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La Que No Podía Amar #74 Lunes 4/9/12 Another child is waiting... for the Sword of Damocles

That which has passed
Lady Ana Paula has apparently discovered that she is pregnant. Tia MentiRosa loses what is left of her mind.
Current Happenings
Lady Chatterley's Bedchamber: Efrain attempts to distract Lady Chatterley with kisses and caresses, but she is not of a mind for this now. He does not like that she will be marrying Sir Gustavo, declaring that she belongs to him. He doesn't like the idea that she is hiding things from him. He is somewhat relieved when she informs him that the marriage will not take place (He will not marry her for money), but disconcerted when she tells him that this is because Sir Gustavo loves another. He states he does not understand how another woman could be regarded as superior to her. Finally, he suggests the possibility that when she receives her inheritance he might take some of it to start a new life with his ex-fiancee.
Parlour: Maria speaks with His Lordship on the phone – he still does not reveal his whereabouts – then goes running for Lady Ana Paula, leaving a confused Lady Sneerwell alone with the waiting telephone.
Lady Chatterley's Bedchamber: Efrain is truly convinced that he wishes to remain with her. He wishes to approach His Lordship regarding his intentions, but Lady Chatterley tells him he cannot, as her brother would kill him. He does not wish to hear this, stating he has waited forever to have her share his life. Indeed, he may have truly predicted the outcome of this irregular situation as he emphasizes his feelings with some rather brutish kisses.
Miguel's Bedchamber: Tia MentiRosa and Lady Ana Paula have a disagreement regarding the situation. Maria enters to inform Her Ladyship that His Lordship wishes to speak to her. She has to inform him of what has been happening at the ranch. She tells her aunt once and for all that she will do what is best for her child.
Ana Paula: But, Aunt –
Rosaura: Of course it's my business. At least you haven't told Gustavo yet. Wait a little longer.
Ana Paula: Why? For what?
Rosaura: Didn't you hear Maria say that the relationship between Gustavo and Sinthia is serious? They are going to be married.
Ana Paula: No, Aunt. There will not be a wedding.
Rosaura: I don't believe it. Why not?
Ana Paula: Gustavo doesn't want to marry her because he doesn't love her. He still loves me and wants to fight for it.
Rosaura: What does that mean? You can't leave with him. If you do we all have to leave. Miguel, me... where to?
Ana Paula: To begin with, neither he nor Rogelio would care for you and Miguel. That's my problem.
Rosaura: Well. For all that he love you why didn't he think of all that? (Sits on the bed in Fred Sanford mode again) We are your only family. (clutches her chest) And I have a heart condition. And Miguel, well, you know –
Ana Paula: Ay, Aunt, enough! Don't start this over again.
Rosaura: I only tell the truth.
Ana Paula (truly harta): You know what? Leave me alone. Don't start up. Leave me alone, please.
Rosaura: Ay, don't raise your voice. I will help you in any way it suits you.
Ana Paula: All I have to think about is what is best for my child. This I will not discuss with you.
Maria (entering in a hurry): Paula, Paula!
Rosaura: What rudeness! What a way to enter.
Maria: It's Rogelio calling you!
Ana Paula: What? Rogelio has returned to the manor?
Rosaura: No, he's on the telephone.
Rosaura: Let me get my things. Don't argue with me, girl. (stars to exit)
Maria: Vamos! (exits past Rosaura, who prevents Ana Paula from following Maria)
Rosaura: That's a fine thing you've done, Ana Paula. Are you going to tell him that Gustavo broke up with Sinthia for you? Do you think you can be happy with Gustavo and the baby you're going to have?
Lady Ana Paula shakes her head and exits, leaving Tia MentiRosa behind.
Lady Chatterley's Bedchamber: Lady Sneerwell knocks, interrupting the tryst. Lady Chatterley lets her in as our foreman hides in the water closet. Lady Sneerwell informs Lady Chatterley that dinner is ready and that His Lordship has called Lady Ana Paula. Upon hearing that she is not yet on the phone with him, Lady Chatterley runs for the door, hoping to get to the telephone first. After her departure, Efrain speculates that His Lordship will consent to him marrying his sister once he knows that Margarito is his son and heir. We shall see.
Parlour: Her Ladyship picks up the telephone, but the line is dead. Poor service reigns in Chiapas. Just as Maria tells her she still does not know His Lordship's whereabouts the telephone rings again, but it is a wrong number. Lady Chatterley enters, demanding to speak to her brother, but is informed that the line went dead. She then orders Maria to send for her first the next time he calls before exiting with Lady Sneerwell. She pointedly looks at her unwanted sister-in-law during that exchange, obviously delivering a nasty snub. Lady Ana Paula then suggests to Maria that they continue their conversation in a less public place.
Miguel's Bedchamber: He finally acknowledges that he is an alcoholic because of his blackouts. She assures him she knows he didn't kill Maripaz. He is willing to go to AA. He tells Lady Daniela he loves her. They kiss as a new love song is played. He promises to become a better person for both their sakes.
Galván Mansion: Sad music plays as Vainessa cries. She is looking at the photo of her father, wishing he were there to help her in her current problems.
Corridor: Her Ladyship informs Maria that she is in a delicate condition. Ominous music plays.
Miguel's Bedchamber: Consuelo knocks, interrupting the next kiss. Lady Daniela excuses herself to get some secretarial work done for Skelator and exits. Consuelo enters with a food tray and refuses to speak to Miguel “I don't talk to killers.”
Corridor: Her Ladyship is worried about Maria's opinion, but it isn't an issue. Maria is only concerned that she care for herself and the baby. And that His Lordship not find out that Sir Gustavo is the father.
Ana Paula: You must be thinking the worst of me.
Maria: No. What I think isn't important. Now what you have to do is take care of the baby.
Ana Paula: What do you want to say, Maria?
Maria: That you have to take care of yourself.
Ana Paula: I don't know. I only know I can't do anything to put my baby's life in danger.
Maria: It is also important to think about what you are going to do.
Ana Paula: I have to tell Rogelio what is happening.
Maria: Don't leave.
Ana Paula: No, Maria. I have to tell him as soon as possible. The next time he calls I will.
Maria: But, Paula, if you do that there will be tragedy. Please don't tell him that Gustavo is the father.
Miguel's Bedchamber: He tells Consuelo that other people's opinions of him matter not, but hers do. She is angry at having lost her dearest friend, who had been like a sister to her. She parcels out the guilt in abundance, citing Maripaz's ambitions, how she was loved, and the pain her parents are experiencing. Because of him. They cannot sleep, have no desire to run their business or do anything because their only daughter is dead … And he has his previous girlfriend back. She insists that he tell her what happened, but he still has no memory of that night. Consuelo is then completely fed up, convinced that he must be guilty, and leaves the room.
Corridor: Moments of truth take place.
Maria: Think about it, Paula. Please.
Ana Paula (crying): I know this is a very precarious situation.
Maria: Sinthia told me Gustavo broke up with her over you.
Ana Paula: That's it. Gustavo doesn't want to marry Sinthia because he doesn't love her.
Maria: And because he continues to love you. (sad music beings) You're having a baby and this will destroy Rogelio and Sinthia.
Ana Paula: Ay, Maria, I don't want to be the cause of that.
Maria: Then don't tell Rogelio that the baby is Gustavo's. Tell him it's your ex-fiance's but not his name. Not his name. (opera music begins)
Ana Paula: But I don't want to deceive him any more. Every time it gets worse. I can't do this anymore, Maria, because I can't take any more. Besides, where is Rogelio? Doesn't he think that's important to me? How could he leave without saying anything to me? (Maria hugs her)
Maria: Remember he wanted to surprise you. We don't know where he is but of course he's thinking of you. That's why he just called you.
Ana Paula: In all things I thought the same. But once he knows I'm pregnant he won't want anything to do with me.

Maria embraces her comfortingly as the music swells to opera-level anguish.
A (real) Hospital Room in D.F.:* His Lordship looks disappointed as the telephone line goes dead. Dr Ernesto enters with an envelope of X-Rays and the news that he can operate on him. There is the possibility that the operation will enable him to walk again. Dr Ernesto warns him that there is a chance it will not be efficacious, but he is willing to try. He wants to be whole again... for Her Ladyship. They discuss returning to San Gabriel to inform everyone of their plans, including establishing a proper clinic there.
Ernesto: Have you spoken with Paula?
Rogelio: No. The call was cut off and without communication capability I can't find out what's happening at the estate.
Ernesto: I see. (taking out an x-ray sheet) Rogelio, I came to talk to you about your test results. (hands it to him)
Rogelio (looking at it): And?
Ernesto: What we were hoping for. I can operate and with good fortune you will regain the use of your legs.
Rogelio (laughing): By Jove! I'm..I'm... happy to get an opportunity I didn't think existed.
Ernesto: Well, I have to have to make you aware that after the surgery you still be the same. You might not recuperate movement.
Rogelio: Yes, I know, but at least for now I have hope. I want to take the risk.
Ernesto: You're doing this for Paula.
Rogelio: Of course. I want to be a man. A whole man for her. For my Paula. (Their love theme plays as he smiles.) Can you imagine how surprised Paula would be? I'm sure this will change many things. I know once she knows she'd come with me through all of this.
Ernesto: So, therefore let's go back to the estate tomorrow to give her the good news.
Rogelio: No; I can't go. I want you to see Margaro. I know it's some time before we know if he can walk or not. Check up on things, let me know what is gong on, and I'll stay here for the test that hasn't been done.
Ernesto: Of course; I agree. Before I go I'll have to stop off at Tuxtla to get the radiologist to take him to the estate and also to see my daughter.
Rogelio: So all should go well.
Ernesto: It would give me great pleasure to tell Mercedes of our association.
Rogelio: And we can begin building the clinic in San Gabriel. (They exchange a slight conspiratorial look, Rogelio rubs his hands together in delight, but then both look slightly apprehensive)
*This clearly is a scene shot in Jorge Salinas' hospital room; we can see from his paleness and the tired pain in his eyes he is not well. Pero, que actor; que hombre.
Kitchen: Lady Sneerwell has prepared Lady Chatterley's favorite meal and as Lady Chatterley praises it, asks her how she can help. Lady Chatterley informs her of the broken engagement and how she doesn't understand how Sir Gustavo can do this, as she could make him forget Lady Ana Paula.
Lady Ana Paula's Bedchamber: Sad music plays as Margarito still lies in bed, clad in his plaids and neck brace. Her Ladyship enters. He asks what she talked about with His Lordship and she tells him that the call was cut off. The boy is worried about his adoption. Her Ladyship tells him that she does not know what will become of her marriage to Lord Rogelio. Margarito asks about Sir Gustavo, but Lady Ana Paula says not to say more of this. Finally, she lays on the bed next to him, telling him she loves him and wants to take care of him (Margarito). He tells her that he would want to go with her if she leaves.
Kitchen: Maria sits at the table pensively drinking her afternoon coffee as Consuelo enters. They discuss Miguel. Maria is certain that Consuelo is in love with him. Maria herself is certain that Miguel had nothing to do with Maripaz' death. The police have found no proof so they can draw no conclusions.
Miguel's Bedchamber: Lady Daniela enters, happy that Miguel has decided to get treatment for his drinking problem. He is still anguished at Consuelo's condemnation. Lady Daniela proclaims her love and support. Their music sounds optimistic but then bittersweet.
Lady Ana Paula's Bedchamber: Sad music underscores Her Ladyship looking pensively at her reflection in the full-length mirror.
Ana Paula (with a maternal gesture): My love, if you were here I'd tell you everything. Forgive me for having to do this. But I love you and I want you to be happy. I swear to you I will fight for this.
Corridor, then Parlour: Underscored by opera storm music one evil pair attempts to plan.
Bruno (almost charging into the parlour): No, no, Rosaura, this can't be. This can't be! Paula can't be pregnant!
Rosaura (following): I had hoped not. She is an unthinking fool. By God, she's a nurse. She should have taken care of herself!Bruno (grabbing her arms and staring bug-eyed into her face): This can't be! How could she have had sex with that idiot Gustavo? We will lose everything!Rosaura (breaking his hold): Yes! I kept telling her that. What do we do?Bruno: Knowing Rogelio, this is something he will not forgive. Ever.Rosaura: Then we will lose everything. Home, accomodations...Bruno: Of course, of course. Me, too. Everything I've sacrificed, everything I've done –Rosaura: That fool. I don't know what she wants with that filthy brat.
Tia MentiRosa will surely face the fires of hell for that.
Galván Mansion: On the telephone, Vainessa attempts to persuade Lord ShadyDeal to remove the dam at Negra Manor, which he flatly refuses to do. She warns him that her former husband is a water commissioner and could get him arrested. He refuses to back down, determined to ruin Lord Rogelio. He thinks he has time before the charges are actually official. He also thinks that Lady Chatterley was in agreement with hitting her brother from all sides. We suspect that Lady Chatterley is also a target, in view of the fact that she had jilted Lord ShadyDeal for Sir Gustavo. Lord ShadyDeal is sure that when Lord Rogelio finds out about his sister's involvement, she'll come running to him for assistance. The conversation ends on a bad note, and Vainessa looks more worried than ever.
There is a full moon over Chiapas that night.
Galván Mansion, morning: Elsa wanders around, looking for Vainessa. She is still in pyjamas and robe and appears to be hallucinating, telling an unseen being to go away.
Ulisses' Café: Lady Sneerwell informs Sir Gustavo that she will be returning to Tuxtla. She wishes to see their mother. She asks him to reconsider marrying Lady Chatterley and he responds that he will not marry without love. “That can come after,” she tells him, citing Lady Ana Paula as an example. Before this conversation can go farther, Lord Esteban arrives.
Galván Mansion: Vainessa returns home to find her mother hallucinating that Lord Federico is sitting in his favorite chair in the very room in which she had murdered him. Elsa continues to whine, plead with the invisible, and display her madness.
Ulisses' Café: Lord Esteban hands the documents to Sir Gustavo, stating he would rather not enter Lord Rogelio's property. Sir Gustavo mentions the formal accusation against the owner of Negra Manor, whom he does not realize appears to be Vainessa.
Study: Maria asks Her Ladyship's permission for Consuelo to work temporarily for Ulisses and Macaria; Lady Ana Paula grants it for as long as necessary. There is more discussion of Consuelo's attitude toward Miguel for all the aforementioned reasons.
Galván Mansion: To horror-film notes in minor keys Elsa continues to hallucinate, expressing regret at having killed her husband. She imagines his ghost is following her around the house. Her madness is becoming worse and Vainessa's anguish increases. Truly she should send for the nice young men in their white frock coats.
Study: Skelator is truly at his despicable best.
Bruno: Every animal will have to be tested. To see if the clenbuterol –
Ana Paula: No; no. We will have to sacrifice them. It's horrible, but we need to find someone from whom to buy more cattle. (He turns his back and rolls his reptilian eyes) Bruno, I paid the contract penalty for the US deal and with this water problem have to buy mineral water. No, no, no, Bruno, we must think of solutions. I can't let Rogelio find the estate like this.
Bruno: Yes, yes, yes. I believe you're taking on too much, as before. But you would know that.
Ana Paula: Thank you very much, Bruno. I think that's all. Thanks,
Bruno (deliberately, while putting his hands in his pockets): Paula, are you sure you have nothing else to tell me?
Ana Paula (folding her arms): Such as?
Bruno: What your aunt told me. I know you are having Gustavo's baby.
Ana Paula (momentary expression of annoyance): But why do you –
Bruno: Because she's worried. I'm also –
Ana Paula: But why? (a knock on the door) Come in. (Gustavo enters with the file from Esteban. Bruno turns away)
Gustavo: By your leave --
Ana Paula: Bruno, will you allow me to talk to Gustavo?
Bruno: But –
Ana Paula: Please, Bruno. I ask you, please.
Bruno (angry, but only able to conceal it from her): As you say. (exits, pointedly closing the door behind him. The music takes on an impatient character.)
Gustavo (a little awkwardly): I guess I need to talk about this with you alone. Here are the papers about the water, for your signature. (hands her the file)
Ana Paula: Thanks. (opens the file as she goes behind the desk and picks up the pen) Here, right?
Gustavo: Yes.
Ana Paula (signs, closes the file, and hands it back to him): It's ready. Here.
Gustavo: Thanks.
Ana Paula: Gustavo, wait. We have to talk. Today I told you I had doubts about my feelings.
Gustavo: Yes, yes; I know. But I don't understand what you have doubts about. (ominous music begins)
Ana Paula: Listen to me because now more than ever I want you to know I'm being honest with you. I'm going to tell you something very important.
Gustavo: What's up, Ana?
Ana Paula: I'm... I'm pregnant. I am going to have your baby.
Gustavo: Are you sure?
Ana Paula: Yes. Of course yes.
Gustavo: I can't believe it. My baby? You're going to have my baby! (embraces her to the sound of sad opera music almost like Puccini's. She embraces him somewhat less ardently and releases him). What is it? Doesn't this please you? (releases her)
Ana Paula (going back to the desk): Of course it pleases me.
Gustavo: Then what is it?
Ana Paula: For all that I want this baby it isn't planned. In these circumstances although I'm happy I'm very worried.
Gustavo (kissing her hand excitedly): It's our baby. Made from our love. Doesn't that matter? (tries to turn her face toward him)
Ana Paula: Yes, yes. This baby was made from much love, but –
Gustavo: But what? Other things don't matter to me. For you and the baby I am capable of anything.
Ana Paula: Gustavo, it's not just that I'm married –
Gustavo: This baby is mine. I am the father and I will assume responsibility. That will be. Ana, forget about Rogelio. Marry me, please.
We see that she has been crying.
Ulisses' Café: Lord Esteban and Lady Sneerwell share coffee and speculate on the reason for Dr Ernesto's sudden departure. He suggests that it may have to do with the good doctor's daughter. She agrees, but thinks it could also be about their disagreements. However, Lord Esteban thinks that this will be resolved in a surprising may. He also tells her that he is aware that everything Vainessa does is about Lord Rogelio and that has led to a massive legal problem. He wishes to help her, but not if it makes him run afoul of the law.
Study: Notwithstanding that Lady Ana Paula remains uncertain of her feelings, Sir Gustavo is becoming possessive.
Ana Paula: I agree that you should know our child
Gustavo: I want to be present for his entire life.
Ana Paula: Yes. But I can't marry you.
Gustavo: What?
Ana Paula: That I can't marry you because I don't know my own feelings. That wouldn't be fair.
Gustavo: What isn't fair is you doing this.
Ana Paula: Gustavo, you are my first love, the father of my child, and all that I have felt for you can't be compared to anyone or anything. But if I have feelings for someone I can't have them for anyone else. Not until I can define what is in my heart.
Gustavo: And when do you think you will do this? (sarcastically) When our baby is born?
Ana Paula: Ay, no. Of course not.
Gustavo: It's certain that the baby is mine. I will not permit anyone else to take care of him or you. At least while you're pregnant.

Ulisses' Café: The two friends lament their ill luck in love. Lady Chio's name comes into the conversation. She is supposed to be on a buying trip for her shop. For the moment Lord Esteban wants to be a bachelor.
Study: Sir Gustavo is prepared to fight dragons.
Gustavo: Neither you nor my child will be anywhere near Rogelio.
Ana Paula: And do you think Rogelio would want me to be with you once he knows I'm pregnant? No, Gustavo. He will hate me and that is not the worst. You don't know what he would do to you if he knew you were the father. Don't think about me, Gustavo. It's better not to say anything now. It's better he doesn't know you're the father.
Gustavo: And what do you want me to do? To be grateful you're worried about me? Who are you, Ana Paula? I swear I don't know you.
Ulisses' Café: Lady Chio arrives, asking directions. She is staying nearby and the concierge recommended this Café. Macaria converses with her but without any enthusiasm. She then sees Lord Eseteban with Lady Sneerwell. And is not pleased.
Study: Sir Gustavo is determined to speak with His Lordship; Her Ladyship fears he would kill him and she doesn't want that to happen. He seizes her hand and inquires whether this is out of guilt or love.
Ana Paula: Gustavo, I am the same as ever. I am just telling you I want to be free of my doubts, of everything.
Gustavo: Do you think that this baby gives us another opportunity?
Ana Paula: I think that before we talk about this I need to speak to Rogelio when he returns. Then we can find the solution.
Gustavo: I will talk to Rogelio.
Ana Paula: No, no, no, please. He will kill you. He will kill you and I will die because I can't live with that.
Gustavo (seizing her hand and looking into her eyes): For guilt or for love?
Impatient opera music closes the scene.
Lady Ana Paula hears some good medical news while Sir Gustavo tells Lady Chatterley about Lady Ana Paula's condition. Surely he cannot know what havoc this will wreak.


UA: what a treat! I look forward to your recaps and love that you get them posted so promptly. No sooner is the episode finished airing than I get to read your stylish prose. I really loved your rendition of the conversation in the hospital room, "...Rogelio (laughing): By Jove!..." by Jove, indeed. And he did look ill, as you remarked. "...Pero, que actor; que hombre...." ¡de verdad!

Thanks, UA, for another terrific recap. I'm too tired to say much more right now--but I did want to say that I really enjoyed the recap and found it very helpful.

Thank you so much UA for this great great recap. Oh, too many people now the Cupcake is pregnant now and who the father is. I liked Maria's advice to the Cupcake. It would solve some of her problem, but I think since Skelator and the Tia know and tomorrow Sin will know one of them will rat her out.

JS did look very ill. He is quite a man to have done a scene from his hospital bed. And you were right when you said a week ago that he and Ernesto probably went to the hospital for testing. I hope by the end of this TN Rohell will be walking.

Why has Chio showed up again? I was really hoping we had seen the last of him.

Boy, Vainy is having all kinds of problems. She ought to have her Mom put in the manicomio already and if Lord Shady Deal won't stop, she can always get Skelator to make him. I agree that The Shady Deal wants revenge on Sin too. I wonder how Rohell will handle all of this when he gets back?

I like how the Cupcake has taken charge of everything she really wants to save the hacienda despite all the problems she is having.

I hope a extra big anvil lands on the Tia and Skelator by the end of this TN. They are the worst especially about the baby. That baby is noone's business but the Cupcake, the Guscake and Rohell. I think Skelator is just mad, cause he wanted to sleep with her first. The Tia cause she would be losing all that money, that doesn't even belong to her.

Glad Miguel is going to try and straighten up, but Dani shouldn't have gone back to him. She could have supported him as a friend.

Loved this recap. Yep. It looks like they did film from Jorge's hospital room and he looked a bit gaunt and sick in the eyes. What a professional to work even while battling a pulmonary embolism. I have much respect for him.

Gus was getting on my nerves constantly pestering AP. Give her some room to breathe for crying out loud. He and his sister are annoying.

Per the previews, Gus tells Cinthia the news and then she tells Vainessa. I wonder will Vainessa blab to Rog but she doesn't know where he is at the moment.

Sorry I meant to say I was hoping we had seen the last of her, not him lol.

I guess they needed some filler so Chio is back to take up a few minutes per episode until we have our main man back to health. That may also delay Elsa's commitment to the manicomio although normally we'd think that Vainessa is smart enough to have done this by now.

For the short term nobody will know where Rogelio is except Ernesto and that is to the good. However, I am wondering how long it will take (as in time of the characters' lives) before he is off the operating table and out of the wheelchair. This part of the story must have been moved up because of JS's illness. Will Rogelio return home before the baby is born (or Skelator somehow causes a miscarriage)?

As to the avances, Gustavo is truly naive to be telling Sinthia. This could never lead to anything good.

I haven't been able to read the recaps faithfully recently but was very happy to read yours UA. Your care, attention and effort to details are extraordinary. Your writing style - amazing. Your conversation translations are so helpful!

Despite the grim events, "Truly she should send for the nice young men in their white frock coats" made me smile. I also enjoyed: "Skelator is truly at his despicable best." Yes. Horrifically so...

I am at a loss to even begin to say how confused I am at these recent events. As this is a novels, I can't quite see Gus bowing out of the picture, leaving Ana and Rogelio to raise the child (and Cin? not even going there). I can only think something terrible is going to happen. To Gus? To the baby? This usually joyous event could not possibly be more complicated.

Carlos predicted a while ago Chio would be pregnant. Did we see a full body shot of her last night? I'm wondering...

Your title is stellar UA. And, extremely appropriate.


Great recap! Loved your allusion to "They're coming to take me away!" re: Elsa.
ITA; Bruno will try to cause a miscarriage of AP's baby. You could see it in his eyes. (How one would do this in real like I have no idea, but he managed to do it in Eva Luna.)
Efrain in the early scene suggested to Sinthia that she bribe Gus to marry her using some money from her inheritance, and (after pausing, looking seriously like she was considering it), Sinthia told him Gus isn't the type to be bribed. It is amazing how the unscrupulous characters often assume that anyone can be bribed.
Rohell looked better I thought than he had in scenes past. What a trooper!

If AP was smart she'd leave Tia, Gus, and the hacienda and hide out until the baby is born.

Nothing amazing about it if you understand narcissism. Narcissists think that their way is the only way, their needs the only needs, and nothing else is valid:

Efrain would be open to being bribed for anything and he's willing to sell information. He sees Gustavo as a rival for Sinthia; therefore he must be the same because he would be like him. Efrain may not see Gustavo's basic integrity because he is so lacking in it himself.

Tia MentiRosa has to believe that Ana Paula is willing to prostitute herself for money and luxuries because she would do it herself if she were younger. She herself has never had any luck with men so she begrudges Ana Paula's quest for the right love.

Sinthia deals with a controlling brother who won't give her her share of the inheritance, so she becomes greedy for it. She sees greed in Ana Paula for marrying said brother.

Vainessa gets what she wants via seduction and deception and only someone else like that could take Rogelio away from her? Compound that with her rival being her own sister. This apple fell right at the foot of the tree.

AP can't hide out until the baby is born, but I'm wondering whether Rogelio will be home before then. I keep thinking of the TN rule about needing two operations before someone can walk (or see).

Urban: Thanks - great recap. Yeah, Madeleine, what is Chio doing in Tuxtla? Some girls just can't take no for an answer.

Has Miguel been redeemed? He finally admitted he had a problem and was going into AA. He is a lot more interesting when he and Dani react.

Thank you so much to the recapper!

Ana Paula is smart in some ways (trying to save the hacienda), but so very, very dumb in ways that really matter. This character is very frustrating to me. Why did she have to tell the scheming and disgusting aunt the results of the test?

She could have kept this information to herself for a bit so that she could think about what she needed to do.

She needs to step back and meditate on these things facing her. There are way too many jerky people constantly in her face.

How can one character be so clueless. There are tons of clues staring her right in the face about the character of the bug eyed Bruno and the pathetic, clingy aunt.

It would be so much more interesting to have her start seeing these clues sooner rather than later.

Rohelio is a man's man. He will be rightly insulted and angry for so many reasons when he finds out about this baby. I don't think it is the baby that will upset him the most, but the knowledge that EVERYONE knew before him.

I'd like to slap this Ana Paula in the face and tell her to wake up.

Thank you again, recapper.

I was thinking the baby will be in danger and not from Rohell. from Tia and Bruno. Of course AP doesn't realize it.
I wonder if the two surgery rule will apply here, since this is an unexpted hiatus for the story.
We keep seeing in the lead-in Rohell sitting on a bench with a cane, which makes me think we will see him walking but probably until the end.

Rogelio will need months of therapy before doing the tango and who knows what the writers were prepared to do at this point. Do we know when JS's prognosis got better?

Having said that, AP is in danger from Bruno, Rosaura, and Sinthia (who actually said she could kill her with her own hands). Possibly also Vainessa once Rogelio can walk again, but she might be a longer shot now that she knows her mother committed murder. We know everyone's motives here.

If AP is visibly pregnant when Rogelio gets home Vainessa will try to sell her own hotness once again. If there is a miscarriage that could be dismissed as a rumor. If there is a baby somebody has a lot of lying or explaining to do.

Rogelio will lose his temper under any of these possibilities.

UA, I hope you were able to see Pablo Montero sing on Una Familia. He was singing at Pancho & Rebe's wedding and it wasn't Ava Maria. He was in his white rancho outfit and the song was lovely. You should be able to get it on today (without charge).


Thank you for another fine recap. Great title!

Well, Ana Paula has herself in a real pickle, doesn't she?

Wow. Salinas did look dreadful. It is good to know that in real life he is back to health.

I am excited to see the "walking" storyline so early in the show. I don't think the story is ruined if he doesn't walk again, but it would sure be sweet for him to regain the use of his legs.

Chio is one of the most annoying spare girl characters I have ever seen. Eeewww...her stalker-entitlement creeps me out.


Karen, I did see the wedding on UFCS. Pablo Montero is my Orpheus and a very charming guy, but I really hate seeing him unshaven (especially in that gorgeous white suit). Jumped over to Amazon and see he finally has a new CD.

Elna June, I was sure that he'd be in the wheelchair until just before ultimas semanas, but my gut tells me that JS would be really antsy by that time. He is a Leo, after all and therefore the top cat of this story...

UA, thanks for a wonderful recap. Enjoy the way you cover the background music.

Seems like the whole town will know about Cupcake's baby before Rogelio. Cupcake needs to think about why Bruno would be the first person Tia would tell. As the previews indicate, Gus will tell Sin (why oh why?) and Sin will tell Vainessa (oh no). Cupcake screwed up but she’s one of the few selfless people in this TN.

Maria's been looking very wistful. Maybe she herself was once pregnant by the wrong man at the wrong time. Maria isn't thinking clearly if she thinks Gus is the kind of man that wouldn't be involved in his child's life. If he were a deadbeat dad, maybe AP could keep the identity unknown to Rogelio but not with Gus.

As others commented earlier, Rogelio has never even hinted at having someone killed. I don't believe he would try to have Gus killed. He would just backslide emotionally to the old douchebag, and probably not be a fit dad for Margarito. If he and Cupcake could have some alone time, as tough as it is, they could sort it out. Don’t know how he’d deal with the snickers from the townfolks though.

So glad I'm watching this long after Jorge Salinas' health crisis lifted. It must've raised his spirits to be able to do a scene in the hospital.

I am not 100% sure of this, but I remember hearing that Televisa doesn't normally shoot 3 weeks before airdate like Telemundo does. That would mean they'd need at least a few weeks in the can before they can go on the air. The fact that they are usually shooting on location must be a big reason for this.

The only other choice the network would have had would have been to replace JS and the series would not have felt the same.

As an opera fan I have to notice the music! TNs and opera have so much in common.

UA: loved the recap! my favorite line "Truly she should send for the nice young men in their white frock coats."

JS did look a bit pale but OMG what a smile!

I figured we hadn't seen the last of Chio.

Did he or did he not (Esteban) tell Gus that Vainy owns La Negra??

Thanks so much UA! And I also thought the title was awesome.

Too bad I missed the scene where Bruno gets the news about AP's pregnancy. I hear he out-eyeballed Elsa la loca.

No, I'm pretty sure that Esteban did not tell Gus that Vainy owned Rancho La Negra. He almost told Mersnotty, but held back. I look forward to that particular reveal.

I can see why Gus would be incredulous that AP wouldn't choose him now that she's expecting his child, and still is needing to "clarify" her feelings. I loved his question whether she was going to wait until after the child is born to finally figure out her feelings. Good question!


Gustavo is a basically good guy but very naive and not particularly sophisticated about women. He may know how to treat a pearl in the oyster, but he still doesn't know much about the emotions. And especially in a bizarre situation like this one.

Bruno almost out-bugged Elsa, but not quite. His evil is out of control.

The guy playing Bruno has been typecast. He does evil so, so well. Has anyone seen him playing a good guy?

Thank you so much for your brilliant recap, UA! I always love your writing style.

I think it pretty much says a LOT that Cupcake can't know right off that Gus is the guy to go with. Hello, he's going to be the father of her child? My interpretation (as a Rogeliana, lol) is that if it was 50-50 Rohell-Gus in her mind, that this would tip it waaaaaaay over to Gus. That she can't make herself go with Gus means that if the Cupcake weren't in the oven, that Rohell would be coming out way ahead.

Her indecision is getting very annoying, but cutting her a little bit of slack here...she still can't let go of the "fairy tale love-at-first-sight" thing with Gus, and her belief (or fear?) that this must be of greater significance than it really is. In truth, Gus is the puppy-love guy, while Rohell is the grown-up love guy. But since she's so naive and hasn't got a lot of past experience to draw upon, she doesn't realize this yet. And I'm sure the emotions from the pregnancy aren't helping clear her head either.

Wow, poor Jorge Salinas didn't look good at ALL in this episode. His eyes looked so big and kind of haunted. Bless him, though, he is such a professional and a trooper to drag himself out of (almost literally!) his deathbed to do these scenes. He really is awesome. I'll bet he was chomping at the bit to get back to work, because despite looking pretty pale and wan in these scenes, he still seems to exude energy.

I agree with those who say that what is going to be the problem is that Rohell was kept in the dark about Cupcake's pregnancy for so long. He is touchy about people thinking he's "stupid" because he's in the chair. To find out that everyone knew what was going on, but not him, is not going to be taken well by him.

Did nobody ever tell him that people keep things from him because of his temper?

If nothing short-circuits this (which it will), AP's strategy should be to first tell him what is happening at the hacienda and what she is doing about it. After that she should tell him about the baby. Gustavo should get a job transfer immediately and Rogelio should give Sinthia enough money to tour Europe for a year.

But we know things will get much worse than this before they get better.

Did it seem like Dr. Ernesto was having a hard time in the hospital scene? Like maybe it was a little emotional? Or maybe I'm just liking Ernesto more and more. He and Esteban deserve better than Mercedes and (gak) Chio.

Can't believe I missed the Tia tells Bruno scene! And what was with Gus telling Cinthia! There's dumb and there's imbecil. With all these people around it, the babycake is going to needs lots of luck and prayers to San Francisco.

At least they ate the enchiladas so we don't have to hear about those for a while.


Urban: Another great romantic romp n stomp. It's always fun to see read as if in homage to Sir Walter Scott. LOL!

ITA that Rog is going to be pissed off Big Time when he finds out he's the only one who didn't know. He can also blame that disgusting temper of his for it!

JS did look ill and yet he was a trooper. On the other hand, it may have given him another reason to live, doing what he loves best despite having to recuperate. I'm certain the cardiologist was on set and allowed only a finite number of minutes for him to get through the taping!

Emarie: I've seen "Bruno" a few times. In "Valeria", he was a bad guy that repented and became a good guy... then died. He was also in "Sortilegio", at first a scheming type (not evil like Bruno) that got screwed over by his cohorts... he was put into a coma and then died.

He was also in "Accoralada" (sp?), not really a bad guy but a bad boy. Married two young women who turned out to be media hermanas, lol!

He also played a doctor in Gabriel Amor Inmortal.

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