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Corazon Indomable #48 A Great Man Falls, and The Truth is Finally Out

We start with MC feeding Don Ailing in his hospital room. Am I the only one who is bothered by the way she’s treating him like a child? He’s sad that he could never feed her when she was a baby. Carola interrupts their child play and frowny faces are had by all.

In the cockpit, Octavio and Ed are told that the Governor’s daughter is on the plane. She wants to see Octavio. He doesn’t want to, but flight attendant woman convinces him that it might be in his best interest to not make the daughter of the Governor unhappy. And she’s had a few drinks too. Can’t wait to see if she’s a happy drunk or a mean drunk.

Carola wants to buy the casino for more than she offered before because she doesn’t want any partners. She offers $5 milliion. They are shocked. Can’t yet tell if the shock is because it’s too low or real high. It seems low to me, but I have no idea what casinos go for nowadays.

Out in the dessert, Karim has married the Sheik’s daughter and figures he impregnated her and now he can leave to go back to Isla Dorada. He amateurishly interprets his recurring dream that he’s chasing after the one woman who won’t have him and he must get back to possess her.

Carola pleads her case and the usual argument ensues with MC telling Don Ailing not to sell, yada, yada, yada. Carola leaves them with that offer and if it’s turned down, she wants that much in return for her part of the casino so they can buy her out.

Drunk and getting Drunker Doris asks FA(flight attendant) what was Octavio’s answer and FA tells her he would be very pleased to see her. Drunk Doris gets all kinds of amorous thoughts about that meeting.

Miguel enters and Lucia questions where he’s been. By the looks of him he’s been to hell and back, but he tells her the lake. She gives him the third degree about why he went to the lake and does he see any peasant women there. He says of course he does and they even offer to give him water or coffee. I’m hoping that she gets all suspicious and then wants to get back at his supposed infidelities by doing Ewsebio in the barn. Yes, I’m a sick puppy but so is Lucia.

MC leaves to get coffee and thought bubbles that the casino must be worth more than the offer. And then she finally asks herself the question everyone of us have asked in the comments. Why is she so obsessed with the casino? Unfortunately, she doesn’t answer herself.

Don Ailing calls Tobias and tells him that Carolla offered 5 mill for the casino. He insists that he’s going to sell it and then live the quiet happy life he’s dreamed of now that he’s found his daughter.

Drunk Doris is in the cockpit squeakily thanking Octavio for the pleasure of seeing him land the plane. She’s drunkenly avows how fascinating it is that everything gets bigger looking the closer you get to it, and then she eyes him up and down. I lol’d on that one and so did Big Ed. Wow, next time I’m single I’m going to use that one.

MC is not done with her thought bubbles. I think I’m starting to understand the reason she wants to hang onto La Isla Dorada casino.  She can continue to see the bastard (her word not mine, but it’s a good one) and be better able to exact her revenge on him. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have to opportunity to come in contact with him.

Don Ailing gets breakfast but insists on shaving before he eats and RDN (really dumb nurse) gets his electric shave for him. She plugs it in and leaves. Don Ailing starts to shave but has trouble keeping his hand up to his face. I worry that he will shave his oxygen tube in half. He tries again and the monitor goes flat with the beeping now a continuous sound. RDN comes in and tries to talk to him over the monitor sound and figures he’s asleep. RDN must have missed that day of monitor training and doesn’t know that the continuous sound means he’s dead, so she checks his pulse and has a perplexed look on her face. That’s it, don’t call a doctor in to try to revive him.

Carola enters the room in order to have Don Ailing sign over the casino, and she sees RDN putting the sheet over his head. Carola thinks she’s in the wrong room, but RDN informs her that Don Ailing has passed away. Carola pulls the sheet down and sees that Don Ailing died with a smile on his face. MC gets a phone call too. She cries.

Ester has come back to visit Lucia. Awfulia is filling her in on all the happenings with Lucia and Miguel’s troubled marriage. Lucia enters and gives her a big hug. Lucia tells Ester about her suspicions of Miguel’s infidelity and despite Ester trying to put some sanity into the discussion, Lucia’s demented mind won’t hear it. I’m sure a romp in the hay with Ewsebio can cure what ails her.

MC is saying goodbye to her father and is starting to feel a bit guilty about her insistence of keeping the casino and perhaps that stress is what killed him. My thoughts exactly. She talks to the doctor and he reassures her that her haranguing of her father over the casino didn’t kill him. His tests were really bad and it was inevitable. MC seems to be consoled by this news.

MC comes home and calls Tobias with the bad news, and Carola is back at her office and tells Raiza the news too. Carola curses her bad luck and Raiza, the voice of sanity, tells her not to disrespect Don Ailing like that. Carola needs to find a new plan now to obtain the casino.

Ed and Octavio are in the airport and Octavio spies Areceli waiting for Big Ed. Same conversation ensues about Ed using her for fun and Octavio regretting doing that with MC and knows he will pay for it for the rest of his life. (you can say that again, if MC has anything to do with it.) Big Ed brushes him off. Ed tells Octavio that they will be carrying Don Ailings body to Mex City with them. Octavio finds out that the dead person is MC’s father.

Sad scene this MC and Tobias seeing the casket going into the plane.

Octavio offers to help MC with all of the paperwork to get the body home. She accepts his offer because she doesn’t have any idea how to proceed. This will be the start of her warming up to him, I predict.

Tobias takes the paperwork to someone at the airport and he starts to cry. Ok, now I am too, darn it. MC’s grief didn’t bother me, but Tobias’s is killing me. Octavio escorts them to their home and insists on taking her to the funeral home later. She agrees and after he leaves, she thought bubbles how she is that much closer to exacting her revenge on him, Lucia and Miguel.


I have to go out right now so when I get back I will fix anything that needs fixing.

Appears Crayola is willing to give up the 5 million she has stolen from the Casino, Don Ale and the wild thing.

Didn't take Don Ale long to move on. Guess Tempestad took him away.

Really like Anna Brenda in this role. Thought she was good in Sortilego.

Don ailing is a hoot. Good work!

Thanks for the recap!

Remember to never be dying in Mexico! What, do they not have crash carts? Does the nurse not know CPR? She was all like, "meh, dead".

I knew it wasn't going to happen, but I kept imagining Solita running down the stairs when Tav was in the house. How is MA going to keep her away from the funeral? Her appearance would put to end the whole MA/MC question for Tav.

I'm with you Cathyx. When Tobias starting crying at the counter I was a mess. I must say, I've never seen a show where more men cry and very convincingly.

Where is the bebe during all of this?? Will Solita attend the funeral?? Will Tav finally put two and two together?? Will Lucia try to have Miguel dispatched by Ewww?? Is that a different Ester, she does"t look the same to me. Let's hope Simone gets glammed up and snags Miguel.

Cathyx -- Great work on the recaps, Thanks

Thanks cathyx. This is very well done. This really made me smile:

"It seems low to me, but I have no idea what casinos go for nowadays."

Nor do I. I did think it was funny that Carola told him that if he doesn't sell to her she wants him to buy her out ... for the same price. Hey... wait a minute... she wants to pay 5 million for 80% or get 5 million for 20%? Has she forgotten that Maricruz majored in math?

Wasn't don Alejandro's nurse Alonso's (AB) real mom who teamed up with his step mom to mercy kill him? Could she be up to her old tricks? I want an investigation.


Thank you for the wonderful recap, Cathyx, you addressed the scene with Doris and the pilotontos and things getting bigger when you get closer to them in a very hilarious manner.

I didn't care much about MC's pain, either; Tobias on the other hand...Oh, boy!

And then, in the middle of all this tragedy, MC still has time to think about her revenge? I knew the only reason she was so obsessed with the casino was because of Tav, plenty of us have guessed this before, but still, to bad she chose this instead of spending some time with her dad.

Carlos, I thought about the same as you when Carola asked the same amount for her 20% - I hope she meant proportionally...

Gringo, I wanted to tell you that I agree with you that Don Ale has served his purpose and it was time for him to die. I guess we all knew this was coming since he has been sick from day 1. What I didn't appreciate was the fact that MC preferred to chase after Carola instead of spending some time with her dad, too. I didn't need to see them bond to much, but the way the story was written, it looked like she cared much more about one of her dad's casinos then about him and her sister (and even if she now realized this is all tied to her revenge, still, choosing a revenge that can wait over family is still a no no in my opinion).

Cathyx, I had to cut short our CdlF love fest yesterday, because I was busy, but I have a confession to make: Vivi and I have been cheating on you, talking about him and his new tn behind your back. In my defense, though, I didn't know you were a fan when it happened...
To give you a quick briefing, his new tn starts filming in August, for an October air date (Mexico), and he still has no protagonista (oh, the drama!) - I can't act to save my life, but if Ximerna Navarette was given a protagonico just for being pretty, couldn't they consider me, too? I think I'm pretty enough and back in Mexico I could even me considered exotic since I'm originally from Eastern Europe.


Great recap, Cathyx. I also loved your take on the scene with Doris in the cockpit.

Cathyx, this was great. I think we all had to reach for the kleenez when Tobias let go at that counter, and then again at home.

What was with MC's attitude towards him? Not sure I got that look she gave him as he collapsed at the stairwell. Is she so caught up in her own revenge that she can't handle anyone else's feelings but her own----never mind. Those little sudden asides last night sort of answered that.

I with you emeraldrose. I was wondering about the little one. She just left her behind? Oh no, she didn't!!! Please let me know when I can start feeling sorry for MC again, because right now, she's not near the top of my list.

And I so wanted Solita to come barreling down those stairs. Betcha that MC won't have her go to the funeral saying Solita needs to stay at home with HER baby. Well, one doting mother is good in this TN at least.

Funny Carlos--TN serial mercy killer maybe? Will have to watch those future TN's with her in them.

Bless you Don Ale--we will miss you. I mean REALLY miss you. Let the games begin (ugh).


Golawah, I don't remember Anna Brenda in Sortilegio. What was her role?

Carlos, she was the same actress who played the nurse/mother to Alonso. I think her nurse skills were better on Amor Bravio.

Adriana, I can't wait to see my telenovio again. You and Vivi can talk about him behind my back all you want, but I've already claimed him, lol. I wish I could act too but I am not talented in that area.


Good one Daisynjay about Solita coming down the stairs while Octavio was there. That would have totally spoiled the revenge plot. We can't have that though.

Great one cathyx---Thank you.
Cathyx---You really got me with this one. I'm hoping that she gets
suspicious and then wants to get back at his supposed infidelities by doing EWW-sebio in the barn. NO!
OMG! Please spare us, not that! On second thought, wouldn't it be something if Miguel caught them rolling in the hay? Weeee.

Carlos---You did it again with---
Has she forgotten that Maricruz majored in math?

Daisynjay---Let the games begin. That they will, you can bet on it.
Big Don had to die. She's got the casino now. Raiza and Corola will be staying up late trying to come up with a plan to oust Maricruz, La
Mendoza. Will their plan involve Karim? My guess is that Mari will have Teo on her side but I am not sure just what his role will be. And what is she going to do to Oblivio? I can't wait---All the way till Friday? Too many hours.

Oh---One last thing. Big Don was still going to sell out to Carola
even though Maricruz had let it be known that she was CHEATING him. He didn't care, he would have rewarded evil so he could spend time with his long lost daughter. I understand his viewpoint but if that did happen, the writers wouldn't have a story to give us--
at least there wouldn't be any getting back [venganza] at the people who hurt her.

Will Solita go to the funeral? I say yes, but the timing will be such that Oblivio will miss her. Isn't it to early for him to figure
out who Maricruz really is?

Happy Premios Juventud everyone.
the gringo

Tkx Cathyx

Code blue is a nifty phrase to know in a hospital.

Let it rest with the vengeance MC, I should say Mrs. Mejia. Just do it & shut up about it.

Anyone want to fly Aeromiedo? And we were afraid before, now it's party time in the cockpit. Give drunk Doris the controls, she'll be just fine.

Well done CathyX. You managed to inject a lot of naughty humor into what sounded like (to me anyway) a miserable episode. I purposely didn't watch last night because too many real live people that I love have died this past year. I didn't want to watch Don Alejandro breathe his last breath! (It's just a TN, just a TN, but it's amazing how different dramatic themes can touch our hearts...and sometimes painfully. Like you, I'm sure I would have lost it when Tobias broke down. I'd rather go to bed happy I think.

Ah yes, Ana Brenda in Sortilegio. She was a bad 'un, but quite lovely. That was the first time I had ever seen her in a telenovela.

@cathyx - yup, Ana Brenda was the main female antagonist (Maura) in Sortilegio. She ended up in prison by the end, as with most villains. In case you still don't remember her in it, here she is getting punched in the face by her own accomplices during Maria Jose's kidnapping (it's dubbed):

Variopinta, your Aeromiedo remark made me LAUGH OUT LOUD and spit my tea all over my pajama...
I kind of wish it was the keyboard, though, the tea was HOT!

Thanks Latina, I've forgotten much of that TN. Maura was the fake good friend of Jose Maria. It's a vague memory. In that clip, all the male actors had the same voice dub. It was hard tell them apart by just listening.

Cathyx thanks so much for your recap. I too got a kick out of your description of drunk Doris.

It is sad that MC's main motivator is her vengeance but that was the title of the old TN. Now that poor Don Ailing is gone, I want to see her put her money where her mouth is.

Tobias breaking down was unnerving.

Looks like Wm Levy & Mr. Mejia have made up & WL is back on the job. He will have short hair after a particular segment because the viewers didn't like that scraggly mess.

Variopinta, which TN is that? We need to get the Mejias out of the TN business, pronto.

Variopinto -- Love your comments. So funny

OOOOOPS - Variopinta. sorry I put the wrong ending on your name

La Tempestad
Good people but I'm sure it will be forgettable
The Mejia's are such prolific producers, no wonder everything they touch turns to crap.

William Levy
Ximena Navarrete
Iván Sanchez
Laura Carmine
Mariana Seoane
Daniela Romo
Cesar Evora

5 million dollars? I've worked on single family homes worth more than that, and they didn't generate income. Casinos are a bargain!

And it drove me nuts too, her feeding Don Ale like he was a child. She doesn't even feed her own child! She couldn't take the NEWBORN with her to Mexico? The nanny could come along since she's the only one caring for the poor no-name.

And if these are the only pilots flying to this island (flying with hangovers, worrying more about women than the airplane, letting drunk passengers-or any passenger really-into the cockpit during a fight), I think I'd rather swim. Sharks, fine. These guys, no.

Tobi. Mi mas sentido pesame (since you're the only adult worth caring about).


Cathyx- So sorry to be coming into this late. It was a busy day. But we do have 2 days to comment since there are no shows tonight. Loved how you kept this recap short and tart (not sweet). LOL at your comments on Doris' pick up line. :)

Everything that left me scratching my head has already been mentioned: $5million for 20% or 80% of a casino-- that math doesn't add up!; And where's the baby?

Carlos- Sorry. We can't blame this one Alonso's mom (AB). It's not the same actress. That actress, Tina Romero, is over on Telemundo in Dama y Obrero playing the protagonist's grandma in a salt and pepper wig.

OK. I get it. MC wants revenge on Tav and wants to drive him crazy. Guess what? He LIVES in D.F.! If he knows that she spends most of her time in her home in D.F., guess where he'll spend all his free time? In D.F.!!!! There is no need to spend all her time in Isla Dorada. Unless she likes being away from her sister and having to spend her time fighting with the Conseco sisters instead of with her baby.

ITA with everyone. I got teary when Tobi broke down. I felt his grief way more than MC's.

Adriana- I will write Televisa a letter, making the case for YOU to be CdlF's next leading lady. :)

Are there any good TNs coming our way in the near future?

Cathyx- I have heard Mentir Para Vivir is interesting. But it only started recently in Mexico, so I have no idea how it's doing.

Unfortunately, we seem to be in the midst of a quality tn drought at Televisa. I feel like we've had a good run the last two years-- at least one of the tns from Televisa brought to primetime Uni has been really good. Once AV ends (which is a bit of a circus, but very entertaining), we will be in a sea of Mejia and spouse tns, which I find to be un-entertaining circuses, although they do find some of the best actors for their tns.

So Amores Verdaderos will be replaced with another bad TN. That's 9:00pm. Que Bonito Amor still has a ways to go, that's at 10:00pm.
Porque El Amor Manda is about as far along as QBA, so that still has a ways to go at 8:00pm. Nothing new or potentially good on the docket until this fall or winter. That's too bad. I hope the one with Cristian de la Fuente will be worth watching. Please don't tell me that's a Mejia TN.

Cathyx- The CdlF tn is Carlos Moreno (En Nombre del Amor; Cuando me Enamoro; Amor Bravio). The upcoming 9pm show is La Tempestad (Mejia).

Oh Vivi, to have CdlF in another good TN is almost too good to think about. I'm getting all tingly at the thought.

TG it's not a Mejia classic.

El aroma de tu amor
Adriana Louvier
Flavio Medina, Alonso in AB
Diana Bracho, she's really good
Olivia Bucio, Camila's mom in AB
Ingrid Martz, Drunk Doris

I have been waiting for a TN from
Carlos Moreno Laguillo or
Carla Estrada, they are the best.


- what is now on the air:

Mentir para vivir is not doing all that great in Mexico rating wise, but it is supposed to be very good.
"De que te quero, te quero" I heard is gaining recognition, especially thanks to the fresh leads (Livia Brito and Diego Covarrubias - Yago from AB)

- what they start filming

A remake of Tu secundo madre, with Guy Ecker (yum!) and Susana Gonzales starting in the fall about the same time as the CdlF tn - so I'm guessing Uni will have them late winter - early spring?

And don't forget the remake of Bodas de odio/ Amor real with a twist - the story is set to take place in our times.

Ingrid Marz (-aka Drunk Doris)was the leading lady's bud in Amor Real, and she had a high , little girl voice in that one. In another novela, the folks at Caraycaray actually referred to her as "Squeaky"....I cannot remember the name of that one.

Heridas de Amor...I think Ferro coined the Squeaky name and it was apt, that's for sure.

Good Morning, Judyb...Ah yes...The Wounds of Love, right ? it sounds like a nickname Ferro might have coined. Well, I'm off to work. Stay cool. I have been spending all my time either inside in air conditioning...or in the pool.

Smart move...exercising in hot gyms and hot studios is not the way to weather this heat wave. Still I love my teaching job so on we go, my friend.

I enjoyed your recap very much. I was also surprised the casino was only worth 5 million. You would think the ship alone is worth more than that. I am still watching this TN and Por Que El Amor Manda but I have decided to move to Telemundo because I can't handle these Mejia bores any longer, even with good stars. Que Bonito Amor should be Que Aburrido Amor. I heard La Tempestad is another bore, and I love WL. I also hate that hair!
New Girl

Variopinta, that sounds like a great cast. Does our man play a good guy? I hope.

The casino does not include ownership of the ship. It was clearly mentioned in a previous episode that the casino LEASES the ship. Muhammed found that out for Karim, and then Karim went and threatened Carola with buying the ship, cancelling the lease and thus closing the casino.

A business that can lose 1/2 a million in one night (including the boat or no) is clearly worth more than $5 million. Especially when you consider that Carola is offering her 20% for $5 million. It makes NO sense that 80% of the same business is also worth $5 million. Carola must have been counting on her schemes to make sure no one else wanted to buy the ship, therefor giving her the opportunity to buy it dirt cheap.

It's all for naught anyway since MC will not sell it. In fact, I hope she figures out Carola and her stealing and gets rid of her.

A real dilemma stay home and watch Corazon Indomable or Paul McCartney concert in Seattle tonight. Paul wins out. Will catch up on Ci this week-end.

No contest really!!!

Ooh! Have a great time emeraldrose, and tell us all about it.

The casino would have to be worth more than $50 million, so 5 doesn't even make the down payment. These writers didn't do their homework.

We are 5 months behind Mexico on PEAM, which means that it will end in November, probably just before Thanksgiving. In Mexico it was replaced with Libre para amarte, a LaRossa production. It stars Gabriel Soto, Eduardo Santamarina, Gloria Trevi, Jacqueline Andere, and Harry Geithner.

A friend at work told me that Marido En Alquiler (Husband for Rent) is very good. It's a comedy featuring Juan Soler and been on for about a week. It's on Telemundo, and unfortunately, I don't get it with my cable package.

I might try to find it on the Internet and check it out.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Aleta- I have been enjoying Marido en Aquiler, althogh I am behind in watching the episodes. Telemundo has all of there tns online on their site by the next day. Adriana Noel has been doing most of the daily recaps for Marido on the Telemundo feed.

Aleta, Marido in Alquiler is turning out to be pretty funny, and the two leads are both very likable (unlike certain protas that will be left unnamed...ahem)
You can watch it on, or youtube (just do a search after its name).
I hope you enjoy and we get to see you over on the Telemundo chat

Now that the Don is dead, the casino is Mari's. I can't believe that she will keep the Consicko sisters on. How long would it take her to find a new manager, or will she step in and manage it? There could still be some twists and turns though. As LatinaInMD stated,
Mari only gets the casino, not the ship's lease. She now might have to play ball with Karim as he could easily buy up the ship's lease and effectively put the casino out of business. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. I know that there are other casinos, but this is the one that we are focused on. Corola will not give up and go home so this could get very interesting. Through all that is going on right now, papa's death, Mari's takeover of the casino, dealing with the Consicko sisters, Karim, and some unknown things that may pop up along the way, there is still vengence to worry/think about. In short, Super Mari is really going to have her hands full.

Emeraldrose---I had always liked the Beatles but completely lost interest in them after the break up
Corazon Indomable or Paul McCartney
at 70/71? For me, it isn't even a choice worth considering. Nothing would stand in the way of Corazon Indomable but to each his own---so, have fun tonight.
the gringo

Just to clarify - I wasn't trying to justify the ridiculously low price of $5 million. I was merely pointing out it didn't include ownership of the ship, otherwise that price would be even more ridiculous.

I am also watching "Marido en Alquiler" and like it so far. I love Juan Soler. Where is this Telemundo chat?

Anon 11:36- A new Telemundo post is put up each Monday. During the week, recaps are put up on the shows in the comments section. The recaps and comments are differentiated by putting the name of the show being commented on at the start of the comment.

Here is this week's post:

You mean to tell me that kid still doesn't have a name??

I'm not watching this anymore because it's just ridiculous. It saddens me that Ana Brenda Contreras chose to be in this. I enjoyed her acting in LQNPA.

I am reading the recaps though. I may watch again towards the end for the revenge aspect.

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