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Qué Bonito Amor #93 (Mex 131) Thursday 8/22/13 Que Bonita Nada

Ruben goes for his morning jog and escapes into a little wooded area by the road.  The Mexicops bitch about Ruben getting away from them as they stop to catch their breath.

Jalisquito screams about Fernando getting hauled off.  The cops say he's being arrested for being Santos' accomplice.

The Mexicops get into their car and drive right past Ruben's hiding place.  He calls to inform someone that Santos has been arrested.

Cops!LA call home to tell them they've caught Santos.  Curtis tells the henchcops to give Santos a minute to say goodbye to his lady.  Derecho tells someone to keep an eye on Maria.

Fernando isn't giving the Mexicops any information.  Fernando maintains they weren't helping any criminals, he doesn't know jack about money laundering, and probably he doesn't know anything about birthin' no babies.  He goes a little poetic, talking about his alleged "complicity" being an act of faith.

Maria and her sad eyes tug at Curtis' heartstrings.

Justo says he'll help Fernando.  Amalia answers the phone and StrongBad…uh, I mean, Major Bad…uh, I mean Comandante Malo…tells her that Maria and Santos are still alive.  Squeals and hugs all around.  Then she breaks it to them that they're both at the police station.  Wendy's going to stay at the Mendoza's with the girls and Jalisquito while Amalia and Justo go try to spring the kids.

Colosso goes to visit Gloria's ashes in Santos' family's crypt.  He tells her he won't abandon their son.  Roddy tells her he won't ever stop missing her, and they'll come visit her often.  Colosso promises he'll make sure Roddy grows up to be a decent man.

There are a bunch of reporters at the police station, shoving microphones and voice recorders in Santos' face.  They ask stupid questions and get non-answers.

Curtis is moved by Maria's pain, but she can't go against procedure and let Maria see Santos.

Derecho tells Santos they'll be leaving for LA soon and he'll spend the rest of his life in jail.  They shove Santos into the a cell opposite Fernando.  He breaks the news that Maria got bitten by a snake.  Fernando begs him not to lose faith.

Mirna finally makes it to the storage room and finds out her money is missing.  Elvira comes in and smugly shows her the empty bag.  If Mirna doesn't quit spreading the rumor that Elvira killed Maria's baby, she'll have her thrown in jail for being a thief.

Mariachi rehearsal.  Everybody mopes and cries.  Susanito comes running in to tell them that he's got good news and bad news.  The good news is: Maria and Santos are alive!

Mirna and Elvira continue their Evil-Off. Yawn.

The bad news is: Maria, Santos, and Fernando are all in jail.  But, hey, they're alive.  Woot!

Mancia does a limpia in Casa Mendoza, asking the universe to frickin' give them a break already!  Colosso and Roddy walk in mid-limpia and hang out by the door, observing.  Colosso then blames Santos for getting Maria into trouble, separating Maria from him, the recent shrinking of the Mexican economy, the sequels to Highlander, the disappearance of bees, and global warming, but he's happy Maria is alive.

Justo visits Santos in jail, telling him that they're glad he's alive and he's going to stick by him.  Fernando figures they'll let him out soon, since they've got nothing on him, so he tells Justo to focus his energy on getting Santos out.  Santos is busy worrying about Maria.

Maria keeps begging Curtis to let her see Santos.  She swears she'll die if she doesn't see him.  Amalia walks in while Maria tells Curtis that if she's in love, she ought to know what it's like.

In front of Lourdes and Concho, Mirna takes back what she said about Elvira being responsible.  Lalo and Pichi come running in to tell them all that Maria, Santos, and Fernando are all in jail.

Curtis leaves Maria and Amalia alone together.  Maria begs for forgiveness for making Amalia worry about her.  Amalia gets in a few "I told you so"s.  Maria cries that they're going to take Santos away.

Derecho tells Justo that he's just doing his job, the court will decide if Santos is guilty or not.  Justo gets in the dig that Derecho didn't really do anything to capture Santos, the snake did all the work.

Maria and Amalia continue their filler conversation.  Curtis comes in and says that since Maria is stable, they have to transfer her to a cell.  Curtis begs Amalia not to get in the way and let her do her job.  Curtis gives Maria and Amalia a chance to say their goodbyes and then escorts Maria out without cuffs as she promises Amalia she'll take care of her.  Curtis tells Maria that Santos is there and that he's fine, but asks her to please not ask any more questions.  Santos is moved into Fernando's cell so that Maria can have his cell.  Santos begs forgiveness for getting Maria into this mess, but she says it was her decision to be with him.

Justo tries to play cheerleader, but Amalia is having none of it.

Santos thanks Fernando for showing him the true meaning of friendship.  He thanks Maria for..she interrupts him and says she doesn't like him talking like he's saying goodbye…he tells her they have to be realistic.  He wants her to know that she's the reason he now knows what love is.

Michael's prison buddy comes into his office to tell him that Santos is on his way there.  Michael doesn't think there's any way to prove his innocence with Santos locked up too.  He explains to his buddy that he trusts Santos and this is all OG's fault.

OG gets a call from the Godfather.  He mentions Maria's name and says he'll take care of it.

Curtis comes to fetch Fernando for questioning.  Maria and Santos keep making eyes at each other through the bars.  I'm sure they're saying all sorts of lovely, poetic nonsense, but I'm pretty bored with that, so I wasn't really listening.

Fernando tries to claim his "rights" as he understands them from watching TV.  He insists they didn't help a criminal, but an innocent man.  A criminal wouldn't behave as decently as Santos has.

Colosso just had to show up at jail to talk smack about Santos in front of his dad.  He's such an ass.  Justo tries to be polite to Colosso, but he's so obnoxious that Justo ends up giving him the brush-off.

Mirna tries to make Lalo and Pichi feel guilty for telling Elvira that she took the spare storage room key.  I have no idea why the magical powers of her cleavage are working on them.  I thought they were immune by virtue, of, well, knowing her.

Elvira, in Concho's office, is whining and crying about how unfair it was for her parents to believe Mirna.  She demands that Mirna be fired as a condition for forgiving her parents.  Concho says that's not possible, since Mirna isn't his employee, but Amalia and Maria's, he can't fire her.

Justo argues for the release of Fernando and Maria.  He accuses Derecho and Curtis for being responsible for Arnold and Bruno's deaths, since they weren't capable of  protecting them.  Derecho puts on his "thinking" face.

Maria and Fernando are released.  Maria spends some time in front of Santos' cell, promising to get him out.  Curtis finally pries her away.

Colosso just won't shut up.  Justo walks in as Colosso is insulting him by association.  Amalia is grateful to Justo for getting Maria out. Colosso now starts in on Santos in front of Maria, but she tells him she won't put up with that.

I have to roll my eyes at Santos' improvised jail graffiti…"En esta celda termino una historia de amor."  A love story ended in this cell.  Then he promises Maria he won't give up.  Consistency.  Is it too much to ask?

Tomorrow: Santos is extradited; OG feels pressured to take him out before he gets to the US prison.


Ugh. Another snoozefest.

Good work, Kat, and thanks.

Whatever points Oscar scored with his promises to Roddy he lost with his 5 o'clock shadow and his attitude toward Justo. Justo put him in his place very well and at least Maria is making an effort toward that.

BTW, ladies, today is Pablo's birthday. On the day he was born the sun changed signs at about 5AM in the relevant location, so I don't know if he is a Leo or a Virgo.

There is no way Santos would be sent to prison for life. Nothing he is accused of merits that unless Derecho thinks that the attack on the police care was meant to kill him and Curtis to facilitate Santos' escape. That may be a charge we will have to endure for many of the remaining episodes.

Mirna has no sense of loyalty. She just made the Karmageddon list.

Mirna is only loyal to herself.

Justo shut Coloso all the way down last night and I was lovin' it.

Curtis was all of a sudden very aware of "the rules" even though I'm pretty sure there's a rule against sexual harassment in the LAPD handbook and she broke all of them.

I thought Pichi & the other guy were immune to Mirna's cleavage cuz they were gay.

I'm still trying to understand why Derecho & Curtis were arresting & questioning Fernando & Maria. Neither Fernando nor Maria are American and if they committed any crimes, they didn't commit them on US soil so what's the deal? If anyone would be questioning Fernando & Maria it would/should be Malo & the other guy.

Oh for the love of God more misinterpretation of the law probably of both countries. If Derecho thinks the penalty for minor money laundering is life in prison he needs to get a new job. The top sentence is usually about eight years for what JSantos is accused of.. What a sap however he did at least say they had to extradite him, a process which I should mention doesn't happen over night and which Santos can fight.

Coloso is a gigantic ass. Whoever told him that scruff was sexy is nuts, he looks close to being a bum. His rudeness to Justo was unbelievable. Lower class Mexican's tend to be very respectful when addressing upper class types so his refusing to shake Justo's hand was the high of bad manners. Then he compounds it by bad mouthing Santos and later on by dissing Justo behind his back. I was glad to see how Justo put him in his place and brushed him off like a gnat.

Coloso and Amelia just don't get it and they cling to each other for support. His my chiquita and her constant haranguing have gotten on my last nerve and wish both of them would just disappear.

Maria really is in danger now. The GF is aware of her existence and importance to Santos and I'd bet my last dollar he will threatened her to get back at Santos. OJ is going to be the messenger.

I must say that Wendy has stepped up to the plate. She was very good with Isa when the death message was given and then yesterday she volunteered to stay with the girls. Who'd have thunk it. Laughed my head off during the limpia with the two little kids coughing and making faces. Maybe if Mancia does a really good job Amelia will find herself unable to bad mouth JAntos and keep trying to break up the romance.


Dear 5 FT, you ALWAYS make me laugh, and today was no exception! Just loved the asides, especially:

"Colosso then blames Santos for getting Maria into trouble, separating Maria from him, the recent shrinking of the Mexican economy, the sequels to Highlander, the disappearance of bees, and global warming, but he's happy Maria is alive."

YIKES!!! I could NOT stop laughing! You are hilarious, 5FT...just hilarious.

Thank you, thank you.


I have to admit to laughing at the Coloso blame JAntos line myself - so true. I keep wondering if Santos had not come along would Amelia finally have succeeded in pushing Maria into marriage with Coloso. He seems to be her idea of the ideal mate for her nina — poor, not too educated, listens to everything she says and most important he would never take Maria away.

No surprise about Mirna's lack of moral fiber — she has shown all along that she is out for number one. She had an affair with Concho to get her hands on what money and part of the bar that she could and would have married him even while doing the nasty with Adventuro. She was an idiot to stash the money in the bar, any self respecting thief would have found a place in their home or here's a novel idea a bank account.

Elvirus has upped her crimes, petty theft, murder, and now blackmail and grand theft. Lourdes had better buy herself something in black because there must be a giant anvil hovering over her vixen spawn.

Couldn't help noticing that Maria etal ended up in the same delegation that Susanito had been in. He was in a nasty dark cell with a bunch of perverts, yet the three of them are in a nicely lit although completely bare spacewith no cellmates. I also doubt that women and men would be housed in the same wing while waiting trial and transport to the big house. I guess our three musketeers were in the VIP area.

Snooooze...snuffle...wraaack! Ok, I'm awake now, just in time to get a laugh out of La Diva's recap. You were on fire--you must have used Santo's leftover sticks.

UA--I just KNEW you would be happy to know that Amalia threw Maria the guilt-ball when she was lying there, just saved from the jaws of death (or a viper's bite). She told Derecho from her perch on a very high horse, that Maria denied her mother in favor of! Ouch.

P.S., UA--My son's birthday is today, too. He was born at 6pm, and he's behaved more like a Leorgo most of his life. The heavens do delight in confusing humans.

I'm not even going to qualify or quantify the stooopidity of what passes for police procedures at this point with a discourse on international police procedure. (If you want a fairly decent portrayal of the aforementioned procedures, go watch The Bridge.)

It's obvio the writers did not consult the internet before writing this stuff and Mejia took it and ran with it.

I will say that it was funny that El Senor Consul a L.A. de Mexico's word was good enough to spring Fer & Mar from jail. Gaaah, enough for police procedures for one day.


...not Derecho, I meant Curtis.

Some random and disconnected thoughts:

--I am amazed that we don't have more wardrobe malfunctions on this show. There are so many boobs in these outfits (both real and manufactured) that look ready to fall out of their dresses any minute! Between the low cut tops; revealing hemlines (if you could call them that) and the stiletto heels, these actresses must be worn out by the end of the day.

--Does this Mejia guy always insert these oddball "comedy" scenes in all of his shows? Curtis is not even funny and some of these scenes with her really jar the timing of the scene (i.e., when they were chasing OG and JA and Maria). There's just nothing amusing about this chick and her boyfriend and why would this Mejia guy think we want to see it?

Yes. Beanie time, but really do want to know if this is a consistent style with him. Is he doing it over at "La Tempestad", too?



Fatima - He doesn't always do it. I don't remember any of it in Esmerelda which was excellent by the way. For some reason when the bulk of the story takes place among the so called lower class many producers seem to insert a couple of fools along away or some character that shrieks constantly. I think there is one of those in LT from what little I've been able to watch.

The Curtis scenes have consistently been cringe
inducing from the beginning. Her conduct is flat out sexual harassment which is never fun be it done by a man or by a woman.

Yep Amelia can not help her guilt tripping. You knw it was coming but couldn't she wait until Maria was at least out of prison. I certainly hope that Maria keeps up that attitude she threw at Coloso when he started in and she should use on Amelia as well but won't.

I'm sure the final words in this novela will not be of love betwen Maria and Santos but of Amelia clicking her tongue and saying this marriage will never work, he is a criminal. Or better yet my poor nina.

I doubt that Dumb and Dumber realize that the accomplice thing can't apply to Fernando or Maria even after Santos was placed back in Tijuana by the border patrol. They just want to make a high-profile bust.

There is probably also the idea in their heads that anyone close to diplomatic immunity will take advantage of it by committing crimes they can't be imprisoned for.

Had a new lightbulb moment this afternoon while screening an opera I haven't previously seen. In some ways Santos is Lohengrin, who can save the innocent as long as his identity and origin are not known to them. Maria's near-death in her home was about the threat of losing him, which kills Elsa at the end of the opera.

Ruben is Telramund because he covets Maria despite being married to Lorena. He and Santos do battle more than once. Santos makes the same mistake as Lohengrin, which is to spare his enemy. The enemy that causes further suffering.

However, unlike Wagner's lovebirds, Santos and Maria will have a happy ending.

Thanks for that bit of info, Decie Girl. That Curtis character can also make an early departure!

Urban, very, very interesting about sparing the enemy and the consequences of said inaction. I LIKE that operatic connection. :))

Sorry, that last comment was mine.


The version of the opera I own has Peter Hofmann in the title role. He was a great beauty, wasn't he?


One good thing last night was Justo telling off Derecho adding they had never bothered to look for anyone else and had essentially been fixated on Santos and how his pride was all involved in it. He also got in that dig about how they didn't do anything to get Santos and wouldn't have him now had it not been for the snake. Derecho wasn't happy about hearing a few home truths.

It was kind of fun to see Justo take off the diplomatic gloves and let both Derecho and Coloso know what he really thought of them. Too bad he didn't do the same thing to Amelia.

I don't think Justo wants to create any more bad blood with his consuegra.

It's going to be a major headache when Elvirus tries to frame Santos and Maria. The mariachis will fight back, the cops won't care, and Amalia will blame Santos, as she does for everything else.

Ruben will do at least one more operatic thing before this is over.


Urban, oh yes! That Peter Hofman is one cutie!!

Agree with you wrt Rubes.

When are you going to do your "anvil" list?


I've started it. May post it tomorrow afternoon despite it being a bit early. Can't think of another topic at the moment because I've been busy setting up the opera club's calendar.

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