Friday, May 17, 2013

Porque el Amor Manda #50: A Bumpy Ride on the Love Train

Decoration Station

Chatita chides Alma and Jesús: Hey, are we workin' or flirtin'? Your butterflies look like turkeys and bats! Hijinks ensue as they dash around painting little cartoons on each other's smocks. This appears to be the home improvement version of the Food Fight -- you know how the couple isn't really in love until they've made a big mess someone else has to clean up. There isn't usually an Alzheimer's patient involved, but hey, modern times.

Lamentation Station

Xoch is crying a river in her apartment, and so is her Mom -- over a telenovela. She tells her real daughter to keep quiet; she can't hear her imaginary friends. After a fraught phone call, Marisela whisks her friend off to  Ricardo's apartment, where the Avon gang has gathered for a sympathy intervention. Even the three sillies are moderately inoffensive, and Julio (of the orange tie and swiveling hips) is absolutely effusive. It seems as if he could have made a play for Xochi any time, but apparently the runny nose and blotchy skin have rendered her particularly attractive. There's a lot of all for one and one for all talk. Xochi wails.

Humiliation Station

Vero makes a feint in the direction of reasonable conversation with Elías, but it doesn't last long. She ends up telling him in no uncertain terms that she WILL divorce him, and he tells her equally forcefully that he WILL win her back. His first less-than-effective gambit in that direction is to refuse to get out of the bed. She grabs the other pillow and announces she's going to disinfect it. What a cute couple.

Purification Station

Discua and her band of tone-deaf angels escort Fernando to the site of his initiation into the Beings of Light. He is horrified to discover that he is to be immersed seven times -- and he can't swim! He literally drags his feet all the way to the limpid pool, but Discua announces that they are going to be married for all eternity and down he goes. The acolytes hold him under a little too long, the scamps.

Operation Station

Chatita spirits Alma off to her place "for coffee" while Jesús tries to fix the lumpy butterflies. Alma finally fills in some of the backstory of her and Rogue -- it seems her father lost his fortune in some kind of misalliance with a loose woman, Alma's mother died suddenly, Sebastián had a mega-infarto, and it was only because Rogue gave Alma a job and paid all her dad's medical bills that he managed to survive the transplant surgery. Oh, and he lent his suegro some money so he could go back into business and get his fortune back. After all that, how can she NOT marry him? Ah yes, the old gratitude martyrdom. Chatita's not convinced, and neither are we.

Verification Station

After Alma leaves, Jesús confesses his suspicions to Chatita -- he's sure Rogue is a lying liar who lies, but he can't go to Alma without proof. Finally it occurs to him to call Avon HQ in Toluca, and of course they know nothing of any meeting. Jesús gets facial expression #12 -- grim and determined  -- but I think he's going to need a lot more than that to cross off "derailed wedding" on his bingo card.

Bumps on the tracks:

- Sebastián gets Doña Su to admit that she has always loved him, but of course she will never leave her sick husband. Juárever. I don't get these two.

- The whole Xochi-on-the-roof thing turns out to just be her hanging up the laundry. Julio calls her up and asks her out to breakfast. He's excited; she's catatonic. Another date from purgatory.

- Paty flounces around the finca in a turquoise bikini and dumps drugs into Rogue's breakfast wine. Yeah, breakfast wine! Now THOSE two know how to have fun. Well, one of them does, anyway.

Next stop:

Jesús and Alma are hanging around a church again! Who knows what kind of trouble they'll get into?


Blue Lass, what an organized fun recap! I loved your train and station idea.

Chatita is more useful everyday. Today she got Alma's back story from Alma. Xmas has to be very near since her Xmas tree lights were on and running. She had some of the good kind that change color!! :)

It seems that Sebastian is Susana's unrequited love of many years. Does anyone else find him just creepy?

Fernando got more "purified" than he ever expected. Yes, Blue Lass, they sure held him under longer than they needed to.

Finally we have Paty slipping Rogelio the old mickey. Somehow I thought that this was just a convention of movies made before 1960 until I started watching these telenovelas.

I actually enjoyed this episode. It kept me company as I made dinner.


Thank you for the great rehashing of events.
Had to miss it.

Thanks Blue Lass for the rapid review. I loved the line about the three sillies being moderately inoffensive. How true, they really can be comrades when the chips are down. Maybe Xochi can enjoy her dinner with the goofiest Lothario and stop the infernal sobbing about lost love, you never had it missy and never will with Jesus being gaga eyed over Alma.

Paty is not backing down her campaign to derail Rogue's attempt to be groom worthy. Can't wait to find out how Jesus is going to facilitate the betrayal reveal.

¿Pero qué vas a hacer, Xóchitl? Said the off voice in the preview.

I am going to hang up a towel, silly, what did you think I was doing? Killing myself? You gotta be kidding me! I am ugly, not stupid!

That thing about HANGING ONLY ONE TOWEL!!! was so lame! One of the writer monkeys need to be fired.

It's December.
The water must have been real
cold!! Isn't that true love or what?

Then we come to the matching painting uniforms with paint here and there so they don't look like nobody is painting !

This inaccuraccy (I am sure Julie has the explanation for it, as she does for the timeline, LOL) was the cherry tonight: Jesús tells Chatita he is suspicious of Rogelio being unfaithful because of the horn he heard during that phone call, and before calling Toluca to verify he is actually there, he tells her that from Nuevo León to DF it's 8 hours and then 1 more to Toluca.
Maybe I blinked and I didn't get the context right, but Rogelio is ''flying'', so the whole trip to Toluca shouldn't be more than 2 hours including waiting time if making a connexion. Juárever!
Did Jesús mean HE WAS GOING by bus? Did Chatita thought he was going? After that he made the phone call that confirmed Rogelio wasn't there, so why go when you have Unefón with 75 centavos a minute outside Nuevo León, right?

Oh Blue Lass...I love the way you write...snappy and funny. If I had to pick favorites, out of a recap that was witty in ever single would be these two:

"but apparently the runny nose and blotchy skin have rendered her particularly attractive."

"He's excited. She's comatose."

Yes, Julio could have pursued Xochi anytime earlier, but clearly he needed Rescue Mode to get his game on. So much the better. I want Xochi to get happy a como de lugar! so this infernal crying and shrieking will stop. Dare I hope?

Anyway, thanks Blue Lass. Just a treat.

Pablo...Remember...Overthinking this will just make you miserable. Toss logic aside and put yourself another drink!

Yeah, Blue. With a house full of my son's friends, I couldn't catch everything happening, though bless them, they let me leave the show on. So ever so grateful for the detail.

Liked that we finally got the grubby details on Alma's insistence on marrying Rog. My answer to her, let Dad marry Rog. gees, what a father to make his daughter marry a guy because HE screwed up. And he's still a sleeze...

Maybe Elias should invest in a can of Lysol himself and blast Vero with it when she starts on her rants. or bug killer...something to shut her up. Seriously, you're desperate to get her back? He needs that therapist in more ways then one. I wonder sometimes if there is more to not wanting to lose Val in his life than love for Vero.


How pathetic, but I still watch. Why? .. for Colunga. Do we remember when that famous tenor sang the intro, and Colunga rode in on the caballo ?? Why has he sunk so low ?? Alborado !!!

Tks Blue Lass
The writers are definitely on the magic mushrooms. I think they are having fun.
I get it now, Discua is Baptist.

Did Chatita just happen to have 3 blue coats from times gone by?

Oh my, Blue Lass, you are on fire! What a brilliant, hilarious ride! Who cares where the train is heading? We're going first class and our engineer is a genius!

"He's excited; she's catatonic. Another date from purgatory." Ba-Da-Bing!

"There isn't usually an Alzheimer's patient involved, but hey, modern times." Ba-Da-Bing!

"The acolytes hold him under a little too long, the scamps." Ba-Da-Bing

This recap is a veritable Talismán, a bit of magic that protects our brains from an Abismo of ...
... oops -- gotta amscray -- the metaphor police are on to us!

Oh what a screaming (LOL) mess. Hi-jinx a plenty and BL got it all sorted out by train stations. How clever! Loved it.

Xochi can't jump until AFTER her makeover--One Down

Alma and Jesus will be able to get married right away, since they are going to take the pre-nuptial class together--One Avance Down

Chatita's memory is getting sharper. Pretty soon she'll know everyone's backstory and keep them straight. Her memory WILL slip regarding Alma's secret adoration of Jesus and spill the beans to him--ONE BUMP solved

Pablo--Your math and timing is ok, but not the means or method. Chucho was trying to figure out WHY Rogue would go to Toluca by car since it took so long. He's suspicious that Rogue didn't go to Toluca at all. Chatita was lucid and smart telling him he can't just go to Alma with unfounded suspicions, that's why I don't think he intends to go to Toluca himself, by bus or otherwise. Instead he's going to try to find out WHERE in the World is Rogelio.

P.S. I finally got to watch the wedding dress fitting scene. I don't think Jesus gave off enough adoration looks--but what an awkward situation for him. He's supposed to love the dress on the woman he loves who is marrying a rogue? Good contrast. BTW, I didn't know the collection of dresses from an exclusive shop can now be run through on an iPad. Alma could have done that at home, check the dresses she wanted to try on and they would have them there for her. None of this, we have one, but not in your size, but you can try it on anyway. Bah!

Another P.S. Sebastian (aka as Luis Couturier) has bugged me ever since Sortilegio. I don't know why, but I get the impression he wears a corset.

Oh, and it's Ricardo Margaleff that plays Julio. He was one of the -onchos on Amorcito Corazon. Ricardo Fastlicht plays the silly in love with Mari. He was Cecilio in AmCor.


Blue Lass, what a funny and clever recap! So many funny lines, but this might have been my favorite: "He's excited; she's catatonic. Another date from purgatory." I see Novela Maven feels the same way, not the first time she and I agree.

NM, your mixed metaphor sentence is a hoot. Thanks for the giggle and the good memories.

Thanks Blue Lass. Fun stuff.


Cap'n Sylvia! This IS my lucky day! I have missed you, amiga.

[JudyB, don't think I didn't see you sitting quietly up there in the thread with your cara de yo no fui

NM, I've missed you guys too! It's so much fun to catch up with y'all whenever I get some reliable internet access. I watched this TN up to about cap 40 and I just loved it. I can't wait to catch up on the rest of it when I get home in a month or so. In the meantime these wonderful recaps and comments are vital for keeping me up to date. (Even though our silly characters keep doing the same crap over and over, it's still fun to read about it, hee.)

Cara de yo no fui!...would that I could pull that off in real life. Most of the time I walk around looking guilty as hell (the perils of being raised Presbyterian).

Anyway, right back atcha, NM.

Thanks for the feedback, everybody! I had to dash off the recap before I went away for the weekend -- like most things telenovela, I think it's better if you don't think about it too much. ;}

Anita, thanks for reminding us that we can't lose Xochi until the makeover. Now I won't worry so much.

NM, loved your metaphorical memory lane...good times.

And Jarifa, NO, you are definitely NOT the only one who finds Sebastián creepy.

P.S. Pablo, listen to Judy: suspend disbelief. Otherwise you're gonna sprain something. And we don't want you on the disabled list!

Thanks, Blue. I still haven't seen this yet, except for the beginning with the batty butterflies. I happen to like bats, but I'm not so crazy about creepy hybrid batterflies.

At any rate, hilarious recap from beginning to end, and the krazy train metaphor was perfect.

Pablo, I have no explanation for any of the crazy stuff we see here. I can buy the theory about days and weekends that we never see, but anything that requires magical powers or disrupting the space-time continuum is beyond me. But that's why we have our beanies - to protect us from brain damage.

Speaking of beanies, I found Alma's explanation of why she's marrying Rogelio to be thoroughly unsatisfactory for a story that doesn't take place in feudal Europe.


Thanks for this most marvelous, snarky recap. Loved the train theme.

I had to laugh at Daisy's comment about Elias and the Lysol spray when Vero gets too near. I think the only reason he wants Vero back is cause he thinks that Chucho wants her. I hope Elias spends more time with Val. She really needs him.

The painting scene was cute. And Chatita does know a lot about these people she met just a couple weeks ago, it seems like. I am waiting for Sebastian to show up at Chatita's for a little confab. Everyone else, just about, has come to see her.

Patymelt was too funny with Rogue. I liked how he asked her about wine this time of day? Too funny. But he fell for it. How will he explain himself when he doesn't show up at the church on time?

I liked that scene with Xochi and her crazy Mama. They were both crying for different reasons. I just knew Xochi wasn't going to jump off, but found that scene with Xochi and her friends really nice. Now Julio can step up his game. Julio and Xochi would be so cute together.

Liked the Ferny dunking. It was too funny. And they did hold him under a little longer than normal. But I found it funny that he actually went through with it. All for Discua. I hope Ferny keeps going towards the light : )

I wonder what kind of breakfast cereal goes with wine?

That was a sturdy-looking wine for first thing in the morning, too. Wouldn't it have been easier to get him to drink a mimosa or a Bloody Mary? You know, a respectable breakfast cocktail? I guess it doesn't matter, though. Apparently, Rogue is fairly docile in the morning.

Julie, I'm not sure what kind of cereal goes with wine, but I recall when I was in college some people used to eat Captain Crunch with beer instead of milk. YUCK much? In Mexico they open their Michelada stands pretty early in the morning, serving up a variety of beer cocktails - beer mixed with spices, clamato, lime juice, hot sauce, and numerous other ingredients. But they usually serve these with Shrimp Cocktails, not cereal.

Finally got around to watching this last night. Hilarious, but I think the recap was better.

I think the Love Train must exist in the Atlas-Shrugged Dimension, wherein you slack off on maintenance for a couple days and suddenly there are trains derailing everywhere.

Suddenly there is Christmas decor everywhere. Very festive. I like that there is a seasonal setting, and juárever if the passage of time is a little loose and elastic.

Alma's reasoning for marrying Rogue is idiotic. Has her guilt over her brother destroyed her self-esteem and will or what? She isn't property to be bartered with. So what if Rogue spent lots of money on her dad? She and Sebas seem to both be doing pretty well financially now; why can't they just work on paying Rogue back and she can marry or not marry whomever she pleases?

Not to mention, she had actually told Rogue she wanted to separate, at least for a time, and then like the next day he springs a proposal on her, she never actually accepts, but she's just going along with the engagement anyway? How did she get so successful in business with so little assertiveness?

I wish someone on this show WOULD go to headquarters in Toluca and visit Enzo :).

Ha ha. If they go to Toluca, they'd better not take Maricela, or the universe might explode.

No, no...Marisela just has a long-lost twin. Her psychotic mama left one baby with Panfilo and the other with Enzo (who knew he wasn't Moni's biodad), and then took off for years of manicomio residence interspersed with living the richie rich life. What a funny twinsie coincidence that they both ended up working at Avon! And when they meet, Marisela will be bitter and jealous thinking that SHE should have been the one growing up rich and smooching Pepe.

Blue Lass: Classic recap.

Julia, brilliant! A telenovela version of The Parent Trap, without actually trapping the parents.

Julia, your story is disturbingly plausible!

Julia- I love that Una Familia con Suerte alternate universe idea for Mari! I immediately thought that we would be seeing some of our Familia characters when I read Rogue said he was going off to meet Avon's president in Toluca. I would love to see Enzo shirtless again. Maybe Moni/Mari can fall down a well... ;)

Our Enzo was very much present in the last few episodes of CORONA DE LAGRIMAS -- but he was a sober old judge, so none of that shirtless business. His hair was amazing, though. Clearly judges have lots of time to get ready for work in the morning.

What a great set up to a silly episode.
I enjoyed Ferny going to see the light and shriveling up at the same time.
The secretaries and Xochy made for an eye rolling fest for me. Seriously, hanging up towels, yes Pablo, the writers have to do better.

The rooftop scene was a new low, so to speak. If that was supposed to be ANYTHING more than an innocent towel-hanging scene, if we were supposed to see any hint of despondency or desperation in Xochi, thinking about jumping, or hatching a plan to shove her mom off the roof someday, it was a great big FAIL.

I'm a little surprised they didn't misuse Fernando's baptism scene the same way to make it look as though they were drowning him!

Next episode: Someone swallows a fistful of pills - or are they Tic-Tacs? Someone is trapped beneath a fallen stack of boxes - or are they empty? A speeding train approaches while someone's car stalls on the railroad tracks - or is that the train in a Road Runner cartoon? Find out tomorrow!

Julie, you could get a job doing avances.

Someone clutches their head and grimaces: fatal aneurysm, or someone told a stupid joke?

Vero holds a knife menacingly: has she gone homicidal, or is she making dinner?

Rogue screams that the plane has been hijacked and they're going to crash!: is he meeting his end, or playing a video game?


You guys crack me up.

I think this tn is really starting to develop a personality...OR IS IT A BRAIN TUMOR???

Hahahahaha. Good one.

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