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Qué Bonito Amor #94 (Mex 132) Friday 8/23/13 Sayonara Serenade

Cap 132

·   Behind the bar, Mirna whines to Puchi and Lalo about being accused of something she didn’t do.  In the office, Concho and Lourdes beg BabyDoll Trampira de Elvira to tell them what they can do to make it up to her for believing she had been the one behind Maria’s fall and losing her baby.  “—Get rid of Mirna.  Fire her right now!”  Sorry, but no can do says Daddy Bear.  Mirna is Maria and Amalia’s employee now.  If I do that it’s certain they’ll take the last quarter of this darn bar that I still own at this point.
·        Justo, still at the jail, talks Com. Derecho into letting Fernando and Maria go by convincing them that they were only helping out a friend whom they believed to be in trouble (or something like) and so really, they were not guilty of anything really.  (Naw, just obstruction of justice—but this is Telenoveland and all things are possible with a simple beanie adjustment.) 
·   El Colosso tries to talk Amalia out of falling for Justo’s glib, smooth-talking (marrullero) B.S. and be done with him.  Justo says back off—dimplomatically of course—and then shows Col the kind of pull he has with the appearance of the newly freed Fer and Maria.  (Take THAT, you mooing heap o’ bull hockey!)  He gets another verbal beat-down from Maria when he tries badmouthing JAntos to her.  El Colosso realizes he just got dissed and dismissed by La Familia Mendoza.  He’s not a happy camper…..

·        Back in his cell, Jorge Alfredo is quickly losing heart.

·    That night Rodrigo just happens to be hanging around outside the JNTR bar with his pappy, Col.  Rodri tells him how he’s bummed about JA being captured and how he helped him get over his mother’s death while Col was off in Apodaca having his temper tantrum.  Col decides to bring him into the act and they sing El Aventurero together.  Standing O’s all ‘round.  (Not bad, kid, but lose the I-Robot moves.)

·    The next afternoon,  Maria and the gang are all at her place.  She talks them into doing a Serenata de Despedida at the jail for JA that evening.  Led off by Suzanito at the end,  all the mariachis in the group, including Rodri, sign off through the long hallway to let him know they were all there pulling for him.  “--Suzano Sanchez, presente!! Rodrigo, presente!!  El Colosso, presente!”  Maria gives her farewell at the end and promises to love him to the end of time, natch.  JAntos takes heart as a result.

·        Amalia says a prayer to the virgencita, asking for forgiveness for being such a pain in her daughter and JA’s backside all this time.  From now on she will support her daughter and JAntos fully.

·   Curtis and Derecho discuss lurrrvv and its power.  He gets turned on, finally proposes and gives her an engagement ring.  Mariachi yowls of excitement elicit from Curtis.  FFFFFFFFFFFFF>>

·        Maria decides to wait for JAntos to be brought out of his cell for extradition to L.A.’s state prison.  She gives a rose to the guard to give JA with a long loving message with his dinner tray.  JA is brought back to life again when he sees the rose; he gives the guard a reply a verrrrrrrrry  long reply which the guard undoubtedly recited word for word exactly.  (Not!!)   

·    Back at Amalia and Maria’s apartment, Justo tells Wendy he’s got to continue flying between L.A. and the D.F. to attend to proving Santos’s innocence.  She can’t come with him in her condition and will have to stay in the barrio there where he knows she’ll be safe and with friends.  She objects at first, but Amalia guilts her into accepting the empty apartment one of the mariachis vacated a while back.  “--Welcome to our little family, Wendy!”  Hugs and kisses all ‘round.  (What a complete 180 for whiny Wendy.)

·      Back at the jail, Curtis tells Maria that the extradition paperwork is pretty much almost done and that JA will be brought out in a very little while.  Just between gals they discuss loving their man.  Maria gives Curtis another verbal love note to deliver to JA when she sees him again.

·        We learn that Suzanito and Irasema have been trying to start a family, but that so far the stork has been too busy to pick up voice mail.

·        Concho comes to Suz’s apartment and says he refuses to take a DNA test.  He tries buying off Suz so he doesn’t have to be worried about being accused any longer (wrongly, according to him) of having a bastard son vis a vis a legal suit.  Suz says nothing doing!  Concho storms out.

·     Mirna and Vi meet each other in the hallway by the dressing rooms at the bar.  They have a little hiss ‘n spit session.  Mirna warns her that every dog—er cat--has his day and hers could be coming quite soon; and that Mirna will get the last laugh, to mix a number of metaphors.

·      Justo tells Am and Wendy that he’s going back to L.A. right away so he can be there before his son is delivered to the prison outright.  Amalia begs him to fight the good fight and informs him of her change of heart towards JA and Maria’s relationship.

·        The kids make candies and cookies to sell on the street.  FF>>

·     Derecho comes to JA’s cell to tell him they’ll be transferring him in a few minutes.  He tells JAntos that if he’d only turned himself in loads of people could have avoided a ton of hurt.  JAntos tells him that if he had he’d have been dead right now—no thanks to him!  Naw, all he’s done is added to the number of charges hanging over his head, replies Derecho.  Santos disagrees vehemently.  “—And over your head hangs the death of two men!  How can you stand there so calmly, knowing that because of your ineptitude, two men are now dead?  Miraculously, I didn’t make that list with them—or have you forgotten how they tried killing me right in front of you???” 

Derecho says he did whatever and as much as he could manage with what was afforded him.  Well, says JA, you did a bad job of it!!  You’re a crap policeman and although you may have caught me, you still failed.  As long as the true criminal is still running around free, the case remains open—big-time!  

·   Giuliano, one of those real criminals, is now forced to hide among the drunks and the homeless to escape capture.
·        Amalia joins Maria in the jail’s waiting room.  She admits fault in trying to separate her and JA all this time and promises to support their relationship no matter what now.
·        Curtis puts the cuffs on JA to get him ready for the trip to L.A.  She gives him Maria’s message and he takes a bit of solace from it again.

·    Everybody who’s anybody with access to a t.v. set (even Giuliano finds one in a deserted department store window somewhere) sees the live news coverage of his being extradited.  Puchi runs in to Concho’s office and gives him and Lourdes the news that JAntos was really Santos all along, a very dangerous criminal!!!!
·  The real dangerous criminal, El Padrino, sips a drink as he watches the news from his study at home and plans a warm welcome for Santos at the prison. 

·        Michael and Darren figure that whoever tried murdering him in prison will be planning the same thing for Santos when he’s brought in.  Darren says he will find out what he can and try preventing it.
·        When JA walks into the waiting area of the jail, Maria is given a chance to say her good-byes and tells him she’ll be coming right behind him.  They kiss a final kiss good-bye.   

·    As Maria packs JAntos’s things to take back from the pension, and JAntos is walked to and rides off in the patrol car through the streets of Mexico City, the two of them remember their last few months together and the highs and lows of their falling in love.     


Well, my jaw hit the floor twice during that episode. Amelia has yet ANOTHER turn around and begs everyone for forgiveness for being a gigantic PITA. When she told JAntos he looked as skeptical as I felt. I wonder if Mancia's cleanse got rid of the craziness that lived around Amelia or if she is just being politically smart at the moment. I'll believe her "conversion" only if it holds to the end and maybe even not then.

What happened? Did the Wizard of Oz give Wendy a heart? She has been very sweet with Isa but aside from a predicable whine about staying in the barrio I was floored when she agreed to stay and will be moving into Aventuro's place. That at least keeps her within spitting distance of the Mendozas. It will also give her a chance to bond with Maria should she choose.

Loved JAntos for telling it like it is to that moron Derecho. He IS responsible for those deaths because of his total incompetence. Maybe JAntos having to fight for his life in prison will convince the fool that he has the wrong end of the stick but i'm not holding out much hope for that. Just as an aside those previews show a prison fight and I wonder if that will be the reason for JAntos suddenly showing up with an eye patch from his real life accident.

Concho really is a rat bastard not a dolt. His insults to Susanito and Mancia wee unwarranted and now I can see exactly where Trampira gets it. I'm now also mighty glad that in the end Concho will only have a quarter of the bar her tried to steal and will be overruled by Amelia, Maria and his own son. There apparently might be justice in this after all.

Interesting that OJ after a day on the run has a scruffy face but JAntos who had been on the run for a couple of days remained clean shaven the whole time. LOL

OT: Since you mentioned it--I did a quick search on the eye patch and he's fully recovered now. Thank God!

Jardinera Jorge had the accident on May 6 and was free of the patch about two weeks later. However it seems that JS may be accident prone. The other day he had a motorcycle accident while out riding and ended up in the hospital. Seems the bike fell on his leg. He is out of the hospital but walking with a cane. The poor guy needs to have a keeper.

Jar--Gracias for covering all the bases. Clever title. Don't know why, but as this winds down, it hasn't really gotten very exciting. If anything it has gotten predictable. I felt nothing with that last goodbye kiss of Maria and Santos, because we all know they'll be together again very soon (in time for a boda).

Decie--For all "guests" at the carcel, they are provided with a gift bag of soap, assorted cosmetics, deodorant, toothbrush, razor, etc.

What I found curious is that in these holding cells we see, there's not even a place to sit down. At least in other tns (CME, STuD, AB) they have cement benches and family members are allowed to bring food, blankets, changes of clothing. Color me shocked!

Decie--I guess Elizabeth is too busy out there on Isla Dorada, crying, renting of garments (no, not that) grimacing and even a bit of groveling. She needs to keep an eye on her man!


I think the pace will pick up because there are too many things still hanging. If indeed this was originally extended it may explain the slower pacing as we near the end. The problem with now having JAntos back in LA is that it splits the focus. We are either going to get a boatload of prison fight scenes or talks with the dentist or the action will be back with the mariachi's and the kids. Hopefully we will be spared a load of Maria weeping scenes and see her start to use her supposed legal brain to help Justo. I suspect that we will also have to suffer through more scenes of Ruben and Colso making their moves on the hapless Maria.

The pace better pick up cuz otherwise we'll be dragging all the way through to the finish line. Lots of things to get settled, true. I wonder if it will take till the last day to get everything done or if it will be piece meal the last week or so.

Speaking of Ruben, I'd like to see Maria verbally put him in his place the same way she did so publicly with Col.

Anita: Yeah, I kept thinking the same thing about the holding cell in this tn compared to all the others. Muy odd.

Let's face it Santos comes from a rich and powerful family. So he doesn't end up with a bunch of crazies but jeeze at least a bunk for the love of God. Maybe it was really just a holding cell knowing that he wouldn't be there for more than a few hours.

In any event the sheer stupidity of writing the story where he goes right into a state prison without a trial may fly in Mexico but it sure doesn't here. Santos would be held in the county jail until his trial and sentencing. I guess they do it for dramatic purpose or else sloppy research which is inexcusable but prevails in all novelas.

Good work, Jardinera.

So I see from the avances that I get to cover a prison fight in Monday's episode. At least Jorge Alfredo will have had some practice in Mexico.

I can't see how Maria could be of any help to Justo because she wouldn't have been studying US law. I don't think that the Mexican police have any charges against him since he was resisting arrest by Derecho who did not yet have an extradition order.

As I said yesterday, Jorge Alfredo's mistake was in not charging Ruben with the kidnapping when he had the chance. That's why he's still around and causing trouble. Had he been arrested Fabian would probably not have done a thing to help him, he would have been disbarred, and Maria wouldn't have to worry about him stalking her anymore.

But that takes away half the plot twists.

As for Amalia's turn-around, I'm not buying it. Nor should Maria, Santos, or Justo (who -- fortunately for his blood pressure -- hasn't witnessed this all the way through).

As for getting the US justice system wrong, Telemundo writers also do that and they have no excuse for it.

Decie Girl, I don't know if you watched FELS, but the facial hair thing always bugged me. I guess there is no good way to show it accurately most of the time because the scenes are shot out of sequence.

In FELS, Juan had a short beard (no issues), Oscar was clean-shaven (always perfect), and Franco had continuous 5 o'clock shadow. The only deviation for Oscar was some beard growth when he went off to search for the missing Juan and was gone for a week or so, but otherwise he always looked as though he just did a shave cream commercial (which is how I prefer Jorge Salinas anyway).

However, there was no excuse for Santos in QBA to still be clean-shaven after 48 hours in the woods without a razor.

URBAN I was in and out of FELS. I'm with you on the whole unshaven thing. It bugs the heck out of me. I don't know who on earth thinks it is a good look. Every novela seems to have at least one scruffy dude. I don't think I've ever seen Aaron Diaz clean shaven, and Levy often sports the look plus which I always think he looks like he needs a shower. When JAntos was in the woods I looked for the next day unshaven look but nope and yet OJ on the run has one.

I read a report the other day that said that most American women don't care for men with beards or stubble but still we keep getting it. I have very sensitive skin so hubby and boyfriends couldn't have a beard. I also read in the report that men sometimes like a beard, not just because it can hide a weak chin but because it makes them look bigger and tougher.

Men keep propagandizing this to get out of shaving.

Many years ago a younger co-worker got engaged and right after the announcement at work said "Now, anybody got advice for me?" and I said "Make sure he shaves on the weekends."

Decie, ITA with you wrt the Scruffy Look. I agree, some of these guys look like they haven't had a bath in days.

I've taken a gander over at "La Tempestad" and the actor William Levy. This is the first time I've seen him, so I am sure his fans over there would slap me silly, but that hairdo they have on him, plus the scruffy face makes him look in need of a bath. The guy kinda looks like the Incredible Hulk. His head with that hairdo is not proportioned to his rather delightful looking body.

But hey, to each his own. Again, give me the clean shaven crew like Salinas and Soler and I will be one happy girl!!!

Jardinera, you sure know how to write! Thanks a bunch! :))


Fatima et al. I just left a comment on Karmageddon about Juan Soler and the clean shaven look vs. the scruffy (I'll take Juan, too, any day). If it's a well trimmed goatee or mustache, I'll be more than tolerant, but hey, as Fatima says, to each his own.

Didn't Pablo Montero have the scruffy look in Triunfo? Or am I remembering incorrectly.

You are remembering correctly, but he was clean-shaven at his character's wedding.

His character was a country bumpkin, like here, so I guess that went with the territory. However, for Oscar to be clean-shaven after years of being in D.F. and being a local celebrity is completely correct.

Again, put me on the Cleanly Shaven list! PERHAPS JS has a gene like the American Indians that prevents a lot of 5 o'clock shadow supposedly. I don't know what part of Mexico he hails from, but I could see him being part Comanche or Apache or something.

My daughter calls WL a meatball head because she says his body's too overbuilt for it, but again, different strokes as they say! I really liked him in Sortilegio -- I believe he shaved most all the time except when they were shipwrecked. --Gorgeous smile that lights the screen up.--Anyway, they all look like they reek of booze, B.O. and stale cigarettes.

Miami Vice got the scruffy look started back in the 80s if I am not mistaken. Looked especially good on Sonny back then. Don't know why it's never translated well to other males. I still preferred a shaven Sonny to the unkempt one.

Jorge Salinas had a goatee in La Esposa Virgen and it looked quite natural. He also normally has the average amount of body hair (waxed off during his tour of duty in Solo Para Mujeres). He was born in Mexico City, but I know nothing about his parents.

I've always thought he might be part Italian and this really popped up in my head a couple of weeks ago during the confrontation scene when Giuliano tried to intimidate him. He had a facial expression that reminded me of Al Pacino in the Godfather movies.

Hello QBA ladies! I have been reading the recaps and your comments, and the whole shaving thing reminded me of a story I read this past week about those Gillette commercials in Spanish and English that feature three actresses and models (including Genesis Rodriguez) saying what kind of/how much hair they like on their man. Apparently, this was a first in history for the company. In any case, it's interesting what is said about how women define masculinity for men:

And just for fun, here are the Kraft Zesty ads referenced in the article:

I am so happy to be in the "Clean Shaven" camp with you ladies!!!

Jardinera, how interesting that your daughter noticed the same thing about Levy's head not being in proportion to his muscular body (or the other way around, LOL!). I guess to me it was more noticeable because I had never seen this guy before and that was the first thing that struck me. When I saw his really muscular body, I figured that was the reason.

Urban, you are SO right, Salinas can look like a young Pacino!

Anita, I will fight you tooth and nail for Sr. Juan Soler. I love that man's smile! He's handsome without that "pretty" look.

Vivi in DC, thanks for the links. Now to go watch. :))


Fatima--How about you take the left side and I'll take the right side, so we both get some of the hair, the eyes, the smile????

BTW--Salinas is an Iberian last name, so at least his father is descended from Spaniards (maybe??)

The derivation of the name is from place names, apparently, and it refers to someplace "salty" (too bad we're not over in LaTemp or it would fit right in.

The website "House of Names dot com" has an entirely different derivation. They went off into Lala land, or else I'm greatly mistaken.

Jorge is very hirsute. Remember his first love scene with Ana Brenda in LQNPA? I'll bet he shaves twice a day for Elizabeth's sake (and Danna's).

I'd certainly want him to. Lookee here... as to why...


Wow how old was he went that was taken. Talk about gorgeous, not a gym rat and talented. The whole package.


OH. MY. GOSH!! The man is a hunk. A TOTAL hunk! Look at those lips! I'm dying, Urban, I. AM. DYING.!!!

...but, I'll share the wonderful, delightful, gorgeous to look at, Mr. Beautiful Smile, Mr. Beautiful Hair, Mr. Gorgeous in a Suit, JUAN SOLER with my amiga Anita. :)))

I gotta say, Urban, I was literally blinded by that pic!


Ok, I just went looking for more info on the gorgeous Mr. Salinas. They show his last name as "Perez" so that would be his mother's last name before she married his father, right?

The guy is 6 feet tall! I LOVE IT!

...and get this...he was married to a woman named...hold your breath...FATIMA!!!



Urban, I don't know how to post the pics, but could you please post the pic of Salinas in the black cowboy hat? It's a close up of his face and he's looking right at the camera. It's at the same site where you got that "hot" shot you just posted.

HOLY COW!!! What a hunk. :)))


Fatima/UrbanA: He really was a beefcake! Yum! He's aged pretty nicely since then, too IMNSHO!

UA--You made my Sunday tn wasteland day! Uuuuffff! This is way more than eye candy. Gracias for the nearly nekkid Jorge.

Fatima--I can't decide whether to share the top half or the bottom half of Jorge S. with you.

Decie, that picture was taken whenever he was in Solo Para Mujeres.

See if you can pick him out in that video and the Part 6 that follows.

Warning: These videos are rated NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and yes, these guys did The Full Monty.

Talk about the whole package with a package...

Fatime, take your pick, since I didn't know which shot you wanted.

(Right-button click to open in a new tab)

Urban, you are the BEST. The absolute BESTEST!!! Be still my beating heart!!!!!

Anita, amiga mia, why don't we just alternate halvsies?!?!?!?

This man. OH. MY. GOSH!!!!!

Mil gracias, Urban, MIL gracias!!!!

Fatima (who has died and gone to heaven)

Whoa what a great gallery. Adding on to the hairy face comments the pictures of him with minimal beard, goatee 'stach aren't bad but they do make him look older. Am glad he doesn't seem to feel the need to hide behind a hairy face.

He has a marvelous face: Handsome, but with character. And very macho.

Just looked at the photo at the first link I posted; he would have made a great Captain Kirk.

Captain Kirk! Absolutely, Urban, ABSOLUTELY!

I just had a look see at early pics of Captain Kirk (holy cow, why am I blanking on his name!?!). You betcha our man Jorge would have made a stunning Kirk.

Now, there's another novela for you, Urban. Write it up!!


Science fiction isn't a good novela genre; Aurora was proof of that.

I'd rather give him a role I originally assigned to Sergio Sendel, as the detective in my film-noir-by-way-of-Dominick-Dunne idea from a couple of months ago. He'd be stunning in a trenchcoat and fedora.

Fatima--It was William Shatner.

I can't remember which episode, or even which tn, that I likened him to a character who closed her eyes and imagined the young, thin Shatner and opened her eyes to see the heavy Shatner. Someone else noted the resemblance, too.

Oooh, I think it was Arturo Peniche and Ana.

I mean, QBA, El Mil Amores and Ana. (Didn't mean to mix names.)

Thank you again, folks for some enjoyable comments and photographs!

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