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CI, Cap. 93 – 9/19/13: Good-bye Golden Isle, Hello Hacienda! (Or: Lock Up Your Husbands, MariCruz Is Back!)

From the Previous Episode
          The farewell scene with Raiza and MA is repeated: Teo and Angel are the same person, thanks to the magic of cosmetic surgery. Raiza should work with him and give him a chance.  The ladies hug and say they prefer “see you later” to goodbye. 
          Also repeated is the scene with Tav embracing Simona while seeing a flashback of MariCruz, which doesn’t bode well for his future with the revamped ranchera.

A New Chapter for Our Heroine
          A jet streaking across the sky symbolizes MariAle’s flight (in both senses) from Isla Dorada.  At her Mexico City home, Tobias and Solita welcome her, Lupita and Juanita. She greets her nephew, “Hi, kid,” so he’s either still nameless or she’s forgotten his name. She updates Tobias: she was forced to sell the casino and bought Rancho Narvaez. No need to fix a room, since she has to go alone to get things fixed up. Then she’ll bring Solita and nameless nephew to their new home. (Solita seems not entirely happy to be left behind again.) Tobias asks if she bought the ranch for revenge and she admits he’s right.

          At the hacienda, Lucia and Offalia are packing up items in the bedroom. (The gigantic floral print on Lucia’s dress looks like enlarged butterfly wings—the term butterfly boobs came to mind.) The over-stressed Lucia decides she’ll go out for a walk. Outside, she sees (no puede ser!) a man with an uncanny look of the late Eusebio. He wants the Narvaez and asks for her husband. Convinced that she’s going crazy, she makes a panicked run for the house.

          In a final scene with Doris (hoping it’s a final scene), the DOG is on the phone with police chief Insuza, rejoicing that the casino woman left the island. MA must have escaped police reprisal, because Doris says forget any reward from her.  The bereft Gov comes in, angry with Doris. He wants to know what she did to make MA leave. She gives him the Doris (now, Daddy, you know I get to do what I want) look, then says she left to follow Octavio, the one she loves. The Unlov Gov realizes maybe Doris did know best. 

Does the Welcome Wagon Work This Neighborhood?
          The next day, MariCruz strides up the hacienda drive in her new style of ranch wear—a black lace/cobalt blue top, black skirt with long back and short front showing her black spike heel boots (all the better to kick a$$ with, my dear). She asks the worker loading the pickup if any Narvaez are home. He says Joven Octavio is inside, so she tells him to announce MariAlejandra Mendoza is there. 

          Tav, in the middle of a farewell tour of Ye Olde Home Place, can’t believe he heard the worker correctly. He goes outside, saying “You! Why are you here?” (If you’re playing TN bingo, there should be a square for “Que haces aqui?”) Her answer: “I’m the new owner of the ranch!”  

          What follows is an intense and bitter confrontation in the pattern we’ve come to know and dread (here is a sample of what was spewed in anger):
I bought it to keep it in the family. After all, my daughter is a Narvaez. And I finished all my business in Isla Dorada.                                                              Did you come here for me?
Yes, I did.                              You made a mistake! Once we’re divorced, I’ll marry Simona.
You’ll never be happy with her.                 Simona is a good friend. Caring may turn to love.                                                                     I swear I’ll make her happy. Leave me alone!
I won’t! I’ll bother you until you’re miserable!           You’re crazy! You need to see a doctor.
                                                          You’re still as immature as always—is this hatred or                                                                                       some kind of tormented love?
                                                                             Simona will give me more children.                                        Now I have to go inside to finish getting the house ready to give to you.

          Tav’s brain cells are churning at high speed. He recalls how he protected MC when she shot him, but he won’t if she tries to hurt Simona. He’s beginning to love his old friend and MA claims she won’t let him. Tav insists she’d better deal with it. (If this were a true crime show, we’d have a really scary stalker on our hands.) MariCruzAle is looking frustrated, as if this venganza stuff isn’t as much fun as she imagined.

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood   
          Looking for a warmer welcome, MC goes to see her old buddy JA. Once he figures out the fashion plate’s identity, they hug and declare their friendship. He can still call her MariCruz, but so he’s not confused, she mentions she still loves Tav. She needs JA to be her ranch foreman and he agrees. 

          She gives him the 411 on Lucia eating mud on Golden Isle in return for the mud MC ate on the rancho. Ester (as JA’s wife) is immune from revenge, but she won’t ever forget what Tav did to her.  In fact, she’s not done with the Narvaez, and she needs a venganza henchman. Is he in? A hesitant but helpless JA again says yes to MC.

          JA visits Simona (who’s sensibly dressed like a real ranchera in jeans and a nice blouse), telling her he’s giving notice and thanking her for her kindness. He’s going to work for the new owner of Rancho Narvaez, who wants his expertise. She’s sorry to lose him, but wishes him luck. (No reveal yet for Simona on the new owner’s ID).

          In the Realengo, Ester’s visiting with the priest and picking up school supplies. She’s willing to slip in a little religious education with the readin’ and writin’.  When class time arrives, only Lina and Careta (busy boy) are there. She even has candy, but the other moms won’t let their kids come. Finally a third younger girl shows up and class commences. Ester brings out the alphabet chart and starts teaching vowels. 

          Lucia, reclining in bed, recounts to Offalia her fearful sighting of the Ewwsebio doppelgänger. Offal wonders if it were a dream, while Lucia thinks she’s losing it. Tav enters with the news that MariCruz is the new owner! Miguel didn’t want Tav to know until he was forced (no need to overload those fragile brain cells!). Tav wants them to get a move on and vacate the house tomorrow.  MC/A is now a cold woman, who followed them back. He does admit they are at fault and created this pit of punishment for themselves. (You won’t get Lucia to admit that, Tav!)

Closure at Day’s End
          MariCruz takes the box with Abuelo Ramiro’s ashes back to the site of his hut. She puts it in a burgundy silky bag and ties it with a ribbon, then buries it with a bouquet of roses to mark the spot. (Solita and the few friends didn’t get included in this ceremony? For shame!) Abuelo memories play in her mind, while she promises him the Vengeance will SOON BE OVER! (Really? We’ll believe it when we see it.) She may even forgive Octavio. (She’d better hurry—he seems to be a hot commodity and won’t be on the market much longer.)

A Hacienda Is Not a Homeless Shelter
          MariCruz/Ale begins the second day of her homecoming tour wearing a cream lace shell and an aqua chiffon skirt with tan boots, again a hi-lo skirt with the trailing back. (If she had to gather eggs or slop the hogs, she’d be in real trouble. Is this the true curse of Rancho Narvaez? That the female owners are doomed to wear wildly inappropriate clothing for everyday? She might have broken out the safari wear that was barely used.)

          Santa’s home is the first stop, with another warm welcome. MC/A shares news of Solita, the two babies, her father and her progress in life.  Now that she’s the rancho owner, although the same MariCruz, she needs Santa to come work for her.  Santa says it all sounds like a fairy tale, but she’s on team MariCruz for the new season.

          Tav cruises by Simona on his way out, kissing her forehead. (Not exactly a True Love Kiss.) She tells him JA quit to work for the new rancho owner.  MC/A is cuddling Lupita and telling Juanita the deadline is past and it’s time to move into the hacienda.  Lucia wants to face MC/A and will stay with Simona a few days before leaving for Golden Isle to join Miguel. Offalia can work for Simona, since there could be babies to tend. JA tells Ester about his new job—the edited version, with no mention of MC/A. He was recommended for the job, doesn’t know the new owner, but will make more money. It all sounds good to her.

          Lucia and Offalia gather up MiniMigi, take a last look around, and leave the bedroom. Lucia can’t believe they’re going. She never thought they’d leave this house, as they go downstairs where Octavio and the worker await.  MC/A enters and proclaims it’s good that everything is packed, she’ll stay there tonight. 

          The exchange becomes louder and more rancorous, as MC/A commences her Venganza Keynote Address. She points out Ofelia, the one who called her a filthy savage and threatened her with a stick. Do they have a place to stay? This is how she wanted to see them, homeless and on the street! She was going to offer them a little plot of land for a shack like Abuelo’s—the one you burned! Everyone here knows Miguel was a murderer—that’s why he had to run. (Lucia covers Migi’s ears so he can’t hear this vile accusation.) He killed because of you! If you don’t hurry to Golden Isle, I’ll find a way to prove your guilt! Tav tries in vain to hush the two angry women, as MC/A shouts for them to leave, to get out, and to know she ran them off!

The Queen Is Gone, Long Live the Queen
          MC/A is alone in her new house, with a wide angle shot showing the spacious expanse. She walks across the floor, ascends the staircase, and goes to the bridge, where she rests her hands on the railing and enjoys her vista of venganza.  A satisfied look and a smile wash across her face—two Narvaez down, one still to torment.

          Lucia and family storm into Simona’s house, angry over their ruthless treatment. Tav and even Offalia try to talk her down, saying she shouldn’t look for trouble. 

          It’s probably another day, since we have a third hi-lo skirt (dark brown) with a blue shirt and brown boots.  A moving van pulls up to the hacienda and Santa welcomes the workers, who place furniture in the house. JA and MC/A discuss plans. She’ll build a nursing home, school, and hospital where Ramiro’s shack was. (Don’t cover his grave!) They’ll show the Narvaez what hard work is and be a brother-sister team, shaking hands again. JA does offer Ester as a teacher, but MC/A only says they’ll see.

          Clorinda comes to check out Ester’s new furniture, bringing a plate of food. She admires the cherub-trimmed armoire and is seated on an actual chair by her hostess. Clo says Ester must be happy that her husband is back at Rancho Narvaez. With facial expressions and innuendo to rival any town gossip, Clo reveals not only has MC returned, she is the new owner of the ranch! Ester is less than thrilled—in fact, she’s very upset that her husband’s old love is back and he hid the news from her.

          The more elegantly clad Lucia and Simona are sipping coffee from china cups and also gossiping. Soon after, their dinner is interrupted by the delivery of a letter for Simona from MariCruz. Octavio thinks she shouldn’t read it, but Simona (secure in her fool’s paradise) says nothing or no one can disturb her.  Once she reads that MariCruz Olivares MariAlejandra Mendoza Navarez is the new proprietor of the neighboring ranch, she’s a little less buoyant. 

          Tav said she came for revenge, but an irate Simona points to her intended and says “she came for you!”  Octavio sinks back in his chair, rolls his eyes heavenward, and wonders: “Why me, Lord? Why am I so clueless, yet so irresistible?

Advances:   A kissing Tav and MC/A are surprised by Simona.


As usual, some shorter scenes are combined and may be out of order.

My little experiment with putting dialog on opposite sides of the page turned into a mess. Sorry about that.

@LaPaloma - excellent recap. I loved all the subtitle headings, and your last line with O pondering why he is so clueless yet so irresistible was priceless.

Sigh - looks like SuperMari lost her fabulous Isla Dorada fashion sense. What else will she lose back in Ranch Hell?

Excellent recap.

Not what I was looking for in the smack down but I'll take it.

La Paloma, thanks for your fantastic recap of a fantastic episode. You sure captured the tone of it all with a very insightful sense of humor.

I loved the episode and Maricruz's ranch attire. The hi lo ( I call it peacock ) skirt with the stiletto heels for her arrival was perfect. At least she had the sense to change to cowboy boots with the other peacock skirts for daily ranch attire. LOL. She looked so young in some of the scenes which she is supposed to be.

It was great that Maricruz had the opportunity to face Lucia and reiterate one more time all of the nastiness and crimes she and her family were guilty of. So nice she had time to write Simona a note informing her of her arrival.

Well, Maricruz is on a roll but we all know that there are far too many episodes left for that to last for long. I wonder what trouble her inexperience will lead her to but will not think about that much now since it was so good seeing Maricruz fulfill her revenge by buying the ranch.

Miguel had some nerve telling her she should go see a doctor when he knows he is responsible for the whole situation if he had not seduced her. Looks like rough times ahead for him.

The only disappointment was there was no sighting or mention of the mooonkey. Let us hope they bring him back to the ranch.



thanks, La Paloma. Note to Mari : First on the to-do list : PICK THOSE ORANGES. !!!!!

Great recap Paloma. Love how you gave us the meat of each scene.

I'm not sure why Tav and JA felt the need to keep MC's arrival a secret from their women. They were bound to find out, sooner rather than later in that tiny town. This has just made things so much worse, especially for JA, because he straight up lied to his wife. And he was actually acting pretty decent with her this episode too (except for the lying).

Those high/low skirts are all the rage with the young women these days. I will not be sad when the look goes away. Although Mari was striking in her first outfit, those high/low skirts really look much better on a tall woman (like Nikki in Amores Verdaderos). Simona, however, is rocking those tight jeans and those boots. She really should dump Tav, and find a real man.

It was nice of Lucia to leave all those giant colorful paintings on the walls for Mari. I guess they wouldn't have fit in Ester's shack, or been easy to transport. One less thing for Mari (really her workers) to do in the house.

Couldn't stand all the shouting around the toddler. I hope the little actor doesn't have to be in too many more of those scenes.

Thanks for a great recap La Paloma. I bow to you to make sense of all this fussin and fightin.

And may I echo Vivi...HATE when they have these scream fests and talks of murder/vengeance around these young child actors. No wonder these kids start fussing around the ladies in some scenes...they identify them with having to hear this crud. Park the kiddies or just give them to Daniel and he can leave. He's never needed in these scenes.

Sorry, not loving the new MC look. Must be something in that house that as soon as you own/enter you stop dressing practical as befits a WORKING ranch owner. Granted she added the boots, but those skirts...nah. Simona doesn't seem to have that problem.

At least JA mentioned Ester's teaching. I'm a bit turned off by MC's attitude still that everything has to be her way or the highway. Hope she softens that up.

Wanna bet they turn Simona into a shrew so that it makes it more palatable for viewers to want MC and Tav together after all this mess? Didn't trust how they've already had her attitude turned up a notch.


Paloma, this is so hilarious and so well done. Excellent.

I thought the outfit that Maricruz chose to takeover the ranch was not attractive or suitable. Those boots were downright ridiculous. So is this the style she has developed for ranch wear? Yikes. I much preferred her tattered white smocks with bare feet. I'm looking forward to gringo's take on Maricruz's new look.

Poor Lucía, what a shock seeing Eusebibro. At least she is finally entertaining the possibility that she might actually be crazy.

And poor Lina, she's gonna get a lot out of these reading and writing lessons... "Ummm... just say it along with the rest of us, honey... and here... have some candy."

The next few episodes certainly have the ingredients and potential to be a lot of fun for us.


Correction: it was Octavio who told Maricruz she needed a dr.


Great recap and love your last line about Tav being clueless but irresistible!

I must say I didn't understand the actions of MA or JA in this episode. Why tell Tav you won't let him marry Simona? Wearing her emotions and telling her desires only undermine her ability to exact revenge. Sometimes it is better to act nonplussed chica!

Why did JA not just confess it is MC that now owns the ranch? He knows she will find out quickly. Putting off annoying her today is only going to incite anger later.

Anyone think the Luv Guv will try to reach out to MA or is that story line really officially dead? Sad to see Doris get away with so much. What a brat!!

Great recap La Paloma. It's so funny that Doris thinks she got MA kicked off the island, when MA was leaving anyway.

So now we get Awfulia, Lucia, Ester and Simona all hating on MC and wanting her gone. I think the reason Octavio and JA didn't tell their women that she's back is because they both are in love with her.

One thing about the cremated remains of Ramiro is that it would never happen like that in a shack fire, or any kind of fire like that. Cremated remains are done in extreme heat, way hotter than the shack fire burning would be able to reach. And then how did they know where his remains were, and then scoop them up? This could never happen in real life. The body would never burn to ashes like that is a fire like the one that Ramiro died in.

Cathyx- Doris did win. She knows exactly why Mari left and didn't fight-- to go after Tav. She would have left anyway, but she wouldn't have sold the casino. She sold because of the pressure Doris was putting on her, via the police chief.

I assumed Gramps was officially cremated. But they never really showed many of the details of the whole thing, and I missed a few episodes around that time, so I don't know for sure.

I think JA gathered up the ashes and gave them to MC.

Speaking of Nikki from AV, I think I saw on TV that she is now dating Miley Cyrus's ex fiancé Liam Hemsley!!!!!

Why did these idiot writers (and I still contend that it's an 8 year old girl) completely brush aside the Teo/Angel reveal? Isn't that a huge disclosure? This makes absolutely no sense, especially if they were looking for ways to stretch out the story and number of episodes.

Cathyx: I don't think the writers were clever enough to make the Angel/Teo story line work so maybe we were saved. I actually think it is all on the cutting room floor because again the writers would rather hit us over the head with repetitive dialogue and scenes and thus, they ran out of time to present this story line. Story board writers, story board!

I don't think it takes much clever thought to come up with a great scene. And if Raisa and Teo end up together, then it could have been a fun series of events leading up to them getting together.

Thank you La Paloma---WOW!!! your wit and snark was in full swing.
The title you chose was a riot.
Laugh after laugh---Does the Welcome Wagon work this neighborhood?---JA, once he figures
out the fasion plate's identity.---
She better hurry, he seems to be a hot commodity and won't be on the market much longer.---She might have broken out the safari wear.---
why am I so clueless, yet so irresistable?---And my most favorite scene in the show last night, upstairs standing under the leaded glass skylight you wrote---
And she goes to the bridge, where she rests her hands on the railing and enjoys her vista of venganza.
It couldn't have been said better La Paloma.

Jarifa---Right, I'm with you, brin the monkey.

Susanlynn---First bit of business--
Pick the oranges. LOL Your right, she should jump on that first. I'm
still laughing.

Carvivlie---That storyline "might" be officially dead but somehow---I see Doris Dog still causing more trouble at some point in the future

I predict that Simona will turn out to be Lucifer 2 when she looses

I agree with everybody that JA should have told his wife about Maricruz. I think that he was afraid to tell her but she had to find out and now that she has, mistrust will be that much stronger between them. It's too bad
as things seemed like they were getting better between them.

It seems that Maricruz' new ranch wear/outfit has caused a bit of controversy. I liked it---it was good for an arrival but, jeans, a blouse and cowboy boots may be a
more appropriate for the future.

And speaking of the future---tonight Simona catches one cell and Maricruz in a passionate embrace. MUST SEE TV.
the gringo

I've heard them called mullet skirts. Party in the front, serious trip hazard in the back.

I hope they remember to put in a dentist office at Realengo if Esther si giving the kids candy instead of, say, something nutritious. They still have all those oranges after all.


If you think about it, cathyx, there are a whole lot of people who have back-burnered, side-burnered or down-right went missing in this TN. I can't remember a TN I saw that so many characters were left hanging or relegated to cameos here and there. Usually you get some sense that a story line or character is wrapped up, but not here.

Ideally, I'm crossing fingers that some how the ranch goes poof! in some manner, or the mining company buys it out along with all the rancho regulars so they will have bucks, and every one can go back to Isla so we get a wrap up with everyone there. Now, knowing Moctavio and his pals who are penning this brilliancy, we will get everyone coming to the ranch area, which frankly will make my head hurt to think of the plot on that. (But oh, the thought of Karim and/or Doris down on the farm does sort of tickle. )



If Maricuz was Hell-bent on changing her style now that she's moving back to the ranch, why oh why didn't she seek out fashion tips from Elisa (AdP). I 'm sure that everyone here would nod in eager approval and while she's at it, borrow Matilde's (CME) headband to give her a bit of an indigenous vibe and defiant look.


Words cannot express how annoyed I am with this TN. (Which I am now following almost exclusively from updates here, so much, much thanks, La Paloma!)

It should be possible to sue for telenovela malpractice for botch-ups like the whole Teo/Angel storyline. We were introduced to a mysterious hunchbank, who may or may not be the mysterious casino thief. He has some kind of mysterious hold over the casino manager, and manages to have himself mysteriously rehired after firing with only a few mysterious hints and sinister looks. After informally adopting a mysterious waif and falling in unrequited love with our heroine, he secretly goes off for mysterious and expensive plastic surgery. The viewership sees the miraculous transformation of his appearance, which he makes use of to... say hello to all his old acquaintances under his new identity and buy an antique store. Then his identity is revealed to our major character off-screen and mentioned to other characters in an offhand way. And this is the apparent end of this storyline.

WHAT??!?!?!?!? Tell me this does not qualify as telenovela malpractice.

Can someone who is familiar with the earlier versions of this story shed any light on some of these utterly botched subplots? Is the Teo/Angel story something new, perhaps written by someone who got a better offer on a better show sixty episodes in? (The implausible part is the idea that whoever wrote this would get a better offer anywhere.) Or was there something like this in an earlier version, and so is this the adaptation by a poorly paid writer whose only exposure to the earlier version was a few YouTube videos overdubbed in Romanian with the crucial episodes missing?

I vote nay on Maricruz's rancho outfit, yay on Lucia's chiffon halter. Looked like a papaya print to me (or maybe watermelon, anyhow, orangey-pinky with black seeds).

Really want to see what happens when Simona catches Octo and MC in flagrante with the news that their divorce has come through. Strangely, the divorce and termination of parental rights makes it easier for Octo to marry Maria Alejandra and adopt fatherless Lupita. OTOH he could have the best of both worlds by continuing to play MC and Si off each other, and the two women seem to be falling for it!!!!

I could not resist watching a few scenes from the last episode, and especially I wanted to see MA's rancho outfit. While the recap was otherwise informative as well as entertaining, I'm sorry but neither it or the other comments did that number justice. Didn't anyone else recognize what she was wearing? It's a superhero outfit! Or at least it is in that very first moment when she's walking down the main drive with that music. Look at it again--that stride, those utterly ridiculous boots, the swirl of that skirt (if you squint your eyes just a little bit you can imagine it instead as a cape that falls from her shoulders), and that comic-book-appropriate bright blue contrasting with black. (This solves the problem of whether she walked from the pueblo in those ridiculous shoes or for some reason decided to park out on the road--no, instead she commanded the winds to set her down and she alit on the drive with a flourish.)

Utah Desert, good point on the super hero look of MC's outfit for Day of Venganza. My superhero knowledge is a little shallow, so I was just thinking an unfortunate bow to current styles, with the bonus of being able to kicka$$ without getting tangled in the front of your skirt.

I, too, wondered how she arrived at the driveway. Maybe a taxi dropping her off, it one exists in the tiny pueblo. Again, logic has no place in this TN.

UtahDesert, just for the record, we don't dub tns in Romania, we never did, that's how I learned how to speak Spanish :)

I got your point, though, and I am just as fed up with some of these sl as you are.
I am mildly curious to see what MC does at the ranch, how she manages to keep her venganza going - since this seems to be her only purpose in life.


I probably should have said Polish, since I know the Poles "overdub" the TNs (or used to) with one man reading all the lines, but I thought Romanian seemed a little more plausible and liked the idea of an underpaid writer trying to figure out what was being said in a somewhat related language.

Thanks La Paloma for this nice recap.
This is just me. I think, that the reason there is no satisfaction in MC's revenge and even she is unhappy about it, is because the objects of her revenge are indifferent and unrepentant about their acts.
While it's true that MC was able to drive them away from the ancestral home, Lucia and even Awfellia were looking at her with disgust and like she was the evil one and that they were unjustly being treated by this savage girl. Above all, Octavio too was vehemently repulsed by her appearance as the new Duena.

And why would they be afraid to be homeless when there is Simona who is their savior and protector.

As for the Dog Doris, it's enough karma for her that her role is the end for her. Yay no more Shut up Doris.
I too hate those "peacock dresses"

Susanlynn, everybody here in LA are curious about Eiza Gonzalez all of sudden. Yeah! she's going to be famous in Holywood. They are featuring a lot of pictures of our Nikki!!!!

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