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Amor Bravío #146 (Uni 141) Thu 3/14/13 Amor Despedido

Agustina walks in on the face-sucking duo of Dio and Isa…in the bedroom!  She gives Dio one good smack for it, then starts telling Isadora off.  Isadora is unrepentant.  Agustina threatens to tell Cayetano, but Dio roughly pulls her back into the room and dismisses Isadora.  Before she leaves, she throws it in Agustina's face that she was ridiculous to think a playa like Dio would ever want her.  "Tell her all about our hot nights together under her roof!"  Agustina cries and asks why he married her if he never loved her. 

Out in the hallway, Isadora says it's about time Augie found out so she can have Dio to herself.

Agustina keeps yelling at Dio, about having trusted him, taken him to La Malquerida, put him above her daughters.  Dio tells her to shut it already.  She enjoyed being with him, so she can just cut it out.  Agustina demands to know how long he's been cheating on her.  Dio won't answer.  He's in the middle of a dinner to ask for his daughter's hand, and no one's going to run in that for him, so she can shut up the easy way or the hard way.  "What's the difference?"  Dio pulls out a tie and brandishes it in front of Agustina.

Camila calls Mariano to tell him that Daniel is leaving for good this time.  She doesn't think he'll leave Miriam.  Miriam's such a good person it would be unfair.  Mariano is in on the Miriam love-fest.  He suggests Camila try to not be there when they leave. He invites her to Buenaventura for a ride or whatever.  Camila tells him she's going to El Pasteje for an estate sale.  Hipolito will go with her, but she doesn't know how long she'll be gone. Mariano insists on going with her.

Daniel plays with baby Agatha and tells her they're going back to Chile because that's what Miriam wants.  He worries it will be hard for Agatha when Miriam's gone, but he doesn't know when that will be. "We have to enjoy the time we have left with her.  Mostly you."  Agatha cutely yawns at him.  Caridad overhears Daniel telling Agatha that Miriam has an incurable disease.

Yago is enjoying the meal.  Natalia brags that she's learning to cook all sorts of tasty things for him.  Cayetano thinks it's odd that Dio and Agustina have disappeared on them.  Dio comes back and says they'll have to excuse Agustina.  Her blood pressure or sugar went down or something and she's lying down.  He passes on "Agustina's" message that they continue enjoying their dinner.  Dio tells Natalia he's glad to see her so happy.  "Yago, you have to treat her like a queen…and call me 'Father-in-law.'"

Augie is lying on the floor with her hands tied to the bed. 

Vivi tells Rafa that his editor called for his guest list.  Roman is hiding in the room.  He's been waiting to read to Rafa and practicing his voices.  Rafa brags on Roman for being so smart and forbids him from accepting insults from anyone ever again.  The happy little family all snuggle up together and Roman starts reading.

Dio tells Isadora that Agustina is locked up.  Isa giggles over this, but Dio's not in the mood for jokes. He doesn't know what to do with her just yet.  Isa suggests threats.  Dio will take care of it, but her reminds Isa she has work to do too--getting Buenaventura.  Cayetano is feeling tired and is ready to go home. Isa blames travel and stress.  Everyone starts leaving.  Amanda asks to say goodbye to Agustina, but Dio heads her off.  After hugging Natalia goodbye, Dio makes yet another veiled threat about Yago keeping her happy.

Augie hasn't managed to free herself by the time Dio gets back.  "See how I always get what I want?  I hope it's clear that it's not convenient for you to talk about what you saw or you'll face the consequences." He leans over her with a pillow like he's going to smother her, then slips the pillow behind her head and tells her to sleep well.  He locks the door with a key as he leaves.

Hipolito is helping Daniel pack his family's stuff into the back of the truck.  Hipolito knows how much Daniel doesn't want to go.  Daniel says there's a part of him that never wants to leave, but he's really not coming back this time.  Hipolito reminds him that only God knows.  Rodolfo shows up with something addressed to Daniel and Camila.  Daniel looks and says it's something only Camila knows what to do with.

Agustina spent the night tied to the bed, but by morning she's managed to get herself free.  She crawls to the door and through the door she tells Judith she got locked in somehow and asks for help.  Judith says she's going for the key.  Agustina hurriedly makes herself look presentable before Judith gets in.  She asks if Agustina's feeling better after yesterday.  She offers to bring Agustina breakfast or find Dio for her.  Agustina declines the offer to find Dio, but accepts some tea.  She begs God for help.

Camila texts her mother that she's going to Pasteje for an auction and she'll try to get back today.  Daniel goes to Camila's cabin to say goodbye.  They're supposed to have left, but Mriram and Agatha aren't ready to go yet.  Camila reminds him she didn't want to say goodbye again.  He knows, but Daniel just came to bring her the pictures from their wedding.  "The only proof of our love," Daniel calls them.  He says nothing is ever going to be able to erase their love.  It's tattooed on their souls and they'll never be able to hide it.  Camila offers to look at the pictures with him.  He sits down, but he's looking more at her than at the pictures.  We get treated to/tortured by a series of wedding photos.

Agustina runs into Omar in the hallway.

Daniel apologizes for Camila getting sad.  He says he just thought it was right for them to see the pictures together at least once.  Camila agrees it was nice to see them together.  Daniel can't stand to see her crying.  Camila says she's going to ask him for something that's wrong--she wants a proper goodbye and one last kiss.  Daniel obliges….

Agustina tells Omar she has a doctor's appointment.  He says he'll take her, as Dio wouldn't forgive him for letting her go alone.  Agustina tries to pull rank and apparently succeeds.  Omar hands her her car keys and reminds her to take her purse--minus cell phone.

Daniel walks out after what was definitely more than one kiss, without saying anything.  Camila scatters the pictures and cries.

Daniel pulls out a picture he filched.

Luzma wakes up and starts looking around for Pablo.  He's not in their room.

Pablo shows up at Mariano's house.  His mom tells him she's sad that she wasn't there when Yago asked for Natalia's hand.  Pablo says he and Mariano will spoil her until Yago comes around.  He's trying to hide his wound, but Ana sees it.  He gives the "I hit myself with a door" excuse and changes the subject to the house.  His mom asks why Luzma isn't there.  Pablo says she had trouble sleeping last night, so she slept in.  Mariano doesn't think Pablo looks like he slept either.  Rocio and Ana beg Pablo to tell Luzma to come spend the day with them.

Natalia, who seems to have taken to wearing animal prints, comes into the kitchen and giddily thanks her mother for being such a good sport lately.  Amanda tries to hint that kids don't always know what's good for them and begs Natalia to trust her.  Natalia is wondering how Agustina is doing this morning.  They both want to thank her for the dinner.  Amanda is planning to call her after breakfast.  Natalia goes to get her notebook to write down more of her mother's recipes.  She thinks if she cooks a great meal every night, Yago will always want to come home for dinner.  Poor deluded girl.  I don't even cook dinner and Mr. 5ft still comes home every night.

Luzma comes down to the kitchen looking for Pablo.  Hipolito knows Pablo went to Mariano's house.  Luzma mentions Yago was going to ask for Natalia's hand last night.  Rodolfo storms out of the kitchen.  Hipolito warns everyone to leave him alone and let him cool down.  Everyone starts talking about her hitting Pablo, but Luzma is surprised to hear that Pablo has a big 'ol lump on his head.

Mariano offers to take Pablo back to La Malquerida since he wanted to pick up Camila.  He wants to hear the real story, which Pablo tells him.  Pablo thinks Luzma's  memories are stronger than her love.  He doesn't know when the nightmare will be over, but he feels like he's losing her and he doesn't know what to do.

Rodolfo swears that if Yago makes Natalia suffer, he'll kidnap her and take her away to the end of the world, even if she doesn't want to go.

Luzma is heading back upstairs when she runs into Mayalen.  Luzma asks to meet her by the lake in the afternoon so no one can hear them talk.  She's made a decision she wants to talk to her about.  "Tell Pablo I'm in my room when he gets back."

Amanda calls the house and asks for Agustina.  Omar tells her that she left.  Dio, in Hef's robe, asks who left, who let her out.  He screams for Judith, who admits she unlocked the door.  "If she was locked in the bedroom it was for a reason!"  Amanda is hearing all this, but puts down the phone before she hears him fire Judith.

Natalia makes excuses, saying Amanda must have heard wrong.  Amanda is convinced and she's calling the ranch to see if anyone's heard from her.

Pablo comes into their room.  Luzma is upset about what she did to him.  She says it's just not working.  She can't forget what happened and Pablo's the one getting hurt.  "I'm making you suffer!"  Pablo wants to keep working on it, but Luzma thinks last night proved they can't keep working on it.  She thinks if alcohol didn't help and she ended up hitting him, then they can't live together.  "We aren't and we never will be a real couple."  She's made up her mind, so Pablo can go wherever he wants, but she's going back to her room in the servants' quarters where there's no room for him.  She thinks she's just facing reality.  She says he's the love of her life, but they have to separate before they do any more damage.

Mayalen was out in the hallway and heard the argument.

Luzma runs out to the fountain and cries.

Camila is just finishing up with her packing when Mariano comes in.  He notices she's been crying, but she doesn't want to talk about it.  Camila says she's just too tired.  She needs to start over already. Mariano understands and says he won't bring it up again.

Everyone is leaving at the same time.  Miriam stops to see Camila and Mariano get into his truck.  She waves, but Camila doesn't even turn her head.  Miriam's really bothered by it.  She says at least Mariano said goodbye, even if it was from the truck.

Tomorrow: Agustina is free; Dio has Agustina arrested.


Ay, Luzma! I knew the whole "I'll just get drunk, that'll fix it!" plan was a bad one to begin with. I also disagree with her that it's any kind of definitive proof that she'll "never" be ok. And what's she gonna tell Mayalen..."Distract my husband for me so he doesn't care that I've left him"? Like that's going to work!

I'm glad Agustina got out, though I was almost certain Dio had told Omar not to let her leave. It's not like Omar would have refused the order. Doesn't seem like the kind of oversight Dio would make.

Too bad she's just going to end up locked up again tomorrow night, from the looks of it.

OMG! I'm so sad I missed one heck of an episode! Thank you 5ft for an excellent recap!

I'm very worried for Pablo and Luzma. What could she possibly want to tell that confianzuda Mayelen? I'm starting to feel a little annoyed at how easily Luzma seems to give up happiness. I know she went through something horribly traumatic but c'mon! Pablo loves her, she could try a little harder.

Can't believe Dan is actually going back to Chile, I thought Abram would stop them from returning since he stated he didn't want Miriam to go back while he was in jail.

I'm just shocked and appalled by the way Dio treated Aggie! He is despicable. I feel bad for poor Agustina. I couldn't stand her at times but she does not deserve to be tied up like a dog.

Things are just getting worse and worse and some of those advances they showed on Wed night looked intense! Can't wait for Friday night's episode!

I can't wait for the final. These villains have DEFINITELY overstayed their welcome especially PISSADORA. You can only get away with so much for so long, we will wait and see.

Luzma and Pablo need to get their stuff straight. Leoncio is such a pig, he would traumatize his own niece. He is ALWAYS the worst of the villains in every novella he is in! (cough*bouffy*cough)

Looks like almost the end of the line for Agust.I hope there is some redemption.

Que Bonito Amor is looking better and better everyday!

-Charly <3

I don't really think Agust is finished yet we will just have to wait and see though

Thanks, 5ft! "We get treated to/tortured by a series of wedding photos." Had to chuckle along with you there! FF>> material if ever there were, but interesting to note that the pix Dan filched was them in their wedding day finery. Primed for a Miriam QTH discovery?

I was thinking the same thing when I saw him take that photo. Combine that with Caridad overhearing Daniel talking about Miriam having a fatal condition and we have a recipe for two discoveries and a fight.

El Diablo will only get nastier from this point on. We have to hope that Nat will catch him in a moment like that.

Good idea, Jardinera, about the photo. I hope you're right. I'm more than ready for the big reveal. I was so hoping Miriam would walk in on Cam and Dan last night. That was one long kiss, a big window of opportunity.

Last night's scene with Augustina was terrifying, even though I knew that she would wriggle out of it. The lesson here: Do not live under the same roof as a suspected murderer! Que estupida! (If I said that right, I'm learning TN speak.)

I'm hoping that Amanda's phone call to Omar, and what she overheard, will be the catalyst for Natalia's return to her senses.

I'm not ready for this TN to end, but I'm past ready for Natalia and Miriam to find out what's going on.

Kat- I’m so glad you got such an eventful episode to recap last night.

Poor Gussy! She is really paying for her willful blindness now. And of course, all this is going down just when Cam is going away on a possible overnight trip—exactly the reason why Cam was hesitant to go away in the first place. I was so relieved when she got free, but biting my nails like Al when she ran into Omar. Judith is way too sweet to work for Dio. He’s doing her a favor by firing her.

Dan was not happy to see that Mariano is going with Cam on that possible overnight trip.

I was impressed by the restraint Cam and Dan showed by not letting that kiss turn into something else…with a bed so close by. But that was some kiss! Very much like their first one—even down to that bit where Cam pulls away a little and Dan pulls her back in. Of course, that first time, she ran away right after, but this time it’s Dan who walked away.

ITA- That wedding photo Dan took will end up in Miriam’s hand. Bad move on Dan’s part. But I enjoyed that walk down memory lane of the beautiful wedding.

As for PabLuz—Pablo was sounding like a battered spouse, making up that excuse about walking into a door. Luzma shouldn’t give up. It’s time for her AND Pablo to start seeing the psychologist together.

Gracias Kat. I love the word filched. All I could think when Dan jammed that (oversized) snapshot into his backpocket was what it would look like after it went through the washer and dryer. But, of course Miriam doesn't do laundry, so how would she ever find it. I'm really worried about Augie now, but at least she's temporarily out of harm's way. That hovering pillow scene was just a tease. I knew they still had to develop the investment scam story and that she has to be around for that. Looks as thought it will unfold tonight.And did you say (my Spanish isn't good enough to have caught this) that Cami texted Augie about her travel plans. That would mean that Dio might actually get the message, Yikes. I hope Mariano is half the man that Dan is. Gotta get to work now, I'll peek in later. —Agnes

5 ft. -- as always, thorough, clever and funny. And what an episode.

I was pleased to see Agustina show some grit, even in her nervous way. She is going to need it tonight. Was I imagining things or was Daniel back at the ranch once again in the previews, the scene where the police come for Aggie?

Great scenes between Daniel and Camila. You can feel the pain. SN has done such an excellent job of looking worn out physically and emotionally. She needs some relief so badly.

I mentioned before that in El Manantial, there is a similar need for a young woman, played by Adela Noriega, to recover from a rape in order to have a relationsip with her spouse (who is that case is related to the rapist). There's no psychologist, this was a few years ago, only the violent end of the rapist at the hands of someone who contributed to his prestige. This makes me wonder if the resolution will be the death of Leo, who surely seems likely to escape prison, will be at the hands of Piedad. Piedad has already atoned for defending Leo early on, but as Luzma's parent, perhaps she will have to do the deed for Luzma to have any peace. This is so not a spoiler and assumes that a violent end of Leo is Luzma's only hope.

The photo in the back pocket. This tn will live up to its creative and unusual plotting if this is NOT the way that Miriam gets to the truth.


Thanks for a great recap Five Foot. Loved it.

Luzma is displaying classical signs of sexual assault PTSD, and it won't just go away. It will probably only get worse, and she thinks she's permanently damaged goods---never be able to satisfy Pablo so why not have Mayelen "take care" of him? Typical assault survivor mentality. So c'mon writers, let's have some scenes of Luz and Pablo with a therapist working on this because that's the ONLY way it can be healed. This is absolutely not about the victim "trying a little harder." In fact, that's what sexual assault survivors always tell themselves: "try harder." This trauma is buried deep in the nervous system. It's biological as well as psychological. She'd probably cut off her arm if it would cure her, but nothing except a lot of long, hard emotional work will. My heart breaks for her.

Great comment, Dona G. How wonderful if these good writers would take this kind of realistic and important turn in resolving the story of Luzma and Pablo..

DonaGringuita, you are so right about Luzma's "problem" In addition to the actual injury she suffered, she's now obsessing about being permanently scarred. It's going to be tough to work that through. Especially because she was a virgin and has nothing to compare it with. I think they are doing a good job here showing how extremely damaging this kind of experience actually is—not glossing it over and saying silly platitudes about time heals all. It will take work to undo and allow her to move on. I would imagine the death of Leo might be a catalyst, but still and all, it's her body and self-image she has to deal with.

The thing is, Luzma IS seeing a psychologist (although we haven't been privy to the sessions). The psychologist, and the Padre, and Pablo (and everyone else), are telling her that this will take time. But she's the one who feels she should be able to get over it already and is putting all this uneeded pressure on herself. And by doing that, she's driving a wedge between her and Pablo that doesn't need to be there. He's not the one pushing the sex issue. She is. But he definitely needs to be seeing the doctor too, so that they can both get guidance and so that they feel like they are working through this together. Luzma is taking all the responsibility on herself, and Pablo feels useless (something men hate) and unable to help.

Traveling Lady, I agree that probably the writers will have Luzma kill Leo-Cerdo and convince us that that makes Luzma "all better." I think she could be greatly empowered by doing so, but the reality of the situation is that the perpetrator now lives "in" her, and even if she literally kills the external perp, she's got to deal with the one inside. Killing someone is traumatic, period. Rarely does a second trauma heal the first one, and if the writers try to convince us that it will, I will just chalk it up to telenovela fantasyland.

Vivi, I think you're right that Pablo needs to be involved in the therapy if only for support and to set some guidelines for what to expect as they work this through. Luzma has shame/rage/grief issues she seems barely aware of and her behavior is not untypical. Even though she could not hope for a better partner, much of her work is so deeply personal it can't really be shared. But a sensitive and experienced therapist should be able to structure this treatment effectively.

Agnes- ITA. The main emotional work will have to be done by Luzma, and Pablo has no role in that. But knowing how best to support her and having the doctor help them set guidelines, as you said, will be very helpful for them both.

Switching gears a bit...Rodolfo had quite the emotional meltdown this episode upon hearing about Nat's pedida. Do we think he's serious about taking Nat away, even if it's against her will, if Yago hurts her?

Vivi, I did feel so bad for Rodolfo last night. Still carrying that torch! Maybe, when all is said and done, we'll see a glimmer of the old Nat, the one we admired for her spunk and intelligence. The girl's got karma coming at her like a freight train, but we know deep down, she's could make a worthy partner for our Rod, once she learns that all that glitters is not the real deal.

Thanks 5ft. I have to rely on the recap because I have no time to watch and less time to comment today.

Just want to say that I hope that Aggie runs into Dan and tells him what happened. Then he would probably stay.
By the way, I thought Dan was going to stay until justice was served and Miriam was going back to Chile with the baby. But now he's leaving.


I don't think he is; Rodolfo is a straight arrow. As for whether he would kidnap Natalia against her will, he's not Bruno.

I'm sure he would welcome an excuse to beat Iagho to a pulp, though.


Thanks so much, Kat, for another terrific recap. It sure was an action-packed episode. I loved your "Poor deluded girl. I don't even cook dinner and Mr. 5ft still comes home every night." (I might add that I do cook dinner most nights, and Mr. Juanita still comes home, which may be just as remarkable. :-) )

Like you, I feared at first that Dio was going to smother Agustina with that pillow. Fortunately, the writers still wanted her around. Even though it looks as if she'll wind up in the carcel, at least temporarily, she may be safer there than at Dio's. Alas, Camila may not be so safe. Since Gussie's cell phone is still at Dio's, he's almost certain to see the message Camila texted to Gussie. Indeed, he could pretend to be Gussie and text her back and arrange to meet her and try to blackmail her into saving her mother by giving him La Malquerida. Then again, I'm not sure that scenario is so likely--since he's already called the police and made an accusation against her (presumably for the insurance fraud), I'm not sure there's a way of his undoing that without implicating himself. So perhaps his goal now is not LMQ but just Camila herself, if need be by force. Yuck! Surely there must be a TN rule that the protagonista cannot be kidnapped twice in the same TN? For that matter, is there ever more than one rape, or has Luzma used up the quota?

Speaking of Luzma, well, I'd rather not speak of Luzma. Others have already weighed in on what's happening. I've got nothing useful to add.

Vivi, ITA about Pablo feeling useless and that being something men hate. I just hope he continues to resist NG, in spite of her and, apparently, Luzma's efforts.

Not sure what to make of Rodolfo's vow to kidnap Natalia if Yago makes her unhappy. Did the writers have him say that as foreshadowing or are they just playing with us again?

As for Dan/Cam, the writers have given us two possible ways for Miriam to find out. Which one will do it? Or will she need both? Or neither? This TN has been so full of surprises....

Cathyx, the only reason Dan is leaving is Camila and Miriam both demanding it. It's also getting too painful for him to be near Camila.

What would make sense would be for Daniel to talk to Mariano about protecting Camila and Augustina, since it now also involves protecting his own interests in La Buenaventura. However, I don't think that will happen.

Juanita, there is no quota on rape. If you ever saw Abrazame Muy Fuerte or Fuego en la Sangre, those had multiple rapes, different victims. Same perp, however. Both of those stories had extremely brutal male villains.

Kat, as always thank you for your stupendous recap-- you always crack me.

If it were up to Dan; he'll never leave Mexico, much less LMQ but Cam wants him gone for what he provokes in her and Miriam wants to be in her own land and that's the best way to keep her calm -- but the Chile trip is easier said than done -- we'll see who really end up going ...

Pablo is the best man ever -- love this guy -- no matter what, his love for LuzMa is still intact.

Rodo (just made his first appearance in Corazon -- so hot)best potential boyfriend a girl can hope --so loyal and true--too bad Natonta took a detour to Yago.

What was Miriam's problem complaining on and on about Camilla not waiving goodbye?

Dan doesn't like Mariano around Camilla for whatever reason -- too bad dude; you chose your undead wife now live with your decision and move on -- but I still love you until the bitter end.


Excellent recap Kat... nice job as always.

So does Luzma think that Pablo is like a cute sweet puppy that just didn't work out so she is going to find a good home for him?



Many thanks, 5-footer, for yet another entertaining recap!

Poor Judith. She did not deserve to be fired for letting her patrona out of a room. Sheesh. Being fired or leaving a job without a reference is a huge obstacle to re-employment in Mexico, much worse than in our culture. I don’t know if this is a TN convention or just a particularity of this one, but the way people treat the servants in AB is a dead give away to a character’s character. I hope Judith connects with Augustina somehow, but I doubt it.

In this episode and last night’s I saw several new places or camera angles on the MalQ. What are they doing? Holding out on us?

Vivi, Pablo IS a battered spouse. Jus’ sayin’. But he is also a lot like a puppy. (LOL, Carlos!) So is she. And their love is puppy love. I have warmed up to this couple, but they are still the part that I FF through the second time I watch. They just don’t have enough depth to hold my interest.

That photo will end up in Miriam’s hands. Oh yes, it will.

Anita, yes, I had myself quite a good time the other night. I thought I was alone. ;)


Thanks, 5' L, Up to your usual high standards we all love about you, of course. I haven't commented on this story before today and missed a bunch of the middle episodes while I was in Mexico and Costa Rica but I am struck with the intelligence in the script. Of course I love the cast, even the best villains ever.
Today's discussion is so thoughtful about the possible outcomes for the many interesting threads of the story and the lives of many of the characters. I actually want to know what becomes of these people.
I am worried that PEAM may be mindless and shallow in comparison. I will savor the rest of this TN and settle for the joy of looking at TMBMOTP each night...

I have often wondered what happens to servants when they lose their jobs in Mexico because they also lose their homes. What happens if they don't have relatives to go to or if those relatives are also servants without homes of their own?

Cheryl, welcome aboard amiga. Good to hear from you again. You are so right about this show. It's been a blockbuster from so many points of view and we've been having a terrific time on the blog with stellar recaps and comments. I missed the whole summer, but caught myself up enough to jump back in. Loving it! I've noticed you're still photographing the great Southwest. Beautiful! —Agnes

Gracias 5ft., super as always.
Mr 5ft we all know is a gem.

I'm sure Dio didn't advise Omar o Judith, so why should he be mad at them?

I just hope he doesn't read Cam's text to Aggie. No telling what he would plan knowing Cam is on the road.

Leo dead would probably help in Luzma's recovery but Luzma killing him I don't think would, she is too religious to have that on her conscience. I would like that Pablo did it though.

Dan y Mir are going back to their house in town for now. He still has things to clear up before they go back to Chile, which of course will never happen.

5ft - Great recap.

Some have speculated that Omar might "turn." For the first time, I think he might too. He seemed to notice Dio was coming unhinged when he fired the maid.

I sure hope Luzma's plan for Mayalen is not to sic her on Pablo. Maybe her plan has something to do with his work. But whatever it is, Mayalen will use it as an op to get closer to Pablo.

Wondering where Dan plans to hide the photo.

If any of the good guys ends up killing Leoncerdo it will be in defense of someone else. A lot of the time a sleaze's death is accidental, like Bruno's was.

There will be lots of time to discuss this on Easter weekend, when the Karmageddon entry will be posted.

Niecie, I noticed that look on Omar's face, too! I though he might be thinking he was next to be fired. He's no dummy. It would shake up any employee to see a colleague summarily canned like that. I think he is definitely starting to have concerns about his job security and Dio's mental stability, not to mention his own risk of ending up in prison. They might not be large concerns yet, but he is smart enough to be proactive, I think.

I am fascinated by Omar's brooding mysteriousness. Oh, the secrets he could tell ... he knows just about everything bad Dio has done.

I wonder who has Augustina's cell phone, Omar or Dio? It was odd for him to know what was in or not in a lady's purse, I thought. Who rummaged through it, Omar or Dio? What else did they find? ;)


Another thought: Does anyone remember way back when Dan was Andres and working for Dio, did he and Omar ever interact? Was there a seed planted for Dan to ever be able to wedge open a crack in Omar's loyalty?

Camila asked the other night how could they ever prove Dio's involvement with the virus. Omar is how.

Dona G. I just want to clarify my comment about Luzma trying harder to make things work with her and Pablo. I didn't want to sound insensitive. ITA with your comment, I just feel like she gives up on their relationship too easily, first it was when Ileana came to town, she became totally insecure despite Pablo's assurances that he loved her and pushed him away. Then it was the issue of Pablo's mom being opposed to their relationship, then the rape and pregnancy. I feel like she pushes Pablo away instead of working with him.

"But she's the one who feels she should be able to get over it already and is putting all this uneeded pressure on herself. And by doing that, she's driving a wedge between her and Pablo that doesn't need to be there"

Vivi in DC, I love your comments! You read my mind and articulate the things I can't say.

Carolina, I think Daniel met Omar for the first time in episode 53, which I covered. I don't remember how much interaction they had after that, though.

Thank you 5Ft! You are a gem. Belated thank yous to Paquita, UA, and Mena (and Mena...what a gem you are to have completed such a lovely write up in the midst of an important meeting!!!)

I think this is a point in the story where I now FULLY understand what all of you mean by tightening the beanie (I have this image of a beanie with a vise grip on it). Agree with all of the Pablo/Luzma comments so far. What bothers me is why the issues weren't dealt with SOONER versus now that we are going into ultimos capitulos. Are we really to believe that the New Girl is really going to make in roads into any type of relationship with Pablo? I'm assuming this story line has some Public Service Value. If so, then why not show this couple working through the problem together? Why not show them in therapy together. If men in the US are so reluctant to go to joint therapy, I can only imagine that men in Latin America are even more reluctant (yes, I know...a broad generalization, but you know what I mean). The PSA would be so much more powerful if we had seen more active work on the part of the couple to address the scars that Luzma will have for the rest of her life. Abuse on any level is difficult to overcome. I think the writers missed an opportunity here.

I have to give credit to Cesar Evora. He sickened me last night. Such horrible lessons for Agustina to learn. I still believe that she doesn't deserve death, but it worries me.

Natalia...such a Super Blockhead. Yes, she looked quite nice the other evening with her hair up and channeling Hissadora with the dress. My first impression was : look quite nice and a little more grown up. My second impression was: Ok. You look like Wilma Flintstone (maybe even Pebbles) and all you need is a huge raw bone sitting on the top of your head.

Opening one's eyes can be so very, very painful, can't it?

I certainly hope to follow this wonderful group to the next story.


Thanks 5ft for a great recap. I also thank ALL recappers for this TN because you all are terrific! I hope you all stick with the next one with Jorge Salinas. Although I don't like the 10 pm time slot, I'm thinking that PEAM is, and will continue to be, just too stupid. I have to put Amores in the same category, although sometimes I watch it... for the nicknames like "Dances with Sunglasses" and "KendHo" and others.

Love to you all!! I'm off to watch the episode now.....

Good one, Fatima! All she needs is to dye her hair red to be Pebbles Flintstone.

I hope she has a club made from a T-Rex or bronto bone to club Hissadora with if it comes to that.

I don't think Rodolfo would kidnap Nat against her will, even if it is to protect her. I can see Eleuterio the next day saying, "So, you really plan to take Nat away?" and Rodolfo answering, "Nah, I was just venting. You know me and you know I wouldn't do a thing like that! I was just feeling frustrated and angry at the hurt I KNOW she's going to suffer."

Maybe Judith can go to LMQ for a job and become a substitute Scooby - I bet she also knows about quite a few of Dio's skeletons, having had access to his 'closets.'

I agree that killing el cerdo won't free Luzma, but maybe if Pablo does it in defense of someone (Luzma/Piedad) and becomes emotionally upset at having killed, Luzma will help HIM. If she's taking care of Pablo and helping him through his feelings of guilt, etc, her mind will be on caring for HIM and maybe she would be helping herself without realizing it.

I hope she doesn't "offer" Pablo up on a platter to Mayelen. That is SO a TN cliche - sacrificing one's happiness for the sake of the other! And it's not even what will make Pablo happy, she's just blinded by her anguish at possibly making him suffer for her inability to "get over it" - as though that were so easy.


Cuenta regresiva -- 20 capitulos!

UA, thanks for reminding me of that encounter, but I was thinking of earlier, or a time when they might have spoken, like when Andres went to Dio's house and bumped into Leoncio there maybe he also bumped into Omar? Or that time also in Dio's house when Dio held the gun to Andres' head? Or for the shooting lessons? I'm drawing a blank and probably clutching at straws and chasing a wild goose as well.

Fatima, I was thinking of maybe upgrading my beanie to a crash helmet. :)

UA, High Five!!

Carolina...LOL! That would be SO much more appropriate...crash helmet versus beanie! :))

I've said this several times already, but with only 20 capitulos to go, this "Viewer" will be VERY unhappy if Paquita's Rodolfo is treated as "Second Best".

Natalia Blockhead Ferrer, does NOT deserve Rodolfo. That is just not fair...not fair, I tell you!

Fatima :)

With only 20 eps to go, it's hard, but I agree that Rodolfo should not be second best. The BEST thing that could happen would be if he somehow was able to get over Nat and find someone else that he does deserve (too bad nobody currently exists here for him - not Mayelen and definitely not Ileana). Then I wouldn't care what happens to Natalia - whether she marries Yucko or not.

I've been wrong many times but I think that if Luz offers Pablo to NG, I believe NG will actually try something to keep them together. I think she really sees how much Pablo loves Luz.

5ft: loved your recap, as always. Love the comment about Mr. 5 ft.

I didn't think Dio would kill Agustina. He always has others do his dirty work. Frankly, I think he's a coward underneath.

It seemed to me Omar was, perhaps?, deliberately holding the phone so Amanda could hear what was going on.

I was actually angry at the writers last night when Dio started ranting at Omar and Judith about Agustina's escape. If you expect someone to be held prisoner, you could at least tell your main henchperson. This, along with the suddenly reading his briefcase password outloud in a previous ep, is sloppy writing. Dio has consistently done stupid things, but it was always out of arrogance, not stupidity. I also feel the pacing has changed--abruptly. I assume to get everything in before the end.

Loriloo: love your idea about the Pablo/Luz/NG situation.


OT: not really liking FC's new TN--so far. Not sure I can get used to a comedic one. Not fond of broad/slapstick kind of comedy. FC is good though.

My actual point: does anyone know if there is going to be an previously-aired TN starting to repeat in the afternoons within the next month or so? I've become leery of the two new ones coming since no one seems to likes that Meija guy's stuff.

Great recap 5ft. Thanks!

Niecie, I don't think that Dan will hide the photo. I think that there will be a LaMal emergency and Dan will do a quick charro suit presto chango and leave the jeans with said photo hanging out in plain sight.

Also, it would be interesting if they don't leave LaMal because Gussie comes driving up. Miriam could go to Camila's house for some reason and see the photos all over the floor.

Or Cardiac will get curious and start listening to Dan and baby more closely. One day she'll be doing the wash and will drop the basket. Mir will demand to see what she's hiding in her hand, and voila!

*Caridad* (Auto complete error.)

Thanks so much Kat.

Wow, what an episode and add me to the list of those concerned about Agustina. I hope she's "safe" in jail but Dio slipped in there too.

Also thanks to Paquita and Mena for your recaps.

Dio sure can't fire Omar, he knows too much, he would have to kill him. Dio doesn't kill, he gets someone else to do his dirty work.
When Dio hired Dan, didn't he want him to kill someone, I just can't remember who.
Vivi, I know you remember.

I really did gasp at seeing Aggie tied up. What will she do? TG she got outta there.

Variopinta -- Dio hired Andres Duarte (Dan) to kill himself Daniel Dias Acosta (Aaron - pretend Dan)


Variopinta, Good point! Of course Dio couldn't fire Omar. What was I thinking. But Omar could still turn on him, especially if Dio is jailed and Omar doesn't want to go down with him.

Didn't Dio want Dandres to watch out for and shoot himself on sight? That was the best bit of absurdity of this whole show. I think he also just wanted Dan to feed him info, and he did bring him some inconsequential stuff once or twice.

I'm restraining myself from saying anything about the Rafa and Vivi scene. I'm not going to comment on the horror either of thinking yourself peacefully in your bedroom with your partner and then having Roman pop up from underneath the bed, or of Roman announcing that he's learned to do different voices (that all sound exactly the same).

If the El Pastaje is selling off its herd, shouldn't the sinister developers already be sending Dionisio a text that, sorry, they've already got a rancho and they have no use for the Malquerida or the Buenaventura?

And right, Dionisio, every criminal mastermind fires his servants, letting them know that the reason he's letting them go is because they didn't keep his wife locked up in the bedroom. The only reason both Dionisio and Isadora work as characters is because they are played so extraordinarily well. On paper, the characters stink--they're the klutziest villians ever.

I think Daniel did see Leoncerdo there once, but I don't remember exactly what episode.

Leoncerdo shot Daniel and Pablo in or around episode 65, if that helps.

Soyyo, I love your clever remark about Judith becoming a Scooby: "I bet she also knows about quite a few of Dio's skeletons, having had access to his 'closets." Judith looks awfully strait-laced to me. Perhaps it's just the influence of her work environment, but it would be nice if she could relax a little. A stint with the Scoobies would do it, but I'm afraid she's too much of a minor character for that to develop. I would love to have seen more of her. But I've been predicting that Omar would "turn" simply because he's a crook and he knows just how far loyalty will go (not very when the chips are)

when the chips are down. [Sorry]

UtahDesert- If Dio and Isa were better at what they do, then the audience would be upset. Many here felt they were getting too many wins. I still feel like the two of them have been utter failures and have been foiled time and time again.

As it is, they both have been very good at making sure there is no proof against them for the things the good guys are accusing them of. That is their strength. But in most other tns, the bad guys get away with a crap load of stuff, and the good guys are completely clueless about it all till the end. Our good guys are very well informed, and even have cops and lawyers involved (also something the good guys tend to fail to do in most tns). They just need to find some proof that stands up legally, or can't be intimidated (e.g. Dona Chonita).

And yes, CE and LC are great at what they do, which makes watching their villains extremely entertaining.

Can anyone tell me the song title and singer of the song played when Camilla and Dan were reviewing the wedding pictures. The male singer of the song continues singing the same song after Dan leaves Camilla's bedroom and when Dan is reviewing the single picture that he took from the stack of pictures.

Carlos Macias -- Amarte asi

Right, Andres Duarte was supposed to kill Daniel Diaz Acosta, himself.

GoBlueFan- It's “Amarte Así” by Carlos José Macías Núñez

Amarte Asi

Tú que caminas a mi lado,
y sonríes al silencio cuando el día está nublado,
no permitas que me suelte de tu mano,
Que tu ausencia es un dolor que me hace daño.

Tú que sostienes la mirada,
cuando el miedo se desliza dentro de nuestras palabras,
tu mi mar, mi libertad, mi vida entera,
La mujer que yo soñé, mi compañera.

No pido más que amarte así,
hoy tengo el alma tan aprisionada a ti,
tú me das lo que yo quiero, tú que reinas en mis sueños,
mi luz, mi libertad, mis ganas de volar,

No pido más que amarte así,
hoy tengo el alma tan aprisionada a ti,
tú me diste nueva vida, y curaste mis heridas,
no pido mas

Tú que sostienes la mirada
cuando el miedo se desliza dentro de nuestras palabras,
tu mi mar, mi libertad, mi vida entera,
la mujer que yo soñé, mi compañera,

No pido más que amarte así,
Hoy tengo el alma tan encarcelada a ti.
tú me das lo que yo quiero
tú que reinas en mis sueños,
mi luz, mi libertad, mis ganas de volar,

no pido más que amarte así,
yo tengo el alma tan aprisionada a ti
tú me diste nueva vida, ya no me duele mis heridas,
no pido mas


I have been remiss in updating the song list. These are the new songs since I last updated the list:

“Si te Marchas” by Merche- sad love theme for Natalia and Yago

“Olvidarte Jamas” by Carlos José Macías Núñez- sad love theme for Cami and Dan

“Mil Vidas” by Carlos Macías and Fernanda Castillo- sad love theme for Cami and Dan

“Paranormal” by Original Banda El Limón- love theme for Piedad and Hipolito


Here is the old song list:

“Cuando Manda el Corazon” by Vicente Fernandez- main theme song for Cami and Dan and the tn

“Tan Sólo Pido” by Samo- love theme for Luis and Cami

“Te Digo Adios” by Laura Pausini- sad love theme for Miriam and Dan

“Jamás Abandoné” by Laura Pausini- love theme for Miriam and Dan

“Divina Tú” by Carlos José Macías Núñez- love theme for Cami and Dan

“El Hombre Más Hermoso” by Ale Rojas- love theme for Dan and Cami

“Amarte Así” by Carlos José Macías Núñez- sad love theme for Cami and Dan

“Te Odio” by Sofi Mayen- love/hate theme for Ximena and Al

“Quisiera” by Silikon- sad love theme for Pablo and Luzma

“Volver a Creer” by Silikon- love theme for Pablo and Luzma

“Qué no Daría” by David Cavazos- love theme for Rafa and Cami

“Algo de Ti” by David Cavazos- love theme for Rafa and Vivi

“Amando sin Amar” by Juan Pablo Manzanero- sad love theme for Mariano and Cami

“Tu Perfume” by Carlos José Macías Núñez- love theme for Mariano and Cami

“Todo No Es Amor” by Merche- ironic (sad with a bouncy tune) love theme for Natalia and Yago

“Quererte me Hace Bien” by Original Banda El Limón- love theme for Rodolfo and Natalia


Vivi & renata, you guys rock! I would never be able to find those songs without your able assistance.


This comment has been removed by the author.

Carolina--Emilia probably can't knit crash helmets. Think about lining your beanie with titanium. Most of us have one of those handy for emergencies.

UtahD--I did indeed appreciate your not commenting on the Rafa-Vivi-Roman scene. It kind of reminded me of LQNPA when Margarito turned up under the covers of Rogelio & Cupcake's bed the next morning. He's another little kid who didn't speak with an inside voice. Another annoying little kid was Diego in La Esposa Virgen.

The most impressive kid I've seen in a tn was Matias, in Montecristo, who was supposed to be about 10 years old, played by Carlos Hays. I don't think he's done anything since (and probably a teenager now), but he was great. (I didn't watch Abismo, but I did the first few eps with the trio that played the protagonistas as children. They were good.)

UA--There's a suggestion for a future Weekender--annoying little kids vs. kids who are really good actors. I can't believe that the writers write them to be intentionally annoying or the directors that can't direct them. Ah well, what do I know of tn productions (except what I see).

LXV--The complete list of songs was (and still is) on Operation Shine the Light I (from October).

Ooops, I will add the new ones, Vivi.

Thanks for the song info Vivi. I'll go back and check it out. And Anita, I had completely forgotten about that obnoxious Margaro. But really, Roman takes the cake for monotone screaming. (poor kid). And isn't he a bit big to be playing pigpile with his "parents". I just keep saying my telenovela mantra: "suspend your disbelief and everything will be right as rain". Try it; it works just as well as beanie tightening and without the side effects.

Nanette, you were very politically correct in saying "henchperson" vs. "henchman" in your comment @ 4:11!

Just funnin' around and enjoying the recap and comments, no offense.


Anita, I will leave that topic to you because I can't think of enough of them.

As I said last week, I am on hiatus for weekend topics today because of St Patrick's Day obligations. Due to time constraints I think the priority needs to be Monday night's article, which will be ready on time.

Perdon, disculpeme (as FC keeps saying). I put in a spoiler. At least everyone will know tonight.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Five Foot--Primero, thank you Mr. Cinco Pie for letting the Mrs. participate in this grand Spanish Support Group exercise. May she continut to make culture-appropriate dinners for you. Segundo, thank you 5ft.Latina for the terrific recap, starting right off with 'face-sucking duo.' Yuck yuck yuck.

Poor Gussie. Did she just stand there and let him tie her up? She's surely got some gumption left in her, unless Omar had to hold her down. Shiver, shiver. That ploy with the pillow was meant to scare Gussie, not us. We knew all the tn ploys.

Can't wait to see what it is that keeps Dan et al in Mexico.

Sure hope Caridad does something with that information she heard.

Nuff said by others about the fake pedida dinner. I wonder what fabulous dishes Gussy ended up having fixed and what was for dessert.

Carlos--you continually give us new ways to think about things and in so few words. Here's to your health - Arriba Tofu.

I couldn't bear that kiss last night. It was just too emotional. It *was* wrong of Camila to ask for it, but I think she wanted Dan do know that pase lo que pase she does love him, physically and every other way.

Margaro. I was trying to think of that annoying kid's name. Roman is just as bad. Seriously if there's another obnoxious orphan in my next novela (probably Que Bonito Amor) I'm turning it off.

Sue445, thanks for coming up with his name, I was trying to remember and was too lazy to look it up. Roman just started being annoying to me. He didn't used to shout like he is now. Margaro shouted every line.

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