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Corazon Indomable #24 6-13-13 MariCruz 2.0 Takes Baby Steps (and Maybe Some Giant Steps) Toward Her Future

                 Don Alejandro says he will make MariCruz a great lady (un gran dama).  This brings to mind other celluloid makeovers, including Princess Diaries, My Fair Lady, Miss Congeniality, and Pretty Woman (for whatever that’s worth.)  MariCruz’ age and hair style seem similar to Princess Diaries [recapper’s opinion].    Scenes may be combined.

Down Home
                Our action begins as Lucia composes a letter to Octavio (She probably attended two semesters at a prestigious university, where she majored in fashion design and minored in creative writing before dropping out to get married.) She explains that she’s writing instead of Miguel, that he’s busy with a heavy work load, that Tav shouldn’t be concerned for MC.  In fact, MC may be over him, etc. etc.; there’s no encouragement for a continued relationship. (If I missed details here, please fill in.) She tells him to take care and don’t do any crazy stuff.

Heartbreak Hotel
                Serafina’s not quite as folksy as Chatita over on PEAM, but she’s almost equally involved in her tenants’ lives. So far, her efforts to introduce MC and Octavio were refused.  She wonders if MC was married or had a relationship, since she appears to be pregnant.  She’d be happy take MC to a doctor. An upset MC doesn’t want children, can’t see a doc until her day off.  She needs to work, as she gestures to Solita, for their food and rent.  A fearful Solita, still suffering PTSD flashbacks, hugs MC.  Dona Serafina has the phone number for MC’s work and will keep an eye on Solita. 
                The maid tells Serafina Octavio needs her, so she goes to his room next.  He pays his rent and tells her he’ll be gone three days on business. She brings up MC again and is asked not to insist. He meets Eduardo in the lobby, where they pause for a cuppa joe.  MC, at the bottom of the stairs across the lobby, makes the ID on Oblivio (Sera mentioned he was a pilot) and hides behind the stairs.  MC silently calls out Oblivio as the dirty dog who done her wrong and turns to leave.  Serafina tells MC that she’s as pale as if she’d seen a ghost.  (Well—yeah, that would be it.)
               The two pilots get in Eduardo’s red car and drive off.  MC pauses, changes direction, hurries down the sidewalk and steps into the street.  The red car had just rounded the corner and slams on brakes, almost hitting MC in her familiar white dress.  She rushes back to the sidewalk, hair flying.  Ed asks if Oblivio saw that pretty girl they almost hit?  Tav affirms, thinks she looked like MariCruz. 
                The HGIU (Hawt Guys in Uniform) revisit the topic as they sit in the airport coffee shop.  Oblivio thought it looked like MC and that she seemed to recognize him, but she couldn’t possibly be in the city—she’s too far away and too poor to get there.  They move onto to casino gambling, with Tav saying he won’t do it like he did before (so that’s where his other money went?)

Country in the City
                At some point, we see a straggler from down home wandering the city streets.  Maria, finished with the pizza delivery fiasco from yesterday, is bidding the police farewell.  She shows them her smudged address paper and asks if they could take her there.  They agree, but due to unseen circumstances she is still on the streets at night and struggling to find MC.  She uses her basket and shawl to bed down for the night in a doorway, asking God to care for her.
(Viewerville hopes her prayer is answered, since the box she carries is the tenuous link between MC and her faraway father.)

Ancestral Mansion
                Since Don Alejandro is a man of wealth and property, this impressive mansion may be only one of his homes.  The grounds behind the house are extensive, running down to some stables where we catch a glimpse of horses circling a horse walker.  Tobias is back at work, bringing morning meds to Don Alejandro.  Don Ale explains that he let MC go visit her sister and she’ll be at work shortly. Tobias is dubious, especially when he hears Don Ale bought clothing for the girl.  Alejandro explains he made the gesture due to MC’s concern for her finances.  He wants Tobias to pay her a little more than Benita made.   Don Alejandro can tell Tobias is angry about MC and thinks he may have lecherous intentions.  Not at all, the gentleman explains.  He thinks of her as a girl, not a woman, and she makes him think of his daughter.
                MC arrives at work riding a bus. (The lordly estate must be a suburban location, not city center.) Don Ale invites MC to come sit with him on the veranda and talk. (I want a job like this, please.) She looks sad and answers his inquiry: she feels like crying.  He assures MC that she can trust him, he only wants to help.  He asks “What did they do to you?” and she bursts into tears on his chest.  He tells her to cry and one day she’ll tell him her story.  He wants to help her become a refined, educated woman, but he needs her help and cooperation to achieve this.  “Will she do it?”, he asks and she promises “Yes.”
                MC appears in dining room wearing a new black dress.  She seems uneasy in the more sophisticated style and her experience with formal dining shows in her apprehensive look.  Tobias looks skeptical about the new venture. Don Alejandro introduces MC to Tobias and she, using her manners, says “mucho gusto.”  Tobias explains their previous meeting to Don Ale.  Questioned by him, she admits showing “un poquito” disrespect.  The Don claims she was nervous then, but she is meant to work with them and she’ll eat dinner with Don Ale.
                At the dinner table, MC is able to open her napkin and place it in her lap, but her old enemy, the silverware, is another story.  Despite Ale’s example, she explains she usually eats with her hands.  Tobias will help teach her, but MC isn’t sure he really wants to.   Don Ale says that Tobias will find another worker and MC will have special duties.  MC says if Tobias doesn’ t want her, she’ll be fired and work somewhere else.  Don Ale has heard enough! She’s not to work, she’s to attend Lady School, and he’ll be the professor. (Now we’re into My Fair Lady territory.)  A weary MC retreats to her room.
                At the table, Don Alejandro reams out Tobias for treating MC poorly (like trash, hmm?)  Tobias thinks she’s not worth the effort, but Ale sees the value in her and likes her.  Tobias thinks she’s pretending, but Ale is sure she’s innocent.  He hopes to find his daughter, but in the meantime, he’ll help MC.  Nothing and no one will change his mind! (Due warning posted for Tobias.  Can we hope MC will melt Tobias sooner or later?)

Isla Dorada Casino
                Our two pilots have morphed into HGIEC (Hawt Guys in Evening Clothes) and are entering the casino. Raiza softly breathes “fresh meat” as she hones in on the target.  Her jazzy music theme trails behind her as she slinks across the room and asks if they prefer black jack or roulette.  Oblivio wants to observe before playing and sits with Raiza at the bar.  A MC flashback plays in his brain. 
                Ed sees the pretty seller of smokes and greets her as “Honey.”  He stops short of stroking her arm, but flirts and makes his interest clear.  A disgruntled and jealous Teo, watching from the background, soon interrupts and tells Areceli to move on.  Ed asks who he thinks he is and Teo says it doesn’t matter. He’s the girl’s brother.  Ed asks Raiza if that’s true?  She says no, how could a monster like that have a normal sister?  Trying to smooth things over, she says they can gamble.  Little trails of silvery stickiness mark their jackets where her paws were stroking them.  (OK, that happened in my mind.)
                At breakfast on the patio, Ed claims he likes Areceli and says there’s nothing wrong with dating a working girl.  After all, Octavio married a peasant girl.  Areceli is admiring the new clothes she bought with her pay.  Teo wishes he could leave his servant role and hopes the pilot backs away from Areceli.  He despises the casino life and tells his beloved friend how much he appreciates her sweet company.  In the casino office, Raiza warns Carola about the Teo and Areceli dynamic, with its potential for future problems.  Carola brushes off her sister’s concern. ( Raiza has other problems--her hair is luxurious curls by night, hanks of straight and frizzy mess by day.  Is there a need for a new hair stylist on Isla Dorada?)

Ancestral Mansion
                A relaxed MC sits on the bed in her room, recalling Oblivio in the lobby, living right next to her!  Time and distance have cleared her mind and an epiphany takes place—this is the guy who treated her like a toy, not like a real person!  She’ll never forgive him!
                In the morning, Charm School is in session. MariCruz learns to sit gracefully on a sofa rather than flopping.  She learns not to say “Why for?” when questioning Don Ale.  The prof becomes a little impatient and Tobias actually calms the situation.  The butler also brings up MC’s “strange” belly and wonders if she could be pregnant.  Don Ale thinks that would be terrible for MC.  Our student is practicing her writing and sitting up straight.  Prof Ale asks if MC is feeling sick? She hasn’t been sleeping well.  Has she ever been in love?  Is she expecting a baby?
                MC asks who told him this?  No one told him anything.  Will he fire her?  No, but he wants her to see a doctor.  Is the man who betrayed her married?  No.  Single? Then where is he?  She doesn’t know and she doesn’t want to know!
                While MC is busy with her new life, a solitary Solita is trapped in the terror of the past.  Ewwsebio still chases her in flashbacks, which Serafina’s food and care cannot cure.  When Solita becomes feverish, Serafina calls MC for help.  Tobias brings the phone into the office and MC gingerly takes it and speaks into it.  When MC explains the problem to Don Alejandro, he says they’ll go at once. 
                A quick car trip brings them to the pension, where Don Ale meets Solita and Serafina.  Sera, showing some pills for the fever, said the doctor diagnosed a case of severe anguish.  MC tells her benefactor Solita feels too alone and defenseless--she has to quit her new position.  Don Alejandro has a problem to solve.  

Coming Tomorrow
                Octavio asks Serafina about MariCruz.
                MariCruz slips while practicing staircase grace and the doctor says she must go to the clinic.

Will the monkey be included in future plans or will he become another drifter in the city?


La Paloma:

Thanks so much for this very fab recap. Ay yi yi, I really thought that Tav and MC would see each other. It's funny how he thinks of her constantly, even when she isn't almost colliding into him.

I am really liking Don Alejandro. He is the kindest gentleman ever! I really like how he treats MC and I am sure he will also take Solita and Moctavio under his wing. I hope he suggests a school for Solita and some help with her PTSD. I am glad MC will be seeing a Doc. Maybe MC does recognize the signs of being preggers cause no one ever told her about the birds and the bees? I don't think Abue did, anyway.

Poor Maria. I hope she still has all those papers with her and she finds MC.

I do like the way Don Alejandro is teaching MC. He is very patient with helping her and maybe Tobias will thaw a bit. MC just may win him over.

I can't stand Raiza. She ought to be pimping herself out instead of poor Arecely. Leave the poor girl alone. Maybe Eduardo will rescue her, who knows!

I won't even mention Lucifera. I just hope once Tav finds out MC has left there, he demands to know what the hey happened to his money! That will be a not to miss confrontation. I hope he does it in person too!

La Paloma, thanks. I can't remember whether this is my first time here but anyway, I am beginning to like this tn. I am a sucker for Cinderella, Princess diaries, and Pygmallion type of stories. The other day in FB, there was a questionnaire who was more detestable, Kendra Ferreti, Lucia, or the girl in PEAM, and I voted for Kendho of course but now I am sorry I did, I think that Lucia is more detestable, only if I put Kendra in the hall of shame and not to be included furthermore. About Don A. I am a fan of Sr. Evore and I love his works. and here I love him even more for doing exactly the opposite of evil. Can't wait for MC to sing "Just you wait Enry Iggins" to all those who did injustice to her and her family.

Thanks for the fun recap Paloma!

Loved - "(She probably attended two semesters at a prestigious university, where she majored in fashion design and minored in creative writing before dropping out to get married.)" - LOL

Don Ale and MC-s relationship is developing nicely.. can't wait for the truth to come to light - (WHERE ARE YOU MARIA?!!) - MC is clearly not confortable with the new clothes and etiquette lessons but she's really want to learn. Her table manners obviously needs improvement. Papi Voice is very patient with her.

Toby should get off the high horse, they keep putting servants in this TN who consider themselves higher than their employers

Poor Solita, hopefully Don Ale takes her and the monkey to live with them in the big house and hires a special teacher for her to learn the sign language.

I had a deja vu moment when Alejandro insisted that MC eat at the table with him despite Tobias' objection. Made me think of Ana Paula and Rogelio in LQNPA.

Cliche alert: MC falls down a staircase according to the promos.

Thanks, La Paloma. I wonder if and when Mari will win over ToBIASED. I, too, love Cesar Evore as a good guy. He can play good and evil equally well. I remember seeing him a few years ago on Cristina . (I miss that show.). HIs wife and daughter were in the audience, and he seemed very pleasant with a good sense of humor and an easygoing manner.

Ah yes..."a case of severe anguish" ...a very elegant way of describing Solita's depression and terror. Oblivio continues to be oblivious. UHoh...Mari does a Scarlet O'Hara down the staircase. THis novela is moving along.

Great recap, La Paloma, as always.

Excellent recap La Paloma. I am sure that now that Don Ale sees the situation with Solita, he will bring her to the mansion and get her some help too. Poor thing. I had tears in my eyes. The actress is doing a great job. She played the hateful little sister of Daniel Arenas (Octavio) in Amorcito Corazon. What a totally different role here.

I bet it would be a treat for Solita to get a hug from Ale and feel the vibrations of that rumbling voice and laugh.

MC seems to want to forget the fact she's pregnant, like if she doesn't think about it, and no one mentions it, it will go away. Looks like tonight's fall forces her to finally go to the doctor.

Wonderful recap La Paloma. This TN is starting to take a positive turn now with so much more interaction with MC and Alejandro.

Not sure why Tobias has such a stick up....well, anyway. Maybe he's just protective of the boss? Hopefully he will realize that MC is the real deal, meeting Solita may help with that. And adding the monkey to the mix should just about nail it.

The whole Pygmalion plotline is rather fun, and Alejandro is showing the same impatience that Prof. Higgins had with Eliza. Tobias I suppose plays the role of the Col. Pickering hopefully and everyone warmed to Eliza eventually. Though, at some future point in time the two casino witches will have to come into play with her...bummer.

I had to laugh at Tav convincing himself that couldn't be MC he saw. Yeah, how many woman with wild long hair wearing that style white dress are there. I kind of thought he would jump out of the car in pursuit, but I guess that's asking a lot of our man of inaction right now.


Lol, daisynjay, "our man of inaction". Love it.

Paloma, wow, good job. You gave us lots of good lines and observations. My personal favorite:

"MC is able to open her napkin and place it in her lap, but her old enemy, the silverware, is another story."

I loved the look on her face when she picked those up and and looked at them warily as though they might bite.

daisynjay, yes, I've no doubt that Solita and the monkey will help warm Tobias up.


thanks for the recap La Paloma! It's nice that the pace of the story is moving along nicely & that MC is already attending 'Lady School'. Glad we didn't have to see her as a servant for long, talk about having the nicest & most understanding boss ever!

Vivi, I can not believe that's the same girl! Completely different roles, but now I see it. Thanks for pointing it out & agree she's doing a great job.

Hope that maria finds MC soon. So sad to see her having to sleep out side like that.

Gracias La Paloma

ok,ok, I admit it's getting better, but how long will it last???????

"I had to laugh at Tav convincing himself that couldn't be MC he saw. Yeah, how many woman with wild long hair wearing that style white dress are there."

Would you want this guy to be your pilot? How can he recognize the airport?

@Variopinta: How long will the novela last or how long will the good episodes last? A long time, on both counts.

La Paloma that was a great recap. CE is so much fun as a nice guy. I know he'll take MC's crew with him to his house. And Toby needs to get over himself muy pronto.

Vivi - thanks for letting us know about the actress playing Solita. Wow, she's good.

Variopinta: LOL

That and his tendency to get all dreamy and zone out. Top attributes I want in someone who has my life in his hands 40,000 feet in the air.


yesterday you asked if anyone has ever seen the actress playing Raiza as a good girl. In Mujer de Madera (a rather strange but very entertaining TN, with some very well-known and talented actors, that went on and on and on...) she played the main good girl after a face transplant. She was preceded in her role by Edith Gonzales. I think that her main galan was played by Jaime Camil.

Since it wasn't always real coherent in its original state, I think it might have lent itself very well to editing for DVD.


Ana Patricia who plays Raiza also appeared in Esmeralda.

I believe that ANa Patricia's father is a well known novela actor. I believe he played Matilde's father in Amor Real and Maite Peron's father in Cuisdo.

La Paloma---Thank you a lot. You had so many home runs---Oblivio, right on! It's a great name for him

Little trails of silvery stickines mark their jacjets where her paws were stroking them.

Need for a hair stylist on the Isla Dorada

Madelaine---Yes I wish Raiza would leave poor Arecely alone, but playboy Eduardo? I don't trust him.
I think that he is a bad influence on Oblivio.

Daisynjay---Our man of inaction
you guys are good.

Yeah right Irisz79---The servents think that they are really special.
Awful-felia thinks that she's special and then some.

Most think that Tobias will be just fine with Solita and Monito. I think that he will have no trouble with Solita but I'm not so sure about Monito.

I so agree with everyone that the Solita actress Gaby Mellado is terrific. That must be a hard role
to play.
the gringo

Variopinta---How can he recognize the airport? I'm still laughing.
the gringo

La Paloma....thank you so much for this recap...and aptly depicting the "hawt guys", plus everything else.

What a relief is Don Alejandro! I would have had to quit watching had not Mary Cruz finally found her way to him. It was just too degenerate out there in the mountains. The sweetness between Don Alejandro and MC is such a joy to watch....real chemistry there and I do mean as father-daughter.

The coincidence of everyone running into everyone so conveniently in a gigantic place like Mexico City strains credulity but I accept this as a standard device in telenovela-land. I also missed the significance of the yacht-hump-back-sort-of-fellow and beautiful brunette cigarette girl. Are they related to MC? Or Don Alejandro...beyond apparently being part of the empire run by the two blond gals?

Due to a tornado watch and severe storms that had me and my doggie ducking under the mattress last night, some of the last part did not get recorded. So thanks especially LP for the description of that and the grammer lesson. Hope to see MC in her new clothes tonite.

You're the best!

Dona Felipa

I'd be a little jealous too, if I were Tobias. The PYT maid gets to sit at the table and I have to serve her. He's been on his feet all day and he's tired too.

Cynderella.....As La Paloma wrote, "I want that job." However, I think that jobs like Mari has only happen in telenovelaville . As my jaded friend Jack tells me, "Most people hate their jobs. That's why they call it W.O.R.K. Jack would make a most excellent novela villain.

La Paloma, I vote for the changuito be become "another drifter in the city." I love the possibilities!


La Paloma:

Thanks for the funny favorite was alluding to the possibilities of Luciafer's major. She sure does not know how to dress down. Casual is not in her vocab.

ITA with everyone about the actress playing Solita. She sure is doing a great job communicating her anguish through facial expressions. I really hope they give her something more to do than sit around the house all day.

Vivi: I thought the same way everytime MC got all bothered when someone alluded to her pregnancy. Ignoring it will not make it go away!! your writing style. Your musings about Lucia's brief "higher education" and Maricruz' old enemy the silverware were delightful. Oh, and your description of Raiza's sticky fingers...perfect!

Like everyone else, I'm enjoying the new, gentler version of this right now. And your fine recaps.

Thanks for a fun and funny recap. You gave me some terrific guffaw moments, amiga:

"Oblivio" and "HGIU (Hawt Guys in Uniform)"- another couple of great snick-nicks. Definitely keepers! Not to mention, "HGIEC (Hawt Guys in Evening Clothes)" LOL!!!

"Viewerville hopes her prayer is answered, since the box she carries is the tenuous link between MC and her faraway father. At this rate Don Ale will be six foot under and have a full grown oak tree on his grave before Maria gets word to MC."

"(I want a job like this, please.)" --You land it and then get me hired right after, ok?

"Little trails of silvery stickiness mark their jackets where her paws were stroking them." You were on another roll, amiga!

"Can we hope MC will melt Tobias sooner or later?"--NO! Not until she's made him eat a double share of crow once he finds out who she really is!!

Personally, I'm ready to donate Moctavio to the nearest zoo.

At least Eduardo makes sense as a guy, Oblivio (love it) doesn't know his ass from his elbow. Más Eduardo por favor. I think I see him falling for Aracely. And I think Aracely is a pariente de Maricruz. We haven't had any hints of twins separated at birth, have we? !Dios mios! could she be a sister of Solita???????

I can understand the attitude of Tobiased (love it). He is afraid that his jefe will be taken advantage of.
I can also understand the people thinking Alejando is a dirty old man, until they know him.

you are giving me unearned credit

So sorry...meant to say La Paloma...lo siento!

Gringo, I think Karen started calling Tav Oblivious and I just slid it over into Oblivio.

Dona Felipa, Teobaldo was working as a guard and errand guy at the casino. He saw Areceli on the dock when she was homeless, hungry, and nearly fainting. He took her in, treats her as a friend, but loves her. Don Ale owns the casino, with the blond bimbo sisters working for him. Raiza lusts after Don Ale and/or his money and social position.

Jarifa, I also love the possibilities for a spin-off series with Monito. He could leave monkey droppings on Eduardo's car and haunt the pizza delivery guys. And that's only the beginning. Not sure if Don Ale will want him in the house.

Lucia and her creative letter writing was also a shout-out to Alicia in La Fea Mas Bella. She was always bragging about her six semesters of finance in a prestigious university (I think that's how it went.)

I'm loving Don Ale as a sweet Santa Claus of a papa. Also liking that MC shows her determined and spunky personality and isn't totally overwhelmed by her new life. She is in denial on the baby.


1. Solita obviously needs therapy to help her deal with her trauma.
2. I liked Maricruz's blue dress with no shoulders.
3. Teobaldo says "I want nothing more than your company" and kisses Aracely's hand...but fails to mention "and I don't want any other man to look at you, talk to you or touch you, and I never want you to leave my house". He is starting to creep me out, seriously. This controlling behavior is how abuse starts. How long until she stops being grateful and starts resenting him?
4. Why is Tobias being SUCH a jerk!? That first meeting with Maricruz wasn't THAT bad. Geez. I am very glad Alejandro is sticking to his guns.
5.) María is very brave. Coming to the city all by herself, trying to find Maricruz...very brave lady.

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