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Amores Verdaderos #158 Fri 6/21/13 Anyballs is Dead to Me; The Pau Tells the Truth; What is Kendho Planning Now?


Hello Patio Peeps, this recap will not be in order. I have combined some scenes to make the recap flow better. I also missed some things, so please feel free to correct/add in the comments. thanks Y'all!

We start this epi with Salsa Dude in the FF's office thinking that that Zorra (Ho) Kendho, has gotten everything she wants and that she probably killed Nabila and Cris. What to do, what to do?????

Frankie's Job Hunt Continues:
Poor Frankie is hitting the streets looking for a job. He fills out multiple applications at different agencies and of course noone hires him, pobrecito!

Nikki Looks For a Job, Who Knew?
Nikki is in one of those exclusive boutiques, when a sales lady asks if she needs some help? Nah, really does she need help? Well, she is looking for work! The lady tells her to go to personnel and good luck. Nikki is just well, Nikki. She looks at a dress hanging in that boutique and I bet she is thinking, I used to come in here and buy all kinds of things at the drop of a hat, but now, meh not so much.

Lili and Roy at Work:
Lili and Roy open up the greenhouse again. Roy's work is done and he says Adios Jefa and blows her a kiss, and off he goes. Adri comes by with a little gift for Lili, it is a sound system for the plants. Lili thinks this is great as classical music is so great for plants. Adri asks about Roy, cause she saw him leaving the greenhouse and Lili tells Adri nothing going on with him, he is just her assistant, employer/employee relationship, nothing else! They get to talking about Nikki and Adri wants to know if Nikki knows Roy is working there with Lili? Nah, Nikki is already pithed about all the stuff Anyballs has done for Lili, including that truck he got her. Adri gives Lili a bit of advice about Anyballs, she knows that Cande and Anyballs are getting married, Adri feels he has forgotten all about his other granddaughter! Lili asks her not to be sad and cheers her up by showing her some plants and her Mama Cris would have loved this place, she'd be happy for Lili. Adri hugs her, and here comes Anyballs and Cande to ruin this nice moment. Adri is not happy Anyballs is there and Lili shows Anyballs and Cande the sound system that Adri got for the greenhouse. Of couse, Anyballs has to trump that and shows Lili that rock he got for Cande and that they are getting married. Lili is happy and hugs both and Adri? She just looks sick! Adri pulls Anyballs aside and thinks it's great that he is supporting Lili and all, but not to forget his other granddaughter Nikki. Right in front of Adri, Anyballs says that Lili is like his own granddaughter. Hug from Lili and Adri and Cande look a mite sick! Also, Anyballs says the greenhouse can open for bidness soon.

At Home with Nikki and Frankie:
Now Nikki knows what it feels like to beat the feet on the pavement, cause her feet are killin' her and she is massaging them with rubbing alcohol. Frankie comes home and wants to know what's up with the feet. She explains her job search, she even went to a Perfumeria (perfume shop) but nothing, nada. She asks how his first day at work went, well, the truth is he didn't get that job. Seems the reference from Meta Imagen is way bad, and Nikki says so her Abue will stop at nothing to break her and Frankie up. Frankie tells her to take it easy, she wants to go to her Mama, about this, but he'll find something. Nikki cannot get over how Anyballs is trying to harsh their mellow! She tells Frankie how much Lili is benefiting now the truck, yadda, yadda and Frankie thinks Anyballs is just pithed cause Nikki left the Rich Life to live the "Simple Life" (Thanks Vida2)! Door bell and it's Pau, come with a dinner of lasagne. Nikki and Frankie are so happy and while Frankie carries it to the kitchen, Nikki tells her about her misadventure in the kitchen with the spaghetti, lol. Pau wants a hug, which Nikki gives her, she is so glad to know her Frankie's Mama! Frankie is happy. They are about to sit down for dinner when Doorbell! Oh, look it's Ms Vikki with Zambrano in tow, who has also brought dinner and a cake to boot! Zambrano goes and the four sit down to dinner, with Frankie pouring the wine. Awww. how sweet this little dinner is. Moms are the best, kids won't accept help, feed them. It's the least they can do, awww! Frankie and Nikki talk about their upcoming wedding. They'd like Pau to make the lasagne and Nikki wants a small intimate wedding, not like the one before. Ms Vikki remarks to Pau that they are almost in laws, remember that for later, jus' sayin'. Frankie also tells them that Betty is marrying Santino, which I think Ms Vikki was not aware of and now Santino will be part of the family. Besos to that, the Mamas smile. Remember this nice dinner! Later, after the Mamas have gone, Frankie and Nikki are very happy with each other and the tickling and running all over the apartment ensues with besos and gettin' busy!

Dinner with Santino, Betty, Imperia and Guillo:
There is a nice little dinner going on at Santino's Tia Imperia's house, and there is champagne being poured, cause see this is a very special dinner and Guillo even gets a small amount in a glass, personally it looks like Andre's pink champagne to me, but juarever! Anyhoo, seems Santino has something to ask Guillo, and that would be? Well, since Guillo is now the man of the house, Santino is asking him for Betty's hand, and what for? They all have a big laugh, and Imperia explains to Guillo what Santino means is he is asking for Betty's hand in marriage. Well, Guillo's answer, no! The adults look so disappointed, but Guillo has been having them on, and of course he's proud to have Santino in the family! Big laughs, and salud!

Doris Lectures her Principe:
Doris has come to see her wayward son! What about, well the Lili thingy. This girl has no future, if she only knew! He's so famous, ya know, a famous tennis player! He reminds her he's a former famous tennis player and since the funds got cut off, he has to work, and besides he likes the work and he loves the person he works for. It's a true love! Doris wants Roy to beg for forgiveness from his Papa, but Roy tells her Game Over, in English! All he cares about is earning Lili's love and his work! Doris is just so clueless and frustrated!

Kendho's Place:
Oh, look, it's Kendho and FF sucking face. He is welcoming her home from her "Tia Puchis" funeral! Finally, Kendho asks after her daugher Mia. She's doing well and being looked after well. She is so "worried" about Mia she makes like she wants to go to the hospital to see her, but FF tells her to give it a rest, er be easy cause she really is being well looked after. She wants to give him a strong hug, before he goes back to that Balvanera Manse. He tells her it's in chaos! So being the chisme master that he is, tells Kendho all about the Anyballs/Cande engagement. Que horror!!!!! The look on the Ho's face is priceless. She can't beleive Anyballs is marrying that MIL of the karate rancher, lol. Gloom, despar and agony for the Kendho! Cause if Cande becomes Senora Balvanera, there will be money involved and inheritance, hmmmm. She gives the FF a big ole hug and thinks to herself, she got rid of Cris, to make sure Lili had no chance at anything, and now Anyballs is marrying Cande, oh noes, not this stupid thing, but I think she's really thinking how to do away with the competition! But that's not all the news FF has for the Ho, seems since FF is maybe going to be sitting pretty with all that possible dinero he can make from the Ultrabelle account and his position is great at Meta Imagen he has made out a will and he is leaving all his assets to, wait for it, of course Mia and the Ho! *Anvil Alert* She is over the moon and hugs and kisses him, he just wants to ensure that Mia and Kendho are protected, doncha know! He wants to ensure that Guzmancito never gets to enjoy his moola, so in other words, he has not included Nikki in this will. He also gives her a picture of their "new home" which she is all happy, happy, joy, joy about in front of his face, but as soon as she hugs him her face changes and she ain't so happy! Later, Kendho and FF go to the hospital to see Mia, who is crying when Kendho coos to her about moving to a big, grand house, and "kissing her through the glass and calling her bonita". Seems Mia may be coming home in about a week. More kisses through the glass and nighty nights and FF is hugging the Ho from behind, during all her fakey love, yuck!

Adri and the Angel in the Balvanera Foyer of All Pertinent Things:
Adri is dressed to the nines and is going out. Angel wonders if it is with Joan Consta, Consta, while he fools with his tie, as in mimicking Joan's ascot. Adri corrects him and says Joan Constantine, if you please. Angel can't figure out what she sees in Joan. Well, his character, his voice yadda yadda, and Angel rolls his eyes. Angel is just worried about Adri cause first Joan was after Ms Vikki now he is dating, shagging, er seeing Adri. Adri looks a bit uncomfortable, but changes the subject about talking to Lili and how Nikki doesn't know Roy works at the greenhouse, but the relationship is strictly work, nothing else. Angel is happy to hear that. Now he wants to give Adri some advice, but is hesitant, but Adri tells him to go ahead. Well, it seems that the Angel doesn't want to see her hurt and suggests in a sing song type of voice that maybe Joan is just using Adri. Ruh Roh!

Next Morning:

At Joan's Love Nest:
Well did Adri listen to the Angel, nah not so much. She ended up spending the night with Joan. He wakes her up with breakfast in bed, a red rose up and down her arm, as he calls her Sleeping Beauty, awwww. It'd be sweet if he wasn't so slimy. Anyhoo, she wakes up all happy, happy, joy, joy, to have spent the night, he's all happy to have her in his life, and then later Adri gets dressed and is kissing Joan and the phone rings. It's Malu, the singer that sings the theme song we hear for Angel and Ms Vikki, Ahora Tu, and Joan is talking to her about his movie, I don't know if its for the part of Vikki for the movie she called for or what, but he is a bit friendly with her,Adri doesn't like what she hears and while his back is turned she drops that rose on a chair and leaves. He never notices until he gets off the phone and then goes searching the apartment for her, even the bathroom, lol. No Adri, so he gets this sh*t eating grin on his face cause he beleives she is jealous!

Breakfast With The Angel and Lili:
They are in the Balvanera support dining area and the Angel asks after her assistant what's his name again? She tells him Roy of course, well he doesn't like his family and especially him, he is so not for Lili ( Note to the Angel: Did noone ever tell you the more your bad talk a guy the more the girl will want him, jus' sayin') but she assures him, only work related, Roy has to earn her trust, same old story and she wants his blessing. He gives it and she goes. Felipe comes in looking for Tomi and a Chinese Horoscope reading. Tomi isn't there but the Angel greets him and is going to take him to the library. They head off in that direction.

Balvanera Foyer of All Things Pertinent:
Seems this Foyer is the treasure trove of eavesdroppers extrodinaire. Pau has come to the mansion and something about how much of a low down, fooling, cheater Anyballs is. She doesn't like the fact that he is pulling the wool over Cande's eyes. Also Frankie and Nikki are having such a hard time finding work. He is a double lying cheater! He fooled the Pau all these years! Anyballs swears he loves him some Cande, but Pau calls him a lying manipulator! He tells her to get out, he doesn't have time for her! The Pau tells him she'll go, whatever he wants, but not before she says her piece. She tells him she rues the day she gave up her kids for him and became his lova, she never, ever should have done that. Remember that nice dinner the evening before, all that is forgotten as Ms Vikki was on those stairs and heard every single word Pau said! Pau was about to go, but Ms Vikki calls her back! So Ms Vikki turns to Pau and says so you were the woman that was fooling around with my Papa when my Mama was so ill? Caras de impactadas de Pau, Anyballs and Ms Vikki!

So Ms Vikki lays into Pau, about coming to her home as the piano teacher, when it was really to be near her lova, Anyballs! Pau wants to explain and Anyballs has a sour look on his face! Pau tries to tell Ms Vikki that the only reason she ever came to this house was to see her son Frankie, nothing else. Of course, Ms Vikki doesn't beleive her. Anyballs tells Vikki to Basta! He is done with the Pau, she left him after all, the first truth he has told! Ms Vikki doesn't basta but continues on how this was your lova for twenty years, how Pau was with Anyballs while her Mama lay dying. Pau didn't know about the dying part at the time. So Vikki tells Pau some of her truth, about how Vikki had to handle the funeral when her Mama died, cause Anyballs was nowhere to be found, he didn't even show up for the funeral! Anyballs is dead to me! Ms Vikki thinks that maybe the Pau stopped Anyballs from being with her Mama as she lay dying and Anyballs tells Ms Vikki he isn't the monster she thinks he is. Well, I'd say he's worse! Vikki's Mama and Anyballs had some serious differences! All Ms Vikki can cry about is her Mama was so alone, had cancer and he left her with the two girls! Now Anyballs tries to tell Ms Vikki that she and Adri mean the world to him, as he takes off those blue tinted glasses so we can see his crocodile tears. Pau says she is very sorry for having caused all this pain and says something about bad things coming around and thinks about her own cancer diagnosis and how she is now alone too but doesn't speak, she just thinks it to herself, just like Ms Vikki's Mama, and Ms Vikki doesn't want Pau to play the victim, cause the only victim was her Mama being all by herself, dealing with cancer! Ms Vikki and Pau cry and Anyballs looks like he thinks this is all so craptastic!

Ms Vikki can't beleive that Pau came to the house as the piano teacher, she is still not over that. And Vikki also lays into Anyballs about allowing Pau in the house and he swears up and down he didn't invite her in, what is this, like a vampire code or something? You can't invite them in either, jus' sayin'. Anyhoo, Pau thinks it's better she be on her way now. Vikki so agrees she wants her out, never to be seen again. About this time, Felipe and Angel have come along, on the way to that library, when Felipe now hears it all, and Angel says Ay yi yi and tries to steer Felipe off, but that's not working. Felipe now lays into Anyballs about stealing his wife, and her love. So he's the lova! Anyballs is looking confused, and Felipe goes to hit him, but the Angel stops him. Angel is having a hard time controlling Felipe cause he is squirming and yelling. Anyballs has finally gotten it. Felipe screams he can't beleive that Anyballs destroyed his family and Anyballs orders Angel to throw Felipe out on the street, like yesterday and does it with a wave of his hand. Putz! Pau is so shocked, she doesn't do a thing, I swear if I had been her, I would have taken Felipe's arm and made a dignified exit. Angel has finally gotten Felipe out of there and now all the blame gets put on the Pau. She abandonded her children for Anyballs and Ms Vikki accuses her of having no heart! Pau finally has gathered herself together and leaves crying while Ms Vikki and Anyballs watch her go. Now Anyballs, in order to justify himself, says see, it wasn't Cande I was with all those years ago, as your Mama lay dying, well not that, but the Cande part he did say. Ms Vikki doesn't care who he was with, be it Cande, Pau or Mrs. Jones he left her Mama all alone with this disease like he was punishing her. Basically Anyballs tells her to shut it, he can only take so much feminine hysterics and he goes! Ms Vikki cries. Anyballs needs that Anvil!!!!!

Ms Vikki and the Angel Have Some Down Time:
Angel and Ms Vikki are in her home office and she tells the Angel she can't beleive it was Pau all these twenty years. Angel tries to calm her and tells her he gets it, but it's over with Anyballs and Pau. Ms Vikki gets it, but she's now worried, cause this woman will soon be her COMIL and Frankie's Mama. Angel tells Ms Vikki that he doesn't think Frankie eva knew about the guy his Mama left him for. Ms Vikki finally gets it and feels sorry for Frankie and blames it all on Anyballs! Angel also reminds Ms Vikki that Frankie has just reconciled with his Mama Pau and he also tells her that Pau gave up alot for her foolish love of Anyballs. Ms Vikki really listens to him and decides to say nothing so as not to jeapardize the relationship with Nikki and Frankie and there is Nikki's bulimia to consider too. So now the talk to turns to them as Ms Vikki thanks him for being with her, giving her advice, he says he will be with her foreva, and always, besos! She loves his support and love and she loves him oh, so much and one hawt unending Beso!!!!!!!

Roy and Lily at the Greenhouse:
Roy and Lili are looking at an inventory list one of them set up on the computer and Roy is very pleased everything is in one place now on the computer, for ordering purposes, etc. All the products and descriptions are in there and Lili is grateful to him. Roy's cellphone buzzes and he gets a text. He now asks Lili for some personal time off, he has something to take care of, he won't be long, and it's near to the greenhouse. She okays it but doesn't want him to be gone long. He thanks his jefa preciosa and waves and goes and she wonders what the hey is going on with him, but she hasn' t the time to contemplate it and goes back to work.

Anyballs and Roy Have a Meet:
Seems that text Roy got was from Anyballs. Roy has even put on his white suit for this meet. I didn't get all of this convo, but seems Roy is afraid Angel is going to kill him and he's had it with the negativity, and he only wants Lili's love, cause he loves her desperately! I guess Roy was afraid Anyballs would put the kibosh on this Lili/Roy thingy too. Well, Anyballs says he'll support Roy in his endeavor and Roy can't believe it. And he tells Roy not to worry about the Angel, he'll take care of him. Then Anyballs thought bubbles about how Nikki is with that poor man Guzmancito and now Lili and Roy, hmmmmm....... and here we end this epi.


Angel and Ms Vikki where he told her if Cris were her sister, he could never have a relationship with her, Besos!

Pau tells Adri all about Cris being her sister!


Good Morning Y'all:

The recap is up, please enjoy!

Madelaine - Terrific recap. Liked your riff on Nikki's aching feet, "beat the feet..."

Glad Miss Vickie didn't get on Angel's case about not telling her about Pau.

Could Mia have been crying cause she doesn't want to go home with her KendaHo mom? She sure wasn't crying like that before.

Thanks for the recap Mads!

Boy, Vicky was laying the guilt trip on Paula last night. This would have been the perfect opportunity for me to make some money by selling this story to TMZ-Mexico. Could it be that Anibal just didn't get the messages about his wife's death? He's all about appearances, so I think if he knew he would have flown in. Yes, he might have flown in with his mistress and put her up in the hotel, but I think that he would have showed up for the funeral.


Boy there are all kinds of grammatical errors in my last comment. Oh well!


Thanks so much, Madelaine, for that fast and snappy recap. I cannot stand looking at ANyballs,and I am contemplating what an appropriate anvil would be for his lifetime of lies and manipulation s, and multiple mistresses. I actually felt sorry for PoorPaula as Vikki's tirade went on..and on..and on.. I kept thinking ...geez, she's dying and you just stole some precious moments . Isn't it ironic that before she got her diagnosis she was crying 24/7 over ANyballs, but now that she is faced with a terminal illness, she's become almost cheery.
I loved Angel talking Vikki down ,
and Vikki actually listening to him..Now that's true love.

Well, it's a beautiful , sunny day here, and I am enjoying some lemonade on the patio...not THE patio. Hope everyone is having a nice Saturday.

Where's VIncente "???????

Mads--Great work, as usual.

Loved Salsero's dilemma--"What to do, what to do?????"
--"and here comes Anyballs and Cande to ruin this nice moment."
--"Angel is just worried about Adri cause first Joan was after Ms Vikki now he is dating, shagging, er seeing Adri."

Mads, you got the gist of AnyB's and Roy's convo correctly. I guess he figures it's enough to break up Francisco and Nikki, but marrying Lili off to Roy ensures a good family name and financial stability. I don't think he knows the extent that Milton has cut off his son (who's calling the kettle dirty now). He's promised to aid and abet Roy in his conquest of Lili. I worry about his statement/threat that The Great AnyB will take care of the Big A.

I don't think NelFFson has made any dinero yet from Ultra Belle. He anticipates that it will be so. At least that's what I thought I heard him tell Anyballs earlier--expecting the success to put him in a better bargaining position with Anyballs when it comes to talking divorce. But he'd better make sure there are no long-handled skillets or anvils in his and KendHo's new love nest. But we know KendHo is pretty good at throwing things.

It seems as though our Big A is beginning to act a lot like Anyballs when it comes to his daughter.

We've discussed this but came to no conclusions about JA & Vikki not being able to be together if she and Cris are sisters. QTH? Is this ONLY a writers' plot device or is this seriously true in Mexico?

The only biological impediment I see is if Vikki & JA turned out to be siblings, half-siblings or fist cousins and nowadays even first cousins can "be together" in many states here.

Roy is making progress by leaps and bounds. Pretty soon he will be indespensible to Lili. Speaking of el Royero, I've been rewatching CME, the DVD version (more about that later). Believe it or not, Eleazar Gomez had the same wild hair standing up on end as Anibal as he does as Roy--we just didn't notice it then. Lisardo Guarinos hasn't changed a bit in 3 years, not even his acting (although that's ok with me, I do like watching him making his moves).

Someone asked back awhile on one of the posts about the DVD version of CME. The editors chopped it down to 4 discs--about 12 hours. Amazingly, the main story line has been perfectly stitched together.

What you don't get is Fina's body count, all her plotting to get her hands on Renata's inheritance and above all, what made her a top notch villainess, her machinations to carry out those plots. You get none of the side plots, and I mean NONE of the side plots (some of which we could have done without, anyway) and MOST ALL of Silvia's and Juan Soler's sizziling romance--their playfulness, their banter, their smoking hot kisses, and their love-making scenes.

Instead we get most of the scenes where they are mad at each other and/or not together at all and a big dose of Agustin. Big disappointment for those of us who cared so much about the integrity of the whole production and the wonderful cast.

Let me get this straight. Vikki is now mad at Anyballs? I seem to remember at the very beginning, he was her adored paterfamilias who could do no wrong and had faith in her abilities to head up an important division of MetaImagen. She always had been upset about "that" woman he'd been with at the time of her monther's death and had resolved it in her mind by asking him to never bring her to the house or mention her name. NOW she chooses to go off the deep end. Poor Frankie & Nikki, one more glitch in their happily-ever-after.

Can't wait for Monday, dang!


Wow..forgot to mention how surprised I was at the difficulty Big Angel had holding Felipe back. Felipe is one wiry little squirrel...who knew !!!!

Great recap, Madelaine. I didn't get to watch the episode until this afternoon. You've described it brilliantly and with great humor.

I loved the dinners.

I loved Nikki and Frankie after dinner.

My favorite last night, however, was Roy. Now that is a brave determined young man. He's now stood up to the two most powerful of the men, Arriaga and Aníbal, and held his ground boldly.


Just when I started warming up to Roy now that he has lost the red pants and is getting his hands dirty and wearing an apron, he disappoints me by teaming up with that dreadful old tyrant Anyballs. I am so tired of Anyballs treating the women around him like pieces on a chessboard. How will he pay for his meddling and deceit ? What his downfall be ? Will he actually go to jail for kidnapping ? The old dude has burned a lot of bridges. Does he have anyone in his corner besides Candyapple and Roy ?

What a fabulous job, Mads!

I'm impressed that you picked up on the identity of Joan's caller. That little allusion sailed right over my head.

Our show is starting to feel a bit like an Advent Calendar -- on every evening leading up to the Big Event, we get a small gift in the form of a secret revealed.

True, the gifts are fun. Who doesn't like a Balvanera Girl freak-out now and then? (Sit down, Carlos. It was a rhetorical question.) Still, it would be even better if it were a revelation not only to the characters but to us, the Snails.

Surprise us! Tell us that Aníbal Balvanera's real name is, say, Bernard Schwarz (or Pedro Hernández), and all this self-aggrandizing "abolengo" stuff is his own invention, his desperate attempt to compensate for his humble origins.

Or that X is the love child of Y. (You get to solve for both variables.)

You get the idea.

The sisters thing - it used to be that you couldn't marry the sibling or other close relative of a deceased spouse in the Roman Catholic Church without special papal dispensation. But the way TNs have people involved with one sibling marrying another often enough, I have never seen it presented as a true impediment to marriage in Mexico. Also, I think it's safe to assume that Vicki married Nelson in the Church. That's the real impediment. So who knows why Arriaga sees it that way.

Thanks much Madelaine! I also understood Nelson to be counting his chickens before they hatch with respect to the money he expects to get from Ultrabelle. And Kendho thinks she can take him for all he's worth and then just get rid of him? So funny that she got so outraged that there might be a "Señora Balvanera"!

And Aníbal! Did you notice how he just dissed Adriana at the greenhouse - turning away from her dismissively when she brought up his forgotten granddaughter. And totally dissed Vicki's upset at the amante and her mother dying alone - dismissing it as just the female point of view. This man does NOT value his family. He is a pure narcissist, totally unable to feel compassion for his daughters. It's all about him. Family to him is just about the show and the control.

Isn't it a bit creepy that Aníbal is defying Adriana by doing exactly what she wants him to do (giving her daughter, Lucia/Rupiana grand daughter status) even though she is not aware of it. I think he is enjoying a twisted ironic cruel satisfaction in this.


Mads- A beautiful day kept me out all day yesterday, so I didn't get to read your wonderful recap until today. Fabulous as always.

Too much Anibal! Arrrgg!

I don't think it's that Vicky has never laid into Anibal about his lover. I'm sure she has MANY times over the years. When we came into the picture, they had just reached a certain level of stalemate with each other. It had been 20 years after all! Remember, he hadn't even been living in the family home. He had been living with Paula all these years until they broke up, so I wouldn't describe Vicky as being adoring with her pop. They have worked together all these years every day, so I think she does have a lot of respect for him as a businessman.

But this is the first time she has had the opportunity to tell the lover what she thinks, after 20+ years, so she was using the opportunity. I didn't take it as her putting all the blame on Paula, more as just the opportunity to finally tell the other woman what she has felt all these years. Now I think she can move on. And of course, she wants to keep the peace for Nikki and Frankie's sake, which is very good.

Is Roy really plotting with Anibal, or is he just pleasantly surprised that he supports his relationship with Lili and wants to help convince JA? He doesn't know how evil Anibal is, so I'm not going to lump him with Cande. What Anibal told him seems pretty innocent and there's no way for Roy to know that it may include something more sinister. It's not like he accepting money this time around to woo and marry Lili.

So while I was driving around yesterday, with the sun roof and windows open, my sunglasses on, and listening to the Latin pop station at high volume, a song came on that I didn't know, but the lyrics were familiar. Then I realized it was the song Polita belted out to Carlos/Joan Constantine when he came to the Balvanera house. It's titled "Golpes en el Corazon" by Los Tigres del Norte, although it's been covered by a lot of artists.

I found this very cute video with two little Politas singing it. Try to ignore the fact that they are not strapped into their car seats correctly:

Good Morning Y'all and thanks for the wonderful comments.


You are spot on about Mia. I think she senses her Mama is not so nice. I too noticed she started crying when Kendho came up to the window and was cooing to her.


They have alluded that all was not great between Anyballs and his dead wife before and it seems they didn't get along all that well. She loved her girls and agonized about Anyballs and his running around. I think Vikki said something about calling hotels, but they couldn't call them all, when she was trying to find him. You are right about the appearance, and maybe if he had known he would have shown up, but being that he is this corporate big wig, you would think that her death would have been all over the tv and he would have heard of her death before the funeral. And why didn't he call home, knowing his wife was so ill? I have such a problem with him!


You are right about the Pau and not so much crying anymore. She is enjoying her life more and her family. I just hope this isn't ruined by Felipe telling Frankie exactly who Pau ran off with all those years ago. I also hope Felipe doesn't turn his back on Pau, since she doesn't have that much time left. I am hoping they work it out somehow. As far as Vincente goes, it will still be a bit of time I think. Not in the last week either. I think he will show soon ; )


Thanks for the tip about FF and Ultrabelle, I changed the recap to reflect that. Now that I think about it, FF is counting his chickens before they are hatched, same with the Kendho. She has been trying to eliminate the competition. I am worried for Cande and Lili. That's why I worry what Kendho is going to be up to now.


I was laughing when the Angel was trying to hold back Felipe, lol. Felipe is a scrappy dude I have to say! I just wish he had gotten a good smack at Anyballs, before Angel grabbed him, lol.


I too agree with you about Roy. What a stand up guy he has come to be! I wish Lili would open her eyes and see that! Then she'd know he is serious and not jerking her chain!

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Trust is earned, and it's even harder to earn it back once it's been squandered (like Roy did with Lili). I have no problem with Lili making him work to earn it back and not just giving in right away. She has thanked him multiple times for his help, and has told others what a good job he's doing. That's enough for now.


Ah, Advent Calendars, what a great analogy. They do have little gifts in them. I still have one every year and the little gifts are chocolate! I do like how they are slowly revealing things and not dumping them on us all at once. Wouldn't it be funny if Anyballs was just a nobody, changed his name, and became a somebody! I can't wait as we get further toward the end to see if that is something the writers have up their sleeves.


Thank you too for the Ultra Belle thingy, I changed the recap to reflect that. I had to laugh too about Kendho being outraged about another Senora Balvanera, lol. Kendho is all about getting rid of her competition and now I am worried about Cande and Lili as I have said, but Kendho is so deluded. How in the world does she think she will ever get any Balvanera moola? When FF mentioned his will, the first thing I thought was Ruh Roh! I want to see what deluded Kendho will do now.


I am glad you enjoyed your day, it sounded like fun! I too agree with what you said about Ms Vikki and Roy. Thanks for the link for the Polita song I will listen to it later. Polita is so very cute, meddling, but cute, with her outlook on life, always sunny!

About Anyballs, I have lost my patience with him. He is such a lying manipulator as Pau called him. It is all about him, I completely agree with those of you who have said it. It's all about the name Balvanera and the image. And he does like control, it's his way or the highway and you better get with his program. I wish the Godfather would give Adri a clue. He also knows a lot of Anyballs' secrets.

Anyballs also thinks he is living in the 1800's! I could see if this was a period piece, but for this modern day and age, I can't believe Anyballs thinks he can control his daughters this way. I think Ms Vikki is starting to be disillusioned with him and yay! for Adri, she certainly has his number and will not be intimidated by him! Maybe he will end up in la carcel. I too can't wait to see what the end for Anyballs is.

As far as Ms Vikki, Vivi's analysis is spot on. Ms Vikki did know that her imperfect Papa had lovas, but just not who this particular one was until she overheard Pau and Anyballs in that foyer. I think that is why she was so enraged. She knew Pau and had no idea it could possibly be her. But Ms Vikki did forget one thing. Pau had told her about being estranged from her son and Ms Vikki forgot this while she was going off on Pau, but Angel reminded her of it later. I am glad Angel told her that Frankie and the Pau had recently reconciled and I'm glad that Vikki decided not to say anything to Nikki and Frankie. Now I am worried that Felipe, in his anger, will tell Frankie. I hope Pau gets to talk to him before that happens. Felipe knows that Pau is no longer with Anyballs and his anger seems to be directed at Anyballs so we will have to wait and see.

I agree with Vivi about what she said about Roy. That is spot on. The poor boy is in almost the same situation as Nikki. The 'rents have cut him off, he has to work a menial job, and he's in love just like Nikki. Angel is trying to get him to stay away from Lili and Anyballs is just suddenly going to support him in his conquest of Lili. I think Roy is just happy there is someone on his side, and even though he went along with that marriage to Nikki and the financial relief for his 'rents that Anyballs gave, I don't think Roy has a clue what Anyballs is capable of. I think, like Vivi, he is happy to have someone in his corner. Someone who isn't trying to stop him from earning Lili's love.


Our comments crossed, but I agree about Roy having to earn Lili's trust. She has praised him for being helpful. I think she is enjoying the effort he is putting into his work and she smiles a lot around him : )

Good morning..another beautiful, sunny day here. I think Lili does not want to be hurt again. As Hub likes to say , "A tiger doesn't change it's stripes." And she may be thinking "Fool my once , shame on you ; fool me twice shame on me." ROyboy did a very quick turn around. I wouldn't trust him either.


What you said about Lili is spot on. She certainly doesn't want to be hurt again. I just want her to stop her Frankie delusion. I really don't like this tug of war with her and Nikki over Frankie. I wish Lili and Nikki could really get to know each other. I liked how Nikki was to Lili when Cris died, that was a nice thing Nikki did with not goading her. I hope by the end of this TN they will see just how much Anyballs manipulated the two of them.

Madelaine....I think that at the end, the two girls will be fine with each big, happy family minus Anyballs. Lili just has a major infatuation with a nice, handsome guy....who loves her arch rival. I've known girls who carry a torch for a guy who is not interested in them and never will be. last night, I watched a show about Jodi about a fatal attraction with a terrible result. LIli just needs to grow up and realize the good things in her life . She will be fine in the end. She already has a great relationship with her real mother Adri. She and Angel have always been close. She is doing the work she enjoys, and Roy does seem to really be crazy about her and is turning into a good guy. Lili's future is looking rosy to me. Nikki and the Guz will also get their happy ending as soon as Anyballs exits stage left..pompous old buzzard raining on everyone's parade. When someone wants to rain on your parade, the trick is carrying an umbrella. .

Madelaine - Thank you for the recap!

Madelaine---Such a great and detailed recap---hoe excellent can one get? A big thank you.

The Balvanera foyer has sure seen a lot of secrets revealed not to mention all the fights that take place there. That place is getting famous. It may be made into a tourist attraction before much longer.

What will happen with Philipe and Paula now that the truth has come out? What will Frankie do? It could get interesting.

Neither Nikki or Guzman can find work although both are fully qualified. I wonder when they will start thinking that someone is working against them? Lightbulb time.

Roy looks like he is happy working
at the nursery. Can't blame him, I guess that I would be too if Little Orchid was my boss. I think that is going to become partners.
the gringo


Manana the truth comes out about Cris. Where is this going to lead?
Can't wait.
the gringo


"What will happen with Philipe and Paula now that the truth has come out?"

Don't forget that Paula is dying and has about 3 months, more or less, to live. Her perspective right now is almost unimaginable for us and those around her. People who are dying and know it have a whole different approach to life as far as priorities go. I think Paula wants things to be good between her and Felipe but if not (to borrow from Nikki) shalala.

In medical school my first clinical rotation was on the pediatric service. Most of the children in the pediatric ward on the 7th floor of John Sealy Hospital had serious and often terminal illnesses. The lore on that floor was that often a child who was within a few days of dying would suddenly begin distributing his toys among the other patients on the floor. This was always considered an ominous sighn regardless of the child's clinical state.

Paula is already distributing her toys... she's turned Aníbal over to Cande. (The piano would have made a better gift.)

Maybe she'll give Felipe to Tomi.


Carlos...Fascinating. Yes, those who know death is coming soon have such a different outlook.
So sad about those children in the hospital. I often wonder how people have tithe strength to work in the medical and ministry fields. I could never do it, but I admire those who do.

". . . she's turned Aníbal over to Cande. (The piano would have made a better gift.)"
Too funny, Carlos. ;-)

Mads thanks so much for your recap. I am so with you on Anibal. While most of his manipulations are evil, his desire to keep Adriana from ever finding her daughter is on par with a demonic minion. I don't understand how any normal human being with a conscious (I know, I know) could do that to his own daughter. UA will have to add him to her horrible daddy list.

Gringo - yes I hope Frankie and Nikkie realize they are being set up for failure.

Karen - Anibal Balvanera definitely belongs on the Horrible Daddy list. He gets my vote!


Frankie already knows that Meta Imagen's bad references are keeping him from getting hired. He even told Nikki. She wanted to appeal to Vikki but he asked her not to. He is still hoping to figure something out on his own.

Nikki hasn't yet realized that her father has sabotaged her job-hunting but it shouldn't take long before someone or something tips her off.

Thanks NM as I wasn't sure if Frankie told Nikki. When she realizes her father is behind this, that could be fun.


Yes, it will be fun when Nikki figures it all out. But Nelson doesn't get all the credit. The bad boys doubled teamed our young lovers:

--It was Aníbal who called Human Resources at Meta Imagen and told them exactly what to say to anyone doing a reference check on Frankie.

--It was, however, Nelson himself who thought up and carried out the idea of contacting modeling agencies and getting Nikki blacklisted.

As in real life, it all boils down to each character wanting something which is sometimes at odds with what another character wants. So...what does each person want ? Well, Adri wants her daughter, and she wants Anyballs to tell her the truth so that she can find her, and she wants a good guy to settle down with. . Anyballs wants to control everyone around him , and he wants his secrets kept . Big Angel wants Vikki , and he wants Lili to be happy, so he wants Royboy to stay away from her. ETC.So...what do you want ?

Good Morning Y'all and thanks for more wonderful comments.


I too can't wait for this evening to find out what Adri will do when she finds out Cris was her sister. The Pau always picks the wrong time to tell people things. Look what happened to Cris after she told her Anyballs was her Papa. Just a thought.


I too agree with you about the piano, lol. Way better gift than Anyballs!


Yes, Anyballs does belong on the horrible daddy list so agree with you!


Anyballs is all about appearances and how the public views his family. I have to say I was shocked when he pulled on Lili's hair and sent it off for ADN testing. I thought he'd just blow off that idea off, altogether. I think he actually has affection for Lili, but I too can't stand what he is doing to Adri. It seems like a punishment that goes on and on he is meting out on her. First he locks her up when she's preggers, lies and says the bebe died, sends her to Europe right afterwards. He banished her and if I were her, I would have stayed away too. I think the only reason she came back was to find out what happened to Lucia. She could have seen Ms Vikki anytime and stayed away from Anyballs. So she confronts Anyballs and he didn't expect that, oh noes. Adri has a spine and he can't stand it! I can't wait until she finds out that Lili is really Lucia and I really want to see what she does to Anyballs, that will be really good.


I still can't figure out how Cande can live with herself. I really hated when Adri got down on her knees and chicken Cande wouldn't tell her the truth. She is gullible too when it comes to Anyballs. I wish she hadn't listened to him and went ahead and told Adri anyway. If she actually told Adri what happened, she really couldn't be charged with trafficking in bebes, cause she initially didn't know who Lucia was. Cande only found out later who Lucia really was. But then again maybe she could be charged with withholding the truth after the fact. Still and all I really think she should have told Adri and let the chips fall where they may. It's just cruel to keep the truth from Adri.


"So...what do you want?"

I want Aníbal to do one unselfish redeeming thing.


Mads- ITA about Cande. She has become a great disappointment.

Even though she didn't know who the baby belonged too, what she and the other nurse did is still illegal. You can't just take a baby, not matter if you heard second-hand that the mama doesn't want it, without involving the authorities and making it legal.

I want to see Anibal in prison. He has been outright cruel to Adriana and learned nothing in the past 25 years.

I don't want to see Cande in prison though because she's a victim like the rest and her intentions were good. She is pretty pitiful going along with Anibal right now but surely something will snap her out of it.



Good question about what we want. This is what I want:

Anyballs- to have all of his lies exposed and he has to pay for his sins, so to speak. I really don't think, at this point, he can be redeemed.

Cande: To tell the truth once and for all. I really thing she can be redeemed, she has done some good, saving Lucia and helping Pau.

Pau: To have peace, since she's dying. I couldn't stand her at one point, cause it was always about her, but now, I think she wants to clear her conscience before she dies. I want her to have peace with her family around her. At least she is trying to right some wrongs.

Ms Vikki: I want her to be rid of the FF once and for all. He should have been gone already! I want her to be with the Angel of course without interference from anyone, including Lili.

Angel: I want him to be with Ms Vikki of course and he needs to fess up to Lili. If Lili objects that is her problem. She'll be mad he didn't tell her and for that she can be angry, but Cris herself told Angel to find his happiness so I say have at it.

Adri: I want her to find true love and to know Lucia/Lili is her daughter. This poor woman has been through way too much. It's about time she had an angst free life.

Nikki: I want her to find a job, work like a normal person, kick her Papa and her Abue to the curb and get to know Lili and maybe become friends with her. Nikki isn't at that point yet, but I think eventually she will be. Of course I want her to marry Frankie ; )

Frankie: I want him to find a good job and marry Nikki. He has really been strong throughout all this crap. He deserves his happy ending.

Santino: I want him to marry Betty, but before he does, I want him to fess up to what he did to Ms Vikki and Nikki and then let the chips fall where they may. If he wants to be with Betty he too has to atone for his past sins.

Kendho: She deserves the biggest anvil for all her sins, no repentance from her, cause we know she will never repent for what she did! The body count for this TN is due to her. I hope we don't see anymore bodies before this TN is over, cause we know she is always planning some murder or wrecking havoc on someone's life. Oh, the body count, not sure if she had that henchie with the money whacked, you know the one, after Nikki's kidnapping along with Kendho, the guy got mugged and that ransom money disappeared and the henchie was dead! I still think she had something to do with it. I want her to end up in la carcel with someone worse than her!

Odette: I hope she recovers and moderates her attitude to Estafano and Jean Marie. I think this stroke she had was a big wake up call. Maybe she will wake up now and be a kinder, gentler, person, one can hope ; )

Betty: I want her to have a happy ending too. She also has been through way too much and I want her to end up with Santino, who I really think is her true love.

FF: Huge anvil. I am tired of his double standard, I can do it, but you can't 'tude. And now the same machinations to stop Nikki from getting a job. I worry for Mia. He has such delusions of grandeur, I want him to be panhandling by the end of this TN.

Mia: I want her to have other parents. Any couple here would be so much better for her than Kendho and FF. I want her to end up with the Balvaneras or Betty and Santino. Also not with Anyballs.

Lili: I want her to be successful and get over her obsession for Frankie. I want her to find out who her parents really are, but not to kick the Angel to the curb. I want her to realize, after she finds out what she dreaded so much is true, about the Angel and Ms Vikki, but I don't want her thinking this is some horrid, moral thing about the sister issue. I want her to find her true love, who I really believe is Roy.

Roy: I'd like him to be in partnership with Lili, he seems to know what he is doing as far as setting up a workable inventory/accounting of the greenhouse. I want him to work hard to earn Lili's love and not rely on Anyballs for any help whatsoever! I want Roy and Lili to marry too : )

Estafano: I want him to marry Jean Marie and take over the agency. I think they would get way more bidness and I want his Mama to give the reins so to speak to him, one can hope ; )

Tomi and Felipe: I want them to end up together, they would be such a hoot!

Polita: She gets discovered at a karaoke bar and gets a recording contract! That's what I want for her. Yes, she is meddling but she is so much fun! I want her to have her dream come true too ; )

Jean Marie: To open his own Pasteleria, with his own line of petit fours and Estefano can market his line. It will be hugely successful.

Balzac: I want him to stay with Estefano and Jean Marie and to find a cute little doggie to share his life : )

Espanto: To have huge anvil, especially for the murders he has done. He should be run down, like he ran down Cris, or be poisoned by Kendho. That would be the ultimate for him.

Madelaine: so hard to comment so late. The recap was wonderful, my favorite line was: "treasure trove of eavesdroppers extrodinaire" followed closely by: "while he fools with his tie, as in mimicking Joan's ascot..."

So well written with such a smooth story flow. Your humor and isight were top notch.

Not really much to add - the marvelous recap and comments have said it all.

The other night, I saw on the news (true story) that a Medical Center in the Bronx is using med students certified as "baby cuddlers" (their term) to take care of premature and infants staying long term for medical issues. How lovely. Might we try and hire one for baby Mia?


Madelaine---I'm with you. That is sure going to be a "movie moment" when Adri finds out that Lili is really her daughter Lucia. I woulden't want to be in Anyballs shoes when that happens.

I also agree with you that it is cruel of Cande not to tell Adri the
truth about Lucia. My guess is that Cande is thinking that jail is in store for her when/if the truth comes out.

Anibal tops the horrible dadies list.---- This sounds like a headline story for the next addition of El Clamor Publico.

What do I want? Of all the things mentioned, I want most for Nikki and Lili to become friends.
the gringo.

Mads--Great list of So..What do you wants. I think the writers have it all in mind, as well.

Diana--during the height of the crack epidemic, we had big city hospitals doing the same thing. My son was thinking about signing up as a cuddler, but then found out he and his wife were expecting a cuddler of their own. (He'd been "nesting" since high school.)



I too like the idea of cuddlers, and maybe little Mia will get one. I am hoping cause the poor little bebe has been through too much already! She needs all the love and cuddling she can get. Well all know Kendho isn't the cuddling type : (


That's what I am hoping in the end for Lili and Nikki, I really think they would like each other.


I hope the writers really give us a good ending and don't leave hanging chads, El Tal comes to mind ; )

I love babies, so being a cuddler would be wonderful, but how could one accept pay for such a delight and privilege.

Hi Mads, this is regarding your comment about Anibal seeing broadcasts of his wife's death on t.v. OK, so I don't know anything about Mexican-Mexican culture except what I've watched on the telenovelas. So, based only on my observance of Mexican-Mexicans on a telenovela, they bury their dead 15 minutes after they and many times without an autopsy. So, Anibal wouldn't have had time to make it home for the funeral even if he'd seen it on CNN or TMZ.



I know it's late, but a new issue of El Clamor Publico will be on-line soon.


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