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Qué Bonito Amor #67 (Mex 100-101.1) Tuesday 7/16/13 The more things change the more they stay the same

My apologies for any mistakes, I'm going on about 30 minutes of sleep...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Amalia and Ruben face-off

  Amalia finally seems to have grown a back bone, I doubt that her new attitude will last longer than an episode or two but let us all hold hands and cherish the fact that for one glorious moment she has seen the light and is trying to stand up for Maria and Jorge. She has called Ruben to her house and he hopes that she has finally made up her mind about turning Jorge in to the police, she tells him that this is not the case, she has called him to ask that he leave her daughter alone. Ruben tells her that everything he has done has been to try and protect Maria because he loves her (oh, gag me with a spoon!), "yes, but you also loved your wife at one point and yet you abandoned her, I'm sure the love you feel for my daughter can also disappear, Jorge has proven that he loves my daughter above all else, and I ask that you respect their love and get out of our lives", she then goes to the door, tells him that the discussion is over and asks him to leave. Ruben stands outside and says that " no one, no one treats me this way and gets away with it". I guess it sucks to be you today dear Ruben.

Bad things happen when you watch too many Disney movies- The tales of Leti and Ana

At JNTR Ana is pensive and a bit sad, she loves Fernando but he has been very clear with her, he can not love her with the same passion that Jorge has for Maria, it's just not how he rolls. Someone needs to give her a copy of "he's just not that into you" and a hug. We have all been there, take me for example, I love my cat, paid $90.00 bucks for her and saved her from kitty death row but she won't give me the time of day. It happens.

 Anyhoo, Siete Mares shows up with some flowers to thank her for her kindness earlier in the day, just then Fernando shows up and gets his boxers in a twist. He bellows "how dare you bring flowers to my woman?!" (well excuse you Fernando, did no one tell you it's 2013 and that women aren't property?). Ana is not one to be messed with and tells Fernando off, "You don't love me the way I deserve to be loved and yet you claim me as your property? You have no right to mistreat someone that does something nice for me, especially when you have never done anything as nice for me", she then thanks Siete Mares for the flowers and walks away, Siete tries to apologize to Fernando but Fernando brushes him off, this is his problem and he has no idea how to fix it.

Just to make things easy for myself I'm going to jump a bit and talk about Leti who is in love with Aventurero and has never told him so. We all know that he has been fired and now she is going to quit her job and follow him back to his home town. Que? Yes viwerville, this young lady is going to run after a man because she can't stand to lose him and yet she has no idea how he feels about her, Maria encourages the crazy. Is this what happens when we watch too many Disney movies? Do any of the women on this telenovela have any real concept about how relationships work? Don't answer that, I think we all know that the answer to that question is a solid "NO".

In the vecindad Mancia is reading the tarot cards for Aventurero, she tells him that there's a young woman that really loves him. Yay? Good for Leti?

The wife, the whore and a grumpy bar owner

Mirna tries get Concho to believe that Lurdes had an affair with El Sonador, she even has photographic evidence of them in a cafeteria! (Oh no, not a cafeteria, what did the poor food witness?!). Lurdes says that she has affection for El Sonador and that he is not going anywhere, after all there's nothing wrong with someone appreciating what he (Concho) neglected. Mirna says that if El Sonador stays so  does Aventurero, Concho is a grumpy, grumpy man and threatens to fire the both of them (Mirna and Lurdes) and tells them to get the blood heck out of his sight. I guess they both know him well enough to know that he is not a happy chappy and they do as they are told.

Elvira, Mistress of the dark gets told

In the lobby outside of Concho's office Elvira thinks to herself what a good idea it was to have Maria and Jorge close, it will make getting revenge a snap! She also thought bubbles about how pregnant women often have tragic accidents! (Evil witch!), as she is about to leave the bar she bumps into her mother who tells her she needs to work because their lives have changed and they can no longer depend on Concho for everything. Elvira whines "but whyyyyyyy, I just want to have fun!", her mother tells her that she either works or goes to school if not she is going to have to find another place to live, oh and if she wants to party she is going to have to do it with her own money because mom is not bankrolling the party train.

Let's make a deal

Concho tries to get Coloso to agree that Jorge can come back to work at the bar, after playing hard to get and having a "mine is bigger than yours" dance with Jorge he finally agrees, as long as Jorge does not earn more than him, Jorge agrees to get less pay and Concho thanks his lucky stars at being able to have his three big guns working for him again.

A bit later he goes into his office to find his daughter there, she demands that he not allow Jorge back in the bar, if he does she will run away from home and never come back (dude, do not pass up this opportunity, you very rarely get this lucky in life!). He explains to Elvira that the bar is her future inheritance, it is in her best interest to learn how to manage it. He also tells her that in business you don't have friends and you don't have enemies, you only have profits and that's the only thing that matters at the end of the day, this seems to connect with her.

Jorge and Fernando discuss the troublesome relationship between Fernando and Ana, Fer tells Jorge that he likes/has affection for Ana but Jorge tells him that's not the same as loving her and tells him not to hurt her.

Elvira is still in Concho's office and demands that Mirna call Maria in for a little chat, it's about time she learned what her place is and who really is in charge at the bar. Mirna fetches Maria and tells her that she needs to go see Elvira, after all she is the owners daughter. Maria does as she is told and meets with Elvira who lays the law down "I don't like you and things around here are going to change, you think you are better than everyone else but you are not. My father might be happy that you sing here but I am not and I will make your life miserable, I will watch every move you make and make your life miserable until you can't take it any more", Maria takes this all in and asks if that is all, unlike Elvira she has work to get done (oh burn).

In his office Ruben is throwing a fit, he wants to kick everyone out of the vecindad and orders the slum lord to get everything ready for the eviction. After the slum lord is gone, Ruben and Fabian plan a trip to JNTR.

Susanito apologizes to Jorge for being a poopy head and tells him that Mancia has come around and has accepted his relationship with Irasema.

Fabian and Ruben have a little tiff about Maria, and then Fabian spots Irasema, omg is he her pimp? Irasema is freaked out and leaves the bar claiming to be sick, Fabian later asks Leti where Irasema is and Leti spills the beans and tells him that Irasema has left for the day but gives him her address, real smart Leti! We then see Irasema at home terrified and upset over having seen Fabian.

The mariachis then get ready to put on a show for the couple that's celebrating 50 years of marriage, the main attraction of course are Coloso, Maria and Jorge, Coloso starts off the show by dedicating a song to Maria, I'm not familiar with the song but if anyone knows what it was please let me know. After ending the song he kisses Marias hand (does he have no shame!?) with both Jorge and Ruben looking on. Maria then sings "Si nos dejan" clearly letting both Ruben and Coloso know that she belongs to Jorge and only Jorge.
At the end of the song she shares a smooch with Jorge and I might have missed something here because next thing I know a mini fight has broken out, Concho has to come on stage and apologize for the behavior of his employees.

Eventually they go back stage where we once again we have a fist fight between Coloso and you guessed it, Jorge, I've said it before and I'll say it again, the fights have gotten old, I don't know if the writers are too lazy to think of other ways to create drama or if this is something that the audience in Mexico is okay with (like all the god awful gay jokes in PEAM) but this is neither funny nor dramatic, it's just freaking tired and played out and it really does make me want to punch a head Televisa writer. Anyhoo, these two are fighting because Coloso kissed Marias hand and this is a no no, Jorge had said that if he ever touched Maria again he would kill him. Coloso informs him that he will touch Maria any time he wants, which makes Maria jump into the fight, finally they manage to control the situation and people seem to calm down.

In El Lay

Wendy finds out that her dad called Amalia and throws a fit, she wonders what her dad wants with someone of such low class, Justo explains that Amalia and Maria are going to be part of their family and that she needs to learn to cope with that, the same way he and Jorge had to accept the fact tha she wanted to marry Bruno, even though he was responsible for all their woes. That shuts her up real quick, let us all pray that poor Mike does not end up with this girl, he deserves better!

Join us tomorrow when Maria goes to confront Ruben!


Good stuff, Eli.

It's long past time when Maria should have told both Oscar and Ruben point-blank with a witness present that she is not some blow-up doll either of them can possess.

For once Amalia called Ruben on his crap but I don't think she went quite far enough. What does he intend to do with Maria when he's tired of her? Amalia doesn't know that he owns a strip joint and we don't really know what the "merchandise" is that Fabian referred to.

Now I think he is a flesh peddler in view of how Irasema reacted to him.

Another OMG who knew Amelia had a spine at least for one day. Loved her dumping on Ruben finally but he is still trouble. He of course will now throw everybody out of their homes but I'm wondering if Amelia will tell Justo. He wants to know how things are going but the only poblem is that she doesn't know that Ruben would be behind the eviction.

I think we had another continuity screw up. I distincly remember Fernando telling Ana he loved her and now we have all this angst in the convo with JAntos. I'm pretty sure he does love her but he is God Almighty terrified hence that scene when he prayed to the poor over worked multitasking Virgin.

I don't think Fabnot who is now even less fab is Irasema pimp. I think he is the guy that betrayed her and turned her out. If he and Ruben were in the flesh peddling business Ruben would probably have known who she was. Also Fabnot mentioned he had known her a long time and he seemed to tell Irasema he had finally found her. That would imply a longer search than the few days or weeks since she left the stroll.In any event he has her downright terrified.

ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE FIGHTS - geez are these guys 12 years old.

Laughed at Justo telling Whiney the facts that nobody like Bruno and dealt with it and she better buck up and accept the Mendozas.


I think that Fabnot is Ira’s pimp, especially considering his comment about her owing him something and her extreme reaction to him. It seems, however, that Rub doesn’t know about this sideline of Fabnot’s and that would be odd. Decie Girl, I didn’t understand what you meant by this: “I think he is the guy that betrayed her and turned her out.”

What Amalia said to Ruben was very well put, I thought. Loved the zinger about abandoning his wife. However, it made him furious and determined to seek revenge. I can’t see how saying anything stronger to him would have had any better result.

Maria most definitely needs to be very clear and direct with Rub and Coloso that she is not interested in either of them and never will be, they may not touch her, she doesn’t need their protection, and they both need to take a hike. Since she should have done this before even the first episode, I am not optimistic that she’s going to do it now. However, I blame the stupid writers of this stupid TN, not her. She is their victim, just as we are.

“ENOUGH ALREADY WITH THE FIGHTS” In absolutely total agreement. This valentine, with all its soft focus, flowers and lace, is a ladies’ TN. How many of us like to watch fist fights? It is beyond ridiculous.

That song that Coloso sang is the worst ear worm in the world. If you are willing to take the risk, here’s a nice version by Javier Solis:

Leti, Leti, Leti. Being an idiot. You are doing it exactly right. Does she understand that Adventuro was canned for diddling with another woman? And what kind of person who works in a bar would EVER give ANY personal information about a female coworker to a male customer? Arrgh!!! *head, wall, head, wall, head, wall*

The problem with Lourdes, Concho, and Elvirus (well, one problem at least) is that the sort of tough love they are trying to give her is about 20 years too late. If they had started this when she was a toddler, they may have had some success. Or not, given the material they are working with. Elvirus just gotta be Elvirus. But it sure as heck isn’t going to work now.

Wendy still doesn't know that OJ is a bad guy, and she now has a lot more damaging stuff to tell him. I really don't want to see OJ come to DF, find Maria and Santos, and make all sorts of trouble for them. Really. I don't.

Thank you, Eli, for a fine recap with lots of great snark!


Gracias Carolina!


Back when Ira told JAntos her story she said she met a guy and he offered her a job but the job truned out to be prostitution. He betrayed her trust in him 'Turned her out is a street term for sending a woman out on the street to sell herself. I think Fabnot is that guy. She also took all her savings and gave them to another streetwalker to pay the pimp. Sooner or later we'll find out if Fabnot was her last pimp or the rat bastard that turned her into a prostitute when she was in her teens.

This makes Ruben and Fabnot two of the most evil villains this network has ever concocted. Nothing could be worse than a sociopath becoming a lawyer because he would know how to turn the corrupt legal system to his own advantage.

Fabnot may have thought that Maria was too intelligent to be good "merchandise", virginity notwithstanding. Now that she is no longer a virgen (and had a man who cares about her pleasure) she is of no value to Ruben except as an outlet for his abuse.

He will really go off the edge tonight when he finds out she is pregnant.


Ruben will go over the edge, he was already pithed when he thought erroneously at the time that JAntos had spend the night with Maria. Even so he was willing to overlook it but pregnant he can't overlook at since he is obsessive to begin with obsession turns quickly to hate. Now she is in real danger from him. She is merely an annoyance to Fabnot who focuses on business and profit and pleasing the GF at all times.

Fabnot is going to be distracted by Irasema who clearly got away from him and flesh peddlers won't stand for that. Of all the evil guys, the GF, OJ, Ruben and Fabnot he is the most dangerous. The GF, OJ and especially Ruben shout, glare and threaten but Fabnot turns cold and is quietly menacing and I think more deadly then all the rest of them.

You could be right about that. But obsession is dangerous and Ruben will become seriously dangerous to Maria because of it.

Amalia has never seen that side of him because he is cold and calculating enough to have not allowed that to happen. Maria had not previously been exposed to this kind of danger and now she needs to learn about it before it strikes.

However, it probably will. If Santos has to go to L.A. she should go with him. She is in more danger from Ruben than from the Padrino.


Agree that Maria's biggest danger is from Ruben. The problem is that none of them except perhaps JAntos realize how dangerous he is. Last night JA did try to force him to admit in front of her that Ruben had been the kidnapper. That might put her on guard but Amelia would never believe it.

The GF only wants his money and doesn't seem to be overly interested personally in Santos. Now OJ should he find out how much Maria means to Santos could try and find a way to use her to get to Santos.

If Santos goes to LA Maria should absolutely go with him.

Is Caray Caray going to be recapping Wm Levy's new show?

Will Caray Caray be recapping Wm Levy's new show? Jazzee

ELi Thanks! Very enjoyable, amiga! You also cleared up some chipmunk dialog that went so fast even the CC couldn't keep up!!

Lots of great snarky lines!

"I guess it sucks to be you today dear Ruben."

"Someone needs to give her a copy of "he's just not that into you" and a hug." LOL! Absolutely!

"…if he does she will run away from home and never come back (dude, do not pass up this opportunity, you very rarely get this lucky in life!)"

ITA with all the side bar comments and loved the snark!

UrbanA: I loved that caption and the picture of the big kiss! Didn't get a chance to tell you!


One thing I forgot to mention about last night's episode: Does anyone else think there is a secret safe or something behind that painting Elvira was moving around? I was waiting for her to find something she can blackmail her father with (to get back to her laziness) or something Mirna has hidden.

DCG, thanks for the clarification. I agree that Fabnot could be either guy and Rub wouldn't know if he were the first, since that happened many years ago. I suppose he could also be both guys? The guy who first tricked her into prostitution and who continued to be her pimp or pimp's boss or something. Anyhow, things don't looks so good for Irasema.

Some how I think that OJ's attraction to Maria will come into story and especially if Wendy is feeding him information about JA's fiance who is a beautiful, impoverished mariachita named Maria and he figures out she is the woman he met. He seems a really dangerous to me as well, since he just killed his cousin and friend in cold blood. Ruben is dangerous because he's obsessed, and Fabnot is dangerous because he is calculating and smart, and he's the only one of the three not attracted to poor Maria. Things don't look so good for her, either.

UA, I thought was weird the way she pushed that painting around. My cat does that. So you could be onto something. Maybe someone else will come along and straighten the painting and find something hidden. Remember that Salvador found Bruno's papers behind the polar bear head mounted on the wall and these writers sure are fond of repetition.

Regardless of anything else, for anyone who was going to marry someone who decorated with polar bear heads, Wendy has a lot of nerve to complain about Maria.

Great recap! Any possible chance Fabian could be one of the long lost brothers who rejected her?

Thanks Eli, I was not abla to watch so far so your detailed and funny recap was highly appreciated.

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