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Qué Bonito Amor #95 (Mex 133) Monday 8/26/13 Soy Mujer, Escuche Mis Gritos!

Lo del pasado:

Susanito talks about making Concho pay for denying him.  Concho rants about how weak Susanito is to his wife until Pinchi comes in to explain about Santos' arrest.  Michael's prison informant tells him about the arrest and how Santos will be under heavy surveilance.  Amalia and the girls and Wendy, yadda yadda yadda.

As the police car goes off toward the airport Jorge Alfredo thinks of Maria and better times while Maria removes things from his apartment and remembers other great things [including something that was censored out here, maldita sea]. We hear “Mexico Lindo y Querido” through this.

Mendoza Apartment: Maria gets home and sees Wendy. She makes a (justified) sarcastic comment about her staying there. Paloma and Roddy talk about Maria and her pain and how Paloma has feelings of helplessness about it. Maria, meanwhile, takes her pain out on Wendy for her past snobbery about poverty. Wendy tries to be conciliatory and Amalia seems to take her side.

Street: Natalio and his chick stop in front of a jewelry store and she points out something she likes.

Mendoza Apartment: Wendy talks about the solidarity she has observed since she has been in Maria's neighborhood and how she regrets her earlier behavior. She asks for another chance and embraces Maria, who looks like she doesn't know how to react.

El Lay; Federal Prison: Santos (this time with some realistic 5 o'clock shadow) is issued his uniform and informed he can't possess anything personal. He is told his prisoner number and ordered to strip and put on the uniform. We are not permitted to watch this [but this one isn't Univision's fault].

In the prison's dental office, Michael's informant tells him that Santos has arrived. When Michael puts down his files to go out he is told that Santos will be isolated for the time being and he can't see him.

The guard now gives the usual lecture about the areas he will be passing through and a sarcastic “Welcome to OZ. Enter once and you're in for life!”

Mendoza Apartment: Maria expresses frustration at not being able to help this situation. A brief knock and a scruffy Oscar enters, calling her “Mi chiquita” yet again. Before he can say another word Maria tells him point-blank that Jorge Alfredo is her only love and she has eyes for nobody for him and that she will not tolerate any more trash-talking from Oscar. “Is that clear?” she asks in the no-nonsense voice we've been hoping for. He agrees [but we'll see if he maintains that and Maria looks like she agrees with us].

El Lay; Federal Prison: Santos sits on the floor in a bare room with stone walls [Did someone forget that this is the 21st century?] thinking about Maria.

Ana's Apartment: She talks with the other chick, who shows her the necklace Natalio bought for her. Fernando is just outside and listens to them as they talk about Siete Mares and how Ana wanted a music box. He steps away without knocking.

Mendoza Apartment: Oscar removes his hat and immediately breaks his word by using the phrase “el pochito” yet again. Maria tells him she can't see him as a “man” but as the brother she needs right now who is falling down on the job. She asks him to help her cross the border. This shocks everyone.

Antique Shop: Fernando buys a musical jewelry box, telling the shopkeeper he will deliver it himself. [Personally, I think this item would be more appropriate for Isabel than for Ana].

Mendoza Apartment: Oscar asks Maria if this is what she really wants. At her answer he agrees to help. He also promises to be a good father to Roddy.

Street: Speaking of Roddy, he is selling Paloma's candy in the street; Paloma isn't with him. This makes him a sitting duck for Vainessa, whom he tells he doesn't want to fight with Paloma because she's there.  She buys the entire lot of candy from him because he doesn't have change, then walks away. Paloma comes back and Roddy lies to her, telling her that a nice lady just bought everything.

El Lay; Federal Prison: Two guards with nightsticks enter and tell Santos they're taking him to his cell. He stands up and makes sure they are both within his peripheral vision. [Of course, why aren't these guards speaking English?]

Derecho's Office: Curtis is gloating over the prospect of becoming Sra Derecho as Derecho reads a file. He's more excited about the promotion he's expecting for this high-profile bust.

El Lay; Federal Prison: Santos is forced into a windowless room with other prisoners who apparently know stuff about him. They tease him about singing. A vicious one enters with a weapon, but Santos spots his shadow. He has a pointed shiv made from a tree branch.

Fernando's Apartment: He writes a love note and attaches it to the bottom of the jewelry box while leaning on a pink guitar [Ay, dios mio!, I can't think of a worse colour for one.]

El Lay; Federal Prison: The nasty prisoner begins his taunts and we get some clever dodging and weaving for the entertainment of the other prisoners.

Ana's Apartment: Fernando enters while Ana is cleaning and presents the gift box. He wants a chance to explain his feelings. Ana opens the lid and it plays.

Sanchez Apartment: Susanito is still angry about the situation with Concho and how he humiliated him and his mother. Irasema tells him that his dignity is worth so much more than all the money in the world.  Mancia tells him she'd rather he didn't fight with Concho. [Good grief, are they living with Mancia?]

Ana's Apartment: She smiles and kisses Fernando as Siete Mares enters and isn't happy at what he sees. He and Fernando are about to fight. Ana stops the fight, then hands the gift back to Fernando, telling him she doesn't want to see him anymore or accept his gifts.  She is with Siete Mares.  [At this point if he pursues anyone else, she deserves to lose him.]

El Lay; Federal Prison: We have missed something [that wasn't edited out] because the fight has now come to contact. Santos has the enemy down and is telling him who's boss. Meanwhile, Michael's informant tells him to calm down. It won't be that easy to see Santos.

JNTR Club Room: Maria, Oscar, Susanito, and Fernando are on stage. She doesn't look like she wants to, but she sings. She's dressed in black.

El Lay; Federal Prison: Santos tells his opponent he better not do this again, but the two guards come charging in to break up the fight and Santos gets hit in the back. The guards drag him out with one nightstick at his throat. The nasty prisoner gets helped up by two black prisoners and they watch.

JNTR: A white sombrero sits on the stage behind the band and gets a close-up as Maria sings “Las Ciudades” and hits the words “a dios” in the song.

Mendoza Apartment: Amalia and Mancia talk. Mancia tells her not to lose faith. Amalia had lost faith and hope the night Pedro was killed but now the love of Maria and Jorge Alfredo is bringing it back.  [Yeah, right.]

JNTR, Office: Concho is chewing out the band and Maria over harboring a fugitive. They defend Jorge Alfredo. First Siete Mares, then Susanito. The latter gets cuffed by Concho for this, along with an accusation of disrespect. This raises Maria's ire with her saying she will not tolerate this. After one “my bar” from Concho she points out he isn't the only owner. He plans to denounce the band for harboring a fugitive. Fernando and Maria point out that Concho knows nothing of the law himself. Further, that Santos is an innocent man and that they will stick by him as friends should. Concho gets up, about to attack Susanito again, but Maria steps between them. She will not permit any more abuses. She lets Concho know that he will pay her every centavo or she will take him to court and take away his share of the bar. [That's the Maria we've been waiting to see!]

El Lay, Federal Prison: The two guards shove Santos into a different windowless room which looks like adseg [administrative segregation or solitary confinement] and tell him that they don't give an infinitessmal damn about him being the son of a diplomat. “Here you're just another convict; just one more number, nothing more.” They exit and close the door behind them, leaving the room dark.

JNTR Office: The mariachis leave Maria alone with Concho, who starts out with the old saw “I'm not running a charitable institution”. She, however, is concerned with that which is fair. He starts getting patronizing with her, ending with her knowing nothing of business. She's not taking this crap. She lets him know he owes her big and then calls him what he is, a thief. He tries a threatening tone of voice, but Maria doesn't back down.

El Lay, Federal Prison: Santos paces in his cell.

JNTR Office: Concho tells her that these extremes are not necessary. He goes back to his “business is business” rant but Maria uses the word “exploitation” and tells her him she intends to honor her father's wishes. She gets the last word before she exits and Concho looks like he never realized that Maria is nothing like his own frivolous daughter. Especially when it count$.

Mendoza Apartment: Mancia tells Amalia that their bad luck in love doesn't mean that their children have to suffer the same. Amalia agrees, saying she wants the women of her family to be free of fear.  Amalia finally says she is impressed with Don Justo's determination to defend his son. Paloma listens from the doorway.

Don Justo's Office: He's punching the keyboard, staring intently at the screen, thinking about Amalia and what an admirable woman she is. [Ay, dios mio, Virgencita, por favor...]

Mendoza Apartment: Amalia goes on about Don Justo's faith in the love of their children. Mancia teases Amalia, points out how he's honest, rich, y muy guapo, por supuesto... (nudge, nudge). Paloma goes into the bedroom and thinks about Roddy's latest lie. She wonders about this as we hear “Mientes”. At Oscar's place, Roddy thinks about this too.

JNTR, Club Room: Oscar introduces Fernando, who sings a great song I can't find the lyrics to. He directs this at Ana, who is waiting on the nearest table. [She better stop playing her game or she'll deal herself right out of it.] Siete Mares is not liking this at all.

JNTR Back Rooms: Elvria taunts Maria with saying she can't accuse her of anything. Maria isn't backing down, telling her she can. And if she is guilty of killing her baby she will go to prison for attempted murder [Someone in the know please tell us what the law really is here]. Elvira tries to laugh in her face, but Maria tells her “Of course I will prove it because Mirna is going to help me.” Mirna was obviously not expecting this but recovers well by saying “Of course I will help you because Elvira, in addition to being a killer, is a thief.” Elvira laughs, trying to boomerang the accusation, but Mirna points out that Elvira stole the money that the two waitresses were accused of stealing. Maria tells her she will not get away with anything and she will pay big for this and her nasty behavior. She exits, leaving the two shrews alone. We hope she is eavesdropping because they get into a tiff about the bigger theft.

Lourdes' Apartment: She finds the big stash of money that Elvira intended to frame Maria for the theft of. She asks herself what Elvira is doing with this money.

JNTR Club Room: As Fernando finishes the song – which the audience loves – Natalio's chick looks at herself and her new necklace in a mirror. Siete Mares goes after Fernando and Oscar has to stop the fight. He keeps them separated as the audience continues to applaud.

JNTR Office: Maria enters without knocking, interrupting Concho's fit about something we don't find out about. She tells him that Elvira is a thief and guilty of much more, including trying to break up her and Jorge Alfredo. She then lays down the law, which is that Elvira is henceforth forbidden to enter the bar! Concho is too shocked to respond as she exits.

JNTR Hallway: Elvira and Mirna continue their verbal catfight, which becomes a physical one.

Mendoza Apartment: Strains of “Mientes” as Paloma cries about Roddy lying to her. Maria comes home and listens to her. She asks Paloma why she doesn't just ask him about this. Paloma admits to not having her big sister's courage.

Federal Prison: Santos sits in the dark thinking of Maria and how much he misses her. He thinks about chasing after her in the rain as Don Vicente sings the theme song. He thinks about how every passing day will bring him closer to being with her again. At the same time she thinks of him, flashing back to when he gave her the engagement ring and proposed in that depressing room at Cruz de Olvido.


Maria and Susanito confront Concho over the bar, Ruben is in trouble, and Giuliano makes more threats to Justo.


Mexico Lindo y Querido”

Voz de la guitarra mia,
Al despertar la mañana,
Quiero cantar la alegria
De mi tierra Mexicana

Yo le canto a sus volcanes,
A sus praderas y flores,
Que son como talismanes
Del amor de mis amores

México lindo y querido,
Si muero lejos de ti,
Que digan que estoy dormido
Y que me traigan aqui
Que digan que estoy dormido
Y que me traigan aqui,
México lindo y querido,
Si muero lejos de ti

Que me entierren en la sierra,
Al pie de los magueyales
Y que me cubra la tierra,
Que es cuna de hombre cabales

Voz de la guitarra mia,
Al despertar la mañana,
Quiero cantar la alegria
De mi tierra Mexicana

Las Ciudades”

Te vi llegar
Y sentí la presencia de un ser desconocido;
Te vi llegar
Y sentí lo que nunca jamás había sentido.
Te quise amar
Y tu amor no era fuego no era lumbre;
Las distancias apartan las ciudades,
Las ciudades destruyen las costumbres.
Te dije adiós
Y pediste que nunca
Te olvidara;
Te dije adiós
Y sentí de tu amor otra vez la fuerza extraña.
Y mi alma completa se me cubrió de hielo
Y mi cuerpo entero se me llenó de frío
Y estuve a punto, de cambiar tu mundo,
De cambiar tu mundo por el mundo mío.
Te dije adiós
Y pediste que nunca
Te olvidara;
Te dije adiós
Y sentí de tu amor
Otra vez la fuerza extraña.
Y mi alma completa se me cubrió de hielo
Y mi cuerpo entero se me llenó de frío
Y estuve a punto, de cambiar tu mundo,
De cambiar tu mundo por
El mundo mío.


Tú, llegaste a mi vida para enseñarme,
tú, supiste encenderme y luego apagarme,
tú, te hiciste indispensable para mi.

Y con los ojos cerrados te seguí,
si yo busqué dolor lo conseguí,
no eres la persona que pensé, que creí, que pedí.

Mientes, me haces daño y luego te arrepientes,
ya no tiene caso que lo intentes.
No me quedan ganas de sentir.

Llegas cuando estoy a punto de olvidarte
busca tu camino en otra parte
mientras busco el tiempo que perdí.
Que hoy estoy mejor sin ti.

Voy de nuevo recordando lo que soy,
sabiendo lo que das y lo que doy,
en mi no queda espacio para ti.

Y el tiempo hizo lo suyo y comprendí
las cosas no suceden porque si,

no eres la persona que pensé, que creí, que pedí.

Mientes, me haces daño y luego te arrepientes
ya no tiene caso que lo intentes.
No me quedan ganas de sentir.

Llegas cuando estoy a punto de olvidarte,
busca tu camino en otra parte
mientras busco el tiempo que perdí.
Que hoy estoy mejor sin ti...
Que hoy estoy mejor sin ti.

Llegas cuando estoy a punto de olvidarte,
busca tu camino en otra parte
mientras busco el tiempo que perdí.
Que hoy estoy mejor sin ti,
que hoy estoy mejor sin ti,
que hoy estoy mejor sin ti.


So begins the fight for justice. I don't know whose fight will be harder.

Just want to thank you, Urban, for another really super recap. Loved those asides, again. Especially "yeah, right" wrt Amalia. Oy. Get this woman OUT of the picture!

Too late to say much more, but wanted to thank Anita for reminding me that is was William Shatner I couldn't remember and agree that Arturo Peniche looks like the "older" version of Shatner.

Too bad that sci fi doesn't make it as novela material, Urban because I think you could have written a good story with our man Salinas!

More tomorrow.


Jorge would be a good leading man for a film noir because he isn't afraid of the dark side of his characters' natures.

The problem with science fiction is that it doesn't deal much with emotion. It's all about scientists wanting to rule the natural world and it should deal more with the ethics and morality connected with their actions. Aurora barely mentioned this and El Clon waited until almost the end to deal with it. Other sci-fi things like androids and homicidal computers would not really work as central elements of a novela.

However, horror could be a novela subject. This has made me decide what this weekend's topic will be.

Oh yes, our man Jorge would be excellent in a film noir. Can't you see him sporting a beautiful Fedora or even a Homburg?

Really looking forward to your weekend topic! I hope you have some good pics for us to.

Thank you!


I absolutely picture Jorge in a trenchcoat, fedora, and driving a vintage automobile.

The only issue would be that a 1940s or 50s period story would require the character to smoke, which I dearly hope he's given up.

Maria had a checklist of people she wanted to set straight:


I am so tired of Ana and her games. Fernando can do much better than this. And when she finally does get with Fernando, she's going to break Seven Seas' already very fragile heart.

I wonder what Lourdes is going to do, now that she's discovered Elvira's stash of money.

Paloma sets herself up for heartbreak and I don't feel sorry for her. She saw Vanessa buy the treats from Rodrigo. While he shouldn't have lied to Paloma about Vanessa buying the treats, she shouldn't have put him in a position to lie by asking him who bought the treats.

Poor Santos.

It's a wonder Coloso has never inquired who the pregnant girl is that's always at Amalia's house.

Looks like Ruben will be in trouble with the po po tonight.


Ok, folks, back to the episode. All the action was predictable, so thank you, UA, for slogging through it in fine form.

Yes, and what *was* whatever was censored out. I don't remember JA having any pinups on his wall. Maybe it was dirty underwear.

Wendy and Maria--meh.

El Lay: Right, UA. Come on, Televisa, you are not going to make me believe that outside that gloriously beautiful, imposing Greek revival Federal Prison, the cells are 20 x 20, dark and no place to sit or sleep.

And that poor excuse of a stick-fight to the death while 10 guys stand around and watch? What did long-haired guy have against Santos--or did he just volunteer?

UA--I think it was more 3 o'clock shadow than 5 o'clock.

Maria's spunk is back. A little late, though. What on earth does she think she can do in El Lay to help JA? Amalia just sits there...this is the time for her to break into her song and dance and tears and corazon de madre shtick.

You'd think that with the bar things going on with Susanito, Concho, Elvira, and Mirna, she'd be too busy to cross the border with no real plan on what to do when she gets to El Lay.

Poor Fernando. He can't win for losing. I noticed that when Ana opened the box and lifted out the music box, the note was no longer on the bottom. I was waiting for her to find it, so I was watching. Editing glitch most likely.

I muted out the Amalia-Mancia convo and Paloma's facial contorsions. I see I didn't miss much. An Amalia-Justo pairing is beyond likelyhood, but knowing how these things end, they both have to be happy and why not with each other (blech to that). At least she can cook.

Anita, La Dama del Queso, who wishes the Televisa rats would come and get the rest of the queso so I can concentrate on Sweet William for awhile.


Anon207, ITA with you wrt Ana. She doesn't deserve anybody in the end. Her games are stupid and juvenile.

Agree, Mil Amores can do MUCH better than Ana. I love to see that chick with no one in the end.

Amiga Anita, you can't leave us here alone! You have to stick it out to the very end. Then, you can go see your Sweet William of the Meatball Head (as Jardinera's daughter calls him! LOL!)


Fatima--I'm in it til the end.

I just hate seeing California prison life being mis-represented to the general population. I'd love to live in that building with all the flowers and landscaping around it. Just think, I'd have hundreds of clean-shaven, manly men to take care of the grounds, clean the halls, dust the furniture, cook, wow--a life of leisure.

Another Cali girl annoyed by the portrayal of the US prison system. Over and above the fact that Santos has not ben convicted of anything US prison typically aren't empty cells. What got me too was some prisoner carrying a rather large shiv made out of a stick. The guards never noticed? Or are they being portrayed like the corrupt ones in Mexico. Bah

I found it interesting that all these guys knew so much about Santos. Obviously the GF or OJ has gotten word to their men inside and set up this whole thing.

So Maria wants Coloso to get her across the border? How - the Death Train or does she want him to drive her. Girl can afford a plane ticket or a bus and go with no problem. Heck she can even call Justo and ask for help.

Roddy has obviously inherited his father's singing talent but apparently also his stupid gene. Why lie to Paloma again. That's the third time and in my book the boy would have struck out. Then again it is a Mendoza woman so she is going to sit and around, feel sorry for herself and sniffle all day. YAWN

I think Ana is trying to make herself love 7 Seas. Fernando told her he loved her but she wants what Maria has some grand passion and he said he didn't think he could love her that way. We of course know that he does but she felt it was time to cut her losses. I also think she is honestly trying to help 7 Seas with his problems and doesn't realize that someone like him is going to have that problem for a long time because he is lost in the past and his love for her is just a crutch.

What is with these mariachi's getting into fights on stage? It made me laugh.

Peniche as an older Shatner - no way do I see that especially since Shanter is at least 20 years older than Arturo. Now if we are talking a young Captain Kirk maybe but I still don't see it. In any case Peniche can act rings around the wooden William.

I agree that Ana does not deserve to get anyone.

The inmate attacker has no obvious motive other than his own hostility toward a wealthy man far above him in social status, education, and everything else that matters.

Maria may just want to be in a position to visit Jorge Alfredo to keep up his spirits; she does not have the education in US law to be of any real help on her own. However, I think that Jorge Alfredo / Santos' (I hate the contraction) pride would be hurt for her to see him in a prison uniform that he doesn't deserve.

I hope this situation can be resolved before there is a trial, knowing how novela writers always screw up US criminal trials.

Roddy should have been honest with Paloma. I'm wondering whether Vainessa is going to claim food poisoning from the candy Paloma made.

All those fights JA had with Coloso served him well. At least he was able to defend himself from his attacker. If that guy was one of the godfathers minions, old dude is really in trouble. His men suck!

Irasema looks so much better without that frightful wig!

Enough with the teen angst! It's nothing but FF material and not at all interesting or necessary to the story. And it was funny for Maria to give Paloma advice on love and trust, considering it took more than three quarters of the telenovela for her to do what she's expecting the first-time-in-love teenager to automatically know to do.


You are right about the Maria advice giving. Unfortunately Paloma is a Mendoza who learned all her relationship skills from her bitter mother hence she is going right down the same path Maria did. I suspect that Roddy lied in his effort to protect Paloma from any more of Vainessa's dirty tricks. He's seen her expelled from school twice for fighting so in his mind what she doesn't know can't hurt her.

I'm trying to figure out of OJ is back in the states or still skulking around in the DF. He knows Ruben is after him and I suspect now that Santos is in the can he will go after the sleazy one.

Loved the previews with Ruben being chased by the Mexican version of Dumb and Dumber. And Maria and Susanito appearing to get ready to stick it to Concho.

However, with 29 episodes left (and the last one being a double) I doubt they're going to catch him just yet.

Maria and Susanito can certainly stick it to Concho. After the DNA test comes back positive and Maria presents the documents JA found, they could actually take away the other 25% as punitive damages. However, I don't think they will; it's not either of their natures to do that.

About Concho and the Bar. Doesn't anyone remember that Ruben did some sleight of hand with some papers Concho signed and he went away twirling his non-existent mustache about how Concho just signed the bar over to him?

It was interesting that Jorge Alfredo didn't smell anything bad when he was going over the bar's finances.

Maybe the writers >>FF through that episode, too, and now don't remember, teehee.


We remember it but I don't think Ruben is going to make a move to take over the bar now since he knows that Maria and Amelia own half of it. He also knows that he wouldn't have a legal leg to stand on since Concho had no right to sign over the bar. JA found the will and the partnership documents which led to the revelation that the Mendozas owned half the bar. i suspect since Ruben is a sneak that he never filed the papers that Concho signed. He would have held them and used them against Concho when he wanted to but that can't happen now.

You beat me to that one.

Ruben is going to need a hideout very soon, so he can't afford to futz around with stuff like that. Since Maria and her mother now own half the bar he can't use his money to get into the door anymore.

However, my gut tells me he will try to kidnap Maria before heading for the hideout. That means that either Maria will have to free herself or Jorge Alfredo will have to get cleared to rescue her.

I like your gut feeling, UA. We know "Don" Ruben is always welcome at Amalia's apt., despite what other guts have been telling her. So, it wouldn't be too far fetched for him to show up there and then take Maria at gun point.

Anita, amiga, thanks for staying with us!


No te preocupes, there will be many pictures.

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