico.  Pati’s ecstatic! 

Back at the hospital, Lucia moons over Art as he regains consciousness and calls out for Teresa.  (Sorry, Freckle Face.  Them’s the breaks!)  “--The only good thing Teresa did was to rescue you, but you’ll forget her.  I love you Arturo!”

Mariano is in the waiting area with Teresa, telling her Art was lucky to have survived.  She smiles and is grateful.  Mar says it’s the first time in a long time he’s seen her worried about anyone other than herself.  Aurora walks up to them.  (Snooty and cold as ever.)  “--She’s lost another boyfriend.  He wants nothing more to do with her.  You’re all alone, Teresa.”  Mar tells her that her money’s wasted.  She’s done so many things wrong. Perhaps she can start over, with someone else somewhere else.  They leave her to her thoughts and walk off.  (I think to myself they need to take that stick out of their backsides.)

A few days later, Aur-Mar visit Refu with the news that Art’s getting out of the hospital and Luisa’s pregnancy is going well.  She asks if they’ve heard from Tere.  Aur says she’s happy Art’s better, but she’s never going to change her ways.  That’s what bothers me, says Refu.  They’re getting married the next day and Mar wants Refu to give him away. 

That night, Tere gets a surprise visit from Aeeeeda.  “—Oh, what’s this?  You’re not going to call me Rrrrrata de Vecindad?”  Nope.  She’s making the effort to change her ways, unlike Tere.  She’s not going to continue trying to get back at Tere all the time.  She’s going to have nothing to do with her.  It’s the only way she’ll be truly free of her.  “Santa Aida?”  No, Aeeeeda got what she wanted.  Everyone now sees Teresa for who she really is.  Of course, she can’t help but rub Teresa’s nose in the fact that everyone is happy to be going to The Big Wedding the next day while Tere’s been blackballed.  She’ll miss seeing Aur-Mar happily wed and Lucia arm-in-arm with Arturo.  Oh, and BTW, did she find out that Luisa’s expecting Fernando’s baby?  “--Boy this big house is so lonely!  Just like you, Teresa.  All alone.”  “—So are you, Aida!”  “--Wrongo, Teresa.  I have friends and my mother.  You’ve lost yours and all the men who loved you, your godmother and even your mother.  You’ve got money and this house, but nothing else.”

The Big Wedding Day arrives.  Hector and Buttsy make nice-nice cuz, Juana, says Buttsy, can give Aurora away since she’s like a second mother to her. 

During the ceremony, Tere manages to sneak in and stands behind the pillar; she looks on at the assorted misfits and finery, including Lucia with an affectionate, kissy-face and smiling Arturo on her arm--and then she spies a very pregnant, single-mom-to-be, Luisa—Ahh!!  They’re both so pretty in pink.  Rats! (Yes, Luisa’s decided to stay a single mom, despite Arturo’s druthers, we learn.) 

We’re spared the reception, but not the honeymoon suite scene.  (Yawn.) FF>>

Later on, Aeeeda stops by to make nice-nice with Espe and the baby cuz they aren’t to blame—as she says--for anything her crazy daddy did.  FF>>

The next night Tere knocks on Art and Lucia’s door again.  She tearfully tells him she really is sorry.  Really, really she is!  It’s too late for that Teresa, he says. No, it’s never too late, she cries.  “--I swear that I’ve learned my lesson!”   She’s pleading with him.  “--I swear I have!  I will change!  I want us to spend the rest of our lives together, growing old together like you always wanted.” “--I said it’s too late.  You’re wasting your time.”  He tries to slam the door in her face again but she’s too quick for him and races inside.  “--What there is between us is very strong.  It’s love and it is forever and always!  I love you and I know you love me.  You don’t know how worried I was, or how anxious I was, when you had your accident.  There I realized how I could never live without you.  Then yesterday I saw you with—Noooo!!!!  You can’t go out with Lucia.  You and I love each other and we are going to start over again.”  “—And what about Fernando’s money?”  She’s ready to change for him, she says.  She’s going to show him.  She’s ready to give it all back to him.  She swears it!

Meanwhile, back in Acapulco with the honeymooners, we get more smoochies and promises to make each other happy daily, for life.  We also learn that Aurora’s waiting to have kids till she’s done with her specialty.  (Yawn.)  FF>>

Unfortunately for Teresa, Art doesn’t believe her.  It’s over, can’t you understand, he yells at her.  No, she says.  It’ isn’t!  “--We’ll start over again and this time it will be without lies or tricks.”  “--For that, you’d have to begin by giving back Fernando’s money.”  “--I told you I’m going to do that!”  “--I don’t believe it.  And, please don’t waste my time.”  She promises again to give it all up.  For him!  He says he knows her too well and she won’t.  Even though she might, he’s committed to Lucia now.  Lucia’s been great to me.  Curly Locks struts in just then, in a hot red number.  (Team Teresa curls their lip and growls.)  “—You heard him, Teresa!”  Sure, she heard him, she sneers back.  “--I heard what a marvelous woman you are and how swell you’ve treated him.  The only thing I didn’t hear was that he loves you!”  She walks over to him and whispers in his ear.  “—Think about it, my love.  We can still be happy.”  With that she walks out of the apartment and into the night.

~~~~~~~~~~~~End Parte 2~~~~~~~  

Parte 3

Can’t Buy Me Love; Or The Road To Redemption Is Paved With Good Intentions

Art is all shook up.  You can see him vibrate on screen.  He apologizes to Lucia and asks her to forget everything Teresa said.  Freckle Face would like to, but down deep she knows he’s never really gotten over Teresa.  “—What Teresa says is the truth.”  “Love” is a very large word, he says.  Its something that comes along with time.  Perhaps it could happen to us.  She asks him if he’s sure about that, because for as much as she’d like to take the next step in their relationship (uh…bunking with him) something is always stopping him.  Truth is, she says, he hasn’t been able to forget Teresa.  He looks over at her guilty as charged.  Outside the door, Teresa steadies herself against the door and takes a breath in between uncontrollable sobs.
Lucia tells Art that his silence tells her all she needs to know.  He disagrees.  He can’t continue to be tied to some ghostly past either.  She’s the reason he’s still standing on his feet.  He has a great affection for her, and he’s very grateful for all her support.  (Yep.  That and 5 pesos might buy you a cup o’ joe.)  He doesn’t want to give her the brush off just yet.  She doesn’t want to wait much longer for things to change for the better with him, either.

The next day, Teresa has summoned Fer and wants to give him back his money—all of it. She’s throwing in the house, too.  He says angrily that he doesn’t understand her.  She only got close to him, trampling over everything and everyone to get it.  Now she throws back the only thing that was really ever important to her.  Why?  (Hmmm.  How about the simple challenge you and it presented—especially after the way his mama continually harassed her—for starters?  Anyway, this end of Viewerville  always thought your mother was the brains behind the empire rather than you, Studly.)   She tells him the only thing that should matter to him is that she’s giving it all back to him.  Simply put, she didn’t marry him so now she wants to give it back. 

He refuses to accept it.  When’s she going to learn that all the money in the world can’t buy her love?  Keep the money.  What good are all those millions of dollars if he can’t have what he wants?   He wants her.  “—Well, you will never have me!”  Well, then, he says, her punishment is to be just like him: to be with plenty of money but to be without love.  He turns on his heel and storms out of the house.  She is stunned.  She plops down on the staircase, crumples up the check and then rips it to pieces.  He’s definitely wounded her.  She lets out another heartfelt sob.

Back at the vecindad, Juana and Buttberto are taking a trip back to see his family again in Zacatecas.  They want Refu to cheer up.  Why doesn’t she come with them?  No, she’s hoping that Teresa might realize how wrong she has been and come back to her.  Juana says she’s still heartbroken over the whole experience herself.  Buttsy wants to change the subject.  He says they’re still newlywed without the burden of kids and able to enjoy themselves for a while longer.  Oh, how happy he is with her whether they have kids or not, he has her.  (Double-ugh!)

Back at Lucia’s, Art tells Luisa that he’s come to accept the closing of the circle/cycles—that’s the way life is.  He’s going to begin enjoying life without feeling obligated or tied down to anyone or anything.  (Ruh-roh!  Has he finally come to love Lucia?  Say it ain’t so!!!)  Lucia arrives with the invitations for her art exhibition.  Happy, happy.  Joy, joy!  (Gawd how I always hate this 3’s Company atmosphere with these three.)  She’s finished his portrait specially now since they postponed it while he was sick.  (Visions of Teresa, tricked into giving away all her goodies and stopping to buy his portrait for over her mantelpiece.  Spare me!)

Meanwhile, Teresa’s gone to Pat Pal’s foundation and offered to donate all of Fernando’s millions to the organization she’d always despised.  Is she sure she wants to donate all of that money?  Yes, she’s sure this is what she wants to do.  Course, in the end it proves darn hard letting go of that check, but she does.  One more thing, she tells the new representative and hands her over a folder.  She’s giving the house away to them as well if the person she’s first signed it over to doesn’t want it. 

On her way out the office in a three-hanky scene, Teresa runs into Arturo.  What is she there for, he asks her.  She’s fulfilling her promise to him, she says.  She’s given away all of what she had.  She can start fresh with him again.  He asks her if she really thinks handing over a sum of money makes any real difference, cuz he doesn’t.  We have to recognize our mistakes and assume the consequences.  She tells him they know she did this all for ambition’s sake, but now she’s once again the same as she was when they first met.  She’s got nothing.  And, there’s nothing keeping them from being together again.  She’s going to ask forgiveness from her godmother and from her mother.  But first and foremost, she needs him to forgive her.  He refuses her.  He says he can’t forgive her.  Why not, she asks, totally panicked.  He still loves her and he has to remember everything they’ve been through together, what they both felt for each other. 

Teresa starts to pull Arturo towards her, but he resists.  “—You hurt me too greatly, Teresa!  You had plenty of opportunity to change your ways but you squandered them all.”  She swears it won’t be like that again, ever!  Nope, he says.  It’s just too late.  He doesn’t trust her now.  She’ll always give the least she can while getting the most she’s able to from something.  She’ll never change.   He walks away, sorely tempted, but still smarting from all he’s been through with her.  “—Don’t leave like this, Arturo!  Don’t leave, please!”  (Damn, I’m fresh out of hankies and Kleenex!)  Teresa can no longer control her tears and breaks down. 

Next stop is Juana’s.  Teresa walks in while Juana’s packing.  She refuses to accept Teresa’s apology.  Teresa trampled on her love and trust.  It can’t be gotten back.  She never knew how to appreciate what Juana gave her freely.  Juan throws the bit about the wedding dress finally back at her.  She and her mother had worked so hard--night and day--on that dress.  Why wouldn’t she wear it?  And, then she used her, bringing her to Arturo’s while she was still in love with Mariano.  Later, she tried to make her believe that she was divorcing Arturo because he was a no good drunk when really she was stealing Fernando from Luisa!  She knows she loves her.  No, says Juana.  LoveD you.  I would have given my life for you!  But you didn’t know how to value that.  All this time you thought so little of me!  Oh how you hurt me with everything you did!

Teresa swears that she’s changed!  “--Oh what can you change, huh?  Well, if you have, then perhaps you won’t do to other people what you’ve done to me.  You’ve lost my affection!”  Tere begs to turn back time.  Nope, can’t do that, says Juana.  “--Your ambition had no limits.  You lied, you cheated, you took advantage of every one of us who loved you!”  Oh why can’t anyone believe her now?  It’s impossible for them to, says Juana.  Everything you say or do is going to make me trust you less.  You frighten me, Teresa! 

Across town at the Ledesma’s, Hernan comes home with the news that Hector’s made him the new assistant director at the hospital.  Esperanza’s got news of her own.  She’s pregnant again.  Happy, happy, joy, joy!

Teresa walks in on Refu while she’s praying for her.  She Knew her mother still loved her.  No, says Mama.  She’s only praying for her because she doesn’t frighten her anymore.  The only thing she feels for Tere is pity.  What does she mean by that?  Despite being beautiful, intelligent and loved, she didn’t know how to take proper advantage of any of it.  "--You did things all wrong."  Yes, says Tere with tears still streaming down her face.  "--You were right and I was such a fool!  If I’d only listened to you I’d still be with Arturo, but I’ve lost him forever."  She’s on her knees now, hugging her mother for all she’s worth. 

Refu says yes, the same as you’ve lost all that’s been important to you in life.  No, says Teresa.  Not you, mama.  You still love me, mommie.  She will always, says Refused, but that doesn’t mean she’d stop pointing out her mistakes or separating herself from Tere.  "--You don’t change."  Yes, she has, insists Teresa.  Mama says that a change is demonstrated through deeds, done daily.  "Perhaps your being here and feeling so badly, it is your first step in making that change.  But I’m not going to accept you with open arms, not until I see a real change in you."  Teresa begs her not to treat her this way.  Refu says she’s only her mother when it suits her.  No, Tersa, you’ve got to learn that it’s not like that.  Because I gave you life and I deserve some respect.  Yes, weeps Teresa. “-- Yes, yes!  Forgive me, Mama!  Forgive me!!!”  Refugio can’t forgive her yet, It’s too soon and she’s still too hurt, she says. 

At the hospital once again, Fernando visits Mama Shark and tells her she was right.  What he felt for Teresa was not love.  His only consolation is that she’s not happy either.  Today he realized just how worthwhile a gal Luisa really is.  He’s happy that she’s going to be the mother of his child, though marriage isn’t really for him.  His nature is to want to stay free. 

Back to the honeymooners in Acapulco.  (Gawd, my insulin levels are in the red zone about now.)  They have so much in common.  They share the same point of view,  though they might disagree from time to time in the future.  This nasty, unpleasant realization makes them promise to fight for their happiness no matter what!  They kiss on it.  (Blech!) FF>>

Teresa, meanwhile, is more distraught than ever.  She races back to her fathers graveside.  She’s always been able to see her way through things clearly before.  Not this time.  She cries that she disappointed all the people who used to love her and believed in her.  She wasted every chance to change her ways.  She regrets all the horrid things she did to those around her.  Nothing matters anymore—nothing except Arturo!  She doesn’t know what to do!!!!!   

Teresa returns home to her casota and Reina is waiting for her.  She’s quitting.  Her bags are packed.  “Good-bye” is what she says, but “Good Riddance” is what she’s thinking!  The house is like a tomb.  Dark and empty.  She remembers all the parting shots people she’d hurt had thrown at her on their way out the door.  She remembers in particular what Luisa told her that day: “--for all the money you might have, you’ll never be happy!”  She takes out her wedding photo of Arturo and remembers Fernando’s and Mama’s last words.  Mariano’s and then Aida’s.  It’s all Teresa can do to make her way up that staircase and to her bedroom.

She looks over at the Mariano and the Arturo Bears.  She throws the Mariano Bear onto the floor, clutching the Arturo Bear.  She only loves Art.  Suddenly she spies the jewels she’d stuffed into Mar Bear.  “--Of course.  No one loves me.  They’ve all turned there back on me.  Tomorrow, though, I’ll begin again.   I will start all over!”  She crawls over to the desk drawer and takes out Arturo’s wedding band from the drawer.  “--Arturo!  Arturo!  Arturo!”  Suddenly she thinks she hears something outside the window.  She looks over and imagines Art’s standing there on the balcony.  No, it’s just her imagination.  She hugs Arturo Bear to her again and closes her eyes.  The camera pans to a pair of men’s boots and a dark pair of suit pants.  It is him, isn’t it?

Teresa looks up.  There’s Arturo staring down at her, red eyes bleary from all the tears still streaming down his cheeks.  She grabs his legs and hugs him, calling out his name repeatedly.  What are his intentions?  Is he so hurt and mistrustful that his jealousy has eaten him alive and he’s now come there to shoot her—or himself, or maybe the both of them--hoping to put an end to his misery?  He bends over and takes her arms, gently lifts her up and hugs her close.  She’s so relieved he’s come back after all.  The two first simply enjoy the sensation of once again being in each other’s arms.  Then, as the theme song reaches it’s crescendo, he bends a bit more into her and kisses her, softly, tenderly at first but, finally, with passion!  Viewerville knows what he’s thinking:



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Updates to Teresa Photo Montage

Hi TERESA fans,

Hundreds of new pictures from last week's exciting episodes have been added to the TERESA photo montage.

Be sure to check it out as we get ready for tonight's thrilling finale episode!

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Some scenes were combined.

CASA TERESA: Arturo and Teresa share a kiss. He asks if she’s sure about what she’s doing. He also asks if she truly fell in love with him. Isn’t it obvious?, she asks. She’s been in love with him for a long time. His phone rings – it’s someone named Carmelita. We see a flash of jealousy in Teresa’s eyes. He explains Carmelita called to tell him the divorce is final. He pulls off his wedding band, saying it’s time he stopped wearing it and goes to drop it in the trash bin. Teresa can’t believe he’s going to throw it away. He says the ring is trash, just like their marriage. That’s what she turned it into when she preferred money over the love she feels for him. He says it’s now really over. There is nothing to bind him to her. She disagrees and says they’ll always have all those beautiful moments they shared and he reminds her there were also some very painful moments, like her betrayal for example. Soon they will just be memories. He leans in and kisses her and she returns the kiss. **sigh, Ay Papi!!** The music swells and we have a romance-novel moment as they are locked in a passionate kiss. He finally pulls back and suggests she look him up so they can be together the night before her marriage to Fernando, just like she did with Mariano before she married Arturo. Well done, Arturo. Bravo! He walks away from her but turns and blows her a kiss at the door. **ay, ay, I think I’m having the vapors! Ay, Papacito chulo!** Whew, anyway, Arturo stops at the stairs and tearfully looks at his hand that no longer wears the wedding band. Back in the library, Teresa retrieves his wedding band from the trash bin and she’s also crying! A Donde Vamos a Parar?

HOSPITAL: Hector’s surprised to find Mariano back in his office (by Aurora’s side, of course), thinking he’d take a few vacations days after his ordeal. Mariano says he has lots to do and besides he’ll need the vacation for his honeymoon! He takes this opportunity to ask for Aurora’s hand. Hector agrees and in a touching gesture, kisses Aurora’s hand before placing it in Mariano’s. He’s convinced Mariano loves his daughter.

BACK AT TERESA’S HOUSE OF BLUES, she’s still crying over Arturo’s ring when Fernando walks in. She quickly hides the ring. She tells him everything is ok now and that Arturo and she have already split the workload. PLUS, everything is settled with the divorce and she only needs to pick up the final decree. Fernando is very happy and wants to get married ASAP no matter the cost. He suggests they push up the date. She begs him not to because the invitations have already gone out and all the preparations have been made. She doesn’t want any of their distinguished guests to miss the wedding. It’s the most important day of her life (yeah, that’s what she said the last time). He gives in, as always, but she still hasn’t explained why she was crying. She blames it on the legal issues with his mother. There’s not much they can do since all the transactions took place in Spain where his mother has many connections. He’s worried he’ll lose his father’s inheritance in full. Teresa says he may be able to keep the largest companies. She explains, as she paws him into submission, that if he were to sign these companies over to “someone else”, then he wouldn’t be able to hand them over to his mother – cuz they wouldn’t be his, see? He asks if he should put them in her name and she says that would be a good idea cuz then he’d be handing them over to someone he trussssssstssssss. Maybe she has doggie treats in her pockets or something, cuz he’s so mesmerized that he just starts kissing her. She finally comes up for air and tells him she’s happy he has so much confidence in her, so much so that he gave her power of attorney with those documents he signed. If he puts those companies in her name, that will be part of their community property but if he’d rather sign them over to someone else, they can sign the companies over to that person. Duh, he can’t think of anyone else he trusts. Oh, she understands, they’ve already seen how some friends can be. Who would have thought he’d end up hating Arturo. That clinches it and he makes the decision that the companies will be put in her name. Good boy! Here’s a liver snack! She kisses him and thanks him for his confidence. She tells him she hopes that by the time of the wedding, his mother will come around. riiiiiight

SCUMBAG HOTEL: Ruben is shushing Geno. They can’t risk anyone hearing them. Geno screams back that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, she just wants to take care of Paulito! He agrees they shouldn’t argue. They need to stay united so they can confront everyone. She wants vengeance against everyone who’s been against them. Ruben names Teresa as being the one who fingered them for Fito’s murder. Yes, they must seek revenge for this and for all the harm she’s done to them and his daughter.

LUCIA’S CASA DE SKANK: Arturo has the divorce decree in his hands. Lucia congratulates him. He’s now a free man! She knows this isn’t what he wanted but things happen for a reason. He agrees, saying it’s time to put that all in the past and now he needs to learn to trust again. She knows it will take time, but she can be patient. They make out as the seksi music plays.

VECINDAD: Aurora and Mariano announce to all the vecindad dwellers that they’re gettin’ hitched! Clownberto makes some doofus remarks while everyone congratulates them.

CASA TERESA: Fernando is ready to sign the property documents but then hesitates, saying that what is happening with his mother is very hurtful. Teresa understands. It’s terrible that mumsy doesn’t respect him as he deserves. Instead of behaving like his mother, she acts as though she were his worst enemy. She hands him the pen and he obediently signs the document as Teresa gives him the most evil look ever! Give that good boy another liver snack!

BACK AT THE VECINDAD, Aurora asks Juana to make her wedding gown and Pati says she’ll pitch in. Pati asks if Aida and Teresa will be madrinas. Aurora confirms that Aida will be. There’s and awkward moment when Refugio assures everyone that Teresa is sure to be there because they’re such good friends.

The following morning, Refugio complains to Teresa about her upcoming marriage to Fernando. Teresa is sure of his feelings for her. Refugio wants to know about her feelings for him. When Teresa doesn’t respond, Refugio suggests they at least wait awhile. Teresa explains all the wedding plans are ready and the divorce is now final. Refugio complains that it’s been such a short time since Armando’s death. Teresa says that’s precisely why she doesn’t want to wait. The time to enjoy life is now. Her wedding is going to be sensational and held at the most expensive location with the best food. And her dress! To die for! She shows off the necklace Fernando gave her, saying it’s worthy of a queen. And it’s all hers. Refugio notes she’s only talking about material things. She hasn’t mentioned love or the excitement of being with the one you love. Refugio tells her it’s never too late to correct your mistakes and begin anew. Teresa complains she’s started over thousands of times already! Juana stops by and gives her the news of Aurora’s and Mariano’s upcoming wedding. Teresa’s surprised to hear the news, explaining Aurora has been distant since she started up with Mariano. She doesn’t blame her because who knows, Mariano may yet rediscover his love for Teresa! CARAAAAAZY! Juana is hurt when she realizes Teresa’s not interested in having her make her wedding gown. Teresa uses the excuse that Juana will be busy with Aurora’s dress and Teresa’s ceremony will only be a civil wedding.

ORIANA’S HOTEL ROOM: I believe this is our first visit to La Odiosa’s fancy schmanzy digs. She’s on the phone with someone discussing her legal maneuverings. She says they have the advantage that Teresa isn’t aware of the recovecos (twists and turns, complications) of Spanish laws. KNOCK, KNOCK, Who’s there? LANDSHARKITA! Teresa arrives in full Elvira splendor. Honestly, all she needs is the beehive! Anyway, she breezes right in, much to Oriana’s dismay. She’s come to ask her for the last time to accept her as her daughter-in-law. As always, Oriana replies, “¡Primero muerta!” Teresa tells her, “Think about it. I represent your son’s happiness. Together we can make BIG business! Especially now that I’m Fernando’s apoderada (legal proxy)!” WHA……WHAT!!!!????

CASA TERESA THE FOLLOWING MORNING: Reina’s taking out the trash and we see that Ruben has sneaked past her! He’s in disguise, wearing a cap. Uh, yeah. Teresa’s inside talking to a licenciado about the companies that have been put in her name. Holy cow, she’s telling this guy that Fernando would like to sell these companies and use the cash… invest in other companies. The licendiado makdes sure she understands these companies are very productive. Precisely the reason she wants them sold now and naturally this will require discretion to avoid further problems with Fernando’s mother. She reminds him that his commission will be directly related to his efficiency in the sale. So, can he do this or should she call someone else? He tells her she’d be surprised at how quickly he can sell these companies, only he needs to know if he can sacrifice a little on the price. Teresa considers it.

ORIANA’S SWANKY HOTEL: Momzilla has commanded Fernando’s presence. He hopes this is a truce (tregua). She reminds him how much she loves him and that she hates being separated from him. She’s gulping down some medication and tells him she’d like to have peace between them. He thanks her profusely, hugging her and kissing her. He knew she’d come around and even brought her invitation to his wedding. He’s so happy. She takes the invitation……..and rips it to pieces as he looks on. She called him here not only to ask him to cancel this absurd wedding but also to nullify any agreement he’s made with Teresa regarding his fortune. He picks up the shreds and tells her, “This is what you do! You butt into my life in order to control it at your whim (antojo).” “That’s not true,” she says. “I only want you to react (reaccion). I can swear to you that Teresa is planning to strip you of everything. She came here today to throw it in my face that you’ve made her your legal proxy! Is it true? Did you give that arribista the legal power to manage all of your assets?” Fernando can only respond, “What did you expect me to do? Allow you to leave me on the street? Estas loca, Mamá!” She calls him un imbécil and tells him Teresa will be the one who will leave him in the street. He wonders if this is what she did to his father every time she suspected him of infidelity. It’s no wonder father could no longer withstand her fits (arranques) and her jealousy. She killed him!!! Oriana hauls off and slaps her son, hard. That silences him. She tearfully asks how dare he say that to her! She’s distraught now and he tells her to get a good look at him because it’s the last time she’ll ever see him. He’ll never forgive her for everything she’s done! He’s not a kid anymore that she can manipulate to her liking. He’s a man now! He never wants to hear from her ever again! Oriana can’t take any more and she collapses to the floor, clutching her chest. Sonny boy runs to her side, screaming for his mommy! Oriana’s not responding. **gasp**

CASA TERESA: Teresa is seeing the licenciado to the door and we see Ruben hiding behind a pillar, with a gun! She runs to the door when she sees him. He threatens to kill her if she screams! (I scream for her instead). Ruben sarcastically says Teresa likes being the manipulator and asks her what it feels like to be on the other side. He blames her for losing Esperanza, Mayra’s discovery of his fraudulent shenanigans, and discovery by police of his involvement in Fito’s murder. She’s gonna pay now for everything she’s done to him, Geno, and Aida. A door slams shut somewhere. He warns her to get rid of everyone or else he’ll kill everyone in the house. He hugs her as though he’s kissing her. Reina walks in and Teresa yells at her to get everyone out of the house in a hurry.

HOSPITAL: Aurora explains to Fernando that Oriana suffered a stroke (apoplegía=apoplexy) but they need to complete the evaluation to determine the extent of the damage. Fernando is distressed and crying. Hector tells him Oriana’s condition is very weak and she is nonresponsive.

CASA DE TERROR: Ruben has tied Teresa to the railing upstairs. He holds a cell phone to Teresa’s ear and she leaves a voicemail asking Fernando to call her back ASAP. While they wait, he’s going to have her sign some checks. She’s driven him to this. This is what happens when someone loses everything because of her. She tells him she’s blameless and he needs to take responsibility for his own actions. He thinks his life was perfect before Mariano and she showed up. He hates her. He had everything and thanks to her he’s lost everything – his children, his money, his notaria!!! He ended up in jail and now he must flee from justice! He puts the gun to her face and says she has no idea what he feels just to look at her.

HOSPITAL: Fernando is at Oriana’s bedside. He’s very sorry for what happened. He loves her and begs her to recover.

CASA DE TERROR: Teresa tells Ruben she understands. She hopes Fernando’s money will help. She doesn’t have much but agrees to start making out those checks. He yanks the necklace off her neck and calls Geno as he runs downstairs for the checkbook. He tells her he has Teresa and soon they’ll be able to flee the country. As he’s rummaging through her purse, in comes Arturo to the rescue!!!!! POW!! A right cross to the kisser!! He shoves Rubinfeliz against the staircase and bashes his hand against the stairs, forcing him to drop the gun. Ruben runs up the stairs with Arturo close behind. BAM!!! Another right uppercut to the chops. UMMMPH! A blow to the breadbasket! They run across the balcony as our damsel in distress remains tied to the railing. Arturo gets him on the floor and pummels him. Aha! Aruro’s detective friends show up with their guns drawn. They take over and Arturo runs to Teresa’s aid. He explains he came by with documents pertaining to the lawsuits against Luna Turqueza. He ran into Reina outside who told him Ruben was with her in the house. He asked Reina to call the police and he came in to rescue her. YAY!

Arturo walks Teresa downstairs where the police are asking about Rodriguito’s whereabouts. Ruben is refusing to say, saying Roddy’s his son. Arturo tells him this doesn’t give him the right to kidnap him and Teresa tells him he’s going back to jail FOR-EV-ER!

HOSPITAL: Esperanza is back in her nursing garb as Hernan tells her they need to continue looking for Rodriguito and find a way to be happy. She agrees but says they’ll never give up. He swears to her they’ll find their son. They hug and VOILA! Teresa and Arturo pop in with little Roddy! Everyone cries tears of joy. Yay, the kidnapping saga is finally over. Good! So, when does Ruben die?

Aurora tells Fernando his mother is paralyzed and can hardly speak. He’s completely done in! No puede ser! Aurora tells him all is not lost. There’s still a hope for rehabilitation. He cries that it’s all his fault. She tells him not to blame himself, this could have happened for many reasons. Teresa sees him and he explains what happened. She’s bug eyed impactada but there’s a slight smile on her face! She’s a mean one! He tells her they argued. She tells him not to worry, they’ll do whatever is necessary to help her. They can stick her somewhere where she can get all the help she needs, medical miracles, etc. etc. Oh, and it may be a good idea to postpone the wedding. He thinks she’s incredible for thinking of Oriana after the way Oriana treated her. Teresa hugs him and smiles her little Sharkita smile.

Later that evening, Teresa runs into Aiiiiida at the hospital. Aida is apparently unaware of all the goings on. Teresa fills her in, telling her Ruben tried to kidnap her, hoping to use Fernando’s plane to flee the country. Aida can’t believe it. Oh, believe it. Her loca ex-mother-in-law and daddy are being processed at the jail this very minute! So who does Aida think is worse off now? Teresa, the poor one with a mechanic for a dad and a laundress for a mom? or Aida with a criminal and murderer for a dad? Teresa warned her she would pay for all her humiliations. She wonders how Aida will explain her life to her high society friends. NYAH, NYAH, NYAH!

Fernando is back at mom’s bedside telling her it was Teresa’s idea to postpone the wedding. He wonders if she realizes how she’s misjudged her. Teresa is willing to help her and she’s doing so because of her love for him. Magda tells him Dr. Alcazar wants to speak to him. He kisses his mother, telling her he loves her and only wants her to get better. Oh my, Teresa walks in after Fernando leaves. She tells Oriana she remembers when Oriana visited her when she was paralyzed and harassed her despite her condition. She’s only sorry she didn’t have the chance to tell her that Fernando gave her half of his businesses. Poor thing was worried momma was going to leave him in the street so he gave (cedió) his businesses to her for safekeeping. As Oriana always said, Teresa may be poor and uneducated but she’s very sharp. She knows very well what to do with those businesses. She tells Oriana not to worry. She'll bring Oriana back to her house where she’ll be under Teresa’s care. Surely a fate worse than death. Oriana can only frown. Scary.


CASA TERESA: Juana and Refugio visit. Refugio is still trying to talk Teresa out of this marriage. Teresa says it’s all good and besides she’s going to try and get Refugio out of that vecindad. Reina comes in all excited because the magazine representatives are here to interview her. Teresa explains this is one of the top publications in Spain and they’ve promised her a cover story for the wedding. This will be her entry into society and she’ll belong to the Jet Set of Europe and Mexico. Refugio wants to leave but Juana convinces her to stay so they can hear Teresa tell them of all the sacrifices her parents made and how she came from the vecindad. Refugio will be so proud. Uh, anyone out there believe that? Didn’t think so.

Teresa comes back in with Leticia the reporter. Leticia explains they’ve never been able to sit Fernando down for an interview and that’s why they’re so excited about this interview. Juana and Refugio greet the reporter and Teresa looks as though she forgot they were there. The reporter asks about Teresa’s family, assuming it’s similar to Fernando’s. Big pause. Teresa says that’s correct but unfortunately her parents died a long time ago. OMG!!! Refugio and Juana are stunned!

RECLUSORIO SUR: Rubinfeliz runs into his old buddy who tells him he heard that Rube killed Fito. In these here parts, they believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Has he met his friend Cholo? Gulp! Cholo was also Fito’s friend and he’s not real happy. Cholo lifts a very frightened Ruben by the collar.

ENTREVISTA: Juana goes over to Teresa who stops her, saying Juana knows how difficult this is for her. She tells Leticia she’d rather speak about Fernando. Leticia’s no dummy and notices something’s wrong. Refugio stands up and says Teresa is right, she no longer has a father, or a mother. There is no reason for Juana and Refugio to be there, so they’re going to leave now. Juana tries to reach out to Teresa but Teresa cuts her down, saying they’ll talk later. Leticia is trying to figure out what’s going on and Teresa tells her Juana knows how and why she does the things she does. She then introduces Juana as her nana (nanny)!!!! That’s why she takes liberties from time to time. She’s been her maid since Teresa was a child. OUCH! Reina comes in to tell Teresa the Licenciado Hernandez is waiting for her in the study. Teresa asks her to take Leticia out to the garden. Juana just stands there crying. ¡Increíble! I’m speechless. I don’t even know what to say!

In the study, el Licenciado Hernandez hands her a check for the liquidation of the companies. Teresa hyperventilates as she reads the amount: 300 million DOLLARS!!!! CHA-CHING!!!! She asks him to return tomorrow for his commission. He congratulates her and leaves. Teresa then does a happy dance, repeating over and over again, “¡Soy millonaria! ¡Soy millonaria! ¡Soy millonaria!” We leave “la millonaria” as she’s kissing and smelling the check. LOCA!!!

Outside, Refugio cries at how Teresa snubbed (despreciar) them. It’s finally dawning on Juana what a desgraciada Teresa really is. She’s so hurt and doesn’t understand how Teresa could have said those things. Refugio thought she had changed but she was wrong. Teresa will always be ashamed of them. It really hurts her to say this but her daughter really is MALA!!! That’s what Gloria Trevi’s been trying to tell you all along!!!! Poor things.

Inside, Teresa is still looking at that check and saying to herself, “Now I really have what I’ve always wanted. The only thing missing is you, Arturo.”

Fernando comes in all happy, like the puppy dog that he is. He’s chattering about a nurse for mumsie and he’s excited they’re finally getting married. He goes to kiss her but she turns away. “No, Fernando,” she says. “Lo siento, but I’m not marrying you.” Words can’t describe my reaction to this. Mala AND descarada! Fernando can only look at her with sad puppy dog eyes.

SKANK HOUSE: Arturo is on the phone with Mariano, asking to be kept up to date on Oriana’s condition. He tells Lucia that Oriana is beginning her rehab and in time may recover some mobility. Lucia can’t believe Teresa’s agreed to take in Oriana after the wedding. He can’t believe it either but his only concern is Oriana. She doesn’t deserve this.

CASA MILLONARIA: Fernando is impactado! What does she mean by this? She looks at him like she could care less (which she doesn’t). He tells her the reporters are there to interview them because they’re about to get married. She says he can tell the reporters anything he’d like but she’s not marrying him because SHE DOESN’T LOVE HIM!!! He grabs her. No puede ser!! She shrugs her shoulders – S-O-R-R-Y, I made a mistake. Through clenched teeth he tells her this isn’t like choosing a dress, she can’t change her mind just like that. YES I CAN, she shouts. He’s proof of that . This is the same thing he did to Luisa when he realized he didn’t love her. And now she’s doing it to him. He asks her when she stopped loving him. She looks at him coldly and says she may have been confused. He begs her not to do this to him. She agreed to marry him and be his mujer. He starts to kiss her and she struggles against him. He doesn’t let go and she starts struggling, yelling at him to let her go. Here comes our trusty Reina just as Teresa breaks free, yelling at him to scram, "LÁRGATE!!! Get out of MY house and don’t ever come back." He refuses to accept this. Snapping her fingers at him, she asks if he prefers she call the staff to forcibly remove him. He’s impactado and she has fire in her eyes!

SKANK HOUSE: Arturo announces he’s leaving on a trip. He assures Lucia he’ll be here for her art exhibit. He’s hoping to catch up to Luisa and convince her to return. Lucia doesn’t think that will happen. She’ll miss him. They sweet talk – she thanks him for the opportunity (to be with him). ACK!

CASA MILLONARIA: Fernando isn’t giving up that easily. He follows Teresa around saying she betrayed him and duped him just like his mother said she would. She only wanted his money. “Well,” she says, “at least your mother got her way. I’m not going to marry you!” He tells her she’s pure evil (pura maldad). Arturo was right. She warns him she’ll call the police if he doesn’t leave. He finally leaves. She goes upstairs. She turns and just stands there, as though surveying her domain. In echo, we hear “Ser ó no ser, yo soy!” ¡GUAU!



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