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Amores Verdaderos #177 Fri 7/19/13 Three Daddies and a Little Baby; Balzac (hehe) Speaks!


Hola Patio Peeps, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times, okay, this epi isn't exactly a "Tale of Two Cities", but it is the tale of three daddies and a baby and an intercession. So please, grab your box of tissues, a glass of Bailey's with ice, and rotten tomatoes to throw at Anyballs and relax on the patio, if you can and savor this recap as it unfolds. Oh, and of course this recap will not be in order.

Two Daddies In Lili's Hospital Room:
Daddy Angel comes into Lili's room first and tells her good morning and gets absoultely no response as she lays there, pale and still. Angel is a mite worried and Doc Vicente comes in and Angel tells him about the no reaction as Vicente thinks to himself, this is my daughter. Doc Hottie goes over to Lili and tells Angel to wait outside so he can examine her to find out what the problem is, essentially to do his job. Angel reluctantly waits right outside the door.

Adri has brought little Adrian with her and she introduces little Adrian to the Virgincita and thanks her for the little miracle. While Adri is there she also asks for Cris' intercession with Dios to save Lili's life. Seems Lili needs a miracle.

Angel is busy pacing the halls, when Doc Hottie and his team are hurriedly trying to wheel Lili by, when Angel stops the gurney. He wants to speak to Lili but Doc Hottie is trying to discourage him, they are in a mad hurry. Angel wants to know what's wrong and Doc Hottie tells him it's urgent they get to surgery with Lili, what does Angel do? Wants to talk to Lili and he's a mite snippy, for the love of Dios man, just let her go to surgery! He tells Lili to be strong and finally Doc Hottie tells him it's really time to go. The Doc and the team wheel Lili to the O.R.

Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth:
Angel, Ms Vikki and Cande are in the passageway by the waiting room and Angel is just torn up about this latest development with Lili. Cande wants to know what is wrong and he tells her that Lili has some internal bleeding and they wheeled her to surgery. Cande and Ms Vikki try to calm him, but there is no calming one pithed off Angel. He says poor Lili never did anything to anyone, why is this happening to her, why??? Ms Vikki wants him to have faith, but seems Angel has run out of faith. He yells at Cande and Ms Vikki that Lili is dying. Cande wants him to talk to Dios, he doesn't wanna. So he points his finger heavenward, and yells at Dios to listen up. Wasn't it enough that he took his Cris from him, now he wants Lili too! Cande and Ms Vikki are shocked by the gnashing of the teeth and hug him hard! Ms Vikki tries to get Angel to understand that she understands his pain, but Angel insists that Dios is not listening, it's like talking to the hand, cause the ear of Dios is closed to him, well not that, but you know what I mean. Ms Vikki wants the Angel to put Lili's life in Dios' hands anyway, so Angel lifts his arms to Heaven and gets on his knees and begs Dios not to take his daughter, while the Ave Maria plays in the background and Cande and Ms Vikki cry. Cande is looking mighty verklempt, must be those secrets she's keeping! Ms Vikki finally lifts the Angel to his feet and tells him to go somewhere with her and they go. Sometime later, Cande is alone in the waiting room when Nikki and Frankie join her. She tells Nikki it is agony to wait for news and she hasn't called Adri about Lili. Nikki thinks they ought to wait to call her. Frankie asks after Angel and Cande tells him that the Angel is in a bad way and Ms Vikki took him off with her. She doesn't know where.

Operating Room:
Meanwhile, in the operating room, Doc Hottie is having some second thoughts of his own. He is lost in his own little world. He remembers Anyballs telling him that the baby he had with Adri was dead and if he eva thought of hooking back up with Adri he would kill them both, then he thinks about Adri telling him LiliLuci is their daughter and to save her, save her. He comes out of his fog and starts the operation.

Betty's Place:
Betty is on the phone with Guillo just chatting away. She tries to get him off the phone, which she finally does and she is about to go off somewhere herself when the door opens and there is Adri with Adrian. Betty is shocked and Adri introduces her to little Adrian. Betty just loves him. Betty makes Adri sit down, and then Adri tells her how Adrian came to be born, with Doc Hottie's help and that Doc Hottie is her daughter Lucia's baby daddy! Betty can't beleive Lili's Doc delivered little Adrian. So Adri has told Betty all about her past with Doc Vicente, but not about Lucia being Lili, and Betty thinks this is wonderful, now Betty wants to know what Adri is gonna do about Joan, since he left her. Saved by the Bell.

Ewwies and Slimies:
I really wanted to FF>>> through this scene but I knew if I did I would miss something. Now I'm not talking about Nellie here, I have kinda forgiven him, but certainly not the Ho, that is what this subtitle refers to. Anyhoo, Nellie and the Ho are en flagrante, having just done the nasty, and are having some pillow talk. He doesn't want her to leave him and she has changed her mind about leaving him too, cause she lurrrvvves her Amorcito, can I barf now???? Nellie would like to stay with her longer, but work and the office are calling his name, so he gets up to take a shower, I really hope there is antibacterial, deodarant soap in that shower to wash the Ho slime off, and she adjusts her, er, um, assets and thought bubbles about getting her hands on that Cande letter so she can stick it to Anyballs, er, make his life hell.

Will Adri, Joan and Baby Make Three? Read on to Find Out:
Betty has answered the door and it's Joan of course, asking to be let in. Betty lets him in and makes herself scarce by leaving. So now the time has come for Adri and Joan to make a decision. He is there to have a talk with Adri and he asks after Adrian, like how is he doing? Adri says fine and she thought they had already said all they were going to say. He mentioned he received her box of unique, er, memories of their relationship. This box seems to have changed his view and now he wants to stay with her, as in a relationship, I think. He hopefully smiles and she does too. Joan presses the case that he really wants to be with Adri he really lurrvvess her. He says he came back to Mexico on the pretext of discussing the movie with Ms Vikki and some publicity stills but he really came back for Adri. Adri admits she thought of him too, but when he came to talk to her last evening, he wouldn't hold the baby, or even kiss him. At this point Joan tries to touch little Adrian's hand, but he just can't. He asks Adri to forgive him, but he just can't. Adri explains to him that Adrian needs a father that is present, not off somewhere and he needs lots of love and attention, he's got to be there everyday! She can't imagine Joan ever doing that, and he's a little too late. Joan is sad and cries and kind of agrees with her. Joan says he can't be like Doc Hottie who he knows will always be there for Adri and his son. Joan now gives his blessing and his heart will always be with Adri and his son foreva, in other words, the guy has given up to Doc Hottie. They both start to cry, Adri and Joan that is. Joan looks like he is gonna lean in for a kiss but he just kisses Adri's cheek and finally, finally kisses little Adrian's head. Joan tells Adri  until forever, (Thanks Vivi) and he leans down and repeats foreva! He takes one last look at Adri and Adrian and cries and sadly takes his leave, as Adri remains on that sofa crying. So Doc Hottie has won his girl! Betty has come back and gives Adri the news that she talked to Frankie and Lili is in a bad way. Adri says "mi hija" and Betty doesn't even bat an eye. So Betty is in charge of Adrian while Adri goes off to the hospital and tells Betty she will be back as soon as she can.

Cemetary in Santa Rita and Asking for Forgiveness and an Intercession:
Angel and Ms Vikki have come to pay a visit to Cris' grave. Angel begs forgiveness for loving Ms Vikki and he tells Cris he didn't want her to die. Ms Vikki also apologizes for loving Angel and all the pain she caused Cris. Ms Vikki also tells Cris that she wishes she had known that she was her sister, and she is also having the Angel's baby. Now Ms Vikki asks Cris for an intercession, since Cris is now in Heaven and close to Dios to save Lili. She is in a very bad way. Ms Vikki tells Cris they really need her help and to help her for the love of Dios. Ms Vikki also mentioned she wanted them to be a family.

Operating Room and the Result of the Intercession:
Doc Hottie is still operating on Lili to stop the bleeding and Lili is lying there very pale, when all of a sudden, a white light infuses Lili's face and right above Lili, we see the Saintly face of Cris as she smiles down from Heaven on her daughter and the Operating Room is filled with light.

Balvanera Manse:
In a little alcove in the Balvanera Manse, Polita is fervently praying to the Virgincita for Lili and her recovery. Meanwhile, on the grounds of the Balvanera Manse, Jean Marie, Balzac (hehe) and Estefano are taking a stroll. Estefano says to Jean Marie, you know how much I love you right? Jean Marie wants to know what's up. Well, seems Estafano has done some thinking, about how since this tragedy happened to Lili that life is short, let's not waste time and let's get married! Jean Marie is over the moon. Jean Marie remarks to Balzac (hehe) that now his daddies will be married, and Balzac (hehe) even barks in agreement! Balzac (hehe) finally spoke!

Hospital Waiting Room or Can We All Just Get Along?
Cande, Frankie and Nikki are in the waiting room when Adri arrives. She wants to know if there is any news? None yet. Nikki is surprised she is even there as she just gave birth, and Nikki wants to know how the baby is? Well, he's fine, thanks to Doc Hottie who delivered him. Nikki gives her a big hug, while Cande crosses herself with her rosary, and then Adri kind of freaks out and says she wants Doc Hottie to save Lili, cause........ and stops herself just in time to state he is a great Doc! At this time, old Anyballs comes in and we on the Patio are lobbing the rotten tomatoes at him. Anyballs can't beleive that low rent doc is operating on his granddaughter, he wants a Doc with more experience, Adri is again at the point of spilling the beans, when Cande intervenes and practically pulls Anyballs away from Adri and says lets go to the cafeteria, as in now. He shoos her hands off him and he says he has no confidence in Doc Hottie. Cande is frantically trying to push him to that cafeteria and finally convinces him to go. Adri has a bit of a coughing fit as he leaves and says how very much she hates Anyballs.

Odiodette's Place:
Odiodette has made a miraculous recovery herself. She is looking in fine fettle, as she is perusing some financials from her company and she is amazed at what a fine job Estefano has done in her absence. Estefano comes to see her and she compliments him on the fine job he has done and he's glad she's satisfied. But she has been thinking about that little thing he has going on with that Balvanera Chef. Estefano tells her his feelings for Jean Marie are true and as a matter of fact, they are setting a date for a civil ceremony. Odiodette is so not happy with him and doesn't want to speak to him. Well, in spite of herself, Estefano is kindess itself and tells her, that's okay, she's still his Moms and he goes. She so isn't happy. Careful there, Odiodette, never know when you might have a relapse.

Hospital Cafeteria and The Bull*hit Meter is On Overload:
Cande and Anyballs are in the cafeteria finally and Anyballs is flinging the el toro poopoo around, as in Adri is off her rocker, compeletly around the bend and it's all her Mama Pilar's (the Sainted Dead Wife of Anyballs) fault. Cande doesn't think so. Good for her. She just feels that Adri is really worried about Lili. So here is Anyballs' chance to tell Cande that not only did Adri get knocked up by Joan/Carlitos, that old boy toy of Ms Vikki's but now that putz Doc, that knocked Adri up the first time, is now in the picture too! Adri is a mess, look what she done did! Cande still wants to go with the plan of telling Adri about LuciLili once they are married in the church. You can tell that Anyballs is lying his a** off. He doesn't wanna cause it will cause the family all kinds of grief. Cande thinks once Adri knows the whole truth, with the love of Luci/Lili things will turn out alright. Anyballs doesn't agree.

What is Lili's Condition, Read More Here:
In that oft used hospital waiting room the Angel is on the phone with someone and Adri and Nikki come to meet him and they are still anxiously awaiting news of Lili. Finally we see Lili being wheeled out of surgery toward her room. Angel and Nikki run up to the gurney, and Nikki touches her arm as the Angel tells Lili her Papa Angel is right there and Adri is asking Doc Hottie how Lili is doing? Angel is concerned cause there is no reponse from Lili, but Doc Hottie explains that she is still under the effects of anesthesia and that the surgery went well. Doc Hottie tells one and all that her diagnosis is very good. Angel is very happy that Lili will make it. It's a miracle! Adri thanks the Virgincita and Doc Hottie agrees, indeed it was a miracle! Papa Angel kisses Lili's head and the Doc's team wheel Lili to her room. Adri gives Doc Hottie a big ole hug and thanks him for saving their daughter's life. Angel doesn't hear that, cause he and Nikki are following the gurney to Lili's room. In the passageway toward Lili's room, the Angel takes a moment to thank Dios and to apologize for his earlier outburst and Nikki is behind him, smiling and crying and she even thanks Dios for saving Lili's life. Amazing!

Betty's Home of Peace and Comfort:
Guillo has come home with Dances in tow. Seems they have been to a school function of some sort or Dances has picked him up from school. Betty shushes them, once they are inside, cause the baby is sleeping. I gotta say here, never be shushing cause there is a baby. If you do, later on it will have to be drop pin quiet in order for the little one to eva get to sleep. Anyhoo, Guillo wants to go take a peek at Adrian, but Betty tells him Adrian is asleep and needs all the sleep he can get to grow. Dances asks after Lili, but Betty hasn't had an update yet. Guillo has brought something for the baby and shows them a ginormous lollypop, bad news is little Adrian won't be able to have that until he is a year old. Well, in that case Guillo will just eat it himself and proceeds to do so.

Meta Imagen:
Ms Vikki is on the phone with the Angel as he gives her the good news that Lili is gonna make it. Ms Vikki is very teary and thankful she is doing well. They both agree it was a miracle. Angel asks why she is crying, and Ms Vikki tells him just to give a kiss to Lili from her and then Angel tells her that Adri had her baby. Ms Vikki wasn't aware and Ms Vikki says this is also a miracle cause the baby is healthy and hale. She loves him muchly and then gets off the phone, and thanks Cris up above for the miracle of Lili's life. Knock on the door and it's Joan waiting to see Ms Vikki. He comes on in, and they have a big ole hug. Joan breaks the news that he is going back to Spain. Ms Vikki wants to know if he has been by to see Adri, of course he has and he's seen his son. Ms Vikki is very surprised he knows now. He lets Ms Vikki know that things just didn't work out with Adri and he respects her decision. He knows Adri and Adrian will be A okay with the man that Adri loves. He just came by to say thanks to Ms Vikki and the Angel for the help with his movie "Amores Verdaderos". Ms Vikki tells him no worries and he will always be a part of their family and big hugs ensue, awwwww.

Doctor's Lounge and What to do, What to do!
Doc Hottie and Adri are taking some down time in the doctor's lounge and Doc Hottie tells Adri about his little moment of hearing her voice in his head begging him to save Lili. Adri is just happy that he saved Lili and now she can recuperate. Now comes the worrisome part of when they will tell Luci/Lili who her parents really are. Both of them don't want to cause the Angel any pain. Adri considers Angel her best friend, he has been with her through thick and thin, and Doc Hottie doesn't want to cause the Angel any pain either. For now, they decide there will be no telling Luci/Lili. They will find another time. Now it's time for Doc Hottie's orders and he tells Adri to get some rest, after all she just gave birth and has been on pins and needles about Lili, so he orders her to get some rest, as he kisses her hand, sigh!

Ms Duplicious Visits Padre Generoso:
That's right, Cande has gone to see Padre Generoso and lets him know that the truthiness of the Cande has come about, kinda, sorta, that Adri knows about Luci/Lili, but not the Angel. Little does Cande know alot more people know the truth than she thinks. Anyhoo, she tells the Padre about the miracle that Lili will now recover. Padre reminds Ms Duplicious that the truth still needs to be told to the Angel and Lili. As soon as she tells the rest and all of the secret she will be better off. Cande agrees with him and also says at least Cris had the pleasure of being a Mama to Lili.

The Balvanera Sisters Have a Visit:
Ms Vikki has come to pay her sister Adri a little visit and to check out Adrian, who she is holding in her arms. Adri is telling Ms Vikki she didn't want to marry Joan just for the baby, but never mind about that cause now Adri has another shocker for Ms Vikki. She knows where her daughter Lucia is! She's been right close to her all along. It's Lili, she is Lucia! Shock and awe on Ms Vikki's face! Now that Ms Vikki is over the shock she is glad that Adri finally knows where where Lucia is. Ms Vikki says imagine that our sister Cris had her this whole time! Adri explains that Cande didn't tell her exactly how Lucia/Lili ended up with Cris, only that she is Lucia. Adri also says that Cande and Anyballs will tell all at the church wedding. Oh, and Adri makes Ms Vikki swear she won't tell anyone! Ms Vikki is like the 5th person now that knows. Ms Vikki swears she won't and now is so worried about the Angel finding out Lili isn't really his and how he will handle this additonal grief. Now Ms Vikki asks an important question, what happened to Cris and Angel's baby, seeing as they had Lili all this time and perhaps Cris and Angel's baby died???? Adri is like shut your mouth, cause Adri is very sure that Cris and Angel's baby is alive! Adri thinks it will be great for Luci/Lili to have two Papas! Ms Vikki wants Doc Hottie to wait to tell the Angel about Luci/Lili.

The Discombobulated Papis:
Doc Hottie is in his daughter Lucia's room and thinks to himself, you are my daughter. He thinks again about when Adri told him she was preggers and how Anyballs came and told him his baby had died! Now he feels he has a chance with Adri again after all the years of seperation and angst. He feels he will be a good Papi to Lucia/Lili and goes over to the bed and gently kisses her forehead, as he is doing that, the Angel happens to walk in! The Angel is so not liking what he is seeing and seems to have the wrong idea, and asks Doc Hottie just what does he think he is doing? Cara de impactada de Doc Hottie! Doc Hottie tries to tell the Angel it isn't what he thinks, but the Angel doesn't want Doc Hottie near his Lili. Doc Hottie has to be quick on his feet, and asks the Angel to let him explain. Doc Hottie tells the Angel that Lili kinda, sorta reminds him of his daughter. Doc Hottie explains that he knows Adri and that Lucia is his daughter, the one that Anyballs took away. Now the Angel gets it, and says so you were Adri's baby daddy, imagine that, you are the old boyfriend. Saved by this info, there is a relaxing mode in the room, until Lili starts calling for her Papa. Angel rushes right over to the bed to let Lili know he is there and calls her hija and she slowly opens her eyes and Angel tells her thanks to Dios and of course, Doc Celorio, she will be fine. So now under the pretext of taking her pulse, Doc Hottie takes his daughter's hand, as Angel gets out of the way and Lili is looking at her Papa, both of them that is! And here is where we end this epi.

Avances Este Lunes:
They are a jumbled mash of scenes. This is the last week of this wonderful TN so it's MUST SEE TV ALL WEEK!



Lo siento this is late. Please enjoy the recap, and if I got something wrong, please comment. Enjoy ; )

Great job Mads!

I hope we are now done with the hospital drama. Plus, Odette is back in town, so there is plenty for the writers to use to keep us entertained, in addition to the resolution to all the loose threads. :)

One correction, what Carlos said was "hasta siempre", which really isn't saying goodbye-- it's until always. It's a bit of a play on words. He's saying goodbye, but also saying he'll always be there for her and the baby, always.

It was a bitter-sweet end to their relationship, but not really shocking. I think they were both truthful about their feelings- for the first time. The way is now clear for Doctor Hottie. Yay!

I think Cande's wedding day may just end up being her funeral day, if she keeps pushing Anibal about telling the truth.

Madelaine: Very moving and beautifully written. The episode with ripe with so many emotions - grief, despair, guilt and joy, all of which you captured in memorable fashion.

"Cande and Ms Vikki are shocked by the gnashing of the teeth and hug him hard!", "Cande is looking mighty verklempt, must be those secrets she's keeping!", "Ms. Duplicious" and "Ewwies and Slimies" were among my favs.

We never really saw how Joan's visit of the previous night ended. It appears now nothing of note occurred that we weren't privvy to. Joan may want to love but he is intellectually and emotionally stunted. To leave without kissing your newborn child showed that he is not ready for committment to a child or another person. Perhaps this will be a hard learned lesson in maturation.

Best scenes were JA thanking God as Nikki hovered in the background, moving her lips and silently echoing his words. Very touching. Also loved Vicky and JA at Cris' grave, begging for her intercession. I shed a few tears at the white light in the OR - bless dear Cris.

Odiodette has indeed made a miraculous recovery. For a moment, I thought a kinder, gentler personna might have emerged. It appears the miracles alloted for last night's epiosde were needed elsewhere (Lil) so no miraculous personality transformation took place.

Wish Adri had not told Vicky. Vicky has now been put in a terrible position - will she be the one to deliver the devastating news or will Vicky have to keep the secret and have to live with the guilt and JA's anger once it's revealed?

Thanks again Madelaine. Stellar.


Both of Adri's children have two daddies! Lili has Dr. H and JA; Adrian has Joan and Dr. H - cool!

Poor Nelson - he has absolutely no idea who Kendra is! He still thinks she's the super hot model who miraculously fell in love with him and gave him a daughter and a new lease on life! No idea whatsoever how greedy and evil she's been the whole time.

Wonderful recap and title, Madelaine. Yes, I had my tomatoes ready for Anyballs and I too felt queasy at the Nellie-Kendho scene. She just never stops.
I was proud of Adriana for standing her ground with Joan/Carlos. She is never at a loss for words and I am glad that she pointed out that Joan/Carlos didn't try to kiss or hold the baby even though he knew that it was his son.
I'm sure that it was said already but Anyballs was a real motivator for his daughter's boyfriends. He swore that they would be good for nothings and one is a successful filmmaker and the other a surgeon. Besides lying and causing trouble what does Anyballs really do? The company seems to run on its own.

LOVED the recap! Thank you! Funniest line: " I really hope there is antibacterial, deodarant soap in that shower to wash the Ho slime off". From what I remember in that scene I believe Kendra also vowed to send Nellie and his cane to hell once she gets Cande's letter. I'm worried for Nellie, I couldn't stand him before and he's still kind of yucky but he's made some progress, I couldn't stand it if Kendho got away with more murders.

This was such a great episode, Madeleine you did it justice, as I read your recap I felt my emotions go up and down just like when I watched the episode. I enjoyed it very much, thank you.

I was a bit annoyed with the Angel today, I loved this line: "what does Angel do? Wants to talk to Lili and he's a mite snippy, for the love of Dios man, just let her go to surgery!" That's exactly what I was thinking! Then when he lost it and started yelling at Dios, I was like come on dude but I know it's been tough for him it was just a bit over the top. I was afraid Angel was gonna beat the crap out of Doc Hottie when he kissed Lili/Luci with the way his emotions seemed out of control! Good save by Doc Hottie indeed!

I didn't catch Adri telling Vicki that she believes Angel and Cris's baby is alive, if she did say that though how can that be? I'm pretty sure it's been made clear that Cande accepted baby Lucia because Cris's baby died. Maybe Adri is just hopeful that Angel's real daughter is out there so that he won't be so hurt about Lili but I doubt it. Random thought that I know couldn't possibly be true but what if Adri was right and Angel and Cris's long lost bebe is Polita?! Lol I kid!

I'm so excited for next week and I can't believe we actually get a 2 hour gran final on a Sunday! Squeeee!


Since Cande gave her NO details, Adriana mistakenly believes that Cande and Anibal have been in cahoots with each other the whole time-- since the babies were born. So in her head, the fact that there wasn't a real baby body in the casket, means that there wasn't a dead baby available when Cande and Anibal initiated their evil plan. That's why she thinks JA and Cris' baby must be alive. Plus, she is an optimist/hopeful.

A lot of daddies in this tn. Lili has two; Adriancito has two; Balzac (heh, heh) has two; Guillo has two (one upstairs; one downstairs) and now Nikki has two (hopefully Kendra won't get rid of one)!

Madelaine - You knocked it out of the park. Great recap.

I laughed when Angel caught Doc Hottie gently kissing a sleeping Lili on the forehead. Angel's face said it all - this great surgeon is a secret perv! Thank goodness it ended well.

Vickie and Angel asking Cris for forgiveness and intercession to save Lili was moving. Nice to see Adri and Vickie feeling sisterly about Cris.

Poor Carlos/Joan. Adri dumped him cause he forgot to hold or even touch his own baby. Joan probably hasn't been near a baby in ages and is just clueless. But no need for Adri to bother acclimating Carlos/Joan to Adrian when Doc Hottie is ready and awaiting.

One week left and five weddings (Jean Marie-Estefano, Salsero-Betty, Anibal-Cande, Guzman-Nikki, Angel-Vickie) to go. Will Polita sing at any of them? Will "Five Weddings and a Funeral" be a fitting title for a future episode?

Thanks, Madelaine. I am relieved to know that Dr. Hot and Adri will reunite. I was wondering if the writers were toying with us and would have YawnCarlos Babydaddy win in the end. The hand kissing gets me. I wonder if Doc Hot is also a neck kisser..I'll bet he is . Whataguy.

Can Animal get anymore disgusting ? Maybe he is getting senile. The sands of time are running out for him. Let go and at least end your life on a high note.

Likewise, the ho is directly under a designer anvil with her name on it. Also, nil seems to be in the winter of his discontent and realizing that all his plans will not work all. Enjoy those rolls in the hay because I do not think he will survive this novela.
Looking forward to the tale unfolding this week.

Mads - Thank you for this recap. It was wonderful. Great title and subtitles, too, esp. "wailing & gnashing of teeth" (so apropriate!) and the "eeewwwies and slimies". (BwaHahahahaaa)

Yeah, JA did the wailing and gnashing of teeth and it was over-acted, but honestly, parents in Viewerville, who have been through similar situations, can probably relate.

Diana - ITA with you that Adri did Vikki absolutely no favor by enlightening her about Lili's true parentage. Now Vikki has a moral dilemma--- tell JA the truth or maintain the secret and live the lie.

Cande looked white as a sheet when she thought the truth would come out at the hospital.

What a relief when Estefano told JM "we need to talk" and it turned out it was not a break-up speech, but a let's-get-hitched-soon speech.
Will Balzac be the and ring bearer? Can you imagine the doggie tux? :-)

Odette might suffer another stroke. She has not changed one bit, nor did I think she would.

The MUST SEE TV storyline for me, right now, is how and who Kendra will use those magic poison drops on. (I know, that was a grammatically bad sentence, but ... juarever)

Thanks for this marvelous recap, Mads. You caught the emotional ups and downs so well.

I have one tiny disagreement though. You said:
"I gotta say here, never be shushing cause there is a baby."
That may be good advice in most cases, but if there is anything that can zip Guillo's lip, I say use it and be grateful. :D

What a romantic moment for Jean Marie and Stevie. Stevie proposes and they get to kiss ... Balzac! [heh heh].
(I suspect that Odette has a seat in the editing room.)

My favorite moment: Cande's little dash in the waiting room to keep Adri (I think) from blurting out the truth about LiLu.

"Yeah, JA did the wailing and gnashing of teeth and it was over-acted, but honestly, parents in Viewerville, who have been through similar situations, can probably relate."

I thought so too. (I'm glad we didn't have anyone beating up on the doctor, a scene unnervingly common in our novelas when things aren't going well.)

I'm disappointed with the writers for the way they handled the Joan Carlos/Adri storyline. I understand what they were trying to go for, with Carlos marrying Adri out of guilt, but while I was watching the scene I couldn't help but sympathize with him. And Adri's my favorite character!

I'm glad Lily's better, so we can be done with the hospital drama (as Vivi says). I'm not looking forward to JA finding out the truth...I know it's necessary, but it's going to be painful to watch him suffer through the realization that Lily isn't his daughter. As for the rest of the characters...on to Kendra's scheming! I want to see who gets the magic poison! (hehe)

Will we have another time jump of two months, or will Victoria's baby be born prematurely too?


Bailey Orr- I felt sad for Carlos too, and I don't think Adri was right when she said he would anly be marrying her for guilt. He loves her.

But I don't think he would ever really be comfortable in the role of full-time husband and father. It's probably a mix of personality and habit, but there it is. At the end of the day, what Adri wants in a partner and co-parent is not what Carlos can offer (even as much as he may WANT to be that guy). Vicente is already that guy.

Concerning Big Angel , it will be devastating when he finally finds out that Lily is really Lucia and not his biological daughter. However, in every other way that matters, he will para siempre be her father. He has loved and protected her all these years and that will never change. Also, he is so grateful that she survived that horrible attack..maybe just having her alive will soften the blow.Lililu will be lucky. She will have two adoring fathers. Adri and Big Angel have a close relationship , and Angel is so grateful to Doc Hot for saving Lililu. It will turn into one big, happy family in the end. ..Angel, Vikki, baby, Adri, Vicente, Adrian, Lililu , Nikki, and the Guz,...Bea, Dances, Guillo, Felipe. what's that saying..."Everything will be okay in the if things are not is not the end.

Good Evening Y'all and thanks for all your kind words.


Thanks for the correction. I really thought that Joan was saying goodbye forever. Now I know what that phrase means. You know, I too am very fearful for Cande, cause we just never know what the hay Anyballs is gonna do.


You also brought up such a good point. How is Ms Vikki gonna live with this secret, without accidently spilling it? I think maybe the Angel and Ms Vikki's baby will soften the blow a bit but still he will be devastated, and then he too will wonder what happened to his and Cris' baby too.

Anon 1:53:

Yes, Nellie is smart in somethings but as far as women go, no such thing. He is totally dumb as far as they are concerned and especially the Ho. I can't wait for her downfall ; )


So good to see you here : ) And what a good point you made about The Balvanera Sisters' boyfriends being Anyballs' motivators. I am so glad that Joan and Doc Hottie turned out to be the way they are. I know Doc Hottie will stand his ground, but I was disappointed that Joan didn't. That was a shame.


Thanks for the added info. I didn't hear it or I missed it. You also made a good point about Angel and Cris' missing baby and Vivi gave you a great answer. I guess Anyballs never knew that the Angel and Cris' baby died. I bet if he had, he would have put that baby body in that casket. I know Cande knew that the Arriaga baby died, so I wonder what she did with the body? I really think she must have had the baby buried in Santa Rita in that same cemetery where Cris is. Just a guess. Maybe we will find out before the end.

Anon 2:19:

There are two daddies for every child in this TN aren't there? I never thought about it, but you are so right.


I too got the feeling that Angel thought Doc Hottie was a perv. I am so glad Doc Hottie was fast on his feet, or he would have been Doc One Pulpy Mess, jus' sayin'. I do like that title you came up with, hmmmmm......


I can always count on you for the lovely, funny comments and I have to tell you, you make my day! I loved the neck kissing thing you put, I bet Doc Hottie does this too, and as far as the writers messing with us, I think all writers do this just before the TN ends ; )



As soon as I saw that scene with Angel being pithed at Dios and pointing his finger Heavenward and railing at Dios, I really thought of gnashing and wailing, it was heartbreaking to watch that scene and I so agree with you about parents doing this when their children are hurt and on the brink of death. I also liked your idea of Balzac (hehe) being a ring bearer in a tux, lol. You too are very funny! I too wonder who the Ho is gonna use those drops on. I too don't want anyone else to die. The body count is enough already. And it's funny the Ho is the one that has gotten rid of everyone that has died so far. If not someone please comment. Kendho is like a one woman killing machine.


I see what you mean about Guillo, lol. On a personal note, I was never quiet around my daughter. We have Naval Jet Base here, the jets fly here day and night and she slept through all of those. I vacuumed, played music and she slept through it all, thank goodness. I too liked the romantic moment with Stevie and Jean Marie. Now that Odiodette knows that they are setting a date for the ceremony what will she do? Hmmm....

Bailey Orr:

I don't know if you have ever commented before but Welcome! I know what you mean about Carlos, but he wasn't ever going to commit, it just isn't in him to do that. It may be that what Anyballs did to him, scared him for life. He may be afraid to commit because of that.


So agree with what you said about Carlitos. So spot on.


I like what you said about the Angel and the big happy family. I really hope that turns out to be true.


Now some thoughts of my own. Ya know when everyone was praying to Dios or the Virgincita for Lili, it reminded me of the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" when everyone was praying for George Bailey. I too am glad the medical drama is done with. Now on to other things that need to be wrapped up before the grand finale.

It was heartbreaking to see the Angle lose his faith for a bit there. The poor man had been through so much! Remember an epi or two ago when Cande made the Angel listen to her and told him that Lili will always be his daughter? I hope he remembers this when he finds out she isn't. I really think that Lili will still feel that the Angel is her Papa. He has been there with her since she was born basically and I can't see her turning her back on him.

The Ho really needs a huge anvil, personalized or otherwise. I don't care as long as she gets what is coming to her. She is way past her due.


Just a little something I saw today. The new season of MQB, the Dancing with the Stars Mexican Equivalent, announced the stars dancing. There will be Patymelt from PEAM, Kendho from this TN, and the delicious Enzzo from UFCS. I am so gonna watch ; )

Mads- Sounds like it's going to be a very sexy season of MQB with those three.

With a little (or a LOT) of luck, maybe Kendra will accidentally spill those magic poison drops onto herself. Or Anibal. Or both of them.

OOOh...I love dancing, so I will definitely watch MQB. Do you know when it 's starting ?

As for the ho's exit, since Espanto poisoned Nabila and he made a point of reminding her to wear gloves when she handled the liquid, my guess is that she will accidentally poison herself while trying to off Nil ?,,,,Animal ????

Mads thanks so much for this great recap. You cleared up an important point for me as I thought Doc Hottie really told Angel the truth not that Lili reminded him of his daughter. B/C of my false read I kept thinking how horrible this is b/c JA would tell Evil Gramps.

Though Cande's got a lot to do for me, I am concerned that old goat may kill her. And I'm concerned about Salsero, sigh.

Anon 1:53 pm - its so funny you mentioned Nellie's delusional. I was laughing throughout their icky scene and pitying him for being so silly. Man, how can you think that woman love you for you? What is that saying there's no fool like an old fool.

Thanks for a job well-done, Madelaine. I watched the episode earlier this afternoon and just now finished reading your recap and all the comments.

I was sad for Carlos, but when he didn't ask to hold little Adrian first thing, I figured he was toast. think he actually had a shot and even the inside track what with being more recent and the baby's daddy and all.

I think that Odette is mellowing. She seemed a little bit reluctant to accept the situation, but at least she didn't start sputtering and spewing. Did she actually refuse to attend the wedding? All in all I that it went rather well. I can't wait to see Balzac (heh heh) in a tux.

I thought that Vikki's response to Adri's big news was rather tepid.

I thought that Polita's rather short chat with the Holy Virgin on Lili's behalf was cute, sincere, funny, and very endearing.


I've been thinking about José Ángel's reaction when he learns the Lili-Luci story.

A child died almost 19 years ago and because well-meaning people (Candelaria and Nurse Abigail) wanted to shield her parents from the truth, they never had a chance to mourn her. The grief they never felt is like an unpaid debt. Arriaga is going to pay the debt very soon. It is a moral imperative. It won't be painless -- nor should it be.

The good news is that he'll survive this blow and keep moving forward. As several people have already said, he and Lili will still be close. And he'll have the joy of raising a son with Victoria.

Thanks Mads for an awesome recap. You bring such a fun, chatty tone to your recaps and you're always right in step with what Viewerville (at least this viewer!) is thinking!

I, too, fear for Nellie. With all his apologizing to Guzman and being nice to everyone, I fear his days are numbered. And he was the mildest of villains...his only real crimes were his stupidity and shallowness of character. Salsero is much more likeable but has a list of crimes a mile long. Anyhoo...never thought I'd be rooting for Nellie but there are several others I'd like to see take a fall before him (lookin' at you, KendHo!).

With all these transformations and revelations going on around her, let's hope Lili wakes up a little with a little more perspective. She should be grateful to be alive and that she's surrounded by people she loves. If she starts back on that broken record of Guzmancito I'm going to flip! I'm going to give her some slack on the last wish marriage because of all the meds/anesthesia she's on. But when she's sober, por favor, BASTA!!!

Thanks again, Mads, for a great recap! I so appreciate the time it must have taken you to write this masterpiece!


"Adri is like shut your mouth, cause Adri is very sure that Cris and Angel's baby is alive!"

This was a surprise. I think it must be Adriana's wishful thinking rather than a fact. If Chris and Angel's baby were alive, there would have been no reason to switch at birth. Anyballs could have just had the doctor give the baby to someone else.

As for the intercessions, there were a host of heavenly figures invoked: Cande implores The Lord God, Adriana is in front of an image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Vicki invokes Christina who shows up during the operation, and Polita asks the Virgincita in the form of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Covered all bases.

I am still holding out that Salsero will be okay. Bea simply does not need yet another loss in her life. Salsero has not killed anyone. He has worked so hard to change his ways and improve himself. Fingers will be crossed during the next week!

doris, I'm trying to think of a way for Salsero to survive but just don't think that it's possible. We know that he's done some very bad things and even after becoming a good guy he has made decisions that have and will put innocent people in jeopardy. He almost certainly will go out in a glorious blaze. Maybe he'll plant a little Salsa Seed before checking out.



The article I read about MQB didn't state when the new season starts. It is usually in the fall on Sundays on Univision. I'll keep checking for articles and when I find out I'll let you know.


It sure will be a hot season for MQB and I forgot to add another one, Elvirus on QBA will also be dancing.


So with you about Nellie and Cande. I fear for the both of them, the have some horrible companions.


I think you may be right about the Odious one. She didn't throw near the fit she did previously. Who knows, maybe she will mellow, hmmm.....


I too hope Lili goes back to being sweet lil Lili once she wakes up and is off the meds. I want her to focus what is really important in her life, her family, as in everyone but Anyballs and Roy, one can hope ; )

Anon 11:55:

Anyballs just gave Doc Montana little Lucia and told him to get rid of her, not kill her you understand, just to "make the problem go away". Anyballs never knew the Doc gave Cande that bebe with the story that the mother didn't want her or the mother died, I can't remember exactly now. Anyways, Anyballs just recently found out that Lucia is really Lili when he got the full story from Cande. Cande did say awhile ago that Cris' baby died shortly after birth. So Cande in her misplaced wisdom, of course she didn't know the true story either, gave Lucia to Cris and told her, this was her baby. Adri is just thinking good thoughts, but I think Ms Vikki will continue to wonder what exactly happened to Cris and the Angel's baby.


I am with Doris, I am hoping there is someway Salsero can pay for his sins and still survive. This week we will have to see what transpires. I can't wait : )

Oopsy, I want Lili to focus on Roy too. I just don't want Anyballs to be included in the family dynamic.

oh noes...Say it isn't so, Carlos. It would be so unfair for Bea to suffer more. salsaero must survive fro her. Has there been occasions in the past of a character reforming and surviving after committing acts as bad as Dances ???


Yes, there was Antolin on LFDD. He was played by Marcelo Cordoba. He was a really bad hat, but redeemed himself over the love of a woman, just like Salsa Dude has. He survived to the end of the TN.

Mads- Anibal told the doctor to get rid of Adri's baby; the doctor told the nurse that the mother and her family didn't want the baby and ordered her to leave the baby abandoned at the local church; the nurse ran into Cande, who was mourning the loss of her grandchild and trying to figure out how she was going to tell her daughter (still unconscious after a difficult birth) and son-in-law (away in Veracruz) about their dead baby; Cande and the nurse find the perfect solution for both situations and Lucia becaome Lili.

The problem right now is that Adri assumes (like many did here in the beginning) that Cande and Anibal must have been working together to pull off this baby switch. No one assumes that it was just a HUGE coincidence that the two sisters just happened to give birth on the same day in the same hospital and that a twist of fate led to one raising the other's child.

Okay, Y'all I want to hear your take on what should happen to Anyballs, Kendho and Espanto. Here is my take.

Anyballs ends up in la carcel doing time for his many crimes and everyone in the family considers him dead to them. No visits from anyone.


Gets disabled and spends her days in the manicomio yelling that she is really the head of Meta Imagen. Espanto will vouch for her, just ask him!


Ends up in La Carcel and runs a prison gang. Anyballs is in hock to him. He makes Anyballs pay by making him clean the toilets with a toothbrush, one can hope .........


Thanks for the reminder : ) I can't wait until the whole truth about how Lucia came to be raised by Cris and Angel comes out. That way everyone will see what a happenstance that was, but I am still worried about how the Angel will handle it.

Madelaine: I love your karmageddon scenarios ;)especially Espanto running a carcel gang with Anibal doing degrading jobs for him. I'd like to see Anibal get the worst punishment, even if Kendra is more evil.

Unfortunately, Salsero's past HAS to come out. I wish the writers would make it happen soon, because we're running out of time for Betty to be angry and then forgive him (which I really hope will happen). The way things are going, it looks like he'll die protecting the Balvanera family from Kendra. Poor Betty!!!

thanks for the "hasta siempre" note. In all the years I've been learning/practicing Spanish, I've always thought that "hasta siempre" was a goodbye forever phrase. Very much appreciated!

I have to disagree about Odioette mellowing. My prediction is that she'll try to sabotage Jean Marie's wedding (pobrecito!) I can't wait to see Balzac in a tux! Surely he'll be the ring bearer <3


Cande did not PLAN the baby switch with Anibal, but ever since she found out the baby was Adriana's Lucia, she has been an accomplice with Anibal in keeping it from everybody (until she told Adri recently). Cande falls for Anibal's reasons for keeping mum (for the good of the family) time and time again and she should just sit everybody down and tell what she knows. Even so, the minute she took the baby from the nurse and gave her to Cris, she broke the law.


Madelaine: So you don't think Cande will end up in jail? I suppose learning Anyballs' true nature will be punishment enough for her. But I just can't see Jose Angel forgiving her.

Anon 4:58- Absolutely Cande broke the law, and the nurse too, when they didn't take the baby to the proper authorities. And now she's an accessory after the fact, since finding out Anibal's role in everything. But the assumption by many in the beginning, and Adri's assumption, is that the two crimes were done knowingly at the time, and that is incorrect.

You're absolutely right, and I hope the truth comes out soon. Cande broke the law, and deserves to be punished in some way for that, but Adri and Jose Angel need to know that she is not on Anibal's level of amorality.

Bailey- Hasta siempre is goodbye, but it's a very polite goodbye-- a goodbye with well wishes and much longing to see the other person again. Unlike hasta nunca (until never), which would be a goodbye where you are wishing you never see the person again.

Madelaine - Your proposed fates for the baddies are excellent.

I really, really do not want Salsero to die or go to jail. He's not even my favorite actor or character, but for some reason I would like to see a redeemed person not get the ax. Otherwise, why redeem yourself?
Well, okay, maybe six months jail time for attempted kidnapping of Vikki.... but the family might not even press charges. After all, if there had been no attempt to kidnap Vikki, she and JA probably would have never met?

doris, maybe his punishment will be having to wear his hair in those bangs for the rest of his life.


I just thought of a villain who escaped retribution.. Perla, DOn Luis's ex mistress in Alborada kidnapped the leading lady and put her in great danger. She ended up happily ever after with Marcelo Cordoba's. character even though she was pregnant by the leading lady's husband. She was a nasty ho who ended up with a hot good guy.

Also, in Amor Real, the dreadful housekeeper who snared the galan for a brief period of time , ended up with the gallan's good guy lawyer. in fact, in that novela , the galan was not a very nice guy at times and he ended up a happy family man.
Anyhoo, I think we have some precedents that could save the new, improved Dances with Bea and Guillo.

Carlos - ROFLOL!!!

Susanlynn - I hope the new, improved Dances v.2.0 will have a decent, if not happy, ending with Bea and Guillo. Guillo has been much more tolerable since Leo left and Dances stepped in to fill the slot.

Susanlynn, Perla...

"...She was a nasty ho...>

Isn't that being a bit uncharitable? I would be inclined to go more with... underprivileged.


Doris - Angel was there to interview with Vickie for the capataz job so they would've still meant without the kidnap attempt.

Madelaine - I love your endings for the baddies, especially KendaHo. But I just can't see Anibal kowtowing to Espanto. I think Anibal's arrogance and sense of entitlement will be with him to the end of his days, no matter how low he falls. And I think Vickie would still feel obliged to visit him in prison.

Thank you Madelaine---I'm very late
this weekend, got hung up, but I never miss reading everything.

Susanlynn---I agree, I don't think
that Nelson the FF will survive. I don't think that Cande will survive either.

Salsero--- is the mystery. We're all guessing. We don't want Bea to be hurt anymore but he has that checkered past, so?

Carlos---Maybe he will plant a little Salsa Seed. Yes, maybe?

The magic poison drops. Someone might get some drops and die but the writers might be playing with us. In the final previews, we see Lili standing with some family members yelling something stressful
like Nooooo!! There is a car that crashes over a freeway overpass and in another scene we see, I think JA with his gun drawn. Behind him someone is flat out on the floor. Could that be Salsa Dude? The scenes go by fast so it's hard to say but one thing that I know for sure is that there will be more going on other than some magic poison drops. With Lili
yelling Noooo!! could it be the end of Anyballs, After all he was very nice to her. Schooling, a nursery, new truck etc. A lot to think about and as has been mentioned, a few weddings.

And speaking of weddings-----NovelaMaven, I suspect that Odette has a seat in the editing room. So
the gringo

Bailey Marie:

Oh, I think Cande will pay for her many sins, but I don't know how yet. Certainly, I would think, that she will lose the affection of the Angel and Lili for a bit, but I think in the end they will forgive her, if they find out the true circumstances, one can hope..... Cande isn't totally bad per se, she is just bamboozled by Anyballs' crap.

Doris and Carlos:

Y'all crack me up, really! Carlos the bangs are a hoot as punishment and Doris I too hope Dances 2.0 actually is a better man once he pays for his sins. I really think he will, but I don't want to speculate yet on how he pays. I just don't him to die. He has come a long way from the beginning of this TN. Oh and Carlos love the snail avatar. : )


The production team for this TN and other TNs make sure those avances fly past pretty quickly so we don't see what happens. I am glad they do this, cause it would spoil the whole ending if they showed it normally. The poison drops could be a big red herring as that car crash also. We will have to wait and see I guess. I think they like the audience to speculate about what happens to whom. I enjoy the last week of a TN, remember Refugio and how those writers left us hanging till the very end? Same here I think. I am so going to enjoy this ending ; )


Carlos...okay okay..I KNEW you would call me out on that one..Perla was an underprivileged, nasty ho....who ended up with superdelicious , yummy Marcos despite her many sins. (Do you recall that she often referred to Hippolita as a "dead fly?")

Carlos, along with you I have suspected a "Salsa Seed" (loved that) would be part of the storyline.

Logically, I know he must atone for his dastardly deeds but...I'm with doris: "would like to see a redeemed person not get the ax. Otherwise, why redeem yourself?"

Realistically, in spite of all the good he has done, he will be reviled by Francisco and JA when and if his part in Nikki's abduction comes out. First, would Nikki ever be able to forgive him? Even if she did, will Francisco?

Emotionally, I agree with everyone who has said Bea can't take another devastating blow. There have been so many miracles thus far, is it too much to ask for one more?


Some random car crashes into Lili's nursery or shiny new truck so she screams --- " Nooooooo!"


I don't think asking for another miracle is too much ; ) Dances has come such a long way from where he started. He has become such a wonderful guy. I know he has got to pay for some of his misdeeds. At least he isn't like Kendho. He has never murdered anyone, and even back when he and the Angel got into that knock down drag out fight, Dances wanted to call an ambulance for the Angel and the Ho stopped him from doing it. I can't wait to see how the writers handle Dances' dilemma.


Now that is an interesting thought, about a car crashing into the nursery, or Lili's truck, hmmmm.....

About the finale for AV

I have checked my cable guide, which is never wrong, and they are showing AV all week. I think the finale they are advertising may just be a repeat, so keep watching every night this week. If there is any change I will let y'all know.

Thanks for the recap Madeline. It was excellent as always.

I felt bad for Carlos but I think he's going to eventually recover and only sometimes he will probably wish he had never met those Balvanera sisters.

I was sad for the baby that never got to be mourned as well. I wonder if at least Cande got him a proper burial, I think she would but I don't remember if that has been mentioned before in the telenovela.



It has been mentioned that JA and Cris' baby died shortly after birth or was stillborn. They have never said what happened to the baby's body. I too think Cande would have the baby buried. We just don't know where and hopefully this will be revealed before the end of this TN. There has got to be some proper mourning for that poor baby!

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