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Abismo de pasión #2 3/13/12

Four Fine Families of La Ermita


Once upon a time, about 20 years ago, in a place called La Ermita, Yucatan, there lived four families; each with an adorable child.

The families had different backgrounds; one, the Arango, lived on an estate in a wine red house with white trim. They were in the business of hot sauce, and providing the burning condiment for discerning palates around the world had made them very rich indeed. The son of the family was called Damian, and he was a handsome and privileged young man. In his household were a maid, Antonia, his father Rosendo and his mommy, Alfonsina. Sadly, Damian was not always happy in his beautiful home—his Dad and Mom were always fighting.

Alfonsina had a brother, a fine man and a priest, who took in an abandoned child of about the same age as Damian. The good father, who was called Guadalupe, loved the boy, Gael, as if he were his own son. But the child Gael was not entirely happy because he felt keenly the lack of a loving mother and father, even though he loved the priest dearly.

The third family consisted of the dark eyed little Paloma Gonzalez and Ramona Gonzalez, her abuela, the local curandera, who healed and blessed the good people of La Ermita with herbs, and potions and teas. Abuela Ramona was not a witch, but sometimes she was referred to as one. The use of this epithet against Sra Gonzalez made her lovely granddaughter Paloma very sad and gave lie to the old saw, “Sticks and stones might break my bones but names will never hurt me.”

The forth family were the Castañon. Augusto, the father was an agriculturist, who did very well for his family—they lived in some comfort. His was married to the most beautiful woman in town, Estefania, and they had a lovely and charming daughter, Elisa, who was friends with the other three children, Damian, Gael and Paloma. Elisa’s tia, Carmina, also lived in their household. Elisa loved her father and mother and was a happy little girl.

Now the four families of La Ermita did not always divide as neatly as was just laid out by your recapper. And in tonight’s episode the adults of this story will mix it up in interesting ways.

At the Blue Lust Nest

Paunchy papa Rosendo Arango rides up on a beautiful horse to a modest blue house that appears to be in the country. He opens the door but it takes a minute before he spies the Tangelo-ho, Carmina. (You will remember her as the copper colored female guest who left last night’s dinner party somewhat abruptly.) He is breathless when he says to her, “Por un momento pense que no estabas aqui. I was dying to see you.”   They embrace passionately as they discuss the failed dinner party. He complains that Carmina—whom I will henceforth refer to as Orangina—was mean to him last night. “¿Really?, she ekes out between hot, sloppy kisses. “I have to keep up appearances for my sister and her husband Augusto” (Mr. Black-Glasses). “And your WIFE Alfonsina.”  Orangina then tells the hilarious story of her sister, Estefania making a special trip the day before to Rosendo’s Hot Sauce company to get some extra-special habeneros to make a sauce. Har-de-har-har, she was there and she could have caught us kissing.  But this is old news to Rosendo, Alfosina already told him. Orangina seems to find the whole thing a lot funnier than Rosendo. It is possible that somebody here gets off on the risk of being caught? Now she tells him that HIS wife Alfonsina's suspicions could work to her advantage because if Alfonsina thinks he is lovers with her sister, then she and Paunchy Papa Rosendo have more freedom to meet.

At the Hot Sauce Processing Company

The name of Rosendo’s Hot Sauce company is ‘La Anita’. We know this because it is written on the side of a truck filled with boxes of hot sauce that is sitting outside the plant. Several guys are talking about a broken truck that one guy is fixing.  The engine is making a strange noise. The driver is called Braulio and he seems worried about the noise and the truck’s safety, even though the vehicle is supposed to be new. The rude and greasy foreman (Gabino) whom we met yesterday is rude and greasy to an old guy who also works at the business. The old guy think the POS truck is not new just repainted. He thinks they should keep it off the road but Rude and Greasy Gabino orders Braulio to take the truck on the highway to the Merida airport at once—What would Rosendo say if they lose business because this shipment does not make the plane!

At the Castañon house

Beautiful Estefania brings husband Augusto the Glasses Guy breakfast. He slept in and he wonders where her sister Carmina is. Estefania says everybody got up early today but him. Augusto is cranky about Carmina, Stef’s older sister not being there, he is the boss of the family, blah, blah,blah. Frankly, he looks cranky and insecure, period.

Another scene at the Blue Lust Nest

Orangina and Rosendo the Paunchy trade sweet-nothings as he gets dressed for work. “No te vayas,” . No, he has to go to work. “Do you love me?” she wheedles. You know that you make me crazy responds Rosendo. You are unlike any woman I have ever known.” I call that a non-answer from a guy who still wants to get laid. He asks her what she feels for him. (Yawn.) She now returns her non-answer, If she did not feel for him would she be sneaking around like this? He sighs, Yes, sooner or later he will have to confront Alfonsina. She pleads for a last quickie with, “Rapido, por favor.” Now he is really late for work.

La Anita, the Hot Sauce Plant

Well chickens do come home to roost, and at the Plant we get the bad news that poor Braulio has been in an accident because the truck engine stopped right in the middle of the freeway. Old guy Lucio yells at Gabino for pushing Braulio to get the shipment to the airport.

He orders the secretary, Mara, to get Rosendo on the phone even if he has to call him at home.

At the Arango Estate

Alfonsina gets a call from Mara asking for Rosendo just as she is in a meeting with some chatty charity woman about working on an upcoming fundraiser committee. Estefania’s name is mentioned as also working on the event when the phone rings. It’s Mara from the office and she is looking for Rosendo who is NOT at work. A suspicious Alfonsina calls the Castaño house to see if Estefania is home. She is not. But it is not what you think…

At Padre Lupe’s lovely church

Estefania has gone to see the Padre to ask him to say a mass tomorrow on the anniversary of her father’s death. Padre ‘Lupe is surprised as he knows that Estef is a convert to Catholicism and that her father was not Catholic. She explains that she is from Europe and her father, she, and her sister were raised in a place with no teaching about the Catholic faith but that Augusto, with his love, has made her believe in God.

Estefania inquires about his sister Alfonsina’s health, noting that Alfonsina left the dinner party last night because she was unwell. Padre Lupe Lopez, in a not very tactful response, says that Alfonsina’s health is perfectly fine but she has her own phantoms.

Three cute kids, baby birds and a curandera
Finally we are back to the three cute kids—Gael, Damian, and Elisa—and the birds they found yesterday. They have the birds in a box. They decide to take to the baby birds to the curandera so they can be well. They almost there, they only have to cross the lagoon.
Gael is concerned about getting in trouble. He thinks it's better for them go back, because if Father Lopez finds out that I came here without his permission, this time he’ll have a real problem.
Elisa says, “ We can't go back; it's just that I don't want the birds to die.” Gael suggests he could take them back to the tree.
Damian teases Gael that the problem is that he is afraid that the witch Ramona will turn him into a toad for having thrown mud on her granddaughter. Gael claims he’s not afraid and the kids continue on their scary trip to the curandera’s casa.
At La Anita Hot Sauce Plant
Everyone is looking for Rosendo. Alfonsina has called work looking for him, and old guy Lucio is bugging Greasy Gabino about where Rosendo might be. Gabino thinks he knows but he wants to go alone to look for Rosendo. (They should call us. Half of viewer Ville saw him get pulled down under for another boink with Orangina).

The kids meet the Curandera Ramona

Three kids cautiously approach the curandera’s casita deep in the woods. As they creep up they tease each other about who will knock on the door, and, when no one answers they enter. The little house is tiny but spotless, with bunches or herbs drying and hanging from the rafters.

They are just looking around, wide-eyed when Ramona comes in and gruffly asks them what they are doing? Elisa replies that they brought some birds that lost their mother and we don't want them to die. Damian says he came for an amulet. Ramona asks Gael what he wants and when he claims he just accompanied the other kids she tells him to wait outside. Ramona tells her that
Elisa will have to leave the birds so that Ramona can feed them until they grow up, but it will cost the kids 100 pesos. The kids don’t have that much money with them. She asks Damian about what kind of amulet he wants. (Honestly, this is so cute , I cannot stand it.) Damian tells her he wants an amulet so that two people love each other a lot.
Ramona seems surprised and comments that he is very young to be thinking about love. Damian corrects her and says the amulet is not for him, but for some grown-ups. Ramona seems to know who Damian is and she asks “You're Rosendo Arango's son, right? “Si.” Then she gives him the amulets and says to make sure that each person wears one of the necklaces. This will cost another 100 pesos. The kids promise to pay the money tomorrow and she tells them that they must or the birds (who are sort of hostages) will die. The kids agree and scamper away. And that adventure is one I think they might remember all their lives.
From the sublime to the ridiculous, we are back at the Blue Lustnest
Gabino knocks on the door. At first Orangina and Rosendo think about hiding but Rosendo opens the door angrily. ‘What are you doing here Gabino?” he demands. Gabino apologizes but explains that they have an emergency at work. Braulio has been in an accident in the new truck.

Orangina complains that she doesn’t like Gabino and doesn’t like him bothering them at the LustNest. But Rosendo tells her that Gabino the Greasy has his full confidence. Rosendo hurries out of the house and is seen by the three kids who are on their way home from Ramona’s. Oopsie.

Damian yells at his Dad, he was going to remind Rosendo that he promised to take Damian riding. But Rosendo doesn’t hear his son and rides away. The other two kids make tracks for their respective homes.

Alfonsina spreads La Plaga

Alfonsina makes a quick trip over to see Augusto at the habanero farm. She sort of apologizes for her behavior of the night before and then immediately asks if Augusto knows Estefania’s whereabouts. He doesn’t, and Alfonsina spews her foot-in-mouth disease all over Augusto. Yep, it turns out that no one can find Rosendo either; he has been missing all day. Way to plant a weed, Alfonsina. It’s only day 2 of this novela and I already have no time for Alfonsina.

Back at the Blue Lovenest, Damian corners Orangina as she leaves the house. Damian asks her why she was with his father and what were you doing with him? Orangina replies sharply, “Damián, no seas menso, ¿sí? Ya te dije que tu papá no, no estaba aquí.” (Damian, don’t be a fool, OK? Already I told you that your father was not here.) Damian insists that he saw his father and he recognized his father’s horse. He knows his father’s horse. Orangina says that he must be mistaken. There are many similar horses in the village. RIIIIGHT. Just try to tell that to a kid who grew up around horses. She reminds him not to repeat what he thinks he saw. A friend of hers lives there in the blue house with his family.

Having finally arrived at the La Anita company at the crack of 12:00 noon, Rosendo the Hotsauce honcho is being filled in on the day’s events. How is Braulio? At the clinic for the day but OK. How did a new truck come to break down in the middle of the freeway? Old guy implies that Gabino Mendoza bought the truck and Gabino Mendoza is not to be trusted.  The accident is his fault. Old guy thinks he bought an old truck, not a new one, had it painted and pocketed the difference. He warns Rosendo that he needs to control Gabino.

Castañon House

Back at the home Elisa gets a scolding from her mom Estefania for being dirty and having wet feet. She admits she was playing at the cenote but says her friends were taking care of her. Just then Augusto walks in with a stormy face and starts a fight with Estefania. It is not Elisa’s fault, Estef should have been taking better are of her. Where has she been? Asking for the death mass for her father. And on it goes. Carmina Orangina enters and eggs on the fight. Finally he spews out the plaga that Alfonsina has been spreading, that she and Rosenda are lovers!

Estefania leaves and takes Elisa with her. She goes to the house of Elisa’s godmother, who is fitting Elisa for a dress. Elena talks Estefania down by reminding her of how much Augusto loves her.

A few loose ends

-At the processing plant, Greasy Gabino gets his butt chewed by Rosendo.
-On the street Gael runs into Paloma who hits him with a mud pie in retribution for him throwing mud at her the previous day. He apologizes and asks her not to have her grandmother throw a spell on him. Gael goes home and spends some quality time with Father Lupe.
-Elisa tells her mom that she doesn’t like her mom and dad to fight like Damian’s parents.  Estefania assures Elisa that she and Augusto love each other very much and that everything will be OK.
-Darling Paloma meets Elisa on the street and offers her some pan dulce. They introduce themselves and smile.
-Damian talks to his Mom who is feeling better. He gives her the amulet and tells her he has a matching one for his dad. She warns him that Dad may be working late and not be able to keep his promise about taking Damian riding. Damian asks Alfonsina who lives in the blue house on the edge of the village. Today he thought he saw his father coming out of it.
-Elisa catches her Tia Orangina spraying around her mother’s perfume. Tia accuses Elisa of spying.

And in the final scene of this episode…

Father Lupe comes into the Hot Sauce Company and says he needs to see Rosendo, no matter what. Mara the secretary suggests that he wait in Rosendo’s office as they are all waiting for him to return to the office after Braulio’s earlier accident. Padre turns off the lights and waits in the dark, sitting in Rosendo’s chair. Just then, someone, a woman, sneaks into the room and places her hands over Padre ‘Lupe’s eyes, thinking she is surprising Rosendo. But Padre Lupe recognizes her voice grabs her arm as she tries to get away. His clerical collar pops right on open. Huh!


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oh Elma June! This was all kinda of brilliant! From Orangina to Greasy Gabino (he sure was) to Hot sauce honcho. I loved it! Oh and Roaendo does have a bit of a paunch. Oh an I am thrilled there is a love shack. I liked the Tangelo-ho moniker. A TN just isn't the same without a town priest and a town ho.

I can already tell I am deeply in love with this one. I love the theme song ... even if it comes in 30 minutes late. I am especially glad they are taking their time with this part of the story. The kid segment seemed sort of rushed in La Fuerza del Destino.

Hmmm. I think I am gushing. I better take my leave. :)

Elna June, what a wonderful start to the day. I loved your beginning description of the families.

"Orangina" - Ay yi yi. She is a piece of work isn't she. Talk about someone who should be called "the witch". When she did her wide-eyed explanation to little Elisa, I love how the little one jumped back. Yeah, scared me too. Nut job...

Favorite scene of the night, Padre and Gael in the little mock fight they had. When Gael hauled off and conked Padre on the back of his head, just as Padre had done to him, I bust out laughing ( and scared the cat). I LOVE their relationship.

How the good Padre and Alfi came from the same parentage amazes me. He's a bit of a goof-ball, as Rene is playing him, but loving and sweet and she's...well she's a callous, bitter bitch who is way too full of herself. That preview with her trying to seduce Rosendo was a major EWWWW moment. No wonder he looks elsewhere...but man, he couldn't do better than Orangina?

Having good fun with this one...

Elna June, this was exceptional!! Outlining all of the characters (and so perfectly) was of immeasurable help. I just love your style: "They were in the business of hot sauce, and providing the burning condiment for discerning palates around the world had made them very rich indeed". Most excellent!

Your sense of humor was on display throughout, particularly with "I call that a non-answer from a guy who still wants to get laid". Just wonderful. The recap was a treat from beginning to end.

I always enjoy the children who morph into adults all too quickly and these are no exceptions. Love all three of these interesting youngsters.

Sara - "A TN just isn't the same without a town priest and a town ho" had me smiling away. Especially, when the priest is Rene (he does holy well, liked him in FELS too).

daisy, thank you for noting the best scene of the night - the Padre and Gael. It seemed genuinely affectionate.

So happy to see the actress playing Ramona. Teresa's almost MIL. She has a great presence.

This is great. I'm in.

Elna June, you've made my day!


Diana-I am really enjoying the was Rene is playing the priest.I only watched the chopped up DVD of FELS, so I'm sure I missed a lot of his performance. I love him and his interactions with I mean Lil' Gael.

Like daisynjay I loved it when Lil' Gael popped him on the back of the head. I get the impression the two actors had a lot of fun with each other.

Thank you for the recap, Elna June.

"Orangina"- yes! That Carmina truly is a nasty piece of work.

What was up with the intro halfway thru the show??? Looneyvision must be trying something new. Ack.

Sara - "La Que No Podia Mirar" LOL!

Yup Doris. I like the show but I have never had soapy characters annoy me so much on one show. Right now I can't think of one person I like on that show. Lol

PS: thank heaven for Tangelo-hos, Papi with Paunch and cute little kids and sweet sweet Esteffie. It's nice to have a show to like.

Oh and Univision- if you are reading. Opening credits go at the BEGINNING. That's why they call them OPENING credits.

And change "soapy" to "so many". Drat my fat thumb, the delete key and autocorrect.

Thanks, EJ. You did a great job delivering just what I need before watching: a detailed description. Seems I can't grasp concepts unless they are in context. Learning disability about to be diagnosed at age 52?

I lol'd the most at "copper colored female".

Off to watch. Thanks for being my crutch!

Rosemary la Otra

eye-goo, EJ! What a great recap! (eye-goo = Korean for something like "wow" or "oh boy")

These kids are so endearing. I guess we'll get to watch as their hormones kick in and they become as nasty/confused as their parents?

It's nice to see a priest having a loving relationship with a young boy without pedophilic overtones.

I liked your "I call that a non answer from a guy who still wants to get laid."

Great work. Thank you so much!


Thanks, Elna June. This is excellent and the Brothers Grimm opening is perfect for the kid scenes.

The actor who plays Gabino has creeped me out ever since La Reina del Sur. I guess he's destined to do so here, too.

I first saw Raquel Olmedo in Amor Gitano and have admired her work ever since. She's an excellent choice for this role.

Tangelo-ho Orangina is the real witch here. She has no morals and no sense of loyalty.

Watch Blanca Guerra's forehead; she has been Botoxed for years and you will see no facial expression to speak of.

EJ- Loved the recap opening, as well as the whole thing. I also loved the nicknames. I was wondering what we'd come up with for Carmina, and Orangina is perfect! You should see some of the ones we came up with for Rene Palazuelos (the male version of Sabine) who was playing a guest role over on Familia. :) We are very creative here on CarayCaray.

I hope the kids put the pieces together and realize just who is having an affair with whom. Certainly if little Damian doesn't "get it" at this young age, he will remember it later in life and have a better understanding. Hopefully he won't be threatened to keep his mouth shut like little Lucrezia was in Mi Pecado.

How funny to see Nailea Norvind show up as the gossipy charity lady, since she played Alejandro C.'s (Agusto) wife in PVAA. I also think it's funny that Televisa casting seems to have pulled every single fair, blonde, blue-eyed actress, originally born in Europe, for this tn: Sabine (Germany); Nailea (Norway); Angelique (France); Ludwika (Poland).

Meant Roberto Palauelos, not Rene.

How perfect to start this in fairy tale fashion. Not only charming, but a reminder that all these telenovelas are fairy tales for adults.

You've already been complimented for "rude and greasy Gabino" and "I call that a non-answer from a guy who still wants to get laid" but I have to note my appreciation as well. Mother Goose is telling it like it is! Thanks EJ.

Great recap Elna June!

I agree with JudyB, I found it so charming the way you started this as if you were telling a fairy tale.

Gabino creeps me out. I suppose this means the actor is doing great but there's this sort of feral look to him that I find very intimidating.

" I also think it's funny that Televisa casting seems to have pulled every single fair, blonde, blue-eyed actress, originally born in Europe, for this tn: Sabine (Germany); Nailea (Norway); Angelique (France); Ludwika (Poland)."

Then the casting did well for the Bouvier :). The Faverman sisters in Cañaveral were supposed to be European and exotic to the small Mexican town they lived in, that was part of their attraction and the envy they caused in the Alfonsina character. Especially, of course, the most beautiful one.

Nailea's casting was just a case of having a great actress available I guess.


Thanks for the great recap EJ. I enjoyed the line JudyB mentioned about the non-answer from a philandering jerk who wants to continue his extra-circular activities. Oh and Tangelo and Orangina were wonderful nick names.

Yes the actor playing Gabino is way creepy and feral looking.

Add me to the creeped out by Gabino list. Only Michael Bolton can pull off that look.

awesome recap, as always EJ...

Rene (he does holy well...
awesome way to put it... that is one of the MAIN reasons i am sticking with this one.

Also loved orangina nickname and

" I also think it's funny that Televisa casting seems to have pulled every single fair, blonde, blue-eyed actress, originally born in Europe, for this tn: Sabine (Germany); Nailea (Norway); Angelique (France); Ludwika (Poland)."

hadn't thought of that, but very interesting...

Favorite scene of the night, Padre and Gael in the little mock fight they had. DITTO!! and the interesting twist on the mystery of 'who is supporting Gael financially, giving Padre Lupe money for his expenses?... any guesses from whoever has not looked at the extensive cast/character list?

I call that a non-answer from a guy who still wants to get laid"

daisy, ditto on
How the good Padre and Alfi came from the same parentage amazes me. He's a bit of a goof-ball, as Rene is playing him, but loving and sweet and she's...well she's a callous, bitter bitch who is way too full of herself. That preview with her trying to seduce Rosendo was a major EWWWW moment.

now have to go make sure my dvdr does not hiccup on ElTal so i can do a fast recap... then erase and save Abismo to do the recap tonight... i can't find any LaPola or LHDM eps to delete that i can't live without... on my dvdr so living on the last 80 mins worth, taping, erasing, taping, erasing again...

so what is it out there? a pond? a quarry? a man made giant puddle? a natural spring? water is too darn clear/clean to be a man made puddle so there must be some kind of circulation somewhere... lol

Ah, made my day with that comment.
And add me as well...not sure if it was the greasy hair or the shirt obviously one size too small. Blech.

But I have to say, paunch or no, I still melt every time Cesar opens his mouth. That voice just melts butter...and with that I will try to concentrate and go back to work.

Totally agree on Raquel Olmedo being a great cast for Ramona... I remember her in Esmeralda 96 as Dominga the adoptive mother of Esmeralda.


It's a Cenote.


Most excellent recap! I love the fairy tale beginning and the way you very clearly laid out the story, families and characters. Suddenly everything made a lot more sense to me.

We must be soul sisters, I was calling Carmina "Orangina" last night. However I think Tangel-ho is way funnier, just not as easy to say. Mr. Sharkbait asked me what was wrong with her face. I told him "Nothing, she's evil, she's supposed to look like that." Mr. Sharkbait said he thought her name was Carmina because it looks like she uses cochineal (aka carmine) for her makeup. I can't wait to hear more nicknames that the clever Caray Commenters come up with for her.

I really like Isaura Espinoza, the woman who plays Mara the secretary. It's fun seeing more familiar faces. And Eric del Castillo as the old guy, woot! I always like him.

My favorite EJ Quote of the evening: "I call that a non-answer from a guy who still wants to get laid." Bwahahaha!!! Spot-on as usual, my dear. Yes, I know it's already been mentioned but it is so brilliant I couldn't resist saying it again.

Vivi, interesting comment about all the Euro types on this show.

Add me to the Gabino non-fan club. Great casting as he totally creeps me out with his gross hair, too-tight shirt (can he breathe?) and his tongue always lolling around the bottom of his jaw.

Marta, are you really going to do an El Tal recap??

daisynjay, ITA about Cesar Evora's voice. What a gift. He is still a sexy guy, even with his paunchito. That charisma of his makes it totally believable that he would be attractive to a young, sexy woman like Orangina. Oh wait, I get the feeling she will share her orange with just about anyone, so never mind.

Jarocha- Thanks for the cenote link (I noted that "pit" is one of the descriptions). There have been many tns that have made use of the beautiful cenotes for love scenes. I didn't realize that are so rare-- only really in Mex and Central Am.

Also, good explanation about the exotic appeal of the European Bouvier women (Carmina, Estefania and Elisa). Makes sense, and yes, good casting.

Hola, mis amigos:

Sara, so glad you enjoyed the recap.I have really enjoyed the children's scenes—they seem so real to me. It sees to me that taking the time to properly tell the backstory of the children allows us to bond more easily and thoroughly with these characters. Already we have seen Damian's vulnerability to his parents messy marriage and even his child's attempt to fix it (the amulets). So poignant.

Daisynjay: I too loved the scene between the boyish Padre Lupe and the boy, Gael. I was just too tired to do it justice. I am very glad you and others teased it out into the open with your comments.

Diana, so glad you enjoyed the recap! Doris, the mid-point credits and song are very confusing to me, especially as a new show starts. I sort of use the opening credits to remind myself of who people are and teh major conflicts of the show. It's too weird doing them half way through.

There is nothing wrong with your fine brain, dear R la O. Without context I miss so much in conversations.

Eye-goo right back at ya', amigo David. No one has ever said that to me before. I feel so...flustered. So glad to see you on the thread. Maybe you will be able to join us more often for some time in the "Pit". I adore your comments and perspective. How are those twins?


UA - lol -which one is Blanca Guerra? I am anxious to watch her forehead.

Marta - some shows are undeletable. I still have the CME episode where Regina tells Renata tu eres mi hija and the ensuing gulps from Renata. I just loved that scene.

Sylvia, there is a Tal link that's been ongoing for comments. Not sure if you've seen it.

Oh and Sylvia, I was wondering what you thought when you got back from your little jaunt to see the change away from El Tal and over to The Pit. Relieved? Disappointed? Jubilant?


Ooooo the actor that plays Gabino IS creepadelic. Can't wait to see how they update his style with the soon-to-be fast forward. Right now, with that sleeveless plaid flannel he looks like he stepped straight off the set of 'Deliverance'. Shiver.

UA—OK, now you will have us all on Botox-watch with Blanca Guera—too funny!

Vivi: I LOVE your photo in front of the Pyramid and I am so glad to have you back for this TN. I always think of you and your phenomenal memory when I am trying to organize telenovela data into a recap. It's a lot at the beginning of a new show—I wish I remembered everything like you.

I am so glad you commented on the casting. It seems so odd that everyone looks so European. Aren't we in the Yucatan, with its rich heritage of language, tradition and great civilizations? Where are the brown skinned people who might remind us of the rich Mayan culture and language? Such a proud heritage to showcase in this telenovela...

Glad to have your explanation, Jarocha, on the Bouvier family casting. I do look forward to hearing more about the local (Yucatan) rich traditions in the future. Like Veracruz, Merida/ La Ermita has such wonderful history to explore.

Thanks JudyB. So true that our TNs are fairy tales for adults.


Just saw bits of it last night and recognized quite a few actors from my other TNs. That's one of the best parts of watching TNs. Reminds me of the old studio system, when you were sure to see some of your fav character actors in a particular studio production.


Thanks Marta, for your kind words.I'll look for your ElTal shortie as soon as I get done here. So good of you to do that.

Actually there are other 'karst lanscapes' in the world, but the cenotes with their clear fresh water on top of heavier sea water are truly unique and so beautiful. I had a chance to see a number of cenotes on a long-ago trip and they really knocked my socks off. They "feel" like magical places and it is easy to understand why they were considered sacred to local people.


R la O, you mean Blue Lass's post "Admit It You're Hooked"? Yes, I finally commented on that thread yesterday.

It was certainly weird to get home to the schedule change, even though I expected it. Luckily we walked into the house just before the Passion Pit Premiere so I was able to record it. I'm kind of bummed that El Tal got relegated to Hour of Shame especially since it finally seemed to get better. That's probably only temporary though. Who said it is like a spoof on a telenovela? I thought that was a very accurate description. Anyhoo, I am still watching El Tal. I love that we will continue to post headers for discussion because it's just so much fun to dis. So I guess I'm not relieved, not jubilant, and a little disappointed. However I am Very Happy that the recapping team stayed together for Abismo, not to mention the bonus of adding Sara to the lineup. So all-in-all, a net gain.

Back to Abismo, the little kids are the best part so far. They are all so fantastic, not a dud among them. I'm impressed at the way they interact with the adults, it's just so very believable.

Blanca Guerra plays Alfonsina. Botox or not, she is an incredibly beautiful woman. I don't think I've ever seen her in anything. She is so good in her role, she's obviously one of those "old pros" that kick these telenovelas up a notch.

Marta, thanks so much for doing mini-caps for El Tal. Yes, its horrible but as Anita and Carlos mentioned the show was actually starting to make sense and, most importantly, Mariana has returned.

EJ - yes Gabino, especially in the intro w/the gun(played in the middle of the show) looks like he is from "Deliverance"

Blanca Guerra was also in the most recent version of Velo de Novia, Amarte es mi Pecado, La Casa en la Playa, and La Mentira. She's an excellent actress.

I loved Blanca Guerra in the movie Un Embrujo.

She played Alejandro Camacho's wife in Alma de Hierro, where Angelique Boyer played their daughter.


Oh, and on that note:

Erick del Castillo played Ludwika Paleta's father in Amigas y Rivales and Niña, Amada Mía.

He was also in La Mentira with Blanca Guerra. He played the uncle of his real life daughter Kate del Castillo and Guerra played her mother.


Thanks for this delightful recap, Elna June. My own personal favorite line:

"Now the four families of La Ermita did not always divide as neatly as was just laid out by your recapper. And in tonight’s episode the adults of this story will mix it up in interesting ways.",

... and oh boy, didn't they?

I really had a moment of deja vu with the scene of Damien watching his father ride away after his tryst followed by Carmina's little chat with him. I could swear I've seen that very scene before with different actors... although Carmina seemed nicer than the woman in the one I saw before.

Carmina surprising the Padre cracked me up. Since she is not Catholic, I wonder if she will be able to use a confession to cover her butt.

I think the first time I saw Carmina was in La Madrastra (the padre was her exotic husband) and I was mesmerized by her eyes. She ha bee a favorite of mine ever since.

I'm really impressed by all 4 kids and hate that their characters will be growing up all too soon.

I'm always glad to see Eric del Castillo. I have never had a problem understanding every word that he and Cesár Evora say.


And Raquel Olmeda was a super-snotty rich woman in TERESA. I hated her character, but I just *loved* her voice...

Raquel Olmedo was also the religious nut case suegra of Yadhira Carillo in Barrera de Amor where we last saw Sergio Reynoso and Aaron Diaz as father and son. Great performance.


I am having a problem clicking through from the right hand side of the screen to the El Tal discussion feed and all the recap feeds. In other words, I can't access anything that is not on the main screen.

Anybody else having a hard time with this?

Thank you Elna June for your excellent recap. It helped fill in the blanks after watching the second epi through my eyelids. Loved Orangina, Tangelo-ho and Greasy Gabino names :)
EJ - I just posted to "ElTal" without any difficulty.
sf chica bonita

Oh my! After a long and ghastly day, I finally have had a chance to read your recap, EJ. What a splendid job! What a joy to listen to you tell the story! Thank you!

Sylvia, I agree: Tangelo-Ho, takes a bit of effort -- but really, isn't it worth it?

We KNOW the woods (or should I say, the pits) are full of monsters. But right now with the four innocent [and LIKEABLE!] kids, kindly Padre Lupe, the beauteous, wise and kind Steffie, gruff but benign Ramona, I am lulled into complacency.

I'm not looking forward to having the narrative rug pulled out from under us. I'm just glad that when it happens, all of you will be around to lend mutual support.

EJ, I'm not noticing a problem either. I wonder what's up?

Blue Lass:

I am so sorry to hear about your day.I finding breathing and wine each to be a great help after dreadful days.
Wishing you a better evening and tomorrow.



It's really weird. I have cleared my caches and cookies, restarted my ever trusty MacBook Pro and...nothing, I can't get anything to open that has a link on the left side of the page.

So odd...Stuff like this usually happens when a cat has walked across my keyboard. That's it. The cat did it. Oops, now I sound like Pancho Lopez on Una Familia...


EJ - I do have problems pulling up anything on the sidebar if I am on my phone (which is what I use during the day). At home I can pull it up. I am hoping we can get our El Tal discussion on the main page, but I don't how difficult that would be. I did leave a message about it over there in Fresno.

EJ, I think there is a link on the main page. If I understand your wish correctly, on the menu sidebar on the left if you scroll down you will see a "Talisman discussion feed" link directly under the recap feed for Abismo. Is this what you are having trouble clicking onto?

I can't answer for EJ, but that is what I can't link onto. It isn't the Talisman link specifically, it's anything on the sidebar. So one day LQNPA was very long and wiped us off the main page and I couldn't get it, on the day of.

I can't access the sidebar links from my phone or using Safari. They work fine for me in Firefox and Chrome.

Hmmm... Can you link to it if I put the link in the comment? Try it and let me know. Try linking directly to it or cutting and pasting the url.

Amiga Maven:

I am so sorry about your day. Ghastly is, well, just ghastly. There is no better word.

Here's wishing you access to a good bottle of wine and a hot bath.Also, we have the treat of a double recap offering from Marta and Anita on ElTal.

Thanks for your kind words.



Nope. Cut and pasted the URL and had the same problem. I am using Firefox. It just redirects me to a little dropdown box asking if I want to put the URL into the Bookmarks Bar?

My reply to the browser. "No.I do not. Just open the link, will you?"

R la O, I remember you talking about having this problem the other day.



Shoot. I use Firefox too and I'm on my old laptop. This problem happened to me once before but I think it was broken for everyone because blogger was doing some repairs or something. It took about a day before it started working again. Maybe it is a local thing for you? I subscribe to the feed and have the link bookmarked; maybe that is why I can still get it? I dunno, this technical stuff makes me crazy.

Novela Maven, I hope your evening is much better than your horrible day. Take EJ's advice, she's the professional! You're amongst friends now.

EJ - I just finished watching last night's Abismo. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you.

This sidebar thing is so frustrating. And to think we use to gripe about the double blurry word verification. It pales in comparison!

So I have finally caught up with Abismo recaps, and I have to agree with pretty much everyone:

the kids are definitely the best child actors I've seen in a tn (granted I've only seen 5 or 6)... and they actually have INDOOR voices. So refreshing! I love the little redhead who is also in CV... she's aDORable!!

Love Estefania, although it seems she won't be around very long... and I can barely stand to look at Carmina--it's so blatantly horrible. When she reaches up to touch her face with her visibly less-orange hand.... UGH!!

It will be sad to see the kids go, but I am anxious to get the protagonist drama underway with Angelique, Livia, and Mark... LOVe them all. David Zepeda really does nothing for me. (I'm definitely hoping for a happier ending for Mark/Alonso this time around!)

As for the intro halfway in, all of the Telemundo novelas I've watched have done it that way--I guess I just assumed it was a production company thing. I don't really have an opinion either way.

This looks like a promising one... hope I can keep up, as this is the fourth one I'm currently watching! Yikes!


Thanks so much for the recap! And thanks to whoever posted the link to the captions online.

I'm FINALLY able to watch all the current TN's thanks to HuluPlus/Latino! I haven't had cable in 2 years and now I can watch along with all of you :)

I started off watching El Tal but switched to Abismo when everyone else did.

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