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La Tempestad, Capitulo 1. Monday, July 29, 2013.

Opening scene:

Unknown maid is cleaning a room when suddenly she is attacked and violated.  Marina walks off the elevator and ears someone crying. She goes to investigate and finds the maid who tells her that has been raped.  Marina calls the front desk and asks them to call the police.  As they are waiting for the elevator, Mr. Conteras, the attacker, shows up and asks how he can help them.  Marina informs him that the maid will be pressing charges against him for rape.  He asks Marina if she knows who he is.  Marina tells him she doesn't give a crap. He committed a crime and that is all that matters.

Beatriz is watering her plants when she feels sick.  She asks God for more time, says Marina's name and faints.

Mr. Conteras says the maid only wants money and asks how much?  Marina says to forget it and calls the front desk to send up the police.  As Marina and the maid head to the elevator, they come into a group of workers from the hotel that start clapping.  Marina says no need to clap.  She did her job and would do the same for them.

The hotel manager asks Marina what was she thinking in calling the cops.  The name of the hotel will be dragged through the mud. She tells him that she will not be compliance to a rape.  He tells her that her career will be over.  She believes that the hotel director will her back.

Mr. Conteras is lead out the hotel in handcuffs by the police.  He sees Marina and gives her the stink eye.  The maid follows and Marina tells her not to worry.  Just tell the truth. 

Next we are taken to a golf course where Mercedes is watching a video clip of Conteras arrest.  She tells her assistant to keep watch and inform her of any further development.  She also wants to meet with Marina.

The hotel president says the director of the hotel wants her to retract her statement.  Marina is stunned and says she will not.  The President says if you don't your career will be over.  She says it’s  the right thing to do.  Since he and the board are not in agreement, she will leave.  Her principles are not for sale. The President cannot believe she would ruin her career for an insignificant, lying maid.  You wouldn't understand.  You are not woman.

Marina is in her car and receives a call from a doctor informing her that her mother is in the hospital.

A man is being led to a cell when he sees Contreras.  He yells at him that in here it's an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Doctor tells Marina that they found a tumor in one of her mother's lungs.  They will need to do a biopsy to see if it is malignant.  They will have the results tomorrow.  If malignant, they will be unable to perform surgery.  Marina goes to her sleeping mother and begs her not to leave her.

Mercedes hears from a man selling newspapers in the streets that Conteras was let go. She tells her assistant that he may have gotten away this time but what goes around, comes around.

Marina reads the paper and is upset.  The doctor sees her and says so you finally found out.  Now you lost your job for defending that girl.  She tells the doctor she defended her principals and doesn't regret it.  A nurse comes in and tells them that Beatriz is awake.  Before Marina leaves to see her mother, the doctor tells her that the tumor is not malignant.  The doctor also tells her that her mother needs to leave the city for a town by the sea for cleaner air.

Mercedes assistant says he has been trying to get ahold of Marina not picking up her phone.  He says that she is at the hospital with her mom who suddenly became ill.  She asks her assistant to contact her attorney right away and draw up a contract. 

Mercedes tells the driver to take her to the hospital.  Her assistant asks if now is really a good time.  She tells him that she wants to see Marina again.

Seems like Marina did not know about her mother's condition since mom asks if the doctor told her everything.  Marina says yes and begs her mom to never again hide anything from her.

In Spain:

A guy tells someone over the phone he wants to get to Mexico right away.  He mutters "Marina, Marina".

News crew confronts Marina and say they found out she does not have a job.  "How do you feel, "Do you regret defending the maid"?  She refuses to comment.  Mercedes assistant comes to her aide and gets her into the car.  As they are driving away she thanks him and finally notices Mercedes.  She asks if they know each other.  "No" replies Mercedes. But I have always kept tabs on you.  Marina asks who she is and what she wants.  Mercedes assures her she just wants to help.  You tangled with Conteras and no one will give you a job.  I want you to work for me.  Why do you want to help asks Marina.

Beatriz is praying. She just says Marina is my daughter and I am her mother. (I am now thinking she may not be?)

Marina starts to feel uncomfortable with Mercedes (I would have the first time I got in the car, but that's just me).  Why do you know so much about me she asks when Mercedes says she knows her mother is sick.  Mercedes just says that there are invisible lassos that tie them together. You know I was a poor girl who suffered until I decided to pick myself up.  Now look at me. I want to help you.  You remind me of myself.  They think they have you beat down but I want to help you to be stronger and clean up your image.  Mercedes takes her to her house.  Marina asks what kind of job she is offering her.  Mercedes says she has a packing company and she wants Marina to be the administrator.   That is why you will need to move to "Nuestra Senora del Mar"-

Pueblo de Nuestra Senora del Mar:

Esther is walking down the street with a friend.  Her friend doesn't understand her.  "You are the queen of the festival and Don Fulgenio's daughter.  The mayor of this town.  If you asked Damian to be your escort, he cannot deny you. (Oh silly girl)

Marina tells Mercedes she doesn't understand why she picked her.  She knows nothing about the packing business.  Plus I don’t think it will be good for my career.  Mercedes explains that her company produces exclusively for exporting and she wants to take it worldwide but needs a good administrator.  You can return to the city rich and with your own company.  Are you making me an associate asks Marina.  Mercedes says everything is in this contract.  Read it and sign.  Marina wants to think on it.  She has other problems.  Mercedes offers her help.  Plus the tow is near the ocean and my sources tell me that is the best place for your mother. (Guess they don’t have HIPPA in Mexico). 

We find out that Esther’s friend’s mother left with another man.  Seems she didn’t care for you or your dad.  Her friend changes the subject to Damian.  Esther says he is different and unique. 

Marina finally accepts.  Mercedes tells her that she will have to leave immediately.  Her assistant, Jose, will make sure that everything is organized.  Before you sign, I just want to tell you about a problem you might encounter.  It’s about a young man that you may have difficulty with.  He owns “La Tempestad” and his name is Damian Fabre.  They say he is rude, a drunk and a womanizer.  It could be true, but with me he is faithful, truthful and honorable.  He is just difficult and has a problem with authority.  But I believe you can have a great relationship with him. 

“La Tempestad”

Fire on the brig!  A man yells for Damian.  They are still firing at us!  His sexy self (Damian) comes from down below onto deck with a loaded gun and chiseled chest to start fighting off the bad guys.  Mercedes is still talking about Damian and mentions his family, but this recapper can only stare at the chiseled chest of our leading man in tight pants.  Mercedes says to Marina if you are still in agreement, sign.  Again we are at the ship with Damian running around while he is shooting (miraculously he doesn’t get shot).  Marina the naïve says that he has no choice but to follow her orders and signs the contract.  Back on board a man goes over and Damian jumps into the raging waters to rescue him.

Marina shakes Mercedes hands to seal the deal and finds out that her salary will be 50% of the earnings.  Just try to get along with Damian asks Mercedes.  Marina is off to see her mother, and Mercedes asks her if she cares greatly for her mother.  She is my soul and my reason to live.  Mercedes her hug goodbye. 

The guy Damian rescues is not responding and he pushes on the guys back to get the water out of him (guess that is the new CPR method).  Finally guy responds.

Esther wonders where Damian is as she waves her not so good pageant wave to the crowd.  Don Fulgenio crowns the queen of the festival.

Mercedes apologizes for hugging her.  Marina thanks her for the job and leaves.  Mercedes is affected by the encounter and cries.

Don Fulgenio dances with his daughter.  Her friend says to herself that she is glad Damian did not show up.  Esther is not happy that Damian never showed up.  He finally does and a bunch of woman flocks to him. (can’t really blame them).  He walks up to the stage and smiles that smile to Esther. 

Jose doesn’t think that Marina will like living in such a small, rural place.  Mercedes says that is why you are going with her.


Unknown man (I think we know who he is) gets a report from a detective giving him information on Marina and where she’s moving to.  Unknown man stares at a picture of her and says destiny (or in my opinion, stalking) will re-unite us once more.

Damian finds out from the company accountant that a new administrator is coming.  Last one we find out Damian messed with.  Damian says he hopes the new administrator is a tougher guy.  This company is only for strong men.

Esther’s friend sneaks her a drink of rum.  Esther is upset that Damian left her.  Her friend suggests spying on him at the bar. 
Damian is enjoying his drinks with his crewmen at the bar. 

Back at Beatriz and Marina’s house, they are talking about moving to the seaside.  Beatriz tells Marina that is where I met your father.  I worked for a tourist agency and he has lots of businesses there.  Ours was love at first sight.  Marina asks why they didn’t have more kids, but mom sidesteps the answer and says it’s time for sleep. 

Damian is thrown out of the bar by a big, big guy.  They throw punches as Esther and her friend look on.  Damian punches the man down.  Back in the bar, we find out they are friends.  Big guy (what’s his name?) says he doesn’t want to go back out into the ocean when Damian offers him a job again.  I don’t want to go where your father died.  Damian thinks there are other reasons, such as a rumor going around that big guy was romancing his moms.  Big guy denies it and says he would have given his life for Damian’s dad.  You told you that lie.  We hear from another crewman, it was Don Fulgencio. 

Don Fulgencio asks Esther and her friend where they have been.  Esther’s friend says my house.  I was feeling ill.  Don Fulgencio grabs is daughter and tells her not to embarrass him. 

Damian believes big guy and says you are honest and a good friend to my dad.  After today, you are part of my crew.  They all toast to the Tempestad.

Damian is walking to his ship and Esther the drunken approaches.  She thanks him for the senata but Damian doesn’t remember ordering her one.  You left the festival to thank me asks Damian.  Yes and to get permission to come on board.  He tells her that no woman has come aboard his vessel before.  Esther claims she will be the one and only.  Next day she wakes up in his bed and says “My dad is going to kill me”!

Crewmen report to work as Esther tries to sneak off.  She throws her shoes into the water (?).  Esther bumps into Marina and calls her stupid. 

Marina walks up the plank in her ridiculous heels awkwardly.  Crewmen are laughing at her.  She asks for Cpt. Damian Fabre.  They men point to a door.  She knocks, but no answer so that means she can just go in.  She looks around and finds a picture of several men.  She wonders out loud which one is Damian.  “I am” says Damian and she whirls around and she’s a sweaty, shirtless, chiseled chest.  She turns back around to avoid looking at him.

Manana: Damian throws off Marina the ship.  Sparks fly.


Gloria, so glad you are on the team. Your recap was snappy, spicy and sensational. You laid an excellent foundation - there was a great deal of action and you captured it perfectly.

"(Guess they don’t have HIPPA in Mexico". "...and says destiny (or in my opinion, stalking) will re-unite us once more" and "a sweaty, shirtless, chiseled chest" were great.

Marina's fall from grace was quick, as was her rescue. Mercedes seems far too invested not to have some personal motivation for her miraculously timed job offering. And Captain Damian is in fine form (sigh) and sparks were literally igniting onscreen when he met Marina.

Liking everything about this so far, the story, the actors (Cesar Evora, Mercedes assistant - is it Arturo?, etc.) and the pace.

Gloria, thanks for starting this off in fine style.


Thank you, Gloria for a detailed nrecap to a new adventure.
It looks like its going to be a very rocky ride between Ester and Marina. William Levy in tee shirts both wet and dry, or shirtless will be worth the watch.


Thanks so much for this stellar recap. You haven't lost your touch at all and welcome back!

I too liked this way more than I thought I would. I am liking the Capitancito muchly, lol. And Latin Lover, who knew. I am glad he is a member of the crew. I am glad the actor that plays Jose, Mercedes assistant, is a good guy this time.

Estercita is another spoiled brat, but I had to laugh at her being drunk and doing the walk of shame the next day, lol. In that same dress, like people she sees won't know what she was up to the night before, lol.

I can't wait for the confrontation between the Capitancito and Marina tonight. Looks like sparks fly!

Ah, so this is "our Gloria" who recapped for us a few years ago? Great to have you back. Loved this description:

"with a loaded gun and a chiseled chest".

That does it. I'm watching. Thanks, Gloria.


So glad you will be watching! Always love your comments.

Did anyone else notice the ship shot where it was rolling on the waves? It reminded me of footage from CS 2009 with that barco, La Promesa, lol.

Yeah, the special effects weren't terribly special (less so the ship than, say, the bullets zipping through water).

And thank you very much, Gloria. There was an awful bloody lot of setup in this first episode, and I really did need notes for chunks of it.

Mercedes, I'm guessing, is going to turn out to be related to Marina somehow. If anything other than el mas machismo de Damian Fabre was blindingly obvious in this first episode, it was that she was waaaaay too interested in Marina to be anything besides a relative.

The whole Ernesto Contreras thing, combined with the hotel administration wanting to bury it, admittedly gave me a sour taste in my mouth. To put that in the first episode and rush through it before packing Marina off to the coast...does that mean we're going to have to wait seventy episodes for Mercedes to buy the hotel out and fire everybody? Not crazy about that possibility.

Castwise, for me it went about as expected: Daniela Romo >> Cesar Evora >>>>>>>>>>> Laura Carmine >>> William Levy >>>>> everybody else. And even Ester and Marina's raging leg porn didn't mitigate that. Maybe I'm expecting too much, I don't know. :)

Thank you Gloria for setting the scene for our new adventure. I think the very first recap is always the hardest one to write but you managed to do it without breaking a sweat. Excellent work!

I especially appreciate your wry asides ("or in my opinion, stalking", "Marina starts to feel uncomfortable with Mercedes (I would have the first time I got in the car, but that's just me),"

and of course:
"Mercedes is still talking about Damian and mentions his family, but this recapper can only stare at the chiseled chest of our leading man in tight pants."

Which leads me to wonder why people are harping on our boy's hair. His hair? Really?

So did anyone notice that the boy that Damián raised from the dead was named "Lázaro"?

Or that Esthercita's gown was all shiny and scaly with a mermaid tail although she looked more like an giant angry sardine than a siren of the sea?

Or that her gigantic tiara was shaped liked the pope's mitre (is that what it is called or is that just for bishops?)

To anyone thinking of starting a "mi hija" drinking game, forget it. That way lies perdition and we'll all be in rehab by the end of this thing. [But just in case, I have made sure of my rum supply.]

Sorry but Esther's crown was beyond tacky.
William looked quite fine; our hero must have spent hours in the gym getting ready for this part. Actually I am starting my own rum drinking game: one shot for every time William appears without his shirt.


The mitre is worn by the Pope, the Cardinels and Bishops and even some abbots.


I loved your description of Esthercita's gown looking like mermaid gear, lol. It sure did!

I too wonder why Esthercita threw her shoes in the water, lol.

OT: Some Naval Lore. Whenever someone wants to board a ship, you must ask permission to come aboard. Esthercita had the right idea, I mean boarding the barco, not boarding er, the Capitancito, jus' sayin'; ) Marina not so much, lol. And those shoes! I'm surprised she didn't fall flat on her tushy boarding that barco, lol.

Gloria, thank you for this most fabulous recap! ITA that the first capitulo is always the hardest and this episode was filled with tons of little background details. Your diligence in capturing everything is much appreciated.

Novela Maven, when Esthercita put on her mother-of-all-tiaras I almost fell over laughing. It was HUGE!

The safe sailor in me was appalled that nobody aboard La Tempestad wore any sort of personal flotation device, guess it's not manly enough, LOL! Or that El Capitan jumped in without a lifering. Bill, I missed that the victim's name was Lazaro, good eye there. However, I absolutely loved the Capitan's compass tattoo on his chiseled chest. Yowza!

Mads, you are so right about "permission to come aboard". Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, just walks onto a private vessel.

I thought the scene where the crew laughed at Marina's attempt to board was hilarious. I think her gigantic cork shoes are designed to keep her afloat when she gets thrown into the water tonight.

I have no clue why Esthercita threw her shoes in the water. Que the hell?

Thanks again Gloria. We're off to a grand start with this one.

Judy, so happy you are watching!!

Madelaine, love your avatar (tho' EY was my favorite)...;)

"Or that Esthercita's gown was all shiny and scaly with a mermaid tail although she looked more like an giant angry sardine than a siren of the sea?" Still snorting...



The safe sailor in you must have been proud of Cap'n Hottie when he told the new (-ly raised from the dead) kid that he'd have to wear a lifejacket whenever he was on board.

I second Diana. Yay -- JudyB! [I hope you are doing other, smarter things too to compensate for the brain cells sure to be lost overboard in the next several months.)

thank you, Gloria. I fast forwarded a lot until I got to WL, so your descriptive recap is all I need to fill in the rest.

I was dreading the locks on WL, cuz they don't translate well on stills, but they weren't all that bad. besides, my heart did skip a beat on seeing his "sweaty, shirtless, chiseled chest," and handsome face... sigh. I am a huge WL fan, but even though he looked so good in TdA, it wasn't enough to keep me tuned in. i'll give this a couple of weeks or so to decide.

NovelaMaven- I lol'd at the mermaid-esque description of Esthercita's get-up.

Oooh, Shallowgal,

Great to see you on this side of the street.

Hey, Gloria, from the shocked/impressed look on Marina's face when she pivoted away from Capn Fabré, I couldn't help thinking that more than his chiseled chest was on view.

PS: The new girl, Ximena, isn't such a scenery chewer, at least so far. I guess the comparison is always to poor Blanca who seemed to have so much trouble spitting out a line in El Tal (Qué? Que qué?)

I like your theory about the gigantic cork shoes.

Thanks for reminding us of the need to ask permission to come aboard. That's one gaffe our girl won't make again. (Oh what am I saying. She'll probably do it over and over. jejeje)

NM, I forgot to mention that I was proud of our Cap'n to insist that the young'un should wear a lifejacket. And yes, Marina's face did register a bit of shock and awe, didn't it?

I enjoyed all the familiar faces in this episode. The guy handing out payment was Tomas Mora in La Fea, the doctor was the Mafioso guy Garduño in Llena de Amor, Latin Lover's (I think his name is OSO) friend is Alejandro Ibarra from Amorcito Corazon and Las Tontas to name a couple. Also, the poor maid looked familiar as did the hotel manager. Can't remember where I've seen them.


I think the poor maid was a girl from Amor Bravio, whose uncle raped her. I couldn't believe she got a role like this again. I can't think of the character name she was in Amor Bravio. If Vivi comments she will know.

The girl was Luzma in Amor Bravío.

And yes, Sylvia, "shock and awe"!


Thanks you are so right. I drew a blank with the name. I couldn't remember it, cause I kind of watched Amor Bravio, but not all the time.

I loved seeing Roberto Blandon and the actor that played Padre Honesto from Refugio, but he played the guy that reamed Marina out right after she helped the poor maid.

Gloria - Thank you for the recap! Well done and your editorial asides were too funny.

I swore off Mejía after TdA(?) but may cave in and watch this one. I'm out of town for the first two weeks of TempStud, so I appreciate the daily recaps.

Why did Esthercita toss her shoes into the water? Answer: May I remind you that this is a Mejía telenovela. 'nuff said. LOL


Thanks so much Gloria!

Love the snarks you guys throwing around here.

BTW isn't the big guy with whom WL had a fight just recently been fired from Meija's JNTR bar in DF (for s@rewing with the owners mistress), where he sang for his daily bread??
Moving on to be a fisherman after being a mariachi is considered a promotion or just the opposite?


Please cave! I think you would enjoy it immensely. It has your type of "scenery" in it and Meija, he is like an evil genius, what's not to like ; )


The actor's name is Latin Lover, Oso here as a member of the crew of La Tempestad. I think his storyline ended on QBA, so this being a Meija production, he probably moved him over here. I do like the actor.

NM..I will try to diligently work on my Spanish intermediate level verb book to compensate for brain cells going overboard or just rusting out. But not promising anything.

Diana..it will be great to share a TN with you again. I ended up lurking quite a bit on AV but time to come out of the shadows, as we drama queens say.

Sylvia, thanks for the reminder about ship protocol. Maybe we'll learn how to say "Permission to come aboard, sir" in Spanish. I'm sure that will come in handy here in central Ohio.

"Maybe we'll learn how to say "Permission to come aboard, sir" in Spanish. I'm sure that will come in handy here in central Ohio."

You never know, JudyB. At least it will keep the conversation moving while your mind is searching for 'le mot juste' and all it comes up with are 87 synonyms for 'woman of ill repute'

I'm thinking mariachi to mariner would be considered a LATERAL career move.

Gloria: Thanks for the great recap.

Caught the first half. Really liked what I saw. Didn't hurt that within the first five minutes, saw four actors from AB. Damn! This might be the first time I watch two TNs at a time.


Re: asking permission to board a vessel. I asked Flaco if they did that in Mexico, but he didn't know. From the comments, I'm guessing it is an international thing.

My TV is really small and I miss detail, so that may have something to do with it--but I liked Esther's dress. And the crown reminded me of the Miss Universe crown. When I watched the pageants-back in the dim and distant-the crown was shaped like that (though I don't believe it was as tall).

Surely, the lovely (and doomed to be attacked in every TN?) Mariana (Luzma, AB) didn't just have those few scenes and that was it for this TN. I really like this actor.

Gloria, Thanks for the opening recap. I was snickering at your
"to-the-point" descriptions, unknown maid and unknown man, and Ester the drunken. I caught the first episode and have no knowledge of this TN or the style of the director. Anyone have an idea of expected popularity? The boat scenes with the rough seamen were sooo funny. Sometimes I wonder how these actors can keep a straight face with the campy stereotypes they play. The centerfold pics on the walls of the cabin were blurred out, in part. So does that mean that some countries don't blur out the centerfold pics on the wall? Geeezz, go figure. Mr Mena was having a great time with the start-up of this one. He asked where the "unbuttoned shirt blowing in the sea air" shot was. Oh yeah, he was just shirtless, so who needs that one.



Gloria thanks so much for the recap. I also loved your asides.

So glad I wasn't really watching the opening (though I heard the screams) and missed the rape. I didn't feel badly that poor Luzma from AB was in another unfortunate situation again.

NM - ITA about the complaints about WL's hair. Really, that's what people focus on when he's in the various states of undress?

Sylvia - your "shock and awe" was brilliant. Poor Marina did seem overwhelmed so maybe she did see more than his pecs.

Gloria- I only paid half attention to this first episode, but I knew I didn’t have to pay too much attention since you would give us all the details. Wonderful job!

I also liked seeing all the familiar faces—many of them from Amor Bravio. Mejia got some good vets for this with Daniela R., Cesar E., and Maria S. And also the guy who plays the other villain (the rapist). I also got the feeling that that was the last we’ll see of the maid (Mariana Van Rankin), so maybe Mejia cast her specifically for that opening sequence since he knew much of the audience would still strongly associate her with her character from Amor Bravio. It was a bit of emotional shorthand to make us feel for this young woman who had been raped, who only got 2 minutes of screen time.

I like that Marina stuck to her principals about reporting the rape, but did anyone else find it odd that she made the maid confront her rapist right there, and that she walked away from the maid and turned her back on her as the employees applauded her (Marina)? And isn’t it weird that instead of rushing to the maid and comforting her, the employees just stood around applauding Marina. Then of course, they had the maid walk out the front almost alongside her rapist in front of all the media and photogs!

I loved the blue and gold mermaid dress! And the tiara. So fabulous. So over the top. Laura C. was working it. I don’t like the wig they are making her wear. What’s up with Mejia and wigs? I understand why Daniela R. is wearing one, because she is just growing back her hair after her cancer. And William/Cap. Fabre is wearing one for that romance novel look.


Such a great recap for an action packed first episode. Thanks Gloria.

The local color of the fiesta, tiara notwithstanding, was such fun. What beautiful food.

Poor Luzma (LQNPA) raped in the first scene? Yikes! I've seen her now in 3 TNs and she's been raped in each one. As Delicia (LldA her best role) and now this. Did we even learn her name this time?

Not sure what that sea battle during the storm was all about but it was exciting even though Damián acted as though it was just another day at the office. It looks as though he's gonna need a little taming and rehab and maybe a haircut.


Carlos- Wasn't it Altair Jaraibo's character who got raped in Llena by the rapey snake? Who raped Delicia?

The long hair, romance novel "Fabio" look works for me. When my daughter would see the covers of the period, bodice-ripping romance novels I was reading, she would say, "Oh, Mom, another Fabio book?" LOL

Tks Gloria

It's a done deal, we are clearly on our way to "mi hija, mi hija, mi hija", this is Mejia after all & he has never had an original idea.
You should have your bingo cards filled before the end of the week.

Episode 1 was pretty good & so many good people. I see Manuel Ojeda is his usual rotten self as the rapist.
Has he ever been a good person in a TN?
Daniela Romo looks wonderful after her illness.


I thought I recalled that Bernardo raped Delicia, or maybe one of Axel's friends, or maybe even Axel himself.


OMG! How many rapists were in that show?! I thought the orange one was the only one. Did I stop watching that show towards the end, because it's really fuzzy in my brain? I think I stopped paying attention once they started chopping it to bits and combining episodes in odd ways.

Thanks for the great recap, Gloria!

I haven't seen this yet, but it seems like something I might enjoy, especially for the commentary here.

Was Delicia actually raped in LldA? That awful guy Axhole was always fighting with set up a taped scene to look like they had done it, I think, but I don't think he actually raped her. Did someone try on another occasion but was thwarted, or am I imagining that? And then on their wedding night, she willingly got busy with Axhole and then he turned on her immediately afterward, which was definitely wrong but I'm not sure was rape.

Someday I'd like to see Mariana in a spunky, happy role like Delicia, but without being done wrong!

What business exactly is this boat crew up to that they're getting into gun battles? Will this make any more sense after I've watched it?

Omg...Gloria you did such an awesome job of recapping the whole episode. I am taking spanish and of course William Levy makes watching the novelas worth every minute while I try to pick up the words I am learning. You answered all my questions that I didn't understand. I am so excited to read your recaps to see how much I am catching.

I am so excited I found this website.

Julia- Yes. That's it. The guy made it look like he and Delicia had done the deed. Axel marries her, they make love, and then he dumps her right after as revenge for her supposed cheating.

The heroine almost gets raped by rapey snake when she was overweight and later when she comes back thin.

Delicia was such a fun character. I'm glad I'm not crazy in not remembering if she was raped.

The shoot-out won't make any more sense after seeing it. It wasn't explained, and the shooters in the speed boat seemed to get bored and disappeared after the captain rescued Lazaro.

I’m glad you all enjoyed it. I tend to write too much and not summarize enough. So I re-read my work this morning and cut some stuff out in an attempt to shorten it. I am a big WL, Cesar Evora and Daniella Romo fan and I was excited to see this. I am not a Mejias fan though and hope this doesn’t get too dumb and boring. I am not too crazy about WL hairstyle, but honestly I’m not exactly looking at his hair. It could probably be dyed purple and I wouldn’t notice ;).

The shootout wasn't explained, but I just assumed it was pirates, as these days there are numerous occasions where pirates attack boats for whatever they can get. They may have been after the load or after the boat itself, who knows? I think he (Mejia) may have just wanted to show some of the dangers of this type of work.

Vivi and Julia,

I looked back at some old recaps from LldA and found that Bernardo tried to rape Delicia but was interrupted by Nereida who thought that she was trying to seduce Bernardo, and then there was the drugged photo session staged by Fedra, and then Axel treated her very badly after consummating their marriage, but I guess that she was never actually technically raped per se.


Aha! Bernardo! The butler did it! I couldn't remember who had tried to rape her.

I really wished Our Intrepid Hero Emanuel/El Lirio had ditched his drippy heroine and gone for Delicia instead. The two of them were great together.

But back to this show, what kind of meanie makes a young lady who was raped into a public spectacle right after the fact, and with the perpetrator right there, too? Not very empathetic. Marina should take the opportunity to trash the hotel's business by going public with the info that the management doesn't care about safety and wants to hush up stuff like this. That might deter a few potential guests.

I think the usual for a rape victim is to take her to the hospital, to obtain evidence, in addition to any medical aid she might need. They just turn this poor girl out on the street?!.

Exactly. Where's the victims' aid unit with a comforting blanket and a ride to the doctor?

Despite my low expectations, I actually enjoyed this. There’s already a lot of storylines to be explored, which is a nice contrast to the boredom of Corazon Indomable. I was excited to recognize so many actors from Amor Bravio. Aside from Cesar Evora and Laura Carmine, I recognized Amanda (Marina’s “mother”) and Luz Maria (the rape victim…hopefully that poor girl won’t get typecast!) Esthercita reminds me of a spoiled Southern belle, especially in her tacky Mardi Gras-esque dress.

The awful graphics in the ship action sequence were too funny. So were the slow-mo shots of William Levy cocking his gun, William Levy diving into the water, William Levy looking at something…I dislike his character so far, but I think the viewers are supposed to.

I like Marina. She earned my respect in the first scene by defending that poor rape victim (who I found out is Luz Maria from Amor Bravio!) Ximena Navarrete is gorgeous and not as bad of an actress as I expected her to be. The big question so far is who Mercedes is. I'm thinking she is her biological mother, but I’m also curious about who the man her (adoptive?) mother met in Nuestra Senora del Mar.

I’m not familiar with Ivan Sanchez, but he is muy muy muy chulo based on the opening sequence. I’m curious about his past with Marina.

Are we going to have pirate names? Because I want one ;)


hilarious, all!!! most of us are in agreement that WL's Fabio-like hair is of no consequence relative to his hotness.

OMG I just saw William Levy's Pepsi Next commercial. He's very funny.

I totally agree with you guys about how the victim was treated. I was wondering the same thing while I was watching the show. Such an odd way to handle supposedly dramatic scenes. Really had me scratching my head.

Bailey Marie, good point that we are probably not supposed to love Damien's character right now. He's kind of a pig, albeit an incredibly hawt one.

Thank you, this is an excellent recap. I am invested already! I love your HIPPA comment. :) I have to agree with the hair comments. It does not do WLevy justice but, I think we can forgive it with all they other ''chisled chest'' moments.
Some of it seems predictable at this point such as, Mercedes having a personal stake in Marina yet, I am all in.
Oh, and what is with the whole Esther spending the night out?!? How old is she? Isn't she a grown woman?! yeah, I laughed when I thought there was no way she wouldn't be recognized in a small town.
Again, excellent job!

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