Thursday, April 18, 2013

Qué Bonito Amor #3 (Mex 4-5.1) Wednesday 4/17/13 Maria becomes Santos’ Guardian Angel.

Some scenes were combined for continuity......

Straight to the new stuff:

Dateline….Los Angeles
Orange Julius Giuliano is at a public phone, calling in an anonymous tip that Michael Johnson is hiding out at the Hotel West Side Park.  He must be apprehended because he’s very dangerous

Jalisco No te Rajes Bar
Maria asks Santos if his friend will be able to help him.  Santos explains his friend will send him a money order (giro) and he assures her he’ll pay her for the call.  She tells him not to bother, it can’t be more than 30 pesos.  El Coloso walks up to interrupt them and wonders what it will take for Santos to leave—will he have to sing him Las Colondrinas, or what?  When Santos doesn’t show signs of leaving, Coloso makes reference to another Mariachi standard, El Caballo Blanco, and says, “Just as I release the reins to El Caballo Blanco and let him go, you’ll leave now.” (ref to lyrics in the song).  Santos assures him he was just saying goodbye.  One of the other Mariachi tells Coloso to stop hassling Santos and just let him leave.  Santos says his goodbyes to the muchachos.  Maria wishes him luck and hopes his friend comes through with his promises.  Santos knows he will, he’s like a brother.  He leaves and stops at the mural of La Virgen de Guadalupe and crosses himself.  He turns and flashes a smile at Maria but I’m not sure she saw him.  He signs and leaves.  Maria watches him leave, thinking she’ll never see him again.

Hotel West Side Park
Coppers surround the building!  The comandante (name?) and his second in command arrive and they enter the hotel as OJGiuliano watches from across the street.  The unsuspecting Michael is on the phone in his room ordering that giro when, BOOM, cops are knocking on the door.  He runs to the bathroom and flushes the info with Santos’ data on it before they can get to him (smart boy).  As they cart him away, Comandante growls at his 2nd in command and she stumbles away from him.  (Is she gonna be Mejia’s comic relief?)

Jalisco Bar
Santos reflects that he is now truly on his own.  He’s still bothered by that head injury and wonders where he’ll go now.  Maria joins him and they begin to chit chat.  She warns him not to wander past the bar, it isn’t a safe area.  He jokes he has nothing left for them to take and she says that will only make it worse because then the muggers will be angry.  She gets around to asking what he does in L.A.  He remembers Michael’s warning to reinvent himself and comes up with the story that he’s an auto mechanic and that he came here with a truck driver friend to deliver his load to Tepito.  He stayed on in D.F. to do some sightseeing when he was mugged.  The good thing is that he already has one night’s stay prepaid at the hotel.  She now understands his urgency to phone his friend.  He introduces himself to her as Jorge Alfredo Vargas (our first alias!) .  She likes the name Alfredo, it is a very musical name.  As they’re talking, she drops her keys and he stoops over to pick them up.  She notices his injury and sees it’s still bleeding.  Like the lost puppy he is, she asks him to come with her so she can patch him up.  He resists but she insists.  She lives only a few blocks away and can patch him up very quickly.  She couldn't sleep knowing he’s somewhere injured without another friend in the city but her.  He agrees and insists on carrying her little valise, saying that despite the circumstances of their meeting, he is still a caballero.  They leave and Pichi (Handlebars guy) has seen them walk off together.  Coloso and the rest of the Mariachi walk out together in civilian clothes.  (They’re talking a lot of jive in slang I don’t fully understand but I gather they’re talking about a card game maybe?)  Anyway, they turn to see Pichi standing there with his mouth and eyes wide open.  Pichi eventually tells Coloso that the new guy just left with Maria, carrying her valise no less, and they were headed in the direction of her home!  Coloso is none too happy to hear this. 

Los Angeles
Poor Michael.  They've got him in an interrogation room.  Comandante and his #2 discuss the situation.  Comandante doesn't believe Mike will talk.  She thinks his capture will at least take the heat off from their superiors and the media.  He knows they won’t let up until they've captured Santos Garza.  She figures Sherlock Holmes himself doesn't compare with a commandant as intelligent, clever (sagaz), and astute as he.  And surely he couldn't have been as handsome. (oh my)  He tells her to put her mind to her work and she suggests he look at his reflection. 

Maria and “Alfredo” end up walking through a sort of walk of fame of Ranchera music.  Santos isn’t familiar with them and she points out two:  Lola la Grande (Lola Beltran), and her favorite, Jose Alfredo (Jimenez).  She explains he wrote her favorite song, Que Bonito Amor, and she sings a few bars.  She tells him her stage name Perla isn't her real name, it’s the name given her hometown, Guadalajara (birthplace of Mariachi).  Her given name is Maria Mendoza.  “Maria, just like La Virgen,” he says “a beautiful name, just like you.”

They finally arrive at her home.   They stop briefly at the top of the stairs to cross themselves in front of the image of La Virgen de Guadalupe. 

He hesitates at the doorstop, not wanting to be a bother but she insists and of course he comes in.  She leaves him alone and he checks out the family photos as mariachi music plays.  When he gets to the enshrined Mariachi traje, we hear a bit of Pedro Infante singing Amorcito Corazon.  Maria explains the suit belonged to her late father.  We learn he was killed at a serenade.  She says he sang so beautifully.  He understands now where she got her artistic streak.  They stare at each other intensely but before anything can happen, she remembers she forgot to bring the alcohol and escapes to the other room. He’s standing in the living room alone when he suddenly hears mama’s voice calling for Maria. Amalia sleepily walks into the room and finds herself face to face with a stranger in her living room!  “What are you doing in my house!?”

Mysogynist Bar Somewhere in D.F.
The mariachi are drinking and playing some dice game.  Coloso is still seething over Maria going with the new guy.  They all begin to tease him and tell him to chill.  He wonders how they would feel if some guy took off with their woman.  One (name?) responds saying, “I don’t have just one woman and to make life easier, I only go around with married women.  Besides, I don’t remember Maria giving you the go ahead to call her your woman!”  Coloso is sure he will eventually win her heart.  He knows he needs to give the soup more “seasoning” but heck he hasn't had enough time.  Susano (trumpet guy) laughs, saying he’s been trying for over a year and nothing!  Someone says she has a way of attracting men without encouraging them.  Susano thinks this new guy may have something.  He noticed Maria may have been attracted to him.  Don’t know the name of the guy who picks up on the soup analogy, saying that to make a better sopa de ganilla, you have to have the right ingredients.  That to get a woman you must treat her right, even if she might be a bit damaged (ugh) as he caresses his guitar where it’s been taped.  He says one must know what song to sing to them.  Bottom line, he has a lot of “Viejas” because he knows how to win them over.  Coloso repeats he will make Maria his and he will destroy anyone who comes between them.

Back at Maria’s Depa
Amalia continues to scream at Alfredo.  Maria finally reappears and explains everything.  Amalia apologizes and gets into Florence Nightingale mode along with her daughter to take care of him. 

Los Mariachi Locos
Now Susano, that guy who’s name I don’t know, and Coloso are in his truck.  (Are those Mariachi bobbleheads?  I must have them) They continue to tease him, saying he couldn't possibly think that Ruben was his only rival.  Coloso starts to call Maria but the nameless guy stops him, saying it’s way too late to be calling her home and waking the whole family.  Coloso refuses to give up Maria.  If he didn't give her up to that Ruben, no way he’s gonna let her go to that penniless new guy.  Nameless Guy tells him it’s too late, he’s lost her already. 

Casa de Maria
Alfredo is in a lot of pain.  He takes off his jacket and notices Maria’s little sis Isa watching him with her doll.  She comes out and introduces herself to him.  Meanwhile Amalia scolds Maria for bringing him here so late at night.  She’s barely met him.  Amalia wonders why he’s here, what brings him here.  Maria explains he has no one here and his friend will send him money and then he’ll return to the U.S.  Amalia feels sorry for him.  They continue their first aid work.  Amalia leaves the room and Maria goes to put alcohol on his wounds.  Isa offers to hold his hand because it’s going to hurt.  She doesn't see when Maria drops something.  Alfredo and Maria both bend over to pick it up and they end up face to face almost in a kiss!  They break away and look at each other trying to understand what almost just happened.  Isa picks up the phone and it’s Coloso – she blabs that her sister’s friend is here.  Coloso demands to know if it’s Alfredo.  Isa asks and Alfredo is alarmed to think someone may know he’s here.  Maria tries to calm him down, saying no one could possible know he’s here.  Meanwhile, Coloso tells his buddies he’s going to go protect his territory!

Amalia wonders why Coloso would come over at this hour.  Isa explains it’s because he’s Maria’s novio.  Maria immediately refutes that idea.  He’s not her novio and he only insists he’s going to marry her because he’s stubborn.  Amalia thinks it may be time for Alfredo to leave.  He tells her he’s no coward and he’s not about to leave when Coloso is on his way there.  Maria also thinks its best for him to leave and offers to get him a taxi.  Alfredo refuses to leave before Coloso arrives.

Coloso is in his tricked out truck.  He can’t believe that pocho is at Maria’s house and at this hour!  The guys tell him to give it up already, he’s lost.  Coloso vehemently disagrees, saying el Coloso de Apodaca never loses! 

Back at Maria’s, Amalia tells Alfredo this has nothing to do with his bravery,  she simply doesn't want a scandal to occur in her house.   Maria explains people won’t understand why he was there at such a late hour.  Many of her neighbors are Mariachi that work with her.  He understands she’s protecting her honor.  Now he feels even worse for having come at such a late hour.  Amalia explains her daughter is noble and only wanted to help.  He will be eternally grateful for her help.  He apologizes again and turns to leave.  Maria insists on calling a cab for him and then gives him her number on a heart-shaped post-it.  She wants him to call her when he arrives at his hotel.  He resists but she persists, saying she somehow feels responsible for him. 

She walks him outside and he again thanks her profusely for all her help.  She’s been like his guardian angel and he’ll never forget it.  He hopes one day life will allow him to return the favor.  She asks if they’ll see each other again.  He’d like to but his future in Los Angeles is very uncertain at this time.  They finally part, his hand holding hers for a few seconds before finally parting.  She watches him walk away and they wave at each other.  As he disappears from view, she suddenly runs down the stairs.  Outside, Alfredo lets a very unhappy cab driver go since he doesn't have the fare.  Maria comes outside in time to see the cab turn the corner and she of course thinks he’s in it.

Coloso arrives in his over the top cursi truck.  She immediately lays into him.  What business does he have coming over here at this hour and raising such a fuss?  He asks her not to get all “gorilla” on him  (engorila – love this new word!) when she knows it’s just his jealousy.  She tells him that is not her fault.  He reminds how what he feels for her and that he doesn't like having rivals.  She says his only rival is his heart who is deceiving him.  Besides, Alfredo won’t be his rival.  He’s going back to L.A. tomorrow.  He’s bugged  to think she’s bothered by el Pocho’s leaving.  Nameless Guy tells him chill already, Pocho’s leaving.  Coloso finally says goodnight to her but she brings him back to tell him this will be the last time he will come to her house at this hour to raise a ruckus.  She warns him not to come looking for her…..cuz he’ll find her!  She goes back inside and Nameless Guy chides him for making her angry.  He tells him all “Viejas” are like that. 

Fancy Hotel de Lujo
Alfredo finally returns to his room looking for Don Rigo but he’s not there.  Don Rigo’s left him a note thanking him for his friendship.  Alfredo then pulls out the note from Maria and remembers how beautiful and sweet she is.  If only he could find a girl like her in L.A.  He starts to call her as promised but it’s already 4:00am.  He doesn’t want to call her at this hour and plops himself on the bed.  Across the moonlit sky, Maria is lying on the couch thinking it’s too bad Alfredo has to leave.  She would have liked to have known him better.  Split screen shows the star-crossed lovers thinking of each other as Chente croons “Que Bonito Amor”.  Alfredo picks up the phone again and again he doesn't call her.  Maria thinks back on the kiss that almost was.

The following morning, Alfredo wakes up with a huge smile on his face.  He gets up, still in pain and realizes it’s already 11:30am!!  The giro from Michael must surely be there by now. 

Well, uh, back in L.A. in some jail cell, Michael is distraught that he wasn't able to get that giro out to Santos.

In D.F., Alfredo/Santos finds out from the front desk there is no giro.  Darn!  He goes up the business center of the hotel.  In the lobby some old guy has recognized him as Santos Garza!  He has vowed vengeance and asks the front desk to get the police ASAP!  Santos is considering telling his mother where he is but knows he can’t send it via his e-mail.  He’ll have to create a new one.  Back in L.A., Mom is crying while holding her iPad.  She gets a message saying her “angelito” is ok and that she’ll soon receive a message. 

Casa de Maria
Maria’s worried.  She waited by the phone all night.  She knows something bad must have happened to him.  Amalia’s concerned she’s so taken with this stranger.  She doesn't blame her.  He’s educated, handsome, and charming.  But he arrived at that bar out of nowhere.  Bottom line, she knows nothing about him.  Maria’s accepted that as soon as he receives that giro from his friend, he’ll be gone.  She doubts he’ll call her before he leaves. 

Alfredo/Santos is still at the hotel wondering why Michael didn't send that money.  He notices a news item about Michael, saying he was arrested in connection with the Garza Cars case.  (and he’s a dentist, hmm).  Now he’s determined to get back to L.A. to help his friend. 

Casa de Maria
Maria is falling asleep at the table.  She looks at the unringing phone.  Amalia speaks frankly to her daughter.  Since when does she care so much for a stranger?  She thinks it’s mostly because Maria just wants to see him again.  Maria admits this is true.  Amalia thinks Alfredo must be a man of the world, a professional.  Maria laughs at this and gives her the auto mechanic story and that he came to D.F. only to help a trucker friend.  Amalia is shocked.  Alfredo a trucker? 

******then my feed was interrupted by the breaking news in Waco.  I hope this isn’t anything more than a tragic accident.  I don’t know how much more we can take.  Anyway, my broadcast was interrupted for a few minutes and I don’t know how much I missed*****

Santos/Alfredo is trying to get onto an elevator but he’s interrupted by some clown (literally) with birthday balloons and now he has to wait for another elevator.  Downstairs in the lobby the police have arrived, guns drawn, and are on their way up.  When they finally get there, they see the clown and then enter Santos' empty room.  I’m surprised they don’t shoot each other, they’re all standing there waving their guns around! 

Santos has made it outside and his heart skips a beat when a bellhop yells for another guest to stop – he’s left his credit card at the front desk.  Santos continues on his way.  He arrives at a park and thinks how everyone’s lives have been ruined.  Michael, Bruno and Arnold are in jail, his dad’s political career is in shambles, his sister’s wedding cancelled and his mother is devastated.  Everyone he loves has been impacted. 

He continues walking and again he has a heart stopping moment when a patrol car stops and the cops walk right past him to arrest a purse snatcher.  Whew!  He pulls out the heart-shaped note and thinks about calling Maria but he knows this would only put her in danger as well.  He finds some money in his pocket and walks on. 

Jalisco Bar
Maria is preparing for her performance but is deep in thought about Alfredo.  She just hopes he’s ok.  There’s a knock on the door!  She rushes to answer but it’s only one of the barmaids coming to tell her it’s almost time for her performance.  Maria says a silent prayer then rushes out to perform her song.

Santos/Alfredo is outside walking near the bar and is thinking of her as she sings a song (sorry don’t know the name of this one) that speaks to denying one’s past love.  “If anyone should ask about your past, it’s best not to mention me.  Tell them you've never cried.”  Basically, letting someone go.  Needless to say, she’s in tears by the end of the song.  Love the music in this TN!!!


I had a little problem tonight. I try to work ahead but wasn't able to find a feed so I had to recap it in real time, imagine that!

Anyway, I didn't have time to work out all the names so I apologize in advance.

PLUS, my broadcast was interrupted near the end. I don't think I missed much but was it explained who the old guy was that fingered Santos at the hotel?

I'm really loving the music. I absolutely adore Rancheras and the whole Mariachi thing. I think I was a singer in a past life. jaja

The old man was at the party in L.A. that was interrupted by the police in the opening episode, but his name hasn't been mentioned. There was no conversation indicating who he is to the Garzas or to the evil guys in L.A.

IMDb and Wikipedia list the L.A. cop as "Commandante Derecho" but do not list his female partner's name. Rosie Pelayo is the actress, but the character's name is not on either page.

I love the music in this. Whenever I go to a Mexican restaurant that has a band I always want to be on the main floor. However, a public serenade would embarrass the crap out of me.

Sadly, the gods did not give me the ability to sing ranchera or opera, which is the next thing up from it. I could probably scat like Ella Fitzgerald, but I want to sound like Aida Cuevas!

We crossed into episode 5 last night; I suspect tonight will be episodes 5 (part 2) and 6.

Check your e-mail.

Thank you, Paquita. What a nice summary with some good comments. My favorite: Misogynist Bar Somewhere in the D.R.!

A very good looking couple, our main duo, even if neither one looks quite as young as they are playing. The kewpie doll lipstick on Danna/Maria takes away from her natural beauty.

So far the story doesn't have a lot of interesting twists and turns (the clown had me going for a moment!), but heck, it's the first week.

The song Maria sang at the end is "Un Mundo Raro" and it was composed by Jose Alfredo Jimenez. I have Pedro Fernandez' recording of it.

BTW, although I don't have a real phobia about them, sending a clown to a hotel room with birthday greetings is guaranteed to start one.

The song you are referring to is called "Un Mundo Raro." It's beautiful. That is one of the best things about this TN, its music. I encourage you all to watch the original telenovela this one is based on, "La Hija del Mariachi." It is my favorite TN of all time.


Wonderful recap. I am so enjoying this one. I just love the music. I had to laugh at Don Concho when he was mouthing the music? He is so sour, he has a lemon face, lol.

Maria is so sweet. I don't like the Coloso and his I will make you mine line. I thought it was sweet when Maria's sister rang the doorbell at Gloria's and Rod came out looking around to see who rang the bell and she was giggling.

I also had to laugh when Mike flushed his cell phone and those papers down the toilet and they went down, lol.

And Guilo calling the cops and saying Mike was dangerous, lol. Like they wouldn't know that, maybe? Since he knows Santos?

The costumes in this are wonderful. The musicians and Maria's costumes are wonderful.

I am waiting for them to do El Rey. I have heard a dozen versions of it. I like Chente's best : )

I forgot my manners before, Paquita; this was definitely up to your usual high standard.

This may be a little soon, but I'm guessing that Oscar can have just about any woman in the place so he assumes Maria is accessible.

Just as El Clon provided jobs for every belly dancer in Rio de Janiero, will this series ultimately employ every mariachi in Mexico City? Will Don Vicente make an appearance? That would be cool.

Paquita, thank you for the fantastic recap. This has been so much fun so far with the over the top performances, wonderful music, and as you put it Coloso's "tricked out" "cursi" truck. That was truly somehting else!


Oops; forgot something.

Madelaine, it's possible that L.A. didn't require people to install those low-flush toilets that became mandatory in NY about 15 years ago. That rule went away because too many people were flushing repeatedly to get rid of just the normal amount of paper.


I lol'd at your comment about the toilets, cause we have them here. I hate them and you are so right about the way they function : )

I'm now 3 days late to the party, but wanted to say how happy I was to see UA, Anita, and Paquita with their WONDERFUL recaps!!!

UA, I was so happy to see another fan. It helped to ease the pain of losing our friends from AB.

I, too, hope we hear Don Chente's "El Rey"!!!

I think this is probably obvious to all of you,but not yet to me. Was there really money laundering going on or is this something the orange looking guy (OJG as Paquita called him, LOVE IT!!) has made up?

Thought I'd better get that part straight before I continue.

It is SO good to see our wonderful recappers again!!! Thank you!



The red fan on Monday's article is a new -- and fortuitous -- acquisition. There will be other colors of the same pattern.

$10 million is grand something, so whether it's being laundered or was just plain stolen doesn't matter. The only thing that's obvious is that Santos was clearly being set up by Bruno, Arnold, and Giuliano who are the real villains here.

What isn't making sense yet is how Bruno expected to get away with this after marrying Wendy although the timing he had planned on would have given him an "out."

Unless the little bridezilla is his accomplice, too.

Great recap Paquita, very nicely done.

One inconsistency (or I could have missed a scene) I noticed in last night's episode:

"He introduces himself to her as Jorge Alfredo Vargas (our first alias!) ."


"Coloso demands to know if it’s Alfredo."

Also, I really do not like clowns.




"What isn't making sense yet is how Bruno expected to get away with this after marrying Wendy although the timing he had planned on would have given him an "out."

I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but I think mainly he didn't plan on getting caught.


Since the car arrived later than expected, I'm sure he planned on having the money out of it before Mike arrived to claim it.

Nobody ever counts on the police catching on and the police in L.A. have had a bad rep since O.J.

I looked it up and Jardinera is right: The red car is a Lamborghini Gallardo, which costs over $200K (the financing deal I found was $2k x 144 months = $288K). Mike must have a lot of dough.

The word "gallardo" is translated as "rakish, dashing, debonair, gallant." Mike needs that car because he falters in those qualities (He's not alpha-level). That would also be the car Oscar would want if he had the dinero although he has the looks to compensate.

Carlos, I think the name thing was an inconsistency because I noticed the same thing and at the time thought it was me!


UA, thank you for the clarification. I kinda sorta got lost from the very beginning and I'm not sure why?!

I can't wait to see more fans.

Paquita, thank you again. Love your distinctive style!


OK, are you guys all having too much fun over here? I admit I had a case of the bends when AB ended. Now, I'm trying to decide if I really want to watch a long string of black SUVs pelting each other with automatic weapons all night, every night (well, 3, so far) on El Señor de los Cielos. Fernanda Castillo is a far cry from our crunchy granola Vivi in this one; she does it well though. I may join you here and there. I miss your company. —Agnes

Great job Paquita. Didn't watch last night, but your detailed descriptions of everything had me picturing it all-- especially the guys at the Mysogynist Bar. LOL! The guys in this tn sound as bad as the men in Por Ella Soy Eva. The have a LOT of growing to do before el gran final.

Should we start a count of how many religious symbols/moments we have in each episode of this tn?

Agnes- Yes. Fernanda's Monica is VERY different from Vivi. Couldn't be more different! Sort of like the difference between the tone/story of this tn and the that of Cielos. Both are a little too far on the Cheesy---Gritty scale (on polar opposite sides) for me to really get obsessed with, like AB. (Just means I get to bed earlier.) But this group is way more fun. :)

Jarifa and Carlos re the inconsistency w/the name. Santos is using the alias Jorge Alfredo Vargas -- a lot of people use their middle name. example: Julio Cesar will usually go as Cesar, etc. Have no idea why but they do -- and it's not just in Mexico. I've met a lot of people here in the states who don't use their first name. I've always found that interesting. When he told her his name, she immediately used Alfredo, saying it was a musical name. So now everyone calls him Alfredo.


Paquitadelbarrio--You are in the right place. We will have barrios a plenty. You did a superlative job watching in real time. Loved your references to El Coloso's tricked out truck. I was expecting a magnetic sign on the side advertising the name of the band (do we know if they have one or are they only the house band).

To help you out in the future, and for any johnny-come-latelies, here are the members of the band:

La Banda
Oscar Fernández, El Coloso (Top Cock) – Pablo Montero

Fernando Beltrán, El Mil Amores – Arturo Peniche (He of the patched guitar)

Natalio Molina, El Soñador – Mariano Palacios

Susano Sanchez, Susanito - Miguel Ángel Biagio (He plays the trumpet and was Poncho in Amorcito Corazón)

Genaro Monterreal, El Baritono – Rafael Negrete

Jairo, El Aventurero – Latin Lover (Wrestler*), real name Victor Manuel Resendez Nuncio
*I looked him up, he is a prof. wrestler.

More later

Help me out here. The young woman playing bridezilla -- where have I seen her before? It's been driving me crazy these past few days. Help!


Wendy the bridezilla was in TdA as Nathy and she was Ines in CME.

Thank you for this excellent recap! It's been a nice first week for this new novela. I'm enjoying the condensed episodes (almost no ads).

The colors and the music are wonderful! I don't know much of ranchero music but it's growing on me fast.

Yes the leads are too old for their parts, but they look very good nonetheless. Jorge Salinas looked quite nice last night. In part because the lighting was kind to him, and in part because he's looking very refreshed these days, and presumably in better health than he was during LQNPA. And the girl who plays Maria is absolutely lovely.

I enjoyed the drama that Maria's mom caused when she saw a "strange" man in the house! It sounds like Maria is not inclined to do that (like in NEVER) so this is all new for the whole household.

I also enjoyed in Tuesday's episode, that Santos was being ogled and called a bombon. They do this in Amores Verdaderos too. The leading men are treated like tasty morsels of man candy all the time and in some cases are harassed mercilessly by lusty women. Wonder if our bombon Santos will get the same treatment? That would be funny to see!

Looking forward to tonight's episode!

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Anita- Thanks for the names and aliases of the guys in the band. Now, bigger challenge--Can you get all the dark-haired beauties at the bar straight?

Further clarification on what Mads' said, Susana Diazayas (Wendy) played Young Inez in CME in the early episodes (the flashback years).


BTW I forgot to mention: My dad always went by his middle name all his life (he didn't like his first name).

Thanks Paquita!!
and some responses:
yes, Comandante and la Teniente were the major part of the comic relief in the original LHDM (in that one their character names were Comm Leonardo salas and Tnte Guadalupe Morales). The other comic relief character is yet to appear, i think.

I too fell in love with the mariachi bobbleheads/clay characters in Coloso's dashboard. I even showed it to my daughter so i will let you know if i find them for sale anywhere. (I remember i looked up the colorful mariachi hat pens in 'Concho's(Don Carlos in LHDM) desk in LHDM and found them on sale).
I loved Coloso making reference to La Golondrina and El Caballo Blanco as 'rude' goodbye themes. A nicer goodbye scene was used several times in LHDM, '[ojala] que te vaya bonito', which was used in LHDM at times as a 'nice' goodbye and at least once as a 'nasty' goodbye song.

I am trying not to pass judgement, but Pablo M still has to show me more of 'Coloso'. G. Pernia put all his personality into it, including gestures, poses, cocky phrases, threatening tones, etc etc. I am still giving Pablo time to build the character more.

But i have to second the suggestion by Anon 8:43, maybe after this one is over, you guys who like the music and setting, and have not seen LHDM yet, you need to at least check a couple eps out.


There are some things different already, like Rodrigo and his mother showing this early. In LHDM they were there, but not until much later in the storyline.

Some of you might recognize Latin Lover as a celebrity who won the first 'bailando por un sueno' (I believe he did win the 1st season with his 'dreamer' lady partner).
By the way, 'Jairo, el aventurero' character he plays here was played in LHDM by the real voice behind the leading man (Alfredo a.k.a. Francisco Lara/Emiliano in LHDM)

Thanks Madeline!! that was gonna drive me nuts!

Anita thank you so much for the list; I'm putting together my cast list to refer back to when I'm recapping. It drove me nutz last night that no one referred to Fernando by his name. Coloso kept calling him carnal through the whole episode -- drats!

Re: Santos I also notice he looks much better in this than LQNPA.

re: the costumes -- I really like Maria's charro skirt inspired by the traditional charro worn by mariachi. I've never liked the ones used by the female mariachi, it's just a long a-line skirt. This one is much nicer and in keeping in the traditional mariachi costume.

Jose Alfredo = first names of the composer Jose Alfredo Jimenez
Vargas = last name of Pedro Vargas, a famous singer of mexican ballads

Francisco = the leading man in LHDM got it from a poster of Pancho Villa at the bar
Lara = last name of Agustin Lara, the composer of the song Coloso was singing when Emiliano was sitting at the bar thinking of getting a fake last name

So both Santos and Emiliano thought about famous names and combined them to come up with a 'fake' name that was common enough that it would not be 'catchy' or 'strange'.

Thanks, Paquita, for the clarification on the names. Come to think of it, I had an uncle that did the very same thing.


I noticed that Mike was read only a portion of his Miranda rights; female cop didn't inform him of his right to an attorney.

So far I would file this novela under "mindless fun."

One of the mariachi whose name is Búfalo is the real voice of Jorge Alfredo

"Alfredo" is the name of the leading man of La Traviata and the hot Italian in Die Fledermaus, but I don't find it very romantic.

It's worse in English, that's for sure.

Vargas is also from Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan, the most famous mariachi band in the world.

Muchissimas gracias, Paquita! I needed the help to get in the mood for tonight. I'll also have some emergency tequila on hand, por si acaso :D

I will definitely be stealing Orange Julius, cause it's just perfect for him!

If we don't get a name for the fawning lady cop soon, I'm going to call her Fawn. I want Detective Capellan from Mujeres Asesinas to show up and give her a good swift kick in the pants and a lecture about professionalism.

Aplausos a Jorge Salinas for making "Virgen" sound sexy. His hair's bugging me, but as long as he keeps talking, I'll try to overlook that.

El Coloso is begging for a rename. There is nothing Coloso about him except his ego and a bad case of celos...hey, there's a name for him. El Celoso :p

The Mariachimobile, when they finally pulled up at Maria's and I could see the whole thing, was priceless! "Quick, men, we've got a serenata emergency...To the Mariachimobile!"

Is it sad or funny that you had to point out that the clown was literal? I'm just glad he didn't end up wearing the clown suit to escape!

What is average male height in Mexico? Pablo could be tall by that standard (He's at the high end of average in the US at 5'10.5").

Now, if I were Elaine of Seinfeld I might have another theory on that nickname.

I'm sorry, Paquita that I didn't make clear that my problem with the name ("Coloso demands to know if it’s Alfredo.") was the fact that Coloso had no way of knowing that Santos was calling himself Alfredo (unless he is clairvoyant) because

"He introduces himself to her as Jorge Alfredo Vargas (our first alias!) ."

occurred after Maria and Santos had left the club.

From yesterday:

" El Mil Amores does the honors to introduce them. For some reason, they never get around to Santos—he’s still unnamed and unknown."

I know, nitpicky and trivial but it it can be fun to watch for these little incongruities here and there. Plus I saw HdM so have to be cautious of the things I comment on.


UA, I don't know the average of men in Mexico, but it's clear that the likes of Fernando Colunga are taller than the average. I found this picture showing Colunga, Pablo Montero, Jorge Salinas and that other guy (whose name I forget) and they are all pretty tall. Not quite as tall as Colunga but pretty tall.

See picture here.

We don't know if anyone was wearing boots with heels, but in any case, none of these guys is short.

I've met Pablo and I don't quite make it to his shoulder (I'm only 5'3" in bare feet).

Forgot to mention I also met Fernando at a Univision cocktail party and... tambien what you see is what you get.

If I get back on the guest lists I will figure out how to make sure he has a wardrobe malfunction.

Add me to the list of those who would be eternally grateful.

Did I say that out loud?

Vivi--The dark-haired cocktail waitresses are going to be lumped together as a gaggle of geese until such time as they begin to emerge with their own personalities. I'm sure they would not like to know I think of them that way.

Bridezilla and Orange Giulius... how about putting those two together with a fatal cupid arrow joining them both?
Bruno's wife is not too far behind.
btw, orange julius.. I remember we used to call this guy either carrot man or orange man in earlier novelas... why does he always look like he has congenital jaundice with an orange tone, like his diet consists of carrots and oranges?

Who is Bruno's wife? I thought he was single and engaged to Bridezilla.

Wasn't OJ also called Orangina in Abismo (which I didn't watch).

AdP had a female villain whom we called various things involving the color orange.

LXV/Agnes, so good to see you! waiting for another super recap from you!!

Fatima :))

Sorry, i misnamed him as Bruno. i meant Ruben's wife Lorena (Ruben is the businessman who comes to the bar because he is infatuated with Maria and causes her trouble with Don Concho)

Loved the Mariachimobile! It's great to see Jorge Salinas looking so very healthy - he looked so bad in LQNPA.

Wonder how JA (another one!) is going to make the leap to being a Mariachi (as the credits show) when he doesn't know anything about the history and meaning of the music, particularly the old-time greats (Lola Beltran, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, etc) and doesn't even catch the significance of Las Golondrinas when he's being insulted. Coloso asked if it was going to take someone singing "Las Golondrinas" to him before he caught the hint to leave. This is a song that is sung at funerals as a way to say goodbye. I'm assuming someone will take him under his/her wing to show him the ropes.

Funny how Comandante Derecho's 'mano derecha' is in luurrvvv with him and loses focus every few minutes, but hope they don't drag it out for the entire tn. It could get very old very fast.

Another thing that's already getting old, IMO, is the 900 times that the song "Que Bonito Amor" is played throughout the episodes. I love that song, but am already getting tired of hearing it.

Madeline - I'm not positive, but I think Don Concho, nitpicky boss that he is with Maria, was signaling to her that she forgot her hat (rather than mouthing the words to the song). It would be funnier if he were singing the song, though. :-)

In tn bingo ... is there a square for "Bad guy named Bruno?"


Soyyo, that is correct, even Maria herself noticed she forgot her hat and turned around to go get it but the other girl said to go ahead on stage without it. So Don Concho did get upset/miffed that she had gone on stage without the hat and was signaling to her about it.

Thank you for the wonderful recaps and all you did for AB. Is Santos' mother the same woman who played Ileana's in AB? Just curious....


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