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TELEMUNDO Y MAS - week of July 29

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Thanks, Jean, for the heads up. I was fooled last week when we went over 200 comments on Friday evening to Saturday morning and afternoon.

I suspect this doesn't happen much with the Univisión novelas because they have a new link for each day's recap of each novela.

We get less traffic, and have been going with one link for a week for quite some time now.

Wow again 200+! I haven't been able to watch Cielos since June, but sporadic WIFI access keeps me current with Hombre's fab recaps and all the great comments. Are we Telemundo watchers going to need separate links for our shows? This is the second time I've missed out on comments past 200, because they don't show up on my phone. I just wanted to say ¡Gracias! to all recappers and commenters for giving me my fix even though I'm not a regular this summer (out of state taking care of my mom, with no TV or internet). Great work everybody. I feel connected when I can get online, but lots of catching up to do. —Agnes (not in NJ)

DYO lunes, part 1/2

Mariano is panicking at the thought of Iggy and Pedro having a relationship when they are (cough) siblings.

Ignacia is trying to have a calm discussion with Lupita and Marge about helping with the baby, and there is lots of screeching before she is thrown out of the house.

New character (Correcaminos from Flor Salvaje/Laura from Corazon Valient) arrives in town with sassy rock music in the background. She talks like a naca straight from the pueblo, and she’s wearing short shorts with 6-inch heel booties. She asks for directions from a nice lady and gushes about how she was told the people in this town were so nice, as she’s getting ogled by some seedy guys nearby.

More screeching from Luscreecha about how she has money now and no one can laugh at her.

Ruben tells Iggy about the convo he heard between Abue and Mariano, about Estela forcing Mar to leave under the threat of putting him in prison. Iggy doesn’t believe it, even when Abue confirms it, because after all, AA abandoned her in the Three’s Company house and she’s a traitor. Iggy plants herself in the departamento to wait for Mar and ask him some questions.

“Correcaminos” defends herself from the seedy guys with a well placed knee to the crotches. I’m starting to like her.

Mar is looking desperately for Gina, but she’s not living at casa Perez anymore. He encounters Luscreecha, and gives her his card to give to Gina. Oleg walks up after Mar has left, takes the card from Lupita, and says he’ll give it to Gina.

Marge confronts Pedro and Gina at the obra about hiding things from her. They keep playing the “we did it to protect you” card, but Marge has had enough. Good for her.

Mariano arrives at the apartment, and Iggy has questions for him… how does he know Gina, and is it true Estela forced him to abandon them? He admits that the second thing is true, she threatened to send him to prison if he didn’t leave. Ignacia doesn’t believe her mamacita would be capaz of doing something like that, but Mar insists she’s capable of much worse. Ignacia wants to know more, but Mar turns the tables… Are you in love with Pedro? Iggy denies it, and wants her dad to stay out of her business.

Pedro and Mireya reveal to Mamacita Santa that Mireya’s not pregnant. Marge despairs and wants to be left alone.

Gina stops by the barrio to deliver her address at the hotel to Oleg to give to Pedro.

Stripper conversation… the “star client” hasn’t come by in a while, but Zafiro is confident he’ll return.

Ignacia returns to the house and asks Mommy Dearest if Mariano’s accusations about her forcing him to leave are true. Of course, Estela claims Mariano is just trying to turn Iggy against her and denies the charges.

Neto finds Mireya crying in her apartment. It’s not fair that she can’t be the one to give marge her nieto… this would have united her with Pedro forever. Neto begs her not to go to live with her aunt… without her, he doesn’t have a reason to get up in the morning (his little chihuahua heart is breaking, and mine is right along with him… poor guy…). She just can’t stand it anymore, she says.


DYO lunes, part 2/2

Lupita wants Mamacita Santa to stop giving her the silent treatment, so Marge does so with a bang… she’s not knitting one more stitch, because she was knitting these for the nieto that SHOULD have been… not the hidden child of a teenager. If Lupita wants to be a grown up, then she should behave like a grown up and solve her own problems herself (HARSH. Granted, she’s been lied to and patronized and has a right to be bitter about it, but this attitude toward Lupita is IMHO totally ridiculous! We’re getting more and more of a picture of which hijo has been the consentido in this house!). Lupita runs out, Pedro runs after her, and crosses paths with Oleg entering the house.

Cozy celebration dinner at casa Tomas to felicitar JM and Karina moving in together (ROWF). Estela throws barbs at Karina about settling down, Tomas gushes about living with the woman he loves and thinks JMK should think about getting married, Karina is miserably uncomfortable (YAY.). Ignacia is looking just as incomoda as Tomas continues to squeeze and kiss her.

Oleg is explaining to Marge how he didn’t want to be involved in baby-gate, but it wasn’t really his place to tell the truth, and his face is getting fuzzy, and Marge faints. Pedro arrives to give Mamacita Santa cuddles.

Mariano decides to tell Iggy and Ruben the truth about Estela trying to kill Gina and their baby.

Marge’s temper hasn’t improved the following morning at breakfast when Lupita tells her what the doctor has said about the baby (in response to MARGE’S own question), but Marge doesn’t want to hear anymore and coldly shooes her off to school.

Mariano and AA have margaritas for breakfast (BEST FAMILY EVER) and Mariano learns that Lupita is pregnant with Ruben’s baby, and that Ruben has no intention of taking responsibility. Abue finishes the rest of his margarita after he flies out in a rage.

Oleg gives Pedro Gina’s address, but he couldn’t care less.

Pedro goes to see Iggy in her obra office, and she unloads apology after apology for having stuck her foot in it once again with Lupita’s pregnancy. Pedro is quick to forgive, saying that it’s for the best that Mamacita Santa knows the truth. He is grateful that she’s always trying to help… they get closer… we see Tomas peeking through a crack in the door… Pedro leans in… and they hear the door slam, jumping apart. Iggy is freaked out. What was that???? It could have been anybody! It could have been Tomas!! We have to stop this, and stay away from each other, for good!

Marge can’t get the sewing machine to work, and gripes at Lupita… she has to start working now because they’re going to have another mouth to feed, but you wouldn’t understand that, would you? She lays it on thick. Seriously, this woman is getting on my nerves.

Lupita later takes out her bank card (for her hush money account?) and runs out of the house.

Tomas storms across the obra, flashing back to all of the doubts he’s had about Pedracia, and makes a phone call from his car to arrange an “accident” at the construction site.

Mariano finally meets up with Gina at the obra office, needing to know the truth about Pedro. Doesn’t she realize that if Pedro is his hijo, then he’s in love with his own sister?? (Thank you, Captain Obvio. We’re way ahead of you there, Mar.)

Fin del capitulo.

Without giving anything away, I’ll just say that the avances for tomorrow look like it’s gonna be a good one…..


Variopinta, LOVE Wm Levy's Samsung commercial... he looks even better with dark hair!!

Irisz, I noticed the red bracelet thing a while back too. I wonder if it's an actual Kabbalah thing or just a fad... but I've noticed several actors that wear them in their various tns.


Love Quique and Clara together! Adorable!

Another Amy---Baby-gate, hahahaha!!!!!
Great recap, thank you. I am really enjoying Abue and her little dry sense of humor as she interacts with Mariano and Ru-ben. Saint Marge is showing her nasty side, and nobody seems to care about Lupita (Pedro is too busy hovering over Santita Mamacita).
JM and Neto (Chihuahua-man), both so sweet and clueless, they deserve better nice women. Which one will end up with the new character, straight off the bus from Mexico?
J in Oregon


Thanks AnotherAmy!

Wow, I thought Nomás going to barge in and grab Iggy by the hair for a good beat up just to show who's role the roost but he's more guile than that.

Loved the AA & Mariano breakfast :)

I can't stand Marge, ok she's not happy with Lupita - I wouldn't be either - but she treats her like a mongrel dog now.. why doesn't she treat everybody else like that?

..." but she treats her like a mongrel dog now

She didn't seem to have a problem with Mireya being pregnant out of wedlock!

AnotherAmy-Another great one! Loved the chihuahua line. Love the JMK and Pedracia monikers, too. Can't wait to watch the episode.

Ditto what everyone is saying about JM and ChiNeto deserving good women.

PS Just because I forgot to click the email box.

I think somebody mentioned it already but Neto is more like Hammy from Over the Hedge.. especially when he's jumping on his toes in anticipation/extasy, like today.. :)


Ok, so I had to look up Hammy on youtube :) Perfect!

Last week, somebody (who knew about Lupita's pregnancy) asked Marge if it bothered her that Mireya got pregnant before getting married. "Oh, no" Marge gushed, "it's just a blessing no matter what", etc etc. (Lupita was listening to this exchange). Marge is a mealy-mouthed hypocrite.
J in Oregon

AGREE AGREE AGREE! I'm trying to cut Marge some slack but she's just ticking me off right now.


I remember that, J! And I remember thinking, "I bet all bets are off when she finds out it's Lupita!"

By the way, I've spent some time (won't say how much) looking up Shalim on youtube. I. Am. In. Love. He's even better in real life. So charming and fun and sincere... here's a little sample :) (is there a way to make a link active here in the comment section?)

DYO again

I love the idea of new pueblo girl giving Karina a run for her money with JM!! I want to see a good old fashioned catfight beatdown between those two! Although I have a feeling she'll be yet another rival for Pedro's affections. I think Neto will wind up with Mireya, but they've got a long way to go still.

Anybody notice that Mariano works on his paintings in the middle of the living room dressed in "business casual" button down shirt and slacks (and of course the ever present obligatory artist scarf)? Not a spot of paint anywhere.


so many twists and turns here,
thanks so much AnotherAmy for keeping it all straight,

I'm wondering if the new girl won't be staying in the same hotel as Gina,
as a displaced Gina refuses to be left out of the action,

Marge is sure being tough on Lupita, I wonder what her story is, is Lupita even her daughter,

Ruben's a real sh!t, but I'm somewhat intrigued with Ruben/Lupita, if I remember this romance right, it started when Ruben almost ran her down with his new moto he bought with a Tomas forged check, next she walks over to see him (when he is buying drugs) at a house in her neighborhood that gets busted and they end up in jail (the first Gina bails them out so I don't think anyone knows about this), next Ruben asks her out, a moto trip to Malibu, but she'll have to pay, she steals the money out of Marge's purse, he pays back someone he owes with the money and takes her to the construction site, where he figures they will just have sex, and Lupita is like, well, ok,,,,

ah yes, margarita's for breakfast, loving Abue,

haha Neto the chihuahua, I still remember him slashing all of the tires on Tomas' car,

and Tomás calls accidents-R-us, (why are the really bad guys always russian)



Marco has just asked Benitez if the government is willing to deal with criminals, since Aurelio Casillas has offered to pay the entire foreign debt of Mexico. Well, replies Benitez, it’s not just the foreign debt. He also said he’ll stop moving drugs, become completely legitimate, and move to the United States and set up legal businesses there. And he’ll help us track down other druglords here in Mexico. Sounds tempting, no? But he has a condition, we have to fire you, Marco. Marco is almost laughing at the audacity of this ultra rich criminal and killer. So, he repeats, will the government go along with the deal? Absolutely NOT, replies Benitez. We never want to set any precedents like this, who knows what other criminals would demand? But we have to treat the matter carefully.

Aurelio and Chacorta are at the hospital, awaiting the birth of Matilde’s baby. Bert is there too, and Alba (not Ximena). Before he left the house, Aurelio gave Ximena a little bracelet, tried to be nice to her, but she’s WAY past that, wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

In the hospital, Bert is really nervous, Chacorta says it’s almost as if this is YOUR kid, what’s the problem? Bert mumbles and stumbles, uhhh, no, I’m fine, I’m just excited. Yeah, says Chacorta, you should be, we can make you the godfather, maybe we’ll even let you name the kid. But it’d better not be Heriberto! Chacorta is joking, but Bert is white as a sheet. Aurelio notices this, and when they’re alone, tells the kid to cool it.

Aurelio brags to Chacorta how the government is sure to accept his proposal, and he’ll be one of the most powerful men in the world. Don’t be so sure, says Chacorta, they probably won’t accept it. Aurelio’s phone rings, it’s “The President”. Aurelio gets a big smile, is sure his proposal has been accepted. But it’s Marco! Marco tells him, look animal, what made you think your stupid deal would ever get anywhere? It’s been turned down flat, and we’re going to hunt you down, and make you pay. You have one option. Turn yourself in now, and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure your son doesn’t rot in jail. Aurelio gets tough, replying, oh yeah, well no deal, bud. You’re a dead man. And I’m gonna kill your Colombian girlfriend, too, but first maybe I’ll have another roll in the hay with her, like I did before! He hangs up. Ponte comes in, sir, we didn’t have long enough to trace the call.

The baby’s born, it’s a boy, and Mati doesn’t seem too eager to care for him. At home, she can’t wait til the nanny arrives. But Chacorta tells Raquel, Bert’s girlfriend, that he’s not even getting a nanny, Mati will have to learn her new role as mother. Meanwhile, Chacorta starts putting the moves on Raquel!

CIELOS, Part 2

Turco wakes up from his coma. Marco is there, the hospital staff is still keeping everything quiet. The last thing Turco remembers is going over the edge of that building. He asks about Ximena. Marco replies that his sources say Ximena is safe at the ranch. Marco says if Turco tells everything he knows, he can get into a witness protection program. What about Ximena? Same thing, if she cooperates, she can also get into the same kind of program. Turco says I’ve never been a snitch, but I’ll think about it.

Topo and Cabo meet, they’ve heard about Aurelio’s offer to work with the government and rat out other cartels. It’s time to kill him, now! Triste has mapped out all the places in Mexico City where Aurelio goes, and they’re going to watch them.

Meanwhile, Aurelio is furious! Well, if the government won’t deal with me, they’re all going down, starting with Marco. No wait, I’ll just kill his girlfriend, that’ll make him suffer. He calls Bert, got a job for you. Kill the bitch, but let Mejía live. Bert goes off with Niño and the guys. Marco and Leo go back to her apartment, they have guards outside. They spend the night, and in the morning, Leo tells him she WILL give him a chance. They kiss, and walk out into the morning sunshine. But here’s Bert and the guys in the SUV, roaring the engine, blasting semi automatics, firing bullet after bullet. It’s over in a few seconds. But although a couple of guards are down, Leo and Marco are fine, no one in Bert’s group got hurt either, but he has to go back and tell his Dad he failed. Marco had noticed that Bert had him in his sights but didn’t shoot, realizes Aurelio just meant to kill Leo. Aurelio tells Bert we’ll have another chance.

He then gathers up the clan, there’s a war coming. He gets everyone, including a reluctant Ximena, and takes them to his new safe house, a castle like fortress, where we previously saw him sign the deal with the guys in suits. He tells Ximena he’s spent millions on security, she’ll be safe. She doesn’t believe it. Later, he brazenly has Irina brought there, and has sex with her in one of the rooms, with Ximena in the same house (wonder if he’ll be discovered).

He also calls Randy, and tells him, you’d better not go against me, or you’re dead. Shortly after, Topo calls Randy, it’s time to kill Casillas, are you with us? Okay, says Randy, but on one condition. After it’s over, you’ve gotta deal with my main man, Jose Maria Venegas (El Chema, I think). He’s the mero mero (top dog). Cabo and Topo are frightened of this guy, who is apparently bigger even than Aurelio, but they agree.

Marco bursts into Turco’s room, where is Casillas, he just tried to kill me and Agent Ballesteros! Turco says I don’t know where he is, you said I was in a coma for 7 months, he always gets new safe houses. But I’ll fill you in on his operation. Yes, tell us how to get to Randy. Ah Randy, says Turco. He’s got lots of connections in the DEA, you can’t touch him. We’ll see, says Marco. He tells his people, contact our friends in the DEA, now!

At the end of the episode, we had Mati teasing Bert, calling the baby Betito, Jr. And then Chacorta wanted to talk to Bert. He says, we’ve got some scores to settle, bud. Does he know???!!!!!


thanks so much Hombre,

it was hard to see, but waiting at the hospital, I think Beto made a beeline for a trash can,
interesting that his girlfriend seems to have caught Chacorta's eye,
and she doesn't seem to mind,

wasn't the other side of Turco's deal, that if he didn't cooperate they would put him in jail, where he probably wouldn't last too long,

Leo and Marco talking about the future,
this isn't always a good sign,

a Telemundo press release describes the "Chema" character as,
"De madre americana y padre mexicano, Chema no solo creció marcado por la influencia de dos culturas, sino también por la paranoia y la astucia de los que se la pasan cruzando de un lado al otro de la frontera más vigilada del mundo. Con el correr del tiempo, la leyenda de este hombre fue creciendo en forma meteórica al asociarse con los capos de la distribución de droga en los Estados Unidos. Ya no hay nadie en Nuevo México ni en California que no sepa de él."


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Many thanks Hombre. There was so much tension at the hospital. Beto’s nervousness was giving him away. He was getting all kinds of looks from everyone who knows he and Matilde have had a fling—his girlfriend (who knows why Mati first introduced her to Bert—to have a copy of her); Niño was giving him all kinds of side eye; AC; and even Alba.

I got the distinct feeling that Chacorta now has some really deep suspicions too-- even if he hasn’t admitted it to himself yet. He was giving Beto some really menacing looks; and I think his come-ons to Raquel are all about getting back at Beto. Plus, now that Mati is a mother, she sort of lost her appeal to him. As a mother, she automatically crosses over from Whore to Madonna. We know how LatAm men have a hard time getting over the Madonna-Whore complex. Mati is no longer playmate—she is caretaker.

One thing not in your recap—Ximena asks AC for one trip outside the ranch before they leave for the safe house. She uses it to go visit Mati at the hospital. She takes a hard look at the baby, and then a hard look at Beto, who hangs his head in shame. If anyone would know if Mati’s baby looks like Beto did when he was a baby, it would be Ximena. I think it says something that she wanted to see the baby, because it might be her first grandchild. And of course when they are alone in the room, Mati teases Ximena about becoming a grandma at such a young age.

Since Mati slept with both Chacorta and Beto around the same time, and since they are uncle and nephew, I don’t see how they will be able to know who’s the daddy without a DNA test. Of course, everyone in that family, and Mati, are fair with light eyes, while Ximena and Beto are darker with black hair and dark eyes…

Had to laugh at the scared looks on the faces of the Mexicans when they spoke about Chema, and the clueless looks on the faces of the Colombians.



Well for this episode the main topic should be sexo.

Everybody seemed to think about it, talk about it, or doing it.. :)

Quiqe & Clarita are HOT!!

Pobre Reinaldo is such a poor liar, TC immedaiely smelled something is fishy.

about Rafa, I think I just threw up in my mouth during that scene..


So Paloma has a pansion or boarding house and Daniel lives there? I did not get that clear.

And also, what's with this new girl?? She doesn't seem to fit nowhere so far.

Mati is a terrible madonna. She was demanding a nanny, that matilde jr. is going to find, as soon as they got home since she's too tired to deal with the kid. I laughed at her expression when they handed her the newborn. "Groooosssssss. What is that?" (I'm with her. Eww).

Chacorta wants to use mati jr. to get even, but despite her flirty ways she didn't look happy about this. Does she get to survive our go the way of the beauty queen?



Kelly- Yeah, Mati is NEVER going to become anyone's sainted madre or the model wife. Chacorta is delusional if he thinks so. Her reaction to the baby was hilarious.


Irisz- Indeed, this was the sex episode, with—all the guys in Paloma’s pension salivating over new girl, Diosa; Quique and Clara getting hot and heavy (in front of the customers!); Rafa prostituting himself so that he didn’t have to pay “Giselle”; Ester having her way with JP; and TC showing Reinaldo that there is still a lot of spark in their marriage.

I was amused by Rafa and “Giselle”, but grossed out when he kissed Amalia right afterwards. Yuck! Who knows where his mouth had just been!



I think that Marge has always been jealous of Gina and when she saw Gina talking to and touch Oleg's shoulder, felt threatened, hence her telling Gina to leave. Maybe in their youth Gina had the most boyfriends???? She doesn't seem to love Gina or else she would have not let Pedro go on and on about how much he loves his mamacita in front of Gina when she found out Gina was the real Gina.

The new girl in the novela used to be a pole dancer in MSED, maybe she will end up at the strip club.
She seems a tough cookie.



Wow! Thanks so much, Hombre, for another great recap and the translations. There were several convos I did not completely understand - like Marco figuring out that AC just wanted Leo dead and not Marco, and that Chacorta is not going to hire a nanny.

Mati looked at her newborn son as if she'd delivered some alien life form. I don't think I've ever seen a less maternal reaction from a new mother. But then, Chacorta did not act like the happy, proud papa either.

There seemed to be some agreement among a few family members that the baby looks like Beto. Even if Beet IS the father, it seems a little early to make such a pronouncement. After all, Beto and Chacorta are in the same gene pool.

I'm sure Chacorta knows Beto and Mati were screwing around behind his back. Beto looks so guilty when he's around M and C, and he was so nervous about the birth - even vomiting. Chacorta may be refusing to hire a nanny because he thinks the baby might not be his. And I thought Chacorta told Raquelita that she was going to help him settle a score with Beto. This family dynamic may be a deciding factor in AC's wars with the cartels and the government.

Since this story is loosely following Amador Carrillo's life, I can't imagine how the cartel war will go. I'm hoping Ximena and the girls get away safely, and since Aida and Victorcito are at the castle with the family, I hope they get out too.


Sara C - the other day when you were looking for the Iggy & Pedro song were you thinking this one?


Tks Hombre

I'm going to miss this TN, everything else is crap.

Mauricio Ochmann is José María 'Chema' Venegas. I'm going to see if I can figure out who he really was.

The baby looked like a newborn, he was still red & bloody.
Chacorta, typical, he's hot for Matilde until she has the baby he wants, now he is looking elsewhere.

Beto, not cool. If he can't cover himself better than that, he is in the wrong business.

irsz79-That's not the song :-( I found a fan made video on youtube

And if you read the comments, everyone is asking about that song, but no one seems to have any answers LOL

AnotherAmy-I've had Shalim on muy iPod for a while now. He's a man of many talents ;-)

Now, barring any more interruptions I am going to go watch this episode and check out the new stripper/pole dancer in town. I am very curious to see how this new stripper angle is going to integrate with what we have so far.


Thanks, AnotherAmy, loved your recap.

Yep, Saint Marge is not very saintly at all. She's a first class drama queen. I was SO over her when she threw her long-suffering real sister Gina out on her ear because she THOUGHT something was cooking with Olegario. It didn't seem to bother her that her sister had been the object of attempted murder by Fake Gina, almost died, had her money embezzled, etc., etc. No, it's all about Marge all the time.

And she behaves like she's the first person to ever have cancer. Get over yourself, Marge! Millions of people have had this diagnosis,soldiered on through treatment and even tried to reassure their worried family and friends that all would be well.

And, as others have pointed out, her treatment of Lupita is awful. Of course, this is a telenovela and won't ever make sense. But, if I were Lupita, I'd move the heck out with Estela's money and let the whining fool do without her grandchild.

[Think I dislike Margarita much?]

You go, Novelera!!! Perfect summary of Marge's flaws. Which really kind of bothers me since I sort of liked her at the beginning. The character has just done a complete 180. Could there be another fake identity plot on the horizon? LOL

MARIDO lunes 29 de julio Part 1

Skipping scenes from last week's episodes. Scenes may be combined for continuity.

Casa Carrasco

Gris needs money to pay off Ivan's deductible (uh, shouldn't that worthless son of yours be paying this?) and decides to accept Reinaldo's offer of work. She'll come by tomorrow to do an estimate, and then invokes God's protection. Reinaldo asks protection from what and she tells him that TC acts like a wild beast where she's concerned. Reinaldo says that TC has to understand that Gris was the victim. According to Gris, TC will never get it. She asks again if he's sure he wants her to do the job and informs him that it will cost more because she will be working during off hours. He has no problem with that. She asks him why he chose her. "Because you are transparent…I can see it in your eyes…purity, honesty." He certainly did not consult Angie's List. They shake on it (get it in writing Gris!) and Reinaldo tells her that even though she works like a man she still has the soft skin of a beautiful woman. (I am not swooning over that last comment.)

Later at the dinner table K lets Gris know he disapproves of her taking this job. Gris demands respect for her and her decision. K apologizes and says that his ex coming to Miami has made him upset. He doesn't know how to explain to Kikito that his mom is with another man. Gris advises him to just tell him the truth. "It's the adults who complicate things not the children." K fears he's going to be a failure as a single parent and Gris assures him that that won't happen.


A guest arrives, Diosa. Only Room 21 is available. She tells Paloma she adores that number. (BARF!) Three guys fall all over themselves trying to help her. Remember Scarlett O'Hara and all her suitors at the Wilkes barbecue? That's what I just saw. Until I know what Diosa's role is in the plot she is FF material.


Susana spies on Rafa and sees him take money from the safe which he will use to pay off Mirna. Again he tells her that her job is just to serve coffee and he doesn't owe her an explanation. He feels she isn't going to let go of this so he shows her an IOU in the amount of $2500. She goes off with her friend who says that he's always involved in something strange. When he makes a mistake, she will trap him. Outside Rafa calls Amalia who says she understands if he has to do extra work for Ivan. Lovey-dovey chat ensues. Blech!

Chez Palmer

Daniel gives Pati a lift home. She is grateful for his support. Inside TC is in the living room looking at a fashion magazine. I think that is all she knows how to do. She asks Pati who brought her home. She says her friend Daniel. She goes upstairs. Ro explains that TC has already met Daniel and that he is a friend of Antonio's. TC hopes Pati isn't getting involved with another "pobre diablo." She fumes she sent her daughter to the finest private schools only to have her go to college and hang out with "sabandijas" ("bugs") like Antonio and Daniel.

Casa de Manuel y Celeste

Sol is on the porch dancing to music coming from her new boom box. Celeste warns her that Manuel is coming and tells her to hide it. She places it in a cabinet. How long before Manuel finds it? Shall we do a pool? She gets out her schoolbooks and pretends to be doing homework. He says he likes to see her like this and warns her to not leave her books lying around. She promises to put them away. Sol and Celeste heave a sigh of relief.

Casa Carrasco

Gris asks Amalia if Rafa is coming by today. She says later. Gris is confused about why Rafa is trying to help Antonio. "Antonio stole the car Rafa was responsible for so why would he want to help Antonio?" Amalia says it's because Rafa is a good person. Viewerville just collectively threw up a little in its mouth.

Sara C- now you put the bug in my ear :)
I found something similar, not sure it's the same, so little they playing during the scenes, always the piano part over and over again

anyways, It's a beautiful song


Thanks Adriana!

I forgot to mention how I liked that Gris Doesn't fall for Rafa's oily sleekness and finds it curios that he still at Antonio's side despite the big sh@t Tony put him in with his boss..

And Reinaldo, it seems the best defence is offence against TC, she turned almost apologetic when R. started to 'attack'



Thanks so much for the recap, Hombre. Great job!

I was thinking that Ximena can use Aurelio's jewelry gift (and I'd guess she has other pieces) to help finance a life away from him.

Yep, neither Chacorta nor Mathilde smiled at the sight of their new baby.

Chacorta did say that Beto "owes him" when he came on to Raquel. But, if he really "knows" about Mathilde and Bert, why hasn't he done something up to this point in time.

What a guy, Aurelio Casillas! He sends his eldest child out to murder a policewoman, who is a key subordinate to the Head of the Anti-Drug task force in México, thus risking his being apprehended or even killed doing this.

I felt like screaming when Marco and Leo stood out there in the street yakking away right after a phone conversation with Casillas when he says he'll kill them both. Get in a freakin' car, you two!

Mathilde said, to Ximena I believe, that the baby was identical to Heriberto.

Cabo cracked up Triste and the other guys when he kept calling Chema Venegas as Venéreas (venereal disease in Spanish).

They surely are torturing us with whether or not Leo is going to make it to the end. That sentimental declaration that she'd give their relationship a chance appeared to seal her doom for me. Hope I'm wrong.


Well i was wrong about Rafa, hes a sleazeball after all.

Also we learned that Fernando was a soldier who was discharged for disability....


Thank you, Hombre, for another fabulous recap!

Novelera: Good point about AC sending his son off to kill a high-ranking operative, risking his life and jail time. So now it seems that Aurelio's children mean about as much to him as anyone else he uses and then later discards.

I'm worried about Leo too, especially with her declaration about giving it a chance with Marco, but I'm hoping that this TN will end with her alive and AC down under.

And as for AC having sex with Irina with his wife and children in the house, there are no words.....

Irisz79 I appreciate all your seat hung but that's not it either. :( I just finished watching the episode and its the song they used during the end credits.

This may be a wild hair, but I think the new girl in town is somehow related to Zafiro (or whatever her name is.)

This is my first time seeing Fabian Rios and I am really enjoying his performance.

PS Marge could earn more money if her sewing machine was a little more up to date. (Disclaimer: I know nothing about sewing. Maybe the old models are better.)


Searching. Not seat hung. Damn autocorrect.


Many thanks, Hombre, for another great recap. Like so many of your other recaps, it helped me see a lot that I missed.

I don't have anything to add to the comments that have already been made, so I'll just say, once again, MANY THANKS!

MARIDO lunes 29 de julio Part 2

Our little corner of Miami is about to get hot and heavy…

Departamento de Mirna

Rafa arrives with $2500 in cash to pay off Antonio's debt. He says she can have the cash or the debt can be paid off…another way. She chooses the latter. Ew is all I can say.

Chez Palmer

Reinaldo comes home and TC wants to know where he's been. He says at the restaurant but TC counters with her phone call to Vanessa who said he had left a while ago. She demands to know where he was. He says he wanted to get the ball rolling on the renovations to the restaurant so he went to the company that renovated the restaurant before because they are most familiar with the work. TC can't understand why he went there so late in the day. Reinaldo gets annoyed at her and turns the tables on her. "Why the sudden interest in renewing our vows?" TC gets really needy and begs him to never leave her. He promises he will never leave and TC goes from needy, clingy vine to seductress. She takes off her robe and tells him to undress her and enjoy her.


Diosa gets undressed near a window–of course no shades or curtains are drawn. She goes out on to the stairs leading outside for a breath of fresh air. Our three guys are below watching her and commenting. FF>

Tacos Bar

Before leaving Clara gives Gabe some advice. He should watch Gris more closely, study her so he can know her better. Why do we think this will backfire? I mean the guy's a borderline stalker as it is. He decides to call Gris who is sleeping. She answers in a low voice so as not to wake up Kikito. She is so not thrilled with his call. He comments on what a wonderful grandmother she is. She thinks this is weird and hangs up. Downstairs Amalia is checking her cellphone for any messages from Rafa. We see him leaving the building where Mirna lives with his cash intact. Pride not so much but he doesn't care. We see Mirna commenting that he was worth every cent.


Rafa puts the money back in the safe as Susana watches; he tears up the IOU. He insists that he doesn't owe her an explanation (you gave her one before, you dope!) and instructs her to turn off the lights when she leaves.

Casa Carrasco

Rafa arrives. The kissing commences. (Run Amalia!)

Chez Palmer-Salas

Esther is downstairs looking at designs. She flashbacks to her appointment with Dr. Perkins. She goes upstairs and finds JP asleep. She wakes him up, seduces him, and jumps his bones!



Thanks, Sue455, for a terrific Part 1. I too am wondering what role if any Diosa will play. I gotta say, so far it's not promising. I loved your comment: "Until I know what Diosa's role is in the plot she is FF material."

So did Antonio's "other mother" (I can't remember her name) really give up $2500 for a roll in the hay with Rafa???


Sara: Marge's machine is practically an antique. I would love it just for display. These days even the most basic machines have several different stitches. I'm trying to imagine Marge learning to use my machine which is computerized!


Part 3 will be up soon.


Thanks, all who filled in the parts I missed. I'm happy they're introducing Chema, even though we haven't seen him. I have no idea what will happen, and I never read about the real life guy on whom Aurelio Casillas is based (and please don't fill me in, I don't want to know until the show is over). But this allows the writers to do away with Casillas, but show that there's still ANOTHER big drug guy left (Chema), so Marco and Leo's work is never done (assuming they survive!).

There is always another drug dealer to take over. $25 Billion is not to be sneezed at.

MARIDO lunes 29 de julio Part 3

Chez Palmer

Reinaldo is making omelets for Pati, Ro and Elsa. (Just so you know Reinaldo, my colleague Todd and I flipped 151 more omelets than you did today.) TC makes a grand entrance and Ro hands her an omelet made with Gruyere, fines herbes and truffle oil. TC begs him to stay home with her but he says he has to go to work. He and Pati leave and TC looks disconsolate.

Palmer Gourmet

Gris is waiting outside with her toolbox. Reinaldo pulls up and is impressed by her punctuality. He remembers her saying that she is very demanding on herself. He says that life isn't all about the job and asks her if she gives herself permission to have fun like say, going running, a walk through the woods, going to the beach, skinny dipping. "Excuse me? What did you mean by that?" He swears that all he meant was that life isn't just work. Gris is offended by the skinny dipping suggestion and says she isn't that kind of woman. (NOT SO as Reinaldo and all of Viewerville know). She says she isn't a woman who gets into that sort of thing. Inside, Reinaldo asks Simon to give Gris the list of needed repairs and renovations. Simon can't believe this woman is going to be in charge of the project. Gris, still flustered from Reinaldo's previous comments, says she is a working woman, not one who runs around the beach nude.


Diosa needs suntan lotion rubbed on her back. Our trio volunteers. FF>

On the street

K is walking Kikito to school when he sees to women sitting at a cafe. One has the magazine with K's ex and her current squeeze boxer Ricardo Duran on the cover. He turns Kikito away from them so he can't see the picture and tells him how much he loves him.

Chez Palmer

TC is looking at the same magazine and wonders aloud what it would be like to be the wife of a boxer. "How about sex with a boxer?" Ro is intrigued.

Tacos Bar

Clara points out a newspaper article saying that K's ex and the boxer arrive in Miami in two days. K sighs. "One blow after another."

Palmer Gourmet

Gris gives Reinaldo an estimate which he accepts. She believes the job should last about 2 weeks. She can start in 2 days because she needs to get estimates for the cost of the materials. Her phone rings–it's her loving son Antonio. The doctor is releasing him from the hospital and he needs someone to pick him up. She will do it. Reinaldo suggests that he bring her in his car. "No way! After what he did?" He tells her she is special and he wants to help her. He takes her hand. She points out that he has been taking her hand a lot lately and that it should stop. She thanks him for his offer but prefers to go to the hospital alone. She will start the gob as soon as she purchases the materials.


[A previous scene with Pati, Daniel and Vanessa was cut off. Did this happen to you? If not, what happened?] Vanessa asks Pati what will happen when Antonio returns to school. Pati is going to pretend that he never existed. She walks away. Daniel joins Vanessa who says Pati is still in love with Antonio but is trying to act hard-hearted.

Tacos Bar

Gabe wants to leave K in charge so he can take Gris to the hospital to pick up Antonio. She tries to refuse but eventually gives in.

Palmer Gourmet, Chef's office

Simon questions Gris' ability to do all the work. Reinaldo has confidence in her. "I know her work. She does miracles." OK, that's a bit much.

Tacos Bar

K's having a bad day. Clara asks if it's due to the ex coming to town? He's sick of hearing about it and tells her to MYOB. He suggests that she take care of her own worthless son. In the kitchen she's chopping onions and crying. K apologizes and then things get quite hot between the two.


MARIDO lunes 29 de julio Part 4

Palmer Gourmet

TC calls Reinaldo because she's bored, as usual. She hears him greet Vanessa and she wonders why she is there so early. They get into an argument about where he was that morning and she warns him about lying to her. He is fed up and hangs up.

Outside Tacos Bar

Leonardo asks Clara for more money. He has already spent the money he earned at Tacos Bar and needs more. She says he thinks money grows on trees. He blames his poverty on not having a father. Clara says if his father stuck around he wouldn't know what money looked like. Leo's father left Clara when she was pregnant and never returned. In his frustration Leo kicks a trash can and rips the top of one of his sneakers. He bemoans that he would have to have such cheap things.


Amalia sees Diosa surrounded by her suitors. FF>


Amalia is explaining to Rafa that she sells Doña Olga's creams door to door or by word of mouth. He tells when they marry she'll only work if she wants to. She goes to hug him and notices…scratches on his neck.

Tacos Bar

K's bad day continues. Clara asks what she can do to make him feel better. "Send Barbara to prison for abandonment? Stop thinking about her." He claims he doesn't. "Then show it." He grabs her and they basically create a floor show of them making out. They go into the kitchen where they have more privacy.


A nurse asks Antonio if anyone is coming to pick him up. They need the room right away for a patient. (Terrible bedside manner, even if it is Antonio.) Gris and Gabe arrive. Antonio thanks her for coming. She says not to thank her…although he is going home, he should be going to jail



Sorry it took so long to post the recap. I had an allergy attack while I was doing it. I'm better now but I think I'll watch DYO and Marido in bed instead of in the living room.


Thanks so much for the recap, Sue. Excellent work!

I think Reinaldo was making the omelet for Ro. The maid and Pati already had theirs on their plates. But when the overbearing TC waltzed into the kitchen, Reinaldo knew better than to make her wait for an omelet. And Ro knew better than to expect he'd get an omelet at all once she entered the kitchen. It was pretty funny that both her husband and her daughter suddenly had urgent business elsewhere when she appeared.

Mirna must have been desperate to give up $2,500 for sex with Rafa. I couldn't stand the smug look on his face afterwards.

I'm going to have to start FFing through Gabriel. The way he just keeps whining on and on until she lets him drive her somewhere is SO annoying.


Novelera: If Gabe weren't presented as a love interest for Griselda I would FF through his scenes too.

Diosa seems like an extra character. These Brazilian novelas and their remakes have too many characters and subplots.

Thanks Sue455 for your great recap, sorry I mixed up earlier.



Thank you, Sue, for yesterday's recap.

I won't be able to post a recap today, I didn't catch the whole episode and I have a huge headache, that is making my mind all blurry.
Maybe someone else could do it if they have the time.

The highlight of the episode for me (what I did see) was JP shuting up TC with his mention of tia Iris and how next time she calls, she'll give her Reinaldo's phone number! That was awesome!


Poor Gris was totally mortified hearing TC-s ranting about her on the phone.
IMO Reinaldo should have better switched off the phone, then called her back later on, it would have been less embarassing for all of them...
Not that TC were the least concerned by causing a scene in the middle of the restaurant during business hours.

Loved Ester & Co's reaction on TC's behavior & collage :)
And how JP handled her by threatening her with aunt Iris and sending her (Iris) to Reinaldo directly next time.


What a wild, crazy episode, with so much bloodshed (6 minor characters down, 2 out of commission), you know we’re getting near the end. Let’s see what happened.

Chacorta tells Raquel he’s going to settle some scores, with Bert, through her. He pulls out his gun, points it at her, and says let’s get undressed (vamos a encuarenos). Shaking, she starts to unbutton her blouse. When it’s over, he’s smiling, she’s almost in tears, asking why, he tells her tough, it had to be done. Enter Bert, seeing the two of them half dressed, what’s going on here? Chacorta tells Raquel to leave. Forever. She meekly stumbles away. Bert says how dare you mess with my woman! Chacorta gets right in Bert’s face, tells him you’ve got some nerve. I know full well what went on with you and Matilde! I don’t even know if the baby she had is mine. I ought to kill you, but won’t, out of respect for my brother. But you’re DEAD to me, from now on. Bert tries to deny, but Chacorta doesn’t buy it for a minute. Bert has daggers in his eyes. Chacorta says want to fight man to man? Didn’t think so. He gives Bert his gun, why don’t you shoot me? Do you have the guts? Bert holds the gun to Chacorta’s head, shaking.

Enter Matilde, she sees the gun, talks Bert down, take it easy, honey, and gets the gun from him. So what brought this on? Then she sees Raquel’s bra, comes to the conclusion that Chacorta had sex with her, and Bert’s mad about that. You pig, she says, did you have sex with that woman? Chacorta just smiles. Mati goes off in a huff. Chacorta says don’t you DARE tell her that I know about you, or else! Bert slinks away. That night, Mati sees Chacorta sleeping, takes his gun, nudges his private parts. He wakes up, she asks again, did you have sex with that woman?

Turco has nightmares, needs to get out of this hospital to save Ximena, tries to unhook his wires, a nurse stops him, you’re not going anywhere, and Ponte comes in to reinforce this. Turco knows a lot about Aurelio’s operation, but not his location, and the cops are frustrated.

But Topo, Cabo and Tijeras know the location, and Aurelio’s been spotted, going to a local restaurant. Turns out that Aurelio, in one of his nicer moments, has taken Ximena, Rutila, Luz Marina, Aida and Victorcito to a restaurant for a family dinner. But here come the assassins! First the guards outside are killed by Cabo, Tijeras and crew. Aurelio and the women try to go out the back way. Bullets are flying. Triste goes down, dead. Then Pollo. Niño is killed. I think Canijo, too. Then Aida is shot! Cabo and Tijeras move in on the figure of Aurelio, wearing a suit, his hair mussed as usual, kill him dead. But it was a double!!! This guy had been forced to dress like Aurelio, and he’s dead now! Aurelio hustles the others into vans, as he sees that Tijeras is STILL ALIVE, and while Victorcito yells for his Mommy, they speed away. We viewers are in state of shock!


Back at their headquarters, Topo, Cabo and Tijeras regroup. Meanwhile, Marco and Leo are in the Los Angeles, and visit Randy. You have no right to be here, he complains. Marco slaps down some folders, we have proof you have ties to Ali Benjumea, and have been receiving payments from Aurelio Casillas. I’m a respectable lawyer, says Randy, everything I do is legal (he uses the word lícito, interestingly, we don’t have this word in English, just illicit), don’t know what you’re talking about. And I don’t know any Ali Benjumea. Oh really? As Leo surreptitiously sticks a microphone to the underside of a table, Marco shows Randy a picture, showing him and Turco together. And I have copies. So think about collaborating. They leave. Randy calls Topo, these agents were just here, and they a picture showing me with Turco. How could they possibly know about my business with him. Bingo! The DEA agents hear this on tape, go right back in, and arrest him. You’re under arrest Randy Prescott! Cabo and Topo hear this, so much for THAT ally.

They had previously told Randy that they failed to get Aurelio. Randy will be no help to them now. Cabo just wants to find new contacts in the US, but Topo says no, this guy Chema is the man. We should definitely go through him. Cabo doesn’t want to. All of a sudden, someone’s here. It’s Chema, with scores of guards, walking right into the hideout. Well, says Topo, you guys will have to deal with him now. Lets see what he has to say. Chema enters, hat pulled low over his head, he strides forward, takes off the hat, and we see a youngish guy, but looking very tough with his several day unshaven face. Topo says to him, hi Chema, here’s what we’re going to do. Chema pulls his gun and shoots Topo IN THE HEAD. Guards from both sides kill each other, but in the middle, we have Tijeras and Cabo pointing their guns at Chema, and he at them. After a few tense moments, he tells them, I don’t want any Mexican competition. So Topo’s out. And you guys have no way to sell the stuff, to move it to the US. I do. Cabo is opposed, Tijeras says let’s listen to him, in the end, they agree, warily, to do business. After things get established, says Chema, we’ll eliminate Casillas.

Aurelio visits Irina, in her place, I actually think it was her place last time, too. She can see he’s upset. She advises him to leave the country, she has contacts in Brazil, in London. He wants to stay in his own land. Well, she says, you have so much money, why not go just for a while, til the heat is off?

Back at the castle, Ximena calls Marco. Shaking, she tells him, get me out of here, I want to stop (parar) all this. Absolutely, he replies, just give me the address. Enter a guard, you can’t use that phone, miss, and she has to hang up. Later, she hears Aurelio is coming in, the guard goes to greet him, she quickly grabs the phone again, dials Marco, gives him the address. He says get yourself and the kids in a room, lock the door, we’re on our way. But Aurelio enters, sees the phone, who are you calling? Ximena says it was the doctor. No need for that, says Aurelio, we’re leaving the country, now! I’m not going, she says. You sure are. No, I’m not, you’ll have to kill me to get me to move. I could have done that long ago, he snidely says, but I’m keeping you around. Oh yeah? she replies, well I just called the cops, gave them this address, and they’re on their way. Nooooo!!!!!


thanks Hombre,
what a show!

so this is what happens when Chacorta takes some time off for personal reasons,

I was thinking Chacorta knew/suspected, but was stewing to find a solution, and when Mati played the baby card, well...

the guy being Aurelio's double reminded me of one of Pablo's swiss guys, you really can't pay a guy enough for that job, (not that he ever gets the money)

Ximena, who keeps calling Marco, is really throwing a wrench into Aurelio's world, but earlier after Marco visited Randy, he called Aurelio during their escape, and didn't Ximena get the idea that Turco may be alive,

I didn't see Victorcito get out of the car when they got back to the castle,



Yes, Deb, Marco told Ximena that Turco gave them some info "before he died". But she wondered if he's really alive.


There's attraction between K and Clara, but K has all those hangups about his ex. Gabe isn't getting anywhere with Gris. Yesterday, Gabe pointed out to K how attractive Clara was. Maybe (way down the line) if Gabe strikes out with Gris, he and Clara could start something. After all, it seems that Clara is older than K, since her son is a teen and K's is a little kid. I know, love has no age.


I fear that Ximena will not make it past tonight's episode. Speaking of which, will there be an episode tonight?

Also, I wonder who was Triste's informant within AC's Cartel. Can't believe someone had the balls to leak that type of info to a rival cartel.



Wow! What an episode. Thanks Hombre.

I was sad to see Triste killed, but I’m glad he went down fighting instead of like a sucker, like Topo and his men did. Chema may be more of a cold bastard than AC is. He’s probably more emotionally stable (because he doesn’t have any emotions). Tijeras and Cabo must be getting whiplash from all these rapid changes in the Mexican and U.S. partnerships.

Poor Aida! Poor Victorcito! (deb- we did see him get out of the car at the safe house.)

I think that those body doubles don’t’ really do it for money for themselves, but for their families. I’m sure part of the deal is security for their parents, spouses, and kids.

The biggest surprise of the night for me was not Chema, but Chacorta’s restraint in how he dealt with Beto and Mati. I was sure that they would both face his white hot fury (and at least would end up dead), but he’s taking more of a cold and calculating route for his revenge. Poor Raquel is just collateral damage.



Missed a word-- and at least ONE (Mati or Beto) would end up dead...


Hombre, thanks so much! First-class recap of a pulse-pounding episode.

We veterans of TNs knew, of course, that Aurelio was not going to be whacked last night.

VRO, I also wondered about the infiltrado who was paid off to tell Triste where Aurelio was eating dinner with his family.

Vivi, good point about the doubles sacrificing themselves for their families. It just boggles the mind that someone would be willing to put on a wig and pretend to be the target of a hit!

The scene with Beto and Chacorta was amazing! Kudos to both actors. Beto kept thinking he could brazen it out. And Chacorta saying he'd surely have killed him except, apparently, to spare his brother the suffering. And when he told him that his godson ahijado Heriberto no longer existed. Powerful. The godfather/godmother relationship is very powerful in Latin American culture. What Chacorta said was almost like disowning a son.

They surely did torture us with Ximena's aborted phone call to Mejia! And then, bravely, she called him again when Aurelio was already there.

When they announced no novela tonight for soccer, I yelled at my TV. I'm hooked!


Wow, Hombre. Terrific recap of a very exciting and bloody episode.

Does Ximena have a death wish? I don't really think she does, but first she tells her sociopath husband that yes, she slept with Turco and she loved it, and having lived to see another day, she tells said sociopath that she has just called the police and they're on their way. As you said, Hombre, "Nooooo!!!!!"

Vivi, I laughed out loud over your observation that "Tijeras and Cabo must be getting whiplash from all these rapid changes in the Mexican and U.S. partnerships."

So at last we get to see Mauricio Ochmann. Chema is quite a change from his role in El Clon!

Poor Aida--the newscasts didn't say that she was a teacher and a loving mother, just that she was a member of the narcotraficante community. (How did she and Chacorta get together? Was that ever made clear?)

Though I'm sad that there's no episode tonight, in a way I'm also relieved. Perhaps I can catch up on some much-needed sleep.

DYO martes recap (cliff notes version)

Gina is continuing to deny to Mariano that Pedro is their son (really, what’s the point??), and Mar is continuing to insist that he wants to find his son and get to know him. They smooch. Neto catches them and later tells Olegario.

Pedro has doubled his hours to make money to support Lupita’s baby.

Tomas arranges the “accident” with Vladimir, who apparently has done some shady work for him before. V is disguised as a worker on the obra and arranges to get Pedro in an elevator that has been sabotaged, but of course Ignacia finds Pedro in the elevator and gets in with him.

New Girl From Mexico is looking for work to help her little brother, who apparently is sick. A fancy restaurant rejects her, to which she responds with spunk.

Lupita buys Marge a new sewing machine, and Marge and Pedro are suspicious about where she got the money for it. After more harping, Lupita says Tia Gina fave her the money. Marge finally accepts the gift and (gasp) thanks Lupita. Then Marge goes in the kitchen and cries, “my pobre Lupita” (bipolar much?).

Estela and Iggy fight more about Pedro. Mariano almost lets it slip about his affair and hijo, but Estela interrupts him and Iggy is curious about what dad was going to say.

Gina wants to tell Pedro the truth to save him from an incestuous relationship but Marge gets upsets and has another blood pressure crisis. She sees Mariano and goes on to Gina begging her to keep the secret and Mariano wants to know what secret. Marge refuses to go to the hospital, Olegario intervenes and punches Mariano, but then finds out they were just trying to take her to the hospital, and still does nothing. Marge throws her berrinche and goes back in the house.

Star client Tomas is back at the strip club with Zafiro in Iggy wig. Estela calls him, interrupting his gross lap dance, and informs him that Iggy has run off, probably to the obra. Oooops.

Ignacia apologizes to Pedro on behalf of both of her parents for harassing Pedro. The elevator gets stuck and lurches, Pedro tries to open or lift something with a little grunt and gives up, they shout for help for about 5 seconds and decide no one can hear them. The elevator lurches again, they wind up in each other’s arms, Iggy makes a little joke about eating too much. She laments that she didn’t meet him earlier, he tells her he’s loved her since the first time he saw her.

Smooching, more love talk, and the last cable breaks (judging from the one second the elevator fell, they were only on the second floor). They are thrown against the walls, Iggy is unconscious and bleeding from the head. Pedro is beside himself, pries the doors open with a bar and brute strength, and is carrying unconscious Iggy across the obra yelling for help, where Mireya, Oleg, and Tomas have congregated for various reasons. Fin del capitulo.

Seriously, these two need to get together soon (which we know will be interrupted anvil-style later, but still).


¡Dios mios!

Good one Hombre,

I just knew Chacorta knew. This is so weird, he & Matilde will probably have great sex.

Ximena, Ximena, Ximena! Hope Marco gets there rapido.

Is Luz Marina the baby?


Hi Sue - I'm just now getting through your recap for Monday. Thanks so much for such a detailed account. I can't add much to what everyone else has already said, but wanted to let you know how much your work is appreciated. Take care of those allergies!



thanks, thanks, thanks, AnotherAmy!

didn't this novela open with an job accident, that because of something Ignacia did/didn't do with the insurance, caused Tomas lots of aggravation,

wow, Lupita buys her mom a new sewing machine, and still gets yelled at,
and since the unknown Mariano is the only one that wants to help her,
no wonder she is suspicious,

I think Mariano has decided to tell his kids about their brother, (and Estella pushing Gina down the stairs, etc.), but he keeps getting stopped short before he gets it out,

and Estela seems to be a master at squelching any rumors about her, so I'm thinking it will be a long time before we hear about Ignacia, was her father's name Enrique?

Abue A seems to be the only one that knows all, and she has an interesting way of hinting but never actually spills,

Olegario's fist to Mariano's face sure was a conversation stopper,
of course wasn't Olegario wondering who this guy is,
that showed up looking for Gina, Margarita, and Gina 2,
and seems to know them all.

Pedro/Ignacia, wow, Ana Layevska really sells me on this one!



thanks Vivi,
you're right about Victorcito,
I guess it was the little one that didn't make the dinner.

love your comments!



Thanks Beth. Adriana can't do last night's recap so I'm going to do a mini recap. I just finished watching it On Demand because, of course, I fell asleep last night. Too much coughing and wheezing.


Oh my! Hombre, thanks so much for your amazing recap. The tension just keeps building. Last night's episode was gut-wrenching.

Chacorta knew! And he was biding his time for the right moment and revenge on Beto. Providing he survives Mati's interrogation, I wonder what he has in store for her….

Poor Raquelita - that was a painfully expensive life lesson. Hopefully she'll go far, far away and stay away.

Randy went down fast - not as sharp a businessman as we were led to believe.

I don't think Ximena has a death wish. I think she finally sees the terrifying reality of her life. Dinner out with AC (and the fireworks) has finally convinced Ximena that her girls are in extreme danger - much more than she previously believed - and now she's panicked and willing to risk everything to get away from AC.

Poor Aida, she was trying to be a good friend to Ximena. And Victorcito and Rutila will be emotionally scared for life. At this point I can't even guess what will happen to these two kids.

Cabo and Tijeras lucked out - they're Colombians!


You really have a gift! One of the reasons I enjoy this show so much is your recaps. Today's was sublime. Succinct yet complete; short but well written with a dash of snark.

To wit:
A fancy restaurant rejects her, to which she responds with spunk.

Bipolar much?

The other reason I enjoy this show so much is the Pedracia chemistry.

I too am wondering if Vlad is somehow tied up with Iggy's insurance gaffe from episode 1.

Nomás continues to nauseate.

New Girl from Mexico seems to be a fun new character. I wonder if her bro will show up, too. they showed us his picture.


Another Amy - thank you! Great recap. I loved Cliff Notes - they got me through lit class.

Tomas and the Iggy-tart - euw!

This story tests the imagination, and the construction site always provides humor - wheelchairs, missing employees, renegade electricians, missing hardhats. And no one calls 911 when Iggy is injured. Will Pedro and Tomas fight over her limp body while she drips blood on the ground?



That apostrophe was a typo, but I kind of like how it looks. Kind of hip-hop.

Wow... I didn't make the insurance connection until just now. Hmmmm...

I am going to be seriously peeved if Ignacia has amnesia.

The whole Lupita/sewing machine debacle totally reminded me of that James Dean classic "East of Eden" (a Cain/Abel thing)... where no matter what Cal (Lupita) did to try to please his pop, he always got yelled at, as opposed to favorite brother (Pedro). Let's hope Lupita doesn't go down the "I'm not my brother's keeper" road.

I'm intrigued by New Girl. But she really needs a name soon (or did I miss it?). I'm curious to see where she and her sick bro are going to fit in. I have a feeling, like someone mentioned earlier, she may wind up at the strip club. Or the taco bar. Wait, that's Marido. I'm having some blurred line moments with all the tns I'm watching right now (soon to add Santa!).

Thanks Sara for the kind words!

Also liking the new branding.

I am going to be seriously peeved if Ignacia has amnesia.

Please gawd no.

Word verif: IssupHo I'm getting some doozies today.


Yes, Aurelio and Ximena's baby girl is either named Luz Marina or Luz María. I had been hearing the latter, but on Saturday I watched with English subtitles, which said Luz Marina.

The word for strip naked, or undress, in Mexican slang, is encuerarse. I had spelled it wrong in my recap. It probably stems from cuero, which means leather, hide or skin. Encuerado is the adjective, meaning naked. Of course, usually they just says quítate la ropa, or take off your clothes. Just thought you'd all want to know, in case a Mexican says lets encuerarnos!


Thanks Beth! I laugh at the crazy antics that go on at the construction site, too. And how no one ever seems to be sweaty or dirty. It was also pretty funny how Pedro was just standing there with limp Ignacia, her arms flung back behind her, and everyone was staring at each other.... HEAD WOUND, PEOPLE!

I agree this tn is definitely pushing the limits, but hasn't quite come close to the Cuidado Con El Angel scene where the lady gives birth without pulling down her jeans. That was the moment when I truly knew what tn writers were capable of...

MARIDO martes 30 de julio Mini-Recap

Scenes not always in the order in which they occurred. Some scenes omitted.

Gris and Antonio

Gris brings Antonio home but reiterates that he's out of the house once he's better. He wants to study but she tells him to rest. Amalia wants Antonio to stay but Gris reminds her of the rotten things he did. Antonio remembers his relationship with Pati and tries to call her. She ignores the call. (Girl, remove him from your contacts.) Gris receives a call from Reinaldo…

Reinaldo and TC

TC decides to go to Palmer Gourmet to check up on Reinaldo's whereabouts. She overhears Reinaldo speaking to Gris and has a fit. No, more than a fit. I can't quite describe what it was but she made a total fool of herself as she called Gris every name in the book loud enough so Gris could hear on her cellphone. And in front of the lunch crowd too. TC goes into the kitchen and starts trying to chop something with a chef's knife. OMG I feared for the staff. TC has no business being around sharp implements. Eventually Reinaldo managed to calm her down and got her into the car. TC promises to stop the hysterics if he promises no more contact with Gris and her family. He says nothing and gets out of the car. Simon orders complimentary drinks on the house for having to witness that spectacle.

Amalia and Rafa

Amalia notices marks from a woman's nails on Rafa's neck. He claims they are from his motorcycle helmet. All better!

K and Clara

After making out in the kitchen while they are supposed to be working K says that's her proof that he no longer thinks about his ex. He goes out front and Clara has to pour water on herself to cool off. Later Tacos Bar is in chaos because Gabe left K in charge and the guy doesn't know what he's doing. Gabe arrives to save the day.

(NOTE: I work in a kitchen and I've never seen such action. But then, my colleagues and I are professionals.)

TC and Ester

TC drops by Fina Estampa to talk to Ester who is meeting with her assistant Marcia. TC says she'll wait until they're done and proceeds to start tearing pages out of magazines. What for? She starts to make a collage. When is the last time you made a collage? For me, possibly in junior high school. Anyway Ester and Marcia both have a "God she's nuts" look on their faces. When Ester is done with the meeting she turns her attention to TC. TC says that she thinks Reinaldo is being unfaithful and rants about "la bigotuda" and her family and how she has to protect Pati. TC says Ester wouldn't know about protecting one's children because she can't have any. Did she bring that chef's knife with her? I think it's in Ester's back. TC knows about Dr Perkins' speciality but Ester says they are just friends. JP arrives and TC interrogates them some more. Finally JP fesses up that he is the one with the reproduction problem, not Ester. Furthermore, it's none of her business and then JP brings up Tía Iris and her many calls. TC panics. JP says if she doesn't butt out, next time Tía calls he'll give her Reinaldo's phone number. I stand by my armchair diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

Leonardo y los tenis

Leo brings his sneakers back to the store where he bought them. He tells a sales clerk that they are defective. The clerk talks to the manager who says the sneakers were abused and he is not giving him his money back. Leo starts yelling and grabs a pair off a display (are they your size, jerk?) and runs out of the store. The manager chases after him and attracts the police. They arrest Leo for theft.

Reinaldo and Vanesa

Vanesa tells Reinaldo she thinks of him as a father figure. Later when he calls her "hija" she asks him not to. Mixed signals.


Gris fixes an ice cream machine at a local ice cream parlor. She goes for a walk on the boulevard after and who does she run into?



In La tempestad they use desnudo & what better person than Wm Levy as desnudo. And it's easier to remember. And maldita Univisión blocked our view.

Ximena put Marco in more danger because she has warned Aurelio.

I can't find a narco comparable to Chema, mainly because there are so many to pin it down.


Sue, thanks so much for rising to the occasion in spite of not feeling well. Your mini-recap covered the important parts (or at least those I remember before taking a short inadvertent nap somewhere during the second half). Moreover, it was delightful. My faves: " Didshe bring that chef's knife with her? I think it's in Ester's back" and "[Leonardo] grabs a pair off a display (are they your size, jerk?)."


Sue - thanks so much for the mini-cap. What a funny episode: K and Clara in the pantry (claro!), TC chopping veggies in the cocina, big girl collages, tenny larceny.

New girl - whatshername? - Diosa? - maybe she'll become the new love interest for Gabe? It would take the pressure off Gris.

Vanessa would be wise to stay a good distance from Reinaldo. We in the audience know that TC is capable of murder, and Vanessa's behavior could certainly make TC very jealous and paranoid.

We got a good glimpse of how TC uses her hysterical tantrums to control the family, and how Reinaldo and JP have learned (probably through painful experience) to shut her down. I know the writers are scripting this character to be mentally ill, but the actress' over-the-top portrayal of TC is making her look ridiculous and comedic. Just my opinion.

Amalia is also showing her jealous, possessive side. Even though Rafa is a rotten creep, it was presumptuous of Amalia to show up at the shop and then have a snit about the good looking brunette customer.



Ah Beth, I forgot that last Rafa/Amalia scene, where she says she wants him to be her first. BARF!


Thanks so much, Sue455. This was above and beyond the call of duty with your major allergy problems!

OK, now Reinaldo's putting up with TC's behavior is just becoming ridiculous. He did chew her out ever so slightly last night which caused her to melt down in tears and beg his forgiveness. And she always gets it! What he needs to do is tell her the next time she sets foot in the restaurant he'll grab her by the scruff of the neck and the seat of the pants and throw her out. After telling all the customers she's an escapee from the local nuthouse!

Far from being chastened by her husband's mild rear end chewing, she proceeds on to interrupt her cuñada's work day, wrinkle her nose at the wine she insisted on being served, and insult her for not having given birth. Priceless.

Amalia is definitely in the too dumb to live category. She believes Rafa's BS and keeps wheedling away at her mother to make nice with Antonio. Gah!

I am the mother of a son, and I am in complete agreement with Griselda. It annoys me that his siblings don't want the little twerp thrown out to fend for himself. What Antonio did to his mother is unforgiveable. Of course, sometime down the road, he probably will reform. But the awful ingratitude of his apparent lack of appreciation for her sending him to private schools and feeding and clothing him is just beyond the pale. She even said at one point that he got the kind of expensive clothes he wanted, while the other sibs probably got K-Mart.

Antonio needs to bus tables at a greasy spoon until he finishes medical school!

DYO miercoles part 1/2

Ignacia is fine. Apparently Oleg called an ambulance, and they rushed her to the hospital, but she’s just got a bump on the head and they discharge her (a day?) later. Tomas is determined to keep her away from Pedro and schemes with Estela to keep her at home and away from the obra. He convinces her to stay home for a few days to recuperate from her head trauma so she doesn’t get dizzy while she’s driving or something. She finally relents. More plotting to keep her encerrada, and Estela makes some ambiguous statements about leaving it up to her, she’s going to take care of the problem.

Mireya has another Merrinche (get it? I’m proud of that one ☺ ) about Pedro paying too much attention to Iggy. Did he really have to carry an unconscious bleeding Ignacia from the elevator crash and follow her to the hospital? Really, Pedro. That’s just going too far.

Days later:
Iggy’s ready to return to work, Karina (who has apparently been away for a few days in LA) tries to convince her to divorce Tomas so she can be with Pedro.

Estela, in broad daylight in the middle of the construction site crawling with obreros, points out Pedro to a scruffy henchman-type, saying “that’s the guy.” Then she reminds him that “he [scruffy henchman] never saw her or talked to her or met her before.” Because surely not one of the forty seven workers milling around will remember seeing the lady with the unnaturally red beehive hairdo dressed to the nines in the middle of a construction site having a suspicious conversation with a ne’er-do-well while looking pointedly at another worker in the distance.

New Girl is looking for work and is offered a sex-phone gig (which she indignantly rejects) and a car wash gig (which she takes, but we get the sense she won’t last long).

JM is scolding Tomas for firing Olga (so THIS is where the New Girl ends up! All the better for JM!!), and Karina walks in saying she accepts JM’s invitation to live together. Tomas is not happy… haven’t they been dating for like 10 minutes? Karina is happy that Tomas isn’t happy. She plays it up, and JM wants to celebrate. Tomas holds her back after JM leaves the room… “What do you think you’re doing?” “I’m going to fall in love with JM and forget about you,” she says. (The cussing cuss you are!!). I’m getting a little miffed at JM’s naivete.

Tomas is in the bedroom with a headache and Ignacia is going to get him some medicine. Estela invites herself into the den of lust where T is reclining shirtless and Adonis-like in bed, complaining that women always let him down. Estela assures him she will always be there for him and he kisses her. They make out, Estela freaks out (really?? Now she grows a conscience???) and bolts. Tomas is pi$$ed he’s losing his mojo and yet another woman has let him down. Maybe it's time to go see your best friend Jack Daniels, since apparently your promise to Ignacia regarding alcohol was a big steaming pile of sheet.

DYO miercoles, part 2/2

Iggy and Tomas fight about having kids. She defends Lupita when Tomas calls her a naca and says Ruben did the right thing by remaining free from her. He wants to know why she doesn’t want to get intimate with him, she says he needs to show her he has a poquito of humanity. Good luck with that.

Mireya calls Tia Chole to tell her she’s on her way to Corpus Christi… she wants to see what Pedro does when he finds out she’s gone.

Mamacita Santa has another fainting spell, and Pedro is worried… he invites Tia Gina to come back to live with them to keep an eye on her, which she gratefully promises to do. He breaks down as he’s talking to Tia in the middle of the construction site, and Ignacia looks on compassionately from a distance (having just found a mysterious rose with no note [meaning, as we know, that it’s not from who she thinks it’s from]).

Back in the obra office, Ignacia (once again) offers her help and support in her sweet and compassionate way, and Pedro is grateful. He kisses her hand longingly, and we think they might... but they stop themselves. Pedro leaves the office reliving their conversation, when someone calls his name, he turns around, and Estela’s scruffy henchman uses a homerun swing to knock him out (bloodlessly, I might add) with a big wooden rod.
Fin del capitulo.

Word verification: bytarg. Sara, you get all the good ones :(

Wow such a nail biter episode ! I have to ask... The actress who plays Maltilde is such a blast in every scene how popular is she in past novelas?? Yes I'm green but lovin all the clever remarks and Narco rules from all!
Another Hombre fan,

Rats! DyO has been preempted in my area by Mexican soccer match. Can they do that? Guess so.
So AnotherAmy your recap was doubly appreciated. It was almost like I was watching...but I'm glad to be spared A) Mireya screeching hissy-fit and B) Saint Marge fainting fit. Those I can do without.
J in Oregon

Excuse my French, AnotherAmy, but how in the hell do you do it day after day. Every recap is a zippy, hilarious work of art. Really! I can't pick a favorite line in this one!

I have to wait until tomorrow to actually see the episode, but having your witty words in mind will make it all the more entertaining.

Wait, I *can* pick a favorite line.. "steaming pile of sheet." L.M.A.O.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that New Girl will take Olga's place. She's a good love match for JM and I think she will be a match for Nomás. She won't take his erm... sheet. Hopefully she'll also end up with some dirt on him so he can't fire her.

word verification: a very boring "naiTnri"

PS: "merrinche" was brilliant. You have every right to be proud :-)


Great recap, Another Amy. "Mireya has another Merrinche - get it?" Got it! Good one!

Is anyone going to investigate the cut elevator cables? I don't remember seeing anyone checking the elevator shaft for a cause of the accident.

So far, I'm liking the New Girl. She's willing to take almost any job to earn a paycheck, not afraid of menial work, but draws the line at sleazy phone sex. If she gets Olga's job, we'll see how she handles sleazy Nomas.

As you said there are 47 workers milling around the construction site - how does some thug get away with knocking Pedro into next week? Uh-oh, I forgot, TN storyline.

I wonder if Mireya will use the wheelchair in Corpus Christi. Is it too much to hope she'll take an extended vacation?


I knew there was a reason I liked Matilde. Most novela women get all sad when their men cheat. Matilde is like, Oh, you were with someone else? Ok, well here's a gun in your crotch then. But since she's still nuts, they'll probably just have make up sex. But after what Chacorta did to Raquel, I won't feel sorry for him if she actually follows through.

I just hope Ximena takes little Victor with her when she goes. If Chacorta lives, he won't be safe in Mexico.



Sue, thank you so much for doing yesterday's recap, it was really a bad day for me...

I'll return with Wednesday's recap as soon as I find the episode...part of the reason I didn't get to watch yesterday as I should have was the fact that they started posting the episodes later and by the time they are on line I have to get ready to go to work, so I can't concentrate well on what is happening.

I wanted to add something about yesterday, too. I agree with the Beth about Amalia - Rafa is not boyfriend material, but going to his work and acting jealous that he has to be nice with a lady client (because, yeah, sometimes you have to do that) is not cool.
With her I can see two possible developments: she either becomes the crazy jealous type or Rafa plays her like a fool and then down the line she has a sort of wake up call and becomes a diva with sexy clothes and all and maybe hooks up with Daniel?



Amy I was laughing out loud when Estela was giving instructions to her hit man at the site. I thought, another bungler! But I think she's more dangerous than Nomâs. Why go to all the trouble of staging an accident when old-fashioned murder (or at the least assault) will do? And then he clubs Pedro in broad daylight. ¡Ay!

New Girl still doesn't have a name but when I watched the Tues episode yesterday I discovered that her brother's name is Benjamin.


So Diosa will have a purpose...possible love interest for Antonio when he moves to the posada.

Time to go channel my inner Reinaldo. It's omelet day again (T-Th).

MARIDO Wednesday
Part 1

“Caramba!” Gris says when she sees Reinaldo on the beach.
“Que casualidad maravillosa!” are his words.
She’s not to eager to talk to him, she just says a quick hello and goodbye, but after that, when she’s two steps away, like a teenager with his first crush, Reinaldo calls her and asks her to go for an ice-cream together. This is so cute, why does he have to be married?
Gris accepts the invitation, but mutters to herself: “Este hombre me va a volver loca!” (This man is going to drive me crazy!)
They go for ice-cream and Reinaldo asks her if she’s not bothered to be called “marido” and Carrasco, when she is such a beautiful, feminine, woman.
Gris is all flustered, but this is just the beginning, because once they arrive on the beach… Ay ay ay.

First, they laugh at the idea that TC calls her “la mujer de los bigotes”.
Then he wipes out some ice-cream from her chin, she does the same for him…
She asks how come he is in the area when the restaurant is so far away. Reinaldo starts telling her about a beautiful mermaid he saw a few days ago, bathing in the ocean; she was the most extraordinary creature ever, such a perfect combination of "sensualidad y fuerza", that she must have been an illusion. He knows exactly what he’s doing, but Gris thinks he didn’t see the mermaid’s face. She’s flattered and scared at the same time, but Reinaldo does a good job hiding the truth.

Just as things are about to get intense and I’m thinking - could we get a kiss? – Gris sees Amalia. She quickly gets rid of Reinaldo, she obviously doesn’t want to be seen with him – she refuses his proposal to take her home, she thinks it would be better if he stayed to look at the sea, maybe his mermaid shows up again (Ha, double edged sword, Reinaldo!)
She leaves and he is left so smitten, remembering seeing her in the water; I wonder how he’ll react when Gris actually starts wearing dresses – but that is kind of a moot point, since he’s already seen her half naked.

TC is still fighting with JP and Esther; when JP threatens to tell Iris to call Reinaldo, she loses all control and jumps to hit him. Both JP and Esther are shocked by such behavior, especially when TC suddenly calms down (as much as she could ever do that) and leaves, still in a frenzy.

Alone, JP explains Esther that he has no clue what the fight between TC and Iris was and what is Iris holding over TC’s head, but it happened before Iris moved to NY. Also, Iris hasn’t called again (which we pretty much guessed), but he realized that telling TC this always takes her off his back. Smart boy, JP, and you’re easy on the eye, too.

Clara finds out about Leo being at the police, K messes up royally by saying that was to be expected from Leo. The girl who told her the news (what is her name???) gets the third degree from Clara for a moment, but after that, they both go to the station where they find out Leo stole a pair of shoes.

Best pals Rafa and Antonio talk about how Rafa came through for his bud, by giving Mirna the 2,500 $ that now Antonio has to pay him back (HAHAHA). Rafa wonders what will Antonio do when Gris throws him out of the house – even if he’s a dirtbag himself, Rafa doesn’t agree with what Tony is doing and tries to point this out to him, but he’s wasting his breath, just like everybody else – Tony still blames Gris for all his miserable life becoming even more miserable. And he’s sure that she wouldn’t have been able to handle TC’s treatment if he had taken her to the Palmer dinner.

Anyway, something that he says kind of stays with me even if he’s a douche: because he was smart Gris paid all those expensive private schools for him, getting him access to a life that wasn’t for him - he always had a hard time fitting in, everybody laughed at him because he was poor. Being a kid and going thorough that is not easy, so I kind of get why Antonio started to lie – BUT as a grown up, he still has no excuses!


MARIDO Wednesday
part 2 (correction: Gris & Reinaldo didn't meet on the beach, they met on the street)

Amalia informs Gris about what happened with Leo, but Gris can barely concentrate, she’s thinking about Reinaldo, the night of the swim and, I believe, other fuzzy things that go through one’s mind when they get the luvv bug.

They arrive at the taco bar, just in time for Gabe to go all territorial on Gris again. He’s working my last nerve, but he has the best line of the night, so for now he’s forgiven – when referring to Reinaldo and how much he disapproves the idea of Gris working for him all those early mornings, he calls him “chef galan gigolo milionario de Miami” – the delivery of that line is so funny, I’m bumped they don’t use Gabe more as a comic relief instead of giving him all these “mi Gris” sick puppy love lines.

Anyway, Gris sets things straight with him again (maybe we should change our drinking game from the times that Gabe goes all enamorado on her, to the ones when she tells him to cut it out).

Once at home, Gris watches over Rafa and Amalia and warns him that as a suegra she’s bad, but as an enemy she can be worse, so he better behave. No worries, Rafa will respect Amalia… so how long before they do the deed? I’m guessing a week.

Back at the taco bar, Gabe wants to complain about how much he loves Gris and she doesn’t love him back, but he gets no sympathy from K (or me) - K is even more messed up when it comes to women, anyway. These two should grow some balls and stop whining all the time.

TC arrives home and wants to talk to Pati, but she’s locked in her room, studying and thinking about Antonio.

He’s thinking about her, too, but then Gris comes to his room to let him know that HE WILL leave her house and stay at Paloma’s Posada (But, hear this! She will pay for that, too, she makes a deal with Paloma to do some work for her in exchange for a lower price on the room – so what the H***! She throws him out of the house just to go through the trouble of having to work extra hard to pay for the car AND his new room and, of course, she’s still paying for his school expenses. So where is the lesson in this?)


MARIDO Wednesday
Part 3

The next morning TC is vexed that Pati has such a hard time forgetting Antonio and she whines about this to Reinaldo, who is increasingly less patient with her. Oh, and she also whines about his lack of attention, or love or whatever and she wants the vow renewal. For Reinaldo it makes no difference, so he accepts and leaves for the restaurant.

When Pati comes down TC demands her to share her worries, she wants to know what Pati is thinking about. But Pati is very upset with TC because if her mom hadn’t been so smug and well… completely loca, Antonio wouldn’t have had the need to lie.

TC is shocked to hear this and even if Pati is dead on with all her accusations, I’m still with TC when she says that Antonio didn’t only lie to them, he also lied to Pati herself. TC thinks Pati only needs a pretense to forgive Antonio and when Pati storms off, she calls Reinaldo, screaming at him that surely Pati went to reconcile with Antonio.

But Pati does no such thing, she goes to her dad’s restaurant, instead, and he’s very supportive, as always. Vanesa looks on, completely smitten, but Simon (I love this guy) asks her to cut the c*ap and get over her delusion.

Gris and Antonio have another talk about him leaving the house; he says he loves her, but she doesn’t buy it.

Leaving the restaurant, Reinaldo wants to drive home with Pati, but Vanesa is begging for attention, like always… Anyway, they decide Reinaldo will take Pati in his car, Simon (who has a motto – and I approve!) will take Pati’s car to drive Vanesa home and then in the morning he’ll go to the Palmers’ to leave the car and drive with Reinaldo to work.
The scene is important for one significant story development, that I totally didn’t see coming, but I LOVE: when Pati gives Simon her car keys, their hands brush off for a moment and we get to see this detail up close– so, SPOILER alert, Pati&Simon is happening sooner or later and I’m already shipping them.

Also, K remembers how Barbara left him when Kikito was only 2 (and that was 4 years ago, righ?) and how his mom asked him not to cry back then because she will always be there for them and Barbara doesn’t deserve his tears, anyway.
Barbara is now in Miami, the news is in the press, and her fighter Maximiliano is being interviewed right in front of Gris’ house, with K watching from the balcony.


another wonderful recap AnotherAmy!

and a whole show with no one blaming Lupita for everything,
oh wait, she wasn't in this show,
but I guess Tomas didn't exactly compliment her,

well I'm glad Pedro is ok,
(I was having visions earlier of him in a wheel chair),
but wait, what a smack to the head,

and what's the first thing Pedro always says,
"don't tell mama"
and what's the first thing Margarita always says,
don't tell Pedro,
you could say that Pedro is her favorite son,
but wait, he's not even her son,
Lupita who?

speaking of wheelchairs,
will any one notice that Mireya is gone,
yes, of course Neto will,

I like it when Ignacia and Pedro agree not to see each other,
because then they are together even more,

on the unnamed girl,
wiki is calling her Gema,



Great recap, Adriana! Loved your commentary as well as your account of what happened. I cheered when I read "These two should grow some balls and stop whining all the time." How true!! I've been fed up with Gabe almost since the start of the telenovela, but last night I began to find K at least as irritating. When he was crying and Gris was trying to reassure him, I wasn't in the least moved. ¡Para nada! From the flashback involving Barbara's leaving, it should be crystal clear to him that she's a total perra and he should be relieved that she left. (Frankly, her over-the-top perra-ness was almost as ludicrous as TC's over-the-top craziness and Ro's over-the-top everything. I have a feeling I may put the director of this telenovela on my list of directors to avoid, right next to Salvador Mejía.)

I also agree with what you said about Gris' paying for Antonio's lodging AND the deductible on the car he wrecked.

Yes, I too noticed Simon's hand touching Pati's when she gave him the car keys. But doesn't he seem a bit old for her? And I don't see TC being all that much happier with Simon than she was with Antonio. I'm not quite sure what his role is at the restaurant. Maitre d'? Manager? Owner? I would bet that none of those, not even owner, would satisfy TC.

What was Maximiliano doing in front of Gris' house? That's not exactly the sort of prestigious site I would expect him to want for an interview. Indeed, what was he even doing in that neighborhood? Was all this just so that K could watch from the balcony? Time to tighten my beanie yet again.


Juanita, Simon seems to be a lot older that Pati, he is her father's friend, after all, but I don't mind that. I think he's Maître D at the restaurant, but that will surely not be enough for TC. Not that Pati would care, anyway, she seems to be less than pleased with her mom these days.
What I fear is that Simon will do all the chasing/ pinning (it seemed to me like HE caressed her hand), while Pati will keep loving Antonio. Until today I didn't care about them one way or the other, but now I want Pati with Simon - I don't know why, I was just very surprised by the interaction, when usually I can smell plot developments a mile away.

As for using your beanie, I haven't even taken mine out of the closet for Marido, because I'm also watching Corazon Indomable and all my beanies are needed there. Whatever Marido does will never even be in the same Universe as Corazon, from my point of view.


Adriana- Thanks for this brilliant recap. I especially loved how you described the interaction between Reinaldo and Gris on the beach. Reinaldo, you devil you! He must realize at this point that what he feels for Gris goes beyond friendship, and involves major attraction.

I was intrigued by that moment with the hands between Pati and Simon too. Even though there is a big age difference, I can see them working because Pati is so mature, and they are both such level-headed, grounded people. I love that Simon can see through Vanessa and her fangirl crush on Reinaldo. We know TC would object, more because of class/status than Simon’s age. But would Reinaldo be ok with a friend of his, who is closer to his age, dating his daughter? He might be just as opposed as TC, even though he believes Pati should make her own choices.

I could figure out if Max and Barb were in the hood, or if Quique went somewhere where he knew they would be staying in order to stalk them. ITA that he needs to stop whining and move on. Although I’m sure it was a good thing for Gris to have encouraged him to stifle his emotions back when she walked out 4 (?) years ago. Perhaps his unresolved issues now are due to him not letting out his emotions back then?

I also think it’s crazy for Gris to be tough on Tony and kick him out, only to coddle him by paying his debts and paying for his room and board. I think she needs a refresher on what tough love means.



That should read: Although I’m NOT sure it was a good thing for Gris to have encouraged him to stifle his emotions...

I'm ready for Tia Iris to show up.


love your recaps Adriana Noel!

the girl hanging around Leonardo is Penny, I think,
is she just a girl from the beach, with no real connections with anyone ??
at the police station she was calling her dad's lawyer,

I too am not impressed with Kiko's whining, he seems a bit old for this, (and after what Roberto Manrique went through in Flor Salvaje, this is a bit trivial),

was Kiko watching from his balcony, or did he go to where Bárbara/Máximo were, as in stalking,
(ah, as Vivi mentioned as well)
[José Guillermo Cortines (Máximo) was in Corazón Valiente, bodyguard/lover of Isabela]

I just know Kiko and Máximo are going to fight,
Ricardo Chávez, (Gabriel) did a part in Dame Chocolate as a lucha libre fighter (with the mask), and actually trained as one, and will probably help out,

I kind of like it that Griselda is so tough with Antonio on the surface, but always the caring mother underneath, and you could say she is weaning him,

TC is really working up her chipmunk voice,
peanuts anyone?
I'm trying to picture her pregnant with Pati, not!

the way Juan Soler (Reinaldo) just stands there and smiles,
and makes the whole world good,
is amazing.



Great recap, Adriana! The girl who went with Clara to the police station for Leonardo is named Penny. I think she somehow has money, but don't know more of her story.

Although I know there would be problems of Pati and Simon, I feel Pati is a mature young woman, in some ways more mature than Antonio.

I think both TC's house and Gris's house were used for the rich house and the poor house in Perro Amor, from about 5 years ago.

I love Daniela Navarra, who is Barbara. She has that little doll voice, and sure, she's over the top, but I don't care, she's wild!

Gris doesn't feel totally comfortable with Reinaldo's attentions because he's married. But he really should just examine his feelings, and get divorced from TC. Eventually, he probably will. But since all the money is TC's Reinaldo would be penniless (not really, but in the novela universe he would). That's about when Gris would have to win that lottery!


Wow, Adriana, I've never seen a minute of Corazón Indomable, and after reading what you said about your beanie, I'll continue to avoid it.

I haven't used my beanie all that much for Marido, not because everything seems plausible, but rather because so much is clearly so over-the-top that there's no point in tightening the beanie: it wouldn't help. So I try to enjoy it all as farce. I do enjoy farce, but I guess I prefer farce that is wittier. Oh well....

There have been a few times, though, where I did try tightening my beanie. One was when Mirna accepted a roll in the hay with scumbag Rafa instead of the $2500 he was supposed to deliver. She's a not-very-successful actress living in a not-very-impressive apartment and yet she turns down $2500??


Juanita, I totally agree about the money and Mirna...
But maybe we don't give Rafa enough credit... and yet, a stud, he ain't!

Hombre, I think Gris is both adamant because Rei is married and also the fact that she hasn't had a man in her life for such a long time - she simply forgot how it is to receive a compliment, be admired etc... That buffoon, Gabe, doesn't count.

Deb, Juan Soler does give this vibe, he has a certain calmness and easiness that is really endearing. With a wife like TC, he kind of had to be like this, but still, it's remarkable. And it's obvious his daughter is counting on him 100%.
Let's see how that changes if she gets involved with Simon. I think Reinaldo will have a hard time accepting it at first (there is an ick factor involved, after all), but down the line I;m sure he;ll be ok with it.


Thanks Adriana, Great as always!

ITA with everyone who think KIke's whining is too much, suck it up already and be a man! I don't think the interview was in front of Gris house, there isn't a balcony there, I rather think Kike went to the interview place the when and where must have been written in the papers.

Alo liked the Simon-Patti possible relationship.
And as I remember in one of the first episodes Reinaldo presented Simon to somebody as a sommelier, even though so far what I saw him doing is more like a maitre'd-s job, whatever.

The beach scene was excellent, loved how Gris become almost outraged when Reinaldo said something about that the "siren' with the beautiful body cannot be real.
TC mosty just amuses me she's so over the top, you cannot take her seriously.

This show way more realistic, even with the over the top characters than CI.

BTW, Adriana, have you checked this site yet?

They usually have a video of the episode up around 6 AM our time, I think you are in my time zone, that is about midnight in US.
I usually catch it there in the morning, during breakfast.

Thanks Deb for the comments; you are so right about Mamacita and Pedro keeping secrets from each other. And, Gina gotta tell Mariano the truth! After the way Marge has treated her, Gina should feel free to do as she sees fit. C'mon, girl, wake up! Marge is a simpering, passive- aggressive manipuladora!
J in Oregon


AotherAmy, that recap was a gem!!

I especially liked your description of oddly red colored hair Estela on site. Sore thumb much!

Who knew you could get phone sex in Spanish? I'm now rethinking New Girl as working as a stripper. She isn't wanting any sleazy work, and being JM and Tomás' secretary may be her next job. I hope so.

Loved Tomás hanging out with best friend Jack Daniels. Yes, when is Ignacia ever going to say something about that.

So, as I understand it, Ignacia and Tomás have NEVER had sex since the wedding? He was asking last night about "intimacy" and her being "frio" toward him. This kind of strains credibility, although it does meet the "TN code" in that the heroine never willingly has sex with anyone except the hero.



I've seen the actress playing Mathilde in two other novelas. She played a neighborhood sexpot in El Clon. The son of the devout Muslim family living nearby was obsessed with her (in a funny way). She would strut her stuff walking around the neighborhood much as she does in Cielos poolside at the hacienda!

I also saw her in Ojo por Ojo that ran on a Brand X Spanish language station. She played a prostitute who was actually a good person. She was in love with one of the three brothers who were bad guys in Colombia.


Terrific recap, AdrianaNoel. I'm glad you're feeling better.

Actually, Antonio does owe Rafa at least the first $2,500 that he gave Mirna as the down payment on her stellar performance as Tony's mom.

I loved the scene with Pati and TC. But, of course, she's going to apologize to her totally nuts mother as she promised her father. Of course, crazy is crazy, but it surely seems to me that what TC needs is dose after dose of the truth about her behavior.

I agree that it makes no sense that Griselda is subsidizing Antonio's move to different living quarters.


I want to thank all the racappers for their hard and witty work. I'm not watching any TN now because they don't intrigue me like La Patrona did-yes, I'm in heavy withdrawals-but I read the recaps to keep current on all the TNs. Thanks again for the hard work and effort.

DYO jueves, part 1/3

Papa is preparing breakfast for Ruben and they chat about Estela and the circumstances of Mariano leaving. Mar laments that abandoning an hijo is the most painful thing that could happen, and he would give anything to have that time back with them. Ruben is thoughtful… thinking of Mini-Luben perhaps?

Ignacia chats with Gina about starting a foundation to help single teen moms. Sorry, Iggy--MTV beat you to it. She wants to show Tomas and Ruben how strong women can be… when they fall, they get back up.

Ruben asks Estela what she said to Lupita’s family to get them to leave him alone. We get the sense he’s getting a taste of a little culpabilidad. She assures him he’ll never see her or her bastardo again, because she is capable of doing anything to defend her family.

Olegario tries to talk Mireya out of leaving, but it’s no use. Pobre de Oleg… he nearly breaks down in tears.

Ruben shows up at the vecindad, and Lupita is less than happy to see him. He wants to know what Mommy Dearest (giving Joan Crawford a run for her money) said or did to her family. She’s too blinded with chipmunk rage to say anything but how much she doesn’t ever want to see him again, and she’s raising this kid on her own. Marge comes up, and Ruben is in for a double dose of screeching. Marge wants him to show up and get to know the family, but Ruben says Lupita has decided that’s not happening. And he, along with everyone else, is pretty sure she’s to blame for global warming, too.

Sixteen minutes and 14 seconds into the episode, Pedro is found unconscious. And there’s lots of blood.

Gina shows up with her bags at the vecindad, and Marge rolls her eyes.

Tomas shows up at the obra office and gives Iggy a hard time about the rose (so did I miss it? Do we know who left it? Was it Pedro after all?). She says she bought it herself, he says he would have bought her bouquets of roses to put all over the house instead of just a simple, single flor. (By the way, I had to rewind the few seconds when he says “una simple flor hermosa” and watch it over and over again, because Fabian Rios does this quirky little facial expression that CRACKS ME UP. He’s having lots of fun playing this guy—dang I wish I could post screenshots in the comments!).

Mariano enters the obra office to finally have “the talk” with Ignacia, but they have to wait for Ruben because he wants to talk to them both at the same time, and there is that pesky mandatory tn waiting period to allow for interruptions so the truth doesn’t get out too early.


DYO jueves, part 2/3

Olegario reluctantly puts Mireya in the taxi, and she gives Oleg her engagement ring to give to Pedro (“just give it to him, don’t tell him anything”) and she leaves. Thank goodness--we were running out of secrets on this show.

Gina catches Marge on a bipolar upswing, and they make up with a hug. Gina is welcome to stay. Marge mentions something to Gina about helping Lupita buy the sewing machine, and Gina is confused.

Ruben arrives at the obra office, and now the truth-telling can begin.

After Mireya has ridden off into the sunset (knock on wood), Oleg gets the call that Pedro is in the hospital and runs to tell Gina and Marge.

Estela is sitting on her evil throne (which is what I always think of when I see a red velvet chair with gaudy gold framing) in the living room, chatting with Scruffy Henchman, when Tomas walks in. She dismisses SH quickly, and Tomas sees SH stuff cash into his pocket on his way out. “How was your day?” Estela asks. “Apparently not as good as yours….” Insinuates Tomas with a grin (OMG, Tomas is a total crack-up in this episode.). “Whatever do you mean?” “I don’t interfere in your personal life… or your ‘needs’…” HA!!! He’s insinuating she just paid Scruffy Henchman to satisfy her ‘needs’!! Priceless! (I’m seeing a little Willy del Castillo from CV peeking out here :D)

Estela explains that SH was the man she hired to take care of the Pedro Problem, and the Problem has been solved. Tomas is VERY grateful.

Mariano is beating around the bush… “I called you both here today to explain that I did what I did because I loved you, and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done…” (Viewerville is WAITING for a phone to ring with news of Pedro’s accident…) “but you need to know that your mother is not who you think she is, and I’m about to tell you the truth… right now… very soon… are you listening? I’m going to tell you the truth… right…” RIIIIIIIIIING. Truth-telling averted. It’s Iggy’s phone, she is distraught at news of Pedro, Karina arrives just in time to take Ignacia to the hospital without letting on to Papá or Ruben what’s going on. Brilliant moment when they look at each other and shrug.

Olegario can’t get a hold of Mireya and leaves her a message at the bip.

Karina doesn’t think Ignacia should go in to see Pedro, it’s not fair to Tomas (bleck). She encourages her friend to be upfront with Tomas and tell him she doesn’t love him, and then she can be with Pedro and be happy. “You can’t choose who to fall in love with,” Karina philosophizes. She threatens to tell Tomas if Iggy goes in to see Pedro.

Mariano goes to see Lupita to offer his abuelo services, including unconditional love. They get “the call” and run to the hospital with Olegario.


DYO jueves, part 3/3

Totally unimportant conversation between Zafiro and other stripper in which she observes that the only person star-client loves is himself.

Everyone has gathered at the hospital and are surprised that Mariano is there. Oh, well, they’re going to let them see Pedro!

Heartbreaking scene in which JM comes to visit Tomas and ask for love advice (ACK, ACK, ACK!) with Karina… he likes her a lot, when he’s with her he feels complete (ohmigaaaawd) and wants to make her happy, but he’s never lived with a girl before and doesn’t want to screw it up. And Tomas is the perfect guy to ask about this because he has such a happy marriage with the woman he loves (seriously, where is intelligent, suspicious, intuitive JM?? I miss you ☹ ) Tomas is enjoying this (sitting in the evil throne by the way) WAY too much. Hurry up New Girl!!!

Oooops… Karina shows up and starts to talk to Tomas about Ignacia before he shows her JM is here too… “Karina, what are you doing here?”

Gina and Marge are agonized (and agonizing to viewers) at seeing Pedro’s head all bandaged up (with not even a black eye or bruise by the way), but he starts to come to and says Ignacia’s name in a daze… Margarita Impactadita. Gina says “oh, he… um… said… Mireya. He wants to see Mireya.”

Back in the waiting room, everyone wants to know why Mireya isn’t there, and Oleg is having a hard time making up a story.

Sweet moment in which Iggy is curled up on the couch at the apartment with her head in Abue’s lap… she’s sobbing and confused, and Abue tells her “those tears and those feelings you are having are as real as… the cravings I’m having to smoke right now…” Love that woman. AA goes on to advise Iggy that the “2 different worlds” thing should not be an issue, and she offers a rather touching monologue about how everyone is born in the same way, breathes the same air, loves, suffers, laughs… and what matters is passion. Iggy asks point blank… “Are you telling me to leave Tomas and give my feelings for Pedro an opportunity?” Abue doesn’t answer… yet…

Fin del capitulo

Thanks for your answers regarding Mathilde. I guess once a sexpot always a sexpot!
Turcos is up to something but what?


Amy thanks for your witty observations. This novela is dopey yet entertaining.

Did anyone else notice that when Lupita was outside she was carrying a book simply titled "American History"? She immediately goes into the house book. It has disappeared.

I also thought the red velvet chair looked like a throne. What really surprises me is that this family of means has no staff. How can you have a novela with rich people and no servants? Who is going to listen to all the secrets? Well this family takes matters into their own hands–they do their own eavesdropping!

I also loved the scene with Abuela and Iggy. "Pasión." Enough said.

Word verify: Moines385

MARIDO Thursday - this is a short one, guys, nothing much happened

K sees Barbara with Max and she sees him, too, but then Max calls her to take some picture and show the world how in love they are.
Later on they show us how in love they are, too, when they go at it in their hotel room…And then, at night, again, because until his fight Max will have to keep his strength – so no sex for Barby, if they want to gain all that money that comes from winning the fight.

In the meantime K spends the entire day reminiscing about Barbara and bailing on work. He goes to the beach where a fortune teller tells him he’s still thinking about his ex, who left him, but she will one day be sorry. All the pain is too much for him (eye roll), so he runs to the sea to cool off.

His suffering (and stupidity) so big, he forgets to go for his son at school. Gris gets a call from the teacher and has to leave Dona Olga’s wake to go pick up little K.
Also at the wake, Gabe and Celeste talk about Gris and she stupidly gives him hope that maybe Gris will one day be interested in him. Oh, Celeste, mind your own business, will you?

And, yes, Dona Olga died and Amalia is completely broken up about it. And slimy boyfriend Rafa takes advantage of this, taking her to the shop late at night and making love to her. Amalia resists at first, wants the first time to be special, but Rafa fixes this (in Amalia’s eyes) with some candles and music. Poor girl, I hope they at least used protection.

TC and Pati talk about Antonio, Pati wants to forget about him, TC assures her that she still hasn’t met the man of her life, her great love (or maybe she has and she doesn’t know it, yet…. ahem). Pati gets some comfort from these words, apologizes to TC for the way she spoke and they hug it out. But Pati is still not willing to share all her thoughts with her mom, when Antonio calls her later, she doesn’t tell TC it was him.
Even so, she still asks him to stop calling, because she won’t be answering no more.

Leo gets out of jail with some help from Peny’s lawyer, just in time to get involved in some shady business that Rafa proposes him.

Antonio doesn’t want Gris to work for Palmer, but it’s not like he has a better way to repay the money. She still wants him gone of the house and he still acts like a prick about it.
When K finally comes home, he and Antonio have a heart to heart about Barbara (“she was never yours, bro!” Antonio says and he’s right) and about love in general.

JP and Esther are at the restaurant, eating and chatting with Reinaldo, while Vanesa looks on, in her usual state of fascination. Simon asks her to cut it out once again, but when will it ever stick?
When Esther and JP finally leave and are being escorted by Reilando, they meet Gris at the entrance. After the introduction, Gris gives them a card and Simon, this time wearing street clothes (me likey!) takes her inside. JP and Esther make the connection between Gris and Antonio, but promise Reinaldo not to tell TC about her. Have I mentioned before how much I love them?

Later on, as Gris starts working and Reinaldo keeps her company, they chat the night away – she explains she had to work out of necessity, he’s impressed by how extraordinary she is –… And then, there is a knock at the door.
They’re both sure it’s TC with her usual escandalo, but they should be so lucky. Instead it’s Gabe, playing his usual jealous boyfriend number and I’m curious to see what explanation he has for being so over the line annoying and pathetic and clingy and insufferable.



Sue, I've noticed the no-staff thing. I'm thinking Tomas has even mentioned something before about not needing staff (or maybe I imagined it). I want to know who cleans the bathrooms and does the laundry in that place (and am rather enjoying imagining Estela doing both)... I'm sure that's the first thing on Tomas's honey-do list for Iggy when she's barefoot and pregnant. You're right, though... they definitely don't have any qualms about doing their own eavesdropping!


AnotherAmy, I love you-platonically of course! You never fail to have your recap crack me up. And yes, the two eps I've seen of this TN, Fabian Rios looks as if he's having a lot of fun. He's not taking himself or the role too seriously, especially when he's flirting with Estela.


Many thanks, Adriana, for the Thursday recap. You're right, nothing much happened, at least nothing of much interest. Gabe becomes even more insufferable, and K is running a close second with his endless whining over the perra he should be glad to be rid of. Actually, a lot of the males in this TN are sad specimens. Gabe, K, Antonio, Rafa, Manuel, and Leonardo come quickly to mind. And as we get to see more of Max, I bet he'll be added to that list. True, it's not all one-sided, thanks to Reinaldo, Simon, and, for the most part, JP. But still....

So it looks as if Amalia has Done The Deed. Anyone want to take bets on whether she'll become pregnant? And how Rafa will respond if she does?


Mati points the gun at Chacorta’s manhood, he tells her not to shoot, she’s not wavering, though. She continues to ask him, did you have sex with that woman? He says, it depends on how you define the word “sex”. Just kidding. He actually says, if you want the truth, yes, but it was just that one time. And how many times have you done it with Heriberto? (thought that was going to remain secret). You see, he continues, we’re both sexhounds, whatcha’ gonna do? Finally, he gets her to give him the gun, saying he loves only her. Whew!

Next confrontation. Chema lays down the law with Cabo, and Cabo doesn’t exactly like what he hears, so he replies, fine, but everything has to be 50/50. This is a new one for Chema, who is accustomed to being the big cheese. But Cabo calmly explains that what other supplier in Colombia does Chema have, it’s just business, and eventually they shake hands.

It’s not so easy with Chacorta and Bert, however. Bert is really mad, and when Chacorta says his dad Aurelio has been a little loco lately, this doesn’t calm him down one bit. But Chacorta says we have to stick together, or we’ll end up in jail or dead, and it’s just business. Bert won’t shake his hand, but does take a shot of tequila with him, half heartedly clinking his glass. I think all these people (Chacorta, Mati, Bert and Raquel) were at Chacorta’s mountain chalet, a separate place from Aurelio’s castle.

Back to the castle. Aurelio says to Ximena you’re coming with me, punto! No way, she replies, and when a henchman enters, she grabs his gun, pointing it at Aurelio. He shoos the henchman out, he’ll handle it. The police are getting closer and closer. Aurelio can’t believe she betrayed him. She looks at him with abject hate, telling him every time I see you, I can never erase the faces of my father and of Ali, whom you killed! Aurelio pulls his gun, tells her, like me or not, you’re coming with me. No, she replies, either I stay, or kill me now! He finally gives in, leaves without her. He goes with the guys to Chacorta’s place, but Chacorta isn’t leaving either. Chacorta wants to stay and take care of the business, SOMEBODY has to. Bert willingly goes with Aurelio. Then Aurelio goes to his Mom’s house. Doña Alba says he’ll always be her son, no matter what. But she ain’t leaving her little ol’ country home. So off goes Aurelio in the plane, just him, Bert and Irina, who tells him, “I’m not staying with you overseas, I’ll introduce you to my contacts, then I’m returning to Mexico. So only Bert. Take that, Aurelio!

The cops finally arrive at the castle, and there’s apparently nobody there. But they cautiously search, and finally, open a door to find Ximena, Rutila, Luz Marina, Victorcito and two nurses or helpers, cowering behind a bed. They’re taken to safety. Back at the station, Marco tells Ximena she had better talk. She can go into the witness protection program. She says what about Victorcito? His Mom was killed, he has no place to go. If you don’t give me custody, there’s no deal.


A bit later, she’s taken to a hospital, where Marco says we did get you custody of little Victor. Thank you, she says, but why did you bring me here? A tall figure approaches on crutches, it’s Turco, saying, I was the one who requested it. Wow! He’s alive, and she’s speechless, but it isn’t long before they’re in each other’s arms. The deal is, if they give sufficient info, they’ll both be transferred to witness protection. Later, they’ve finished giving their statements, Turco mainly telling all the locations of the safe houses, money, accounts, etc., Ximena doesn’t have much to say. Marco says then you’ll at least have to give testimony that Aurelio killed your father. She gulps, then flashes back to Aurelio admitting it, and how horrendous he’s been. She agrees.

Cut to (I think) Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s a few months later, and Ximena and Turco live in a modest house, not minding one bit that it’s far less luxurious than what they were used to. She’s a teacher, he’s writing a book on finance on his computer. All’s right with the world. Or is it? He gets a package, looks like a little keyboard, he tells Ximena it’s just something to make his computer faster. But he had previously been looking at a picture of Irina on the internet. Ximena leaves, Turco calls Cabo, and the device distorts his voice! He tells Cabo, in the disguised voice, I won’t tell you who’s calling, but if you still want to take out Aurelio Casillas, here’s how to get to him.

At the police station, Marco and Leo are in love. Marco tells Benitez with the information from Turco, we’ve seized 100 tons of coke, lots of cash, 70 houses, 6 farms, and 27 planes (maybe more, that’s just what I remember). We’ve put such a dent in his operation, he can’t do much. Benitez is pleased. Marco still isn’t satisfied, saying I won’t be happy until he’s behind bars. That’s what I like about you, says Leo, that determination. Marco continues, we’ve been chasing Casillas with interpol, from country to country, and we have him pinned down either in Argentina or Chile.

Chacorta is still in Mexico, of course, and is doing some business. Mati is happy he’s acting like the true capo now. She’s working on locating someone named Loralei, and we don’t know who this is (yes, the previews tell, but we don’t discuss previews, right?). Cut to Argentina, Aurelio has given Bert a brand new high end jeep, but Bert’s not impressed. In fact he leaving to work with Chacorta. It’s business, Dad. This leaves Aurelio totally alone! So he calls Irina, come to Argentina. No she says, you come to Mexico.

Shortly thereafter, Cabo shows up in Mexico, at Irina’s gallery. He wants to see some nudes. She first wants to recommend another gallery. But he opens up a suitcase full of bills, and this seems to change her mind. With Aurelio on his way to Mexico, and Cabo working with Irina (whether she likes it or not), Aurelio could be in trouble!!!!


Great recap, Hombre. So what else is new? :-)

I was a bit surprised at several things that happened, or failed to happen. I really did fear that Aurelio would shoot Ximena, who has admitted to him not only that she slept with Ali and enjoyed it but also that she has called the cops and they'll soon arrive. I guess it says something about Aurelio's feelings for Ximena that he didn't shoot her, even though he normally has no tolerance for anything that seems even remotely like betrayal. Perhaps it also says something about his continued unease over having killed her father.

I was also surprised when Aurelio didn't respond forcefully when Chacorta told him that he was staying where he was to mind the business, rather than accompanying Aurelio to points unknown. I began to fear that Chacorta might wind up being the hooded figure in the theme song about to be torched. Apparently not...yet.

I was even a little surprised that Chema backed down when Cabo insisted on 50-50. Cabo must have ice in his veins...he's defied powerful people several times and survived. But since his name is Cabo and not Gato, he probably doesn't have nine lives.

I wouldn't have guessed when she first appeared in the novela that Irina would still be around near the end, and apparently right in the center of things. I assume that Cabo has come to purchase art in order to find Aurelio. After all, we saw Turco using the computer to get information about Irina, and then calling Cabo to tell him (with his voice disguised) about how to find Aurelio. I'm not sure exactly how this will play out, but I guess we'll all find out either tonight or Monday. All we know now is that one by one, everyone has deserted the loco Aurelio. And then there was [n]one.


thankyou, thankyou, AnotherAmy

Lupita looks like she is having fun spending her money, buying little presents for herself,

Neto is quite an interesting character, including slashing Tomas' tires, noticing Margarita was in trouble and basically saving her from certain death at the hands of Gina 1, and now he probably saved Pedro's life, how long was this crowd trying to wake him up, and of course he is always there for Mireya, and well, everyone in these two families, so where's Mary,

at least Pedro remembers Ignacia,

yes, I'm loving Fabian Rios in this role, he's good at this, and having fun,
(I don't think they said about the rose, that Ignacia loved, but is no more)

I guess Ignacia, Estela, and Tomas, are the only ones with cars,

Mariano going to the hospital with Olegario and Lupita was odd, and then everyone looked at him and went, why are you here, and why was EVERYONE wearing visitor tags,

Tomas giving JM love advice, oh no, this can't be good,

I'll bet Olegario never told a lie in his life till he started hanging out with these people,

I really liked Gina 1, but the way Margarita has become, her and Gina 2 really act like sisters,

I thought I'd heard Tomas saying earlier when referring to servants, that he didn't want any strangers in the house.


Thank you, Hombre, for another fabulous recap!

I'm beginning to wonder if the hooded figure is Aurelio....or is Aurelio in the background? I don't remember.

I am thrilled that everyone is walking away from AC, including his beloved Beto.


Marta, I'm pretty sure that Aurelio is in the background, calmly smoking a cigar, and about to light the fuel that will soon burn the hooded figure to death.


Juanita - I'm sure you're right. I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part:)


thanks so much Adriana Noel,

interesting when Antonio calls Pati, and she tells her mom it's something else,
Ro slides into TC and says that it was probably Antonio,
TC, the master already knows, but questions why she even took the call,

interesting when Griselda and Reinaldo chat,
she accuses him of thinking all handymen should be men,
and he asks if she thinks all cooks should be women,

true Juanita, the men here aren't too outstanding, and we haven't even met José Salinas ( Miguel Varoni), but on the flip side are the women that have to deal with them, and now that Rafa has had what he wants, will Amalia be joining that club.



Yes, deb! That was it... he said he didn't want strangers in the house. Now I remember. I knew he said something about the no-staff situation.

I agree with every single phrase and question you had. Thank goodness the hospital is way more vigilant about identifying its visitors than the construction site, where any old hitman or girlfriend in a wheelchair can show up unchallenged. And loyal Neto defends his friends like the feisty little chihuahua/hypersquirrel that he is. What a sweetie. I'm not sure we'll be seeing any more of Mary until he wants to make Mireya jealous again.


Thanks, Adriana, for two excellent recaps. I was so busy yesterday, I couldn't get on line. So your recaps are a great diversion this morning.

I loved, "Antonio has to pay Rafa back (HA HA HA)" for the $2500 he supposedly paid Mirna, and, as Novelera pointed out, Ant still owes Rafa $2500 for the downpayment. Wanna bet Rafa never gets a cent of that money.

TC may be crazy, but there are times when she makes sense. She has been spot on pointing out to Pati that Ant not only lied to the family, but, most importantly, he lied to Pati.

Simon looks to me to be younger than Reinaldo, but certainly older than Pati. And didn't Reinaldo make a point of telling Simon what a good friend Simon is? While I really like Simon, I have a feeling he may end up with Vanessa.

I am so disappointed with Gris. She continues to enable Antonio. She's paying for school, books, room, board, clothes and the deductible on Ivan's car. No wonder he's an insufferable, entitled brat.

Kiki is pitiful. He's annoying me almost as much as Antonio is. Even if he's having delayed feelings of loss and rejection, he needs to man up and be a father to his son.

Did poor Olga die just so Rafa could get into Amalia's pants? How cruel of the writers!



I cant believe that Amalia did the deed already with that loser!

Deb i may be mistaken but doesnt the intro show Kike and Max fighting?

Also i think Daniel lives with Paloma so wouldnt this be more of a win for Anotnio?

Dont know why but i wish Khotan was in this... (What happened to him?)



Thanks so much for the recap Adriana. I needed it, since I didn’t get a chance to watch last night. I’m sad to read poor Olga died. We hardly got to know her, but she seemed like such a nice lady. I hope Amalia was paying attention when Olga was teaching her how to make the creams!

Also not pleased to hear that Amalia did the deed with Rafa. Ugh! I really hope there is no pregnancy. In any case, she is in for major heartbreak, like Pati is experiencing. Pati had her first sexual experience with Antonio, so I hope like her, Amalia doesn’t end up pregnant.

Quique needs to pull himself together!



Excellent as always Hombre!

It was nice to see AC being abandoned one by one by his family and associates. As Chacorta pointed out, he’s the one who’s been handling the biz lately, while AC plays at being King of the World, or whatever.

Has anyone told Beto yet that AC killed his gandpa? In any case, his months of living on the run with crazy AC seems to have removed the rose colored glasses he’s always had on when it comes to his father.

Using Irina to bring AC down—I approve. I don’t like Turco lying to Ximena though. Feels too much like her bad marriage to AC. I hope Turco comes clean tonight.



thanks so much Hombre,

so the show begins with the Casillas' brothers being held at gunpoint by each of their wives,

I think Aurelio letting Ximena live is a family thing, kids and all,
Ximena likewise did not shoot him, but used the gun to make the point,
she wasn't going with him,
Aurelio also looked disappointed that his mother would not bless him before he left,

it seemed kind of cold,
Marco demanding evidence against Aurelio before he would help Ximena/Ali,
but then again they are both criminals,

Turco, the way I see him, is altogether the bad guy that Aurelio is,
even though he was never the one to pull the trigger,
but I guess he needs Aurelio dead and gone before he can step out into the light,
or is it a capo thing,

yes Cabo is an interesting character,
and even with ice water in his veins we have seen him sweat bigtime,
but his loyalty to Tijeras and maybe Monica as well,
is something we are not seeing from the others,
except from maybe Triste,

Chema actually reminds me of Topo,

and Ruy Senderos (Beto) is doing an amazing job being the son trying to fit in.



As much as I hope it doesn't happen, I'm predicting pregnancy for Amalia... even though it didn't happen for Pati (that we know of yet), Amalia was a virgin from the "working class" who had her first time with a known scoundrel. To me, that's a recipe for disaster. It always seems those "working class" girls are so fertile.

K's whining is getting really old, as everyone seems to agree, and what's with the fortune teller on the beach? Seems like something is going to happen there... apparently the Barbara/Clara/K triangle wasn't complicated enough. Now, in my oh-so-limited experience, I'm seeing beachgirl w/K at the end, Clara with Gabe, Vanessa with Simon, and Pati with Antonio (after he has his redemption and spends months trying to win her back). AND Ivan with Paloma... how cute are they?? Of course, I could be totally off-base, especially since we still have several months to go.


Is being married to a criminal a crime? How is Ximena a criminal? They've been married since they were teens-- long before AC became a big narco boss. She was never even privy to AC's biz. He kept all that info from her-- unlike Chacorta who lets Mati be in on it and negotiate. Or Doris and General Dan. Ximena and AC never had that kind of relationship. She was not his biz partner-- she was his wife and the mother of his kids. Punto.

I thought that Marco was rather rude to Ximena, and has always been that way with her. I didn't like how little he cared about sending Victorcito off to an orphanage.


Thank you, Hombre, for another excellent recap. You have truly given us a wonderful gift, recounting and translating this amazing story every day. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all your efforts. Many, many thanks!

I'm with you, Vivi, on the Ximena as criminal charge. I think Marco is so obsessed with capturing AC that he believes anyone associated with AC is aiding, abetting, harboring or otherwise protecting a criminal. Even though Ximena knew what the family business is, she was a prisoner herself. Marco used Victorcito to ensure Ximena's cooperation.

I can't remember anyone telling Beto that AC killed his grandfather. I think we'll see Beto's reaction to this bit of information tonight or Monday.

I'm very curious about who Lorelei is and what her connection is to this tragedy.

Maybe we will finally see some retribution for Irina. Although Turco's tracking her down to set up AC may be the undoing of Ximena's little family. I'm back to believing that the hooded, kneeling figure may be Turco.

Now that AC is going back to Mexico, all the major players will be in the same place. I expect a lot of bloodshed the next two episodes.



Vivi, I agree that Marco was rude to Ximena, but of course he hasn't come to know her as we have. All he knows is that she's the wife (and in his mind probably ally and accomplice) of the man who, directly or indirectly, killed his father, his mother, and his girlfriend, not to mention the countless others for whose deaths he's responsible. He's been singlemindedly pursuing Aurelio for years, and he sees Ximena as someone who could be of considerable help in this pursuit. So he's quite brusque and hardnosed, revealing his determination to get Aurelio and his fear that Ximena's silence may help Aurelio escape yet again.


Thanks Adriana, your short recap covered all the bases.

RIP Olga, I hope she taught Amalia how to make those cremes, otherwise she'll be out of job.
Eww, I really don't like the idea that she did the deed with Rafa.

I seriously hope it not results in an unwanted pregnancy but according to TN rules this wont be the case because she was a virgen and rule#10 declares that poor virgins must get pregnant the first time around :(

Kike is pitiful, stop the self piti already, but could there be an upcoming romance with the girl at the beach??

Also, when Antonio sat at the table, there was a clear view at the table behind him and the photo of their father was there in the same frame as before, when did they replace it? Didn't Gris destroyed it and tore up the picture a couple episodes ago??!


Thanks AnotherAmy excellent job once again!

Iggy should cosider Karina's advice (even if it was given out of her own interest) and get out of this marriage while she can.
It was doomed to failure from the first moment.

Evil throne - LOL you are absolutely right!

Tomorrows episode looks interesting!


Great recap, Adriana!

Barbara (the actress playing her) has such an extended butt, it must not be natural. And if it is, I don't like it, it's too much. She is rather sexy, though. As for her and K, she did seem to look at him a little guiltily from afar, as if she still sort of loves him, and only likes Max for sex and money. We'll see.

I thought I saw just the first faint glimmers of responsibility in Antonio's eyes when his mother explained things to him. Or not.

I wouldn't be surprised if Amalia gets pregnant, and Rafa drops her like a hot potato. Hope not, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Another winner, AnotherAmy!! This show continues to entertain me, but you recaps entertain me even more.

Karina is actually talking some sense, LISTEN TO HER, IGGY!! Who cares if Karina is just looking out for herself.

The Jamás/Iggy marriage is just the beaniest beanie thing about this whole show. Why I accept it, I'll never know, but I do. It would be interesting to see if they actually do get divorced and that something else keeps them apart.

Wonder if Mireya is gone for good. Poor Neto would be heartbroken

Though I loved Gina 1, I never really bought that she and Marge were sisters. I really do feel like Gina 2 and Marge are sisters. I love Gina2's fashion sense, too.

Am I the only one who as noticed heavy use of seafoam green and other pastel/Easter Egg colors?



Thanks, Another Amy, you are doing such a phenomenal job keeping up with this addictive piece of trash (too strong? - I apologize). This is like watching a train wreck - you just can't turn away. So, many thanks for your great recaps.

I loved "Sixteen minutes and 14 seconds into the episode, Pedro is found unconscious. And there’s lots of blood." Good thing it was daylight, or Pedro would have been there till morning.

Now I'm stuck on who cleans the bathrooms. We know it's not Nomas, Ruben or Estela, and I hope it's not AA. So that leaves Iggy. Or maybe the duende from La Patrona comes in every few days.

Fabian Rios does seem to be enjoying himself.

"Evil throne" - too funny!

I was hoping that blow to the head would erase Pedro's memory of Mireya.


Super as usual Hombre.
Marco is a cop, so I can understand how he is with Ximena, Both husband & father were narcos. But Marco should know that usually the wife knows nada.
She did call him with the location.

I was surprised with the Ximena/Aurelio outcome, but at least Aurelio stops short of killing the mother of his children.

I knew Aida was shot but I didn't realize she was dead.

The Casillas hermanas sure had muchos problemas with esposas & guns last night.

Seems like Marco would be going after Chacorta as the #2 man.

2 more nights but I think I can do w/o so much blood & violence for a while. This has been an excellent novela.


Let me join in on the paeans of praise for your wonderful recaps, Hombre!

I saw the same actor portray Cabo in El Cartel a few years back, and he was despicable. I have found it interesting that he has some redeeming qualities in this one (saving Tijeras).

He's also incredibly brave. When he stated he wanted 50:50 to Chema, he then said something like: "If you don't like the deal, we'll die in a hail of bullets." And, Chema, who appears to be a good judge of people, knew this was not a bluff.

I rather thought Turco and Ximena's little witness protection paradise was too good to be true. I fear Turco's thirst for revenge will land him back in the soup somehow.

I thought the scene with Chacorta and Mathilde was very well acted by both of them. Despite all the infidelities, they do love each other. And Mathilde's telling him the real reason she'd done the deed with Beto was because of all his missteps. [We did see him many times going off to have sex with the hot and cold running prostitutes in the DF safe houses.] Not to mention having a child with another woman.

I am also anxiously awaiting Beto's discovery that his father murdered his beloved grandfather. This HAS to come out.

The scene with Irina and Cabo was SO funny. Her lip all but curled at the sight of this guy in the warm-up suit and funny hat. She told him he could get a very nice, reasonably priced nude in San Angel (a DF neighborhood) in a plaza. Then he opens the briefcase!

I didn't comment on this before, but a couple of episodes ago, it was SO shocking to me that Chema rolled right up and shot Topo in the head [to cut down on the competition]. Wasn't expecting that!

I don't know the legalities, but something tells me you can be prosecuted for knowingly accepting the proceeds of criminal money; i.e., Ximena living well all the years Aurelio was loaded.


Thanks so much for the recap, AdrianaNoel!

Hombre, I noticed Bárbara's tush as well. Wow! I didn't really notice that feature in Corazón Valiente when she played the sweet Clara.

I was completely disgusted that Amalia had sex with Rafa. In the first place, what's up with taking her to the motorcycle shop? Cheapskate much? And, like all TNs, in the wink of an eye the person male or female desirous of having sex, pulls 30 or 40 candles out of their ... [fill in the blanks!] and creates "romance". Doesn't this guy have a home to take her to. Even Motel 6 would have been better than his workplace!

Yes, TC did seem a little milder last night. She DOES love her daughter very much.

OK, I'm officially over Gabe and ready to FF through any scene with him. I hope Gris verbally slaps him down hard tonight. That's outrageous showing up where she's working and accusing her of hanky panky with her employer.

I noticed a touch of realism last night when Bárbara was kissing Máximo in bed and he ended up with a fair amount of red lipstick on his face. And I join in with everyone who is beyond bored with Kíke's act/


Can anyone tell me why people refer to Reinaldo as Reinaldo Palmer? His last name is Ibarra; Palmer is TC"s and JP's name.

And, once and for all, what is the name of the restaurant? The sign says Palmer Gourmet and Vanesa welcomes diners to Gourmet Palmer.

word verification: sistops25


I'm with Juanita on the Marco vs. Victorcito thing. Marco knows Ximena as just another part of a drug family, and maybe figures the kid would be better off in an orphanage. But now we know where Aurelio draws the line, for now at least.

I think El Chema might have been impressed with Cabo's business acumen, along with his good word (if he says he's going to fight in a gun battle then by god he will). Or maybe he's just happy to see Cabo want Aurelio dead too and is willing to let Cabo do the deed and take all the risk in that regard.

Sad scene with D. Alba saying goodbye to Aurelio and refused to bless him. Because why? Seeing her sob when he left though was a little heartbreaking even though she knew who and what he was. But now she's left alone.

Do we start taking bets on who (if anyone) will survive to the end?


If Amalia were a little older, the first thing she would have asked herself in that romantico office would be "Why does a guy working in a motorcycle shop have 20 candles in his office?" It's suspicious.

I want Paloma to beat the snot out of Antonio. Pretty sure she could do it. But that's go to be awkward, living in your ex's cousins place. Hope he suffers.


Topo deserved that after murdering those poor guys after they completed his tunnel.


After tonight, I don't care what happens to Turco. Despicable! Ximena deserves better.

I thought Turco was better also.

Now Aurelio knows he is alive because Turco was the only one that knew about all that lute, Aurelio killed everyone else.


Sue, I don't mind the restaurant switching words in its name, but Reinaldo's name is Ibarra, and yet they always say Mansion Palmer or something similar. I think this is either a mistake from the directors or a way to show how emasculated Reinaldo is right now: TC's house, TC's money, TC's name, they all take precedent over him.

Hombre, I didn't notice Barbara's behind, but I did notice her huge, unnatural breast - I'm sure I'll have plenty of opportunities to see her naked again, though, she seems to be the passionate kind...

Novelera - LOL at your comment about Rafa pulling the candles out of his...
It's true, some nice candles create a mood, but it's never how they show it in tns.
And since everybody is wondering about this, do you think that besides a nice supply of candles for the passionate moments at the office, the Motto shop could have a stack of condoms, too?

MARIDO - Friday

part 1

Gabriel explains that he came to the restaurant to HELP Griselda finish work, like the good friend that he is (rolling my eyes till they hurt and then I roll them some more). He thinks Gris is moving rather slow, what with all the chatting. Reinaldo is NOT pleased, but Gris is furious.
She drags Gabe out, asking him to butt out and go home – the perfect moment for him to tell her that he loves her and he’s jealous. The declaration is interrupted by Rei, because Gris has to get back to work, the restaurant needs to open in the morning.
So, while she goes back inside, Gabe takes advantage to warn Rei not to take advantage of Gris. Rei says he’s a gentleman, he respects her to much for that, he IS married and besides, he wouldn’t use a trick like that to seduce a woman. Do you think any of this registered with Gabe? NO! He tells Rei he’ll be watching him, regardless….and, oh, I just can’t with this dude!

At their house, JP and Esther talk about Gris and Rei. JP thinks there is nothing going on there, but considering the kind of woman his sister is, he wouldn’t be too surprised. Esther is a woman, and her intuition is telling her something might be going on. Besides, she also had that talk with TC, where her sister-in-law seemed rather concerned.
Later on, after they make love (off-screen – sad face, it would be nice to see JP show some skin), JP receives a call letting him know they will be able to open a shop in London; but he makes the mistake to call the new shop their new baby, and that bothers Esther enough for her to call the fertility doctor again – But, Esther, at that hour? You left the restaurant late, you came home, had a chat, made love… it has to be at least 3-4 in the morning, right?
Regardless, Alma is at the office and Esther asks for a new consult. JP hears the conversation and I remember that Esther received an envelope a few days ago and they were about some fertility information – has JP given them to her?

While TC talks to Ro about Vanesa doing a good job at the restaurant, Vanesa is telling Daniel how much she likes Rei and how she’s kind of falling for him. With all the secrets and the twisted things Daniel already knows, I’m impressed that he still finds it in him to be surprised and disapproving. Daniel, the secrets keeper, when will he get his own sl?

Back at the restaurant, Gris is wondering whatever Gabe saw in her. Well, you’re brave, dignified, honest – Rei explains. How well you know the owner of the taco bar, Chef Ibarra! Oh, no, wait, these are his own feelings, like he kindly shares with Gris once she asks if he thinks the same about her. She tries to minimize her qualities by saying that she didn’t have a choice, but Rei thinks we always have a choice, and when adversity strikes, we have several options, but she chose to fight.
The talk is getting pretty intense, she drops her cap, some of her hair shows up, all ruffled and in Rei’s eye, I believe, also sexy.
Is it getting hot in here? Well, yes, and they both realize this; Gris hurries to get back to work and Rei disappears into the kitchen.
Morning comes, but they only realize this when Simon comes to work.

At the Motto Shop of Poor Choices, Rafa and Amalia have overslept and Ivan + employees find them. Thankfully, they are dressed, but Ivan is still upset. He tells Rafa that if he wants to be a good manager, he needs to act in a different way, make his employees respect him (a little late for that, Ivan). Rafa tries to explain that Amalia is practically his fiancée, but Ivan warns him not to do anything this stupid again.
After that Rafa takes Amalia home and so far he is treating her well and he seems to genuinely love her and have the best intentions with her, but I’m sure his side business will get him into trouble.


MARIDO - Friday

part 2

At home they find Tony and K waiting for them. They both demand to know where Amalia was all night, but they use the wake for Dona Olga as an excuse. K believes this, the idiot doesn’t even remember that he has to take care of his son, but Tony is not that stupid. When he and Rafa are alone, he warns Rafa not to mess with his sister, because she’s an innocent angel – finally, Tony is acting like a brother, but I wish he would have done this from the start.
Amalia is remembering her perfect night and, oh, how happy that makes her feel, because it was wonderful! – Excuse me if I don’t buy this and I’m totally annoyed that a virgin’s first time is always pictured like this in a tn (unless it’s a violent act).

Griselda goes to the taco bar, gets upset when she finds out K has been missing work, tries to talk some sense into Gabe again, but she’s wasting her breath.

K is in front of the hotel, waiting for Barbara. She is in her room, making out with Max. He has training for the rest of the day, so she’ll just go to the beauty salon – I now notice her big buttocks… That can’t be natural!

After Max leaves, K confronts Barby at the salon, calls her an ungrateful slut and other loving names for abandoning him and their son. He promises he’ll make her life a living Hell if she doesn’t leave Miami as soon as possible. Some bodyguards throw him out of the hotel, but not before he manages to really rip into Barby and create a scene loud enough for someone in the salon to record it – as it turns out, it’s a journalist, so this story will be in the press by tomorrow.

When Rei gets home to sleep, TC is busy planning their vow renewal; but she already fired 3 party planners, so Rei suggests she should just plan the party herself. TC gets excited about the idea, wants to discuss it with Pati, too, but the girl doesn’t have the time for her mother’s frivolities. So TC calls Esther, who isn’t too interested, either, but she gives TC the idea to turn this party planning thing into a permanent occupation, a vocation, something to do to stop being so bored all the time. Of course TC thinks that after she plans her party and starts planning other parties, too, she will be the best in Miami.

Gris gets home and wants to go to bed, but she remembers about Dona Olga’s funeral.
There, too, Paloma notices how bright Amalia’s eyes are and guesses what happened (again, really?). Later on Gris sees that something is different about Amalia, too, and when she finds out she spent the night with Rafa at the so called wake, she’s not fooled. She’s not upset either, she just wants to talk to Amalia about this later.

After his confrontation with Barbara, K goes to work just to whine some more. Seeing him in such a bad shape, Gabe allows him to take the rest of the day off.

Back from the funeral, Gris finds out from Tony that she has to go pick up little K from school, because big K is busy with his pity party.

Max buys a motto from Ivan’s shop, has his training and then goes back to the hotel. He finds the room completely trashed, Barbara had done this in an early scene, while in a complete rage over K. He finds Barbara on the bed, with her makeup smeared all over her face. He gets the impression she was attacked and for now she doesn’t explain that she did this to herself – or did she? – do you think it’s possible that K came back to the hotel? I don’t think he would have been able to get upstairs, seeing how he was already thrown out once.
Anyway, Barbara is crying and asking Max to do something, while Max get the crazy, ready to kill, eyes.



Excellent work Adriana. I have to run off, so I'll comment more later, but I am 100% sure that Barb did that to herself and Quique was off at the beach or something continuing his pity party. Unfortunately for him, there is video evidence of him confronting Barb, TWICE! Had he stayed at work, he would have had an alibi. Not anymore. He could be in big trouble.


Last night's episode made me think once again that Turco will be the hooded one who gets torched by Aurelio. And whereas I don't wish such a fate on anyone, I'm much less sympathetic to Turco now than I was before last night.


Wonderful recap, Adriana! I loved your response to Gabe "(rolling my eyes till they hurt and then I roll them some more)" and the side comment to Ivan's advice that Rafa should "make his employees respect him (a little late for that, Ivan)." I also chuckled over your suggestion that in addition to a supply of candles, the motor shop should store a supply of condoms. And like you, I'm not buying the TN portrayal of Amalia's losing her virginity as "wonderful!" and something that leaves a new glint in her eye that the world can see. Blech!

Each episode makes me more and more fed up with Gabe and with K. But no, I don't believe that K went back to the hotel and beat up on Barbara (though I wouldn't feel the least bit sorry for her if he or anyone else did so). No, I'm pretty sure the perra did it to herself both to explain why the room is a total wreck and to prod Max into beating up K.

So it looks as if Gris is about to have three kids in trouble. To Antonio's difficulties we can add K's recorded threats against Barbara coupled with her claims that he assaulted her, which are probably enough to land in him jail, plus Amalia's possible/likely pregnancy. Now it's your turn, Kikito. Go steal some toy cars.



I find myself searching for reasons to stay with this telenovela. The main one that comes to mind is the prospect of seeing Max and K fight each other in the ring. IMHO, their bods are the best thing (perhaps the only thing) they have going for them.


After plopping down the briefcase full of cash and asking for “nudes”, Cabo tells Irina he wants to be her “friend”, and he's also looking for Aurelio Casillas. In that case, I can't help you, says Irina. Besides, why does everyone want to find Aurelio? But...I could help you in business, I know some powerful people. Interesting, replies Cabo. But I'm still interested in nudes, too (he gently lowers the shoulder of her blouse, and says Aurelio always did have good taste). Irina smiles, says that's possible, too, it's just a matter of time. Cabo smiles back, nice, but let's not tell Aurelio I was here, okay? Irina says it'll be their little secret, and they dance seductively.

At Chacorta's place, Bert tells Chacorta he thinks his Dad is spending too much money. A henchman's phone rings, and Chacorta tells the guy to take the call somewhere else. It turns out to be Chuy, the guy who helped Turco put Alejandro's body in that refrigerator way back, who agreed to work for Turco instead of Aurelio. And the call is from Turco! At first Chuy doesn't believe it, since Turco's dead, but Turco gives him the Alejandro details, and Chuy's convinced. Turco says I need a favor. I'm going to give you an address. Go there, remove the contents, and put them where I tell you. Chuy agrees.

We then see him roll up to some sort of van. Chuy's brought some helpers, and two large trucks. Inside the van, there are piles of money, and many, many valuable sculptures and paintings! Back in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ximena is happy about her day, she bought the kids something with her own money (never did that before), but Turco seems nervous and distracted. She senses something, he hasn't talked to her much in several days. He lies, says he's just worried about his book deal, but when it's published, they'll take the kids to the amusement park. Ximena gets a wistful look, Aurelio always promised we'd go to the amusement park one day, too. But we never did. Turco asks, do you miss Aurelio? How could I? He killed my father. But now I've got an honest man at my side.

Aurelio arrives at Irina's townhouse, and SHE's acting distant. Why did you have to come back, she wonders. Well, I got business deals. I'm going to be back on top! Ah, don't kid yourself, she replies, how many times have you given me that same sorry story? He HITS her hard, in the face, knocking her to the ground, telling her it was her FAULT that he did it. He then drags her off for some anger sex, telling her she'll have to talk in Russian while they do it, and she'd better make it sound good!

Cabo tells Chema about Irina. Chema wants to follow Irina, to get to Casillas, but Cabo says she'd notice, too risky. He'll take care of things. And get some nookie along the way, if he's lucky. Chema warns what if the Casillas family all get back together, we can't allow that. No way, says Cabo, they're NEVER getting back together.

Cut to Doña Alba, with Chacorta and Bert (in Chacorta's chalet, I think). She's hired a new Nanny for Carlitos (the baby), hope Mati doesn't fire this one, too. And Raquel has been helpful, too (I guess she stayed, and is still Bert's girlfriend). Alba is happy to have her grandson here. Chacorta and Bert say they'll get back her other grandchildren, too, soon. No, says Alba, let Ximena have them, they're better off. Chacorta disagrees, Ximena stole his son, he's going to find her, and KILL her. Oh c'mon, says Alba, you never were a father to that boy. She leaves, Raquel enters. Chacorta comments if Bert ever “leaves us”, I'll “take care” of Raquel. Bert's angered, but shoots back that if Chacorta kicks the bucket, he'll take GOOD care of Matilde! As he walks off hand in hand with Raquel, drinking lemonade, Chacorta's face is like stone, resolute.


In Cali, Colombia, Mati meets with her Aunt, is disappointed her cousin never found the mysterious Loreley. But no, Auntie has a surprise. A white Cadillac rolls up, escorted by a narco SUV. Door opens, we see the high heels, pan up to a beautiful, thin, but tough looking dark haired young lady. This is Loreley. She has guards behind her, with submachine guns. She turns out to be the sister of Oscar Cadena (killed by Cabo). Mati says she can help Loreley get revenge, she knows how to find Cabo and Tijeras. Her husband is Charcorta, and she knows just what to do. These two agree to be amigas. Loreley says just call me Ley (which means law).

Ponte informs Leo and Marco that Casillas has arrived in Mexico, maybe they can finally locate him. They can't understand how he got in, with all the airports covered. But anyway, Marco orders discreet surveillance of Doña Alba's house, and Matilde's house. Leo can't believe Aurelio would dare come back to Mexico with all their heat. Marco says it must be because he's run out of money.

Aurelio, who IS just about out of money, tells one of his remaining henchman, Vitaminas, wait til you see what's in this van, we'll finally be able to get back in business, it's all we need. It's that van we saw earlier with Chuy. The guys open it. Empty. Aurelio is in utter shock. Vitaminas asks, who else knew about this location, boss? Aurelio thinks back, only he and Turco knew, along with two henchmen, whom they killed. So just Turco. He also remembers a strange call where Randy said are you sure Turco is dead? That's it! Turco is alive!!!!! No wonder my bank accounts were closed, my warehouses seized, my containers emptied, everything! Turco. I'm going to tear you to pieces.

Back in the USA, Turco's having breakfast with the kids, Ximena comes in to take them to school, Turco says those kids are my weakness, but you even more, and they have a sweet, normal, family kiss. But as soon as they leave, Turco gets out the voice box, calls Chuy. I guess the box doesn't just disguise voices, it can also be used to make calls untraceable. Turco asks Chuy if he put all the items in the right place, and Chuy did. Fine, come to Las Cruces, New Mexico, a restaurant called La Gardenia, and we'll adjust accounts. After Chuy hangs up, Chacorta takes a call right in front of him, then hangs up, telling Bert it was Aurelio, someone just emptied a warehouse in Santa Rosa, took everything, jewels, all Aurelio had. Bert asks if it was the cops. Nope, someone else (as Chuy stands right there).

Cabo wakes up after a night of booze and babes, Chema and he talk about girls. Cabo says he thinks he's in love with Irina. What? You seem to go after all of Casillas' women, says Chema. Maybe you're right, admits Cabo. Chema warns him to be careful with La Russa, she could outsmart him. Cabo thinks he has her eating out of his hand (we'll see). Phone rings, it's Irina, Cabo tells Chema not to wait up. By the way, he adds, you know lots of languages. How do you say “tap that, babe” (pega la pelucha) in Russian?

Aurelio arrives at Chacorta's, distraught. They took all our stuff, $100 million, the jewels, the artworks I bought from Irina, everything! And only ONE PERSON knew where these things were. Knew the exact location of all our accounts, containers, warehouses. I don't know how he did it, but Turco's alive! Chacorta wonders if maybe Turco told someone before you killed him. Nah, says AC, Turco's been “dead” a long time now, that doesn't make sense. He must be still alive. Let's go to Mexico City, right now! Un momento, says Chacorta, I'm not leaving, I'm waiting for Mati to come back from Colombia. Bert's not leaving, either. What about you guards? Roars Aurelio. Silence. You're all traitors, morons, he yells. And walks off alone. Again.


In New Mexico, Ximena sends the kids to bed, tells Turco, let's go to the movies tomorrow. He can't, he's leaving town. But honey, she says, I thought we couldn't leave unless it was an emergency. Turco says he already cleared it with the witness protection guys (liar), he just has to go to Houston to meet with his book editor, just for one day. Ximena's worried, Aurelio has people all over. Turco reassures her, everything will be fine. Ojalá.

Mati's back with the baby, I think at Doña Alba's house, she even brought two Colombian nannies with her. And look who ELSE is here, Aurelio strides in! As just about everyone glares at him (Mati, Chacorta, Bert, and Raquel), Aurelio says a man without his family is nothing. And what a nice family we have here. He tells Raquel to say hello to his nephew (the baby). When Raquel sits next to Mati, Aurelio remarks, gee, you two look like sisters! Hmmm.

Cabo meets Irina at the gallery, she's wearing dark glasses. He lifts the glasses, who hit you, Aurelio? She's silent. The bastard. She doesn't want to talk about it, but says let's go somewhere for a drink.

In a restaurant in New Mexico, Chuy arrives, Turco's sitting at a table, fondling his cane. Chuy tells Turco it was easy, they just emptied out the van, no one saw them. Here are the keys to the houses, here's the money, and here's that sculpture you asked for (like a silver curved horn). Turco tells him put it back in the shopping bag. Chuy continues, the money's in one house, the jewels in another, the paintings in a third, and here are the keys. Good job, says Turco, then you can have all this money. Chuy's eyes get wide, it's over a million dollars. Thanks, boss. Turco asks, you sure you got rid of all the guys who helped you with the job? Yep, all of them, replies Chuy. Not a single one of them is still I live, I swear to you. Good, says, Turco, then help me take this stuff out to the car. They go out, Turco limping with his cane, Chuy carrying the bags with the sculpture, the money and the keys. Turco opens the trunk with his remote. When Chuy bends down to put the sculpture in the trunk, Turco pulls a sword out of his cane, and stabs Chuy to death! He then pushes him into the trunk and drives off. Whoa!


CIELOS, Part 4

Aurelio talks to his Mom, he misses his children. Alba understands, but thinks it's best for the girls to be away from him. No, he vows to get them back. But here comes Chacorta, the cops are coming, let's move! He asks Alba to take charge of Mati and Carlitos, and the men leave. Marco and Leo arrive with the usual contingent of police, Alba greets them, says leave, we're honest women, doing honest work. Don't you ever get tired of bothering us? Marco replies, Ma'm, your son killed my whole family, I'm not stopping. Mati comes out, yells and taunts Leo. The cops search, don't find anything, and leave as usual. Alba says to Mati, I understand them. If I had done something different raising my sons, we wouldn't have to go through all these humiliations.

A few miles away, the guys are walking through the woods, and Aurelio is back to that idea to alter his face through surgery. He could get revenge on all his enemies. In fact, why don't he, Chacorta and Bert ALL do it? Chacorta and Bert say no way. But Aurelio is determined, and wants them to find him a doctor. They agree to try.

In a remote location, off the road, with brown fields and cacti, Turco stops the car, drags Chuy's body out, and gets a shovel, prepared to dig the grave. But in the distance, some guys pull up in a truck, apparently partying, drinking beer. Not wanting to be discovered, Turco only has time to drag the body behind some cacti, jump in the car, and speed off. Loose end!

Turco arrives home, thinks it's empty, starts cleaning the blood off his sword. Little Rutila enters, how come you have blood on your sword? Did you kill someone, Turco? Out of the mouths of babes.

Monday. The Gran Final!


Wow, Hombre good one.
The end is near, at least for Turco.

Aurelio is short on funds & friends.

I'm sure Turco plans on getting the lute from the houses, which is probably when Aurelio snares him.

I'm kinda hopping that Cabo makes it. He doesn't kill his friends.


Muchas gracias, Hombre! Fabulous recap once again! I missed the part about plastic surgery last night so glad to read it in your recap. Guess I must have gone for some much needed refreshment...i.e., a glass a wine:)

Variopinta, I'm kind of routing for Cabo to make it as well for the reason you mentioned.

DYO viernes, part 1/3

Karina’s BS factory goes on overdrive and she tells JM she deduced he was at Tomas’s when he wasn’t at his apartment and didn’t answer his phone. How dare he! She was scared! JM apologizes for scaring her. Son of a.

Gina questions Lupita about the sewing machine and why she told her mother that Gina had helped her out with the money. Gina doesn’t believe that Lupita used her savings to buy it.

Mireya’s back. Sigh.

New Girl is in her cheap motel room talking to brother Benjamin on the phone… she’s telling him she’s got a respectable job as a respectable secretary, and she’s going to earn all the money to pay for the operation. She flashes back to all the humiliating experiences she’s had in her job search.

Mireya’s gone again, Oleg goes looking for her at Casa Perez, but no one knows where she is. She needs one of those collars with a bell on it, like TC in Marido wants for Ro.

Iggy is at the hospital with Pedro, being tender. She wants to know who did this, and she’s going to take charge of finding who’s responsible (DRINK).

Marge is resentful that Mireya hasn’t shown up for Pedro. Lupita leaves for “school”, but after she leaves the house she pulls out a different outfit from her bag and says, “school? In your dreams…” Someone’s getting rebellious.

Ruben is up early to the surprise of breakfasting AA and Mariano. He’s going to get his job back at the constructora, and his demeanor is changing for the better. This redemption happened faster than I expected. Now we need to get Mireya on the fast track.

Mireya shows up at the hospital and greets Neto, who wants to take her in to see Pedro. He says something about having lunch with Mary, his “media naranja” (“other half” maybe?), and things are “consolidando” in their relationship. But even though Mireya isn’t his “media,” she’s his “amiga” and she lets him take her to see Pedro. The bleep is about to hit the fan, and I’m thinking we’re in for a Merrinche when she crosses paths with Iggy.

JM is hiring a new secretary, Isabel (whaaaat????), but first he needs to tell her a few things about his partner… Grrr! I was so hoping New Girl #1 would get the job!! Maybe tomas will run off New Girl #2 asap.

Karina goes to see Tomas again at the house, with Estela peeking around the corner (DRINK), which Tomas apparently sees and drags Karina out to the pool to talk. Karina tells him there’s been an accident with Pedro (he flashes back to his conversation with Estela in which she says she’s taken care of the Pedro problem), he’s in the hospital, and Ignacia rushed to his side. Karina tells him that Ignacia is in love with Pedro, the obrero, and Tomas makes a weird “I’m smiling to keep from throttling someone” face. He leaves.


DYO viernes, part 2/3

Iggy is saying goodbye to Pedro in the hospital and leans in for a kiss, which ends up on the forehead. Mireya and Neto barge in as Ignacia is caressing Pedro’s face. Iggy explains she was just leaving, and she had come to talk to Pedro as his boss since the attack happened on company property.

Mireya follows Ignacia out, and makes it clear in her venomous Mireya way that Iggy has Pedro at work, but he belongs to Mireya outside of work, and those worlds do not mix. Mireya refuses to address Ignacia informally, as Iggy requests, and dismisses her when the rest of the family arrives. Iggy is shaken up and takes her leave.

Lupita shows up at Mariano’s apartment wearing the outfit she took out of her bag (don’t understand this, unless it’s just that she wants to show off the new clothes she’s buying with Estela’s money), but Mar isn’t there and she meets AA for the first time. AA wants to know if Ruben’s attitude is improving at all, but Lupita is tight-lipped and stiff.

Tomas arrives at the office and meets Isabel. She introduces herself, beaming ridiculously, and as Tomas is telling her what he expects, she finishes his sentences showing that JM has trained her well. However, when she tells T that cuñado Ruben is waiting in his office despite her asking him to wait outside, he tells her this better not happen again or I’ll fire you today. (Please?)

Tomas gives Ruben his job back, but Ruben has to do whatever he asks him to do (haven’t we been here before?), not necessarily to spy on Ignacia, but something he will tell him when the time comes. Ruben accepts, because he really needs the money, and has apparently grown massive cajones because then he asks Tomas for an advance, promising he will do lo que sea.

Mariano arrives at the apartment, and Abue is pleased as punch to be let off the hook, telling Mariano aside that Lupita is the most boring girl in the world and she doesn’t get what Ruben saw in her (which we don’t take as a serious insult, because she says it in her entertaining Abue way). Lupita wants help with finding a good doctor in a fancy hospital, where they will treat her with respect and attend to her every need.

Iggy arrives at the obra office where JM is waiting to meet with her, and she is visibly upset but trying unsuccessfully to hold it together. Ugly-cry face is just a moment away as JM tries to comfort her.

Mireya and Pedro are alone in the hospital room, and Mireya brought lotion for his hands (weird.). She starts to cry and tells him she was going to go live in Corpus Christi but couldn’t go through with it because she loves Pedro more than life, and if she didn’t have him, she would die (uh. oh. Suicide blackmail, coming right up). She wants them to have another chance, to get married, etc. He’s flashing back to Iggy’s angelic face saying “I came for you.”



Thanks for another espléndido recap, Hombre. I gotta say, I was really surprised when Turco killed Chuy. Looks as if Ximena has got really unfortunate taste in men. It's said that women tend to marry men like their father. I guess so.

Hombre, your recap has taught me not just Spanish but English as well. I'd never heard or seen the expression "tap that" before. Is it recent slang? Sigh, I'm really out of it when it comes to pop culture, and I guess that includes slang. It's weird--I probably know more slang from years before I was born than I do from the last few years.

Like some other commenters, I'm now wondering who will be left alive at the end of Monday's episode. Perhaps another way of putting that is to ask how many people will be killed in that episode. Lots, I bet.

DYO viernes, part 3/3

Iggy has calmed down, Jm wants to know if it’s something to do with Tomas… or Karina. He convinces her to say that she doesn’t trust Karina anymore and she’s not sure why. JM offers to talk to Karina, but Ignacia says she will fix things with Karina herself (DRINK). JM wants to know why she didn’t tell him this before… couldn’t it be that what has you so upset is having too many secrets?

New Girl #1 is preparing for work at the car wash (which involves taking off her shirt and fluffing her hair) when creepy guy tells his driver to stop and watches her primp. Who is this woman? She’s a goddess! (Who is this guy?? He’s a creeper!!). I do not like the direction this sub plot is going. She may wind up at the strip club after all, dancing for Tomas in a blonde wig.

The vecindad crew is back at Casa Perez after having been tossed out after visiting hours. There’s some blabbing about wanting to know what happened to Pedro and that Iggy is going to find out, and then Mireya says something that reminds Neto that he was supposed to have lunch with Mary the Media. UUUUUPS. Someone just got stood up. He rushes out to try to fix things.

Tomas tries to visit Pedro at the hospital, but awesome macho doctor wards him off threatening to call the police if he doesn’t leave.

Margarita takes out a bottle of Simply Lemonade with the label ripped off (hee hee—I recognize it because I buy it all the time) and sets it next to a bottle labeled “detergent”. I love this novela’s commitment against product placement. Gina’s convinced Pedro’s accident was not an accident. The sisters deduce that Estela is behind the attack.

Tomas makes a mysterious phone call saying to get it (him?) ready… he wants to see it (him? Dang these ambiguous Spanish pronouns) now.

Ruben comes by to check in on Lupita and to give her money. He apologizes for the things he said when he found out she was pregnant and now he wants to do the right thing. Ruben suspects Mommy Dearest has something to do with this. She refuses his money and trounces off, worrying later that he might find out about Estela paying her off.

AA has made more margaritas (diet ones this time) and Mariano is upset that his kids still see him as a coward that left them without looking back. But they don’t understand that he sacrificed himself for them so that they would be happy (see how well that turned out? Martyr much?). AA rolls her eyes… “Here we go again” she says.

Ruben goes to see Estela and announces that he does not want to end up like his dad, separated from his hijo, and that if it’s true she forced Mariano to leave, then he knows she’s capable of separating Ruben from his kid. He demands to know what she did to Lupita.

Iggy is agonizing over her memory of Pedro telling the story of the attack, and her memory of Mariano saying that Estela is not the person they think she is. Light bulb: “Mamá??”

Fin del capitulo.



so nice to read your recaps Adriana Noel,

Rafa thought he was smart having the only keys to the moto shop, but wait, the owner shows up and has keys too, that was an interesting speech Ivan gave him, that as the manager he has to set an example, also one more slip up and he is outta there,

and apparently Rafa is magic in the bedroom, according to Amalia, who didn't have to spend $2500,

so now no sex for Máximo till after the fight,
and Barby really turns up the tease,

so glad TC might find something to do, right now she just sits around worrying where everyone else is and what they are doing,

so was the smitten Leonardo apologizing to Penelope for kissing her, (did we see that earlier), and she thinks he was just happy to be out of jail, away from his boyfriends,

so at the Kiko/Barby fight in the beauty salon, the beautician thought it was over Barby wanting custody of little K, wrong, she could care less,

I guess I've never stayed in a hotel room where there were so many things not bolted down that you could throw around,

wow, now that I'm getting to know Kiko's ex, Bárbara, the wife from hell, I'm starting to see why he is so twisted on her,

it was probably on the other show that I saw this, but it fits here,
Zorra with a Z, and then using your finger like a sword tracing the Z, zip,zip,zip.



What I'm wondering is if they're going to fast forward and present AC with a new face:)


Thanks Adriana!

Wow, Kike is going to be in deep s**t because the facedown.
Will that woman try to blackmail Barby with the photos and writing an article,or just simply sell it to the first tabloid?

Barbara will surely make Kike responsible, but I don't think he did anything besides calling her names and promising to make her life hell, she destroyed the room (poor maid who's going to clear that up tomorrow) and smeared her makeup, and only told the boxer guy how horrible names Kike called her and embarassed her in front of everybody.

Finally TC is going to have something to occupy her time, maybe she'll finally be off of everybodys back.


Wonderful recap, Adriana. I too agree with your take on "Amalia's perfect night". Only in TNs.

I think because Gris was so tired and they were at a funeral, she didn't have the energy to get upset with Amalia for having sex with Rafa, but when she finds out our little bunnies didn't use protection (I'm just guessing), she'll start to get very concerned.

Rafa actually behaved very well after having his way with Amalia, and he certainly said all the right things to Amalia, Kike and Antonio. He has a decent job, Ivan didn't fire him and he made a big sale to celebrity Max. So, I guess we know that somehow he's going to screw it all up.

JP and Esther may process things differently, but they both came to the conclusion that there might be something going on between Rei and Gris.

I'm 99.9% sure that Barbara tore the room apart and gave herself the clown makeup to get even with Kike. Kike may be volatile, but he doesn't strike me as a woman beater.



thank you so much Hombre,
excellent recap!

hmm, since Chacorta was actually seen at various shootouts, and was a wanted man, I'm surprised Marco wasn't pursuing him more, as he knew where Chacorta's place was,

and it was interesting to hear Chacorta's grudge, that Ximena stole his son, I hadn't figured on that,

so true Hombre, "Chacorta's face is like stone", quite often it is,
(excellent acting, Raúl Méndez)

who is the actress that plays Loreley?

so true Variopinta, "Aurelio is short on funds & friends",

ay Cabolito, time to roll the babes off the couch and go to work,

interesting that Turco gave up so much of Aurelio's wealth to the police, but kept a few treasures for himself, this guy is always working the angles, but now that he is the guy pulling the trigger, not so good,

wow, Aurelio summed up his whole story, "a man without his family is nothing",

oh yeah, the three face changes, I'm thinking Larry, Moe, and Curley,

I'm wondering if Marco won't be the last man standing,
a guy who has lost everything,
the question is, will Leo be there by his side.
(I thought Carmen Villalobos' role was going to be a guest spot, especially after Leo took that bullet to the head, I'm so glad she is still with us)



Juanita, I don't think I've ever said "tap that" either, but I was using the English subtitles. Of course we can figure out what he meant.

Here's my take on Turco. Yes, he loves Ximena. And compared to Aurelio he's not so evil. But what kind of a guy agrees to be the front man and lawyer for a killer? He's lied for years, and been present at (even if he didn't do them personally) many assassinations. We may have been carried away by his relative kindness, and started rooting for him. But he had a choice here. He could have lived that modest life with Ximena. But he chose not to, and will probably have to pay the price.

Way back, we were thinking there were no people to root for, except Marco and Leo. I think that's true again.

As for Aurelio and the face, if he does have the operation, I hope it goes horribly wrong, but he lives, gets caught, and has to "face" the music :)

As I've indicated before, I can only do the long recaps on weekends, so since the gran final is Monday, I'll probably have one of my short recaps, and hopefully everyone else will fill in details and final thoughts. I'm excited about it. The writers have surprised us many times, and they probably will do it again. And I LOVE that!


Another amazing recap, Hombre, thank you!

It will be astounding if, at the end of this "story", AC is still alive. So far, he has eluded, evaded and survived. He's probably going to get back most of his loot. Maybe he'll die on the table. Or maybe he'll end up looking like Hugh Grant!

I was surprised that Turco was so careless. Why didn't he check Chuy's pockets or go to a car wash?

As you said, Hombre, Chuy's body is a huge loose end. Ximena and the kids are now more at risk than ever, and, even though I personally think AC won't kill Ximena, I think he'll lock her up in a heartbeat.

Interesting that Mati is working with her compatriota Ley to get rid of Cabo and Tijeras - without consulting Chacorta. I think she's looking to become a full partner in the family business.

This may be the best TN I've seen. Even though I've only been watching them for a few years, Cielos seems to be better written and much more dramatic and engaging than any of the shows on Univision. Monday night should be memorable!



thought for sure Pedro was waking up to Mireya's kind touch,
I smiled like Pedro to see it was Ignacia,

haha, bells for Mireya's wheelchair, or at least some beer cans dragging behind, maybe even a siren, flashing lights, flags and a bullhorn,

she certainly laid things out for Ignacia,

ah yes, the newly wealthy dona Lupita is taking clever measures to hide her new monies, and even turns down a big roll of Benjamin Franklins from a newer/gentler Ru-ben, is that his advance, yes, this new girl #1 should be working there,

so who is this wealthy looking guy taking his limo through the car wash,

wow, so Gina's round-the-world logic lands on Estela, as being responsible for the Pedro beat down,
Margarita agrees, after it is all explained to her,

Ignacia, going an even different route, bing!, comes to the same conclusion,

give us that look Estela, no one's taking you down.


One reason this is so good is it's based on a real person & real narco events. It is not left to the mercy of a Salvador Mejia & his cliche driven mierda.
Of course you need good writers & good actors.The writers were exceptional & the actors have been perfect, every one of them.

I liked Aurelio in the beginning, very capable narco businessman, but when he kills his suegro, that ended it for me. I went the way of Ximena.
my no robot word



I forgot to thank AnotherAmy,
for another very wonderful recap,
so nice of you to do this for us!



Another Tour de Force recap, Hombre. Loved every word.

When Chacorta refused to leave with Aurelio, the 1972 song: "Alone Again, Naturally" by Gilbert O'Sullivan, ran through my head!

Aurelio is making sure he's completely alienated everyone. He had that (nice one) Anger Sex with Irina. ¡Ella es de armas tomar!, and I expect some betrayal by her.

Wow! I did not expect to see Turco stabbing poor Chuy. Of course, the very minute he started making those calls to México and not staying safely in Witness Protection Paradise with Ximena he began, I think, his own downfall.

Mathilde just doesn't let up, does she. I kind of hope her "get Cabo" plan doesn't work because the guy is SO amusing.

The scene with Cabo and Chema was interesting. Chema warned him to stay away from La Rusa, but Cabo has blood in his veins, while Chema appears not to have any. This guy is cold as ice.

I was wondering if Chacorta was just goading Beto or if he's continuing to have sex with Raquel? He said something about her being servicial, which got glares from Beto.

I loved seeing Aurelio's face when he entered that empty storage container. This was going to be his "seed money" to get back to the big time.

I also noticed that Turco is planning to pretend the cash is from how well his "financial management" book will do. He said something to Ximena about they'd have more disposable income when the book came out.

I hope Ximena gets enough of that "disposable" income to live confortably with the kids. Wish Alba could join her.


I enjoyed your analysis of Turco, Hombre.

While he was certainly a better person than Aurelio and Chacorta, he revealed his true character by not being willing to let go of that money. And, yes, I'm sure he will pay the price.


Another Amy - another terrific creation! Thank you for such a detailed recap. I absolutely loved your snark and side comments - like, "She needs one of those collars with a bell on it," and "The bleep is about to hit the fan, and I’m thinking we’re in for a Merrinche when she crosses paths with Iggy."

I cannot muster up any interest in Lupita or even take her character seriously. She looks and acts like a 12 year old. And AA was right - she is boring.

Mireya, on the other hand, is muy interesting - a very cool, calculating opponent for Iggy, who clearly lost the hospital skirmish and ran off to cry.

For some reason I thought New Girl #1 and New Girl #2 were the same person and that NG #1 was going to have two jobs to make money for that operation. Clearly I need to put my glasses on.

Even though we know Estela will lie, yell, project and lie, I loved Ruben confronting her and spelling out his logic that she did something to make Lupita go away.



Thanks again, AdrianaNoel. Another terrific recap.

I also find it quite sexist that a virgin is shown as completely satisfied with her first sexual act. Not to mention the old chestnut about her face being different, her glowing! Gah!

I also hope TC gets into the party planning business and keeps her nose out of Reinaldo's restaurant. But, since they've shown her killing a person in a wheelchair with a plastic bag (her mother?), I don't expect a complete rehabilitation for her character.

Leo appears to be teetering on the edge. His appreciation of what Penny did for him shows some good in him. But, with Rafa cooking up a plot with him to get the money he so craves, he'll probably be facing a long road to redemption.

I wish they'd hurry up and move Tony into the pension. I'm finding the scenes where Gris keeps telling him he has to move repetitive. His ribs only seem to hurt him when he's looking for pity.

Kíke is behaving like a lunatic. He said he wanted Bárbara out of town, and fast. But it surely seemed to me that he just wanted to be around her. Definitely stalking behavior.

I'm sure that that reporter is going to have the pictures of Kíke and Bárbara up on TMZ before you can say Yellow Journalism.!


I believe Turco is the same type of low, deadly snake that AC and Chacorta are. In fact, he may be worse; he looks down on AC and Chacorta and thinks they're lower than him because he's more refined in his business dealings. Turco's better educated and knows how to keep his hands cleaner, but he planned and carried out operations that left many tortured and dead. He's been able to have someone else do the actual murders. And he kept the information about AC's wealth/treasures secret from Marco, obviously planning to collect it at a later date.


AnotherAmy, I am convinced you could make a successful one-woman show out of your recaps; each one is a gem of humor, humanity, and snark, tossed together with a touch of magic.
And you do it every night! It's hard to express the appreciation we all feel, so...."thanks!"
Okay, sleazy guy cruising by in a limo. We have one un-accounted for sleazy character: Enrique, the secret lover of Estela and father of Ignacia.
But surely, they wouldn't have Ignacia's bio-dad be truly sleazy, right?
J in Oregon



Thanks, J! I love doing it, but may not be able to do it in such detail much longer. I've been using it as an excuse to procrastinate some much needed packing, and I'm going to have to get down to business here sooner or later...

Thank goodness I'll have internet in Honduras to watch online!

Turco was Aurelio's
consigliere, he carried out Aurelio's
orders. I don't remember him ever killing anyone on his own until Chuy.
I would have liked to have had some background on how they got together.


#$%& you, Turco. Just #$%& you. Here we thought you might turn out to be a decent sort who just got caught up in all this, kinda like Ximena. But no. You are just as bad as the rest of them, you stupid jerk. Ximena will never forgive this.

It's disappointing because he could have had the love of his life and a comfortable, if middle class, life. But nope. Not good enough. Idiot.

But on a happy note, one of the henchmen is named Vitamina. Ooooh, so scary. What are you gonna do, Vitamina, boost my immune system? If he wants to get ahead in this (failing) organization he might want a new nickname.

Maybe he could go work for El Chema, who seems to take things much more seriously than Cabo. He didn't seem too impressed by the girls so what does he do with all this money? Can we continue this story with him? (Could be interesting to see the transition from Pablo Escobar, to Aurelio, to this guy).

I'm sorry to see this show end, but looking forward to seeing how they conclude everything. I don't think I'd mind a few loose ends with this show, but I hope they don't try to squeeze so much in that it feels rushed. We want to get in the full Chacorta-Beto showdown. Even the baby felt the tension in that room between them.



Thanks so much for this and the other recaps, AnotherAmy. Fine work!

I'm going to have to give up a novela soon, and I suspect DYO will be the one. But, while I hang on, I do enjoy reading the recaps.

This novela is a bit too frustrating for me to watch. The Rubén and Lupita story doesn't do much for me. The girl is an amazing drip.

I can't even bear to watch Santa Madrecita. Her cowardly behavior about her disease drives me nuts. Millions of people get cancer diagnoses and soldier on. Many of these people enter into treatments that are painful and lengthy so as to spare their families and friends the pain of losing them. Margarita just buries her head in the sand like an ostrich about everything important: Pedro's real mother, Lupita's pregnancy, getting on with cancer treatment, and on and on.

They are so far from Ignacia and Pedro being together that it's not even funny.

And, it strains credulity that Pedro would blame himself for Mireya's fake paralysis. They SHOWED how she grabbed his face while he was driving to screech possessively at him, causing the accident. If she really were unable to walk, she would have no one but herself to blame. That Pedro stays with her because of it only makes him a very dumb galán.

Sorry for the negativity. When I bail on this, I'll likely read your wonderfully snarky recaps, Amy, for as long as you feel you can post them.

You continue to keep me in stitches. I greatly admire your ability to recap every day. Don't fret over having to skimp on detail. All I ask is that you keep up the snark...and this show provides so much material!

I've only watched the first two parts (having connection issues today), but I have to say that New Girl #1 looked so pitiful after she got off the phone with Ben-ha-meen. If she ends up at the strip club, there better be a darn good reason and she better end up with a happy ending.

Beth-I completely agree that this is a piece of trash, but it is addictive. I will be the first to admit it. I'm Sara and I'm a DyOholic.


I just went to the Telemundo page for DYO and I couldn't find one thing about New Girl. (I was looking for her name.) I came across this gem in a feature about secrets:

"Neto está profundamente enamorado de Margarita y ella no lo sabe."


verification: 41 yoursnMe


Novelera, I agree with every single thing you said about the characters and show, but Ana L is keeping me hooked, as well as watching Fabian Rios settle into his role as Tomas with his quirky little expressions, and Abue Alfa and her comic relief. I don't know what it is about it, but I have to join Sara's DYOholic club (although I may be doing some FFing of certain characters/subplots soon--Margarita will be the first to go). Gina 2 is much more fitting for the character she plays, but I really miss Gina 1.

Sue, that's a "secret" that I didn't see coming ;) Hilarious typo (if, please god,it IS one)!

I am REALLY disappointed that NewGirl1 isn't the new receptionist... I was really thinking after her conversation with Benjamin about being the receptionist that it was bound to happen (and maybe still is?). That was quite a red herring those dang writers planted with all that firing of Olga and searching for a new receptionist interspersed with scenes of NG1 looking for a respectable job. Boo, writers. Boo. I need a NG1/Karina smack-down.


I'm not a narco-vela fan (although I loved La Mariposa), but I'm kind of bummed I haven't tuned in to this one... I've been reading up on it (thanks for the recaps!) and watching blurbs here and there... I'm sad to have missed out on Carmen Villalobos and Tommy Vasquez (sigh). I may have look up some past episodes of this one.


Some thoughts, since I don't comment a lot (the DYO recaps take the commenting fire out of me)...

Daniela Navarro is not my favorite actress (sorry Hombre :)), although I liked her in her more understated Clara role in CV. But she's back to her cartoony over-acting here. I noticed the butt thing in CV in a couple of scenes, but it is so obvious here! I'm thinking Max will lose the fight (and therefore Barbara's respect) and she'll be tempted to take up with (although not necessarily get back together with) Quique again, she seems to have a little bit (very little) of guilt going on there when she sees him.

Amalia and Rafa in the moto shop, bleck. Rafa is shady (yeah, that candle thing was a definite double beanie moment), but I don't despise him yet... I feel like he really likes Amalia but doesn't quite know how to do it the right way. I guess we'll see if/when Mini-Rafalia comes around.

Love, love, love Ester and JP... it's so nice to have a tn couple so stable (for now) and in love for so long. The anvil's coming for them soon, I know, but I'm hopeful they'll come out of it together in the end!

Thanks Adriana for the recaps! I have to FF through most TC scenes (the pitch of her voice makes my ears ring), so thanks to you I can fill in any plot gaps!

Yep, I'm looking forward to seeing New Girl, I loved her as the transgender pole dancer (MSED) and also the cop in CV. Hopefully they give her a really meaty role in this one.
Hmm...Neto and Margarita--okay, THAT is not gonna work for me! If it's not a typo, I'm gonna have to excuse myself while I go herk up my breakfast...
J in Oregon



I'm sure it's a typo. Otherwise, major ick!

Expanding on narco news
Thought you might be interested in
La reina del Pacifico

El Señor de los Cielos

this may be post 200,
(so it's off to 'post a comment', and a newer page)

thanks so much to Hombre for his wonderful recaps!

I posted a short picto summary here,



Deb - you were #200. Thanks for the screen shots. And that picture behind la Russa - wow! I hadn't noticed that before.

I may go into withdrawal at the end of this TN.



Deb, great annotated screen shots! And I never noticed Cabo's pink socks until now. :-)

Can't wait until tomorrow's finale.

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